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first secretary thnt nil diplomatic relations
between France and Turkey are
broken off and that the Embassador
has Informed his Government to that
effect. M. Constans comrauncated direct
with the Sultan because the latest
negotiations were transacted with the
Sultan personally.
The Embassador Justlllcs his .iciiun
on the ground that the Sultan broke his
direct, personal promise. Riven to M.
Constans at an audience In the Ylldlz
Palace on Thursday, regarding the purchase
of the quah and the settlement
of the disputed French claims
The Foreign Minister also save formal
assurances that Ui- igrvement
would be carried out, so in view of this
breach of faith M Coiistans holds that
It Is Impossible for Fuuue to continue
diplomatic relations with Turkey.
PARIS, Aug. II. A high olllci il of the
Foreign Olllce said todn that the exact
situation at Constantinople Is us follows:
The Bultan at the last audience w.acli
he granted to M. Constans, the 1 rtnch
Embashador, agreed to send to aim on
the same or tne iouowhib cm t "--
ment glv
Franco r
.ItlcxnR anil III the
in iKordano! with thu terms arranged
between the Sultan and M. Conslaiis
verbally. Instead of doing this, the Sultan
waited until vestinlny, whtn ho sent
M. Constans a document, the terms of
which differed essentially from those arranged
at the audience.
Thereupon M. Constans declined to negotiate
any further or to hold otlur communication
with thu 1'orte, and referred
the matter to the Frtnch ForelRii Olllce.
His dlsputch to that effect arrived last
night. As the matter stand-, relations
between M. Constans and the I'orte are
broken off, but Franco and Turkey aru
still In diplomatic relations through the
Turkish Embassador at Paris
"If .-o Sultan does not ktcp the prom-tees
which he made at the lust audit nee."
continued the Informant, "wo will have
to rccai. M. Constans and si ml the Turkish
Kmbassador his passports A solution
one way or thu otlur Is probable
within tho next two dnjs."
Repljlng to n question the Foreign
official snld:
"No naval action on the pail of Franco
has yet been decided on I h slorli s In
the papers to the effect thu French warships
are under orders to be In readiness
to proceed to the llosporus have no
datlon ln fact.
ONSTANT1NOPI.E, August 21 -The
Prnch1:nibnFaJor, M Con-
l.U.N'IHtN Auk 22
11 Titnlnn irtnerallv
stanB. ha notified the Sultan's I Kr,,ncll ,lction toward Turkey
tioiin thnt thu chincellorles of Europe
have been considerably annojtd by tho
Sultan's recent efforts to reassert him
self and to shake off the limited control
exercised b) Europe over icrtaln parts of
his administration. The Sultans uipiicii
of a mission to the Far Hast was also
displeasing to the great powers. The
r, therefore, are ctpected to genernll
welcome Frances rebuff of the buuan
mmnm ah ocean tragedy in
MoioKai a nara
' '" e.v... ." ... ..-..-- iruiiou to up rule wnnoiii ijiihsliu I
,,.. i,,,rr,.ti rldent Hoard of
iioarn oi
l irisiucni
,1" niokgell
iihniiirh in., .nsrinisir's iiiilnlein is .i... i .... ..... ,...
....un.. .... r. - niiuLkiun i.,iit i, i.u,u ei .iiieuriie siiiu
orable iri0,CM have net n seuc i ,lat ,.
V. nntvo 11 til illlti tVtltllll Ml 11 m M ' 1
e Covirnment recognI?il tint its , ,,.,, ire.'.. !..... in lender foi
IV ?o roSMm'VoHu.n ml h. work , '"'V "' Chl?1,lw" ,bn !" ?n,er "" o.mmon caTrler service betvv een
rlous ,.
s. negotiations about
TiS.KtlWantehU t Improve- ,,, ,,us, Molok,ii. Maul, and I.anai.
A Tokjo telegram to tile .viainicnis is mont ot wiir,lJS 0n tin Inland n 1H ly '
it was previousij arrange u ei...e B,on route. tho lcklu qu.stlon 111 plnm Honolulu to I ahdimi and Ka
lied troops should be withdrawn f.om tral al . protection of for.lgn r. 1- I u.f, .' ". J .' ,' ., , J "Vinm. 1.5 ,.,.
North China m, e.r before, the mo ju. . , ( ,lts , china and their right to bxe in r VYnudln... substitute steamer Mnut.
a force being left bj each lower lor . tlu v.,iled eitl.s Referring to Lulling from Honolulu every Tuesdnv,
garrison duty, but the- condlt on of , , risinborne h reported to have s.,1,1 . "turn Tug to Honolulu Sun lav
lna 10 iieiiioiuiu om,,,f
fnlrs in china inulu It Imnossble to carry ,i., ,, i, ..... ,,,' .... .,,,,... I
.... .;:".. . . .. . "" "-" "'i"'u "" inoinng
out uie arraiiKen.i,.. , '"""'" i thoritles h,m not shown a careful de- Fiom Honolulu to Unlaw a, Wallau.
decision wa, mucie, at-co ui ig o i.e.. fl.m. of the
agreement, occislonully tlu i..i. Ui.mi. Island of Molokal. Kauna-
w.e uwp " ,;,,.", -'" cussiin cov.rnmeni nau r.c.n.M ureal knk.il. Kamalo. Pukoo. Island of Mo-
m ifn.n ihtnl ' ""l'1,"'" ". '" " 'llff'i.nt inknl; Knhalapalooa, Manele. Awalua,
Accord ng to L Lcdio du ChlmNthe new s
M,lrUtthatuver this
may nnan istim , or Liui.il. by steamer Lehua,
SSSmr ? nni line. icourl Jo-ten. tho Ilclgten MlnUter. unn substitute steamer Mokolll, sailing
and Prince Timn are g
Jcounk engag, j a few days since with some O. from Honolulu on Mondajs and Wed-
the with numbers of troops un- .,,.. uoMln in mutiny . .h.. ,,n. ...,.,... i. ,.... .-,...v vh.,n
IU"sllll" ! .lllll lllli IHIUCI
n !' -..
eier tncir commnno. inure is no i.o 1H1S of the now eiKan i.OBatIon that
of the Belgian missionaries In Mongolia. wll, ,,;, erected at I'eklng on the site of
LI Hung Chung has been askesl to fur- , (ll0 home of old Hsu Tung, the most
nlsh an assurance that they are safe-, intensely anti-foreign man who
the Chines., plenipotentiary refusod j tho Doner tli7le. Hsu committed
to give a precise answer on tho subject hulclcto on tho entrance of the Allies
must .be stated, however, that no con-
imo the cnpltii!. and his son was
whatever of this bad news failed some months since by the Jap-from
Shansl teems to huve come from anci,,. aionR w,h Chi j,aln It ,,, to u
other than French sources 'hoped the ltelglans wilt soon Improve
According to Dr. Morrison, the limes tlll.ir for tho unsightly ruin of
correspondent, the French are pressing,,,,,, ,IlfU fnmUy ,,.,iRC0 ,s thl, on,y ,.
LI Hung Chung for the concession of on i,,,Pton s,riH.t that has not been
a direct rallwnj from to Pao-, improsed or In process of hnpiovlng
tlngfu. I sine,, ,U, h,ege
The Jeh-Jeh of stat.s A Ne 1r(1)s tollfrnIn ot ,hl. wtl, ult
that there Is some likelihood that Prince ,rom p,c,ng s.ivs: A du.d took plate
Su will be selected by the Throne to I ,, rcported, a few days ago la Peking
go to England to offer the condolence between a Urltlsh and a Husslan otneer.
of tho Emperor of China to K ng Kd- T. ,lU8aan ,,,,, home orfl.nsUl, ri..
aru in ..,, "", . e..- marks with regard to the Urltlsh army
departures will be made on Tuesdaj's
and Thursdays, upturning to Honolulu
on Tuesdns or Wedneuednys and Saturdays
or Sundnjs: all of the above.
Including the set vices of the steamers
Claudlue mid Lehua Tor substitute
steamers, for the sum of J50 per Wevx
Ver respectfully,
Pre Bldent.
For transportation of nil freight,
packages for lepers, between
Honolulu and Kalaupapa,' 3.50 per ton
of L',000 pounds, or forty cubic feet, excepting
palal nnd pieces ot machinery
weighing more than a. ton, For pnlal.
Honolulu to Knlaupupa. 17 cents eacn.
late Great Queen, and also to offer con- , tll0 hearing of the Englishman v, ho I cl'"l'ry, single pieces, exceeding
his Majestj's accession I I,l"'l. t proportionally larger
gratulatlons on j retaliated A duel followed the ileta Is -'00
- to the Throne. Prince Su Is quite, a j of whch hal. b,,c K , , , ,;i"tei.
of progressive views and Tranliportntloii of lepers or agents of
young man, j reported ,hni the II rill sh ofll cer wounded
sajs the N.-C. Dally News, has be, n I ,,. Kusslan boaril from Honolulu to Kalnupnpa, J4
often heard to express thu deiru of visit- j ,,urlnB ,hc 4S hours t,ndlnR at , each Hibln accommodations for
Ing Europe for the purpose of "borrow- .,th uU ,h renort.Hl r. iion ' nBentP. deck for lepers.
Ing western civilization and sciences for , kom. "fwh mw ofXle O Ch Z' I "Ue frm "att "', T
his native land." ' one European? anj T deaths ichll to " ' MiiWenn. Maul, to Walkolu. Molokal.
lt is omclally reported from Hslun. nvs lT,,o nlw ens'e .tell I " per ,,,n,, Cn,Ue froin nny
' "" "'vv J.uropinn case of plague Is Mas-
th J.n Tliv NeuK. that thu Emoi ess i: ,,..,,. lrd b.d.. nf Maul, between Klhel
. ..... , . . ... I..I ...
i nt uinuu .uvnviiir ui c 1U111" I
uownger nas in u riim, t., mu i,...i i, ..... .ii.....i
cree Lien Fang (anchu) and 1 Hsu i Shou- ,-,, , town ilmpltal suffering from
p'eng as of the '"-, p j,, th0U(th , attllck ,s oniy
pu or iinmiry oi rureiicii i"n. ,,,,.
Is to take the place of tho obsoletu
Tsungll Yemen. With reference to thu
Manchu Vice-President Lien Fang, ho
was last year a "Chang Chlng" or first
class secretary of the Tsungll tumen.
whilst the Chinese Vice-President, Hsu
was at the same period Chinese)
Minister to Corea, When LI Hung
Chang went up to Peking last autumn
slight onee. Miss Herhst, the only othe r
European patient still ln the hosplt'il.
Is doing vet 11 Seven moru casts and
7 more deaths (Chinese) huve since be', n
A woman Is believed to be at the
head of a gang or burglars committing
depredations In the west.
nnd Kaunnpull to Walkolu, Molokal, at
18 per head. Shipments to consist or
not less than fifty nor more than one
hundred head.
,n Ar...oxK.i Transoortation to r ; T"x wr vvr&rn "
-Diplomatic opinion I IUIIJJJVM IUIIVII, tvr y steamer Islnnder thetiuck Ala- y Outl.burg. A. Knlch, .
approves of the 11 ' kan vessel, was wteeked last nr! llerlker, E L. Splnks, W. U
Mr. and Mis. How man and bo MrH. i.
M'lls, lr MuFarland, F. (!. linker, J. K
McUnnun, J. O Moigan, J. C. Henderson,
I. J. IJenn, T. D, Yoeman, F.. II
Waller. C. 11 Shoreman, J L Cotter,
W W Powcis, J. W McFitiland,
Thorn is Knowlcs, If 11 Hart, J. V.
Snodgiass, 11. A. Hilgham, 3. tl. Stevens,
it. Williamson, A. J Walker and
wife, W. Pluth, G W Hrown, L. S.
Snsdec, J I) mills, U Gill. H IJ.igllsh,
M Denis, H. S Carlson. F. Dlsch, 11
Itoot, It M Wtlght, A II. .Moulpon, L.
T Mm kw ell, Hi Phillips, s Jamison,
Arthur l.anerek, 11 lt McHelh, V L
Dojle, It J Marsh, A. Frasler, tl W
Dojle, M Kmphrey, S. Aftlebiowu, N
.. . . I . 1llt.nn.i f
Thursds.v .it 2 In the morning J,"';, ,". Hrlan! Two' waiters. Ml'll.r,
bj striking mi Iceberg off Douglas tj,P l.nrber. N. Law, M. P. Jock, Porter
and. were drowned nZ2 ZlZw
An extra edition of the .Itine.iu ills- . ,,rl.un American Corporation of
luiteli says. don, who was n passenger, says:
The wotil leaehed Tieadwell at s 30 fi uv TH,. 8iEAMER SINKING
Ull.lei Steamshli. Comisinj .,. (J ., putt) of headed Intimation of .in accident was
I wits glv n uliothoi two eurs con- ny tho, cinei enguieei, '"' ;' the rushing of passengers on elccK, wnich
" - .-... ... , .., I I tlrl . ..- -...--.., - .... . .. ... . WK W'l
.v.vv.v.w..v.v.v.v.v.vi v.v.VtV.v.v.v;vtVtW.v.y.
p m., oNeeptlng on bollei week, wlietilbal that among the ttoops that invaded
depnttuip will be mtiile on Tuesday. I Venezuela were the Colombian
Wlth palal ot lepers aboaul she will ,,ns of Sucie, Hombnna. Glialdot,
sail ftoiii Honolulu to Kn Hupa- ,
V(,pelllislt. T,110,ff,. and seventeen
commanded bv Goveinment
Hiilawa, leturnlng to Honolulu on
night Without pal.il or lepeis fers
iiboaid, the visit to Kalaupapa will not "Mj advices also say that the dead,
be made until on the lctutn. Ivvoiinded and captured woto uniforms
The tender Is Jimde subject to thelf lm, p0lombian army. Two of the
oi an pars ot tne con- ..,..,.... ... ,.. hmiimla of the
tract and foi a teim of two years
i Invasion of Territory is Followed
by Severe Conflict May
Lead to Complications.
WASHINGTON, August 21. Conditions
in Cunttal Amutica. rue such that
the United States vvll be repiesenttd by
snips anu men on notn sines oi tne
Isthmus to Insure) the railroad being
kept open and to prevent damage to
Ametlcnn Intel tints. Meanwhile all reports
are that Germany is sending vessels
to protect the German commercial
The Department of State hits received
n dispatch dnied August 1 from the
Consul at Maraealbo reporting that Dr.
Rangel Oarblras invaded Venezuela
with 4,000 men from the frontier of
Cucuta. Everything wits done by the
Venezuelan Government to meet the
The flist tight took place at
trados and the Invaders were obliged to
The Jnviulers took two steamers to
eiome to Maraealbo, but these boats
were recaptured by the Venezuelan
A statement by Secretary Cardenas
of Venezuela sajs: "While the
of Venezuela was suiptised by
the first and second Invasions of her
frontier by 6,000 and 5.000 men.
the Invaders were victoriously
expejled by the Government and
the people of Venezuela. Since said
e ents 10.000 men hav e been massed on
the frontier for the defense and Integrity
of Venezuela and its nntlonal hon
or. These are quite apart from her
"natepe? service troops on other part- of
bundle of pain, from
a, Pelekunu. Wuilau. or Intermediate the frontier, as well as national troops
ports on windward, to Kalaupapa, 17
cents. Each bundle not to weigh over
It is contemplated that this service
scattered over tne repuouc anu me
reserve militia now under arms.
Other advices from 'Venezuelan
sources say: "The Caracas
commander of our army In ban
Ing from Honolulu every Monday
'Grenndlets of Cucuta.' Authorities on
the frontier have oidered a close Investigation,
and lt is expected that It will
jleld some lurther telling evidence t
Colombia's complicity ln the two un-
successful raids on oui territory."
A Life Saved
Sixteen Months of Awful Suffering
Impure blood is alwnvs ilaucuTutls.
Justus soon as jou begin to Iccl weak.
and lsapiid, nervous ami depressed,
jm aru in danger. Maku your blood
pure and jour ncrtii strong at iiace.
Mr. Thomas II. Cashed, of Dripstone,
Now South Wales, Australia, 'seni's ua
this letter, with his photograph:
I ...... . . ih li,iili n distance of twenty-live .. ,,u,. m tin. I ns In n cabin with Mr. v4djfsl
The morn ng papers to;U commenting J tt.ie, v.stor.luj n me nouro ... the p f(Jr hd, ', up W(mt out of , Mm
upon tne Franco-Til rk si, sHiiat on con- ,t us linIy fl, lng' i,,.,,,,,, Htean,er and the cabin and saw the steamer sinking at K
-Ider that the acUon of M Constans was , "" , f(1I tnf. lt appeal eel '' '' '''f'' ,-,"',,. tir,nty re- the bow. I woke my partner up and we 9B
fully justincd Tho- do not a te I ".' '." ' J"w "' ' '1 JT
,Mclp? Het.,wlll.nl WIIH to Ik . V. . A Z' from dre.s.d Uy this time she was still lower
" 'he water. By the illme I got out of
:..X7d.,"'h with the ",
i , lent off f,n. communication . .nk .1 "o'clock
- ' - L,1 tne eaoin tne waier was uurcusi ui me weeks was
,, ii ,,,, ,, ,,.,, Mi ntro . . i
monui h" .
niiwK ki:n'1)IN'c WAItSlIIl'S outside vvoihl About n ., (i,,lr .,i and six dead ,,., n- i n,m r,., ih n,.
. .... . ........ .,.,.. ill,.. lEiiixil was notifli d bl the Wilde . llIL,uni,bPa . , ,. ,., , ... . ..., raxltlfMul
I'AlEJb, Vllg . l lli mis iuwiii - undies oil lio.iio, uiei ,,.o.... . prr Uee'K, iuuoe'u u in iiiiiier tiuu ,n7Pr..j
Ing nnnouncth that the French seconu eompany nun mv " "The disci iptloli of the disaster uy kiivv that the boats were gone. 1 went w all
taken very HI and for thre
acurioos ucnri an inu time, anu
i dpsniilml of. TLe ilix tors said it
iiioninL'. For nnnv lone weeks I
Ihuniost rrifrhlfiilueouv : t lio
settled In ouo limit. 1 then went to
class cruiser taTiru smiieti iui nuimjuo i mun i,,.,..h ,-. the sui vivots Is heal tl emlllig, finil loose 10 a inn uuukuik uimu uy iui mm- . tsjaney iiopigu, put i-n ui uuw
mm ih esterda and tint u naval t . ,,.,.,.,! nt the old llguie, wnuii .. . ., , . r euuh (1 only tho stern was out or water, i saw wereiasen iroin inj ug. mi iBrowwr
-Ion is ready to follow J,,,,,,.,, hlllMll of S2flO .. month Tne , J0,,. and being " " the nter with ,lght or ten rfffi'A thH.TSrrn?!
mlNKS THKIti: WlLl. Hi: NO WAlt lloatd tin lelipon advei d for tend-is- ' The Islander ''"''"''""V1, ., ,. , mut snrcl die. Then myiople m
" .u
Mnv ,OHK. Aug fr this s.rv.te. both fo, freight and ' " X Sd J severe was J' he s'tern'of "he I "Z' m . W m
T.1' V,i;rn,,heCno:H nlu'ol a' v' l - ' """c '".,l W,,S 'ZZ I t" -hoc that evVry door was Jammed ZZTr sank and sucked tlle'raft and AVCP'C
K, t, 1 ,b !nrk 4 r U"'1 f t"",Wlldei Company, which staterooms, and ,the 111- p.op.e down. Wo were somu time under A T 1 1 O
Ixtwun Ills eountr anil nirmj J in i,ii , ihnii iinilei the old . . ,., n- .i ......... t ,i,i ., ...i h., it m.. m
. ,.i ..-, t ... ...i,i ... ... iln, ..,.- - tftt.tii ii.mMnnuers. nuiiiiie'i iiik iui, mi" ,in-., .ufc . n..v ... .,i, ,,..v,, t ..... ,
iriiiii,,,' nil .-. , r.,iiii. u.. . .. ,..
A French tiael
III 11 Hie lll'tll.'l n,in inuiiht"
to clnrge vessils for docking privileges i ssioggett stauii imii i""h"' '' .. , k -" --- """, T ."Jf
I'nt ut It was not and we
If the Income from the wharves did not .. ,.., ,,,, 1.u,.,.Iik ,w th. Simpson lost ten in his de- s.
Iving complete satisfaction to r,ui that amount the Turkish i tlov , h( f son urnK a partnient, and ills desctiptlon of the wj turncd Qypr Qncp ,)ecaug(l Qj
regarding the claims of trench ,n,t us to make up the difference si., in. r oi ,h,., own rwk Is very clearly given. He was ciimung on. but generally
matter of tho quays, The income did not reach the sum tlxed l,9llr,nlv ,1V ii,,. Hi,ock and could not .,(, , r,eht nurlv.s.
od,,!t;egur,,ns;e:ant,T,,rk, "us;:;," crJks ok T11I. MnowS(lso.
"There com.-s In uiiotlu r fii. stlon You structlon of a Meanur for the use of the (out of the window. Hereacneu Tne sccne wlH heartrending. The
know France has a postolllcii of her own u,H,, f Health, and also the sum of bridge, where Pilot Labium! vvus on i,oats were scattered and overcrowded,
In Constantinople. Turkey docs not llku jo(pO for the nnlnteniince of the sei - Iwntch, and with the mate ordered out nn(j people were adrift, pleading and cry-that
Shu sajs it Interferes with her . ' . the next two veais. The men-1 the lifeboats, as she was then filling ing for help. We gathered lumber and
postal sirvlci'. but France will not ton- ' . , , .. ..;..,.. ,'u ..,.n,. !. nT1,i i,f. ,.hlef enirlneer the made our raft tloat. We were picked
sent to do awaj with her postofllce l''J Is '" "' y' "'" "" or ' Pub Ic Works, I ,. ....i.i,, lo fike cnie of ll,L up by one of the bouts returning from
Then Turk.y tries to force Franc. She of the Supeilntemlon pumps J a""X ,hore. I cannot speak too highly of thc
! the bill has only one defect-the ter. He also went bel""w1"'
savs'Verv well You jour postolilce and , officers and crew."
and we will kiep the money belonging I ack of money provided for In the broke down the iovvet stateroom (ion J1(ot jjblontl wno ha(, chlirKU ot the
to join jWlnerf coinp.uiy.' Now France ,,rpratloii Piesidint Sloggett as ot and staled wtin nis worn uum "'M steumer at the time she struck, says:
intinds to havi both the postolllui anil 1 1,)(, ()pim that the money would bi w.iter foned him lo go to the upper
the wharf companj'h mono. She has ,,, hfnr .,. ,.n,i of the pro- 'deck.
sisn the succ.ss jour country ..a- had I contract and wanted j "Hy this time the ship's boats were
irrr ri J T n ., .,.d - ;-
olllcers wete getting out the last ill
tll i)P termlnutid 1 either paity upon
'Hut war' No This Is what jou call thiei months' notlee. prositieni v igiu,
i blult It Is llko two children One w, WIU, n,mnt, objected and stated
sijs I will not play with ou,' and goes ()mt ,l(s ,))(1 was submitted upon the
hoiu. Then the don't speak until mi- ,.)0m11i0m ttlat the contract was to
apologia, s or a friend makes It up betwi en ' ' ,
'" "" ln" ,f Ui ,(,rm "r thc
tlum You may think of war when ,'" ''ars; , ,
be shorter his bid would
Km- contract was to
F,am. sends Jlunlr ll.j. Turko's
In Paris, his ptssports. Fiance have been higher.
will not do that, though Munir Hi y Is' "Make it, then, that the contract can
not vny will llkul In Paris." ' ,. terminated on six. months' notice
Mi hmi l Wihb, the Turkish Consul- ' j,w Wiulil tlutt nlt on, Mr Wight"
.. -.. f...a r. ui onlv two of us were left. We hailed
whurvis in Constantinople :i Clew oc ce; iiw - ---. i
, ..... , , , . .
ves,,n, ,t the Ing President o men wh , ,
company built wharveswh.te the .wire up thl(JUBll the wnilWH to rv,,h
raft, Captain Foote culled to all hands
to cleai the ship as she was auoui to
go down. This was the captain's last
order, lis at that moment the ship sank,
and the captain, leaping clem or the
wreck, was picked up 1 " lifeboat,
which In some munnei was ovei tinned.
The night was very misty and nil hands
were loieed to shift for themselves
O. neiol in his eMtj. uHo su..l that h. slt(,(, n, SI(W,,.tt Tho pa.ng.is saved were. F .
.11,1 not nk there was , . possl bllitv of , couldn't see It in that light I rown. N. Plspej, P ltldlghv, .1. L W 1-
warl..twe.i. I rune, and lurkey F F
lt , ,bjee ,ed to a contuict for nnj trim , ox. J. fi Young. NY.
Pi fnr wl,ch tcnde.s li:-,,
to conduct peace negotiations both Lleii.b,,'n asked su Whltmore, Mr and Mrs C. Flint,
i',. ,,,! llu,, siinii.n'eiit' wire nil ichfil i "It seems to me, sum ur Moken
lo M's staff as seen turles It Is not yet ,"thii this Is all i am in-
now n who aru to be the l'risldints of of the opinion that the lioaiu
new Foreign Olllce shouldn't be tied up for two years. Ave
, As ilie.nl noun Mi these columns, nliy K,,t lu, m,m0 from the Govern-
A Vladivostok despatch states that ,e Tlung Chan,.V Im.p'.nH.sUngof his 'l l,n? w"l,UI "''.'Z.uZs " ""
forts there wete repaired l.telj new , f( ott pl(n ,elals of Anhw.l. iindi r thls contrail on our hands besides,
being mounted Mr Wilder if piled that the Dlcl
largo guns ,.rni lM have sadlj disappoint-
Tho iAMidon Uazette piiuiisiie'ii an i-, , ,,, ... ,, .,, ..i, m nillnir del ed was ns low as coui.l ne man
der, In council for thu iJoveinnunti ofltu, on; ,, e,(Ki odil strong, tho other
Welhalwei under a commissioner (1, t crush the allied villages, express-
Things are re-ported, fiom (..irinen tll tonti,, ntlv his opinion that the
uahmi,ii Ir. 1... 111 IPK on lilt .eill 1- ' t.i . i ... ....I
ouu.vr. ... ... -. r. I i tun. iiir. .i,m w lie nvtnu'in am, I f t,i.i. ..... ....
I .,,,'of Health not mote
..t,i,Ho.i'nr. nn honlir The Itussliins . ... ,, ., ...
that the company hud been losing moil I uny,Vt It, p,osi m a. llllcourt, C C
cv on the hist contract, and had re-1 ii,,,. j Oreen, O. Piuldlehmbe, J. T
reived on .m .ivcingp fieiin the noaiu
than $700 h month
thought at llist to be nbh. to put down ,,,, ,Hpitll, flom iMtiR to the local ' f"r " seivlee ,,,,..
the risings that oeeurred with a louplu ,lmI1,,,,H ,m S1H that Vlcere.j 1.1 Ml Smith thought it Impossible that
ofrcglm.nts Hut now tlnj liavemnrlj uK flung finding the ilMid villagers the.v would lie able to secure the
20,000 troops there flreat or,( Is ob- ( n stl,,n(. flll llmnmrj imasuus, has steamer fin which the monoj had been
hcrvid as to the niowiiuut of Hi Hoops ,,,,,,,! ,lp ,1H (,, of t1l , r chluiiu , aiproii I itod by the Government with
and engigemeiils fought. and those of (bn.iul Ma to as. I , . ,,p tlioiiKht that the
A disastrous lire broke, out ill the ,, , I1(.rn, ,, p, ,,- linn, who Is hard ' ,,,"", 1
' contract shouhl be ma de, as otherwise I
ter of the foreign business .pmrter.al , u ,,N , , ,
Foochow, The hongs burnt vv.io ufose the lioaul would be unable to make
,e ,n. mb. i eel that th.s.. Anhw.l troops I
of Oilman Co , John cilitlns .v. Co., old il0t(.(1 Mnillnrl during the war with an.v arrangeiueiits for transportation to
and new, Odell - Co. Kobe it Midcition j,,,, , ,i ' Molokal, and the leper settlement would
Vz Co. the Chartered Hank of India, etc . 1oril .,a,oine, repljlng to questions 'he cut ofl' from the rest of the world
F. Cave Thomas A. Co. Fr.iser, Itamsiij , ,,. ,to.ls,,t H lU1 ,lilt hv lm(1 rcnson ,'n,e oontiact was fimillv accepted by a
& Co.. 11 It Wcstull, and considerable , .,,.,,, ,lll f.oviinmeiil desired I vot(, r ,h,,.., to one rir Sloggett
propertj retain Its troops pumanentlj at ' . ,,
Captain E O Pretjnmn civil U)id of hi,inghal With regard to the '' ', . , ,, . , f ,,.
the AdmlraltJ replied to a qui stl.m by u,I)Ulo, , Urltlsh Amb.ssado, had bun 1,,,ou '" Ki"" t,1" ,1' 1.
Mr. Clbson Howies In the House ot Coin- .,f,.,m.,i ),j Itussla that pending tin 'tender made by the W lid. r Steamship
mons last wuk. to the that lt has i ,,,.,. ,i,elsion the status qio shall Companv and accepted b the Hoard
been deckled to refill! the present site ,,,...., ,n,,,Ug the l!allwa I Ti:NIl3lt FOR CAimiF.lt SKHVICH
inc nignt was nno anu as we always
expect to meet ice, a sharp lookout was
kept About 1!:IS a. m. the crash came.
The boat was under full speed and no Ice
wns In sight and there was no fog. The
fatal berg was no doubt een with the
water. After she struck 1 stopped the
engines. Then Captain Footo appeared
with the night watchman, who reported
the ship leaking forward. I told Captain
roote that we had better head for the
beach, but thu ship was taking water
so fust she would not answer her helm.
Then 1 called tho mute and ordered the
bouts out. This was done and they were
loaded with passengers. Many
rs Jumped overboard with life-preservers
on. I Jumped overboard and was ln
the water two lioiu's and a quarter before
si'turlng a piece of wreckage.
There was Ti,Kiu In gold on the
$100,l of which was carried by passengers
H. 11. Hart, who has spent sixteen
sears In the Klondike, lost J3i,O00 In
dust. Some say mat Captain Foote;
reached a tuft, but when he saw the extent
of the disaster he jumped overboard
No accurate list will bo available until
the nriival of the puisei on the steamer
Fnrallon tomorrow
tleorge McL Drown, oxccutIe agent of
the Canadian Pacific Hallroad, after
the olllcers and passengers
who returned, said:
"The purser Is remaining In tho North
attending to the forwarding of the
thiough passengers. It Is Impossible to
give nn exact list of those lost, but from
the fact that 111 were saved the number
lost must be very much below uio figures
mentioned. In opinion the loss of life
will not exceed
Tt did inn rood at once. In all I used fifteen
bottles. Without doubt lt sav ed my life, even
after sixteen months of suffering.
Take Aycr"s If lis with the KaruparilU
Prepared by Or. J. C Aver Co., Linrtll, Mut., U. S V-
Down Again
in prlcea u tne market t
ncmr and feed, and w follow
It closely.
Send us your order and taij
vill be ttlied at tke low
market price
The matter of S or 10 eat
upon a hundred pound! 1
feed should, not eonosrm r
as much as the quaJlty, ' a
poor teed is denr at any arts.
e Carry Only the Best
Warn you want the Beet H
Feed or Grain, at the RifhX
Piices, order from
s -v tJOrf3.'S",
Cures Coughs.
ln rr.l1ci
I Unequalled
For Asthma,
BALSAM of ANISEED -Influenza,
And All
BALSAM of ANISEED.-Pulmonary
Hie 1'nltcil Wl.'lteH ortlen 1 M HAT.HAM of
the frm this side to pro ee.l j f Disorders.
clown the i 'oast and the Hanger from V" unpleasant sensation of tickling Id
San Die ". to be follow ed by the Iowa 'he throat, which deprives so many or
Oth.i ships win be sent If necess.nj icst during the night by the Incessant
Trains on the Panama raUioadwer, SK2
thieut. ne,! but communication go.. s on
H n cough nmoiy of y6M,.
without interruption so fur Tb. In- BtHn,nR It strengthens the Voice an,
tentioii of the Government is to hive , ur, Hoareencss.
i force of marines to maintain peaeui
and keep the line open. No fenr Is felt
heie that Germany will interfere, but
there will be a strong naval force to
maintain peace.
ST. PETEItSHUHG, August 22. The
Novoe Vremyn sas:
The fact must not be lost sight of
that the German press Is already beginning
to urge the dispatch of German
warships to tho coasts of Vene
zuela and Colombia, on the ground that
lt Is dltiicult to foresee the outcome of
the conflict between those republics.
Should the German Government follow
these councils n German-American con-
lllct may easily be started upon the
dispute betvveen Colombia and Venezuela.
The United States remain n
stout Bupporter of the Monroo doctrine
of 'America for the Americans.' "
"I had a severe attack of bilious
colic, got a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Dlnrrhoea Remed
took two doses and was entirely cured."
snis Rev. A. A. Power, of Em-
norla. Kan. "My neighbor across the
street was sick for over a week, had
two or three bottles of medicine from
the doctor. He used them for three or
four days without relief, then called
in another doctor who, treated him for
some days and gave him no relief, so
discharged him. I f;ent over to see
him the next morning. Ho said his
bowels were ln a terrible fix, that they
had been running1 off so long that It
was almost a bloody flux. I asked him
If he had tried Chamberlain's
Remedy, and he said, 'No.' I
went home and brought him my bottle
and save him one dose; told him to
Mr. A. J. Woodhouse, Fern Lodg.
Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, writes: "Last
year Powell's Balsam of Aniseed cured
for me a very obstinate cough of some
months' duration, whlcn I (eared would
lapse Into a pulmonary affection.'
Mr. Lionel Brough, the eminent actor,
writes: "I think It an Invaluable medicine
for membeis of my profession, and
have always recommended It to my
brother and sbter artistes."
In palace and cottage alike, Powell's
Baisam of Aniseed Is the old and unexcelled
Remedy for COUGHS, COLDS.
Squatters and farmers, when ordering
their stores, should not omit this time-
nonored uougn nemeay.
WARNING. When purchasing Powell's
Balsam of Anlsed you are earnestly requested
to see that the "Lion, Net, and
Mouse" trademark is on the bottle
wrapper, and be not persuaded to take
Imitations. .
Sold by all Chemists, Ac., throughout
the world.
Prepared only by Thomas Powell, Ltd.,
Ulackfrlurs, London.
Agents for Hawaiian Islands:
minutes, if he did not find relief, but
he took no more and was entirely cured.
I think lt the best medicine I
have ever tried." For sale by Benson,
Smith & Co., Ltd., general agents,
H. T.
President Hays of the Southern Pa-
take another dose In fifteen or twenty ,clflc has resigned.
A ll' J s

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