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Committee Named to See What
He Has Been Up To and
What To Do About It
Lane Heads Complainants With
Achi and Wise Kokuaing
Crawford to Hear From
Hnving mndo such a howling success
of things in tho last campaign the old
lino Republican regulars aro now mak
ing their last attempt to bo allowed to
mismanage things in tho coming one
Yesterday at a meeting of tho terri
torial executive committee these ones
who defeated themselves and helped do
feat othors on the ticket in 1908 pre
ferred formal charges against Lorrin
Andrews claiming that he was actually
doing somo work for tho money ho re
ceives from tho party
National Committeeman Holstoin was
brought all tho way from Kohala to
bear the details and John Lane was
complainant in chief John Wise who
was buried so deep at tho Inst election
and Charley AcTu wlo was posing in
his star role of renegade at that time
aro also ready to prefer charges
Andrews is accused of trying to bo
boss The principal exhibit against him
is tho fact that the voters of Manoa
preferred him at tho last trial of
strength and will probably prefer him
at the next wmlo down in tho iirtli tho
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Mrs Kela Palani Caught by
Moving Passenger Coach as
It Left Local Station
Trying to alight from the 515 out
going passenger train yestordny after
noon Mrs Kela Falani who is said to
llvo in the Waipnhu district was caught
between the step and the platform and
dragged sovoral feot Her leg was
badly bruised nnd there is a likelihood
that amputation will bo necessary to
savo her life tho limb being badly man
gled above nnd below tho knee Sho
was also bruised about tho face
Mrs Palani was removed to tho
Queens Hospital immediately after the
Tho woman came to tho city accom
panied by another woman Shortly be
fore the train started Mrs Palani
bought a ticket and got nboard She
took a seat by horself evidently expect
ing her companion to get nboard also
When she found hor friend was not
aboard sho made a rush to get off Con
ductor Ilnrry Mix saw Mrs Palani leave
her seat ami rush to the door of the
coach after tho train had got in motion
There was no ono close enough to her
rt imnunnl liA n Tr n rw 4lm Innn fnr 4 lin
take notice Kimura the impresario
ton shM bo sucb as to 1
guarantee cm
who pockets tho cash collected at the
Sunrise saloon will take a little vaca I Poyment for United Stntes citizons
tion of two weeks beginning August 10
This slight favor was granted him by
tho board on account of having dis
pensed some of his choice product to n
boy under ago and also becauso ho had
como to the rescuo of a deeply jagged
adult by selling hipi a litiio more joy
producer when ho really hadn t oughtor
Kimura expects to enjoy his vacation
very much
Tom McTighe has been dispensing a
special brand of his own concoction of
real whisky judiciously mixed with
grain alcohol This came to the notice
of the board in somo way and Tom was
summoned to appear on tho carpet with
his hat in his hand Tom did so and
explained that according to his lights
that concoction was whisky nnd as such
ho had a right to sell it as whisky This
little error tho board corrected prompt
ly McTigho claimed his dream-pro
ducer was not a compound hut a blend
The board agreed with him that far but
suggested that it wasnt a blend as tho
hoard of license commissioners inter
prets tho word in tho light of its own
regulations Ho would have to specify
on the label how he manufactured it if
ho was to continue to sell it Tho labels
will bo printed soon
A proper sense or proportion is wliat
appears to be lacking in tlie caso of
wong Lliung Lung Uo They were
nlfitfnrm Tlin trnin who hrnniFlif in n hauled Up for SClllUff glU iu Small QUan
tities and lt lwo for tho
standstill na soon as possible after Mix necessary
the fall Continued 8
saw woman
nnd wharves in tho Territory of Ha
waii is strongly disapproved of by tho
commission on landings and wharves
tho report of which long awaited has
finally been received by Oovernor Frear
Tbo commission states in its report that
it began its work strongly predisposed
to government ownorship but after a
thorough examination tbo members are
convinced Hint tho Territory is not in
-a position to undertake ownership of the
wharves nnd landings and that any at
tempt to take possession of them would
lie unfortunate from every standpoint
It would cost more for the government
to operate the wharvoi and landing
Tim summary of the finding of the
coinmnion as follows
In inah ng an examination of the dif
on page
Wharf Commission Reports That the Present
Intolerable Conditions Should Be
Remedied by Regulations
Government ownership of landings
ferent landings throughout the Terri
tory this commission has found a great
diversity in the methods of operation
kind nnd extent of service rendered tho
public difficulty and cost of operation
volume of business both public und
private amount of assistance furnished
by the water carrier in landing freight
amount of assistance furnished to the
water carrier by tho landing owner and
amount of service required by tho pub
lic and vnlne of service rendered to the
The difference of cost to the pub
lie for service rendered by the opera
tors of landings is not always to be
aecountod for by a difference of natu
ral conditions location tonoirranhv and
climate all of which affect the cost nor
uy me eiuciency of the working plant
or the volume of businoM handled Nor
on the other band can it be said that
the tfilTeronce it always to bo accounted
for by the dependence upon certain
oniinueu o0 Page live j
party by which Notley must abide and
for which ho must fight if ho is
elected the delegato to congress
That perturbed spirit which seems
to haunt the halls of all Homo Iiulo and
such liko meetings namely the ghost of
imagined disfranchisoment of tho
Hawaiians was a sad guest at tho Homo
bodied in tho instructions to tho Home mignt havo been owing to several dele
waii as represented b3 him nnd his
party says this plank are opposed
to tho disfranchising of tho Hawaii
ans though whoever got wind of any
such imaginary movo was not thero to
In any event it was tho signal for
enthusiasm nnd that was tho greatest
excitement excopt tho lunu that was
given in honor of tho convention
Between tho luau and declnring
ngainst something that no one has any
idea of happening thero was great glco
nnd interest and enough good feeling to
mako tho day eventful in the history
of tlio Homo Bulo party which looks to
such excitement nowadays to remind
itself that it is nlivo and has not yet
been altogether absorbed by ono or both
pt tlie two main parties or the Terri
tho Hawaiians wcro opposed to dis
franchising the Hawaiians though
thoy forgot to say that tho other peo
ple here nro also ngainst disfranchising
tho Hawaiians tho convention went on
to declare nmid moro nnd similar en
thusiasm and eloquence that tho dele
gato to congress should endeavor to
purchaFc all tho fishing rights within
QUEIIKC August 15 Detcctivo Dew
is preparing to sail for London with Dr
Dawley Crippen whp is accused of wife
murder and Miss Clara Leneve Crip
pens stenographer and companion who
is accused of being a party to the crime
Tho accused counle will return withont
fighting extradition
OYSTER BAY August IC Cbairmnn
Lloyd C Oriieom of the New York
State Republican committee is in eon
foreneo with Colonel Itootevelt It is
said that Criseom will be the bearer of
a niKHge to President Tuft In the in
trats of party harnmny
km4 W3Q
K vHHi WBaK2S3mmMm k i Ay P 1 mmssmmk Jml
- - - - -
Proprietor of Sunrise Sold
Boy and Drunk and Gets
A bunch of anxious repentant and
conciliatory liquor men faced the mem
bers of tho liconso commission yester
day afternoon to make their confessions
or excuses and to promiso that never
nover again would they do the things
they were accused of doing
The list of transgressions included all
tho heinous crimes in tho catalogue of
the license commission from excessive
boozing to soiling excessive booze to
other boozers and disposing of booze
that isnt boozo to boozers who had
reached tho stage where they didnt
care whether it was boozo or not just
eo it would accentuato an already good
cized -jag -
Tho board handed out one jolt that
is calculated to mako careless proprie
tors of third rate jag joints sit up and
He Will Work for the Appropriation of Many
Millions for Various Purposes
if He Is Elected
Wearing a silk hat dressed hT the
height of Honolulu fashion amid tho
greatest enthusiasm that has been mani
fested since tho last campaign Charles
K Notloy for the fourth time aspirant
for Washington honors wes yesterday
In the Homo Rule convention enthusi
astically and unanimously nominated as
a candidate for tho ofllco of Hawaiis
delegato to congress Ho will probably
run against L L McCandlcss on tho
Democratic ticket and ngainst Prince
Kuhio Kalanianaolo on tho Republican
ticket as of yore
With characteristic grace Notley
mado a speech of acceptance in his na
tive touguo which rang with eloquence
Ho declaimed for the instructions
given their candidnto by tho Homo
Rulers swearing to carry out the will
of thoso who backed him in tho ovont
of his being elected
Notley stands for statehood for these
Ho and his party declare that logisla
oxclusivo ubo of American citizens
Thon they ask for tho amendment of
tho American homestead laws
After that they want and Notloy
who is supposed by tho Home Ilulcrs to
havo a clianco to be delegato to con
grcss is instructed to work therefor
an appropriation by congress of 5000-
TlpO of all tho customs duties collected
-fl l m e -it l
fwiui inu luirnurj ui jmwuii mr
homestead improvements ulso that the
delegato should ask of congress an ap
propriation of 3000000 for roads and
general internal improvements
Thcro is nothing bashful about tho
Home Rulers they want statehood and
millions of dollars of improvements to
make Hawaii fit for statehood
Turther they ask an eight and a half
per cent duty on coffee imported into
tho United States from foreign coun
economy at present being tho watch
word of tho Homo Rulers though they
aro none tho less hopeful of success
Tho conunittco on credcutials consist
ed of D Kalauokalani J Baker S L
Peleioholani Wm Whlto and Julian
While this committoo was in deliber
ation tho convention took a mucli need
ed recess a luau in tho mcauwhilo ho
ing very much enjoyed
tory tho Democratic and Republican
i Not satisfied with announcing that Keolanui Home Rule Candidate
for Big Island Police Chief
Is Confident
Mail Special to Tho Advertiser
HILO August H Two of tho tbroo
Hawaiian waters for 100000 for the big Homo Rulo leaders on tho Island of
Kauai Treasurer Lulakea and former
Sheriff Keolanul havo held lonir con-
WOMAN MUST GO BACK here this week burning even
more midnight oil than tho treasurer
usually consumes though tho former
sheriff watf of necessity an official night
hawk Both of theso candidates for re
electioa are satisfied with tho outlook
and their chances next November
In 1908 tho bitter fight of tho com
palgrr was between Keolanul and 6am
Pna for sheriff the latter who was then
county clerk getting tho bigger plum
with tho aid of Senator Makoknu who
switched many Democratic votes to Pna
Rut this is not likely to occur to so
great an oxtoat in 1010 Bay ICeolnnuJ
who feels confident of recovering somo
of the 200 votos by which ho was do
featud two years ago It will probably
again be the keenest con Unit of tho
election especially as tlin Democratic
convention will keep hands off and not
iinminste any candidate for sheriff
Till is one of the trkdea that gives rise
fi tin futioii talk but Notlev bus kent
qi M
His Noble Stand Saves Him
From a Call Down by the
Road Board
To thcrlibnorablc tho mayor like-
xiuauy uUQ tuniuy mBy a a ft an up-
tu j t j fl guorvjgor
pronriation by congress for lepers in
the settlement
Notlcy iu his speech of acceptance
jjtatctl tha the Home lJule party would
stand forever 6rfather that it would
not cease to exist until theso Islands
had become ono of tho States of tho
great American Union He ho said
would never abandon tho snip of Homo
respective of their creed color or race I Yestorday morning tho Homo Rulers
Opposition to government by com- gladdonod tho city with a parade such
Paradoasnb the Home Ilulcrs with
mission was made a leading feature f
thoir enthusiastic
optimism can produce
in tho declaration of
principles of tho
Tlicir convention followed in Knhiliau
lani hall at ten oclock Notloy of
course officiated
D Kalauokulani Sr tho grand old
man of tho Homo llulo party ornament
ed Notlcys Tight while on tho left of
the big aspirant for Washington honors
was seated Secretary D Kupihca
to providenco for blessings on tho moot
ing and for success to tho enterprise
Hulo foast nnd amia speeches worthy of under way all of which was reverently
a bettor cause and amid plaudits of tho appreciated proceding tho appointment
hundreds ready to cheer whenever a of a committee on credentials
leader had aught to say it was cm 1 Tho meeting was not as largo as it
Paolo will not allow any but good Como
crats to work for hlm J
When this information of purported
fact reached the supervisors thero wns
consternation in all breasts except per
haps that of tho lone Democnit AIc
In any event Jnmes Ouinn ami Kano
Jietook themselves yostordnv to tho
flthor sldo of tho island over tho Pali
to find out wlint it was nil about
Bcforo departing on thoir perilous
journoy however thoy were tho recip
ionts of a list of tho men who aro
actually working on tho roads on tho
windward side of Oahu which list hul
been sent to town for tho convenience
of tho tnx collector so that ho could tho
bettor know who was making money
and who therefore could nresumnhlv
Jiltord to pay what thoy aro alleged to
pwo unio me Territory
By this list it ucenmo very evident
lhnt everybody working for 1aolo is a
Domocrat or at least is a siiriicr of the
Democratic roll That is everybody ex
cept ono and in regard to this ono
there was a special mcetinc in Link
Cnndless stronghold precinct or pocket
Ttulo candidate for delegate to congress gates bearing proxies for others in or- Umrrough at which a resolution was
Ho and his party and tho peoplo of Ha- dor to savo transportation expenses
ccntly adopted to havo Incfo oust tho
Jono Republican from tlip Democratic
This Paelo being true to his colors as
oin employer and not necessarily a
Democrat just becauso all his employes
had signed tho Democratic roll abso
lutely refused to do
Jim Quiiin says that Paele should bo
complimented for his stand In refusing
to dischargo this Republican
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Is After Nomination to Succeed
Himself as Senator Going
Out of Saloon Business
Colonol McCarthy is out for tho sen
ate Ho has been n senator and wants
again to servo his constituents and tho
upper house
Yesterday afternoon ho declared that
jf ho succeeded iu tho deal of transfer
ring his saloon tho Criterion to Peto
Peacock ho would bo in a position to
tako onco acain un actlvo hand in
tics lie has not of Iato paid much at
tention to politics nnd particularly in
the luit fow weeks has been so busy
arranging ilie details of getting out of
the liquor businrsi that he has paid
very littlo attention to or taken very
little concern In tho matter of who is
to do this oi tliut in tho Democratic
I arty except thiit ho takes it for grant
ed as do tho rost of tho Democrats
that Link McCandlcss will bo tho candi
date for delegate to rongross
The liquor liconso commissioners yoa
terday approved tho transfer of the
Criterion liconso to roaeook und now
McCarthy is rendy and willing to jump
into the midst of tho political fray
vnvlng the Democratic banner as one
f the chief lenders of that party nnd
inciderifullv running for the senulo
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Six Hundred Unbleached Sub
jects of King George Sail
for the Coast
Claim American Labor Is Men
aced by Increasing Emigra
tion From Far East
Department of Commcrou and Labor
has received n strong protest from tho
Pacific Coast Exclusion League com
plaining that tho rapid and increasing
flow of Lnst Indian immigration to
California Oregon and Washington i
a menace to American labor and that
great injury to industrial conditions iu
thoso aud other Western States will
ensuo unless something is dono to stop
the incoming hordes of Hindus
Tho department was notified that
four hundred Hindus had sailed from
Calcutta for San Francisco yostordny
and that a week neo two hundrod
I others sailed from that port making n
wiso unto tho board of supervisors totnl of six mlmlretl ln wook
without mentioning 4ueir respcctivol
nnnier certain citizens of Koolnupoko
on thewiiidward sldo of this Island of
Oahu indito a potltion for recognition
TIio Jccogitioii thoy ask signifies
that they want 3ohs on tho road work
on that slilaoCUlio island and they
complain tliafiioy stand no clianco of
getting any of the bod pay that is
coming for road work for tho reason
Tho Exclusion Lcncuu asks that all
lawful means bo resorted to to koop
back tho migrants and 5 preparing to
tnko thoir complaint to congress at its
next session
heavy vote is expected at tbo Itcpub
lienn State primary election o bo Bell
today for tho purpose of nominating
candidates for nil tho Stato offices for
congress and for many district offices
It is conceded that the ltopublicaa
fight for governor is bctweon Hiram
Johnson and Charles F Curry
CHICAGO August 10 Josoph O
Cannon Speaker of tho houso of rep
resentatives said in nn address doliv
crod hero last night that ho would bo a
candldato for reelection as Speaker Ho
said also that ho did not think Presi
dent Taft contemplated any such re
organization of tho party as would
bring about Secretary llallfngors resig
nation or his Cannons elimination
SACRAMENTO August 10 Gover
nor Glllott will probably call an extra
sebsion of tho legislature in order that
an act providing for an issue of bonds
by tho State to ruiso funds to finance
tho proposed Pannma exposition may bo
considered Ho will decide tomorrow
BRUSSELS August 10 Although
tho fire did a great amount of damaeo
I tho liclginu exposition was reopened to
day a number of tho sections having
uccn savcu i ne loss will amount to
many millions of franqs British ex
hibitors uro tho heaviest losers
COLUMBUS Ohio August 1C Stato
troops havo again been called out to
guard property and nsslst iu koepln
peace in tho city Tbo street car strik
ers aro moro threatening in their ntti
YOKOHAMA August 15 Tho U S
S Charleston and New Orleans Admiral
Hubbard in command aro hero from
NEW YORK August 13 Mayor
Oaynor is recovering rapidly It was
announced today tint be will be token
to tho Adirondack ni toon as it is put
iblo fir Inn to travel
r i

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