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For the Information and convenience
t the party workers and the general
public Interested In the proper nnd fair
adjustment of tho present difficulties of
the Republican regarding their
rules, the reports of both majority
nnd minority of tho committee
are herewith printed In full.
By comparing them with the present
rules which arc very generally distributed
and additional copies of which
may be obtained at .Republican headquarters
or from Chairman A. G. M.
Ttobertson, or Secretary Harry Murray
In the County Sheriff's office It will bo
seen that by the
plan the old "district committee" Is
given the functions of a senatorial, representative
and county nominating convention
In Maul and Kauai countles.wlth
an executive or campaign committee
elected by it, as at present, one member
from each precinct; while on Hawaii
and Oahu, where there are two representative
districts, the two "district"
committees each nominate representatives
and then elect an "executive committee"
as above. But the "executive
committees" of the fourth and fifth
districts combined on Oahu, and the
first nnd second districts combined on
Hawaii, then become a county and
senatorial convention, which nominates
the senatorial and county tickets and
tlects n. county campaign or executive
committee, having full charge of cam'
palgns and patronage within Its county
and districts. This Is similar to tho
plan In vogue In many cities of electing
delegites to ward convention", these
conventions electing a lesser number
of delegates to city conventions which
make the actual nominations, and was
the system of convention elections
originally In use here.
The Lane plan elects delegates to
both district and county conventions
directly at tho primaries two sets at
once. But the district convention appoints
no executive or campaign committee.
Tho county convention elects
the executlvo committee which control")
all matters In the county nnd Its senatorial
nnd representative districts.
Lane, however, would mako all county
executlvo committees subordinate to
the Territorial executive committee.
All patronage, no matter how trivial,
must go through tho Territorial committee
after passlngtho county committee.
This feature nnd the "no
traitors wanted" rulo which ho wants
to ndd, Lnne says Is to strengthen the
rarty against the Civic Federation, as
the Territorial committee can be relied
on to cut out nil "traitors," but neither
tho county committee nor tho Republican
Supervisors can ,be trusted to do
so. I
A minor Issue raised Is that'the moro
delegates the more party workers. To
meet this, Lane would have double the
number of conventions, while
and Hughes favor doubling the
sire of the conventions by making tho
basis one delegate for every nrteen
votes, ns ngalnst every twenty-five
votes as at present.
The report omits
to provide expressly for the nomination
of either senators or county ofllcers In
Maul and Kaual cuuntles, but that Is
doubtless a clerical omission, as adding
the wordB "nnd, In counties comprising
but ono representative district,
candidates for the Senate and for county
office," nt the end of section 3.
article II., to which section they already
ricommend nn amendment, or similar
words, would cover It.
The following is tlio majority or
Your speelnl committco on rules
which was appointed with special reference
to tlio rules referring to district
and county committees and conventions,
beg leave to report as follows;
As fnr ns tlio Territorial convention
and central committco are concerned
wo recommend no clinngc. Rut wo arc
in fnvor of combining tlio work of tlio
district and county conventions. Wo
believe that tho samo delegates that
nominato tlio different candidates
should have a voico in the selection of
tho committees who will havo charge
of tho campaign work.
As in this Territory thero is no representative
district containing moro
than ono county wo do not sco tho necessity
of having a separate convention
for the counties nnd districts. Tho
contention of somo of tho members of
tho party is tht tho more conventions
wo have the morq nctivo party workers
wo shall have. If this is tho sense
of tho majority of your committco
bclievo that uctler results woum uo
accomplished by incrpasinp tho slzo of
tho conventions rather than tho number
of conventions. Wo, therefore,
recommend that nrticlo IB be stricken
out and that tho rules governing tho
district conventions bo modified so
that the district conventions shall nom-
inato the county candidates as well as
the candidates for tho legislature And
that the executive committees appoint
ed by the district conventions bo tho
county committees as well as tlio tils
trict committees.
In cases where there aro more than
one district as in the euso of tho county
of Oahu and tho county of Hawaii,
we favor a county committee composed
of tho members of the two district executive
committees sitting together as
one committco and that tho chairman
ef tho county committco together with
four members from each of tho two
districts shall constitute tho county ex.
eeutivo committee. Then wo would
recommend that whero a district executive
committco makes a recommendation
for office that this recommenda
tion go to the executive committco of
am?mnW to t eU4 po V H
Territorial committee to coaform with
tho abovei
Article 1, section 13, line 12, strike
out the words "County nnd."
Article 1, section 14, line 8, strike
nut tlio vrnriW "I'ounlV and."
Articlo 1. section ll5, lines 2 and n,
strike outvtho words "County and."
Artirlo ., section 1, lino B, strike out
tho words "Twenty-five" and Insert
In lieu thereof tho word "Fifteen."
In lino 10, strike out th( figures
"1!5" nnd Insert In lieu tbrrcof tho
figures "1G."
In line 11, strike out tho figures
"Id" nnd Insert In lieu thereof the
In lino 10, striko out the figures
"25" nnd insert in lieu thereof the
figures "IB."
Artfclo 2, section 3, lino 12, after the
word "District" insert tho following:
"subject to an appeal to the County
Articlo 2, section 4, lino 2. nftor tho
word "Senator" Insert tho words
"nnd County offices."
Articlo 2. section 11. lino 8. striko
out tho words "Territorial Central"
nnd insert in lieu thereof the word
Amend nrticlo 1A to be article 2A.
Section 1, nrticle 2A. lino 3, after
tho word "bo" striko out all the rest
of tho section and insert in liou thereof
tho words "the mem&crs of the District
Executlvo Committees of tho
Article 2A, section 3, lino 8, nftcr
tho word "Committeo" striko out tho
rest of tho section.
Article 2A, section 4, lino 4, after the
word "of" strike out tho words'"a
number equal to as near ono" and insert
in lieu thereof "8 members besides
the Chairman, 4 from each district
whenever thero shall bo moro than
ono district In a County." Also striko
out "lines GG-7-8-9."
Articlo 2A, section 8, lino 0, after
tho word "the" insert tho wordB "District
Article IB, striko out this articlo.
Articlo 6. section 1, lines 3 nnd 4,
striko out tho words "or District Committeemen
nnd County Committeemen."
Senator Lano's Minority report is as
Tho undersigned, tlio minority of a
committco to whom .wns rofcrrod tho
matter of revising tho rules of tho Republican
party, beg lcavo to rccommond
tho following amendments, to wit:
That section 1 or nrticlo 1A bo
amended by striking out tho words
"for every fivo delegates in such convention;
Provided, howover, thnt whenever
after dividing such number of
dclegntcs by fivo thero is n romnindcr
of thrco or more, then tho precinct to
which such delegates belong shall bo
entitled to ono moro county committeeman;
nnd provided furthor, that each
precinct shall bo entitled to at IcaBt
ono county committeeman," comprising
tho Hixth, seventh, eighth, ninth,
tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and
fourteenth lines of said section.
That section 3 of nrticlo 1A bo
stricken out nnd tho following section
bo substituted in placo thereof,
"Section 3. Tho county committco
shall bo under tho direction and super
vision of tho Territorial central committee,
and shall be chnrged with the
general enro and mnnngemont of tho
party during tho campaign, nnd shall
take such measures ns it may deem expedient
to secure tho co-operation of
Republican voters with party workors;
it shall decido all disputes in said
county, subject to appeal to tho
central committco; and if any
precinct club fail to elect its full quota
of delegates, or in enso of a tio or vacancy,
it shall elect a delcgato from
said precinct, who shall servo for tho
term, or until another olection is
and decided.'
Thnt section 4 of nrticlo 1A bo
stricken out nnd tho following section
bo substituted in placo thereof, namely:
"Section 4. Tlio oillccrs of each
county committeo shall bo a chnirmnn,
secretary, assistant
nnd treasurer who shall bo elected
by ballot, and who shnll hold their
offices until a new committeo is elected
nnd until their successors nro clectod,
unless sooner removed for cnuso by an
allirmntivo voto of twotthirils of tho
membership of tho committee.
howover, thnt in counties whero
thero aro two represontntivo districts,
tho chairman to bo elected, shall bo
from ono representative district, nnd
tho from tho other
district, and so alternate
nt each biennial election of such chnir
mnn nnd thereafter; but
in no enso shall such chnirmnn or vice-chairman
bo re-elected to succcod himself,
or to bo succeeded by any member
from tho samo represontntivo district."
That section 5 of article 1A be
stricken out nnd tho following section
bo substituted in placo thereof,
"Section 0. The county committco
shnll meet nt such regular times ns it
may fix, and nt such special times upon
call of tho chnirmnn, or by tho chnir
mnn upon tho written request of seven
members of tho county committco, and
ujiua mu cuii ui mu xurriiuriui cuu1
tral committee.
"Special meetings mny only be hold
upon duo notice being given each mem
ber in advance, or notice by postal card
mailed to tlio resldonces of tho members
thrco days before Buch meeting
is held. A majority of tho entire mom,
borship shall constitute a quorum for
tho transaction of all business."
That section 6 of article 1A bo
stricken out nnd the following section
bo substituted in place thereof, namely:
"Section 0. The county committeo
shall carry into effect tho orders and
resolutions of the Territorial central
committee; it shall havo general supervision
of tho county committee's finances,
audit tho treasurer's nnnual report
nnu provide for and hnvo the custody
tho county committeo for final action I of the headouarters of tho eountv com
instead of to tho Territorial executlvo mitteo, havo charge of the distribution
committee. In this way tho Territorial' of county patronace. subicct. how-
executive committee would be relieved t over, to the provisions of section 6 of
of all applications for minor positions
and would only deal with tho higher
appointments. And that the county executive
committee would conduct the
campaign for all candidates with tho
exception of the'eandidate for delcgato
to congress.
, Atir
article 4; report at each regular meet
ing upon all matters previously referred
to it for consideration or action;
recommend such measures as it may
deem expedient for the 'welfare of tho
party in the county: may appoint sub
committees for campaign work or other
YOKOHAMA. Oct. 18. The
has received the following telegnun
from Its correspondent: "Since the
bomb outrage at the Peking station,
evening of the 12th Her Majesty summoned
the Emperor to her presence
and suddenly nsked him If he knew
anything nbout the occurrence. The
Emperor was bo taken aback by tne
nny response. Tnereupon six guarus
made their appearance and escorted
His Majesty to an adjacent
the Empress at the same time
adjuring him to be. more prudent In
future nnd to repent of his conduct.
The room to which the Emperor was
taken has only one entrance nnu one
In from outside. The Emperor nas
very little opportunity for taking ex
ercise, nnd Is only allowed to wniK outside
by special permission of the Em
press Dowager. This confinement has
and to have ordered n few of the Bhells
and other nrticles to be sent to the
Palace, as n memento of the hard service
undergone by the. Asama.
Tho Japan Mall records an Interesting
Incident of the Naval Jtevlew. The
Crown Prince took part In the Review
as a Naval captain and ncted as a
member of Admiral Togo's staff. It
was observed that, at the time of returning
to the ships from the railway
station, where Admiral Togo and a
number of ofllcers had assembled to I
receive tho Emperor, His Imperial
IHghness refused to enter a carriage,
though pressed by Admiral Togo to
do so. He declared himself to be present
merely ns a Captain ln the Navy
who served under Admiral Togo's or
ders, nnd he persisted in his resolve
to mount a Jtnrlklsho. after Admlnl
logo had seated himself In a similar
humble vehicle. On the occasion of
the Emperor's return after the Ro-
view, the Prince still retained it.s
character of Captain, and again rode
In a Jlnrlklsha. Of course this was not
tlio first tlmethat His Imperial
nens had ridden ln a jlnrlklsha. He
hr.d often done so when making trips
in the country. But it certainly was
the first lnstnnce of anything of the
kind at a grand State ceremonial.
In the course of a' particularly
teu sting description of the Naval Re
view, the Japan Times gives tho following
nccount of the condition of tho
captured Russian warships:
The battleship Nlcolal still showed
some marks of damage ln battle,
though mostly patched up In haste for
this grand occasion. The Peresvlet
was a very woeful picture of
unless otherwiso ordered by tho Territorial
central committee, shnll havo en-
tiro charge of nnd supervision of tho
conduct of district and county cam
That section 7 of nrticlo 1A bo
stricken out nnd tho following section
bo substituted in placo xthoreof, namely:
"Section 7. Appointments to county
nnd Territorial olliccs shall bo recommended,
ns far as practicable, upon tho
endorsement of a majority of tho executive
committco of tho precinct club
to which tho npplicant belongs, a recommendation
by a majority of tho
membors of tho county committee from
tho district in -which ho resides, nnd tlio
approval of tho executlvo committee
of tho Territorial central committee."
That section 8 of articlo 1A bo
stricken out and tho following section
be substituted in placo thorcof,
"Section 8. A proxy may bo given
by a member of a county committeo to
another member of such county
from tho same district, or to a
member of the last preceding county
convention coming from tho same dis
trict. No person shall hold moro thnn
ono proxy."
That section 1 of nrticlo IB bo
stricken out nnd tho following section
bo substituted in placo thorcof,
"Section I. The basis of representation
in nil county conventions shall bo
by precincts, and each precinct shall
bo entitled to ono delegate for ovory
votes cast in tho precinct
for tho Republican candidate for representative
receiving tho highest number
of votes in his precinct nt tho last pre
ceding general election) provided, that
wnenever after dividing said Republi'
cnn voto by thero is a
maindcr of thirteen or more, then the
precinct is entitled to nn additional
delcgato; but each rrecinct shall be en'
titled to ut least one delegate to said
county convention, although the Ro
"ublicnn vote as aforesaltf should be
Wo therefore submit the following wise whenever deemed jneccssaryj. ana below twenty-five. The number of del
tlon, her upper works still pierced In
hundreds of places, and her funnels
riddied like a sieve. Bhe stands very
high out of the water. The Poltava
the Empress Dowager has been much has been so patched up that not much
depressed. At nbout 9 o'clock, on the
Injury Is now noticeable, except about
the funnels. The Apraxlne seems almost
unhurt; she was one of the four
that surrendered, with Admiral
The same applies to the Sent.
avln, her sister ship which, by the
question that he was unable to make way, has already been decorated with
a gilt chrysanthemum at the bow. In
place of the Russian eagle; most of
the captured ships still bear the eagle.
The JIJI, In the course of an article
which describes Admiral Togo as the
man who has borne on his own
window, and Is surrounded by an Iron shoulders the fate of the nation's rise
railing. Four guards are stationed at or fall, suggests that the Diet In Its
the entrance. The apartment contains -"". i duuuiu .uie u. amu ui
no furniture with the exception of a money to be presented to the Admiral,
bed, and all necessary articles, together " points out that such an action would
with the Emperor's meals, are taken not really be contrary to the Bamural
Djjim, us in me um uuya u was common
for money gifts to be made to
victorious officers. The Japan Mall
the following Interesting com
ments on the Jljl's suggestion: -A En
had a serious effect upon His Majesty's Bllshmen we naturally endorse this pro-
Bplrlts nnd groans are frequently heard '""""""" wo '" ppi' JU' s
from his apartment. It Is said that """'': 'V8"""1"1 " vnmmK oui
that the whole system of military re-
he Is on the verge of madness. Yuan
Shlkal is reported to have been much warfds ln old JfP was based on tho
ffected by 'the news, but the matter ZS'STZ.'
U being kept very secret. ffranU d(, not nccessarlIy take the
EMPEROR GETS SHELLS. form or s0 many coln8 or s0 much goii
Japanese papers state thnt on the dust. They were usually In the shape
day of the Naval Review the of landed estates, measured by their
n.tnts of the Russian shells which fell rice-producing capacity. An ofllcer or
on the Asama during the war. together ' official was granted an Income of so
with nrtlclcs of furniture damaged by many koku of rice, which, In the case of
the enemy's fire, were arranged in a 'any large amount, meant that he be-
group near the Beat occupied by His
Mdjcsty on that vessel. Many of the
articles showed very clenrly .the hot-ness
of tho fire to which the Asama had
at vnrlous times been exposed. Admiral
Togo gave detailed explanations of tho
circumstances connected with these
' .nmi. In.il rt . t. n n..l, ..Ml. 1, .
w.MI IVTI V. UL IIIC 11:1 1 nui , )ucie WIG
rice was grown, and, In the case of
smoll quantities, signified that he was
paid annually out of the official granaries.
The system followed In England
Is exactly analagous. Grants of corn-yielding
estntes are not made, since the
relics to the Emperor. His Majesty is.rown nas no sucn assets ni us
stati d to have been much Impressed rosal, but giants of money are voted
by Parliament, with the Implied condi
tion that they are Intended to support
the rank which, also, has lAen bestowed
on their recipient In recognition
of his merits. The bearer of a title of
nobility Is merely embarrassed by the
distinction unless some means of supporting
Its dignity are forthcoming,
nnd therefore practical England, when
a man Is made a Lord, takes caro that
he shall have resources to live as a
Lord. The same principle was recognized
In Japan in the early Meljl years.
Thus, when the Emperor bestowed a title
of nobility. His Majesty usually ac
companied It by a sum of money, which
was treated as entailed property and
specially designed tq support the recip
ient s ranK. we no not Know whether
His Majesty observed this rule ln
every Instance, or whether Its operation
extended only to members of the old
nobility, who, though belonging to the
ranks of the kuge, were entirely without
resources to figure In the world as
Princes, Marquises or Counts. Wo do
not know, too, whether the custom was
operative ln all Instances or whether
it has now fallen Into abeyance. But
It Is at any rate evident that, If Admiral
Togo Is to be raised to tho
as a Viscount or a Count, he must
have an Income more or less commensurate
with his rank, and the Diet
should not hesitate to make a suitable
appropriation. The J1J1 Shlmpo suggests
a million of yen, basing that
figure on the amount granted by Parliament
to Lord Roberts. But England
Is not Japan. Togo would
be extremely perplexed by the receipt
of such a sum ns a million yen. We
imagine, indeed, that his mind will revolt
against the Idea of pecuniary reward
In any shape or In nny amount,
but that is purely his own personal
concern. The nation has to do Its duty
by him Irrespective of his moral
Kobe Herald.
ogntcs to which each precinct is entitled,
to bo computed and published by
tho Territorial central committco or IU
executlvo biennially in tho month of
July in tho call for tho primaries for
tho election of delegates to tho respective
Thnt section 2 of nrticlo IB bo
amended by striking out the word
"or" in tho fourth lino thereof.
Thnt section 4 of article IB bo
amended by inserting the words "representing
tho Bamo precinct or dis
trict" after tho word "convention"
in tho third lino thereof.
That section 1 of nrticlo 2 bo
stricken out nnd the lollowing section
be substituted in place thereof,
namely: I
"Section 1. Thero ahall be a district
committeo in each represontntivo district,
which shall consist of delegates
irom tho precincts of such districts
upon the basis of one delegate for
every votes cast in tho precinct
for tho Republican candidate for
Senator receiving tho highest number
of votes in his precinct at tho last preceding
general election; provided, that
whenever after dividing said Republi
can voto bv there is n remainder
of thirteen or more, then tho
precinct is entitled to an 'additional
delegate; but each precinct shall bo entitled
to at least ono delegate to said
district committee, although tho Republican
voto ns aforesaid in said
shall bo bolow twenty-five. Tho
number of delegates to which each
precinct is entitled, to bo computed
and published bv tho Territorial central
committco or its executive
biennially in the month of July
in the call for the primaries for the
election of delegates to the respective
That section 3 of article 2 bo
stricken out nnd tho following section
be substituted in place thereof,
"Section 3. The district committee
shall nominate candidates for representatives."
tmvm mf&gk
Tfcat mMm I, 0. 7, 8, , Htm 11
of artiele 3 be Urieiea eut. ,
That Mctloa 12 of nrticlo 2 be
amended by striking out the word
"two" In the fourth line thereof and
Inserting the word "one."
That section 0 of article 4 be
stricken out anil tho following suction
be substituted in placo thereof,
namely t
"Section 0. Appointments to county
and territorial offices shall bo recommended,
as far as practicable, upon the
endorsement of a majority of tho executive
committco of the precinct elub
to which the applicant belongs, a recommendation
by a majority of the
members of tho county committco from
the district in which he resides, ana
the approval of the executive committee
of tho Territorial central
That tho following new section bo
added to articlo 0 to bo known as section
"Section 14. Any member of a precinct
club who enrolls his namo ns a
member of any organization, association
or club that opposes any regularly
nominated candidate of the party, shall
immediately forfeit his right and privilege
as a member of the precinct club
to which ho belongs, nnd shall not bo
restored to membership unless by a
two-thirds voto of the Territorial central
A prescription which Surgeon W. Davis
,of His Majesty's
Blonde wrote out for Queen
on July 12, 1825, has been found,
by Archlvnrlan Lydecker, among the
old documents belonging to the Hawaiian
Government. The paper Is yellow
with age, but the Ink Is In excellent
condition. The prescription Is painfully
technical. At the top are tho words,
"For Queen Kaahumanu." This Is
probably one of the first prescriptions
written out by a regularly appointed
surgeon for any of the royal family of
Hawaii. The warship Blondo was
commanded by Byron, brother of Lord
Byron. Tho Blonde brought tho bodies
of Kamehameha II. and his Queen back
from London, where they died of
Another Interesting paper which Mr.
Lydecker has unearthed Is a letter from
Rev. Richard Armstrong to R. C
Minister of Foreign Affairs, dated
April 12, 1847. This refers to the late
William N. Armstrong. Tho letter Is
as follows:
To H. E., R. C "Wyllle.
My Dear Sir: My.oldest son, William
Nevlns, now twelve years old, is In
the way of earning a little money by
his own industry, In the way of bookbinding
during leisure days and hours.
It is his wish, and also that of his
parents, thnt he begin to provide something
toward cojnpletlng "hTs education,
or against ttf time when ho will be
thrown on his uwn resources, which will
be at 18.
What we have thought of Is to pur
chase a few acres of land either In this
vicinity or at Makawao, to bo held ln
trust for him until he shall bo of nge.
He Is a native-born subject of His
Majesty. Will such a measure meet
tho approbation of His Mnjesty's Gov
ernment? You will do me a favor by
communicating the views of this government
on the subject. Should this
proposition be entertained favorably,
other boys of my family, and others,
may follow suit. This should bo kept
ln mind. '
Truly your humble servant,
(Signed) R. ARMSTRONG.
Honolulu. April 12, 1847.
Another document of Interest Is a set
of printed quarantine rules, which came
oft the presses ln Honolulu ln 1825. They
nro probably the first rules of tho kind
ever published west of tho Mississippi
A whiskey bottle is filed away with
care among the archives of the Hawaiian
government, as are also two of tho
nodding chicken-feather helmet adornments
formerly worn by King
on state occasions. The bottle Is
certainly a unique "document" for the
archives, but n written statement
across the face of the label shows that
It played an Important part in the revolution
of 1893, when the attempt was
made to overthrow the "republic and
restore the Queen to her throno.
The bottle Is an ordinary one, with
a bulging cork, and Is about half full
of a liquid which, for some reason or
another, no one In the Capitol Is willing
to partake.
The label reads as follows:
Superior Bourbon
Distilled Expressly for
P. T. Lenehan & Co.,
Honolulu, H.
Across the face Is the following
written with pen and Ink:
"In re treason of Gullck et al. Ex.
B. Filed this 21st day of January,
1S95. J. W. Jones, 1st Lieut. Co. D,
N. G. H., Recorder."
After the death of Charles Carter at
Diamond Head, who was killed by
revolutionists, the government troops
were dispatched to Bertelmnnn's place
and placed on guard. It was a strenuous
time. One night when the guards
were being changed every hour, so that
no sentry would have any opportunity
of falling asleep, the officer ln charge Is
snld to have sent for somo hot coffee.
This would aid ln keeping the soldiers
awake. The coffee c me. Also a bottle
of whiskey was b ought along. The
officers said the men could drink coffee,
but not whiskey. It was suggested
that whiskey might be put In the coffee.
No. It might make them drowsy.
But It happened that one of the
Boldlers drank some whiskey. He fell
asleep half an hour afterward, and
did not wake until the next morning,
about daylUht. He was shaken several
times during the night, but he was In
a deep, heavy slumber, and could not be
The bottle of whiskey was kept ln
the camp. But whether this is the bottle
that Is now In the archives, or
another bottle which may have
figured otherwise ln that short-lived
. .
MP'Rih Rre iwtom
The ttadershnicd tmvlnir been .
pointed agents of the above cooacamM
are prepared to risks against
Ore on stone and Urlck Buildings no
n Merchandise stored therein on
aost favorable terms. For particulars
PPly at the office of
F. A. KCHAEFER & CO, Acta,
North German Marine Insur'ce Oe.
Fortuna General Insnranoe Go.
The above Insurance Companies have
established a general agency here, and
the undersigned, general agents, ar
authorized to take risks against the
dangers of the sea at the most reosonA
able rates and on the most favorable V
terms. R
F. A- 8CHAEFER & CO- h
General Insnranoe Go. lor Sea
River and Land Transport
of Dresden.
Having eitabllshed an agency at Honolulu
and the Hawaiian Islands, the
undersigned general agents are authorized
to take risks against the dangers
it the' sea at the most reasonable rates
ind on the most favorable terms.
Agents for the Hawaiian Islands.
Th$ Overland Route
II was the Route In '401
It Is tho Route today, and
Will be lor all tlme)to ooms.
Oi:iy Tw6"NlghU betwein Mlulourt and
Ban Francisco
Montgomery St- San Franolsco, CsL
General Agent.
Bank Hawaii
Incorporated Under the Laws of the
Territory of Hawaii.
PAID-UP CAPITAL $600,000.00
SURPLUS 200,000.00
UNDIVIDED PROFITS.... 102,617.80
Charles M. Cooke President
P. C. Jones Vice-President
F. W.' Mncfarlane..2nd Vice-President
C. H. Cooke Cashier
C. aiuatace, Jr Assistant Cashier
F, B. Damon Assistant Cashier
F. B. Damon Secretary
DIRECTORS: Chas. M., Cooke, P. C.
Jones, F, "W. Macfarlane, E. F. Bishop,
E. b Tenney, J. A. McCandless, C, H.
Atherton, C. H. Cooke.
Strict attention given -to all branches
of Banking.
revolution, is not clear to those about
the Capitol.
However, the contents of the whiskey
bottle are, and probably will remain,
untouched, for there seems to be
a general Impression aoout that the
contents were, and may be still,
"doped." I ,
Vlggo Jacobsen sent up to the officers
of the Kohala club yesterday
through the medium of their local
agents an Illuminated address Intended
for presentation to Mr. James
Sakal, erstwhile manager of the snld
Institution for many years, complimenting
him upon the efficient and
conscientious manner ln which he did
his work while ln that position. The
memorial was a beautiful bit of art,
embellished .with water color sketches
of the sacred mountain, the
Lotus flower, the Imperial chrysan
themum coat-of-arms, the Japanese
crane, the crossed sun flags, the Tori I
or Shinto temple gate and other things
dear to the Japanese heart. The recipient
should be proud of this gift,
since It is probably the very first occasion
of an Oriental resident being
memorialized by haole friends.
The excitement incident to traveling
and change of food and water often
brings on diarrhoea, and for this Tea-son
no one should leave homo without
a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. For
sale by all dealers and druggists.
Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd, agents for
ui.wwij.. . J,rfAiiiaiA,.'2
hn fttflHhd J i a c Jjmwir rtJMmvww
UW m
" "MMrAsWU,
-. i. ;.:i;v. ..u.'
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'trJBHtMJUfjUWi 'mauM
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