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Transport Sherman in Rain and
Fog Headed for Molokai
Crowded Troopship Has Narrow
Escape Jrom Wreck on
In the midst of n heavy fog with a
drizzle of rain sheeting the ocean the
United States army transport Sherman
barely missed piling up on tho rocky
shores of th Island of Molokai early
yesterday morning and hut for tho
vigilance of Captain Lynam tho great
white troopship might easily havo been
wrecked and tho safety of nearly a
thousand officers soldiers and crow o
gethcr -with n largo number of women
and children jeopardized
Mistaking ono lighthouse for another
almost caused a disaster a mistako
which was not altogether tho fault of
any of tho troopships officers for it
flashed and flashed and flashed and
such a light on the shores of Oahu was
tho groat beacon on Makapuu Point
near Koko Head established aftor the
liner Manchuria had steamed head on
into Wnimannlo Bay because no light
Upon tho charts of the transport
Sherman there are noted threo lights
which serve as guides to a steamers
pnssago from tho open sea between
Oahu nnd Molokai Ono is tho flash
light on Makapuu Point nnothcr is the
fixed light on Molokai near tho lopor
settlement and tho third is tho well
known Diamond Head light Tho charts
of the Sherman sot forth that Makapuu
light is a flash and tho ono on Molokai
a fixed beacon
Two Flash Lights
But tho Molokai light since Jnnuary
1 lftll has boon a flash light similar
to the ono at Makapuu Point And
that recent change threatened tho lives
of nearly n thousand people ns tho
Sherman came close up to tho Islands
after a soven dny voyage from San
Tho captain wirelessed in to Captain
Falls depot quartermaster on Wednes
day that tho Shermnn would arrive off
port early yesterday mornirg When
day broke the vessel was not in sight
Officers from the vnrious army posts
waited impatiently for tho vessel and
about noon sho steamed up past Wm
kikl to the anchorage and was passed
in A wireless messago meanwhilo had
been sent in from tho ship which wns
all tho mornimr in tne cnannoi oeiwci u
Molokai and Maui having passed dur
ing tho night to tho southward of Mo
Unexpected Current
It was on Wednesday evening that
one of tho ships officers reported to
Captnin Lynam that a current which
had been Tunning southerly bad ap
parently swung to southward nnd Cap
tain Lynam gavo directions to correct
tho drift of the steamer IIo wns on
dity much of the night The Tain de
scended in n drizzlo which acted as a
Bhcet ahead of the ship
Then flashed n light n little to port
of tho trnnsport as she was cruising on
That was Btrango for tho captain
thought ho hnd made nllowanco for tho
current nnd ho should bo considerably
to the south of tho Makapuu light
which he supposed was flashing beyond
him The ships how responded to the
wheel and sho fell off a point or so
The light flashed and flashed Surely
it was Makapuu light but how he hap
poned to be so far to starboard of tho
light Captain Lynam could not then
tell Tf thnt was Makapuu light be
was titcerinp towyltho fateful Wai
manalo Bay in which tho liner Manehu
Tin steamed and piled herself on a coral
shelf wboro she remained for several
For a Wide Berth
The custom of Captain Lynam and
many other captains is to give Koko
Head and Makapuu Point a wide borth
going far to tho southward of tho light
suggesting n hug of the Molokai shore
lie swung tho vessel further off nnd
went nlong nt reduced speed Tho bow
swung to port and headed on so ns to
what wns supposed to bo Makapuu
olnt a real wldo berth
Captain Lynam thought It wns nil
very itrnnge
The night woro on Captain Lynam
wan called by the officers of tho deck
ns inmetblnu strange in the shir1
fourw neemod to be spparwit Thero
wh something wrong but what Then
Captain Lynnm smelt a mouse The
hips tnulnw were itoppM and later
lie swung out nnd startwl to head for
tb MHiUi It w the Mapping ut tW
englnee vlilfb MHMd MH1 U t
up and ttVe Mtlw nnd tbN go
to ftlMii again wMWr that danger
HM4M f
Kiull uwtr4 MAralag ur abutl
flw VLfti lb fug ItflKl u4 ll
lllixll In4 ItWil eaJ t til1
Honolulu ijawaii territory Friday January s imi -semi-weekly
Dunning of Twentieth Infantry
Will Go to Seventh and
Burnham Here
Commanding at Port Shafter who will
bo transferred
Orders received yesterday nnnounco
that Major Samuol W Dunning Twen
tieth Infantry commandant at Fort
Shafter has been transferred at his
own request to the Seventh Infantry
nnd Major W P Burnham of the Sev
enth regiment has been transferred to
the Twentieth
Tho Seventh Infantry is stationed at
Tort William McKinlcy Rizal Philip
pine Islands although a portion is on
duty at Camp Dalama Mindanao Tho
Twentieth Infantry at present is sta
tioned at Manila ono battalion of tho
regiment being on duty at Fort Shafter
Honolulu Major Dunning has been
hero with the battalion for over threo
yenrs and under his direction Fort Shaf
ter has blossomed out of a brand now
post in an arid place to its present
garden like appearance Fort Shafter
is now one of the model posts of tho
Major and Mrs Dunning may not
leave Honolulu for so mo time however
as the enure regiment has been ordered
from tho Philippines to tho United
Sttxes and the battalion at Shafter
will join It about June
Maior Burnham Is woll known
throughout tho army because of an
enpado at West Point which wob at
tlio time laid at ins uoor ivniio nu
was a cadet nt tho military academy a
negro cadet was admitted to West Point
His prcsenco was not dosirod by the
white cadctB and it is said that many
of them figured on some means to get
him out of the acadomy Ono day the
negro cadot was found with his ears
slashed and Burnhain was accused
with others of attempting to sever tho
ears from tho negros head
This was denied but It formed tho
basis of an inquiry Tho negro left
and Burnhnm It is understood wns re
lioved of nny complicity in the matter
It was commonly reported at tho time
thnt tho negro slashed his own cars in
order to create sympathy for himself
It was a story which was burdened
wltli nil sorts of rumors
Both Maior Punning and Major
nnrnhfim will remain at their present
stations until further orders Major
Dunning according to recent informa
tion from Washington may shortly be
come n lieutenant colonel
Juo Yiioii Mow made application
yesterday against the ult brought
him bv fVliorlff Jorrett
Die appeal was based on tho ground
that tit mutter and things ralmtd by
the appeal bnve by rwtwn of tlio da
jwrlurn itiM th jurlMUMon of the
nanrl of tin ftpjHtllM unilar prfliwi nf
xirauiiiBB DMHie hwiot in we airoum
Umm want uumlUtfM
A ktah4 Mtirt WM U r tmii
of i In tllr dapartare from tbo
iniixtiiiii nt Mi court Iket It wm
Mil limit Mirr In Urtllt ulllllitl
I ullef lu ell be of lb yUw 1bt
iiutii u wm hi mt reii4i ui
Hi MiiitM it Atiurb i tau4tt II
Noted Horsemen Get Positions
John Kellett Sergeant of
Sheriff Jarrett has announced tho
names of tho now officers who are to
bo put on tho polico force on Monday
noxt Tho most important change is
tho appointment of four mounted mon
to tho outside patrol Expert riders
nnd dashing horsemen have been secur
ed by the sheriff and carrying out his
declarod intention of only taking on
good men irrespective of their politics
three out of four of tho nowmon are
stanch Kcpublicans
Ernest linnkin who nt one time wns
n captain of mounted police is to start
in again on Monday lie is popular
everywhere nnd is considered to bo an
ideal mounted officer
William Spencer than whom thero is
not a better known island ranch man
is also ono of Jarrett s appointees
Spencer hails from Wnimea Hawaii
and thousands of Honolulu people havo
seen him at ono time or another com
pote in Wild West shows Ho is
an export rider and roper and his
knowlcdgo will omo in handy should
tho occasion ariso when a cool head
nnd steady hand are required to stop
some runaway horse
Keeping in Form
Ii Duclmlsky is another man appointed
by tho sheriff and ho was also on tho
police force somo years ago IIo lias
been employed on plantations lately
and has had every chnnco of kcoping in
iuiiiii 13 xur ua uuisuiuuusuii 13 cuii
Joseph Love who has been connected
with tho local fire department is tho
lonrtli man to be nppointen to tho
mounted patrol Ho was born in tho
saddle on tho western plains and ho
is thought to be as cood a man as could
bo found for the position ho is going
to nu
Tho position of second motorcyclo of
ficer is to bo filled by A Abreu who
has been on tho force for some timo
past Ho has been an efficient officer
and his promotion is well thought of by
his comrades
Sergeant of Detectives
John Kellett who for a couplo of
years has been righthand man to tho
chief has been promoted to tho position
ot sergeant of detectives itcllett is
looked upon ns ono of tho most compe
tent men who has over been connected
with tho detective force and his woll
deserved promotion is hailed with do
light by all who know him Chief Mc
Duffio appointed Kellett yesterday nnd
ho will start in his new job on Monday
Continued on Pago Five
After reading a dispatch In Tho Ad
vertiser yesterday to tho effect that
former Minister to tho United Stated
Wu Ting Fang and ono hundred and
fifty prominent Chinese in China had
decided to dispense with their queues
tho members of tho Wo On Society yes
terday decided thut they could easily
dispense with theirs
Yesterday ufternoou tho Chinese
barber elio3 wero busier than thuy
havo over been the week before Chi
neBo New Year for dozens of members
of tho Wo On Society visited theo ton
soriol establishments dik submitted to
the sevorlug of tho badge of servitude
to the Manehu dynasty Tho hears
wore worked overtime mid bofuro even
ing tha members stood before their
coutitrymoii wearing close cropped polli
while dozens of queue lay upon the
doors of barber hoi like m many
iiukea It vox a grunt tiny for thu Wo
On Society
The rHiliio oliof Nt u Witikikl bwfh
lintel who U wull kiuiwii In the Clu
item and baole eauiuuuitiM beauM nf
hi wonderful grin wliloti Uumlly
ititftihiM from ear to r returned to
tU kltalieu where he U aUulute won
urili Hiluua bin queue Tu lite mlouUli
Kit iHiilivi and Ituellt Ui Ihu yueelt
tin iilaliiitl tliei bv bad Jnlunt iu th
dm mI iiiiiik nt t laiiu init 11 1 ut mill hail
1kI t I II I iff Hi lll il tlir
Mulliliu illlili 11 iil lua iill
i Uuiii4 im tMfli liii tu tA
Iiitir4 w lb luaiwlf ei4 eaiirruril 1L1
I tllrf llml lUi HbniiUi lieil iiiitiiui vt
l I I
Judge Whitney Explains Work
and Also Gives Facts of
the Systems
The matter of primary olectinns was
discussed by tho Civic Section of tho
Mens League of Central Union Church
last night under tho leadership of
Judge Whitney Ho dealt exhaustively
with tho subject nnd also gavo briof
outlines of primary election laws exist
ing in different parts of tho mainland
There wns an excellent gntheriug and
the greatest interest was tvidenced in
the MibJMt throughout
Judge Whitney briefly outlined tho
prima law which it is proposed to
introduce into tho Territory of Hawaii
nndthen proceeded to show tho advan
tages which exist for primary election
laws in general nnd also the objections
which uto made
Among tho first of tho advantages
is that this method of naming a candi
date brings out a much larger vote than
othcrwieo would bo cast This has boon
proved in tho history- of primary elec
tions and it is calculated that tho num
ber of votes cast ut such a timo often
times almost doubles that of a regular
Unfit Candidates
The second point on which it holds
guod is thnt it has tho advantage of
allowing tho unfit candidates to bo
thrown out Where 1 convention is
held it is often deemed necessary to
put in two or tlircc totally unlit men
in order to gain certain support In
a primary tho unfit mans chauco is
much slimmer than it would bo 1n tho
convention At ono town on tha main
land n man was put forward by tho
machino iu order to gain tho support
of a certain minrtcr where tho
scum of tho town lived Tho man won
Under tho primary lnw his vhanco would
havo been very small indcod
The third point was that although
the primary was said to bring forward
nn nvidnnche of candidates it was not
really so Cortainly thero wore somo
men who ran for any oftico they could
get If they bo mayor then
thby would bo something elso it didnt
matter to them ns long as they wero
something In reality tha primaries had
been found to eliminate this Tho
primary slate could be more easily brok
en than a convention slate as the vot
ing was dona secretly
Works Out Well
Fourthly it had been said that local
I Interests wero not preserved When all
had been said and done however it
i was found that things worked out even
ly in tho ead Very often indeed this
I wab moro a matter of I cbx than
thing elso ns had ibeen found down
in tho Southern States
The strongthv of a party wns very
ofton overestimated nnd tho idea thnt
a certain class would bo helped moro
than any other has been greatly feared
here moro perhaps than elsowherc
Fifth tho primary brought into closor
contact the candidato and tho people
Often a candidate was not very woll
known to the pcoplo nnd in theso casoa
i tho former must feel less responsibility
I than otherwise For a primary election
110 must bo known to do elected Tho
peoplo n lo know what they are voting
for and for whom
Objections liaised
Ono of tho main objections was that
tho primary was too expensive for tho
candidate This was undoubtedly true
ns ho had been told by sovcral candi
dates that in tho rural districts tho ex
penses wero much greater Taking it
right through it had been found that
whoro thero was a primary election tho
total expenses wore doubled
Continued on Page Four
WASHINGTON January 12 Tho
bouso today passed the legislative
executive and judicial appropriation
bills nmquntlng to thirty million dol
lars Tho estlmntos for the year ending
19112 for all ordinary expenses of gov
ernment 11 ro 03O iMO13 This is moro
than fifty two million dollars less tliini
the appropriations for the preceding
year Theso tlguros do not include tho
estimates for work on constructing the
Panama Canal
IKICING January 13 Added to
fumlue and pentlloiKo in the aouth
China ti now fueiug u deadly attack of
bubonle plague in the north HwpurU
InaiiMM tliU yatlijr Uti
plague baa broki ii out iu Was
nhuria and it apreadiug rapidly
dil diu dally ueliwe uflLln dreed
Whole illelrlele are pauic etilikeu
uii 1 iifliitiiiir I dllig erv Ml tu
ui uiiili unaltcuilml am tiiiiln ilUgu
ii di id I I ml 1 lf 1 in l himu
illllig illll Ill III ulfil Irf
ti 11 i 1141 til I 1 I i tljiiili a
liullil I hi iffutfiix m lli depth ill
w lull 1 nit 1U1 Iii i 1 iliiiiiili tulidi
Brigadier General Macomb Takes
Command of DistrictOf
Soldier Stock
Groat tfliclo of General M M Macomb
U S A commanding District of
Tho first order of Gon Montgomery
M Mncomb U S A who arrived on
tho transport Sherman yesterday from
San Francisco wns published yesterday
announcing thnt ho had assumed com
mand of tho mllltarjSlitrlot df Hawaii
Witli tho formal announcement tho
military establishment of tho Hawaiian
Islands bncomos ono of tho most impor
tant under tho American flag for all
rrllitary forces now stationed on tho
Island of Oahu nro now directly under
tho comma ml of gcnoral officer of
brigndo rank nud many matters which
separately went to Snn Frnueisco for
adjudication- by jibe dopartment com
inander will hereafter
bo settled by tho commanding officer
By tho publication of General Ma
combs first orflj r - yesterday all tho
military rjonts w53qh have heretofore
been practicqUyvundor separate
under tho ono
authority General Macomb will estab
lish headquarters in tho Young building
in this city
On arriving off port yesterday noon
Gcnoral Mncomb was interested iu tho
Iny of tho Innd particularly those
places whoro a post is located This is
the first timo ho bus ever been iu Hono
Army Short of Men
IIo stated thut ho had no Information
concerning tho futuro of tho military
establishment hero save thnt a regi
ment of infantry nud additional but
teries of field artillery would bo sent
hero this summer As to coast artillery
hu hud received no Information IIo
stntod that tho ono big shortage in tho
army now is coast artillery and ho
know of no sourco from which coast
Another objection which hns been
raised is that tho primnry favors tho
popular mun to tho detriment of tho
worthy one This wus also true nud
Continuod on Pnce Two
WASHINGTON January 13 At n
banquet of members of tho Notiaml
Tariff Commission Association last oven
ing President Tnft mado nn Important
address outlining tho htaud tho nlmin
Istrntlon baB taken In regard to a re
vision of tho exist lug tariff
With nn omphasis which could not bo
misunderstood the President strongly
endorsed tho Liongworth bill now bo
foro congrese which provides for thp
creation of u permanent tariff commis
sion which it i proponed ahull deal
wJthonch section of the Poyiio AIdrlch
tariff bill by itself
During the duy before thu banquet
the Pronldput summoned tho Jtcpublienii
inouibure of thu ways nud moans com
mlttue of tho bouM to a conforeneii ami
urged upon thorn the iioawulty of liur
moulting their diirWeiiae lu regard to
quwtlnru of tariff reviiiou uml appro
QQKHKUWILltt JuiMMiry id
Tliiae permits were killed today and
autiir Ujuwd In an jiihImImi Id
elore uere rue u
wm iiu te
wm MMMt
TM bulldlug WMkl4
IIHtnS JuiiuHiv III lli trlhe
minim itimf eiliu Ui been
tvlllid m A lliv thseri eie iiluililNtf
I Mull MI II ilinilllilio lulling III I U
WIiniK NO 8288
Recommendations to Congress
for Fortification of Zone
Are Made
President Asks for Five Million
Dollars to Push Work
at Once
WASHINGTON January 13 Tho
fortifications board submitted to con
grcss yesterdny n modified report upon
tho fortifying of tho Panama Canal
Zono which crcntod tho greatest inter
est among tho members of tho houe
many of whom led by Hoprosontalivo
Tmvney nrc opposed to any fortifica
tions for tha cnnnl
In tho modified report tho board re
duces tho estlmnto for the fortifica
tions to 12475328 whoro formorly
it approximated 10000000 Tho or
ponsc ns now estimated is to bo sproad
over tho threo or four years boforo tho
cnnnl is in operation
Recommendations Mado
A most significant section of tho re
port is that dealing with
tions in connection with tho arma
ment to bo provldod tho board recom
mends eight fourtcon luch rifles twolva
six incji rifles nnd
To man tho forts it is rocommendod
thnt twelve companies of Coast Artil
lery bo stationed at tho terminals of
tho Cnnal Zone These companies
would have to bo reoruitod as thero is
uttiij it ohuiluu ui irainoa rnnsr
artillerymen for tho mainland dofonsos
Infantry nnd Oavalry
Tt is furthoi recommended that four
regiments of infantry bo qunrtorod in
tho Zono to support tho batteries in
conjunction with which thoro should bo
u battnlion of field artillery
For thu policing of tho Zone so far
a the military district Is concerned
thero should also bo a squadron of cav
Prosidcnt Acts
President Tnft nlso sent torcongrcS8
a messngo urging tho fortification of
tho Panama Cnnnl iu conformity with
the oxprcssed policy of tho administra
tion IIo urged tho mmedinto impropria
tion of 5000000 with which to begin
work at onoo
WASHINGTON January 13 Tho
subcomtnittoo of tho bouso naVal com
mittee yestorday rendered a favorablo
report upon retiring Commundor Itobert
II Peary as roar admiral Acting upon
tho roport the bill was passed extending
to Commander Penry tho thanks of con
giess and retiring him with the rank
of roar admiral 1 ot the navy
PItOVIDENCE January 12 A
deadlock is probablo uvor tho election
of a successor to Senator Aldricb as
United States senator
GHUYHNNE January 12 Tho ro
election of Clark as United States sen
ator was assured by tho action of tho
liepubllcun caucus today
COMBTOOIC Janunry 12 Moro than
twenty Mexican soldlors wero killed In
a battle with rebels near tho Texan
border yesterduy
COKCOIU January 13 - Former tnl
tuil Htutue Keuator Wilt iu mj C liuinlli r
filed u Htitiou with the Wupreum ourt
yeitufdey for a legal upiulun uf the
euuetruetiuu ut the will uf tbe late Mia
Wary1 lleker Kdlv in ml r the 1 tin
tlau akieuKv Inn 1I1 ur in lue upiuiou
the rueiduerv iluux u 1 liuu ili
I be gift ut jiiiimih in 11 luiti
Iliurth wm
Tuie peliliun jgun in 1 11 v luuttur
ut lliu Uapuiiii ti 11 1 nlum it
Hi lvJJ bit Ii II - 11 I 1 Itljudl
lull ill bll III I I 1 i lll
tm ttiil ai iuil ii
urn In euetaiaeJ In wll imi a i
1 im 4 1 1 1 - ui 11 i r i ln 1 1 1

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