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TT. S. WEATHER BUREAU, August 0. Last 24 Hours Rainfall, trace. SUOAR, CO Dogroa Test Centrifugals, 4.05c. Per Ton. $81.00.
Teaperature, Mar. 81; Mln. 71. Weather, fair to cloudy. 88 Analysis Boots, 10s. lO'jd. Pet Ton, $85.80.
No Work on the
The plantations are now having their
innings. "When the whistlo blew at
Aiea yesterday morning, nnd the re
turning strikers turned out for work,
they discovered that thcro were a few
"formalities to bo gone through with
before they could got back onto tho
jnyrolls, and some of the old trouble
mnkors found that they were not want
d. In consequence, some soventy
chastened Japanese drifted back into
town yesterday afternoon, jobless but
Having acquired wisdom through
their recent experience, tho officials of
JVica plantation determined to have
no men working for them who could
not be depended upon, and thoso who
-took an active, part in tho sedition
preaching prior to the strike, were in
-formed that their services could and
vould be dispensed with.
This was a contingency on which
tho returning strikers had not been
counting, nnd most of them had their
goods and chattels with them. But
there was nothing for it .and soon
-wagons, piled' nighwitl&rtrunks',l andi
furniture, were headed either for this
city or for the railway station. Those
who hod money left, hit the road for
the depot. Those whoso supply had
run short, started to walk back into
Last evening thcro was moro or less
activity around tho Honolulu theater,
vans drove up and unloaded household
furniture, trunks and so forth, nnd
soon a colony of worklcss ones was
again established in tho old playhouse.
The returning men gathered around in
littlo groups and engaged in 'conversation,
but they had littlo to
to outsiders.
Much tho same thing happened at
"Waipahu plantation, though the number
of lnborcrs wheso services were
declined was considerably smaller.
Ono of the causes which drovo IHo
men away from Waipahu was the reception
which they received at tho
liands of tho strikebreakers. "You
liave no knukau left, so you come back
(Continued an pago S.)
Kahului Dock Awaits Result of
Conferonce With Marston
Plans for the proposed now wharf
t Knhuliii nro 11s yet moro or less In
tho air, mid nothing will bo settled until
Mr. Unldulu arrives from Maul tho
latter jmrt of tlio week, Mr, Dnlihvin,
together with U, II, l'uxloii, of
& Iliildnln, will then confer with
the Ruporiiifomlout of "I'libllo 'Works
iiml will doeiile upon tho stylo of wharf
Dint hIiiiII bfl built,
Tho Kiilmlul rnllrnail will build the
vJmrf 011 IU nwii In ml, but It i do-hired
tlmt the structure 1I111II bo striut
ly 111 iiri'iirdiiuce with tlio oxprctoeil
within or tin) iiiitluiiltli's.
Tim urn of tlio new wluirf In mm
iiiiitlur Unit j'l't roiimliii to lm ileclilwl
iipun t tho iki,i'ii t Into 11 rmiiiiini'
tn. , -hi., II nlMu(uil will HUllllfU, lt
tlll'lll U lllrv lllllluilllnil Unit ill Dili
inn irn tikiiiui futurn muni titirf
r.n 111 w II to iiuedoil. It lm mil yt
n in kniilii, Hhuthiir u In run wliurf
uluiii In" iiii..triii'ii'i tit (bit II1110 nr 11
umiiliir i.ui', ilenlnnud tltli tlio vlwn
l . .1 MMiifin iniliirutHiiunl Ml uuy fit-
illi t M
'I iii 111 a w li.it f will lio u priuutmiil
I'lt.nr mi. I tin nifiirti no ! will It'
I Iii . 1 1 t.uit ui.iuu Murd until i
it 1 .Hi,.) 1 tun iii iihiin .luiliil tir
ifli a niiuli lm ilfnnui) fur nil
Undo Sam Is Hunting for Somo
.Ono to Come Forward .'and
Be Sued.
WANTED An owner for an island.
United States District Attornoy
Brockons is contemplating insorting the
a,bovo want adin all of tho newspapers
of f ho Territory. Uncle Sam wants to
condemn an island. In ordor to com
mence proceedings ho must find an own
er for that island. But after a cnroful
search of tho records and archives,
Unelc Sam's legal representative hero
has come to tho conclusion that tho
islnnd never had an owner.
Brockons is thinking of publishing a
little brochuro in connection with the
matter entitled. ''Why Is a Bunch of
Hocks, or When Is an Island Not an
Island t"
Kilnuca Point, on the windward coast
of Kauai, looks pretty good to tho
authorities as a location for a lighthouse.
About 000 feet from tho point
is an island, which tho authorities need
to carry out tlioir plans. A clear titlo
is needed, so the United States District
Attorney was appealed to. Confident of
his ability to untangle nny problem that
might face his omploy.
er, Breckons started to work.
Kow the government contemplates
erecting the most costly lighthouse in
tho Hawaiian Islands on Kilauen point,
and it demands tho clearest kind of a
clear title to tho land. Either a trans
fer in fee simple must be secured from
the record owners, or the property must
bo condemned. As far as tho point
(Continued on Page iii gut.)
County Officials Secure Right
to Locate the New
Troiii four to six cement rice-threshing
floors, ono nativo houso and two
Chinese houses stand immediately en
tho proposed new road route at
windward Oa.hu, which the county
proposes to substitute for tho present
route along the beach which is
covered with sea water at high tide.
Mayor Fern, Chairman Quinri of the
IJoad Committee, Secretary
and Engineer Gere wcnE over
to Hnuula yesterday afternoon and
last evening.
Chairman Quinn states that tho officials
looked !nto tho matter thorough'
ly, and had talks with tho Chinese
rice-growers as to securing rights of
way through their property. Ono objection
they hnd had to tho proposed
louto was that it wont through tholr
threshing floors, and tho growers wore
in doubt as to whether they would
be properly reimbursed.
It was made clear to them that their
floors would be relocated on their lands
further back from tho beach. Tho original
locations wore decided upon by
the growers becauso of the wind which
aided in clearing tho chad from tho
grain. Tho county proposod to the
Chincso to move the floors, tho houses,
etc., nnd put everything In as good
or better condition than tho old. Tlio
Chinese will como to town on Thursday
nnd tho papers will ho signed. As
soon as this formality is concluded
tho engineer will proceed with tho
complete location of tho now routo and
In a short time tho cut-off will bo
rendy for use. Tho bench routo has
always been objectlonnblo, nnd In tho
preieut day of nutos n dry thorough-faro
nt Kaluunul is nbsolutoly necessary.
Declaring Unit ulio wiih dying, Mrs.
Miiry Aiclitirley miuwl nieno (o
bn neiu o Biinrliiteiult)iit I'dtermu of
llui lunula liiin litkt nlulit) unliiuu
lilm to bring Dr. Atnlierloy down, A
MIUtimii wiu wnl out to Invitluutn.
I In fouml Mr, ANlu'rli'v iiiuiiwnily
In hiiimI liwillli, mill !liu mily rnKnii'
tliul lm vuultl unl tn lid iiuuiIm wilt,
"Mini Pntliur rlilli."
TIia lhwiilliiu W. H. (Si,
Iihi iiimlu uriiiiiKHinvuti Willi llm HIIj
lluilruiiil in fur tli i" uf III fir Iihho
wUiirvin m kimii n tin Kiln liriiHh
uttr lm Iiiii I111II1 fur vnnuKli lw
uiTufd 'rnnir iruijlui).
"Who has just celebrated tho sixth anniversary of his coronation.
G. &S.
Mainland Buyers Take Up Large
Blocks at Advanced
Soven hundred and ninetv shares of
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar -Company
were s.old by one local firm in
San Francisco yesterday at $33.25 a
share. Within tho past week more
than 1500 shares have been snapped
up in tho Coast metropolis at the samo
San FrancUeo seems quito ready to
take all of the Hawaiian Commercial
that is to bo had nt $33.25 and local
holders are not experiencing any trouble
in finding n market for tlioir stocks.
The Wntorhonse Trust Company made
yesterday's big sale, but practically
every broker in this city has been approached.
Last night it looked ns though tho
price would hnve to go considerably
higher were any further big deals to
result, for local holders seem satisfied
to hang onto what they have left.
San Francisco's offered prlco for thiB
stock has been about 25 cents higher
than tho local quotation right along.
That tho extensive deals have been
put through without any drop in the
Const nrico is causing local men to
sit up nnd take notice.
Wnlaltm yesterday dropped as low
at $107, but if thoro is any for salo
nt tlmt price today it will probably
bo snapped up.
Tho rumor that Hnnoknn will soon
dcclnro an extra dividend was effect
punctured yestorday afternoon by
V, A. Schaefer.
'You may deny that roport flatly,"
paid Mr. Schaefer. "Tho directors
have not oven considered much a thing
ns nu extra diidond, Tho rumor it
nbsolutoly without foundation."
. t .
W, i:, llonpliico, iiiiuinRor nf tho Clin
Dili mignr mill In Queouiliiud, Austin
lln, who vultod hero lint ('lirUtimm,
wrltt'n to 11 filmiil hero iu follimm
Hliico my ri'timi llioro have boon
noiiio cIiiiiiuo In our uovuriiiiiiuit (tinl
dm pulltWml fight mill L'olug nu.
"Wo Iimvii Iiml u very dry iiiiniiipr,
roiluoltig the Aiiitrulliiii imyiir ornp by
30 imr num. We Unit urludlnu un Mm
Still li of Hilt muiitli (.luly), imj null
I Iiml your lrrlntliiii fiiuilltlui liuiv,
"Hiiihm row muiitli mjo I tout jmi
tho Intuli I iruiiiliml, uml lmi It but
rpuulioil you,
"MlhliiH in vory dull with tin jut
nun, WV mo In suitor bmi), H to I
ih'tiiwwi uf fruat ui'l liiurnUy nfiwu
uuinltir lum tir llitMwiiuu uui
IiuIImih Muiilil ntU uu tlli lliu ji,lui)
(rum iinli riiiilnl miiu,
"I HuIlM HVlim I I.UI llulltlulu I)
Wireless Station at Barber's
Point Goes Out of
.lust nt 12 o'clock noon on Satur
day, jover tho telegraph lino from tho
local offices of the wireless telegraph
company flashed the words: "Goodby
Barber's I'oint." As the oporator at
tho other end of tho lino took tho
message, a pair of nippers snipped a
wiie, nnd connection between this 'city
aim me oiu wiroiess station Vias broken
for all time.
lannger Balch left for Barber's
Point yesterday morning to superintend
the dismantling of tho station.
Tho operator has gone to Kahului,
where ho is at present looking after
the tlmt como in thero during
the daytime.
Ilut for the wreckers, Barber's
Point is deserted, and the molancholy
atmosphere that always pervades a
deserted spot tells plainly that, as a
wireless telegraph station, the point
lias passed its term of usefulness. Tlio
click of tho receivers, telling
the thoughts of men far out nt
lira, will be licard no moro.
Hut nt Kuhuku all is activity. Tho
big- accumulators, which furnish tlio
power for work during tho day, liavo
been charged. At nil hours tho crash!
crush! crasbl Is heard within tho operators'
tooiu ns the high-powered an-
paratui Fends forth its messages to
tho ships upon the deep. It is upon
Knlniku Point that Honolulu now depends
for her communication with tho
other islands.
On tho Uth tho liar Association will
hold its nnuusf'meotliig and banquet at
the Aloxander Young llotol. Tho mom.
bors of tho association hnvo decided
that tlio occasion will bo n sullnblo ono
to wi'lcuiiio Foiloriil Juilgo Woodruir
loriimiiy to Hawaii, and tliu Invitations,
which wore mulled yesterday, niiiinuiico
Unit tho Judgo will bo tho guost of
honor, An Interesting program is being
prepared fur the occiislon,
Tiwi nutting I'liililri'ii Here llm 1111 -Milling
nunti of 11 lut n f M'lillwiiuiit
Kninluv, nt lielurn tlio milling n( llm
tilurlu for tliu mainland. Ono nf tliu
fiimlliiHi, ilfwrtii by tliu
I tun id of limiiluiiitlun, lull iu f il
nlViriii Tim Tutliur lliuinjlil tlmt tliu
t "iiiiafi r vuru ultU llmlr limlliuii
llm mollirr thuyht llipy wure mill
ilirir t'ull.ir Jiml In fu in nailing llinu
1 In; iMKklug inn a uminl nu lliv nlmif
iHnlur ynitrd uf iiin fileujf,
(Associated Press Cablegrams.)
NEW YORK, August 10. Orville Wright will sail for Europe tomorrow
to inspect the aeroplane factory in England and also to give
demonstrations in Germany.
STOCKHOLM, August C Troops aro patrolling tho roads loading into the
city to provent strikorn interfering with farmors bringing produco to town.
ORAN, Algeria, August 6. Jart of tho seaport water supply has been cut
off by Bills.
WASHINGTON, D.' O., August 0. Prosldont Taft has loft the capital for
Beverly, M&csachusottr, and will not return to this city until after ho has mado
his trip to the Paclflo Coast.
MET1TT1T1A, Augut G. An epidemic threatens. Tho position of tho Spanish
soldiery is precarious.
MADRID, August 0. Tho King has abolished tho monoy indemnity in lieu
of military sorvico.
ICTEIi, August G. Tho German floot is preparing- for tho groat naval
to Czar Nicholas of Russia.
TOKIO, August 7. As the climax of the protracted controversy,
Japan has sent her ultimatum to China, and has issued an
official note to the Powers, announcing that she will proceed to reconstruct
the railroad, regardless of China's opposition,
in accordance with the treaty of 1905.
Japan declares that after negotiations extending over three
years, China still is unyielding and refuses to recede from, her untenable
position through a policy of evasion and procrastination.
It is not believed here that the ultimatum will result in anything
approaching war.
LONDON, August 7. General Viscount Kitchener has been appointed
field marshal and inspector-general of the Mediterranean
forces, succeeding H. R. H. the Duke of Connaught. He also retains
command of the forces in India.. Viscount Kitchener is the
youngest field marshal in the history of England.
SAN FBANOISOO, Aug. 0. Hides froe; leather goods dutiable at ton, per
PARIS, August 7. Roger Sommer has broken all records with
his aeroplane, effecting a flight which endured for a hours 27 minutes
15 seconds.
PEKING, August 7. The relations now existing between this
government and Japan closely resemble the situation between the
two governments which existed in 1904.
LONDON, August 7. The government of Great Britain officially
approves the course of the Japanese government in proceeding
with the construction of the railroad, in spite of the
protests of China.
TOKIO, August 7. In spite of the protests of the Chinese government,
Japanese commenced work on the construction of the
railroad, and as yet there has been no interference with
the workmen.
STOCKHOLM', August 7. Two regiments of soldiers in the
north have mutinied.
MADRID, August 7. Don Jaime, it is announced, is engaged
to marry a German princess.
ATHENS, August 8. The relations between Turkey and Greece
are acute.
KIEL, August 8. The Czar arrived here yesterday and was
warmly greeted by the Kaiser.
BEVERLY, Massachusetts, August 8. President Taft has
joined his family here and will spend much of his time golfing.
SALT LAKE CITY, August 8. Thousands are arriving to at-'
tend the National G. A. R. encampment, which begins tomorrow.
TOKIO, August 9. It is now believed here that China has
withdrawn whatever objection she may have raised to the standardizing
of the railway line, and that the construction
work will be carried on without friction.
ATHENS, August 9. It is expected that Greece will reply to
Turkey on Tuesday. The representatives of the Powers and the
Premier have been closeted together in conference frequently of late.
STOCKHOLM, August 9. The King yesterday sent a message
to the employers and employes concerned in the labor troubles,
advising them to submit their differences to arbitration.
TOKIO, August 9, The ond of tho contrpversy botwecn China and Japan
ovor tho reconstruction of tho hns( apparently boon
reacbod. China asked that tho work bo suspendod f 6r the" present whllo further
negotiations botweon tho two governments woro being carried on. Japan's reply
was to tho effoct that tho matter was ono in which tho negotiations had olroady
beon closed. Tho result Is that China virtually lias conceded that tho reconstruction
should bo carried out.
AMOY, China, August 0. tho past fortnight thbro havo boen ono
hundred and tlirco doaths from bubonic plaguo nnd fifty from cluslora In this city.
STOCKHOLM, August 0, Tho Farmors' Association has issued on appeal
to tho general public for nsslstnnco to eavo tho crops, which nro ready to bo
reaped and which will othorwlso ho a total loss.
SPOKANE, Washington, August 0. Tho National Irrigation Oongross has
convoned. Tho convontlon was opened by tho reading of a mossago from President
Taft, lit which tho work already dono and tho policies of tho congress aro
highly cominoudcd.
BERLIN, August 0, It Is stated that Orooco has refused to renounce Crete
and l'us referred Turkoy to tho rowors In regard to tho matter.
LONDON, August io. There is nn unconfirmed rumor current
here to the effect thnt Count von Zeppelin is dend nt Stuttgart, .
ROME, August 19, Pope Pius X, celebrated the sixth nn.
nlversary of his coronation yesterday,
PARIS, August 10. Mis, Theodore Roosevelt and children
here yesterday,
I'revlilvtit Miiryim lum iil out tliu
fiilluuliiK liiili't1 In tlio iiii'inlinr. uf
till' I'lllliulltfr nf I 11IIMI1vr1.11
'I Iii'idmIiIi uhiiut it iriiicititi,iii
mid iriiin in iniiUiiu, In Una iiirliun
nf u miulili' iii'" uf jirniuriy mill
iid ervrliuu, itu'ium uf t, imnUiil hull
uium lilunk Io ho known n tho Honolulu
l.'lininliur uf Unininurco liuililinir,
"Tim iiniicrty I Imvn In view U
tlio tKiuUmiivt enrnur uf Kluu uml
HUIiop elriHit, humm un tlio Way
lili.nl,, Tlil Iiiid u fruiituyt uf Vi fupt
nu HitK lrtt, tliti uitNttar loutjlli ((ify
fmt) lielnii mi Hlii) te. faeln(
Hit tliu uf llm rVilurul Imilulim, Did '
I'uuMruDltuii uf vnIiIpIi Mill mud (iu
"I luuk iiiuii tho iMfiitiuii nf R
l liHIIibur uf i'uiniiiviuu Imililiil)) Hit Hit
ulmnhilv u(iittit if g iiiinitrt tn
liiuinlmil unit udd In mil li"lllut riV
li'ijiillma'il .in I'iu l)l(M)
I 1 I, Ail,' .1 L U
mtjttmmijttmjmi MUM

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