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B jnniiiiiwiaiii in n i
ronni Tniuii m bin UUt hLKb
FortyvFive Thousand Yards to Be
Carted Out toTaceWBitj
Gun Pits
Rapid Transit Line Will Be Run
to Fort Armstrong Soon to
Start In
Sand dredged from the channel lead
ing into Honolulu harbor is to bo tak
en out to Vfaikiki to form one of the
protective belts upon the emplacements
at Fort De Hussy Walkiki where two
monster guns are to bo erected present
ly for acacoast defense Forty five
thousand cubic yards of sand dredgings
are to bo transported from the Fort
Armstrong sand spit to Do IlUBsy and
thero spread over the great emplace
ments which aro being made the most
powerful of the modern fortifications
under construction by tho war depart
ment of the United States Torcplnco
this sand further dredgings from tho
channel will bo umpcd up and spread
The rnpid transit company has been
awarded the contract to transport these
thousands of tons of sand from the
channel frontage and in order to ob
tain it n spur will bo run from the
present terminus of the Allen street
lino down past the federal immigration
station to Fort Armstrong Tho dredg
ings are to bo deposited on tho sand
reservation on which the war depart
ment Is finishing strong emplacements
for sheltering harbor defense guns and
loaded into cars at that point
Tho emplacements at Waikikl will
themselves each weigh about forty
thousand tons composed of cement
i rmln Tnilroad Bteel and concrete
Tho work of constructing them lias
been going on for about two years and
is yet tar uom uvib tumiuun u
ing has been heard locally as to when
tho fourteen inch guns aro to be
skipped from tho mainland to Hono
lulu They arc the largest typo of guns
boing manufactured for coast defense
To Mount Larger duns
Fort Armstrong has already been
troi with a battery of small guns
These aro partly in tho open and havo
protecting shields Larger caliber
euns will bo mounted later and thoso
now In place will bo used mainly for
saluting purposes
Fort Armstrong s already an attrac
tive fortification as grass has been
crown all over tho slopo facing tho
sea Passengers on Incoming vessels
aro always interested in this ongH
erccn spot so close to the sea and little
suspect that it shelters dcath dcnling
guns and that its innocent nppearancc
merely masks a plnn of tho war depart
ment to keep hostilo vessels at arms
Torpedo Station
Fort Armstrong hns more than ono
purpose It Is a seacoast defense forti
fication and it is also designed as a
protection to tho torpedo and mino
stations which ore to bo established on
the samo reservation Tho war depart
ment officials at Washington are now
engaged in going over plans for a
wharf to bo constructed nlong tho
channel frontage on the outer end of
tho reservation nnd not far distant
from tho Myrtlo boathousc This wharf
will be used exclusively for the ord
nanco and torpedo station
The wharf will bo largo enough to
accommodato vessols of small size It
is proposed to havo n mine planting
steamer located in Hawaiian waters
exclusively devoted to whatovcr work
may bo required of it in laying mines
The war department is working out
tho plans for tho mining of tho har
bor channel and cntranpe to tho chan
nel and an electric station with con
duits lendlnc to the wntcr is already
boing installed for this purpose This
conduit Bvstcm relates exclusively to
the mine planting operations Tho sys
tem is so arranged that whenever
necessary the harbor can bo mlnod and
connected quickly with tho flro control
from which tho wired conduits run
Control from Diamond Head
Not only will there bo an exclusivo
fire control for torpedoes but the gins
of Fort Armstrong will bo under tho
direction of the fire control system
which hns its central station in tho
summit of Diamond Hoad Tho fire
control thero is sow arranged go that
the mortars of Battery Hnrlow Fort
Ituger may bo fired on orders sent
from this station and the control also
extends to tho fortifications at Fort
Do Itussy nnd from thero to Fort Arm
strong Eventually ns has been des
cribed it will be extended to the forti
fications at Pearl Harbor where two
twelve inch euns are already mounted
and emplacements aro being built for
two smaller guns near by Tho war
department will also nnd probably
within a year commence tho building
of more fortifications on tho Wnlanno
side of Pearl Harbor channol whero
big puns will bo mounted These bat
teries will all bo connected up with
the Diamond Head -control to bo car
ried in submarine cables
A sprained ankle will usually disable
the Injured person for three or four
weeks This is duo to lack of proper
treatment When Chamberlain Pain
Halm Is annlied a euro may 1 effected
In three or four days This liniment Is
one of the best and most remarkable
Preparations In ue For salo by all
e lers Ncnson Bmith Co iMnti
for Hawaii 9
Yearly Territorial Cleanup Makes
Gladhhe Hearts of the
Unpaid Ones
Kmm Wednesdays Advertiser
Wilh a blithesome- joyous chinkle
thlrtyfour thousand three hundred dol
lars not to mention fifty nine cents
poured yesterday in a golden stream
Into tho coffers of the City nnd County
of Honolulu over which Kobcrt W
Shingle keeps a watchful and enter
prising eye
Tho Territory nns cicanea up mo
county allowances That sum is what
Honolulu gets over from 1010 Inci
dentally it is just about the sum that
Daniel Logan chairman of tho ways
and moans committee of the last board
of supervisors- estimated as tho sum
due tho city
Dut Oahu is not tho only county to
rejoice There nrc others Maui gets
2902080 in comparison to tho 16
80182 received by tho Big Island
county upon whose brow Hilo Insists on
shining One reason for the discrep
ancy between the two figures Is Ha
waii countys proclivities in drawing
on its account
Kauni modest little Garden Island
that minds her own business and trios
to control the legislature on half the
price gets only 870217 Ono dillcr
once between Kauais allowanco and
that of Maui and Hawaii is that it has
been paid whilo Mauis and Hnwaiis
has not Altogether tho Territory on
tits final yearly clennup gives J898S444
to the smaller units or Hawaiian gov
Thirty-Eight-Year Old Document
Before Courts in Suit to
A promissory note nnd mortgago
thirty eight years old is soon to take
up the attention of tho circuit court an
a suit to foreclose mortgage filed yes
terday by Ruth Iiichnrdson Guard of
Hilo against sixteen defendants Both
thotc who mado out this mortgage nnd
thoso to whom it was mado havo long
slnro been dead and in tho course of
time through mnrringe aud a natural
familys natural increase tho heirs of
tho mortgagors have increased guard
ians cxceutois administrators sprung
up und even Charles R Frazier presid
ing genius over Honolulus billboards
steps into tho arena puts a billboard
tin the premises and lo and behold ho
likewise is a defendant as guardian of
tnnt ulllDoard
On Mny 24 187 Mrs W H Corn
well formerly Miss lilanche Maefar
lane and Eliza Macfarlano Harvey
Aiacinnanc ana u w JUaoinrlano mado
out a promissory note to Godfrey
Rhodes to cover debts owing to him
and secured it with a mortcace tu that
amount on premises at tho corner of
Isuunrni and Ucrctanin avenue former
ly tho site of the oil Lorrmcrc 1 Hotel
Since then both mortgncors and mort
gagecs havo died the mortgago has
rone from hand to hand nnd tho obli
gations bnvo fallen from one riartv to
another until now most of thoso latter
are administrators and executors of the
wills and estate of those who were
young when the ihurtgago was made
Default in tho payment of insurnnce
on tho property Is also charged by tho
petitioner and sovernl othor little
knotty questions will serve to make the
case interesting
KIEL Germany Jnnunr 17 What
might have been a frightful nccldcnt
at the naval niancuvors hero was
luckily changed into rejoicing Ono
of the submarines was accidentally
sunk with all hands on board penned
InBide tho ir6n hull of tho vessel At
tempts to raise the submarlno were suc
cessful and tholnmntes were rescued
from what threatened to bo a living
fFrom Wednesday Advertiser
At eight oclock last night tho
liner Mongolia was soronely steam-
ing on her way to the Orient
seven hundred U41 forty six miles
out of Honolulu her crow and pas-
songers ignorant of tho fact that
she bad been reported sunk and
gone The only thing out of the
ordinary and not so very far out
either for -this timo of tho year
was that tho weather was rough
and the good ship wtw doing a
little rdlllng All her passengers
were well nnd ninny of thorn wero
having a good timo despite the
This was tho Jiews received by
wireless by The Advertiser
phoned1 up from JCahuku
day ovening Tho Advertiser was
ablo to reaiiuro a numbor of en-
0 rurar coneernluc friends
nnd relative on the Mongolia
who hail hwamc alarmed over tho
report In circulation that the liner
hl met with dUaster
WAIMJKU January HJ Last -Friday
Mr Hadley of tho Maul
Company appeared beforo thoedbnty
board of supervisors with tentative
plans and maps for lighting tho public
buildings and streets of the twin towns
of Wailnku and Kahulut and was agree
nbly surprised to find that the super
Visors wnntod more lights Installed
than what ho had estimated The plans
proposed by the public Improvement
committee of tho board call not only
for the installation of nrc lights and
incandescent lights on all of tho streets
of both towns but also for lighting- tho
entire length of the mllo nnd a half
drivewav connecting tho two towns
Tho lights along tho drivewny will bo
placed at Intervals of thrco hundred
feet -
Tho board of supervisors perfected
its permanent organization at its meet
ing of Inst week and subdivided itself
into tho following committees
Finance Kenning and Halo
Public Improvements Honning and
Police Lake and Haia
Sanitary nnd Health Hcnnlng and
Rules Meyer and Lake
It will bo seen by this arrangement
thnt Mr Pogue tho chairman is left
out of the committees entirely and this
has caused some remarks and comments
Former Officers Reappointed
All of tho formor oillccrs and depu
ties in the employ of tho county have
beon reappointed except for Molokai
where H H Hitchcock has been ap
pointed district overseer to succeed J
II Maboe For the district of Hnna
tho appointment for district overseer Is
still up in the air although F Witt
rock Is still in office under tho former
The health situation on Maul is prac
ticnlly normal
Sure cations for proposed leeislntion
aro not receiving tho attention it de
serves Evidently the voters aro satis
fied to leave tho matter entirclyin the
hnnds of their elected representatives
but however hero aro somo or tno
viows entertained on a few of tno most
important propositions
Health and Sanitation Changes
There arc extremists who want the
entire power in health matters vested
in tho county board or supervisors out
thero nre others who would he satis
fied to let things go on ns they are
with a few minor changes with tho ex
pectation thnt the lecislature will pro-
vido tho means so that tho territorial
board of health may appoint and pay
a sanitary omeer to iook ntter nnu en
force health measures on Mnui tno same
as Doctor Bowman hns been doing von
the TslnnJl of Hawaii Such an officer
provided with tho proper eqrlpmcnt for
handling infectious diseases and assist
ed by tho usual staff of government
physicians would be an Insurance
against further epidemics on this island
County School Proposals
Tn rnnvoi inT 1ia
nrnntnl n li in Hn nnntrnl nt tln I dntO rCCOrdS
nubile schools it appears that tho Dillingham
change they want is to havo the
is uio proposou 10 scgrcgato tno senool
tax from tho ccnerad tax collections
and set it aside as a special school fund
But tho most important measuro for
the good of tho county of Maul is tho
completion of the unfinished belt road
nround tho Island of Maul Leaving
out tiro section between Kaupo and
Ulupalakuat there remains about forty
miles of bad roads and dangerous trails
through rugged country between settle
ments which IUUBt bo put into safe good
over a halt of a million dollars and
naturally the question arises is it worth
As a money making investment it
Isnt worth the candle but for tho good
of the country and for tho protection
of human life it Is worth tho cost Only
last week Elder Kirtman lost his life
while traveling over tho only road
through that rugged bit of country lie
twoon Kaupo nnd Kipahulu Forty
years ago Doctor lierar tho govcrnn ent
physician for MmiI met a timilnr fate
In the snmo neighborhood All of which
goes to show that tho danger of uiJng
these old bad trails U too real to bo
ploiib int
Maul Belt Road
IIovovr tho meat of the whole iseuo
Is the means for building the belt road
Ono suggestion is to croato a special
Territory from nhd and water Tight
rentals for iicrinanent Imnrovttmonta
within the o unties the expenditure
from which ar to bo under the
vlslon or to be expended with the
fzeti Want1 County Control
of Schools
Their Faith in New Industry Will
Be Presented at the Annual
Tho Hawaiian Rubber Growers AiJ
soeiatidn will bold its annual session
on TanuaryI23 In the ehainber of com
merce room tho session to begin nt
nine thirty in tho forenoon Tho ses
sion will bo followed by a banquet
Tho rubber men aro optimistic despite
tho fact that tho trees on tho planta
tions havo not yet attained maturity
Fred h Waldron president of tho as
sociation who is interested in tho Pa
cific Development Companys rubber
ostatolu Punn states that the whole
rubber industry in Hawaii is just going
through tho pioneer stage but nearly
all who aro connected with the devel
opment of tho industry is following it
up just becauso of Jheir faith in the
future of this industry as ono wldch
will takd rank among tho first pro
ducers In another year ho believes
that the Nahlku estate on Maui will be
Tapping by John Anderson manager
of Mohlku plantation wiuiam u
llimonn will lUstiiBH tho rubber situa
roads Roughly estimated it is said to PUC
liu kuio nun jiug iu riBincuuns vu
tion in general and Doctor Wilcox
director of tho federal experiment sta
tion will also give a general talk
Culture nnd soil conditions is tho sub
ject of a talk to be given by L Turner
of tho Pacific Developing Company of
The cornerstone of the new Y M C
A building will bo laid on Februnry 1
The hour has not been set but It may
bo about four oclock in tho afternoon
nt which timo there will bo an ap
propriate ceremony The box which
was set in the old building and which
is now in the keeping of tho secretary
will be placed in the new receptacle
who togother with a box containing up-to-
chairman SV Lovo
and Secrotary laul Super are a com
ty supervisors appoint a school 6 make arrangements for tho
intenilent for ench county nnd to em cornerstone laying
course of stiffly the certifying of teach- PORTUGUESE KAMAAINA
methods of runl F011 lHIHH
ors teaching text books
etc to remain under control of thou DIES ON THE COAST
icrniurmi uuuru ci cuucniion somo
of the arguments put up for this course
are that tho school dcpaitment does B- Bllvelra Bettenconrt died in
not pay all tho teachers according to San Francisco last Saturday morning
its own salary Echedtlles and thnt the Uo nu tar minv vcars n resldpnt nf
7rMrVZTZn onolulu leaving in 1885 for San Fran
acrs in tno assignment of teachers and
cause unnecessary hardship and bnd
feeling all of which would be remedied
easily if the nuthonty to attend to
these things wero nearer home Sinco
this county nt least hns mado good in
looking after and caring for tho school
buildings tho ndvocetes for a change
prcsumo the samo thing will happen if
tho teaching foco is also under county
Seeking County Control
Very naturally if tho countrlos wero
to pay tho salaries of tho school teach
ers nioro money would bo needed jto
finance the of tho countries
henco it is proposed to lot tho counties
havo Bovoiity flvo por cent of tho taxes
in lion pi the ilfty per cent pro rata
Cisco where bo bus over since resided
nnd wns seventy six years of age nt
tho time ofi his death For somo years
ho conducted a drygoods store on Nuu
nnu avenue near- Berctanin and pios
percd in business nt ono time owning
considerable real estato in this city
The body will bo brought to Hono
lulu on tho Wilholmina due to arrive
on next Tuesday morning The funeral
arrangements will be announced later
LISBON December 21 French and
American methods aro tho basis of the
ugucso republic which hns been elabor
ated by tho provisional cabinet It is
based upon the parliamentary system
of France with modifications adopted
from tho United States
Tho -president will bo chosen by par-
Jiamcnt for a term of Ave years and ho
will be lneligirjlo lor reelection unui a
regular term has intervened The enbl
not will bo appointed by the president
ministers of war marine finance and
public works being considered non-
the kind of labor to bo used will cost i works Another suggestion is since
million dollars tf
tW is near a sur
plus funds lying idle in the territorial
treasury vaults to expend somo of it
for building safe roadway over the
most daugorous sections of lack country
trails on Maui and another as a luBt
resort is a bond issue
Need Much Monoy
It is truo the county has been almost
continually building small sections oi
belt road but tho county has not the
funds to undertake construction work
on a largo scale such as would bo re
quired to build a safo roadway across
tho bluffs and culches be
tween Kipahulu and Kaupo a pleco of
work reoulrlnar an expenditure of over
70000 before any of this could be
used tho public
Tho bodv of Elder Kirtman who lost
bis Hfo In tho AJelolo gulch near Kanpo
fund from tlm rivunue received by tho I was found yesterday In tho pool at tho
bottom of the waterfall Tho force of
the water had torn all his clothing from
tha Iwdy Over fpur hundred feet of
ropo was used In lowering searchers
irom tno v or tne chit ao iuo puui
rirovnl of the superlulemUnt of public whore tho body we- found
-von ML m IMS
TQridred Thousand for Navy hospital on
Which Work Will Be Rushed Army
Appropriations Garry
WASHINGTON January 18 The hpuso committee tin naval affairs in
session yestorday on tho naval appropriation bill agreed on items for Pear
Harbor work aggregating two million dollars
Included in tho items is one appropriating three hundred thousand dollars
for an immense naval hospital to bo built on tho Pearl Harbor nnval reserva
tion of which amount seventy five thousand dollars Is lo becomo immediately
Amplo Army Appropriations
The army appropriation bill which passed iu the house yestorday carries
an item of ono hundred nnd twenty fivo thousand dollars for tho purchase
nl 1 1 1 iv
ablo to take care of itself the Pacific u wvvwuv lu wuu mo wont or tne signal corps
Development Company is just three I Seven hundred thousand dollars is voted for tho purchase of field artillery
years old nnd must go tnroughanotncr
thrco years Doioro its trees are reaay
for commercial tapping When actual re
sults may be obtained
Wado Warren xnayer interested in
rubber development is optimistic over
tno iuture oi iuis inuusiry un ouik
thnt all connected with it aro of tho
samo opinion
Tho program for January 23 at tho
business session includes tho presenta
tion of reports and tnlks on rubber
Hubber pests will bo dealt with by C
J Austin manager of tho Hawaiian
American Rubber Company of Nnhiku
xor thcmllitjaitliroughout tho -various State and Territories Tho bill in
aiit appropriates minoty nro millions
Tawney -Scores Hte Critics
During a debate on tho floor of tEo house yesterday concerning prepared
ness for -war on tho part of the United Stntes Congressmen Hull and Tnwney
denounced the ones among tho military who had criticized their opposition
to tho immense appropriations asked for for tho Army and Navy stating
that the war and nnvy departments and tho officers in buth brnnches of tho
service expected altogether too much from tho general public in tho way
of money for Useless expenditures
Tawney declared that the government during tho past ton years had
expended already In preparation for war the enormous sum of 2102030580
more than it would cost to build five Panama Canals
Massachusetts Legislature Three
Votes Shy- for Henry Cabot
PROVIDENCE Rhode Island Jan
uary 18 A successor to Senator Aid
rich -who will retire in March will
manufacturer The first joint ballot
for houseand senate will be taken this
morning and it is probable from yes
terdays canvass that Iiippltt Will be
chosen without a second vote being
Lodgo lacks Majority
BOSTON Massachusetts January
18 The -Massachusetts senate yes
terday polled a majority of eight for
Sonntor Lodgo for reelection but tho
vote in tho house was against mm tno
17 Bankhcad Democrat was today
elected United States sqntor Dy too icg
OLYMJIA Washington January it
Miles Poindextor Insurgent Repub
lliin nisl nn nf tu leaders in the
fight against Speaker Cannon was to
day elected United States senator by
the legislature v
INDIANAPOLIS Indiana January
17Tho Indiana legislature today
elected Kern Democrat as United
States senator
HARRISBURG Pennsylvania Janu
ary 17 Pennsylvanias legislature to-
ilay namotl onvor KopuDiican ior mo
United States Senate
AUGUSTA Maine January 17
Charles A Johnson of Watcrvillo was
todny elected United Statos Benator to
succeed Ilalo Jonnson is n
Democratic lawyer ot tho State
BISMARCK North Dakota January
17 The stato legislature todny elected
two United Statos senators owing to
Senator Purcclls anpointlvo term ex
piring on March 3 Senator McCumber
Republican was elocted to succeed him
self and J J Gronna Republican was
named tosucceod lureeii
LANSING MlchlganVanuary 17
Representative Charles E Townsend
Republican was today elected United
mates senator oy iu jomiii
WASHINGTON January 3 Exten
tnn of the nresidentlal and con
gresslonal terms of offieo is favored by
Representative unamp nr ui n
sourl who probably will bo speaker of
the next house
I am in favor of amending tho con
stitution said Mr Clark today so
as to elect tho President for ono term
of six years and make him inellglblo
for reeloetion
1 If the presidential term Is made six
years I am in favor of making the
term of congressmen three Instead of
two Then the States falling Into that
rule would have an election every tbreo
PAZO OINTMENT b guaranteed
to euro any com of Itching Blind
Bleeding or Protruding File in 6 to
14 days or monoy by
U olA - - -
Terrible Condition in Mukden
Peking Legations Prepare
for Isolation
MUKDEN Manchuria Ja uary 18
Bubonic plague continues to make
nblo ravages nmonc tho residents of
probably bo found in tho person of this city nnd the surrounding district
Honry F Lippitt n wealthy cotton
The pest hns COt bovond thn
of tho Jocal health authorities and tho
ignorance of tho populaco is making
tho situation bno impossible to handlo
with tho means at hand Already tho
numbor of known deaths here from
plaguo amounts to one thousand seven
hundred and-fifty-two with hundreds
of new cases occurring daily and tho
disease spreading rapidly throughout
tiiu wuuuirjr ujsirjcis no peopio aro
terror stricken and aro fleeing in ovory
direction to escapo the contagion by
which means thoy are carrying tho
total showing that ho still lacks three plaguo gowns into regions heretofore
votes in the two houses uie joint -v wuuu pw w
vote will bo tnken this morning tine restrictions hor can tho elementary
- rules regarding sanitation bo enforced
Several Aro Elected -Legation
HARTFOKD Connecticut January Endangered
PEKING China January 18 11
17 G P McLean Republican was
today narned for the United states j ofl0 lfre the inmates fearing
SeUebythe State legislature m
MONTGOMERY Alabama January
-- --
paring to sever jomnumlcntion with nil
tho placue Infectod spots Provisions
J aro being hastily secured and stored
as though for a slogo and preparations
nro under way to close the legation
gates and sever communication with tho
outsiae it sucn do necessary
WASHINGTON- January 18 Tho
U S 8 Dclawaro Is en route to Hamp
ton Roads from Gunntanamo Cuba un
der orders to transport the body of tho
Into Scnor on Anibal Cruz tho Chilean
minister to the United States to Val
Has Accident En Eoute
uary 17 Eight members of the crow
of the battleship Delaware Capt
Charles A Gove commanding were
killed this morning by tho bursting of
a steampipe according to news received
hero today Another member was
badly burned The Delaware was ono
of the -vessels that has just returned
from the transatlantic cruise nnd has
been in Guantanamo Bay Cuba
A brief wireless message today from
tho ship conveyed tho nows but details
nre entirely lackinc The Delaware
mode a splendid record on the long
cruise Investigation to fix responsibil
ity for the accident will bo made as
soon as tho vessel arrives hero
Henry Ilnpai registrar of the terri
torial treasurers ofllco left yenferdny
for Hilo whltherThe goes tw look Into
tho condition of banks and trust com
pastes ana other matters relating to
the department He Is also commis
sioned to look up sundry lltte inheri
tanco taxes hog tie them and put tho
territorial brand upon them This Is
Ilapaln first trip sway from bis duties
In tho central ofllco In ten years prac
ticnlly the flrt time he hat Uft It on
busine iu that length of time
liculitrnr Ilipnl will be able whlla
In Hilo to walk on hli own sidewalk

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