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Oceanic Steamers
to Reach .Cable
In future tho mall steamers of the
Oceanic line on their way to this port
from Auckland will cnll nt Fannlw;
nntl make n stay there of one hour.
The Sierra, which leaves Auckland on
Ktptember 19th for Honolulu, will be
the first steamer to call there.
Some time since Mr. Cuthbert, of the
Pacific Cable Board, made a request to
Mr. John D. Spreckels that the mall
steamers leaving Auckland for Honolulu
and San Francisco should call at
Fannin ir Island on their way, either
each trip or alternate trips. Mr.
Spreckels referred the matter to Messrs.
Henderson and Macfarlane, the New
Zealand ngentB for the mall line, requesting
them to place the matter before
Sir J. O. Ward, Postmaster-General
of New Zealand, statins that he
was quite agreeable to fall In with the
wishes of the Pacific Cable Hoard If the
Postmaster-General gave his approval.
This upproval was granted and Mr.
Spreckels Immediately cabled that the
Sierra would be the first steamer to
call there.
As the British cable will soon be In
working order to Fanning Island the
Oceanic liners will have an opportunity
of nicking un Important news
and bringing It to Honolulu In nbout
three days lews time than It now takes
for news to come by steamer from the
Coast. Fanning Island Is about a half
eater Honolulu than San Francisco.
' The Oceanic Company seems to be
making Us mall contract with the New
Zealand government a solid
The New Zealand Herald speaks of
Central Committee Completes Its Organization
and Prepares for a Great Mass
Th lUpuuMnH Centm! Cutnttiltlre iKHHnt argntilthUwi vhs cfTeHted Dint
last nlRht porfedtwl Its immanent or- ,"r' ,,e ,,oUl B '"" ollng fHr rati
gn,,in ., gl d.wn to work The Sr.fiKAW.
llrst plan porfoeted was that for a u, that effect which was carried.
to every representative. He said he work so that they could get together
would bespeak the assistance of every In their work
one for without unity there could be On motion It was decided that the
no success for the party. committee should meet ench Saturday
J. W. Jones suggested that now per- nl?ht during the campaign.
CXXXX30O0OOO000O00000OOOO0 ooooooooooo oooooooooooooooa
the njhtter In the following way, after o'clock, the Hev. H. H. Parker olllclat
declaring that the steam- ng T1)e paibearers will be
en. are not capable of handling the Ij Kawananako i,rlnce
meal iranspuriuiiuu jiruuieiu;
., , , ,, , ,-,
Hon. bam Parker, J. O.
"The only "things which can help us
in this way are the magnificently Carter, Captain Tripp and Charles Hop-
j.riiilr.rinil veuuela nf the Oeennlfi line. KW3.
m'lilnti nr an Minrmii'1,1 v nnd During
can offer refrigerating chambers when
ever these are required. Upon this
sudden call they are coming to the as
slstanre of our exporters ns our coast
the afternoon the remains
l were viewed by Queen Lllluokulanl,
'Pi luces David nnd Cupid, and a large
i number of relatives and friends. Mrs.
Cummlngs, known more familiarly to
i the nutlves ns Knhalewal, was born In
lng steamers have been unable to do. . jf ona Hawaii. She was the friend of
The Ventura took away with her last .the members of the various royal
Mrs. J. A. Cummlngs died yesterday
affair for. morning at 10 o'clock at the residence
The Salt Lake Tribune of August 29
contains the following detailed nccount
it Is now gaining the hearty goodwill of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Klbllng. of the refusal of the county clerk to is-of
New Zealandcrs by opening up a Mrs. Cummlngs has been In 111 health sue a marriage license to a Hawaiian
cold storage trade between New Zen- for several years but only recently be- to marry a white girl:
land and Australia. The cold storage Camc seriously 111, the Immediate cause Because the Utah statutes forbid a
capacities of the Oceanic steamers Zealand death being heart failure. She was j marriage In this State between a white
Dill large UUlllluea ui -., vn.irs nf
meat to find Its way across to drought
Ktrlcken, stock-starved Australlu. New
Zealand would also like to supply Honolulu
with Its fresh meat.
The funeral services will be held this
afternoon at the residence' of Mr. and
Mrs. Klbllng on Young Btreet between
Artesian and Punuhou streets, at 3
person and a Mongolian, and for the
additional reason that a native Hawaiian
Is classed as a Mongolian by certain
local authorities, the course of true
love, which has been agitating the
hearts of Peter Kaluna and Sarah Kv-
Prlnce , ana for several mouths past, took a
Jonah very sudden and very awkward turn
Mr. Kaluna, be It known, Is a full-blooded
"Kanaka," as the natives of
the Sandwich Islands are called, while
Miss Kvuiih Is a white girl, said to be
only 16 years old, who lives with her
patents at Murray. Kaluna has made
his home at Murray during the past
year, being an employe of one of the
Th trttlntl of Hi)ttA t li
wMt WU ! slten.pt. d by Hpf Inl
KNt JRrwt rhftllh ' tn t'tillrd Hl.i'i
Aftrlaulluntt IlnprrirwHt Hint t Mr
HntUh lnllevM that this gnidr of to
bneM) nn not only be
grown In Hawaii, tmt also nt n considerable
profit to the ittanler Acting
on his belief he has already sent to
Hmyrna for tobacco seed In large
great rntinonllon meeting Monday night u. u. Carter reported from the titles, and the experiment will be mnde
next, when there will be such a pro- utlve committee that steps had been iel0 0 extensive scale as soon an
taken, the all 1 secured and efforts
gram as promises to attract more than' some U)(j lH)n(.limunl nrriVM
enough Hepubllcans to .1.1 the Orpheum.; "J", KWS Tobacco Is at present grown In the
It was quite n time before a quorum to taue Caro of the decorations and the i Islands, but only nn n very small scale,
could be obtained and finally sixteen ushering of the people to their seats, i .....i .,,,, varieties now under cultivation
voles were found. Secretory Atkinson
reported that the registration committee
had secured the service of C II.
Wilson to watch registration nnd list
the voters. He nlso reported from the
ecremry AiKinson moved that n art, of ,ne poori.r grndes. On Hawaii
committee be nppolnted to take charge ... ,
,,f ii,.. ,,,..Mii,,r. i., ,,. .....w ,..i tobacco Is grown for pnvnte
do all other work, the motion being! tlon
amended so that the rommltlee consist
campaign literature committee that the of fou with the c'lpirmnn of the Ter-speech
of Senator Thurston had been rltorlal committee, nnd then passed.
translated and that certain other mat- The committee was constituted ns roller
sent down by Chairman of the Con- lows: Messrs. Atkinson, It. X. lloyd,
ventlon Holsteln was being edited. I Jones and Winston.
W. C. Achl suggested that a circular Jones said that one of the nominees
Hawallans would read these before of Health, nnd as he would shortly re
throwing them away whereas a book sign he thought a suggestion should be
would be put nway nnd never rend, made for his successor and he would
This was contrary to the Idea of Mr. propose that a recommendation of the
Holsteln and the committee wns grant- name of Mark P. Robinson be proposed
ed further Mine to complete Its work. . for the vacancy to be thus created.
Coming to the election of dicers C. A. L. C. Atkinson brought up
I.. Crabbe, nominated by J. W. Jones, tlon of qunrters. He suggested that the
was elected by the unanimous vote of otllce be further down town. Two offices
the members present. J. H. Fisher had been inspected, one in Waltey
was nominated by Keen and elected building another In Hawaiian Trust
uuunlmously nnd A. I... C. AtKlnson Company's bunding, on the Fort street
nominated by J. I". Cooke was chosen front.
aecretary, the same course being J. I'. Cooke moved thnt the rooms
lowed u to Assistant Secretary J. V. In the Hawaiian Trust Company be en-
Avery and Treasurer George It. Carter, gaged for the use of the committee.
Senator Crabbe said he realized the The motion wns carried.
Importance of the position. He said Mr. Cooke said that he suggested
he would take hold and be In the olllce that the executive committee should
there' nch day nnd do all in his power to meet as soon ns possible with the
eiect every one irom ine Delegate down irici committee)) mid thus outline the
nnd but very little Is sold any
where. The Internal levenue laws provide
for n tax upon nil grndes of to
bacco, but the grower Is not Included
In this tax. He Is allowed to sell his
product to anyone he wishes without
stamping It, but as soon as this
chaser nttemnts to dispose of tile leaf
be used Instead of n pamphlet, tut the for Senator was a member of the Hoard I cither In cigars or In bulk Uncle Sam
nlght no less than a thousand caicasses, Hies from her girlhood nnd was beloved smelting companies nt that place
thiiR ntien nc un a trade which would . Dy ill. Tlie natives loveu nor nnu
have been declnred impossible only n
few weeks ugo the placing of New
Zealand mutton nt advantageous prices
upon the Sydney meat market. This
shipment should be regularly followed
for some considerable time by larger
consignments. All avnllnble refrigerating
space lias been engaged for the
tinning trips of the Ventura's
nnd It will be noted that the
Sierra will tnke away 2500 carcasses.
Our farmers are thus enabled to cater
to the Sydney demand und we mny anticipate
during the ensuing season an
unprecedently good market for prime
mutton and lamb. Thus we have suddenly
nnd graphically brought homo
to us one of the many advantages arising
from being on the trunk route of a
great service, equipped
with hugo modern steamers, able to
meet every commercial emergency, and
making that reliable time which Is such
nn linportnnt factor In nil business
transactions. Thanks to the confidence
of Mr. J. D. Spreckels In the future
of the Pacific trade our farmers have
to Import nil Its meat, and the Amerl
can growers can hardly supply their
home market. The Sydney demand, In
the very nature of things. Is a transient
no, but the Honolulu nnd 'Frisco demands,
once commenced, will be permanent.
Auckland Province mny profit
moat directly by this fine service, but
the entire colony must nlso profit by
every extension of our export trade.
We may hope that these considerations
will Influence the feelings of Southern
members nnd call a halt In the utterly
teriy unreasonable attempt which some
scores of them came to the house yes
terday to be near the remains.
Judge Hardy.
When Mr, Kalunn nnd Miss Kvans
met It seems to huve been a case of
love nt llrst sight. At nny rate, they
had not known each other long until
ench felt that without the other the
CASES OF MURDER Tll fact tnut Knluna's complexion was
very dark almost as dark as midnight
apparently did not detract from his
The Fifth circuit court term win
charms in the eyes of his beloved. They
Chong Kong Wal, found 'r. James, looKing strnigni into mo
guilty of murder In the second degree, dctect tllcre u lPBlU hstaclo which
was sent to prison for twenty yjars. V would prevent the Issuing of the II-
"n.e. Out when Mr. Kaluna declared
nolle prosequi was entered In the case
that he was a pure-blooded Hawaiian
of Chong Chow, charged with permit- the county clqrk concluded he had been
ting gambling. Gullherme Helle. mistaken for once. However, he hnd
ed with larceny was sent to Jail for some doubt about the legal status of
sixty days. Jock was given the same "Kanakas," in this county, nnd referred
the use of these vessels to the Sydney j sentence for larceny In the second de- the matter to the county attorney, tell-market
when otherwise no mutton could gree. Inuwal, assajlt and battery, was lng Mr. Kaluna to call ngaln later In
be regularly shipped. And In the near.uneii ie, the day.
future we may expect to profit by the Kuakapu 1,11111, larceny, was , Assistant County Attorney niter
opening up of n similar trade with Ho- ei, to 8lx montn8 at hard labor; H. Ke- f."un,l "aJ n "'er; S,,'j",l,Vt,1 h.?n7tr, 2
nolulu nnd 'Frisco. For Honolulu has' ,e. satne cnarge. three months Im- " "h,Hh , & "" Ac'de.? ??, ! e
....I . .-, "I JIIHWUI alt tuonuw
Iirisuiiiuem. nam m. uisu ch, up i caI,y wth U)e MplnySi nrm that the lat-
threo months. ter are oni! 0f tle hinnches of the Mon-
The ense of Yoshlaya Denglro, ollan race. So It appeared that for
ed with murder In the first degree has matrimonial purposes a Hawaiian In
been submitted to the Jury. Utah Is n Mongol, nnd the statute says
that such person can not legally marry
..,.,... a white woman In this State.
launching of the Arlzonan. when Peter Kaluna returned to the
The huge freight steamer Arlzonan county clerk's ofllce late yesterday aft-
, ., , ,., ti...n n Is to be ernoon to learn what disposition had
of the American-Hawaiian line, npplIcnUo1n
, ecn mn(e of 1)f) for a mar.
launched by the union Iron orks be- rjnK0 nconHe. ho wns by
tween September 1st nnd 15th, and will a lawyer, C. 8, Kinney. The latter
i.o . nil imrnor nn either rnnst wanted to argue the case when Mr.
- Vie continent. With a capacity of James refused to issue the license, but
drive the Oceanic line from Auckland.'
Telegraph Brevities,
China hns abolished the llkln tax.
There are rumors of revolutionary
plots In llrazll,
A great Increase of highway crime
In the Sound country Is attributed to
the example of Tracy.
A lightship nnd wireless telegraph apparatus
will be Installed ono hundred
miles west of the Lizard.
Harry W. Depuy, a Vale student
whoso auto killed D, Thorpo Munroe,
will bo held criminally responsible,
London pnpers say that Captain Marian's
Kevlew article on the Persian
(lulf will have a decisive inlluence on
zonun will ue tne oest oi ner ciass ever
seen In this port,
"In dealing with man, remembsr that
a spoonful of oil will go farther than a
gallon of vinegar." The samo may be
said of children. There Is nothing so
cood for children as tho old-fashioned vise
castor oil. However much they abhor stances,
It, It Is their best medicine for disorders
of the bowels. In tho most serevo
cases of diarrhoea and dysentery, how-over,
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Heinedy should be given lifter
the oil operates, and a quick cur is
sure tn follow, For sale by all dealers
nnd druggists. HenBon, Smith & Co,,
Ltd., agents for Hawaii,
"The license Is refused," said Mr.
James, "and your client can either apply
for a innndnmus or he can tnko the
young Indy to a State where the law
does not prohibit a marriage between
a whlto person nnd a Mongolian,"
Mr. Kinney seemed to take the county
clerk's refusal very much to heart.
He declined to sny what ho would ad-
his client to do In the
Italy Is negotiating for tho use of
wireless telegraphy In her post and
telegraph system,
ICmperor William of fJermnny ha
been received with great enthusiasm
during his visit to I'osun, Hiisula,
steps In with n demand that It be
Mr. Smith believes that the soil on
this island Is well adapted to the cultivation
of tobacco, and ho lias picked
out the Smyrna leaf as being most
available for the purpose, and nlso as
being the most likely to bring a handsome
profit to the prower.
A recent bulletin on the subject Issued
from the Department of Agriculture
says that "tobacco can be grown In
nearly all parts of the country, even
where wheat nnd corn can not be
economically produced. The plant readily
adapts Itself to a great range of
climatic conditions, will grown on nearly
all kinds of soil, nnd has a comparatively
short season of growth. But
while It can be so universally grown,
the flavor nnd quality of the leaf are
greatly Influenced by the conditions of'
climate nnd soil. The Industry has,
lieen verv ltlirhlv Hneeinllzeil. mill there
Is only demand now for tobacco possessing
certain qunlltles ndnptcd to
tain specific purposes. A nondescript
tobacco Is not worth growing and
should not be grown, ns It lowers thoi
price of teally good types of tobacco,'
to the detriment alike of the grower
and the consumer. As climate and soil)
conditions determine the chnrncter ofi
the tobacco. It Is Important to understand
what kinds of tobacco aie in
demand nnd what the climatic and soil
conditions aie which will most easily
produce the qualities desired.
"The principal kinds of tobacco
grown In this country are the cigar
types, for our domestic supply of
cigars; the manufacturing types, for
smoking and chewing, for our domestic
use; the bright yellow tobacco, for
cigarettes, smoking, and plug wrappers;
White Hurley, for smoking and chewing,
both for domestic and export trade;
and the export types proper, which are
not suited to our domestic use, but
which are mainly exported to foreign
countries to be used both for cigar and
manufacturing purposes."
Smyrna tobacco Is grown also In Cuba
and Florida and tobacco Is raised In
innny of the states, lncluulng Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois nnd Wisconsin,
nnd In many of the southern states.
The Sumatra leaf has been lately Introduced
In Florida, nnd Its oultlvntion
has been very successful. Tn Florida
the tobacco grown from this 3'ed loses!
much of the bitter taste, which Is characteristic
of the Imported article.. Wt-
I ter In the soil plays un Important part
In the cultivation of tobacco, and as
Hawaii Is specially favoied In IhU way,
It Is another reason why tobacco growing
hero should he a success. In Florida
two and three cropa nro rilsed in
one year, and In Hawaii even hotter results
nre obtainable, in the opinion of
i Jared Smith.
I .
r.r.ilifil.1' l.o nlnspfl nevtfcrAA ' ird.i r .,-.,., . . .. ., 1 .... .,... ' Albert HarrlH. whn Ihik lieen 111 nt hfs
- - - ueciuuu u get murrieu, aim me gin :. ' i
, ,
, , .,
cording to ir,.,,,ir, rpn,.iu..i from . . , ... ... 7 homo and on Hawaii for the past four '
parents p.csumably did not object, us lonthH w8 out OI1 , Btrcet'H yeBter.
J. A. Thompson who Is attending court her father accompanied the would-be day for the first time.
nt groom when he applied to County Clerk
Paul Thon, found guilty by a Jury of James yesterday morning for a mar-robbery,
waa granted n new trial by tinge license.
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nnd doctor ate approvlriK mr claim.
Ut nm prove It to youj let ma ihow
you how my method of applying thU
rent pontr 1ms revoltlonlied medical
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Castle & Cooke,
Ru Life Insurance Company
Steel Giant Grubber
Which hau proved bo succepBful in clearing land of
lantimn wus introduced by tho PACIFIC HARDWARE
COMPANY, L1MITKD, a little more than a year kgo
and has the (indorsement of those who have used it.
Tho etivnral invoices of Gruhhors already received
have boon disponed of bo promptly on arrival that they
liavo not been
A for of iIih No. 2 fizo aro now in stock and a
?upply of No 1 aro at an early dale.
Any ono mtcreHted in freeing bin land of lnntana
should correspond with the
Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd.
Fort, Stree', Honolulu.

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