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VOL. XXXV,, NO. 10 HONOWl.t'. II T ilKHIJAV, .ItNK )! W KI'KI.V iVHOl.K Nil ljgfl.
VSjaiimUutt (Sijrife.
WW'S Ml)
Pes Month ,... .60
Pes Month, Kuki.hik 7A
lc Yfar Sid
Ptu Yak, Koreiun !. UU
-Payable Invariably In
Business Manager.
LYLK A. DICKKY. Attorney ni r.aw and
Notary l'ubllc. P. O. box 7fc6. Honolulu,
1!. I. King und Ucthcl Sts.
Hldff., ' ChlcnRO, III.; Ilnwudnn
Cinsiil Oenernl for the Stales of Illinois,
lllchlKtin, Uhlo. Indiana and Wisconsin,
Atti rniy nt law.
II. IIACKKKI.C & CO.. LTO. Oonernl
P. A. SOIIAIJFICIl & CO. Importers nnd
Commission Merchants, Honolulu, Hawaiian
LKWKIIS & Lowers, V.
J. Lovvrey, C M. Cooke.) Importers und
dealers In lumber nnd building mute-
rials. Gmce, 411 Fort St.
C IIUBTACE. Wholesale and Itctall Grocer,
212 Klnu St.; Tel. 119. Family, plantation
and ships' starts supplli.d on short
notice. New Roods by every steamer.
Orders from I ho ntlier Islands fulthfully
WOHKS CO., Ltd. F.splanude, Coi.
Fort and Allen fits. Holllstur ft Co..
ot every destrlptlon made to
n. II. nycroft Is HI with typhoid fevor
in Hilo hospital.
Work will begin today upon the
valley road.
Hex Hitchcock has returned from a
business trip to Alulokal.
The Rev. Alex. Mackintosh Is contemplating
a trip nbrond nt an early date.
Manager Wolters of Llhuo plantation,
Kauai, expects to go to the Coast in
Q. H. lierrey and wife snll from Now
York on Wednesday for a sojourn In
Carter and Haake, two men pardoned
by Governor Dole, were released from
Oahii prison Thursday.
William II. Wright has been reappointed
HeRistrnr of Public Accounts
by Territorial Treasurer Cooper.
Owing to his apoolntment ns Judge, A.
t. Humphreys will withdraw from all
connection, direct and Indirect, with thq
Honolulu Republican.
Tho engagement of Miss Mamie L.
Smith, daughter of the late D. H. Smith,
anil .ir. Lovetie Itockwell, formerly
baritone with the Boston Iyrlc Opera
Company, Is announced.
High Sheriff A. M. Brown nnd tho
riiinlt.tr Tflrrl, Clw.lir m.n..!r.r, nl.lhl.in
A.lfell .,.;.,.., Vll.ll IVO V.1IIIIIIIJ.
VVUILI1. ..Ill IIU.l' till. ICLIUI IHh l"l ll.Ull I
badges altered.. They are the only ones
In the department who will find this
necessary. j
W. George Ashley has severed his !
connection with Ulshop & Co. x bank
and will embark in the real estate business.
Mr. Ashley Is a member "f tna
company which Is to handle the
tract In Pawna.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Craft have returned
from a tour in Hawaii, during
which they bagged u goodly 'lot of gime.
Nine wild hogs and sixty quail were
killed, and Mrs Craft captured a wild
dog puppy, which she brought home.
President Dole's first olllelal not as
was to sign the commission
of Secretary Henry K. Cooper as Territorial
Treasurer pro tern. The document
was made out, signed and presented
to Mr. Cooper yesterday forenoon.
M. D. MonsarrnL the surveyor. In
Heads of Departments
Meet Governor.
and Snm? Anpnintments.
Finances Outlined.
tends to leave for Burope In August.
He will visit the Paris exposition, and Territory. Those in attendance were
'"' " juuin iiiruumi uurwiuiy win jj. E. Cooner Secretnrv of thi. Twrrl
- ''""I1"' HUHUr Ol IIIO Itrri
nrt .mmo limn li. n, ,!..
Carter. Gerrlt P. Wilder. d. u. Wilder slon 01 t'uuuc J.an
and James Judd went down to tho lands Superintendent of
of the II plantation
nenr Walplo on
nml ' A' iin.,.0
Saturday. The young men will b2 ab-
tho class of inoo of the Conner Medical
College. Snn Fraclpcn. crnduated with
Thomas G, Thrum ,.. ncimlnnted ,.,.
high noniirn on Tuesday, June i, Ao- veynnces, nnd the iui owing assessor
rompnnieu by nis wire. Dr. Howard left were named; C, H. Dickey for
tour, ' sail for "H nnd J. K. Furley for Knual.
bBoiT;Vi"U, w Mr. Howard will "" ' "' K 1UrlCy f0r ?vnUnl
con- h M.n
tlnuo hln otllitli.u In thn mi,1fn1 nrnl.,. n"d NllllUU
flon. Mrs. Howard was formerly Miss Th0 nppllcatlon of P. Onrcla of Hn-Nellie
Young, daughter of Hon. Alexan- wnll for n light wno nnd beer license
der Young. was recommended to the Treasurer.
Mirny Clmiin In th
o( ili V.iriou Tmritunitl
There are to lie many rlmnpoH lnthe
location of offices In tl i Judiciary nnd
Executive bulldliEtt owlr.R to the new
,'cond tlon of nftnirs. nr.il it In likely that
lit will lie pome tine before the public
will lenrr to (ltd the offices In thulr
new locutions.
The olliceH of the old tnteror department,
are nil t he shifted from the
nunti.rg on ire nniunKO sine or tin
Hilo's Race Meet is on
-. the Boom.
Police and Prison Guards Will Meet
This Mnrnire f,t tho
ProirectH for llllo rnccmootlnir nro
wenrs on. Amoi'R other locnl owners
juaicinry uuru rp to tne unKcment orjwi.o vill pi ip to tre pecoiul city nro
ManV Roiltinfi MlttPrs Consirlerpd ll'e rxeeutlve Immiirr. These 'illlccs.nonnle Judd nrd Chnrlle llclllnn, Al-
iHnt,,,. .l.nFn ,f .1 - ,..... .I... 1 . 1, ...III . ...
IMKV .M u r itntlU lirHf I iniuill. 1 iiur. liurfll'r will peilll HOIUU III HIS
I tho Wntor Works oll'ee. nnd t lint of the jliorren from Kuknlnu. nnd owners from
JFurerlntendert of Public Work. V. Itl e d.Btr ct of Knu will nlo help swell
ill ltouell l plated for the pus, tlon of tie entry I t. An mnny ns forty horses
'AsRltttnnt Piiper'rterrtent nf PuliMejare ex ectnl to be In rnuliiK trim In
Works, Andrew Hrown .will, ronm'n In Hilo on the 4th prox.
. , ,..,,, ., ,, ,.,
At the Executive uulldltiR yesterdn
...nrrn nf ,., ..,, .,.,. ,,.,.. ,, n ,, ,' , n,nn ,, ,,.,
SlI." ABCn,s' CJ"cen Bl- llont" Governor Dole held his first conference ,," MIlr,ton cnirjiheil oif'o
kdlilmH ' mont( will be old 1 nrd will enter him In the
v'i -e nf depnrtmentR of the. "Vnl In ohnrpe of the roiids. illllo Win. Norton's
et. and RrtMhwion, Myr-
tle. Pant t)oiwU. Mllh I.: W. VW-ii
P..M .) Malolo. It M. Dow,
M. P. Whitney, lltHMiH J. John-
un, Imy.
1r Mtw I to ortttnffo n hHHtlleflp
Hi d to in Mrti bunt rmurltnitB
ifl to h tri" fui 0, All yttclitniHtMi nt
iiiTiMil) iiitttml In iMt preMiit nt
Hit meeting thin ovtqilrg,
Hi I" No .
Jfk Ooudfc, who I n hern v's'tlng Id
wr in iiiirni to iionuiuui
.I.. WHII.
C. l. brown niircl'imil the Mint Imn.
dMrt I'n'tMt !" Mmnp ncr told truin
I'llo ncrtaillrc
loomUR up better nrd better us I'mo frriru from im mtHck of typhoid
The Poiird of Health offices are to be ress Is also Interded for thnt event,
removed from their luesent locution Tl e Honolulu contingent for llllo will
home of his grandmother, Mrs. How- tory: EumunJ p- Do'e. Attorney-Gen- Into the offices vaulted by the Public leave next Tuesday on the Klnnu.
ard. .oral. J. A. McCnndloss, Superintendent -vi m.d the Water Works depart-
The th rd rlile mutch between teams
A camping party Including George U. of Public Works; J. P. Brown. ments. .,..' ,!" .u . ... . C.," ..l. .T
Uands; A. T. Atkinson. . ... of Publ'e Instruction mi V. Z .... . . 1 J -.. .
Public Instruction; A tklPFon Is to occupy the larire room In t.iii .,,,.. o i...i .'. ... t..i i
.. .- V.IU ... bi'i uu.u.1 i,i uuuriu oil i.g credit nrn today'B shoot decides tho .,
the nnv.rnnr' Pr,. .v., ,.,..,,, .. , ... T,r.,.l . n-.l . :""".."'.?". " - "' IIIU'IHI III I'UHIHIIM Jllt.ll
..... .,
. m - - . ... . . ... ... Villi. .".linrBI II T"1T nl.i,. mlilal. ...... r..i .... .. i ..
sem n weeK nnu will nunt W1IU cattle "' ' u.ihk, n.ucii mi luin.ny useu lor rubbed, The following composes the
and pies- I Governor Dole opened tho meeting meefnrs. Inspector Townend and police team; Capt. Knnne. Lieut.
Wong Man, charged with larceny In with n brief address on the new work Normol Irstrurfr Gibson w'll have the ner, Llont. Nalpo. Will s. Fernandez
it L'llts
ns I'll 1 1
i i' zi'iis.
Flodgo I
me Becunu uegree, mKing a uox or mat would devolve upon the officers of "CK r,,om wine tne inrpe room will bo Hubbell, Mulleltner Peahl. I amb'rt
Llliha street, ,Japane,se, barl'cr and convicted tho Territory nnd explained to them the c"t "P 'fto offices, the rear to be used and Hart. Keun.nl.mnrl.ur I ' ... , .
,.edJustlnent of ubiIo buBinesa ,,.,, for books nrd tie ft- nt for the , ., sixty prominent Chinese of this city.
."jSliS ri0I"lnl''Kl.9.hl"..aa. wmT TrSnifn rr , ll t u' tnrv and nelioo nJnt lioutlng me., are ngltatlrg for natural Zed clthtor.H of Hawaii or
...w.u.H..t "' '' UWniHUf ,ncliw Ha
3"K.L"" Tcrr,trv. e loplnlnmpr.il on ...nmn.n IM, 'F. luuM.llan born
It Is expected thnt ome of the bat- J lle Blall!"t or Treasurer Cooper ul " ' e'ui.ve nui.ii rp to ue used
tallonn of volunteers which have seen of lie revenues and expenditures show- ns n I'nlled Ftntes court room nnd will
service In Manila and are to be return- cd that the revenues up to Dec. 31, 1900, ,l(1 ocrup'ed bv Judpe Kstee. The rooms
ed to the States wnl stop In Honolulu would equal $49O,153.F0, while row oreut'ed by tie linin'prntlnn bit.
tovSbllSiih tUr8 ,mvo been equaling ronu nrd f , United Ptnt will
f1'00,2'092' With the money now on hand fo tuprr.1 over to . ofnccrs of tlI0
ln tno ""ensury a balance will remain ' r,f''' ntes court nlso.
From Hlch SherlfT Hrown It Is leirneri
that all the sheriffs ami t" elr depuTles ot 1.1B5.0I. These figures nre The bnrerrept of the build-
on the other iBlands will be retained In 'mate only, ns new expenditures may bo v ' ' rnve te orrrvf nf the
oITIce. All of tho old officers wll hnve authorized nnd there may be some rrlpp'nrer of Arr'culture nrd nt'ier
to be ngnln Hworn In, and new change In tho results of the revenue -('",' "? wfll as those or the Board of
slons will be Issued to them, The estimate Pibl'e Works,
theCtclrncul!8J.,idge, 'ami 'then heVdg Ke',rt'a wcro rcn" flnt sl"'r'ff "' ' , &" UnvPr l"'or "f U"' J""'"ry
be in their turn InducteO I Into , of" win of Maul nnd Sheriff Coney of Ka- nt tie Walk'kl en- w'll bo devoted
lire, uai, oy Attorney. General Dole relating "' "" urllwl rinte ninees.
mips Hndlo I. Wilson nnd Mr. S, Mil- to tho restoration to rlt'zenshlp of
ton Kerns, until or Denver. Colorado, una people In theso Islands,
ZlxZ"'Kk$nr$ CommlMloner Brown reported that ho'
School by the Rev. I.. Pearsw nml l,cnrd fro", "wnll that Japanese
of the ...ethodlst Rplfcopnl Church. A wero committing depredations upon tho
few Intimate friends were present. Tho forest reservation nlong the road to the
bride nrrlved by the Gaelic while the volcnno. Tho mnttor was referred to
?E.nnm jlJ$l l"..U"!:SLul" .f"r ,om8 Commissioner McCandless. and mens.'
""" """ ""' ",u Bwcr con- ii... i i i i, i.b. , .....-... '.
On KVlriKhllHnlll,
nir. ,- ,. - "- tune veretntlnnlK drli.plpg nnd
Mr. Joseph Lewie i Howard, member ot n,,'nan ''"'h houch nnd iwle is eovr,.,i with
bnvo orennlKi.il 11
pro.ni.eii tl eir suptort In the event i.f tlc.y tor ll.e purpose of securing their
a program being ariarged. The Myr.l.j r.ghts ns cltlzcnu of A.i.er.ca. Tho
jsoni L.iuu are open for a prelimliinry i,t,18 of t1L. nuw
urusn wun tne r anelcnt rlvuls
i ........ i.. ...., ..,. .. . . . . -
organization Include
he many of tho moat prominent Chinese
'l'""'" "iii.ib mis mey may i.ruig mercl antH of this city nnd the soc.ety
o.f a scrub race umong themselves. b.ds fair to develop Into a powerful
J. .Unison, tin llllo and Inlluentlal organization,
jug l.st who recently went to Munl'.i At a meeting held In the hall of the
In tie ,. F. trnnrport service nnd whose
Unit,., eiili.ese .Society piellmlnnry or-
H'yiiliir liiihiiius For
'I tin fuy w liuu it, h Unpad
Lu lluvu Uu i niisfcioiis.
JustliMs Fronrond Whiting of tho Hu.
pronto Court nt yimttnUy In t.int cotift
nt 10 o'clock, A formal otunli.ir of tho
eourl wiih dcelnrml nnd mi
I'.'.,1' .''?" n'klrn 'iffi! nl wa Ininwillnttly Ulc.n to Thura-In-
wll lf I.Brk In llllo. ' tiny morning. A majoilty of tho
M Hn "Siy'Jn",'' VW n'ruJl.'fl l,Bl8 of H, brtr nUeniiel1' II"11
iitiiuun iiuirv wiih iiiivu neu
.MflMMtft't' (Jt'iitt'f II HP, rt I'nkiiliKi .mil .,.,..! i.. i.M i.... ... . . . .
nrd tl... Jl'wrt. I.IPhmnn Here in w"c" l" """"" " 'eiy
wn frr ihe llth to eelchnite the day. ed. It Is believed the commissions for
I1. It. Olir w'll ntfll'ii' Iv lmvi fur .I...M. ......i... ..... ..... ... ... .
mi juukcb w.ii nnve nrriv. ii
V- -Mr "tr nl uu jiilv in.
Iter. P. M. I elllond Is liume pkiiIii aft
tr n two wrel's' v's't t llonolnln.
"I'e ntiprriKli o tile Wn liken tirldRe
frrti il-e own tide wll le I'm sled In
tl Irte dn.vH.
'"Yt.iii'i li. K. Siu'e has 'enreil the
now ne npird by V C. Lelllond
tr "iHirrh ttnel.
It Ip epiit.il Hint the Moclnlil n e
trii'k will ! resi'y fur the horses to
ir I' on Pv Pntiiiilnv next
Ji'i'ir I'nisrnp v'pltrd II In on Mindnv
for the first time slice he donned the
j iiiiiHuny, nnii wuii tno new tiuprome
Cnurt can meet then.
On the Supremo Court calendar for
the term Just b?RlnulnR nro twenty-three
ruses, ns follows;
Ookiitu SURnr t'onnnny s, J, It. Wilson,
exce ltlor.H from P int Circuit court.
A. Al. Hrown vs. Collector Oenernl of
Customs. mnmhimUR nppcul from Pirst
Circuit eourl.
It. U. Hind vs. N. O. Wl lfortr. tnx ns-
imn H.nce ueen nniiouniMU. In n it
Kunlzation was effected and officers Second Circuit.
dend. He uns shot sx times through elected. C. W.nam was In tho chair A. G. Merkourt vs. Norwalk Plre
body, but Is accordingly to lnu.it runce Comp my. exceptions from C.r.
,,nd In oienlnir tho meetlnir be stilted
reports on the high road toward .... ','nt Is mr ! .ai", o . f'fee n"! 'IS W ! ....
coverv. . i .. .... r.iizuijuin i . ureeinven vn. .u. i, nil
, - minium urcumziiiitju oi nil
A n.ovetrent to hold n b'lr imrn f'iiiiir.m n. iiinK.. wi... .....i i,r....
,ln Honolulu In the rear finite Is on naturalized under the Republic, for thn
jfoot. Delegntos from the rowing, purpose of peeluing to them their rights
cricket and tennis clubs, nnd ulm from i iim TnHmw ... irnrmm ,i,,.,.
A rentleirnn who bus rrnde thp trln ,p Voung Men's Christian mm iinrim. n. .,..nu, n.
rnrgp imck of tl,. city says the climb ltlcr kindred Institutions will shortly of ci.irom w thn.shn.i .,v,.r
rrnm n prenlc ppni of vfn.e is hnrdly ' '"vlled to meet and formulate plans Tl e following officers were then elect-worth
while ns ni'tielonds ob-euro r ' tie carrying nut or the hlrgest ed: Wong Kwal. president: LI Cheong,
everythlrf nt n distnpie. At ptl meeting Honolulu has had In. vice-president: W. Y. Kwnl Pong
sas.sor, appeal from Tax Appeal court.
Third D.strlct.
Joseph Schar ch vs. Kl iuea 8 J gar
Company, exceptions from Pifih Circuit
John Bohnenberg et ul. s. Anna
ct ah, app.ul from (J.rcult
Juugu, li'ourth Circuit.
H. N. Ilolincs vs. I. E. Ray, appeal
from Fourth Circuit Court.
Wong Kwnl vs. Llllunkalanl, appeal
from Circuit Judgj, F.rst C.rcult.
J. G. Jones vs. FruntUco de L'mn et
nl., appeal from Circuit Judge, Fourth
In ro George M. Deacon, alleged bankrupt,
up.iuul from Clrcu.. jujge,
Fourth Circuit.
Joint 10. Bush ct al. vs. Republic ot
Hawaii, ejectment (original).
Sarah lowed vs. Manuel Gomes, appeal
from Circuit Judge, Third Circuit.
II. Curlwrlght et ul. vs. C. K. Iaukea
et ah, appnal from Circuit Judge, First.
Republic of Hawaii vs. Young In and
Ah Sii'ti, exceptions from Llrju.t court.
va, sutitmnry po.seFHon or land,
from D strict couri nf Vorth Konn.
J. Monih za Guuveln s. Francisco
nsHii'iipslt, appeal from District
court of S-'Uth Konu.
Poklnl Rnblnsott vs. Jopep't A. Ah-
nng et ul.. quieting tine, uuest nns
I'l'r','" t"" r""!"1" :! S-K' ,,r'."'U!. "?' "rhiV.who.o ,,,, ru,;vBhta rUcraVcXt.'
"Hl1 ''errotnry: O. Din Sing. Chinese
A rtlPf'llPir Of Vnnh omnn .till 1... 1...I.1 . ...
.. ........ , ,....,.;., tlll u.j iM,m Hcrreinry; wontr i.eonfr, treaHuror.
ITI.IUU l. Alflnnl.. I.. ...! . ...! III1PI Ml I'lllI I' III I.IH l.lll.in 11 Tl ... .
ecretnry Cooper as Reg'strnr of Con- ".. ....'"' " ", """ """ """"""" , "".J. ."" n '" V. . "" '" " . ": " T,p cimirmnn
..... ...h .ii.um.u n...... ..... ........ .... ... .1,11., I" l.UI'. IIIIIII. 1,1 I.,".. I, Clue ...nn,. ... .L. , ,...
i-.-.i, .ir. i..im ,ri hi." m .-.-.,. Miuuit, ul in. lOIIOWIPR
committee to draw tin
Maul. ,,ilr.t.u ,.. V",'k "" . " "f . """ .""" T-SO nVlnrU ' in ..tun, ...... u, Vr nnd rules nrd . for the society: C.
FrnncUco on tho 10th for tho F.ant Molokal nnd tonal : N. C. Wllfong for ll "J1"10 fur or live feet above " ;'" "" couue for u yacht race on Wlrnm. Chock llov. Chlng On, Ho Fun,
n and will nfterward h'' iJu,, "' .. . IWnrr Chow. Ng Chun.
- I 'I'lo f.illow'Pg ynchtrmen hnvn ----- been' Th. .....v.. .v .n.imv ....... ... i.... ...... .,wb . .i...i.i..i .......
Tn n it.1l 1 1 a- 4i i
must curry
I.., .,!.... .. .. .. Wlllll
..,...,..-..... ...I w. aunject or n race party It will nlllllnte with, but Its mom
p""P nr on pin p.ir of fr'"l'l is nr'1 ,iav ,,,reiJ their willingness to bers'sny thnt It Is out for good
nil innsferred If "'r"r White of the Judgo reent nrd a rerornltlon'of the rights of
a Federal five-cent stamp. Hcox, Hawaii; J. Llghtfoot, .Marlon; tho Chlneso as American citizens.
Lowers & Cooke vs. N. Hrehnm et nl,,
assumpsit, appeal from District court
of Honolulu.
Sun Kwong Flng Company vs. Yee
v'n. error to the Circuit Court, Fifth
Mikeo Sugar Coinmny vs. Tuck
Chew, appeal from Circuit Jildgi, First
Nettle L. Fcolt vp. J. K. Nilnle. ex-captions
from Circuit court, Third Circuit.
' Nettle L. Fcolt vg. .unfits PI'vn, ox.
centlonns from Circuit oour, Third Clr- .
Unnuli'lo "f Hnvtll vh. W. II.
evcentlona from Circuit Court,
First circuit.

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