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Ten Monarchs Will Be
in Line Behind the
Dead King Funeral
Will Be Solemn but
Magnificent Affair
UONDON May 20 Four hundred
thousand people viewed tho coffin con
tainlng the body of King Edward yes
terday tho crowds surging into lines
boforo Westminster Hall all day a
storm which drenchod tho city in tho
morning having no porceptiblo effect
on tho numbor who wished to pass tho
bodv Ivine in state All night tho
peoples stood in tho stroets waiting for
the hour when tho doors of tho great
hall would bo thrown open for thorn
All preparations for tho funeral today
have ibeen made Last night the thirty
thousand troops who aro to lino tho
streets through which tho funeral cor
tege will pass campod in the parks
having beon drawn in from all tho
neighboring garrisons
Similar to Victorias FuneraL
Tho body of tho monarch will bo
borne on a gun carriago through tho
streets of London to Paddington sta
tion and again through tho streets of
Windsor to the castle Tho procession
will be similar to that at ib6 funeral
of Queen Victoria in 1001
Ahovo tho casket wil bo placed tho
royal insgnla tho crown orb and scep
ter King George mouated will rido
immediately bohind tho casket follow
ed iby other masculino members of tho
royal family foreign monarchs and
special ambassadors
Tho Queon Queen mother and womon
of tho roval family will como next in
carriages The remainder of tho
togo will ho mado up of representatives
from tho army and navy members of
tho imperial household and high officers
cf state
Nino Boiling Monarchs
Nino ruling monarchs besides King
Gcorgo V will attend the funeral of
Edward VH Thoy aror
William Emporor of Germany and
King of Prussia
Frederick VIII of Denmark
King Haakon VII of Norway
Kirg Alfonso XIII of Spain
King Mnruel II of Portugal
King Albert of Belgium
King Goorgo I of Greece
Kincr Emanuel IH of Italy
Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria
Other mourners will bo the Queon of
Norway tho Archduko Fordinand rep
resenting tho Empsror of Austria tho
Dowager Empress Mario Ecodorovna
and tho Grand Duko Michael repre
senting tho Czar and tho Duko of
Foreign Beprcsentatlves
Prince Fushimi will represent Japan
Grand Duko Michasl Aloxandrovutch
younger brothor of Emporor Nicholas
will represent Russia Hollands repre
sentative will bo Princo Henry hus
band of Queon VVilhelmina and Theo
dore Iposavolt special ambassador will
represent tho United States
Selected Burial Spot
Durinc a recent visit to Windsor
Castlo tho lato monarch visited tha
roval mausoleum in St Georirofl Chapel
when it is said ho selectod tho spot in
which he wished bis body to rest
Tea Monarchs Together
Yesterday tho nine ruling monarchs
from tho continent assembled hero for
the funeral dinod as guests of King
George tho occasion being unique in
tho history of tho world
In addition to the crowned heads
thcro wero at tho dinner tho hoirs to
eovcral pf the thrones represented
Will Moum Alone
Immediately after tho funeral of her
husband it is expected that tho Queon
mother will retire to Sandringhara Pal
aco which King Edward somo years
ngo mado over to her as a dower houso
Eddie Cluney tho slayer of J M
Barbo7a tho latter bolng killed by an
nutomobllo driven by tho former whs
released from jail lnbt night on a bond
of 8000 the sureties being J II
Schuaek E C Winston Y Anln and
Yco Yap The former uceordlng tu a
notation under hit signature limits his
liability on tho bond to 1000 II C
Winston to siuuu y Aiiln to louu and
Yee Yap tu flSOO Tlio bond was ap
proved by Circuit Juduo II 13 Copper
flio bond was dclUered to Deputy
Sheriff llosn lust evening by Attorney
itawuni wnq represents niu uereimniu
U CITY Pennsylvania May IP
Puclttuw containing tilfiii In wish
woro stolen from n railway depot n
tltli elty todiy
NWWIOllT Omm ify nVmt
Ins Hrrivwi m m 1 1 Iwifllntr it m
t i im iiMffltr J Msitafifori Ms Uvm
were Iwrt
H iiHiiinHHiiH H
P9 0nPjJH9RgH n
I JPyyi MJfliyfifflBMllSsaBBB n
In memory of King Edward
whoso funeral takes place in
London today government offices
and business houses will formally
Federal and territorial offices
will close at tea thirty this morn-
S ing nnd at tho samo time tho
banks and largo business houses
will close their doors
At oloven oclock official serv
ices wili bo hold at St Androws
Cathodral the Bishop of Hono
lulu officiating
Papke Puts Up Whirlwind Fight
Against San Francisco Lad
at Arena
Papke tho Illinois thundoiibolt knock
od out Joe Thomas iff thoixtoenth
round at Coff roths lirena last night
It was a fast and furious go from start
to finish scheduled to run twenty five
rounds but Joe couldnt stand the pacd
and laid himself opened for Papke a
finishing touches
looking forward also to a meet with
Stanley Ketchel middleweight titlo
holder of tho world
Papke s career on tho Pacific Coast
has been that of an in and outer Upon
occasions he has fought as a champion
and at other times his work inVho ring
has been a wretched disappointment
Ho looked in fino shape when ha en
tered tho ring
Joe Thomas since ho has beon fight
ing in the East tho last year and ft half
has been winning many of his contests
nnd quito decisively at that Thomas
had his first fight with Ketchel in
Marysville and tho twonty round do
cision by Eddie Smith aroused so much
attention that Jhey wore rematched by
Coffroth Their second battle in which
Thomas was finally knockod out in tho
ttarty sccontl round was tne sensational
contest between them In December of
1007 at Recreation Park Thomas lost
a twonty rouna decision and in August
lwofjoe was Knocked out by Jxctcnci
in two rounds
Until last night that was the last ap
pearance of tho San Francisco boy who
shortly loft for the East where ho hasj
conunou uimsoii to ugnts or lesser uura
Thoconvocation of the clergy of the
Episcopal diocese of Hawaii which was
called last Saturday closed last even
ing with benediction services dedicat
ing Queon Emma Hall at tho Sti An
drews Priory Tho function was at
tended by a largo host of men and
women of tho St Androws congrega
tion who mingled with tho visiting
clorgy nnd thq seminary girls in tho
festivo gathorlng
Tho benediction consisted of a pro
cession loci by the gjrls of tho cathedral
choir followed by tho clorgy and tho
hibhop After a brief servlro in tho
cathedral tho procession ontoriil Quoen
Emma Ilnll followed by the seminary
ilrJs and the guests passing through
tho building making eaverul stops at
enaii or which tuo msoop oucruu prayer
This comploted tho dedication loromo
Luter refreshments wore served to
liu several hundred present TJia iCuul
quintet chit furnished tho muilo for tho
WAHHINUTON ly 10 Tli long
lUiullnic wutor iuiily eontroverty at
Hh luinrltm Imi lin rfrriHl ly
IMltltHit fH In a mrtl Hf anny en
uiMiri tut rtfuurt ltm mt will miii
m viawliisUeu ut k iwiWAwlm f
Um HrMl HVMil mww wi
Honolulu Will Suspend
Business and Special
Services Will Be Held
at the St Andrews
MtbvMiw unit will rsjwi to f vmiiml
Out of respect to tho lato King Ed
ward business will foe suspended in Ho
nolulu during a pari1 of tho regular
business hours today Public offices
will close thoso courts which have not
alroady adjournod over tho day will
suspond and tho banks hnvo announced
that their doors will bo shut at ton
thirty in tho morning They will re
open at one oclock
At oloven o clock this morning in St
Andrews Episcopal Cathedral a solemn
sorvico will bo held in memory of tho
lato King Tho Bight Bev Bishop Hen
ry Bond Bostarick assisted Iby tho
canons and clergy will officiate tho
bishop delivering an address
In tho contral portion of tho church
will bo grouped officials- of foreign gov
ernments represented here and of tho
federal and territorial governments tho
army and navy Contral among these
official mourners will bo His Britannic
Majestys consul Hon Halph G E
Forstor Governor Waltor FFrcar and
his staff Secretary of tho Torritory E
A Mott Smith Qhiof Justice Hartwett
and tho justices of tho supremo court
cmel Justice Boatty California
promo court tho circuit court judges
Federal Judges Sanford B Dole and A
G M Robertson United States District
Attornoy Breckons Mayor Fern Ad
miral C P Bees United States Navy
Lieutcnnnt Colonel Wheeler United
States Army Major Dunning United
States Army Major Winslow United
States Army Captain Pinto Basto of
His Portuguese Majestys cruiser San
Gabriel the members of tho consular
corps and othor officials and especially
invited guests
Tho guests will enter the church by
the main or contrahen trance and the
public is -requested to enter Iby thoeldo
Tho order of service which will com
menco at eleven oclock consists of an
organ preludo from Chopin -played by
Sydney Hobon Tho clorgy and choir
being in place tho ritual for tho burial
or tne ueaa will be saia iollowinc
The winner expects now to right1 which the lesson taken out of tho First
with Frank Klaus of Pittsburg and is Epistlo to tho Corinthians will bo read
Following a hymn tho bishop will do
livor on address
An anthem will then bo sung tho
words being taken from the twenty first
chapter of Revelation and tho fourth
verso And God shall wipe away all
tears from their eyes and thero shall
be no knoro death neither iorrow nor
crying ncithor shall thero be any more
pain ror mo lormcr tmngs aro passeu
The Apostles creed will bo said 1y
tho minister and people standinrr fol
lowed by many prayers concluding
with tho following special prayer for
Almighty and Everlasting God
and Heavenly rather who hast
mado of ono blood nil nations of
men tp dwell on tho face of the
Whole earth look down we bo
seoch Thee with compassion upon
our brethren of the British empire
Whom Thou hast bereaved of thoir t
earthly ruler Comfort- and bless
too members of tno royal family in
this their timo of trial and loss
and guard with Thy special bless
ing him who is called to tho high
office and great responsibility of
Idug and omporor of so many mil
lions pfsouls Grant that tho
plo may faithfully and obediently
honor him in Theo and for Thee
according to Thy blessed word and
ordinance and that in all their
trials and advorsltics thoy may put
their whole trust and confldcnco in
Thee that soy among the changes
and chances of this mortal life the
hoarts of king and people may
surely thore bo fixed whore irue
strength and safety aro to bo
found through Jesus Christ our
Lord to whom with Theo nnd tho
Holy Ghost bo alj honor and glory
world without end Amen
At tho conclusion of tho sorvico
following tho benediction the British
national anthem will bo played dur
ing which the pooplo will remain ttand
ing in thoir places
Mayor Fern has ordered tho Hawa
iian band to ho prciept in tho rflmrch
rounds during tho sorvico to play ap
propriate music for tho solemn occa
Hlx hundred and fifty dollar floutml
uruuml ou the downtown pnvomuutnlim
night until picked up by um tiul Hut
latin Hul did not tonnliler Hint pm
klon vm nine pnlnti of the lew fur hu
took tliu inuiioy to tlm milieu lUtlvn
mid liiriHt l vsr Is Ifriiuty Hlmrllf
J4t Tli9 Miuuny llu lit foiui of Iw
tbiwtif ImuimI ly lowil Lank hhi
hiwIb uul a UblM Tlio bwM
wirp to wit twiii h rt tmmy
The Inquest Last Night in the
Case of the Last
Drunken Row Led to a Killing
Ioela Andrew Charged
With Murder
Aloxandor Garner a negro and Ioela
Androw alias loin a part Hawaiian
both sodden with drink and inclined
to bo quarrelsome fancied thoy had
cause to bo angry last Friday night and
tho negro was followed to tho voronda
of his wifes houso and thoro ho to-
A miril Ail Am ii 4ia vtvt n
stono thrown Iby tho Hawaiian who ran
away that night and was found only
on the Monday morning following Bleep
ing in tho dirty intorior of n miscrablo
shaok in tho Russian village at Iwiloi
Ho -was arrested on a warrant sworn
to by Garner alleging assault and bat
tory That day tho negro was taken
to tho hospital and on Wednesday
morning ho died A post roortom ex
amination showed thai tho skull had
boon fractured and a piece of tho bono
had entered tho brain causing death
Tho inquest was held at tho polico
station last night tho jury rendering
a verdict that Aloxandcr Garner camo
to his death on tho 18th day of May
1910 from a fracturo of tho skull and
injury to tho brain caused Iby being
hit with a stone thrown Iby loola An
drew whiio in a dispute with said Alex
ander Garnor on May 13 1010 at tho
Vineyard street camp in Honolulu
And immediately following that
diet Ueputy sheriff Eose onterod a
charge of murdor against Ioela who
has been held at the polico station
since Monday
On tho fatal ovoning when tho row
took placo Garnor went to his wifes
houso to visit with her And their chil
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No Answer to Principal Ques
tion Scientists Were
Diamond Head and Kaimuki Ob
servations Clear and Their
Results Decisive
Though tho hundreds of eoplo who
tried to look nt tho sun durlnr tho hour
of tho comots transit Wednesday after
noon found clouds in the way a part of
tho tho astronomers nt Diamond
Head and Kaimuki had no such diffi
culty Thoy had a clear view of tho
sun and thoy observed and noted tho
sun spots which mainland obsorvors ro
ported as related in tho cable dis
patches Hence thoir roports aro quito
docisivo and authoritative as far as
tho scope of thoir instruments goos
It was absolutely demonstrated that
thcro is no largo solid body in tho hbad
of tho comet
Tho roports of Professors Ellorman
and Donaghho from Diamond Hoad and
Kaimuki tally with thoso cabled horo
as tho result of various mainland ob
servations Thoso results as Professor
Ellorman put it woro negative
Tho reports to be prepared by tho
various astronomers who have mado ob
servations all over tho world will prob
ably bo followed by much discussion as
to tho composition of tho comet Thero
has been much controversy in tho past
as to what sort of mattor went to make
up a comet Much was hoped for from
tho records sought with tho spectro
graph by Professors Lord and Codding
ton who stationed thomsolves at Waia
lua but thoir trip of six thousand miles
for the purpose of taWntr such observa
tions Was made useless by cloudy
Some theories lod to expectations of
great magnetic disturbances when tho
Continued on Pago Eight
Was Once Owner arid Editor of Advertiser
Founded Gazette and Kuokoa A
Veteran and Forty Niner
Pi vrvil
Cupt J II Black ltumanlna votoran
of tho Civil War forty niner adven
turor and ono of tho liost knuwn and
most respected men who ever lived In
Honolulu Is dead Yesterday afternoon
lor a numJior of years owing to his
advanced ngo and also to tlio fnct that
wounds rocolvflil In tho Civil War wero
liutliirliig him Ciiptnln Bluclc had boon
In bml lipultli ILlind iljoen expected
Jsmcs h Mclean received u coblcgroiaj Hint a trip Hunt would benefit him but
announcing tlio sad news iliiith Iiav
Ipg found tho old man Ip hl Jioyliooa
homo near Philttdelphm
Captain Rhvk wa a rMldoiit of Ho
nolulu from IBM until a tow niontlis
ago Ho held several position of truit
In the HuwallBii government at dlirr
nut tlmiw nnd for ten ywrn whk an
Qtrur 4l ft itwner of Tim Alvor
ler HvUm ynrsliMud btl Mir frsiii
If M Wlillnty IN tmvUr In 1870
Mug JtrR wrt llw tbf JUr
Tbn ljAWsllin ltt wm pUlfliM
Uy tbn did im Wil m Ui ttwrko
Iiieu his nrrival In tho East reports of
roiitlnuad HI health woro recoiVfld liy
ii in roiiiiiMK noro a snort tuna Bjo
word wild rpouivwii tniit lie had had a
truko of iipnpMixy mill tlm cuhled news
ut hu iIbhIIi yUiilay was not uu
IiiUrtlinf Ctreer
Vtniiiiit lllnek win tiom nwir
ilslpiilu In IfUld uu lioil mi lntrtliijf
aarr iminif niiiiiiiHron miiiuiiu inots
wIium iiuiiim tire liiMrllioil In tlm iook
of fwe f llin IloumtM nf 0tlfurnl
fir be fliit wnt In Hie duMen Hlntu
it ii wm mo Bin rvir yu jnu
urines m
Fighting at Blucficlds Expected
Between Armies of Rival
American Troops Guard Inter
ests of Americans in City
toBe Stormed
BLUEPIELBS Nicaragua May 20
Tho forces of President Hadriz bavo
finally roachod within striking dlstinop
of this city and a battlo Ibotweoa tho
government forces and tho army of Gen
eral Estrada for possession of tho town
is imminent Each army has about two
thousand men but tho forces of tho
government aro tho hotter armed and on
tho offensive
In ylow of the possibility of- tho elty
boing captured tho commandors of tho
Amorican gunboats Paducah and Du
buquo yesterday landod ono hundred
and fifty marines to protect lAmoricaa
interests Tho landing party is provid
ed with field guns
General Estrada is prepared to mako
a desporato last stand
Should Doctor MTndriz Bucccod in cap
turing this placo it will bo almost tho
death blow of tho revolutionists cause
as tho latter have depended alomst en
tirely upon tho customs rovonues horo
anil at Capo Gracious Adois to renew
tho fighting in tho futuro Gonoral
Estrada has been collecting tho reve
nues paid in gold and siiver slnco Oc
tober 10 lat find was confident of bo
ing ablo in a short whilo to flnanoo a
successful fight for tho control of tho
wostorn as well as tho oastern part of
tho republic Slnco tho revolutionary
contrpl of tho castorn part of Nicaragua
commorco has grown
i h
SAN ItATAEL May 20 rormor
Polico Commissioner Ilannery on trial
for allogcd grafting in connection with
a wire tapping gang of swindlers was
acquitted yesterday tho jury boing out
for thirty minutes
Whether We Split the Comets
Tail or Not Appears to Be
Open Question
SAN PI1AN0I6CO May 20 Profes
sor Campbell who has ibeen watching
tho comet phonomona ifrom tho Lick
Observatory announces that it is not
probable now that tho earth will pass
at all through tho comots tail That it
bnd not dono so up to last night was
agreed by tho scientist at that ob
servatory tho falluro of tho oxpected
to happen boing accounted for by tho
fact that tho tall acquired a sudden
curvature throwing out all tho calcu
lations previously made That tho
transit of tho comot across tha sun oc
curred is bolicvod to bo beyond doubt
Bottled Botno Tall Up
EKKLIN May 20 Observations of
tho transit of tho comot woro taken
horo yesterday from a balloon tho ox
porlmont boinij termed a success Dur
ing tho day tho balloon was sent up
with bottles to gather air from tbo
higher levels tho bottles Hieing arrang
ed to close automatically when tho do
Mired height hnd been renchod Tlm air
contents of these bottles will Hio ex
amined to tuo if thore bo any laotoorlo
ilnut present
Bpsctrum Across Sun
Uu A brum spent rum of light extend
tug uerom the fueo of tho un tor n
eoiitlilwmblo dint ft i co oil aeli side bu
lieuii 1irvinl hi the Ycrlitm obiorvs
The XII Eld It
PIHarliiff Jlsrvnl ulvwi m bUopln
Inn Hint flit iiiMlrum uljwrviMl at tho
I YerkM dlNwrvstory wm mui4 nreb
IhroupuHl Ui IIinAIIi lleliiy1y tho mfWHWi of Ilia nwiste tall
WNUIMM mh ilf wiiil
I Iwtlww be Mtu wl Ui wtitb

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