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1 Uncertainty ofi WdteSqppIy for
ailuanjpdsUpWork j
Controversy May End in the War
lartment Providing -Its
Own Supply
pb0 injiinatol connection betwcon tho
pocalicof McMrossoULeilohua irrigatloil
aeheme and the procuring -of at water
Bupply for the proposed brigade post
Xor Sohofiold Barracks LeilohUa which
many havo tJibugiit existed is proved
by recent reports from Washington
one to tho effect that the McCrosson
bill before congress -will bo turned down
by tho war department and tho othor
that tho plans for tho brigade post will
bo held up on account of tho -water
While no dcfinlto information hero is
given out tlio general supposition is
that the promoters of the McCrosson
scheme became awaro of the fact that
through incorrect suivoys much of tho
i nt in AViihinwa Water Company
was being obtained from tho military
reservation but not covered by tho
water companys lease
E D Tennjoy of Castle Cooke ad
mit that it is true that tho reservation
lines do not run as shown on the raapc
but actually include the intake of tho
Wahiawa companys ditches and tho
Vroater part of tho homestead ditch In
discussing this question some timo ago
-with Tho Advertiser Mtr Tenney stated
that the Wahiawa company would bo
very ffillng to supplythe army post
ra tDB roseryaiiou wu
lame tW wdpropQsedHr
BPbiUiUfSriJtedJMdo jiooroffotcd
the oplortu rllty - J
Delay of Post Elans
There has been some unaccountable
joinw In ffottlric tho ulans for tho
brigade post at Leilchua Tho post is
to be wade permanent and will replace
tho temporary cantonments now On the
reservation and the delay is mainly
credited to tho inability of tho army
board to agree upon tho question of
water supply
The army board had two important
matters to decide One was iho selec
tion of a site for the permanent post
and the other the determination of
which boutco should bo designated to
supply tho post with -water Tho army
board was divided over both qjoations
each faction having its own idea M to
whero tho water should come fiom and
this materially affected tho decision as
to the site
Generals have come and inspected tho
reservation and generals havo gono
back to Washington and oven the sec
retary of war ha been over tho Reserva
tion still there is no dofinlto informal
tion from tho national capital that the
secretary of war and all the generals
havo reached a conclusion as to what
shall be done at Leilehua Two gen
erals came out tho last timo Generals
Bliss and Aleshire and it was thought
when they returned tostho Coast there
would be considerable activity at Lei
lehua In tho near future But appar
ently theTO is to bo nothing done yet
All Balled Up
The latest report from Washington is
put in picturesque language and sum
marized it is to tho effect that tho
plans for Leilehua aro all balled up at
Washington Tho statement is ex
pressive and wijl icauso local service of
ficers to wonder just when the Gordiaa
knot will bo cut and work started on
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The Honolulu Bapia transit and Land
Company has in view the expenditure
of a large sum of money for improve
ments it also has in view the disburse
ment of a considerable sum in divi
At a meeting of tho board of di
rectory yesterday it was decided to
Issua COO shares of treasury common
Btockjto presort holders onlji P rata
at the par value of 100 a share This
will povldo 4 working sum of 50000
with which to complete tho improve
ments under way which will greatly in
crease tho efficiency of tho lines
At Jba satao time the prosperity -of
the company was declared to bo such
that hereafter a dividend of one and a
half per oont will bo paid quarterly on
eaeh share common instead of ooo per
cent as formerly j
Tho Advertiser has already printed
Ib Wednesday i Ut tho tory of
Improvements oonUplatd mi well ft
ton large eontmet which tho Jlpe has
wcured from tho ovMstwmt
Portuguese Now Complaining of
Criminal Filipinos Who In
suit Women
Tho rumb iifMroublc among tho
Japanese plantation laborers on the Is
land of Kauai due to tho alleged crim
inal instincts of certain Filipino Im
migrants recently imported promise
to be only a very mild quake according
to the latest information frcn tbnt
quarter It is asserted that what com
plaints tiro due to the actions of Fili
pinos are caused by a small minority
of those at work Buch an unruly ele
ment as 1b liable to bo found among
any nationality and such as was ex
perienced with the first importations of
Jforto isicans
William Pfotcnhauer vice president
of H Hacltfold Co Ltd ngent for
tho Llhue and Koloa lilantations where
it is stated that trouble is browing has
just returned from tho Uatoen island
ana reports tnat overyjaing is progress
ing very satisfactorily there Speak
ing of tho present situation yesterday
Air riotennnuer saia
No BoJ Trouble
Thoro is no real ttcuble oh tho
plantations ovct there I camo back
from Kauai a few days ago and when
I left everything was satlsractoiy The
1ilipinos at work there were doing well
ana giving uusiuiuuu ujl wuiw
they have to be trained to work Thfey
como ol a race wnicn nns uone no r311
Inhor for covturies and thor havo to
get tho habit Undoubtedly there is an
unruly element among them It has
been tho case with othr nationalities
brought into tho Islands
This labor problem- is ono which
roust bo solved in tho best way possi
ble The Chinese aro tho best laborers
and the Japanese do well but the doors
aro ciosea to mom auw uuu mu inuuiuia
must turn to tho beat that can Bo se
cured The verv existenco of tho
lands from a commercial vietypolnt is
dependent upon sugar and to success
fully harvest our sugar crops there
mmt bn labor I do not think there
will be any trouble in this instance I
hjive heard of nqno and see no reason
for any If hro are 4 any criminal
among tho IVllpinos they must bo dealt
skitb in the proper waand
for comprint wiilehuv
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President of Equitable Life and
Former Secretary of Navy
Under Roosevelt
tipPPPPPPHpipPPpPpHHr 2 rjjj Jb i BN ffSriiiiriH
The Hero cf Molokai and Dareojjil of fho Cull War who now makes
over his entire pension tbTTMSirla School in Memphis
Wants Nothing for Himself but Desires the
Dollars for School for -Homeless
Grs in Tennessee
TTnvtnir Innir slnm iriven n n all do 1 director of the St Catherines School
- ui i j tonari brdor for all that was comlmr to
re lut Wujr 1UCUu m - 1AA M tr
no nersonal -use for money Brother Jo mi riti n v- i
seph button the successor of Vb FanlUa tatli mnluTand appreciated throughout the world
r U - j u rff iiAtiri JJjUU VIIU SiUUakUJliUU OU UU1A
ojamion at iuunwno na given Visurc refinement cducaUon and culture
on IBO unircu oiaics government lor air -- Zr i ill
his pension money to tho St lttBla2S
School of Industry of Memphis Ton- devil His period of activity on the
nessee an institution started to care firing line lasted from 1861 to 1883 his
for homeless cirls and teach tbernmeans Rallantry securing his promotion from
Ituo ranks to a captaincy
mi i livelihood
of honest
ua nnf fTi ntii inn
HO was not mustered out until 08
Brother Button became interested in
tho school and its aims through read
A IfEW YOBK January 20 A
A sudden drop in tho prlcos of
A tain refined sugars startled tho
A trade yesterday when a reduc
tion of five cents on coarso
granulated was announced -On
Confectioners A there
was a decline of ten c6nta but
no change Js marked on oil other
grades including soft sugars
Wlllett Grays schedule of
ugar prices on- December 29
last quotes coaro granulated at
4Mt while ConfocUoners A
was at 400 All tliwo prices
refer to refined and aio eliango
in rnwli U announced
part Of his work after the war having
been to remove the scattered Union
ing an article describing -them in the dead from their temporary burial places
Commercial Appeal or jsaempnis iieto national cemeteries nnu no super
wanted to help in the good work but
had no means wnoreoy ne coma Be
come oneof the contributors Then ho
thought of tho pension hp had coming
from Uncle Sam money he could npt
be persuaded to draw for himself and
bo decided to contribute this to the
vised the rcinterring of six thousand
boys inline who had fallen in battlo
or from disease
The exact amount of tho pension
which has been accumulating for
tynsix years is not known but the
amount win do several tnousana uol
cause Ho accordingly has sent to a lars at tho very least
Former Secretary of the Hayy who
dropped dead yosteriajfc
i iiiiiftfcS m
KDW YOKK JanuaryTOaiT rloul
Morton president of tho Equitablo Life
Assurance Society of the United States
dropped dead lato yesterday at his
homo 8li Fifth avenue Poath was
due to apoplexy
Mr Morton was born in Detroit May
22 1857 and when only fifteen yoara
old became a clerk in tho land office
of tho Burlington Railroad system and
served in -various capacities with that
company -until 1890 when he joined tho
Atphisou Topolca and Santa Fe Ball
road as third vice president He be
came -vice president -of the Colorado
Iron attd Fuel Company and president
of the Whitebreast Fuel Company
On July J JD04 Mr Morton beeamo
secretary of the navy In the cabinet
of President Eoosovelt and served until
July 1 1DQ5 Ho undertook tho je
organisation of affairs following tho
investigation into tho Kow York insur
nnce ecsndals in 1105 and became pres
ident of the Equitable Llfo working
as such up to tho dav of hi death
In 1BSO he married Miss Charlotte
Ooodrldge -of CbieagOj whosurvivos
him Joy Morton a well known jnr
chant ami capitalist of Cblcaeo is a
- 4 i i in n pi
TOKJO January JDV TweTvo of tho
twenty four Japanese condemned to
denth yesterday for wnsplraey Tflcelved
eoraimited sentences of life imprison
ment today Deojlro Kotoka and hi
wife Iiowovcr rgsrde4 a ilniilwidon
lu iho nllraed tvbt were not ioelnded
In the Hit of commutations
Land Board Turns Down Re
newal of Lease to Company
Sales Agreed To
iVory littlo business was put through
by tho land board at its meeting yes
terday afternoon and for a long while
it was thought that tlio meeting must
lapse owing to tho want of a quorum
At last however the requisite numtcr
were obtained and several applications
flero dealt with
The first was an application by tho
lease of its land The nresent lease
expires in September of this year and
the property comprises 24200 acres for
which it pays a rental of seventy five
dollars a year
From the outset the meeting did not
seem favorable to tho renewing of the
lea so at tho present figure and sovoral
opinions were expressed that a higher
rentaj tlrould be obtained for this tract
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All Is Quiet Again in Madeira and
Life in Island Is Back
to Normal
rUNCHAL Madoira January 8
The exaggerated reports which aro be
ingt spread broadcast concerning the
clioleraoutbreak hero are absurd Tho
epidemic is running its course and is
now decreasing
Since the disease was brought hero in
October there have been lesi than four
hundred fatal cases in tho entire island
Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Company uls in of 180000
which applied for the renewal xt the population
havo spread
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Who will investigate differences bo
tweon Consul nnd Chinese people
Liang Lean Fnng sOcond secretary of
All quiet now nothing sensational the Chinese legation at Washington
happening Of course there has been
much distress owing to tho cessation of
all business but otlierwlso tlio life of
the island is practically riarmal The
local authorities aro doing oxeciiont
ont Communication with Lisbon is un
fortunately still confined to the fort
nightly service of Ono small boat
Reforms in Portugal
LISBON January Te miqjfter
of tho interior has decided to put into
operation a comprehensive social reform
scbeine including a weekly rost day
pension system puUlicaid f6 mothers
and children the establishment uf a
large number of primary schools tfith
the free distribution of fopd clothing
and booles to needy children and the
devolopmept of higher education
s Will Help Poor Manuel
The British government has Inter
rcned successfully with Portugal on
bohalf of tho depleted purse of -the de
posed King Manuel
Jlopresentatlong from tho foreign of
lice at London set forth that tho exiled
monarch was possessed of means insuf
ficient for his nnrsonal needi Accord
ingly tlio Portuguese government has
deeded to allow IiIm to receive tho rv
enuM derived from tho propertiM pf
tho lioui of Brnganu pendiag n final
gfttloliidllt liPtwiMll thn stats and tint
M A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A H royal feuU
wuoiuias oeen sent to Honolulu as a
conuuisslonor to investigate tho differ
ences betwoon the Chinese consul ad
the Chinese community is expected to
arrive here today on tho Sierra
Tho commissioner is to bo met by
a delegation from the disaffected Chi
cojo the delegation representing some
frt the most influential Chinese resi
dents of tho Territory who have boon
branded to the Peking government as
revolutionists The consul will also
meet tho commissioner personally anil
in his official capacity
Just what the commissioner may do
cido to do in gathering evidence con
cerning the differences between the
consul and people is unknown to tho
Chlneso hero but they will ascertain his
wirilues as soon after his arrival as pos
sible and will proliably Invito liim to
attend 0 meeting which may be hold
at tno Chinese United Society rooms
SAOlMMIJTO January 20 Tlio
legislative committee in tho State Sen
ate yotcrday reported favorably upon
a constitutional amendment granting
suffrage to women Should Mm report
bo passed by the houte the quwtloii
will be submitted to a vote of the
people of California at the nqxl general
mm mm m ctbtipy
Hawaii Promotion Committee
Asked to Influence Legislature
of Missouri
Ilawnii was recently asked to aid San
Francisco in hor battlo for Ihb Panama
Canal exposition in 1010 and all Ha-
Tvnil gladly bricked up 8ari Francisco
and now Hannibal Missouri asks Ha
waii to aid hor in a request upon the
legislature of tho Stato of Missouri for
an appropriation of 10000 toward tho
erection of a statun of Mark Twain in
tho city of Hannibal on a hill near
Twains boyhood homo and not far
from that tof Huckleberry Finn ono of
tho most famous characters In Amor
loan literature
And Hannibal n renuost camn H throutrh
tho wfrlhvlda use Widen tno piomotion
committee rnukos of Alurk Twains
grand descriptions of Hawaii
larly his famous proso poem and his
lator contribution Tho Hawaiian Is
lands nre tho loveliest fltct of islnnds
anchored in any ocean
A short timo nco Sooretarv II P
Wood of tho promotion committco sent
out tu ousancis ot posters ana postal
cards announcing tho sixth annual
Floral Parade in Honolulu for jiext
month and on tho back Of theso curds
is printed Twains famous prose poem
And thnt is tho reason the Commercial
Club of Hannibal beliovcs that Hawaii
should bo Interested in JJanrUbal S
project for a statue Sydney Jt Boo
secrotary of the Commercial Club of
Hannibal Missouri writesr
ABks Cocpsration
Tho Hannibal wommorlnl Cllib is
going to nsk the Missouri v legislature
now in session at JeffcrsonJeJIty to ap
propriate 10000 townnVCveieatlng In
Hannibal a statue of MnngiTwHn It
is tho opinion of tho local cotnUtee
that it should be located on a point on
Idos Hill which is only a block from
bis boyhood homo a small frame house
built by his father iVlien Mark was 0
child and within ono half a block of
the home of Huckleborry Finn
I wish you would inform tho mem
bers of the Missouri legislature that
Mark Twain was not only n Missourlan
ana a national cnaracter but no was
Congressman Kelfer pcolares
the Plan Will Cost Hundred
Hobson Makes Emphatic Ad
dress in FaVor of Forts
Like Russia
WASHINGTON January 2d Tho
Opbning gun In tho fight for tho forti
fication of tho Panama Canal was fired
yesterday la tho houso by Congressman
J Warren Kelfer of Springfiold Ohio
who is a Bopubllcnn
Congressman Koifer took tho sido of
tlio peace party nnd spoke at length in
favor of tho neutralization Of tho Canal
lono assorting that it would cost a
total of over ono hundred million dol
lars to properly fortify thp canal
Congressman Richmond Hobson
stroncly opposedi Koifer in his conten
tions and asserted in a most omphaitia
speccu tnat tno Ianama vanal was too
vital a spot in timo of war to bo loft
without means of defease
In an impassioned address Captain
Hobson uriredi thn fortification of thn
Cuiial Zouo ana doclarod -that noy waa
yio timo to ior war wnuo xao
nation was at peaco nnd thit thoso
who would 10 best pleased with a
noutralizatlon of the canal would bo
fcSe enemies of tho country in time of
His remarks created something of a
sensation and it is oxpectci that tho
dobato on tho fortification bill as ad
vacated by President Toft will bo con
tinued today nnd it may bo some timo
before a voto is taken N
DETROIT January 20 Congressman
William E Humphrey Republican of
tho State of Washington speaking at a
onnquoL 01 notames oere last uigiifHuo
cJhre1 that the United States was in a
moro helpless condition In Cnso pf war
with a powerful onomy than oven
waB at tho timo of the beginning
of her war with Japan no spoke in
fnvor of the fortification of the Panama
WASHINGTON January 19 Sena
tor Hornando D Money of Mississippi
ono of tho Southern Democratic load
ers today introduced a resolution tin
tho senate declaring tho fortifica
tion of thp Panama Canal as a national
policy along the lines suggested by
President Taft
Party lines havo been entirely lost
sight of in the congressional fight for
the fortification Of tho Panama Canal
Many Democrats nro supporting tho
policy of President Taft for fortifica
tion while a number of Republicans op-
poso tho administration
WASHINGTON January 20 Tho
Democrats of- tho houso of representa
tives1 hold their caucus hero yesterday
and unanimously nominated Congress
mn Champ Clark of Missouri as
Speaker of tho houso of representatives
for tho Sixty second Congress O W
Underwood of Birmingham Alabama
was nominated as chairman of tho ways
and means committee
Congressman Clark has boon a pic
turesque figure in congress for years
and wnsloador for tho minority on tho
floor during tho lost torm having many
clashes with Uncle Joe Cannon It
is prophesied here that with Congress
man Clark in tho chair tliero will bo
few changes In tho rules which havo
made Cannon execrated by the insur
V WASHINGTON January 20 1
Tho senate yesterday confirmed 1
the nomination of Capt Walter C
Cgwles USN for the rank of 1
rear admiral Bear Admiral Cowles 1
is in command of thp naval
tion at Hopolulu
Bear Admiral Walter Cleveland
Cowles whoso homo in this city
0 is at 1041 Nuuunu avenue watt
appointed to tho corauuind of fho
uavol stution here to succeed Boar
Admiral Bees ou October it Jast
At that time Captain Cowles Was
in command of the receiving bjp
Hancock nt New Yoflc
Boor Admiral Conies entered tho
navy on Septemler 25 ISQOand
has had twenty years of sen duty
t Ho is a native of Connecticut and
was appointed to the naval acud
oemy from that Stato
He took command of tha naval
vjlhtlon hero on December 14 last
KjITo la a brother In law of former
lrlclunl Roosevelt
o ILfl
it H
t 1 MM
k wm

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