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Astronomers at Kaimuki Could
Detect Nothing Solid When
Transit Occurred
Weather There Made Abortive All
the Preparations of Mainland
From Thursdays Advertiser
Tho nucleus of Jlalleys comot has
no body of solid matter largo enough
to be visible through a six or Bbc and
four tenths inch telescope with tho sun
as a background This was tho con
clusion reached yesterday as a result
of tho observations raako at Diamond
Head and Kalinukl by Prof P Ellor
man of the Mount Wilson Observatory
and Profossor Donaghho of tho Collego
of Hawaii Both saw the Bunscots re-
nnrted bv mainland observers Bat
Halleys comot passing botween hero
and tho sun showed absolutely no im
pression at all tho sun with the comot
in front or it ioohbq juat uu u mmu
vraB no comet theie
This was what Professor Elldrman
Lord and Coddington came nil tho way
here from their mainland institutions
to observe Yesterday afforded an un
precedented opportunity to find out
whether the comot had a solid nucleus
and sottlo a question that has occupied
astronomers ever since cometo have
been studied Tho telescopic oBseiva
tions of yesterday do not piovo that
thero is no solid matter in Halleys
comet but they do prove that thero
is no large solid body constituting tho
head or nucleus of tho comet
It is possible that other larger telo
scopes may show some different results
Professor Ellerman stated after his
observations wero over that a differ
ent report might come fiom tho larger
instrument employed in Manila All
thero is to be said about my observa
tions hero he said is that I ho re
sult was negative There is nothing to
report I had had some idea that per
hnnn wo ruioht see something of the
comet in transit but not the faintest
traco was to be -seen
The Mount Wilson astronomer had
n nmnll observatory on the slope of
TMjimonil Head iust beyond tho light
liniign in which was a
scope After his work was over yes
tflnlnv he and Mrs Ellerman enter
tained a small paity at dinner picnic
stvle on the picturesque slope above
the sea the paity afterwards being
trritirt tn some fine opportunities to
xiaw tho heavens throueh tho big glass
Professor Donaghho fresh from his
work at Kaimuki was a caller betwoon
six and Beven oclock Tno two o0
servers each laucbinely expressed satis
faction that their observations or lack
of observations were tho same
Just Normal
Tho sun was just tho samo as on
any normal day said Professor Do
naghho Tho comot niado ro appear
ance at all in our telescope which
was as I expected This proves of
course that thero is no very large solid
body in tho head of the comot
Tho comot has not yet Teached its
nearest appioach to tho earth It will
bo nearest some time during tho twen
tieth of this month Greenwich time
after which it will rapidly depart It
will be an evening spectacle from now
on but tho moon will bo light up the
sky that it will not be seen again as
largo appearing or brilliant as on re
cent mornings But for tho moon its
largest appearance would bo this even
ing and tomorrow ovening
Bain at Halelwa
Intense disappointment was tho lot
of tho two scientists at Haleiwa Pro
fessor Lord and Professor Coddington
of tho Ohio State University who havo
como hero with all their instruments to
carry out special experiments in con
nection with the transit of the comet
across tho sun Yesterday at Haleiwa
throughout all the poriod of transit the
sky was heavily overcast wjth clouds
and rain provailod making the work of
taking any observations at all impos
Last nicht Professor Lord telephoned
in to Tho Advertiser annouLcing tho
dismal finalo of his long trip Ho ap
peared philosophical over the situation
uowovor saying wnen eonuoienccs woro
Well it could not bo helpfd
Tho onlv slcm of Irritation tho scien
tist displayed was whon the buzzing In
ice leiopnone receiver grow extra touu
Sisal May Havo News
TUo United States mugnotie ob
servatory at Sisal is looked to for soma
Important reults in tho general study
of Halleys comet It is tho theory of
many astronomora Hint tho comets
tnil is au electric phenomenon in which
event It might bo oxpocted to have a
marked effect on turn instruments us
tlioio at Sisal 0 II Gardner in charge
of tho mngnotlo station kept special
watch of Ilia Instruments yesterday but
no teport lint been received yet from
lilt obsenutloni It was the oxpeota
liuii or many scieuiuta thai audi m
atrumnl would show violent disturb
nnco during tho period of llio wth
passage through too tail or tno comet
Just a WUla Jfcrvoiti
piagulse It as the majority triad
tlmrti wae aoiutliUrable apprehension
ihimuk Itta alllNUi yuitirday over ttit
riijiMueuluu transit of Ilia auioet and
ifm ma Just wltut wai l liavu bt
tntiii1 tw kNw and ultliftugH thar
wr ijf Uw hUi aaWally pv up
t ksiiiiwU4I tUt ikt wr
trii iw 4mi Ida wih r
Court of Claims Denies That She
Has Any Legal Claim to
Crown Lands
WASHINGTON May 1 Tho court
of claims rondors decision today rela
tive to the long Btandlng claim of ox-
Queen Liliuokalanl of the Hawaiian
Islands for compensation Cor the seizure
of what aro known as tho crown
lands of the islands being lands which
under tho monarchical form of govern
ment of Hawaii woro passed from mon
arch tt monarch then being considered
tho property for tho timo of reign of
each individual ruler The decision
finds no morit in the claims of the
ox auecn declaring that tho Hawaiian
crown lands woro and nro the property
of tho government of Hawaii whatover
form that government may be and that
tboy are theroforo now the property of
tho Torrltory or liawnu
W W Hall senior member of tho
firm of E 0 Hall Son is lying se
riously ill at his homo in Nuuanu Val
Mr Hall attended tho annual meet
ing of the firm on Thursday last whon
ho oxpressed the hope that ie would
continue to bo well to colabrato tho
fiftieth anniversary of his membership
with tho firm which will bo on June
1 The noxt day Mr Hall was too ill
to leave his homo and since then he
has been under tho constant caro of
physicians The fiftieth anniversary is
an event to which Mr Hall has been
looking forward to for some timo and
recontly ho has takon a keon interest
in tho coming date
It was in I860 tho year before the
civil war broko out that Mr Hall be
came actively engaged as a member
of tho houso of Hall Son hardware
merchants and since that date he has
continued his activity in tho affairs
of the company only relinquishing
some of tho more strenuous work of
tho offico since tho big fire which de
stroyed the building and stock a few
years ago
many who heaved a sigh of roliof when
six oclock camo and the world was
tho same old green spot with Diamond
Head where it ougnt to De
Hawalians Disturbed
Among the Huwaiians in tho morn
ing thero was considerable uneasiness
not becauso of any goncral catastropba
that might bo feared but because tho
coming of comets always means woo to
the aliis Just whon or on whom tho
blow would fall they know not ibut
thoy expected something to happen
It did according to tradition and
there was much head shaking and I
told you sos among them
Yesterday from Washington camo
the news that Queen Liliuokalanl had
lost in her suit against tho government
That was tho blow that fell uppn tha
aliis That was tho catastropbo to a
chief that the comet portended
Japanese on Oahu Quiet
Reports from Hilo wore to tho ef
fect that the plantation laborers
disturbed by comet reports and in
many cases had refused to go to work
preferring to dio under the shadow of
their own fig trees Tho various plan
tations on this Island were telephoned
to and nil renorted that tho
laborers were at work as usual pre
ferring to taae cnances on tne coircc
than to lose a days pay
Nothing Happoned
There was quite a run on smoked
glasses in the various opticians stores
during day people preparing to Bee
what might bo to be seen in tho after
noon When ilvo oclock came many
eyes strained through smut to watch
developments and there was much dis
appointment and considerable relief
when tho sun smiled at everyone im
partially and refused to bo obscured
oven temporarily by Halloys pet
Undoubtedly the comet Bailed be
tween us and tho sun yesterday Wo
have tho word of tho whole scientific
world for it But tho fact has to be
taken on trust by tho majority for
more was notmng to snow tnat any
thing was going on out of tho or
Hanging Around the Churches
Many people took on unwonted In
tercst in tho churches yesterday par
tlcularly the Ilomnn Catliolio catho
dral No ono would acknowledge it
out the impression given was that there
would bo Bomo very largo congregations
gatuorcu very quiciuy ji anything nap
ficned to drop during tho afternoon
Baw Sun Spots
From Waialua came tha report last
ovening from Mr Irwin that at four
minutes past lx oclock when the rain
clouds lifted tha aun was brilliant and
across its face could tie seen a filmy
substance with spots jiggling acrosfi
easily seen with u amoked glass or with
regular glasses Thla was observed for
eighteen minutes whon tho clouds again
Observations from town could not 1m
ma ile its tho Walnnae rnnic and lower
lug rack of clouds Intervened and
blotted out all view of tha sun
Ho Wireless Jlfocto
Contrary to expectations tho Ka
luiim wueliws suffered no III fleets mid
tjorltiil no ulmorinai phenomena
Optralnr Miuldaina va prepared for
owftiatla dMiturlMHise mi m were g
iNwlail but nam whatever wra fait or
haar1 and Ilia wiralwa wu dlttwrM
Uy Out III W ftlMpt tha MliMHI lWHM
fmu Ibo fclw it 4 Ida iHtir
ibt t jJtH 1 mm wm mi mm
City Attorneys Department Is
Accused of Conspiring
With Gilman
Mayors Department Says That
Blood Ties Were to Be Ce
mented ry Bitumen
From Thursdays Advertiser
Ovorconfident people who had hopes
of tho final pavement of Port street
with a bituminous tnixturo warranted
bo withstand tho tear of anything from
a baby carriago o an auto truck aro
to bo diBappointod Thorp aro still
breakers ahead
Tho mayor will veto tho ordinance
that provides a f ow blocks of real Btreot
for tho center of tho city if emphatic
roports about tho city hall yesterday
aro to bo believed Tho mayor could
not bo seen but Assistant Hsyor Itivon
burgh discussed the matter f rooly
The mayors stand from the start has
boon in opposition to tho ordinance or
to any manner of means for providing
tho Bltullthic Pavomont Company with
tho contract sans bids
Aylatt might bo funny said
Itivonburgh yesterday but his logic at
tho board meeting was the best thero
Theyve voted a dozon times on this
ordinance OrdinancoY Its a
funny kind of ordinance How can they
amend nn ordinance by it a
titlof An ordinanco is not an ordinanco
without a title in tho first place but
flints fwhn thftv flirt with thin ono
lUvonburch continued by Bayinc that
ho thought it was a funny thing for tha
city attorneys department ao send into
tho board disguised as an ordinance
They just cookod it up ho said
J A Gilman of tho Bitulithic Pavo
mont Company who is a
of A M Brown second deputy city at
torney went up to tho city attornoys
olnco ono -any and tnoy au bad a con
forenco This is tho Tesult
Aftor Bivenbureh had trot thus far
ho paused for breath for a moment and
continued Tills is tno only Territory
or State whoro that bitumen stuff cant
bo bought It 3 patontod and its for
salo but wo cant buy it hore That
conference fixed it all up Its only tho
two inches of stuff on top tnats pat
ontcd anyway Tho plants not patent
oil the foundations not patented
I know Warren well continued
Itivonburgh Ho used to lecture in
tho university whoro I studied engineer
ing Ho was an export on Ditumon ana
ovolved a product that ho could regu
late to tho climate andmako roads out
of it Then ho formed tho company
Tho ordinanco has not yet reached
tho mayors hands from tho city clerk
but ho will doubtless have a chance to
veto it today if ho so desires
Hundreds of Honolulu Headers Know
What It Means
Tho kidnoys aro overtaxed
Have too much to do
They tell about it in many aches and
sideacbo headache
Early symptoms of kidnoy ills
Urinary troubles diabetes Bright b
disease follow
Tho statement below shows you a
certain euro
A T Wildman 1200 E Ninth St
Oklahoma City Okla says Deans
Backache Kidney Pills will always havo
my praise as thoy proved of tho great
est benefit to me Several years ago I
was so bad off as tho result of kidney
troublo and Bright s disease that I was
told by three physicians that I had not
long to live My complaint was
brought on by hard work and exposure
Thero wero severo pains in my back
and loins both day ana ment ana J lost
weight until I was but a moro shadow
of my former self Wihen Doans
Backache Kidnoy Pills wero brought to
my attention I procured a box and
began their use I soon noticed that
my condition was improving and thus
encouraged I continued taking this
valuable remedy Tho contents of six
boxes mado a completo euro and I havo
since been free from every symptom
of kidney trouble
Doans Backache Kidnoy Pills nro
sold by all druggists and storekeepers
at 50 conts per box six boxes 250
or will bo mailed on rocoipt of price by
tho Holllster Drug Co Honolulu whole
sale agents for the Hawaiian Islands
IJomombor tho namet Doans and
take no substitute
111 iHE
Mil AlliED
Bpoclal by Wireless
IlirX May lH Tho Japanese
laborer on ttia Olaa plan-
tatlon at Woinaku and general-
1 throughout tula iMtlon refus w
oil to go to work today remain
w lug pa nl o stricken In their
Iiowm Iliey are lrrlM at
the report that the eamet wai w
lHtely to run Into the aun slid
brlni ftbout lite end of llio
JVo lbttHMu4 mud of Utlifuruut Uj
barv Wu m i tbi tHUIipiiu
Edward Cluney Must Answer to
the Law for the Death of
J M Barboza
Rawlins Not Permitted to Cross-
Examine Witnesses Before
Coroners Jury
tWrom Thursdays Advertlser1
Manslaughter Is tho chargo that
faoes Edward Clunoy who rodo down
and killed J M Bnrboza last Monday
in front of the Kamchnnieha Schools
This charge was entered against his
hame last night a littlo after ton
oclock and if tho regulnr routino is
followed ho will be arranged in polico
court this morning whoro ho may be
given a preliminary hearing or bound
over to tho circuit court according to
tho advico of his counsel
Tho entering of tho chargo followed
tho return of a tordlct of tho coronors
jury investigating Barboza s death
which complotod a two ovenim session
lost night Tho verdict Is as follows
John do Mollo Barboza camo to his
death on tho 16th day of May 1910 in
tho vicinity of tho Kamehameha
Schools on King street Honolulu Olty
and County of Honolulu us a result of
shock and internal hemorrhage causod
by being struck by automobilo No 427
huiku tvus ueuuitsaiy urivuu at a uigu
rato oi speed Dy ono ddio Uunoy
E W Dunn
Tho verdict is amply1 supported by tho
ovidonce that was presented and tho
deliberations of tho jury lasted but a
short while Fow witnesses were ex
amined last night tho last oa tho stand
being Harry Lako city detective
While Lako did not see tho accident
ho was standing on King gtrcot near
tho Kamohameha IV road whon it hap
pened and was told about it immediately
afterwards Ho went to tho scene and
found sovoral blood spots on tho road
Drinking but Sober
Tho more important parts of his testi
mony related to tho previous actions of
Clunoy and his passengers About tea
minutes to fivo ho saw Clunoy and
Jonah Cummins enter tho Kallhl ealoon
tako a couple of drinks and go out
again About seven minutes later thoy
roturned and again went in and drank
Ho states that they woro sober whon
leaving the saloon the accident happen
ing a short tifnb afterwards
At tho opening of lust nights session
W T Rawlins who is representing Clu
noy received a check from Deputy
Sheriff Rose tho coroner Tuesdays ex
amination of witnesses was fcaturod by
numerous cross examinations on tho
part of Rawlins and upon tho comple
tios of tho jurys examination of tho
first witness called last night Roso or
dered him to so but Rawlins halted
him and commenced May I oak
Ho had cot thus far when A M
Brown nroso and speaking on behalf
of the city and countys local dopart
mont asked that tho coroner request
Rawlins to refrain from questioning
Rawlins said ho thought ho had as
much right to ask questions as tho city
attorney which was probably corroct
but as tho xity attorncywas not asking
any questions his remark did not mako
much impression
Then Roso informed him that ho had
put up with bis questioning tho previous
night rather than mako any remark
about it hut that ho Rawlins had
gond too far and it was time to quit
Roso continued saying that he be
lieved Rawlins was trying to make out
a witness on tho previous night to 30
a liar Rawlins hotly Objected and or
dered Roses remark to 10 placed in tho
record but Hoso ordered it out again
saying that thoy were not then proceed
ing with tho inquest Then Rawlins
had his own stenographer tako it down
Clunoy was not called as a witness in
his own behalf Some of tho jurymen
wanted to knowif ho wns to Ibo called
just provious to tho deliberation and
Rose put it up to them They leaving
it with Roso ho asked Rawlins wliothor
or not ho wanted Clunoy called Raw
lins stated that ho would refuse to an
swer tho question and when Hose
mossed it ho grumblod that ho didnt
havo any status anyway being nothing
more than a spectator
Tho roronor will bo occupied tonight
investigating tho death of Alos Garner
and probably tomoirow night with a
resumption of tlie Ah JIoo Ahsul and
Yup lieu inquest
i i
Caplila Petersoiiof the barkentlno
Jano L Stanford who was recontly ar
rested on a charge of maltreating ono
of his tailors was given a hearing h
fore United Htiitcs Commliiioner Juild
pUiday afternoon The wltneeMi
Agnjuit the oaptaln wero some of I lie
sailors pf lie Hlanford and their tes
timony was e strung thai Commit
sleuor Judd said It warranted lilm in
ImMIng Captain Iaterson to the Oetw
her term uf court Hull was fliml at
Htt Uanlaia Ielertun will tako Ills
vam to tit Ioiat but will iiav l
return tu Mand trial flu aallur who
It tn alleu4 was ru4lly traated by
Ua swjitalw is mil tu li wuevital
but lis will nwbeiiiy rtKiar
Drakes Resignation Will Be Ac
cepted and Applicants Are
From Thursdays Advertiser
It is expected that within a short
time a now colfoctor of internal rcvonuo
will bo appointed to succeed Walter
F Drake whoso resignation it is un
derstood will bo accepted Thero was
something doing yostorday in tho mat
ter of tho collcctorship as was ovi
donced by tho wild activity of tho
various candidates for tho job most of
whom spont much of their timo running
to tho cablo office and Bonding messages
to Washington
It is known that both Rovonuo Agont
Thomas and United States District At
torney Breokons as woll as sonjo of tho
candidates for tho job received cable
grams from Washington and tho ro
coipt of these messages was followed
by tho activity above mentioned on tho
part of tho candidates Although both
Mr Brockons and Mr Thomas rofuso
to mako any statement at all in regard
to tho messages thoy rccolvcd it is sus
pected from tho nuxioty oxhibitod by
tho vurious applicants for tho job that
tho department has decided to accept
Drakes resignation and lias asked tno
candidates to send in their recommen
dations and tell something about thorn
solves It is certain that so far as
tho Honolulu olllco is concerned tho
cable company considerably moro than
cleared expenses yostorday
A now candidato broko into tho gamo
a fow days ago and indications nro that
ho will give tbe others a raco for tho
job Ho is B E Wright of tho Tirst
National Bonk of Hawaii It is under
stood that ho has strong backing in
cluding that of Socrotary Mott Smith
William Fennoll tho license inspector
of tho board of liconso commissioners
is fairly certain that ho will land tho
job Ho thinks that ho has tho strong
est backing in town including that of
Goornor irenr J P Cooke and tho
liconso bpard
Morris RoBenbledt is not allowing any
grass to got a good start under his
feet and ho has beon doing stronuous
work to land tho job wlillo his friends
havo not boon idle
Ono of tho strongest candidates is
said to bo Carl Widemann Boing tho
son in low of Sam Parkor it is fairly
certain that ho has tho backing of
Oupid John Colburn who loft for
Washington on tho Mongolia in tho
interests it is said of tho liquor men
will probably cot in a fow cood strokes
for Widomann whllo H L Holsteln
tho Republican national committeeman
is backing him
It has beon supposed that William II
Gootz had tho inside track hut it 1b
understood that n difference of opinion
regarding his fitness for tho position
has arisen betwoon Unitod States Dis
trict Attorney Breckons and Rovonuo
Agent Thomas and between two stools
he may fall to tho ground However
ho has other strong backing and his
chances nro looked upon as being good
It is certain that whoovor lands tho
job will find his work cut out for him
for tho colIoctorBbip ia no sinecure and
a man to fill tho position acceptably
should possess both largo ability and
much oxporienco in tho business None
of tho candidates has ovor had any ex
perience in intornal rovonuo work and
the successful man is duo to meet with1
a few surprises boforo ho goes very far
WASHINGTON May 10 Tho houso
yostorday passed tho amendments askod
for to tho Organic Act of Hawaii grant
ing tho Torritory tho same rights undor
the laws of the Unitod States govern
ing tho general appropriations now en
joyed by Territories within tho United
States Tho bill had previously passed
tho sonatc
LONDON May 7 By tho death of
King Edward a great part of tho world
has boon cast into mourning Nearly
ovcry court of Europo is grieving not
morely bocauso otiquotto demands it
but becauso Edward was a kinsman by
blood or marriage
Following aro tho connections of tho
lato king with the royal nouses
Denmark Edwards queen Alexan
dra wus tho oldest daughter of Chris
tian IX the lato king of Donmarlft
Frederick VIII tho present king was
Edwurds brother-in-law
Germany Kaiser Willi elm II is tho
son or wuwiinrs eiuest sister anu wob
tho dead kings nephew
Russia Czar Nicholas II is tho sou
of Queen Alexandras sister Marie und
tho husband of tho daughter of Ed
wards aistor Alico
Spain King Alfonso XIII is tho hus
band of Victoria Kna tho daughter of
Edwards ulster Beatrice
Groeco King Goorgo I ia a brother
of Queen Alexandra
Norway King Haakon VII la u eon
of irudorlck VJII of Deumurk brother
of Queen Alexandra und la married to
tils cousin Maud King Ed ward a
Bweden King Oscar 11 a on la mar
rlinl to Murgarot of Uouuaught duuyli
tor of t lio If Ing a brother the duliu of
BelgiumKing Phillip JI la a nephew
nt tho lata Leopold JI wlio wux au
Uiiela f Vloturlu King Edward
Holland urnm WilliulmiuH la rvlu
tod through old King Ueurgo III
liaxoOobura uid flotlia Diiltii Iwi
tolil Uliarlaa IMwunl U u sou uf JM
ward a brother luko of Albany
Wldek 1ilniitHM JIvluiiM slater of
Dull Ilsdurluli Is tho wlfw of Juku
luiMilii of Albany ami NauiUoburg
Wiiltmlmr King Wllllaw II Is i
Iie4 lltrouifb the ItiW 1rlueaii Wary
ijuubtta af Ta 11a eoualu uf Juaew Vie
tuna and uiotuar of ll hvW juu ut
Five Ruling Monarchs Arrived in
London Yesterday for
Edwards Funeral
Special Ambassador of France and
Heir Apparent of Italian
Crown Present
LONDON May 10 Yostorday thou
sands of sorrowing subjects passed bo
foro the blor of the lato King Edward
whose body lies in etato in Westmin
ster Hall until tomorrow
Thoro is a great gnthoring noro of
tho crownod heads of Europo and of
tho special ambassadors of tho Powers
for tho royal funoral Yostorday
among tho noted arrivals in London
woro King Albert of Belgium King
Manuel of Portugal King Emanuol of
Italy King Ferdinand of Bulgaria Em
peror William of Germany tho Duko
dAosta of Italy and M B Pinchon tho
special ambassador of Franco
beon definitely docided by Tox Biekard
that tho Tolinson JcITries fight for tho
heavyweight championship of tho world
will be pullod off in this city it boing
thought cortain that tho nocossary per
mit can bo scoured from Mayor Mc
Carthy Tho nrrangemonts for tho
building of an amphitheater at tho
EmoTyvilla ibco track for tho fight
hao all been callod off owing to tho
strength of tho opposition that dovolop
cd thor against permitting tho affair
Colonol Ames Is before n courtmartial
in connection with a sensational scan
dal which involves his wife and Llou
tenant Jan noy and which also brings
in tho circumstances nnd causes of tho
suicide of the lattor ofllcor
results Were
mainly negative
Scientists Regard Them as of the
Greatest Value Sun Spots
Seen by Many
much that was learnod through
out tho world yesterday in regard to
Halleys comot and tho effect its pas
sago across tho f aco of tho sun has upon
things torrostrial of a ncgativo
nature yot astronomers regard thoso as
of tho greatest scientific valuo It was
learned dofinltoly for tho first time that
thero is much that docs not happen
under celestial circumstances such as
prevailed yesterday
Observers In ilvo different university
observatories yostorday saw tho mm
spots at tho samo timo tho largest bo
ing roportcd -by tho St Louis unlvor
sity from which point a spot ono hun
dred and fifty thousand miles across
was noted Astronomers say that theso
spots had nothing to do with tho ap
proach of tho comet
An miuBual ouroral display was ro
portcd from tho University of Wiscon
sin said to bo a direct result of tho
eclipsing of tho sun by tho comot
No disturbances to tho wireless ser
vices or to the operation of tho cables
havo been reported
Profosbor Russoll of Princeton de
clared at three oclock this morning
Thursday that tho earth was still
passing through tho comets tali
SAN mANOISCO May 18 Josoph
arifiiii of Ontario n noted millionaire
mot death lioro today In uii elevator
accident being iininodiatoly killed
- - I1
LIMA IVru May IB This govern
ment Is willing to u no opt tho medlutlun
of the United JtntoM llrnall nnd Ar
gintina lu tu disputes with Kcuudur
Ubiiiiiliorlttliis Oouub Damply Is sold
on it gnarniilee that If you are not eatta
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