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Scientists the World Over on the
Lookout for Todays
Professor Ellerman Gets a Cable
Giving Hour of
Frjin Wednesday Advertiser
Some timo today or tonight tlio
earth h lo pa through the tall of Hal
leys tjmot nud late this afternoon the
comet b nucleus or head will pass be-
tween tlio earth anil the sun A cable
received yesterday by Irofcssor Eller
man of tlio Mount Wilson Solar Ob
servatory who is hero as representing
the Astronomical and Astrophysicai So
ciety of America stated that final ob
servations and calculations showed that
the comet would be at the mlddlo of its
passage across the sun at 51518 this
afternoon As it will tako about half
an hour to cross tlio sun this means
that tlio transit will begin at about a
quarter to five Tho exact time of tlio
earth entering tho comets tail can not
be stated
All ovor tho world scientists arc
waiting to sco what tho day will ro
veal Homo voices of alarm aro heard
but nn overwhelming majority of tho
authorities express the opinion that
tho passage of the earth through tlio
tail of the comet will not havo any
effect at all except upon scientific in
struments used for purposes of investi
gation Tho present headquarters of
tho Astronomical and Astrophysicai so
cioty are in Madison Wisconsin to
which place tho scientists hero and in
scores of other plncea will send their
reports Tho lesult of Professor El
lerman s observations horo wilt bo
known at once while thoso of Pro
fessors Lord and Coddlngton at Ilnlc
iwa unless very decisive mny not b
fully dotccted or appreciated at first
Tho hour of transit is what Professor
Ellorman and tbo other observers camo
hero for and it will afford them mid
Professor Donnghko of tho Collego of
Hawaii nn opportunity nevor had bo
foro in tho history of astronomy Prom
Diamond Head Professor Ellerman will
watch tho transit while Professors
Lord and Coddlngton who also repre
sent the Astronomical find
cal Society will muko observations of
a spectroscopic nature
Tho groat question which tho scien
tists hope to solve is as to tho composi
tion of tho comet It is a question
whothor the nucleus is of sufficient
solidity to be visiblo as it crosses the
sun Tho only other transit of a
comet across tho sun that has been ob
served was that of tho great comet of
1882 said Professor Ellcrinan yestor
day That comet was so near the
sun only about 300000 miles away
that 1 think its Head was vaporized
and becamo too thin to absorb light
Halloys comet is far enough from
should bo fairly plump They
ought to put on fat as fast as
they uso it up for fat is fuol
and tho burningiof it makes pow
er and force Thin childron
even along to tho ago of oightoon
or twenty aro in danger from
consumption and from othor
wasting complaints Tho chil
dren who starve and tho young
men and women who aro con
sumed why tho very idoa of
it is frightful For such as
they there is always what is call
ed a mighty famine in tho
land Pood though it may bo ta
ken plentifully does not nourish
them It makes no fat it gives
No strength To provont this to
euro this to savo tho young ones
at tho mothers knees and tho
bright boys and girls who aro
just looking at tho world with
inbitious eyes is tho purposo of
Its success is decided and sot
tied Thousands owo to it life
and health It is palatablo as
honey and contains all tho cur
ativo properties of puro Cod
Liver Oil oxtracted by ub from
fresh cod livers combined with
tho Compound Syrup of Ilypo
phosphitoB and tho Extracts
of Malt and Wild Cherry In
building up palo puuy emocia
tod children particularly thoso
tronblod with Anumia Scrofula
Itickets and bono and blood ilia
lists nothing equals it its ton
io qualities aro of tho highost or
Un A Medical Institution nays
Wo have usoil your preparation
in treating children rot coughs
colds ami inlliimiiiutioii itu up
Iln utlon hiw never failed wi la
liny cinio ovmi tho most nygru
Mitod bordering on moiuiioiiiii
The children like it mid it
uildd mi Uiolr hodlM i many
lit tin ohllilroii givo Uiolr 1 1 vet
ti it KllMtivn from Uiu fl
i1tw mnl yoij uaniiot m dUiip
MJiiuiMJ in it Mi Uy Atfinuu
fMWmWBW1w Mmimxvmmm
RAYS CHOfA COMET- evBMIKS i j i i rjfflTl
MAY II Os jBaG A - p Hwy t
iU0Kv Of tSfj and Cornet
j 3s Ucoc
- A5 ORMT CUT BUOME M V t MoOft afttted
tfJ5L 08ITHEirONVt yV
caMfPitrcesrHBtiotJ S Cam e OP c fff
APRIU i IPB60 at IMI Mlllll IIHni TrtffgU a
LEAST 90000 Mites effl C
The above drawing shows how the head of Halloys comet today passes directly botwecn tlio earth and
tho sun and ns tho tail always points nway from tho sun causes tho earth to pass through tho tail Here
are shown tho orbits of tho comet and tho earth with tho imnginery plnno of both orbits Tho earth and
comet aro moving in opposite directions as shown by tho arrows Tho varying sizp of tho comet is com
jiarntivo only to show how it uppearod and will appear at different times The curve in tho tail is duo
to the way it b scon through tho convex lens of tho earths atmosphoro By looking toward tho sun
from the plane of tho oartli it will bo seen why tho comet appears to bo approaching tho sun when it is
renlly departing
the sun so tbnt it will not bo vaporized
by the suns heat and thoro is a chance
that various parts oi tuo nucleus aro
large enough to cast shadows on the
suns disk Tho transit will tako about
an hour and tho comet will bo in the
center of tho sun at IS minutes past
fivo this afternoon according to a cnblo
1 just received from Doctor Hall which
is tho result of tho last observations
nnd calculations probably at Harvard
Tho exact timo of tho earths be
ing within tho tail can not bo statod
with certainty as it is impossible to
say whether the tail is curved or not
if the tail is a straight line of course
tho earth will enter it some timo bo
foro tho comets nucleus begins to
cross tho sun as seen from here tho
tail being much widor than tho nucleus
nnd tho earth will naturally bo in the
tail for Homo timo after tho transit of
thn nucleus is over Tho time of earths
entering the tail may bo any timo be
tween tonight Tuesday and Thursday
1 doubt whether thoro will bo any
visiblo effect of earths passing through
tho comets tail On a clear dark night
it would probably causo somo illumina
Professors Lord nnd Coddington aro
at Hnlciwa whero they will use tho
spectrograph lioping to get somo photo
graphs which will indicate tho composi
tion of tho comet Tho cablo received
by Professor Ellerman was transmitted
to them yesterday
Tho question of what comets are
composed of has been long a subject of
speculation and controversy among
nstronomcrs Tho opportunity of today
is the best that has ever occurred for
settling it A writer in Colliers says
A year Ago I made tho announce
ment that comets tails woro sun
light focused and transmitted through
spaco by tho heads of comots acting
ns huge spherical lenses In other
welds the tail of a comot is prac
tically tho Biuno as tho beam of a
searchlight This has since bcon proven
by observation at muny observatories
When Halloys comot passos between
tho earth nnd sun on Mav 18 20 the
earth will merely bo bathed in an extra
flood of light If tho passage occurs
in the day and tho sky bo clear wo
shall have a hot brilliant day If
at night it will bo bright ns if tho
moon at tlutt timo just past first quar
ter wcro at its fullest nnd brightest
and shining on freshly fallen snow
Wo nro not afraid of brilliant moon
light Tho moon is only 240000 miles
away while Halnyjs comet at its near
est will bo sixty times as far from
the earth Thoro is this difference
though Tbo moons light is reflected
sunlight tho comets light is condensed
and transmitted sunlight Tho earth
will ho out of focus of this light this
time It would take a comet over a
million miles in diameter passing be
tween the earth and sun much nearer
than any comot ever has to affect
tho earth by focused light
This can bo undorstood by putting
somo burnablo object in sunlight and
placing a magnifying glass botweon it
and tho sun If tho Bunllght is not
focused on tbo object tho glass merely
lights it up Tho cbanco of any comet
passing tho earth so its rays will bo
focused on tlio earth is about ono in
a billion Thcreforo wo need not wor
ry Venus will practically anticipate
our cxperienco by eighteen days so wo
will havo ample timo to quiet our
fears boforo tho comet reaches us
Much has been written about tho
evil effects of comets on tho earth
Much of it is ontoosalu8m Tho
presenco of an abnormal body moving
at high spee3 through tho solar sys
tem is bound to result in somo slight
llltltttrlimtftn lillf ttn unrlli iiArifldafnllu
i second of its existence
greater strains than any comet could
possibly causo Tho earth is protected
by a wonderfully resilient and ulustio
atmosphere weighing 20000000000000
of tons This titanic shock ubnorlw
lias withstood tlio centrifugal pressure
of tho solid earth for untold nges nud
tho ceutrifugul pressure of tho ourlh
can only bo expressed in myriad mul
tiples of uiilliojK Tho imavugo of the
comet will Mime local ilUtiirtmnuos
Hut tlioro is a vast dltrurouoo between
au eruption liko Krakutoa In u uornet
yuur or nn eiirllinunko like tliosa of
Kit n 1raiiolieo or MvmIiiu mid n uul
url iluhifo of water or lire or vx
tiuctlou by oyuognu gat Tbure bu
liium uuil will bv iiuwuMiimhltt uuutbvr
uuruul diinlnyi umgunUe ililutbuw
n ml utliur iiliuiuiuttiiu but tlid nru
uut iu bu fraiiM hi involving iliMtruii
tieii of tlio Jnmmri raco or fin planet
Tewe gruvn doubt hi Urn mjiiili
e mwm uttreiiewwsi lliut tliU wwt it
I of Mlleys hihil Tiij MMt et
My JllOB JMIFMtiMl til MWI IWHll Bll
Inhuhm y tint u tU mih m
leys comet may havo divided as did
Biolas Even so it was large or
compact enough to throw a shaft of
sunlight or tail two million miles
long on April 17 tho day before it
passed perihelion
Whon Senator Pairchild roportcd tho
Island of Kauai unanimously opposed
to prohibition and quite satisfied -with
what it had in tho way of liquor traffic
regilatiou he overlooked a great deal
according to other reports received
from tho Garden Island Tho fact that
the Kauai grand jury draw attontion re
cently to tho fact that all the cases it
had been called upon to investigate hal
their relation to liquor and the uso of
it has been noted by Kauaims as well
as others and tbero arc plenty of tho
former to assist in b nging nbout a
better state of alfain
As a matter of fact tno majority on
Kauai for prohibition will bo substan
tial ia any ovent nnd will be largo if
W II Itiep and Francis Gay annouaco
themselves in favor of tho no ibonzo
side Somo arc reported to bo waiting
to see how these two align themselves
but others are nlroady actively working
tor the prohibation majority
A number of prohibition clubs have
been formed In abnost every ono tho
oiflcers are either county or territorial
officials Tho Lihuo club has A Kaulu
kou deputy assessor for president nnd
J II K Kaiwi for secretary Tho Ka
paa club is presided over by John M
Kaneakua county clerk of ICAtinl while
John Upio supervisor is treasurer Tho
secretary for tho Karma club is S
ileluula deputy sheriff
WilUnm Warner judgo at Hnnalci is
the president of tho club iu his dis
trict with J K Lota tho doputy sher
iff tho secrotary
Rev J K Akina pastor of tho
Waimea church is the president of the
Waimoa club with J K Kapuniai
deputy assessor the secrotary
When Knighthood was in Flower back
of the drop curtain of the oporahouse on
Monday evening at fifteen minutes
past seven oclock manhood was on
firo in front of tho samo drop curtain
When half past eoven arrived tho or
chostrn players who aro still at the
oporahouse crawled out from under tho
stage and began to tunc up Thoro was
no ono in tho house except tho ushers
surrounded by Billy Adams when tho
orchestra tore off tho first oars of tho
Merry Widow At eight oclock when
tho musicians had gono a Jong ways to
wards earning their nightly stipends
there was still nothing doing in tlio
audience lino and it began to look to
thoso surveying through the peephole in
tho rag as if tho flowors of knighthood
were in for awilting from frost
Meanwhile Adams nnd tho ushers
were parleying and at last tho truth
came out There was a striko ou Tlio
boys in tuxedos who show you eo po
litely into someone elses scat had
walked out ami to makomattors worse
tho labor situation hud bocomu com
plicated with the question of tho suf
fragottes Word had passed nruund
Unit Adams iutondod to put girls iu
tlio aisle and Adams bud admittod it
All tho manhood individual l col
lective of soveu ushers bristled t tin
idea of being nipitlaittoii by girls at
lour bits a night when they woro druw
ing down envelope with big sllyor dol
bus in tliem ono n day
That was tlio roaion why tlio big
iloorn of the aiornlioiuie mnyoil shut In
tho fares of uiudriW nnd that wn tlw
rowgu wiy many tliwittiruoor perelud
n thtt Uipilol reuse to lUuu tu tli
flrt few Uotf ui thu urabvetm
It win reiMirteil liitt nltiht Unit Hi
uIhm iu tweilos Mil tliir ivtt iil
am Ilia jiay mmUunwi to lie wip dullm
Iter Tin only eemlitluii u wLleli
jwkn union will ilBulfec girl will
be fur Adiinu to double hit furee and
Ah AuierUnu nUuiltt Uk feuud
wey te wiuufuiui witkire
Board Last Night Passed the
Ordinance Vote Four
to Three
From Wednesday Advertiser
After a great deal of opposition tho
ordinance giving the Bitulithic Pave
ment Company tho contract for paving
Fort street was passed at the third
reusing at tho supervisors meeting last
Tho opposition was all prepared and
had all its arguments down so perfectly
that they just rippled out but they
wcro of no avail Aylett was tho first
to oppose it and complained because
this was tho fourth reading Ho wanted
to know how many times they wanted
him to voto on tho thing and was with
difficulty pacified
McClellan was next on tho floor and
bad a mass of reports and documents
boujing on street paving in a dozen
representative cities in the United
States and Canada Ho attempted to
prove Dy nis arguments that it would
bo cheaper for tho city to build its own
plant Ho pointed out tho cities whicb
did tnis successfully but by far the
greater portion of his illustrations re
ferred to cities who lot their paving out
on oius
It must hayo taken weeks of trained
research to get together the compen
dium on street paving which was pain
stakingly read by McClellan and he
must havo ibeen devoted to tho subject
or known somebody who was to havo
prepared it
Quinn roso in defense of tho measure
saying that tho city had no money an
argument which nobody tried to refute
but which made no dent in the firmness
of the opposition Cox also spoko in
defense of it pleading for hotter
streets as soon as possible
McClellan s arguments seeming to
have failed Ahin roso primod with an
other lino of talk Ho called attention
to tho thirty petitions received by tho
board containing thirty signatures
npieco and said that this represented
900 voters Ho explained that he was
not announcing bis enndidacy or office
again but that tho voice of tie poor
people ought to be listened to Here
was 900 poor people petitioning and
yot a man from New York got the
contract Ahla wept
Then Aylett toso and insisted that
this was tbo fourth reading
Logan said that it would become
nothing but polities If the idoas of tbo
others was carried out Aylott answer
ed insinuating that politics were not
wholly absent from tho present deal
and that somebody might tako Logan
apart and do a littlo business on tho
sido At this Logan looked glum
Kane not having expressed himself
nt all H rested on Ilm whon tie roll
was called Ho voted for tho ordinanco
and it passed over the no is of Ahia
Aylott and McClellan Argument on
Ed Lords Buit for Injunction against
tho city was Icard yestorday morning
uciore uio supremo court ana it Is pos
siblo that itho decision mny change tho
siaius oi uuairs
WASHINGTON May 17 Assletant
Attorney General Lawlor took tie stand
today ln the Investigation of affairs
of tho department of tie interior to
testify concerning tho letter Stonog
rapier Kerby says Lawlor wrote lie
made denial of having eomultod any
one In preparing memoranda tor tie
President a consideration
When Plncliot nnd Gerfield wero
reffirrilil tn m lifliniT halilti Ilia ln
runteri of Kerby tie inUtorf
PA70 OINTMRNT nwmilml
Q eiire tiny am 0 jripg jni
lUejdijiB or lrairuitliiK iie n t to
PAttl WHWC1NB CO K int Ui
U HufA
FOR iff KliliO
Support of McCandlcss May Cost
the Lone Home Ruler His
House Seat
Notley Confirms Report That He
Is Urged to Run for the
Advocacy of Link McCandlcss for
the dclegatcshlp may cost Cannon Ball
Kanlhp his political llfo according to
lcttors received from Kohala this week
Traitor is tho somewhat signifi
cant word applied to Kanihos latest
political action by his constituency for
Kohala is tho original
Homo Kule community and Link Mc
Candlcss democracy slttoth hard upon
their conscience Kohala will stay
Home Rule but Kanlho is likely to bo
read out of the party This extremely
definite opinion reached Honolulu in
porsonal letters botwecn tho Kohala
powers behind the throno and politicians
who haunt the capital
Kanihos defenso of his actions
in his first speech of the campaign las
cooked his gooso to a moro dclicnte
brown evidently In the first place tho
prohibition question waB not supposed
to be touched upon Peoplo who wero
depending a great deal on tbe impres
sion that Kanihos speech would mako
ia order to get the impetus of tho
early bird in tho coming campaign
were disappointed in this part of his
address for it seemB that prohibition
was by an unwritten understanding
reiegateu to a cioscu LicKer
However Kohala which las sent
Kaniho up for every session of the
territorial legislature is not botherinz
about Kanihos ideas on- prohibition
but is shocked over his desecration of
Homo Rulo altars by a renunciation of
Charlos Notley
Kohala Hawaiians own their own
land and lease it to Japanese own
their canoes by which and almost in
which thoy live nnd believe in Home
Rule earnestly and devoutly That Ka
nlho should applaud the Democratic
contestant for congressional honors is
fcnsidored a real sorrow in Kohala
However as a wily politician Kaniho
seems to havo left a loophole through
winch no can crawl it is well known
and admitted by his opponents that ha
is one ol tho last of tho old stylo
and that thero is not another Hawaiian
who can talk in tho native tongue as ho
Saturdays speech at Aala Park was
of courso in tho parables for which the
old Hawaiian language is wonderfully
suited and Kanihos parables on this
occasion hinted at a weakness in his
new faith no entirely evident on ho
faco of it Among other things ho is
alleged to havo said was that if Mc
Candlcss did not win in front ho would
in back This loses in translation the
meaning that the Hawaiians saw in the
original Thoso who were careful to
note Kanihos speech now como forth
wjth assurances that ho intimated no
very strong desire to see McCandless
win but rather kept his hands clean of
tho delegateship without advocating
Kuhio McCandless or Notloy Maybe
this assurance is only to mako Kaniho
como out and sign his political check
for McCandless to further sever him
from tho affectionsof Kohala How
ever Kohala 6cems to bo dissatisfied
already which will probably causo Ka
niho to mako a quick return to fight
his own battles
Charles Notley left forHawaii on
tho Mnuna Ken yesterday Before leav
ing ho gave an interview confirming
the report published in Tho Advertiser
yesterday to tho effect that ho was be
ing urged to get out of the dclegatcshlp
fight and run for tho senate Ho denied
that it was Homo Rulers who wero urg
ing this and said it was Democrats
However tho best known man who is
urging is Representative Kaniho tho
only Homo Ruler to bo elected to the
last legislature
Tho near approach of lot weather
has caused quite a nunVber of vacancies
in tho prison a numbor of prisoners
and guards going on their vacations
TIo latest among the prisoners to join
tbe summer colony of prisoners some
whero up in tho hills is Ohun Duck
Soon who escaped from tho prison gang
at tho Kaimukl quarry yesterday af
ter noon Ho was in for quite a rcspcot
able term for stealing tho jewelry of
Mrs Boardman
Thero is a somewhat scarcity of
guards also one iboing on his vacation
and Billy Woods being down nt Koolau
building n chicken coop While ostensi
bly for the lousing of fowls this chick
en liouso Is roally u trap for Grace but
nothing must lie said about it for fear
ing of warning tho negro
PUOKNJX Arlrotm Mny 18 Tho
Hotel Adams was destroyed by lira last
nllit with fwirful Iwe of life Thirty
gueiti are unnecnunted for nnd it l
feared tbst mmrt of tlem perilled Id
the lltunM Tie flnanolul Iom Is
mwpi iniatr4mmmmrvmmm
QMfVHMHD Mw 18 Tij prbtirjr
Jerity f A PhWm rmUrt
owm Mv W rMllM
Emeryville Probably Wont Allow
It and the Plans
But Citizens of the-Wide-Open
Pans of America Also
planned now to hold tho Tori nvn To
ries fight ia this city owing to tho
prospect mat tho local authorities in
Emoryvlllo appear likely to rofuso per
mission to hold it thoro The promoters
think that Mayor McCarthvn nmlnla
tration will npprovo having tho con-
can jTancisco and are planning
accordingly Thero will however ho
Vigorous protests if such nn nrrnncw
mont Is attomptcd and there is no cer
tainty yoi as to Tvtiere tho fight can bo
puuou ou
Though both tho fichtora aro ohMt
ing to train and promoter Tor Rlokard
aeciares that ho will certainly pull tho
fight off it is beginning to appear like
ly that thero will lo troullo over got
ting a place Eidkard is insured awnlnt
such contingencies as prevention o tho
Somo of the leadinc ministers of Sun
Francisco have been pointing out that
ivvvUv Bvorjr otuie in tno union
has passed laws prohibiting prizo fights
and they denounced the authorities of
Emeryville ior bringing California into
tho limelight as tho only State allow
ing such exhibitions As a Tesult of
this agitation it developed today that
thero WAR mnnl nimnaUli 1
otlieials of Alameda county in which
uoj jiu ia m uiiowingstno ngnt
Riclkard has appealed to tho Mc
Carthy administration for a license to
allow tho white and negro champions
to THimmr1 nun flnntlA U1
- vw uuwvuw 411 vuia city
McCarthy has declared for a wido
d T u nas maao tsan bran
clsccr moro wido opon than eho ever
was It is stated however that if ho
attempts to ibring upon San Francisco
the notoriety of being tho scene of this
fight thero will be legal proceedings to
prevent it
DENVER May 18 The wets
carried Denver in tho election holdyes
terday A very spirited campaign was
carried on by both sides liquor men
socuring the aid of outside leaders of
national prominence The count of tho
voto last night Bhowed that the drya
wero beaten The churches and othor
organizations joined forces in a strenu
ous effort to put Denver on the dry
y of
First Stage of Edwards Funeral
Is Completed Imposing
LONDON Mny 17 Tho remains of
the late King Edward were today con
veyed in solemn stnto through the
streets of London from Buckingham
Palacn to Westminster Hall where they
now lie in state
ibe original intention had been to
hao the removal of the body from tho
throno room of Buckingham Palace to
Westminster done privatoly but this
pla i was abandoned and the procession
ycsteiday one of considerable cere
mony tho cortego being an imposing
military spectacle twelve thousand
troops lining tho streets through which
tho procession passed
Tbe members of the house of com
mons assembled in the morning and re
paired la a body to Westminster nail
to receive the body After tbo oaken
casket had boon placed In position on
tho catafulquo covorod with tho samo
purple pall that enshrouded tho coffin
of Queea Victoria the Jino around tho
bier was formed the first to pass being
tho ussemblod members of royalty in
thoir ofllclnl regalia These wero fol
lowed by tbe peers of the kingdom and
members of tbo commons Brief ser
vices wero held
The body will lie in state for three
day after which the casket will be
taken to Wcitinuiiter Abbey for I lie
reading thero of tlio first part of tho
burliil service The seivlco will be enn
eluded at Windsor Castle
One bottlf of Chamberlains Colic
Cholera nnd DlnTrloea Jlemedy gem n
long wy toward relieving suffering Iu
HMiiiiy t Is better than auj doctor e
nreeiriitlon d world twenty times
iu eMt in of dlArrlioen eramp
enlle or ilyrntry wbUh tire liable to
Wine on imldMily nt Ii nwion of tin
yr ler tele Jjy ell ilealera Deiieon
Buillli s Co ngeuli fsr Hawaii
ui i ii -
A naval tmuiieu iruijniw will bo
taJiiNt up nt lb wealing of Mm

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