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standing on American territory. As
the vessel was mooted at the Hackfeld
whaif the troops presented aims and
the Hawaiian Band played seeral
selections. Col. Jones of the National
Guaid went aboard with otheis, and
the Prince was the first to bo down
the gangplank. He was followed by
Vice-Commlsslone: "Wong Kal Kah and
the Chinese Consul with Secretary At
klnson and aides close to him. As the
Prince stepped upon the platfoun the
bugles gave three flourishes, a unique
ceiemony. The Prince was escorted to
the victoria of Governor Carter, by Secretary
Atkinson, the
occupIng another enirlage with
Col. Jones nt his side, and a large
coach drawn by sit hoises was occupied
by the Prince's suite.
The procession was foimed as fol
Mounted Police under Lieut. Leslie.
Hawaiian Band.
United Stutes Aitllleiy Battalion.
National Guard of Hawaii Battalion.
Piince Pu Lun and Secretaiy A. L. C.
Lieut. Hamilton, U. S. A., and Lieut.
Cummins, N. G. H.
Vice-Commissioner Wong Kal Kah and
Col. Jones, N. G. H.
Consul Chong Tso Fan.
Prince's Suite.
The line of march was up King
street to the Young Hotel. The stieets
weie lined with thousands of Chinese
obtaining their fiist view of a piince
of the blood. The stieet and squaie n
front of the Young Hotel was a dense
mass of humanity as the Impel lal
party alighted and went Into the building.
In the reception room of the Hotel
the Prince and suite greeted Governor
Carter, who was presented by Secre
tary Atkinson. The Goemoi was accompanied
by his father-in-law, Mr.
Strong. The Governor made a short
address of welcome. I
At 1:45 p. m. the paity boarded one
of tho Rapid Transit's tubular cars,
decorated with lings of China and the
United States, and under the dliectlon
of Superintendent Piatt weie taken to
Kallhl, thence along the Hotel street
line to Punnhou, thence to Waikikl to
the Aquarium nnd then back on King
street to Thomas squnio wheie they
disembarked and went to the Chinese
Consulate. On tho car were Prince I'll
Lun, Wong Knl
Kah, Secietary A. L C Atkinson, Col.
Jones, LicutH. Hamilton and Cum
mins, Chlneso Consul Chong Tho Tan
Scciotnry Ho, Messrs. Ooo Kim, Wong
Kvvnl, Hon Quon, N Mnn War, Wong
Chow Yen Chin, Mr. Wynnni nnd detectives
MoDulllo and llmionr, who
Kim i ilcd tho pin fon of Iho Prince
IiIh until u ftiiy In tho nty.
1'iIiiou I'ii Lun In tlio nupliuvv of lint
Kiiiivinii nml U In lliw llim of nuuu
wloii to lliu thiiiim, only uiih iuIiimi
Ntumllnu Iiivhuii lilm mill lliw Win
jiuiu) m lummiii. 1 1 in it vm uf
ll u huh un iii iiri nip it)'
fium l'IiIiw, Hint lit ilw llrnl liuiwiiul
IMtlte lu biimiii Ilw juiwiui ut hii
Mliwuiiirti mm I'u Un to vwy
UilWUHUlHw )hU1U UWU, u h HMUltM
...... 1 .1 ...... i.r. i... ..
iiBiiu. iisauiuiiB iiih tiaru iiiuiuiai &aB k
UtMiur ftunrv Un mmmIhwII utem).
j nmmm, m mwm .W
yiMUfHi u iuiu, imwuif iiumwi m
4'" 1 11I il 1 ib I .il !' I'll Mi'l'i .ii I
appearance Prince Pu Lun Is a medium
with a clear complexion,
bright, Intelligent eyes, pai tlally hidden
behind daik spectacles, and Is
'smooth sluuen. His jellow jacket is
a conspicuous p.ut of his flowing garments,
and the great opal sui mounting
his cap Is of extietne inteicst. This
jwlth the peacock feather In
Its amber case Is valued at about $10,
The rice fields, banana plantations,
nnd vnilous tiees were extiemely Intel
esting to the Piince. An unusual
looking tree would cause him to
stietch his arm out of the car like
a child and nsk Us name. The flic
stations, the ciowds of gaping Chinese,
the Hawaiian-Chinese children
nnd the ocean' all caused comments
fiom him.
At the Aquarium the Piince found
much to delight him. Surrounded by
an admiring ciowd the Prince passed
fiom tank to tank, stopping at each
to comment upon and ndmlre thf beautiful
specimens of ocenn fish. He was
surprised to learn that nil came from
the sea which he had just seen along
the Waikikl imd. Both the Piince
and Wong Kal Kah went Into
raptures over the beautiful blue fish.
The squids which seemed In an angry
mood, took much of his time. Both
the Imperial representatives expre"sed
their surprise that such an exhibit
could have been made here.
At the consulate a great crowd was
In w " ting, nnd the Hawnlian Bnntl
struck up a lively air as Uie Prince
walked up the street to the consular
residence. In the reception room he
was refreshed with tea and then returned
for a short time to rest.
In speaking of eatables the Prince
that Chinese foods as prepared
were too greasy for him and he could
not take water with them. He
preferred European prepared dishes,
and his cook was one who has learn,
ed the art fiom a French chef.
The leceptlon to Piince Pu Lun and
suite at the Chinese Consulate last
veiling was u very elaboiato and hugely
ottended function, despite the day
on which It was given. Tho lesldence
and gruunds were brilliantly lighted,
and maiquLCH on tho lawn ut the leant
the residence with small refreshment
tables beneath, gave the function thu
appearance somewhat of n garden fete.
Tho Hnwullnu Government band was
Htntloucd under a spieadlng tii'o and
discoursed spliltcd nil thioughout tho
In the recoptlon room a fllu of Unit
0,i H''m,B nitlllunnen with fixed bayn.
nets stood nt attention at ono side,
facing thu iwvlvlng pnity. a ulinlliir
guard standing at thu outiiinco. Tho
KiiimtH wore H'colved (it tlm oiitiniicu liy
u number of yming muii mid iihIkji im
to tile loom III vvliU'li tlm I'll new in.
CWlVlMl. llltlO'lUBllollH to li
iiuhh worn Hindu by Hdortlnry AtKlnvnii,
Wiiiik Knl Kuli In-
tiuiiiiitliiK (n IiIh ImnnlU Tin. I'liimn
lUmwimimlly ilm.ik lmmln wild ivwiy
mi" in id IIiid vvum nmi itiinnDi mill
ili, niiuuy Tun I'n ii, liin mil Mi nl
htu Quu lfliH. Mr ml Mi Won
Kwl i'iiI Huiwr. Mul lUinlltiin
hU fNnnmuw mi iunni im)
Hili M JMfil I'mttMMi THi IVIMH
.. .... ..i.. ... .11 ..,.i .,- i.j., ......
miniiB 1 is axi ii mm mannai nnai
twl ?$ri a- ' fHffiT mSw
mSh wm" . '
muti m mw iwm hi wmi
I lm.
Ibmli UMIHft UliU IfcflH UIIS1 His
9 Jr
United States and
Hawaii Greet
(From Monday's Dally.)
Royal in title, royal In appearance,
and royal In manner, a Prince of the
Imperial house of China yesterday
stepped upon American soil for the
ilrst time, In Honolulu. Prince Pu Lull,
nephew of His Imperial Highness the
Umperor of China, Imperial Commissioner
to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition,
accompanied by the Vice-commissioner
Wong Kal Kah and
suite, arrived In Honolulu yesterday
morning on the steamer Gaelic and
-were accorded Federal and territorial
lionors during their stay. The attentions
of the United States and Hawaiian
governments weresupplemented by
the homage of the Chinese Consul and
-attaches, representative Chinese societies
and the mass of the Chinese population
of the city.
For the first time in the lives of the
majority of the Chinese here they ware
permitted to gaze without fear or favor
upon the features of a prince of the
royal blood. In China every sarred
law would have been viojated had they
lifted their eyes in profane admit atlon
tho wearer of the three-eyed pea
cock feather and the yellow jacket. Not
since the time when LI Hung Chang
-visited the United States has so much
Interest been aroused concerning China
as by the advent of Prince Pu' Lun.
From early morning until late last
night the Prince was given every
courtesy possible in the name of the
President of the United States, the
Governor of Hawaii and the Empeior
of China. The attentions did not turn
the prince's head, however, for he
seems a level-headed man of 32 years,
and proved himself an Intelligent
of the picturesque In Hawaii.
Above all he Indicated that he has
democratic tastes, far from the autocratic
manner he has been thought to
have. -.-
A drive in a fine victoria behind a
hashing span had not near the Interest
for him of a ride on an electric
car, and above all he dislikes Chinese
prepared dishes, preferring those of
European recipes. His handshake with
all whom he meets is as hearty as It
lie had been accustomed to the habit
all his life. There are none of the
haughty nlrs of the traditional mandarin
about Prince Pu Lun, and during
his stay yesterday in Honolulu ho
-proved himself to be Indeed a prlnre.
The progiam yesteiday was a formal
greeting to him aboard the Gaelic by
the Secretary of the Territory, a military
escort to the Alexander Young
Hotel where he had engaged a suite of
looms on the parlor iloor, an official
call from the Governor of Hawaii, a
visit to the Chinese United Society
rooms, a formal call on Governor Car
ter at the latter's residence, luncheon
at the Young Hotel, a ride In an electric
car over the sjstem of the Rapid
Transit railroad, an inspection of the
'Aquarium at Wniklkl, an afternoon
luncheon at the Chinese consulate and
a reception tendered to His Highness
last evening nt the Chinese Consulate.
It was a busy day for the Prince and
suite, but they did not seem to weory
of the attentions paid them, nnd he
expressed his great delight in being
able to be on American soil.
At daylight the Gaelic made preparations
to enter the harbor. At the same
time a Bteady stream of Chinese and
other nationalities made its way to the
Hackfeld wharf. By the time the vessel
swung nlongside the whaif one of
the largest crowds ever congregated
on a Honolulu wharf was maB.sod beneath
tho sheds. Diawn up In Imposing
nrray were two companies of thq
United States Artllleiy in command
of Lieut. Hniry Nowtnn, U. S. A., Lieut.
DavlH, X'. 8. A., and LJout. llehr, U. S.
A tho oncort provided on behalf of the
President of tho United Stntos. Two
companion nf the National Climril of
llnwull, under Dm rnpoctlvo cominnmlH
of Piiptiilii Hum Juliiifoii and Captain
Hone, c'oinplt'ti'4 tho inlllimy fniinullim,
On tit in I hill f tlio vernal tlio troopi)
invented nil", nml nt llm winio tlmo
n uuti nf ami lliwl
in tlm j'.il'ixi Bimimln.
imi.N I'MMIHiM "' I'lTV
Tlh UHimitH liiuiuli wliMi " "'I
Id Hi. ii.il n, nail ubuMHJ iiUi' uf
tlin j'nM A !. ' AHHiMMi, umJ i
llln lltlllt v Alllll. IJdUl W II It
llih.ii Aiilliurr Uwriwi V H A t
ti i 1.1 ii I'Idhi i 'milium N U llj
Hi i in ... i ..nt.. i I'UuiiK 'pw l'M ttJ
i ...m. iii. ii m( ttdiij wf lb
1 . ! r t'i m bi fMl
if li. Ii. i 't. !" WJ iMMtf
i I .. ll li.llU I 'I' ..liMl m
1 I'm. Jiii
WWW mlFlIj i iacnrTTiDr JaMPUw i html mil a iBI i
(Photo by Rice it Perkins )
........t......... .. ....,
ThSse In clinrgc of the leceptlon
were as follows:
Receiving Committee Consul and
Mis. Chang Tso Fan, Mr. and Mis.
Goo Kim, Mi. and Mis. Wong Kwal,
Mr. and Mis. C. K. At, Ml. and .Mis.
Hong Quon, Mr. and Mis, Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Yee Chin.
Intioductlon Committee Mr. Wing
Shew Haw, Mr. K. Y. LI, Mr. Liang
Chlen, Mr. Lou Yu Toa, Mr. M. C.
Ainaiia, Mi. A. L Ahlo, Mi. Lau T.mg,
Mi. Chang Kim, Mi. Lee Chu, Ml. K.
F. Yup, Mi. Loo Joe, Air. Wong
Charles Ahfook.
Refieshment Committee Mr. and
Mis. Yap See Y'oung, Mr. and Mis. L.
Aseu, Mis. Chang Kim, Mr. and Mrs.
Cheong Lrong, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tong Knu,
Mr. and Mis, Chun Ming, Mr. and Mis.
Ho Fou, Mi. and Mis. Chu Gem, Mr.
and Mis LI Cheung, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Joseph Goo Kim, Mr. Wong Chow, Miss
Mniy Wong Leong, Miss Annie Goo
Kim, Miss Mary Seong Chlng, Miss
Chins Kenu, Mis. Chuck Hoy, Mr. and
Mrs. L. T. Chin, Mrs. Lee Chu.
Decoration Committee Mrs. Chang
T".o Fan, Mrs. Wong Leong, Miss Mniy
Wong Leong, Mrs C. K. Aynu, Mis
Goo Kim, Mls Annie Goo Kim, Mis.
L. Ahlo, Mr. L Chong.
High Sheriff Blown sent a guard of
police otllcers to guaid the hallway
leading to Prince Pu Lull's suite of
rooms at the Alexandei Young Hotel.
The new full diess unlfoim of the
United States Artlllerj was seen to
advantage jesterday ndoinlng the
of Lieut. Hamilton, A. C, U. S. A.,
who was one of Secietary Atkinson s
aides. The unlfoim looks much like
a Get man urtllleiy uniform, being
double bieasted. The collar Is stiff
with gold ))i aid and the red cloth of
the aitlllery bianch,, and the crossed
cannons, the Insignia of the bianch,
ate worn upon the sleeve, mound which
gold bands proclaim the olllcer's rank
The gold-corded epaulettes do not In
dicate the milk as In the past. The
cap Is also adorned with heavy gold
Piince Pu Lun Is a Kin of the late
Piince cousin of the reigning
Chinese Emperor, and Is 32 yenis old.
This Is his 111 st visit abroad and Kobe
Is said to be tho Hist foiulgn soil on
which ho has landed.
Piince Pu Lun was received In audience
by the Emperor of Jan.in and en
tertained at a royal tiiiin. Ho wns the
recipient at tho Shlba Detached Palace.
thiough 1'ilnce Ivvakuia. Senior Cham-
lieilaln, of the Gland Cordon of the
Imperial I'nulownla. Three of his suite
weie also dccointcd.
Tim oxceiient photos lopnniiicfii in
II. lu I.BKn .. 1. ,... II.. I .... n...l
mm irni.v u, iiiiilii ill , null )III1 I)
iih they nppi'iiied In Honolulu wmo
by Itlcu it I'eikliiH. Thu plitunH
nn tlio f i nut innit wiuti ivoliiitiil by
tllti pll(inHinilt.H, pilnied nml inoiliit"
"I by tin' tliim tlio imily look IU tiol
toy i Ida n tin. fur i'iuih) in n Mop
iimir Hi'; yminic iiiiul, a IWIPH..H. wi
M IMOll III II III) Dill' llV M'. 'ulHIlN
THi iiiin louhnl hi Ihu inn nml ilmn
HI lll IWikHHW mnl WlWH llU MM Uey j
Win itlmliwmiilia if miMw in
luali imik m tin Hiiiiii Thiuuith iii '
liiliilimiKf li ntirMHiJ III liiuiuli'
llnX:t luZ illtr'tt
iiiui. fniikt iiim.i ii, u.. ui..i.i u nu uii.i
"' "" "
SliilV nil
ITS '. 1 i. 1. .'.'Z. TJrr ... ...:'I
bum i FMnwwtiiw iumi(iihpii
r nmiM hii ilw uliiiiiinrmili UUU
will km kukl iu uiuvaiiliM Uu ili.iruliiw
" " '
I wJi i
- t "". '
lkjiiiuim i kiii ,k m u UimI
' T --.',. -" " rmw
TT ".
New Bills Menace Brevity House Republicans
Wrest County Government Honors
From Home Rulers.
Governor Carter will send to the legislature today his final recommendation
for the session. This is an act providing' for unpaid
bills, and if it goes through without trouble the session may be
closed on Saturday. There is just time for the bill to pass both
houses this week. The only difficulty now in the way of an early
adjournment is the changes made by the Senate in the salary bill.
Members of the House announced at the time of tho passage of the
salary bill on three consecutive readings, that they were doing it
only because of the promise that the Senate would do likewise. If
the changes made arc permitted to stand, some of the House members
say they will never agree to the bill in conference. They claim
the right to pass upon the bill as well as the Senate, and having
waived their privileges, say the Senate should not now change the
The fit st two acts of the session became laws yesterday. These
weie Acts No. i and No. 2 which provide S;,ooo for the expenses of
the Senate and double the amount for the House. Both bills were
signed by Governor Carter yesterday.
In the House yesteiday the Republican majority voted down
Kupihea's joint resolution for a county law commission and then
straightway adopted one of its own of like tenor. The current expenses
bill passed second reading, and the garbage and assessor
bills were finished up in the House and will go to the Senate today.
(Continued on page ti.)
BERLIN, April 12. Russia continues her purchases of German
ocean liners, and will form a flying squadron of cruisers.
PEKING, April 12. -Paul Lessar, the Czar's minister, demands
the dismissal of the Japanese military instructors of the Chinese
army, fearing hostile influences. He also demands the retirement of
Chinese troops from the Manchurian frontier.
PARIS, April 11. It is officially announced by the Japanese
Government that the first Japanese army has landed in Korea.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 11. Shots are being exchanged between
the Russian and Japanese forces along the Yalu river.
NEWCHWANG, April n. The forts fired on pilot boats and
merchantmen last night, owing to a mistake. Two Chinese on the
vessels were killed.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 11. Thirteen thousand riflemen
hold Vladivostok against any attacks by the Japanese.
PARIS, April 9. It is rumored that a naval engagement has
taken place off Port Arthur. x
PARIS, April g. Russia is negotiating for Argentine warships.
WEI-HAI-WEI, April g. It is believed the Japanese fleet is
covering a new landing of troops recently mobilized.
HARBIN, April g. On account of Russia's unpreparedness it
has been decided to operate wholly
the Japancse cannot pass Mukden,
are being mobilized.
The report of a reverse of Russian forces on the Ynlu is denied.
uvcry liiiutl becntiao the anticipated
materialize, A Kpeclnl dlKiienmitiou
soldleiH mid uniloiK in tlio east for tlm 13nntcr rcllijioiia observances,
1.. n , 1 1 t . ! . I 1 I 11 I 1
hl- l'Hrnl)iirB h on fclo, luiHter is l)L'iil rellRioiiHly o1)hoivc(1,
'IQKIO, Aiiill 1 1. Miiiiium I
mm i li! mlBslon 10 l.nvo Iwn 11
11 a 1 mm in iiuiit
imin vunni
'OKIO, Ami! ll in
it. hullnvml Hint lli'i liiiMlnn Dulllu Ileut
will nm niiiiiniii in itniuh ilu hhki
"'" ' 1" '" ,PB " '"" "
itlJHHlAN ............ AH'l'lLLllHY
HVI MM TW P-W w IJVWtrmvtfm'
on the defensive. It is believed
April 8. The Black Sea reserves
There nro great rejoicings on
attack on Port Aitluir tlid not
linn been issued, ruleaslni' tlm
to Iiiih ivtiiiiu'i) 11 0111 Koren nml
1 1 1 1 1 i
wim HTAY.
A'i ... """""""' NiiwaiiWANa.
.'' '".' Z'hTL ZZr' Mfvu.lrlll '! 11 1 I. tlii ll. ItiV " . .
1 11 . ji. 11 1 11 Ii" iilt.ifi.l .1 M 1 i . t,l 1 j' Hi ll .t www "rm f a amn jhhi
I 1 '! ll ImH Ii ' ' 1 M li I ' ". o.w AMmM, in
I I III I 1 .. I 11 I i 1 tm w m t'ttmUUH MUM
. I II 1 ituui Minnie in Mnjw i I l.l. t nt m " ' ' m
f t'iM4lifi ttft Ww4t I. . i t .u.iH tf rf tf hh ,. M , Uf n 1 I I " I m I n M) U I I II tf4'"" H tit m
) III . Ml Ht4 M i N 1 , II I I. ' k I h1MI
ll 1 1 I f it, 1 1 1 f m . h i I .1 I I

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