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" m)mmmmmmMmm
On the fltli of )t mnnlli, N 1
3'uiul, traveling itnent nf tlm Hawaiian i
Jlealty mill Maturity Co., whllo on a ..
tour of the Inlntnl of Hnwnil, found the i'
above llluntrnted ided in n cove nt
llnokrnn, Hawaii, g
It In ald that the ohlet knmnnlnn )
f Uookcnn havo henrd from tliclr far- i
nt and grnndpnrcnt thnt sometime In ''
tho reign of KinR Kcnwcnulauml, nbout g
two hundred nnil fifty or three hundred S
yenrs no, n high chlcfcss named
rnunn war then living nt Hookena. Her q
principal nmuscment wns hco liolua q
(centting on n Hied) nnil lico nnlu (surf, p
She hail her people make n sliding 0
ground for her on a hill just linck of the p
Jitfio villapo of Uookcnn, nnd ordered a p
ided, or land toboggan, called a papa x
lolun, as well lis a surfing hoard, or a i
jmpa hec nalti. When the slide was fin- ft
ished bIio pnssed many pleasant hours H
slidlnc down tlio steep hill. This slido
-urns rnmnosed of smooth stones covered
with ruslies. After her death her sled rt
and surf board disappeared, and tho
secret of their was never ()
levcaled. )
It is hclicved tlio sled and board 9
iound in the cavo belonged to tho High O
t'hiefess. They nro ninilo of tho wood p
f the bread-fruit tree and nt tho $
nt timo aro in very good condition, g
Tito cocoanut nncr ropes aro bum v;
tached to the sled.
mm wo 11.
(From Thmsday's Advertiser.)
Ills Lordship, Illchop Libert, head of
the Catholic mission In the Hawaiian
iHlands, was the honored Ruest last
night ot all the Catholic societies nt a
banquet tendered him nt the Alexander
Younff Hotel, at which were present
not only those of his own faith,
but of other denominations as well, and fit
Including trie executlvo of the Territory by
and prominent members of tho Judiciary,
both federal and territorial. The
banquet marked the safe return of tho
Ulshop nnd his faithful chaplain, Hov.
Father Vnlcntln.
It was a gathering of congenial folic
about the board and the How of reason
vied with the wlno with which tho
many toasts were drunk. One ot the
most memorable of the responses was
made by Governor George It. Carter,
who paid a. decp'nnd earnest tribute to I
ho self-sacrifice of tho Catholics In the
islands not only of the clergy, but of ,
tho Sisters who labored so faithfully
among the afflicted wards of tho Territory.
The banquet was served In tho grillroom,
covers being laid for eighty-four
quests. Overhead the entire length ot to
the tablo great American flags were
tastefully festooned. Behind the Ulshop J
was the flag ot France, under whose I
patronage tho Order of the Sacred
Hearts established tho Catholic work
Sere. Behind Father Valentin was Ireland's 1
emerald-green flag and at the i
ends of the long room the flags ot
Belgium and Portugal were conspicuous.
And not the least of tho emblems
ef state was tho beautiful flag of Hawaii
nel. The table was prettily
decorated with red carnations.
The Bishop occupied the seat of
honor halfway down tho long tuble.
On his right was Governor Carter and
at his left Hon. 11. W. Breckonc. Opposite
the Ulshop was Fpthcr
and on his right Judge Hobluson of the
Territorial Circuit Court. At the
end ot the table was the toast-master,
Jtr. Johannes F. Eckhardt.
After discussing the excellent courses
and wines served, the toastmastcr
arose and addressed the assemblage as of
My Lord Bishop Llbeit, Mr. Governor,
Ilev. Fnthers, Ludles and Gentlemen:
The Catholic societies In Honolulu,
wishing to show their respect and
aloha to you, dear Bishop nnd Father
"Valentin, upon your return from your
long Journey, have Invited you and
some of your friends to bo their guests to
at this banquet. Wo assure you, dear J w
Bishop Libert, It Is a great satisfaction
to us all to have you with us again , i
and we hope nnd pray that you may be I
blessed with good health and administer
tho affairs of the ltomun Catholic
Church In Huwall for many years to
Father Valentin, wo nro glad Indeed
that you have returned to us; we have
often mlBscd you. I have no doubt the
meetings of the different societies will
be much enlivened by you In futuro.
To the Itev, Fathers ml Brother who
have come to Join tho Catholic Mis-ton
here, wo extend a cordial and sin-tire Ik
welcome. to
Tho coiinnlttco that nirnnged this n
banquet having placed upon me the
plensnnt duty in uct its inimtmniiier, I jnf
hftvu tho honor to propone tlm following
toimt: In
Ills lordnhlp our bulovnl Ulahop
mid Hhv 1'itiliur Vuliiilln v,t
nrlmmx you mid iMki you mir loyal.
ty nnd I nk JihImh Win.
J llhlnnn lit I mpnnd to tho Imisl. I
The I'riKlditnt of the I'mIIiM Hlulen of
mtirhii, the worthy ISxwmUvh of u
mut tuition, it fwiil, IidnmoI iumI ,
riirlNllan whtali lr, II. U.
Pliifknlilu w nlMinf iMpifim, .
HawMll, I In' hi i WM v in mi wlilili
Hlf tJnHH
love, tho Territory of tho
American Union to this toast I respectfully
ask our Governor, Hon. Geo.
Carter to respond.
Our reverend clergy and the religious
orders In Hnwnil, tho devoted, kindly
men aiiil women, of whom It can truly
said: "Where duty, calls, there you
will find them," tho response will bo
made by Itev. Father Maxlmln ot
Huna, Maui.
Our Catholic Lolly, may Its Influence
endeavors bo exerted for the Union
Catholic Interests Mr. John A. i
Hughes will respond to this tonst. I
Tho Federation of Catholic Societies
tho Territory of Hawaii, may Its of- '
forls bo crowned with success und may
tnlluenco be exercised for tho bene
of all, the rcHponso will bo mudo
Mr. A. D. Castro.
Our returned tiavelers, Fnther Valentin,
will tell us some of your experi
ences while uwny.
Tho press, a necessary adjunct nnd n
power for good Mr. Farrlngton will
plenso respond to this toast.
Tho ladle., God Bless them, tlioo
present nnd absent, without whoso as
sistance no undertaking can bo carried
out successfully will bo responded to
by Mr, A. 13. Murphy.
Our Holy Father Popo Plus X nnd
our Moly Mother tho Chifch, may His
rolgn bo beneficent nnd long and may
She grown In Influence, extent nnd
power In which I respectfully nsk His
I.oHlxlilp to respond,
Tho llrst was responded to by Judgo
rtoblnson, who paid a glowing tribute
the history of the Catholic Church
and to Christianity for tho blessings It
hnd brought to the world, and ended
with praise for Bishop Libert nnd
Father Valentin, expressing thanks that
they hud returned In such excellent
"Tho President" was responded to by
Mr. It. C. Stnckable, who referred to
the first toasts to a president in the
latter part of the eighteenth century,
In honor of George Washington, then
forty years later to JackBon, then to
Lincoln, then to Garfield nnd now to
that preeminent master of statecraft,
Theodore Itoosevclt. He said the banquet
was essentially a church gathering
to pay respect to tho head of the
Catholic Church In Hawaii. He said
that one of tho greatest things Rtie
United States had maintained Is the establishment
ot religious liberty wherever
tho Stars nnd Stripes fly, and
Itcosevolt would no more tolerate nn
Infringement upon the religious liberty
the American people than he would
tolerate Interference with nny of the
American principles of government.
"Hawaii the Land We Live In," was
responded to by Governor Carter. He
said In part:
"I want to take you Into my
nlthnugh this Is not a confluence
game. (Laughter). But I want
toll you of nn ncqunlntnnco whoso
Ifo conducts u boarding school for
boys. Sho bowed to a gentleman on
the street one day nnd immediately
saw sho had made a mistake. How
ever, sno spoKO to mo genucman, saying,
'I wish to tnko you Into my confidence,
but I thought you were tho
father of ono of my boys, (Ijiughter),
"I left tho notes of my speech nt
homo, I had them nil nicely prepared
but they nro right now on my llbrnry
table, so you seo I'm left high and
"Tho first thing I wnnt you to do
to lespond silently, If you please,
a toast to the absent ones. It Is
hackneyed toast, and given nt nil
banquets, but wo ull huve absent ones
shnin wo can think, Ah I look up
and down tho faces here, nil bo happy
thU nvent, mid sen the luxury nt
tho tHble. hear tlm tinkling of tho
KhiHfHN mid Nio the brilliant ulimlea. of
Urn IImhh I am miiliiiliM of u place
nvMiy from nrn mid of senna who rim
lint pMrtuke with us tonight. J inn rii'
imIimIkiI of thou trim heroines who nra
lulling Minon the iifTlleli'd ones at M.
lkHl, und l Mk ymi to drink n "ll""t
.IMMU la thou dwnitM) nlMT" nnd brntli.
m vm (nil tiMro to ffiljhfnlly,
"Oil uk) (MNMfcHi of hi filii,) think
riMiiwwwww "
- -1 - ft
(Advertiser Photo.)
It Is well to letroHpect a little. I
recognUo that this Is a celebration of
the Catholic Church In Hawaii. I think
there Is n, great deal In tho history ot
Hawaii to bo learned from tho work
done by tho Catholic Church In theso
Islands. There Is certainly a great deal
of encouiagcmcnt nnd n great deal of
inspiration to ho gained from It.
"Probably tho work that Is now being
done does not satisfy nil -of tho
component parts of that church probably
does not satisfy some of tho more
restless ones. They would like to seo
this or that done nnd more advance
"Ono ot tho greatest lessons Is Its
silent work; no retrogression but steady
advancement nnd with but one object
In view always.
'In the history ot the church hero
in Hawaii, I was reminded ot an Incident
In tho days ot Kaahumanu,
when sho had centered In lier hands
nil' tho power of government ns regent,
and her power was despotic. At
thnt time she attempted ns most sov
ereigns more enlightened than sho hnvo
attempted, to Issue an edict which
prevented any but whlto people from
attending tho Catholic; church. Sho
did not realize us Napoleon did that
vtheio tho dominion of religion begins
there tho earthly dominion ends. Tho
church and state aro separated, and
any sovereign not recognizing that Is
bound to make a mlstnko ns
made her mistake. So, too, any
church which attempts to Interfere
with the state makes u mistake. A
community Is happy, Indeed, where that
state of affairs exists where both the
church and stnto are harmonious.
"Leaving the past of Hawaii, let us
come to the present. The Territory, to
my mind, has almost unknowingly
come Into a new era. It Is to me
gratifying to see the way
open for progress and advancement
In our little Territory. We have lately
had word from Washington, that It
Is not ngalnst tho regulations of tlw
Immigration Department for the Territory
to assist immigrants nnd small
farmers to these shores, providing they
are In good physical condition. It had
been supposed before that no assisted
Immigration could be obtained. The
ruling from Wnshlngton gives the opportunity
to this Territory to open the
way for making this land the land of
HEHK. HUMAN BEINGS! (applause)
"Your fathers who have llwjd In
these Islands for many years, know
every nook of It. They recognize there
are valleys that are beautiful beyond
description, which should teem with
human beings. These Islands Instead
of having but 1B5.00O people, ought to
have, and will have, flOO.OOO within a
reasonable time. (Applause.)
"Not only are we opening Into n
new era In thnt regard, but yesterday's
message from President ltoosevelt
shows ho has given us a great opening
In regard to financial matters.
"The productions of Hawaii will always
be tropical productions, nnd we
will nlwnys be In competition with
Porto Rico nnd tho Philippines. We
wero the first to bo nnncxed nnd when
the United Stntes took us In they had
not then the decision of the Supreme
Court which provides thnt the United
States could possess such lands, and so
we enme In ns nn Integral part of the
United States and were annexed.
Therefore, tho emtio tax tariff exists In
Hawaii ns In every part of the Union,
nnd wo contribute our quota to the
mainland. In recognition of tho fnct
thnt Congress put Porto Illco nnd the
Philippine In a position where they do
not contribute anything of their revenues
to the United States, nnd If
Uncle Hnm Is tn miOia a success of
thece Inlands, tho experience of other
countries In controlling posveHainns
must he taken advantage of, mid Hi
Inws mint he adjusted to meet roudU
DITIONH. Uiuln Ham never mudo a
failure of nny Job li ever undertook
Whenever h Mrokrs III) wlilnker mid
puts his hands to the plow things have
got to move. He will not stop here.
There will bo progress In Hawaii.
"When wo point out to him what our
needs are and can make these Islands
blossom, wo simply do our duty
ns American citizens, and give Con-i
gress nn opportunity to enact legislation
which will bring prosperity and
happiness to these Islands. Most people
do not realize to what extent this
tribute amounts. Every man, woman
nnd child In this Territory contributes
$7.99 per annum to Uncle Sam. Thero
Is no set of people that Is so situated
to meet such a tax. Rhode Island and
Connecticut have about C600 square
miles, about our size. If you strip
Rhode Island and Connecticut of Its
vast population down to 153,000 and tax
those people to the extent of Sl.000,000
a. year, those hard-headed, patriotic
Yankees will kick to beat the band. I
don't believe those people thero could
stand up to nny such a tax ns wo have
done In Hawaii. We ask Congress to
say that a portion of the revenues
from the taxes go Into our treasury to
bo expended as Congress see's lit say
three-quarters of a million dollars
every year for twenty years. Here Is
an opportunity to secure an appropriation
for twenty years. Therefore, It Is
worth twenty times the effort to get
that money. '
"I want to congratulate you upon
your committee of arrangements and to
thank you all for the pleasure I have
had In being here tonight and In being
nble to offer my respects to the head
ot your church In Hawaii "
Bishop Libert, who closed the speech-making,
s.ild that when he was a boy
ho had two great objects In life. One
wns to see Rome and the otlter the
Popo. Winn ho was sent from Europe
to Hawaii he gave up all hope of ever
hnvlng cither of his objects attained.
But he had gone to Rome and had not
only seen the Pope, but conversed with
him on every day subjects. The Pope
had been told by him matters concerning
the church In Hawaii, the schools,
the people, etc. He told the Pope that
the government In Hawaii protected
tho church. Tlio Pope said: "I wish
It was so In Europe, If, as you say, the
United States protects the church In
During the evening the Hawaiian
Government Band gave an excellent
concert In honor of the. Bishop on tho
root garden of the Young. At the conclusion
of the concert Major-General
S. S. Sumner. U S. A approached
Captain Berger, the bandmaster, and
t hauled him for the excellent music
and praised the band In general.
(From Thursday's Advertiser.)
After a trial lasting more than a
week tho Jury in tho assumpsit suit
ot Nlehaus Brothers Co. ot San Francisco
against Victor Hoffman nnd Honolulu
Brewing & Malting Co. returned
a verdict finding for tho plaintiff
as against Hoffman for tho full amount
claimed, JHOO, and for tho brewery
company ns to the lion claimed for tho
samo nmount. Judgo Robinson had
directed a verdict against Hoffman,
contractor, and tho only question left
to the Jury was whether a Hen
ngaluit tho company that gave him
the contract to erect tho browery.
To decide this question tho Jury was
out front 10:30 till 4: CO yesterday, excepting
when It came Into court with
requests. Once tho Jury naked to be
taken to the brewery, but tho court
Informed It that the time hnd pnised
for aui'h mi expedition, Then the Jurors
wanted more Instruotlons, They also
nuked to hnvo Mr. Hooking1 tmllmony
read to tlifin, which after much do.
bate of countui wus granted In part,
TM imt AHttt wm it Kttfe
voium r HI ai(M of IjrHwMltn,
i After the tudlft thero wa ft
ouUlde nt "jM n. 10 hllifr
the rotopanion tun of ii , turn
WirkB ! of Pun l!fll., l.r.i rtfUlnnt
Hoffman nt. I tlm nl br l
t to follow, Mi'Hild go on Ai tho
detid.nB fact in tt other cam wan
thnt the linn w pmng too lain, it
mlKht l u'k to ha long
trial with a similar Htmie lr,ol1
of the In ililtu'llnous array of counsel
nt tho beglnninc of tlio rerent trial
thero were In nt tho finish but
nnd Mond for pliilntlff, nn,i Anderson
nnd Kinney for defendants.
Judgo Dp Holt nppolnted II. W.
ns gunrdion of the Kuiililwlniil
minors, two, under IO0 bond. Andrndo
uppenred for the minors.
Mrs. Hchi'ccn Ilnlli was nppolnted by
Judge Do Holt us administrntrlx of tho
estnto of Peter I. Davis, deceased, under
bond of 1200. S. F. Chilllngworth
for petitioner.
.Tudgo Do Holt appointed John I.
Dins administrator of tho estnto of
Frnncisco A. Ilibiro, deceased, under
$200 bond. Correa for petitioner.
Defondnnt in the suit of H. 0.
trustee, vs. John !'. Colbum
was declared in default by Judge Do
Bolt, the plaintiff to put on proof nt 9
a. m. Saturday. Plaintiff in person.
Cheong Ah Chow vs. Ching Nnm Scu,
the Kilici storo partnership case, has
pone over until 2 p. m. todny beforo
Judgo Do Bolt, ponding a settlement.
Instructions of tlio court to tho jury
wero settled in the Tukada murder trial
ucforo Judge Lindsay yesterday afternoon.
Argument to tho jury will begin
at 9 o'clock this morning.
An order J wns signed by tho three
judges yesterday fixing Monday tho
18th inst., at 9:30 n. m and Judgo
Itobihson's courtroom ns tie timo nnd
plnco for tho drawings of grand nnd
trial juries for tho January term.
Holmes & Stanley, attorneys for tho
trustees of tlio lato James Campbell's
estate, move to havo a day sot for trial
of the suit for construction of decedent's
But slow progress was mndo yesterday
in Frank C. Bertelmnnn's trial in
the Federal court for fraudulent impersonation
of a Federal officer.
An interesting fact of local history
revealed In a court pleading Is that
the lato Paul Neumann prepared tho
bill to creuto tho Flro Claims Commission,
tho tribunal that disposed ot between
ono and two million dollars of
Federal and Territorial cash.
Whiting & Robinson, a former law
partnership, by Its Individual members
has filed an answer to tho complaint
ot Ellso Neumann, executrix, wherein
she claims a balance duo her lato husband's
estate and an accounting.
They admit tho services of tho decedent
In tho preparation of tho Flro
Claims Commission Act. Also they admit
that a largo number of Chtncso
and other claimants placed their claims
In tho hands of Mr. Neumann, but deny
that tho number of such amounted to
threo thousand. Many allegations by
plaintiff they leave to her proof.
It Is stated that, shortly nfter Mr.
Neumann's death, tho respondent
mndo an agreement with his legal representatives
to pay Ills estato a Just
proportion of th compensation for
counsel In flro cmlm cases originally
placed In his hands but not all concluded
In adjudication beforo his death.
Respondents say they paid Mr.k Neumann's
estato $6000, and a further largo
amount for expenses, and submit that
complainant Is "not In law, Justice, or
equity" entitled to more. Moreover,
they say they havo already rendered
a full account of tho transactions in
An amended complaint has been filed
In the matter of tho claim of tho Ha
waiian Board of Missions against tho
Territory of Hawaii for fifteen thou-
anl dollars. Frederick J. Lowrey, Geo,
P. Castle nnd W. O. Smith, trustees,
aro the plaintiffs.
Tho claim is on account of tho prem
ises at Lahalna occupied by Lahalnalu
nn Seminary, It Is set forth in tho
complaint that tho Department of Pub
lie Instruction and the Governor refused
the demand of tho complainants
last year, that elthet tho premises bo
reconveyed, or their valuo of $15,000
be paid to them. Therefore they ask
for Judgment against tho Territory In
that nmount.
Tho ground of tho clnlm Is that a
condition of tho title of tho
Education to tho premises was
that evangelical religion should
bo taught in the seminary. As
part of the public school system now,
however, tho Institution can not lawfully
Impart any denominational tuition.
Of lato years the question of making
Lnhalnaluna an agricultural college, for
which tho Territory would bo entitled
to a Federal subsidy of (25,000 a year,
has been discussed.
The present caso Is bound to bo In
tho "celobrated" list of Hawaiian Jurisprudence.
Sheriff Brown returns ns fully satis
fied the execution for 177.1,10 In favor
of the City Mill Co, ngnlmt Mnry K
Dwyer. Hy the sale of property 10.10
was renlUed, of which I7S8.70 wm
pnld to plnlntifT' attorney, Holmes &
Mauley, mid $87-11 to A, 8, Humph-rev,
trimtce of a iccoml mortgage,
MftfeM Hit (MM ft
The undtrthtned havlni lnn appointed
agenta of th alw companf
at prepared to intum irk
ure on mon ana liriek liuiMlmti unci
n Mtrehaiidlie tuted therein in t
ooii lavtirauie term Fur particular
ifPly at the office of
F. A. BCHAKFKn ft CO., AsU.
North German Marino Insnr'oe Co.
Fortuna Qenoral Insuranoe Co.
The above Insurance Conipanlea hare
Miabllshed a general asencv hr. m4
the undersigned, general agent, ar
authorised to take rlaka aralmt tli
dangers ot the sen at the most
rates and on the moat favorabla
General Agents.
General Insuranoe Go. tor Sea
Iuver and Land Transport
of Dresden.
Having itabllflhpd nn ut TTv.
aolulu and the Hawaiian Islands, tba
undersigned general ugenta are authorized
to take risks ncnlnst the dnnnn
ot the sea at the most reasonable ratts
na on the moat favorable terma.
Agents tor the Hawaiian Island.
The Overland Route.
It was the Route In '491
It Is the Route today, end
Will be for all time to come.
" J smfl ' rfltT'.
'olwSwft ?tw
Ci ly Tivo Nights betwetn Mlulourl aud
Ban KruuclKCO
Montgomery St. Sun Fronclicii, Cal.
S. F.bOOTIl.
Ueiibrnl Aseot.
Bank Hawaii
Incorporated Under the Laws of the
Territory of Hawaii.
PAID-UP CAPITAL $600,000.00
SURPLUS 200,000.00
UNDIVIDED PROFITS.... 102,017.80
Charles If. Cooke President
P. C. Jones Vice-President
F. W. Mncfarlnne..2nd Vice-President
C. H. Cooke Cashier
C. Hustace, Jr Assistant Cashier
F. B. Damon.t. Assistant Cashier
F. B. Damon Secretary
DIRECTORS: Chas. M. Cooke, P. C.
Jones, F. W. Macfarlane, E. F. Bishop,
E. D. Tenney, J. A. McCandless, C. H.
Atherton, C. H. Cooke.
Strict attention given to all branches
ot Banking.
Special services In honor of the memory
of the late Hon. H. K. Jtahele,
District Magistrate of LIhue, were held
In the LIhuo Church on Sunday, December
2. The church was beautifully
decorated for tho occasion, and was
filled to overflowing. By special request
of the deceased, the services were
In charge of Rev. J. M. Lydgate, who
testified to the rare character of the
man, as combining in a marked degree
the graces and virtues of both the Hawaiian
and Anglo-Saxon races.
Hon. "W. II. Rico bore witness to his
Integrity nnd faithfulness as a government
officer In various capacities, comparing
his steadfastness to that of tho
eternal hills. Rev. J. B. Hanalke commended
tho audience to follow In his
footsteps that they might attain unto
tho same glorious end.
Special music suitable for the occasion
was rendered by the Llhue choir
nnd the Koloa Quartet, under the
leadership of Mr. E. C. Vaughan.
Among other attractions at tho fair
to be given by tho ladles of tho
Japanese church, on th crnunrta
of Theo. Richard, tomorrow afternoon
nnd ovenlng will bo nn exhibition of
sleight of hand.
Captain Buih nnd Lieut. Cooper, 10th
Infantry, Camp MoKlnley, departed on
the Thomas yesterday for the Coat on

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