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Humphreys Hasn't
Resigned as
' 3rd, 1902 The Pacific
Commercial Advertiser, Ho-
t nolulu, Hawaiian Islands, per
f S. S. Alameda, from San
:: Francico, California.
-- Attorney General Knox
:: said today that Humphreys'
1 resignation had not been
ceived. This was
ated at the White House.
(Special to the Advertiser.)
The last mall from Honolulu will not
reach here for a day or two yet. It Is
therefore Impossible to verify from this
end some interesting rumors brought
late last week by wire from San Francisco.
One of these, which is Interesting
officialdom, Is that the mall contains
the resignation of Judge Humphreys.
The newspaper clipping, containing
that report, wns placed on the desk
of Attorney-General Knox, but up to
noon today he had heard no
from Hawaiian politics and
office-holding as soon as It could be
done gracefully. Mr. William Haywood,
who is intimately ncqualnted with Mr.
Smith, was asked to confirm the above
information, acquired from another
Hource. He answered:
1 cannot discuss that matter, cither
privately or for publication. My mis
sion liere Is not a political ono.nnd I
shall abstain ontlicly from political
There has been a belief In Inside
"Washington circles, almost ever since
Judge Humphreys left Washington,
that his resignation would be a question
thereof. Over at the White House
the dispatch was also noted, but nothing
has been received there. However,
It would be no surprise here If the resignation
comes. Probably It would be
welcomed. The case of the Honolulu
lawyers Is still discussed hero In inner
circles and considerable Information
has been garnered since decision on the
charges was rendered.
When AV. O. Smith of Honolulu was
here some weeks ago he and President
Roosevelt talked about the judicial situation
In the Islands, and It is known
that the President expressed to him a
determination to eliminate Judge
tlon only of months. Whether ho conveyed
that Impression to the Attorney-General
cannot be said, but his Inclinations
are known hero to have been
to return to the practice of the law,
where he can mnko much more money
than the J3000 salary paid him on the
Possibly the' most Interesting phase
of the report, whether It prove true or
not. Is the new life and Inspiration It
has given Judicial aspirants, especially
Mr. Edgar Caypless. Delegate Wilcox,
who returned from a few days' visit In
NewVork during n driving rnlir last
evening, says that ho expects Caypless
will be In the ring again. I caw him
over In New York, continued Mr. Wilcox,
as he shed his heavy rain overcoat
on the third floor of the house at
1807 II street, where ho has apartments.
He has cooled oft a little. We
shall have to see the Callfornlans and
learn If they won't stand with us now
for the nomination of Mr. Caypless.
They havo landed their own man, Mr.
Itoblnson, and now they ought to give
us a chance.
Mr. Caypless la not expected back
here for some days yet, but Mr. Wilcox
allows that Col. Sam Parker, Republican
national committeeman, will
stand by Caypless, if there Is a chance
to pull down another Judicial plum. I
understand that Judge Gear Is over In
California, added Mr. Wilcox with a
broad smile. Eawyor Davis, who also
wanted to be mnde Judge at the time
itoblnson was appointed, is there with
him. Mr- Wilcox said he wns aware
that Davis would probably enter the
field, should a judicial vacancy loom
The Attorney-General thinks the
nrles of Circuit Judges In Hawaii
should be raised, resumed Mr. Wilcox,
1iut it will be Very dllllcult to persuade
Congress to do anything when some of
our Judges are over here, spending long
vacations. Judge Gear made an extend
d trip to the States only about a year
ago. He ought to stay at home nnd
During the past week Mr. AVIlcox re
ceived a petition from residents of Dia
mond Head and AVulklkl, protesting
ngainst the location of a marine hos
pital there for the accommodation of
those quarantined. Ho took It to the
Treasury Department and left It nt tho
office ot Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury Taylor. As soon as Mr. Taylor
returns from a vacation In Mexico,
two weeks from now, Mr. AA'llcox Is go-Ing
round to talk with him about It, as
that matter comes within the Jurisdiction
of this olliclal. The petition was
xlgned by Mr. Cecil Ilrown, Judge AW
L. AA'llcox, and many other prominent
le.sidents of that section. ,
The Hawaiian delegate planned to
make n trip to Havana nnd to other
parts of Cuba during tha three weeks
recess of Congress, but finally decided
that he would be lonesome on such a
long Journey, and Instead went over to
Gotham, where he found the weather
very cold and disagreeable. This week
he Intends to visit several departments
nnd see what he can learn about Hawaiian
interests there. Anion? other
mntl.ra lin linnna M tinv. n tnllr iib
.the Commissioner ct tho Land OfTlce,
Mr. Ringer Hermann, to whom will be 1
referred Mr. Wilcox's bill regarding
tha classlnculon of public lands In the
Islands. The Commissioner has not had
tlma yet to consider the measure! !n
fact t. It has not been ofllclnlly referred
tu him but he will probably
mend some amendments. I
Mr. AA'llcox has n quota of 14.S00
packages of seeds for distribution this
year, n portion of which he has given
to Representative Hay of Virginia and
others. These nre the seeds that are
not ndapted to the soil and climate of
Hawaii. Others, such as watermelons
nnd muskmclons, he has ordered sent
to the Chinese farmers nmong his constituents,
who found last year's consignment
very satisfactory. Some wine
grapes. In his quotu from the ( UI"l 01 csvamisnmg Here a
Department, have been forward- !Cl ,rnt crusade, a measure of precaution
ed to planters and Mr. Wrav Tavlor.
In charge of the Agricultural Depart
ment work, also receives a large quota-The
flower seeds, some 2000 packages,
Mr. AVIlcox hns sent to his wife. He
expects her to distribute them nmong
tho fair sex of the Island, desiring to
beautify their gardens with new
flna tin 0lla li.t Iu ......ftIn.. ttmt l.n
-- . A... t.tJ.3 IIU IO VUltllUCII. tilt. I lilt:
1 '''" eener.il jdan ot action has been
appropriation the experiment Hln.
"Tln.Mr Mr" JnrLd. S,,,,lt,V ""IT" T1,' " " vlded into
this year, Instead of $12,000, as trctlli nd cnch cMrWt covered by an
It was last year. Inspector, who shnll illstnbuto rat traps
The papers In the court martial of nnd poison, see that they nre properly
Lieut. Howells, whose wife was a Hon- I used, deodorize the trups, and collect all
olulu girl, are still on the desk of See- rats.
retary of AVarJtoot. A few davs nco
Senator Allison of Iowa called nt the "'c Hupcrvlslon of two superintendents,
3'. Tllu of exterminating rats
department "' behalf of '"- vounir
.,. but the Secretary ol, tit this writing J"t " 1,u confined to traps, poison and
,mur ftlm,Kntloll tll0 ral.bounty method
has taken no action. Strong Influence ' ot to In. u.ni
Is being brought to bear In his favor.
,,, ,, ,,, ... ..
1111: uutin . nil: Bllti. Vfl , .... ...j
of the government In securing a trite j c. All wharves and warehouses to bo
for a naval station nt Pearl Harbor. made for sulphur fumigation:
printed here a few dnys ago, was re-I this to Include underneath the wharves,
ceived with much satisfaction In tho I 7. The rnts are to be kept separated
Navy Department. Admiral Rrndford, 'according to the district from which they
tho chief ot the Rureau of Equipment come, and are to be examined
Repair, who has the matter In "'''Klcally for the purpose of determining
charee. lias received imthln vi.f nfll -
nlnll.. f....... 1T......1..I.. ... . .1...
tiai.j iiviu xiuuuiuiu uuuui wie eon -
uumimiiuii isegurumg 1110
purchase he spoke ns follows:
hnt tho government desired was a
sit on the east side of the entrance am
, on the south side ot IVarl Harbor, on
I what Is known as tho lllshop estate. The
I site originally llxed upon covered an area
of S00 acresj The estate fixed tho value
' at 300 an acre, which the United States
considered exorbitant. The
I tlon proceedings wero then Instituted, tin-1
der tho laws ot tho Hawaiian Islands
providing for the condemnation of lands
for government
I ' If tho reports of the the
j Jury In the condemnation proceedings be I
j tie, but of this 1 have no olliclal knowledge
ns yet, tho United States will
chnse from the liishop estate a tract of
mkj acres, which, at ?". an acre, tho price
reported fixed by the jury, would make
purchase price but $15,000. AVe have an
appropriation of JlJO.ouo, and this would
leave a residue ot J103.000 to be expended
for damages and nil other expenses. The
damages that would of necessity have to
be paid, would be those In cases where a
company had leased 11 tmrt nf tho
ground, and had It ready for sugar cine
cultivation. Reparation would bo de-
mnnded for such Improvements.
"Again, the United States government
would havo tt meet tho cln'.ms of certain
people to whom the government of Hawaii
lias sold certain fishing rights, nnd
these would In all probability havo to bo
adjusted. In order to free the land Included
in tho prospective naval station
from all Incumbrances."
There is little new in the Cuban sit- I plague, started In on a general rat
as affecting Hawaiian Inter- 'sado and thousands wero exterminated,
osts. The proposition to grant a Is not my desire to be considered nn
ty on Cuban sugar. Instead of reducing 1 alarmist, for 1 thoroughly believe tho
tho tariff, which wns outlined in the !soo"er tho People of this community tnko
last AVashlngton letter to the falm view of plague and educate them-
or, Is being pressed nnd reports from
the AVhlte House nre that It nn eta '
with some favor from President Just so much quicker will the commercial
velt. It wns put forward by Mr. shipping Interests be- best conserved,
ry T. Oxnnrd, representing the beet It Is not only the fact that If plague
gar Interests here, as already Mat -d, should ngaln appear wc would bo
will be strongly urged before In- ,y to Imvo SOIno deaths, but the fact thnt
lluential Senators and members of the!" Il loc's como tM0 commercial and ship-House,
when Congress reconvenes one , 1lns '""ests ot the community aro at
week from today. Mr. Haywood will
Join In urging the plan, Just as soon as
the statesmen cume back here and tno
Indifference to legislative topics, characteristic
of the holiday season, has
11 is 10 our interest to nllv our
selves with the beet sugar growers and I
the cane sugar growers I n this regard.'' I
sain .Mr. Jiiiywooil today "Standing
alone tho Hawaiian Planters would be I
........ .,!, !...( ........... , ,.,....
iiitt til jtiiiiiiic;
with others, whose Interests are almost
Identical, wc can help them nnd they
can help us. Tho proposition for a,
bounty will, If carried Into effect, place
the burden of helping Cuba on the entire
American people, where it should
be. A lower tariff rate on Cuban sugar
would in effect be only nn entering
wedge for free trade, and at the snnle
time would throw the burden largely
upon the sugar planters of Hawaii,
very apparently n great wrong. Ry Imposing
n bounty In favor of Cuban sugar
we help the Cubans without taking
upon ourselves any of the evils that
lower tariff and ultimate free trade
would assure us.
There Is little new to be said about
the other large questions before Congress,
Interesting to Hawaii. In spite
of talk about opposition to tho Isthmian
Canal by pleas of the duty to try
to buy the Panama canal, the measure
will probably be passed in Senate and
House within a month, although a vote
may bo delayed In the Senate beyond
that period. It will bo later when tho
cable bills are considered, nnd It a bill
passes at this session, which seems
quite probable, it may not be for three
or four months yet. The Chinese Inclusion
re-enactment, which is assured
at an early date by Congress, und with-out
any proviso ot relief for the labor
conditions In Hawaii, ns has been re-Iterated
In these letters, Is being considered
in detail by Treasury olllclnls
and by Pacific Coast Congressmen.
it will btt plain later that the only
hope the Hawaiian planters can have
for relief must come from a separate
net, which will not be possible before
next winter. Then the excitement and
eagerness of politicians will have passed,
most of them will bo re-elected and
the question can be discussed dispassionately.
Although these statements
may seem peculiar In Hawaii, where
conditions' of legislation nre naturally
not so well understood as here, they are
nevertheless, as your correspondent be
Hews, absolutely correct.
Dr. AVyman. surgeon-general of the
Marine Hospital Service, has been
watching, with his usual Fense of humor,
as well as vim and Interest In
sanitary conditions, the crusade
nKnllls' rata In Honolulu. Rrlng me
rat bulletins, he shouted
ple3v,. .M10
V." ? ,ne telephone to one of his
chlef3 In the Rutlcr building the other
day, when your correspondent called
for any news he might have of the
situation. A bulletin was brought, containing
a report by Dr. L. K. Gofer.
Honolulu, II. I., Nov. 9. 1801.
Sir: I hnve the honor to Inclose herewith
a copy of a letter, which Dr. Pratt,
the executive olllcer of the Hawaiian territorial
board of health read to tho bo.trd
at Its last meeting. He calls attention
o the necessity or at least to the dcslra
'."""'' lu."""l"us -"" w """
ber of the citizens of Honolulu, and
which was favorably received and Immediately
acted upon by the board of
health, ns will bo seen from tho letter
from Dr. Pratt to this olllce, a copy of
which Is also Inclosed. Since my Invitation
to serve on the committee for organizing
the crusade, several meetings
havo been held, with tho result that the
- The dl.stiict as a whole to ie under
I. All rubbish to be cleared up and
I r. All Interlsland vessels to bo fuml
, ,V"'W,.,T or "l !l certain iiismci is proo
! attention
j wlI1 r,.port on Ulu progress of tho
from time to tint., and forward
any satisfies coneernlmr it likelv to be
:of Interest.
Parsed Assistant Surgeon, U. S. M. II.
S., Chief .Quarantine Olllcer, Territory
of Hawaii.
The Surgeon-General,
U. S. Marine Hospital Service.
Honolulu, II. I., Oct. 29, 1!H1.
Gentlemen: There Is a matter which 1
desire to bring to your attention, with
the hope that some action can be taken
which will be of benefit to this country.
It seems to me to be a lilting time to
start a rat-killing campaign.
No plague Is at present in Honolulu,
or any part of tho territory as far as hi
known, but we have reports of cases by
every steamer from Hongkong, occasionally
from San I'ranclsco, and now by
last btcamer wo learn It Is la Urisbane.
Just ho long as thero are cases In these
Places, we mo open to tho danger of
having It get ashore from one of these
Ports. The U. S. Manue Hospital Serv
ice, with whom we are working in per
fect accord, Is doing nil In its power to
prevent It getting ashore from vessels,
but thero Is always a chance that rats,
nnd Infected olli's at that, may manage
to get ashore nnd to Infecjt others.
That plngue Is rprend principally
through the agency of rats is a fact
bv all countries l)1ni?tn.
has existed, and It Is only a few months
lll?o that hnvlni? 11 nf
v iu 1 1 iv mtl Ulill IHIS UUIIlK II iiVll
jiort clly wo aro alwnys open to tho dan
nor 1 if nmiifi I'lntm imi titf.int lmn tlunm.u
once affected nnd everybody suffers.
Tho old saying, "An ounce of prevention
Is worth a pound of cure" was
truer than In this Instance. In other
words, It Is better to tnku urecautlons
beforu it docs nppenr. AVIth tho coming
on of the rainy season wu lire verv like
ly to havo sporadic cases of plague, nnd
" '"'foru this time comes wo can
111 inu ,""" or rats or exterminate
them by th e concerted nctlon of the
W'tinli. ,. ,1,.... 1. ... ......... .. I...
" " " ' " " " ,l"
u ":. Zu" ".,' .
'I'""""' "'" "" "") lllllllIHHIieu
i enin.l rnuiiiioi iniiii rAnn,.L,i tim.
.committee of thrco be appointed to take
up this matter and nutl!nn .i ninn nt
action, nnd that the public as n whole,
tniougii tbe press, be requested to give
mo nonrd tlielr support In tills matter
as Foon as the committee has reached a
decision. Respectfully,
J. 8. II. PRATT,
Kxecutlvo O nicer.
The President nnd Members of . tho
Honolulu, II. I., Oct. HI, IM1.
Sir: At a meeting of the board of
health held yesterday, a letter from llx
ecutlvo Olllcer Pratt was read In regnrd
to a cainpa'gn. It was mov;d
by Mr. H. A. Fcconded by
Dr. AV. L. Moore, that the recommendation
In Dr. Pratt's hater bo nccented and
acted on. Motion carried.
Attorney General Djlo suggested that
the members of the press be requested
to publish tho letter a., a whole, and ask
the co-operation of tho community In
this matter.
It was moved by Attorney General
Dole, by Mr. K. A.
that Drs. Cooper nnd Pratt be nppolntcd
a commhteo of two, and that Dr. Cofer
bo asked to co-operate with tho committee,
and also that this committee be empowered
to add to their number at their
discretion from citizens from the
Motion carried.
Inclosed please find copy of the letter
nbovu rt'icrrori to. Acting under Instructions
of the board, I would rcspectfull
request that you co-operate with tlit
committee upon this Important question
of killing rats. Respectfully,
Executive Officer.
Chief Quarantine Officer, City.
This is all we have nbout the Honolulu
situation, continued Dr. AVyninn.
Our bureau Is To-operating with the
Board of Health In Honolulu, as we
always do In such case?, nnd, of course
we are concerned to see that the out
come of the crusade Is successful nnd
that plague does not get n foothold on
the Islands. AVe sent some rat poison
to Honolulu.
Many communities eagerly prefer to
bj under the Immediate Jurisdiction of
the Marine Hospltnl Service, Just ns
Havana and Mnnlln have been, Instead
of working through their own locnl
boards. Hut, while we nre always glail
to co-operate, as I have already said, It
Is better for communities ot American
citizens to undertake such work for
themselves. They are the ones to cope
with the situation nnd we will extend
to them all the aid we can.
Llttunkalnnl and her suit?
have been nt the Kbbttt during the holidays,
pursuing the even tenor of
their ways. The lawyers are anxious
to have her as a client In securing recognition
of her claim to tho crown
lands nnd she Is said to be negotiating
with some of the profession In California,
who have hnd a residence In Hawaii.
I have said nothing to the Queen
about her claim lately, declared Delegate
AVIlcox. AA'hen she Is ready to talk
about It I shall bo pleased to hear her.
I fpnr slio liinv dlrker with the Inwvors
and when Congress hears nbout It the
disposition will be to say that the
yers will get the lion's share of the
money anyway, and It would be lcr
to vote nothing at all- Such has been
me msiury 01 many claims ueiore
, gress.
Mr. AVIIllam Haywood of Honolulu
wns one of tho select company of
guests Invited to the special reception
of President nnd .Airs. Roosevelt nt the
AVhlto House on the afternoon of Dec.
The Patent Olllce announces thnt a
1 patent on an Invention for 11 coupling
for wire or other cables has been
granted to Jonah 10. Gaiimllelson of
Kallmann, Hawaii.
The Comptroller of the Currency,
Treasury Department, gives formal no
tice in his last bulletin thnt AV. J.
has been elected President of the
First Natlonnl bnnk of AValluku, Hawaii,
In place ot C. M. Cooke, and that
AV. T. Robinson has been chosen
Delegate Wilcox hns Introduced a bill
to provide for appeals from the Supreme
Court of the Territory of Hawaii
to the Circuit Court of Appeals and to
the Supreme Court of the United
lie it enacted by the Senate nnd House
of Representatives of the United Stntcs
of America In Congress assembled. That
appeals and writs of en or from the
Court of the Territory of Hawaii
to tho United States Circuit Court of
of the Ninth Circuit nnd to tho
Supreme Court of tho United States shall
bo allowed tho same as from the Territories
of Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
Siieli appeals nnd writs of error
must be taken within ono year from tho
rendition of any Judgment rendered after
the of this act by the Supreme
Court of the Territory of Hawaii: provided,
however. That such appeals and
writs of error may be nllowed from any
Judgment rendered by the Supreme Court
ot tho Territory of Hawaii prior to tho
passage ot this act. If tho same shnll bo
tnlten ami perfected on or before the first
day of September, nineteen hundred nnd
Tho nnuunl statement ot tho Secretary
of the Treasury ns to the emoluments
nnd compensation of collectors
of customs shows thnt Kdwurd It.
Stackable, collector for Hawaii, received
during the last fiscal year a pnlnry
of $1000, while tho fees collected and
placed on deposit ninountcd to $1,243.70,
and the amount received from storage
was $2000, which also went t. the collector
making his compensation, JC0O0.
"Some time ugo my daughter caught
a severe cold. Shu complained of pains
in iter client, mm had a bad cough. I
gave her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
uccorrilng to directions nnri In two
das she was well and able to go to
school. I lwiyo used this remedy In my
family for the pant seven years, ami
have never known it to fall," says Jas.
Premlorgast. inerehnnt, Annotlo Ray,
Jamaica, AVcst India Islands. The
pains iu the chest Indicated nn approaching
attack of pneumonia, which
In this Instance wns undoubtedly warded
off by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It counteracts any tendency of n
cold toward pneumonia. Sold by all
dealers nnd druggists. Pennon, Smith
& Co,, Ltd., agents for II, I.
Inspector of Licenses Ilateholer will
make uu oflkinl tour on Muul next
week. Ills olllce Is now In the Treasury
Department In the Capitol.
.1, il,llH..MiiiH.W.M'l.i
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
Kort and Merchant Streets, and Buthul Street, Honolulu,
Dealers in Hardware and General Merchandise,
An s rrv
V a A- ... V S
New Automatic Sewing Machines
The Best family Machino Made.
Agonts for
The Galena Lubricating Oils, for railroad use exclusively
used on 05 per cent of the railways of tho
United .States.
The Vacuum Oil Co.'s Lubricating guaranteed to
give tho best resultp.
Standard Lubricating Oils more extensively used
than any others.
Magnite Cold Water Paint and Spray Pumps.
John Deer? Plows.
Oliver Chilled Plows.
California Powder Works.
Howe Scales.
Outlook Brighter
Than Ever Before.
AVIth tho bcglXnnlng ot tho regular
trades tho fleet will show
an activity that has never been known
In theft; waters before. An Ideal climate.
god winds and water, staunch craft for
Inter-Island cruising, skimming dishes
I f"r m,rl'or sailing, launches for quick
VPi'TT?,',U,l?B,. ' TV' 'i,,c",1.,;
among the owners of yachts. Then, was
no club devoted to this branch of snort.
Regatta days came and went and the
yachtsmen got the small end ot purses
for prizes. Their contests were often
managed by men who never held tho tiller
of n yacht. Kverythtng cendlng to
discourage this noble sport. It showed
that tho yachting Interests needed some
organization strictly devoted to their
branch of sport.
The success which the Hawaii Yacht
Club hns had since IU Incentlnn shows
how much the club was needed to brlngH
the yachtsmen together nnd encourage
nnd foster their healthful sport. AVhllo
thu weather this winter hns not been as
propitious an usual for these months,
the Interest nnd preparations for the
near future are going on. A number of
new applications for membership are on
file, several new bouts are being talked
of and two havo been launched and added
to the fleet. For a place of this size
the pleasure fleet Is a lurge one. the
number on which the club flag will final
'1...1.... .I.... . .,., .
I'eiiiK ui 1111s milliner,
nre sailing craft and three aro
launches. Probably In no other yachting
center of the world will bo found such a.
varied typo of craft and from so many
different parts ot the world. AVo havo
yachts from New Yolk and Sun Francisco,
China, Scotland and Australia, besides
those that hnve been built here.
Nearly every rig and type Is represented,
from the deep keel to the shallow
dish. Cutters, sloops, yawls, knock
abouts, schooners ami cathouts nre always
to be seen when tho Hying sqund,'on
Is out In force. Of tho Meet, ten ot tho
boats are capable of malting a cruise
to llllo and back with perfect safety, and
It Is understood that the Hag ollluers 01
the club intend making this trip during
the summer nnd that four or live of tho
larger boats will eiiilso tu squadron to
lllln. This will be the longest yachting
crulHe ever attempted in our waters, nnd
will afford our amateur sailors an opportunity
of learning something about coasting.
Tho Gladys, La Palnmn and Dewey
have already mnde the trip to Mololcu
and Maul, and under the most Fcvero
conditions, too, that of racing day and
night ncross our channels. 1 Their crews
have enjoyed tho sport although some ot
them wero compelled to pay their
to Neptune In thu Oahii channel.
Hut tho trip homeward, sailing with a
fair wind. Is always enjoyed by everyone
on board.
On Saturday, January 2."ith, ' the third
cruise) of tho dub w'll bo held. HonU
will leave In the afternoon for Penrl Harbor
and the fleet thnt will bo assembled
at Pmiloa will b even larger than tho
first cruise, for every yachtsman who
owns n boat wishes to make the trip,
Thu moon will he at thu full, nnd this
alone should be a great drawing card
for the moonlight 11 1 g 1 1 1 h aid most pleasant
In Pearl Harbor.
Tho Skip, Clytle. and Abbey M. wero
out sailing last Sunday. Thero was a
line breezu blowing and thu yachts had
some good brushes,
Mr Macfarhme, owner of tho schooner
,,a ,.aIonm ,as decided to alter her ilg
, ,, T,ls should make her faster
,, thu rimll(Cl) wm i,u watched with In-
terest. She will bo In commission In a
short time. The work Is being done nt
Pearl Harbor.
The Abbey M., while On tho ways a
few days ago, was painted while. This
Is a great Improvement to her looks. She
was formerly painted a dark green.
Tho Princess hns been out tuning up,
nnd she will bo ready to Join the fleet
In tho crulso. It will 1m Interesting to
seo what she can do with tho other boats
In her class, Mr. Johnson's "side-walk"
boat may bo a surprise to them nil, for
shu has shown her ability to "go," Thesn
boats are not pleasing to thu unutlcal
eye nnd never will be. They nre merely
racing machines. Many of tho yncht
r, riiDD O
UU VJI 1 U vJ jj
M"v"i fp'Mr"
clubs discriminate ngnlnst this type nn
endeavor to discourage their building,
believing thnt the true Interest of th
sport Is to encourage wholesome type
thnt combine ns much nn possible mxtetr.
Epecd and sea-going qualities.
Ilunoluu Produced Its Slmre This
Comes From Kinvultiltuo.
What makes anything a factT Isn't
It an occurrence of statement that caa
be proven true ana corroci In every
particular? What constitutes conclusive
ovidonco to tho mind ot a Honolulu
citizen T Is it tho statement ot
somo ono mado In Texas or California?
Wo think not, but when eomo of our
own people mako a statoment and it is
indorsed by many, thero can be no
question about thatl Under these circumstances
wo call them facts, and
they aro every-day facts, because they
aro occurring every day. Don't take
our word for what is said. If you are
not satisfied, ask them; people don't
mako such assertions without good
Tho Rov. J. Nua of Kawalahao informs
"I suffered from kidney trouble,
which was, I bellovo, caused by my
lifting heavy weights whilst young.
Pains in the small of my back were
ono of the symptoms of my complaint
My trouble extends back to the time
when I was 28 years of ago. and aa I
am now 49, that Is a considerable period.
During all this time I was subject
to pains in tho back. They continued
despite the fact that I consulted
several physicians and took numerous
remedies. No relief thus gained
can be compared to the benefit obtained
from using Doan'a Backache
Kidney Pills. I have got on wonderfully
well since taking them. I am
quite satisfied with the result, and
shall always have tome of the pills by
me, even when going from Honolulu
to other missionary fields in the South
Pacific There is no other remedy like
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills for kidney
complaints, Including backache."
It is Important to get the same pills
which helped Mr. Nua DOAN'S
ask for Doan's Backache Kidney
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are-sold
by all druggists and storekeepers
at 50 cents per box (six boxes for
?2.r0), or will bo mailed on receipt of
price by tho Holllster Drug Co., Honolulu,
wholesnlo agonts for the Hawaiian
H. I Reynolds, the well known
United tSates Court stenographer, wel
comed his futility yesterday, which
on thu Alameda, and nil nro stopping
nt the Hawaiian Hotel for the
present. Ills family consists ot Mrs.
Reynolds, Miss K. M. Reynolds, Miss
11. M. Reynolds nnd Miss (Undys Reynolds.
Wm. G. Irwin & Co.,
Fire and Marine Insurance A'gts.
Ttoynl Insurance Company of Liverpool,
Alliance Assurance Company of London,
Alliance, Marine and General Aisurama
Co.. Ltd.. of London.
Scottish Union National Insurant
Company of Edinburgh,
AVllhelm.i of lladgcbunc General Insurance
Associated Assurance Co., Ltd., of
nnd Berlin.
will sail from NKW YORK for I10NO
LULU, on or about
)cc.(!mlii!i'l0, 11)01.
If sufficient Inducements are offered.
For freight rates apply to
27 Kllby t., Boston,
U& L: . Honolulu
wsiauiWMLamiTwi wtn m jj MmmiinwjwmcifwiBei
.' wy itm
HI wip
Hall's Safes.
Albany Compound.
Silex Cement Wash.
Michigan Stove Company.
Kilfly and Sprayers.

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