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V. S. WEATHER BUREAU, August B. Las 21 Hours' Rainf aU, .00. SUQAR. 00 Dcgroo Test Centrifugals, 4 05c. Por Ton. $81.00.
Temperature, Max. 82; Min. 72. Woather, fair. , 88 Analysts Boots, 10s. D'id. Per Ton, $85.00.
Cross - Examination by
Kinney Puts Negoro
in a Hole.
Negoro has apologized. Ho says bo's
sorry; ho Teally shouldn't havo dono it.
"Mca culpa," he cries, "but I really
didn't mean unjtking by it.""
Ncgoro apologizes to tho community
at largo and also to thoso of his
who havo como to harm or loss
through the notions of himself, his co-defendants,
the Nippu Jiji or tho Higher
"Wago Association. Ho apologizes to
cut body for o cry thing.
For two hours yesterday morning
W. A. Kinney subjected Negoro
to tho most tcrriblo cross examination
that a uinn could deise. Ho laid him
carefully on tho grill and turned him
over and ocr, basting him to a deep,
rich brown on every sldo. As a result,
Ncgoro got rattled and admitted everything
and apologized for everything. If
ho had been nBked to; ho would
have apologized for being alive.
The cross examination camo on top of
the two last hours of direct examination,
during which the defensOibad
scored, somjrpnpmiuMrated
rrt1mMi 4-lm imnvnoeinn if lino duo.
,,: ,, ,. ., .. , , .started back to the plantations, there
Cceded in making during the trial. But , . , , , ,
Negoro lost his head under the searching
questions fired at him by tho chief
counsel for the 'prosecution and made
admissions fhat lie really need not' havo
made. Ho admitted thnUdiis'' usa in
tho Jiji of the use oftho ttorda
and "taizi," although intended
to bo taken only in the figuratho sense
and not literally, was perhaps unwiso
and inadvisable, in iow of tho fact
that thoro was a possibility of thero
being fanatics in the Japanese community.
Ho even tried to shift tho responsibility
for somo of tho illegal acts
upon his co defendants and tho Nippu
Jiji, being forced into this by tho
shrdwd questions of tho cross examiner.
Sheba in Background.
Kinney proved himself an adopt at
putting questions to tho witness which
put the latter in a bad hole, no matter
how ho answered or oven if ho did
not answer at all. On direct examination
Llghtfoot succeeded in getting a
number of matters before the jury in
one way or another which had been
ruled out of ewdenco by tho judge.
On cross examination Kinney adopted
tlio same tactics, and -with equal effect.
Although all reference to tho stabbing
of Sheba wis barred by tho order of
the court, Kinney succeeded in keeping
tho bleeding figure of tho editor of tho
Shinpo just in tho background where
tlio jury could feel its presence, even
if it could not seo it. Sheba 's narao the
was mentionod frequently by tho prosecuting is
nttorney, and evidently for tho n
purposo of keeping tho assault on tho
man fresh in tho minds of tho jurors. of
Time and again ho made the witness a
squirm, hesitate and appear at fault by
tho cinburnnBing questions ho put, ana
even more by tho way ho worded them. not
Ho left no ground for objoction by
coiinsol for the dofense, yet all along ed
(Continued nc ?e Eight.)
Hawaii It seem. Is still represented
In Mexico liv 11 coutul general, vice it
roiiktil general, 11 ml wiriuim resident
mnuilii, invs tho H, V. Mining nnd
PriuiitiftV J'rpu Tt ) Iruu Unit (ho I'd
'consul genu nil" Inn linen deml 101110
M'iir. Mini Unit Jlinuli Imt been nu
nox f to l In United Stutrn, but tho
Jlopalluu'iil ft Foreign )iiImIi)II not
liiu iitf hut 11 " nfllemllj '' iuftiiinvil of
Hums fur i, tiiiiiiiitthit Mm iminrt mi Hi
imbMiml rnwUIrr Tlio iiniiDJitllun of
JlMKHli hHWiiy Imeil tt iu inutf n
Sugar Stocks Advance on San
Francisco 'Change in
Hardly hnd it become generally
known on tlie Sin Francisco Stock Exchange
jesterday morning that the
strike nas a thing of tlio past,
than sugar 'stocks began to strengthen.
Cable advices to a local broker indicate
that thero was n general scramble to
get bold of Hawaiian stocks, and prices
generally adnnced in conscquonco.
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar, which
has been rather quiet on tlio San Fran
cisco 'Change, experienced a decided
change, nnd cnblod advices stato that
heavy trading was done in the stock.
The closing price was $33 bid with
practically none in sight.
Other stocks closed as follows:
$2"; Onomca, $45.50; Ilonokaa,
$1S; Makawcli, $40.25. Haw sugar In
New York advanced to 4.08.
On tho local 'Change, stocks also
strengthened up decidedly. Waialua,
the last sale of which was niado at
$106, continued in fnor, and sold be-
(Continued on Pago Five.)
T urn
Waipahu Plantation Sees No
Signs of the Laborers
Coming Back.
has as jot been no concerted movement,
among tho Japanese themselves
thoro seems to be somo doubt ns to just
what effect the resolutions passed by
Higher Wago Association Wednesday
will have.
'JJevcral small parties went down to
Waipahu and Aiea on tho train jostcr.
day, but fow if any of tho men reported
the plantations. Scoral parties of
Japanese equipped with blanket rolls,
were seen starting toward Ewa last
night, but up to a lato hour none of
them had roportod at the plantations.
Tho announcement was mado yester
day that tho frco soup kitchen would
close its doors last night, but as many
the strikers .aro known to havo con
sidcrablo money on hand, they may con-
cludo to stay in town for some time to
A largo number of thoso who are
desirous of returning to work seem to
feel somo hesitancy nbout returning to
plantations which left to go
(Continued on Pago Five.)
Mori, the Higher "Wago Association
fanatic who stabbed Editor Sheba of
Hawaii Shinpo on Tuesday last, and
confined at tho police station facing
chargo of assault with intent to kill,
docs not seem to rcnlizo the seriousness
his position, and continues to wear
supercilious emilo.
Mori has ceasad his lamentations
ocr not finishing his job, but ho docs
show any regret for his dastardly
crime. Tho police havo not yet inform
him that tho strlko Is a thing of tho
connection with other war measure),
was evidently doomed an alTalr of
eltlior Iho Socrctnry of War or the Sec
utury of tho Navy, and wai owlook
by tho Statu Dopiirtment, Tlio gov.
eminent tpmtmodlcnlly awakens to tlio
enutniico of the "key of tho J'aclno'
wliuu I ho Jnpiuipio bogy recall tlio
ilnfoiiiitili nini'i of tlie "key." lint
Hnuiir MnriMl really nuylit to h of
(Ulally Informal that tliu mlmlulitra
ivy rovoluUnu M to tho uxlliiellou of
WswhIIbii ftglJHomv,
It Will Be Built Across the
Way From the High
The plans and specifications for the
new Methodist Episcop.il Church building
aro rapidly ncariiig completion. The
church will be built on the corner of
Beretania aciiue and Yietona street,
directly across tho street from tho
McKinley High School building. The
extreme dimensions of tho building
will bo eighty feet by one hundred and
three. The structure will lune nn auditorium
with gallery, Sunduy schoolroom
with eleven class rooms on the
main floor, and a soclul ball, kitchen
and toilet rooms in the basement. It
will bo t'io Mission stylo of architecture
nnd built of cement, costing about
$30,000. The old buildings on the new
lot aro already removed and it Is hoped
that work on tho new building may
begin within a few weeks.
Afcault with a deadly weapon with
Intent to commit murder Is the chargo
which wai jestorday morning placed
against T, Mori, tho Japanese Higher
Wugo ofllulal who stabbed Editor
Sheba, of the Hawaii Shliipo, Tuesday,
The maximum punlnliiiieut provided by
law for thin olTcnse Is $1000 line, fit a
years ImprUiniiii'Mt nt hard labor, or
both Mich lino and imprisonment.
I'romiilloit I uiiiiiiittnu lltumturn lux
rouihi" I'liluiiibii, A tublfgritm ui
JMlurilli) rei'uiuil from till) (Vylcill
fit)' Hiiiiuiuiuiig tluil IN llnuKliiro
mh at Lnml 11 n) llmt me (Jiilrllnitinii
Imtl b''Ji).
Mayor Signs Resolution Which
Makes a Monthly
, Tho Promotion Committee will
tho $250 a month, appropriated by
the Board of Supervisors somo time
ago. Major Ecru jestorday affixed his
stgnaturo to tho resolution appropriating
tho money and sent tho document
to the County Clerk,
When tho last Legislature failed to
make any proIslon for tho work of tho
Promotion Committee, the matter was
put up to the Board of Supenisors with
the request that something bo done. At
t Iio start it was feared that thero
might be same legal obstacle in tho
way of the appropriation, but after that
bugbear hud been cleared away, tho
appropriation passed without opposition.
Tho Major also signed tho plumbing
ordinance, the fish .and meat Inspection
ordlnanco, tho ordinance providing for
sanitary Inspectors, tho ordlnanco providing
for tho caro of tho indigent sick
and tho appointment of a County Ph) si
'elan, tho ordlnanco regulating the
of nil denths to tho County
nnd tho tenement liouso ordinance.
Tho cruiser St, Louis will arrive hero
mi Saturdny next front Fniiinn, talio on
rnn and go tu llllo, m that tho
may vIMt tlio volrano, Thn fit,
Louis in returning smurnl dajs nliend
uf lu'r itinerary, Who) liar or not ih
Is to remain nt Honolulu to nwnlt tho
nrnwil of Ad mini I SolirenV licet Is t
n mntion. An tlif St. Lnult In n
tprelal service criiUor, iho may return
to llruiuctrtnn,
Mm l.riin Hi'ftiin Wulinfiolil, 11 pniui
luoiit mi id solium of Hun Dli'go, ii
uiimi 11 dlvorm fiom linr hiiklmuil,
I'm nk Wiild'finM, a pininliiMiit rlulimnii
I of $Hl I'MliuHru, uil tlld Kluuiul" uf llu
WASHINGTON, August 3. A fleet of United States submarines
will be permanently stationed at Cavite, Philippine Islands.
STOCKHOLM, August 3. Labor trpubles in this city are fast
developing into what can be treated as nothing but revolt against
the government. One hundred thousand workmen are idle and the
banks are closed to business and guarded by tjhe police. The government
will proclaim the city to be in a state of siege and declare
martial law at the first certain sign of insurrection.
WASHINGTON, August 3. The Senate will vote on the tariff
bill on Thursday, August 5.
MADRID, August 3 The situation here is improved. The
number killed at Barcelona is now fixed at 2000, while 2500 are officially
reported to have been wounded there.
ST. JOHNS, August 3. The Peary relief expedition sailed from
this port today for Greenland.
SAN FRANCISCO, August 4. R. P. Schwerin. eeneral man.
. acer of the Pacific Mail Steamshin
j present wjreiess telegraph apparatus, and states that the company
is not yet ready to equip its vessels
NAIROBI, British East Africa, August 4. Ex-President Roosevelt
was banqueted here last night and made a speech, in which he
compared the condition of pioneers in this country to that of the
men who conquered and settled the western part of the United
States. flx
WASHINGTON, August 4. Ambassador Takahira caMed on
President Taft yesterday to make his farewell visit. He will leave
Washington on August 10, and will sail from Seattle, via tht northern
route, August 17.
CHICAGO, August 4. The street-railway management is ex-
pecting a general strike of employes, and has made arrangements to
gatner ana protect several thousand strikebreakers.
WASHINGTON, August 4. It is expected that Congress will
adjourn on Friday, August 6.
SKAGWAY, August ,5. The American torpedo boat Paul
Jones yesterday struck a hidden reef in the Peril Straits and reached
here in a sinking condition. Two holes were punched in her starboard
plates. Temporary repairs have been made here,
LOS ANGELES, August 5. The special election to decide
whether or not this city and Wilmington should be consolidated has
carried in the affirmative.
WASHINGTON, August 5. The House yesterday passed the
urgent deficiency bill, appropriating $1,100,000.
After bitter opposition, the provisions for a court of customs
appeals were allowed to stand.
SAN FRANCISCO, August 5. General Manager 'Schwerin of
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company sails for Honolulu on the
Korea tomorrow.
WASHINGTON, August 5. Ellis De Bruler has been appointed
Commissioner of Immigration at Seattle.
PARIS, August 5. The first public execution held here in
fifteen years took place ypsterday, when a parricide was guillotined.
Gliief Executive Feels That
Republicans Endeavored fo
Garry Out Promises.
Associated Press Oablograms.
President Taft yesterday issued
a statement, in which he said
that he signed the tariff bill because
he believed it to be the result
of sincere effort at downward
revision on the part of the
Republicans. Nevertheless, he
docs not consider the bill perfect,
nor in complete compliance with
the promises made by the party.
In his statement, the President
said that he considers the corporation
tax just and equitable. He
is highly gratified with the Philippine
The Payne tariff bill passed
the Senate this morning by a
vote of 47 to 31, and has been
signed by President Taft.
Both Houses adopted a resolution
reducing the tariff on leather
and then adjourned sine die.
PABIB, August 0. fUe Associated
Barcelona, cabled
yuaicruay mat uia conditions in tuat
city aro very uncortoln and that
uprisings, ovou more serious than,
thoso which havo alroady taken placo,
aro very likely to occur.
OOWES, August 0. Czar Nicholas
sailed yestorday for Kiol.
nnmnnnv is rlicanticfiorl ,itti ti
Wasliluutoii, I). O., Austut 5,
Btackible, Ilonolului
Nw tariff not becomes operative August 0. I'ollovr Instruction Treasury
deeUlQii so.ooa, July 10. O. a. MI WW, Awutant Heorotury,
until the full tmltf t In received a ruts fuwlliy Ui Pliley Uw wj'
PIly IUcom or rofuud, will nwult (!nnl llijuliUtloii,
JaM0Mi mXuaA tiLtibb J 'iMi miMAMdrAik, llkS P t iAtMMl m vut
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a

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