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Vol liv no 5
ftegro Appointed as Hawaiis
Vflew Revenue rColleotor Fish-
Ina for Officers
Colonel Said lo Be the
Sender of Message to His
A tabic was received In Honolulu
several days ago from some one sup
posedolboCol Sam Parker represent
ing Chflries Gottrill juBt appointed by
President Toft to bo collector of in
ternal revenue Tor Hawaii
A- CTnt deal of discussion was going
tho rounds yesterday concerning both
its contents and its recipient as this
is the first voice out of that vast still
boss whlchfoUowed on tho disappoint
ing appointment
Offered Position
The Contents are Toported to bo an
Offer of the first deputyshlp under tho
new collector v a position which is popu
larly supposed to lie an unpopular one
as the coming collector is a nogro Tho
recipient of tho cable Is by tho samo
token reported to bo Carl Widoman
son-in-law oof Colonel Parker
The nawsrtQ ihe cable could not
bo pseertaiped yesterday but there is
no doubt that it- has been received
Tbo famous colonel is thought to have
nade Toledo Ohio ont of tbo stopping
places on his present continental tour
and iter a great deal moro certain that
ih6 ieablo was Slatea from a place
geographically neat that thriving Ohio
Beginning of Change
This commences the appointment of
the ofilecrs who are to take position
under Cottrill it being fairly certain
Chat tho present deputies will leave
after the affairs Of the office have been
completely turned over to the new col
But maybe Cottrill will never get
bore Thero is said to bo a bitter fight
going on in the sonatet not only against
Cottrill but against tho negro who has
boon appointed to the federal attorney
generals department At any rate
Cottrill s appoialroeat is far from be
ing confirmed
SAN FRANCISCO January lG kftrl
J Cutting a dealer in Oriental goods
who was arrested hero for undervaluing
bis imports in declarations- to custom
officials and defrauding the government
today committed Bulctdo to escape proso
DOVEE -January JO Col Henry A
Du Ponttepnblienn senator from Dela
ware today bad a majority in tbo Re
publican senatorial caucus Ho seema
likely to succeed himself
ALBANY January 17 In spite of
tbo most determined opposition tho
Democratic caucus held here last even
ing nominated William F Pbcchan for
United States senator Twenty five
prominent Democrats declined to at
irsJ tbo caucus
Jt Is stated here by leaders of tbo
now dominant party that this nomlua
tlon forred through 1H by Tarn
many Hall will do much to ofltot tho
victory ot the pplli Iat whiter It i
OBal that the jnoit detorwlped
ilabt will bo made In Ilia Btata louiilu
tur to hm Bheflltan wllb a jlt among
IUO jemuriHi iiwkhuiu
At h mmi 1 1 mo ba UopublUans
bold ft eaueui mi In MI of tho
friends of WIIIImu F aUHhrl who
ssm4 Ijlm fn 4l4ti immwy M
lepw pruwrtt tSm m W6
w immimU4 m it m wW b
tiwium ut mm wfc Mf mmlm
vwkKtiott b 4rlig tttwemlt out t
H3o In ilm iMHiit ft Ikui mtiwt for
Ifciivd iMitlM MMkiul ttir WlHtt
J Mils 1mi4ii niilt c
it 14 aritii i if
-11 K
Japanese Teahouse Proprietors
After Three Hundred
Bottles Full
The last of tho raid thntwas mado
by Iiiquor Inspector Iennell on tbo
premises of tbo Charlio and HI
rano hotels on Kukui street hns not
yot rbeen heard of and it is understood
now that attorneys have bocn engaged
to draw up a roplevin suit against tho
Almost three hundred bottles of beer
and sako were confiscated by Fcnnell
and the recovery of these is sought as
well as damages against tho zealous
officer of tho liquor commission The
results of tho suit if filed are of
course doubtful as tho defonse will
fight to the limit tho commission being
determined to break up the illegal sell
ing at all costs
The Intimation that tho Japanese toa
houso keepers arqpreparlbg to retaliate
for tho costly raid maae on them is
bringing out some assurance that the
suit will be met by criminaj charges
on a number of points and for a variety
of offenses tho result of patient inves
tigation for some time past
Havo Evidence
Neither of tho places has a very
choice history what each has of it
being found mostly on the records of
the polico court Since H Miyamoto
Charlie pleaded guilty to liquor
selling a few weeks ago officers havo
found his premises being used for im
moral purposes on throe different occa
Young geisha girls that have been
appearing in tho place in their roles of
proiessionni onxcriainers aro uibu wuj
ing the police soma trouble Tho ban
ninlnrs frcanentlv ECt drunk and as
sault them ono ten years of ago being
found playing at ono or ine oanquuis
which in a majority of cases turn out
to bo drunken orgies
OirU Involved
Banzai the sixteen-year-old girl who
was sent away from Charlies hotel by
Deputy Sheriff JJbso On one occasion
wanthd cause of life murder of- another
Japarieso by K Kawatomasri in Kakn
ako a weok or so ago sho playing at
tho banquet at wblch the two wore at
tending An argument started ns to
whether a geisha girl was vronted or
not which wound up in Wood the girl
having meanwhile slipped from tho
sceno and sought safety elsewherd
The evidence in a polico court case
some time ago showed that a Portu
guese barber bad kept a girl not f our
tebn yeatrs old in a room nt Hiranoa
for twd nights the room adjoining be
ing tibed by a similar couple A dozen
or so Similar cases ornament the min
utes of the court and with those ana
other incidents in mind the threatened
suit is not bothering tho officers very
fThn int irrand turvfl investigation
into those two plaees which resulted in
no report on tnem may oo looKeaauw
An important development has taken
place in connection with iho Wahiawa
pineapple plantation Yesterday the
articles of incorporation for the Hawaii
Preserving Company woro filed A re
sult of tbo organization of this com
pany is that the innagoment or tno
Consolidated Pineapple Company has
chanced hands and that a now board of
directors has been elected
n T tlnnilA nP ni hVnnnlaAn ia
named ns president dud with him
vice president is J B Castlo The
secretary and treasurer JAadsay Scrut
ton is also from San Frnncitfco These
tbroo with J F Browii and F B Mc
Btocker make up the full hoard of di
rectors Douglas Cushman has been
appointed auditor
Tho capital of tho company is 250
000 made up of -500 shares at 100
each The limit on tho capital Jjl
000000 All tho stock has froen sub
scribed and 25000 has been paid In
Bentloy and Hcxutton are both con
nected with tbo California Fruit Can
ning Company and It really means
that this company has taken over the
Consolidated companys builuou here
Mr Hcrutlou stated last night that
there would bo no change lu the butl
PM wd Hist the pew company would
run matter on the sbhip Hoes nt have
always been puriued by the original
lio itstl list hu and Mr Hunt
ley M ifbiMtjfl 0e bart of tha
bmt eowprtr fsr IporpomtloB psr
jei The f0k lba JwipMHoiis4
V VltV
to mvt
bawl I
ilw ttrnk
m ii is una sm iiiubu
Jmk Vr HmW ii f 14
MiiiiifiM mum i wt wu
wJHHuw wcJul at tswu
M 41 UflU i f lMtt4
Ul llM tetvt4 -
Trouble is browing for Intorpretor Latoly Iho Korean witnesses havo
Towntsond of the Honolulu district Jon piainou upon ino compieiion ei
court Tfho has been doing itmi tBniiMB t thorn
and Koroan into English and tho samo t and hnt he did not grasp tbo meaning
back nraln for several rears Town ur whnt they said H is also asserted
sond it seems does not speak Korean
sufficiently well tb draw his pay frit
tbo same or at least this is tho opinion
of tbo Honolulu branch of tho Korean
National Association
A petition has been drawn up by
the mombors of tho association which
may bo presented to Judge Lymor tmar
mornlng for consideration Korean in
tegrating is fast becoming ono of tbo
necessities nroand tho court and
Koreans aro now frequent visitors to
tho Witness stand
Supervisors Hanging Off until
Appropriation Bill is Signed
Sanitary Jobs
Peace is trying to -break into tbo
i itv hull Whero a few weeks ACT
At tonighjts meeting hore Is prop
ise that an oven greater tgulot Wilbpfej
vail Tho appropriation bill is to bo
brought up for its third reading and
some appointments aro to bo spoken
about Porhtjps some of thesdfmay
KnnsA n little friction but if is not
likely and ovenif thoy dowbyUia
n rartadntvt -that IhoV wflLbolbifieraveC
rwhcirf tbdapprdptinV
tion bill vrlll have the mayors 810
naturo On it
ho In croinc to bo the new road
overseer at Ewa and who aro to Jbe
tho Mayor agrees to tnem unis nurts
but it can not be holpod
Another thing that may hurt also is
that John do Trois may bo Tenamed toy
Continued on Pago Four
WASHINGTON January 10 Ad
accordance with his own tolecranhie re
quest according to o statement given
out by tho navy department today
Since tho announcement ot bis retire
ment and report that ho hasteneH it in
order to avoid meeting grave charges
Secretary of the Navy Meyer has or
dered tnat tho charges m roil ue for-
that when tho answer of tbo witness
flnnlly finds its Way into tho English
language it does not bear much resem
blance to itself at tho commencement
Of its linguistic trip
Numerous complaints havo been
made to tho officers of Chlof McDufllos
staff by tho Koreans tho staffs opera
tions being largely responsible for the
appearance of so many Koreans in
court but thov havo been referred to
other authorities and have at last man
aged to get their national association
to take tho matter up
Annual Session Opens Today-
Central Union to Omit
One Service
h The opening session of tho annual
conference of the irethqdist Mission
thero was talk of calling out tho whole takes -place this morning at nlno oclock
military force of tho Islands or olsoin the old First Methodist Episcopal
lurning up and spanking a naugbty lit 1 Church corner of Miller street and
tlo board of supervisors now thero 1 Berctania avenue Bishop E H Hughes
nothing but honey and kisses Lasi presiding AH the pastors English
Friday nights meeting was ono thatmpanose and Korean numbering in
any man could iaive taken hW maiden all thirty or more will bo present and
aunt to without upsetting her bus Report on their work during the past
ceptlbilities Whats doing Nothing year
and this is the reason for tho quiet 1 he superintendent Bov John W
Wauman will give ma uuuuiu nurvvjr
til tho mission and tho bishop will mako
the closing address
The nubile is most cordinllv invited
to nttend The session promises to bo
ono of general interest
Central Union Joins
The standlntf eommltteo of Central
TTriion Church -at Itslietralar monthly
tW VUiih UV ACU1U BU14UD 4 vwwu
oclock aicxt Sunday morning so tnai
all tbo members of tho ohurch with
Sanitary Appointments tho pastor and assistants may unlto
Thtwo appointments to be maSo in wfth tho Methodists in tho dedication
the sanitary1 department aro U the thw Jr church
that thWrd will crSk I Union stated iast owning that there
S WL TPhftih0 m wnvory wish on the part of tho
pointmonts will in all probability bo
Captain Barker and John Hogue It is
stated thai un understanding baB been
arrived at between tho Mayor and the
supervisors qbout tho matter
itrabiTjiilon monibers to make iho dedi
cation 01 tno pow Aiomoaisi inujcn
ono to be romemberod Doctor WaJbrian
of the rethodist Church was extremely
gratified to learn of the action of tho
standing eommltteo remarking that the
CentraVTJniob people bad stood nobly
By tho letnoaists in tneir wisn to nave
the men ominatea Dy tno ooara WhulWjWctoKn edifice and had aided
yesterday ana ir credence can do given
to- thorn the total number Of men io
bo appolntcd rWill run ell into tho
hundreds One appointment lies in the
hands of tbo Mavor and tho rest in
the hands of tho board providing that
Billboards aro not Included in tho
list of things which the promotion
help to build up a beau
tiful city or even to attract tourists
to it At the meeting of the commit
tte last Thursday reference was mado
to billboard advertising it having beonl
ruraoreasthatitha Floral inraoie com
mittee lrad considered that form of
advertising locally
Tho promotion cummittoo members
miral Barry until recently in command pu their Collective fpot down squarely
i un nof wti in il airainst any such a proposition statinc
that tho committee not favorablo
li ii itmif jn was
of his reaching the t in
anco age
tQ ftft wubod ag u tefldda to alsflgur0
n city
WASHINaTON January 10 Son
ator William Purcoll Domocrat of
North Dakota todav introduced a rcso
warded to tho navy department and lution in tho senate askintr for tho
thero will be an invcstiiiatlon Tho adontlon of the minoritv ronort on Bal-
charaes are said to Involve Admiral linaer which condemns the secretary of
Barrys moral character the Interior
Tho first insurrection osalnst tho Wood Is a brave man
jjovernmont of Hawaii In u good many A tow minutes later Ashford filed a
mnlimi rnv n ttaxr if tliA w n n
iq tho jiocond battle of Manoa VlIoy0f tl0 erCult court but tho Territory
over bbout tho samo ground as that didnt mind much having already
whereon was fought the previous eon l18 ha property Thea a motion
n m mi i I for a new trial whs riled
-- hwiiI These leilal Hitfti wara notLln
liftttl 1A Irmntriil fin Ir Ik liit knnwni
Wood iisj mri off tho jbels or not bewnQ um that woro lisrole pioas
A moo mi days engsuetnout Is nrmtu u ii
Vi Uowvvvr K It J UPlkOMd that thO ual wHt mt tn Ifiau Vftiv ad
mmy l wmtiua furswim Maulfj tho oitliwt eJludcl um Uy
Ilm InwrriHitMi k the KI1rI ih rvdnubtnUla ifflly
sim mid JU iimhI ut Id UirtA iif AUtm4 ttahM timi with
mttm W Afktm ill t4Msy iiwUwt and lW t tw 14i took
tmWlm wl ihw wr Jt ll ftrnnii mmmwu d tiitttiw
- ry
Mimmm mmm w m w i ImMy wum ill tbi MM h Htm
AUntiar iMwwl lAuimt VtM J
M i m iujmMH mrli M
niuwwim ninukm HMtmwwii
Dj IMf Wf4 nut Im Mlt
M Mi MIM H ll Itmnmt tUli
HM mi for fti Mb iwwt4
hi li iuu it ttUm iSm mtis iu4 tut Lu ulLlnu
Unh W4b mit Wm4 Iff M 141 MhiM M t liw m 1
it m ul ii tiiMir wm9 mtf - t tgmt n 9ieMi
Federal Inquisitors Finish Their
Labors and May File Fitial
Report Today
Elovcn more indictments were re
turned yesterday by tho federal grand
jury ono of them for forgory being
as yot unreturncd and on tho socret
files Tho indictments name
Tokujl Onodera aud Hanzo
shima of tho Japanoso Daily Chronicle
for mailing obscene mattor Domttry
Sezikoff on a statutory crime and Leo
Sang Ah CChnt Leo Yum Kwai three
ladictments uoo xce anu cnaqg un
for Illegally importing opium
Tho first two named aro being indict
ed for tbo socond tlmo on Iho satno in 4
cldont domurrors ngainst tho first in
dictment being uphpld on highly tech
nical grounds A number of tbo others
named in this batch Of indlctnionts are
in jail All of them will bo arraigned
before Judge Kobartsou in tho federal
court this morning
Tho final rojldtt of tho grand jury
will nrobablv bo mado today and if
such is tho case it will bo discharged
and offenses arising between now and
April must wait no lormation or tno
nowgrand ittYfc Sfchich will continue
tho Jaborfl tbTonEthe coming term
Tbd true Mllfl Wturned by the grand
jorji ior the October term aro as fol
lows wT i
tTTcnosing unuou otaies propunj
f rorn spiaterw FxJE Holey
cSif Opium
liAng IBAOgf CbUng Fock Domlngos
Forrioira -
rH lilmnoiiiflg Opium
Chong ToBicFuoung Chin Ching
Chow Yoe Domingos JTorroirn Ah
Fang Leo Sang Ah Chat Lee Yum
Kwai Leo Yum Kwai Lee Yum Kwai
Goo Yoe Chang On
Obscono Mail Mattor
Tokuji Onodora Hanzo Tsurushima
Leo Kal Fai Loo Kal Fal Leo Kal Fal
Ltd Kal Fai Tokujl Onoijefo Hanzo
- -
ilonoy ordors otcf Charles Tfaanoi
Statutory Crimes
Ylolation of Edmunds Act etc
Charles Christiansen Loi Kaanaona
Henry Iaca N H Nlahoe Kumaklchi
Fernandez Feodor Kolesnlkoff Feodor
KolesnikOff Lohu Moemoe Demitry
Harboring Allen Womon
Sakai Kim Ming Slk Feodor Koles
nlkoff Ftjpdor Kolesnlkoff
Importing Women
Feodor Kolesnlkoff
Joseph Miol Chang Yoko Lin
Loo Young
Assault on High Boas
Joseph K Kalaanui
Assault on Seaman
Bolicrt Petorson
A good many of thoso indictments
returned oarly during the term natO
already been thrashqd out and decided
ono way or the other In several of
the places where one mans name ap
pears again after an interval he was
indicted fr the samo offense after de
murrers to the first indictmd6ls had
boon upheld Albgother forty soven
truo bills havo been found there being
ono indictment to bo returned today
wblch Is still on tho secret files
No Bills
Altogether the grand jury has re
turned five no bills Ono of these was
in tho case of almost thirty seamen
of the Wilhelmina who left tho ship
while it was lying at tho wharf undor
the yellow Hag a suspicious caso of
Continued on Page Four
Bobbery at tbo Art Theater yester
day attracted tho attention of a good
part of n Hotol street crowd whon
Clief McDuffle arrested two Hawaiian
boys u front of the iimiuiimeiit placo
and trotted them off to the police
uon iiitru u ue imn uuqvr invwuga
l on while their Imumdlutu history I
Inquired Into
Tim arrM is iiipposil to ba an end
to a terlo ot robberies in tho thoUr
or 0 Iliio or lst Himnriou injure
ThiMA liavv gone on
for t
kdiiio time th
fhlef yitiTUy j pwlifg a wovina
plalure oiwraior in
w ovr i
I eb ut olUet utttr the matlnet
Ttio hif biusolf wtltol roM lb
way ft rmlti tibortly after fuur
mm am Ktm ronar MDWyv
4lJ U thUr mwj tJkwl hl ny
im lh ak4 Am
TUt Mty fills
tb llt mm MWMttly mmwH th
tmnt a wU m mmud Vimin
bufMfiMf at mm iitM
ft lu In lU lulkuA WM j4bftf
mil iii ik if bsiasi a uuuimf
i r T
r ui iK ii DtvwmM l i a
- b n King tin Jl
WHOLE fcO 81280
J c
Special Law Dealing With Caso
of Captain Hains Recalls
Now All Officers Absent Without
Leave TreeJorrHis Jff
WASIUNOTON January 17 Con
gross yesterday passed a special bill
injecting n now law among the many
which aro for tho purposo of ruling tho
nrmy and navy in time of peace as well
ns war The now bill provides that
any officer absent three months without
leave shall bo dropped from the rolls
This bill is a peculiar ono in that
it is primarily icoant to romoro one
certain officer Capt Peter C Hains
Jr from tho army roster who is now
serving a torm In a civil prison for
murdor 3
Recalls Killing
This bill recalls tho sensational kill
ing of wliliam E Annls publishor and
yachtsman by Captain Hains on tho
landing of tho Bay Side Yacht Club
Flushing Long Island on August 15
1908 At that tlmo Captain Hains oc
companiod by his brother Thornton J
Hains well known as n writer and
yaehtsman fired five phots Into tho
body of Annls a tho latter was stand
intr on tho and the victim died
n few hours later in tho Flushing Hos
pltalHrs Annls who was nearby
falutodo -
Convicted of Murder
Captain Hains and bis brother tfcrq
both arrested and after a sensational
trial in which tho dofono was that
Captain Hains carried out tho precepts
of tho unwritten law ho was convicted
of murder in the second degroo and fiqn
tenced to a Jong term in prison Thorn
ton llalns was acquitted
Captain Hains is tho son of Brlg
Oen Peter Conover Hains who has had
a distinguished career in the Civil War
and In tho war with Spain Ho was re
tlrod In 1004 and served on tho Panama
Canal commission
ssflRRs iffinrTiiHilssBBII
Who led tho fight for the Panama fair
ut Sail Frauclsco yesterday
WASHINGTON January 17 Au Im
portant meeting of the home ns a com
nillteo of the whplo was held yattvrilay
to lii iir the last urgiiimMitu for the nam
ing of th city lo havo the ollleliil x
iokIIui to anlebrutu the ojuiiniis of
lliu JaiiHin Iumil In WR the yuu uiou
wlilh will b lahan on Thuridsy
lUiuummnw Hahii of i VivUco
Uirwiiilw tlmt city u4 mio at
Utsaib twpsafitlBji all tb iaoi wiiy
lha Oily or thrOJlm Vulu iliuuM
av Um 0imtHi Ml mifMJr all
IdH liwltnii to ti lust Uwt jt tHi
raliMl 7iVHiii ir uu ir
Uovmuvr ul lvmaa p
Wi4 tut tk lmwitM mi Hhw M
faMMM al um4 Ut Imm tkmmiuif that
awU b tmit mutm lis nliWki4ittui
Tim lmynmtu tmit i i4 ft Ytt
fium wiH k4 liw Uit tUm tm tut
IW Wtt4uivm tfn Utiut IW tifl

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