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General Revenue Exclusively for
Territory Economy One
Complete and radical aro the changes
is tho Hawaiian taxation system ad
vocated in an interview given by Gov
ernor Froar yesterday afternoon in
which he pointed oat existing eUls
and outlined possiblo sweeping reforms
calculated in his opinion to place it
on a logical business basis
Tho right of oery county practically
to make its own assessments and
collections in property taxes is one of
tho more startling statements mado by
tho Govornor ho declaring his belief
that this system by placing the greater
responsibility of economy upon tho
shoulders of the supervisors tends to
make tho electorate more careful in
selecting its public officials and the
elected officials more careful in tho
economical handling of its funds
General revenue such as that ac
cruing from the inheritance income
insurance and other taxe including
that on railway property and other
property of communication and trans
portation Bhnll go exclusively to the
Territory The entire balance of the
territorial revenue which now goes to
the Territory subject to tho pio Tata
Of the counties as established by stata
ute shall go to tho counties alone to
tju applied Tvhero it is raised
A Demand for Economy
The most sweeping proposal and that
having the widest possible effects how
over is that to grant the assessment
power to the counties Tho ironclad
rule of two per cent then gives place
to nn optional rate which may ary
from year to year according to the
revenue needed economy on the part
of public officials resulting in a tax
rato which may bo substantially lower
than the present one This procedure
makes economy a political necessity
and consequently tends to strengthen
tho political system and should insure
good men in office now not always
the case when as tlie Governor says
The whole system is loose illogical
and unbusinesslike and it is only a
question of bow much each county can
get out of tho revenue sourccE
Questions of finance usually occupy
first placo in legislative considora
tions he said in speaking on tho
Bubject Of such questions none is
of creator imnortivnco or of more gen
eral interest than that of taxation It
is taxation that furnishes tho where
withal that makes government possible
and imposes the limits of its activities
and that seriously touches the pockets
Of tho people Naturally wind vory
properly conservatism is potent in the
consideration of proposed important
changes in mothnas of taxation but
on toe mainland mucli progress has
been mado of lato years in handling
this snbpect and in thoso Islands im
portant changes have been mado from
time to timo when cloarly desirable
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According to atropt talk
beard in moro than one place
yesterday tho members of the
senato are considering the in
troduction Immediately after
tho convoning of the legislature
of a resolution in which a vote
of went of confidence in Gov
ernor Froar and his administra
tion will bo called for
According to the reports tho son
atom had no doubt of tho ote
bat were divided as to whether
to Introduce a resolution of con
fidence and defeat It or s reso
lution of wast of confidents nod
jias lt Which would belt an
swer ttwjr purpose whatever
that may lis hai not been do
It li rather Ufa io My that
aunh a IMuK will be thought
hotter of before tba oiitUluro
MJivejiw jo the mm Wist the
taking uf Hifa yj 0Ul4
only wake ltt imu rt4leulu
84 la 09 M4ii4 JW luaVi
Wk MrUWir ma war
m IwMftl lc ftfMMt lk i
Declares It Is Not Backing the
McCrosson Bill in Any
Promoter Stamped as Specujator
and Cablegrams Go to
That the Oahu Sugar Company is not
behind the plan being attempted nt
Washington by John T McCrosson and
his associates to secure control of tho
Wahiawa water sources is the official
announcement mado yestorday by Wil
liam Pfotenhauor vice president of II
Hackfeld Co tho plantation agents
This denial of what has been rather
generally accepted ns the situation
clarifies matters considerably in ono
direction but complicates them in nn
It had boon moro or less taken for
granted that tho fight now on for tho
iLeilehun waters was ono between tho
Oahu Sugar Company and tho Waialua
plantation although tho namo of tho
Oahu Sugar Company was not published
in connection with tho matter until yes
terday This publication immediately
brought a denial from the agents of
tho company
Yesterday tho matter progressed con
siderably tho fact that the McCrosson
effort was shown to bo nn individual
onp resulting in tho dispatch of a num
ber of cablegrams to tho secretary of
war each saying in substance that Mc
Crosson represented no land holding
corporations after tho water leaving
him in the position of a speculator
These cablegrams came from individuals
known in Washington and from three
English newspapers
Authorized tTenial -The
stateiriont Issued by Mr Efbten
hauer was short and to the point It
was dictated in the offico of the Hack
feld vice president as follows
W Pfotenhaucr vice president of
H Hackfeld Co Limited who are
agents for the Oahu Sugar Company
authorizes The Advortiser to say that
that company has never considered a
proposition frOm Mr McCrosson in di
vert tho waters of Wahiawa to tho
lands of the sufcar comnanv and tho
matter has never been considered at a
meeting of the directors of tho Oahu
Sugar Company
Mr Tenney Further Explains
Tho statement of Mr Pfotenhauer
Bhown to E D Tenney president of
Castle Cooke Ltd agent of tho Wa
hiawa Water Company proved to be a
ory satisfactory one
Wo have no reason to doubt the
absolute accuracy of Mr Pfotenhauer a
statement said Mr Tenney In
fact we have understood all along that
neither tho Oahu Sugar Company nor
any other corporation owning lands
capable of being irrigated is behind
Mr McCrosson in this scheme and Mr
McCrqsson is purely in the position of
a speculator endeavoring to get hold
of a right which may bo available
with the idea of selling out to tho
highest bidder It is possible should
he bo successful that tho Wahiawa
Water Company would be obliged on
bohalf of Waialua plantation to bay
back from Mr McCrosson tho rights
that it is now enjoying
Mr Tenney wont on to explain the
features of tho situation as they exist
on tho ground The south fork of the
Ivnukonahua stream rises on the mili
tary resqrxation and the big Wahiawa
Dam backs tho water of that fork into
tho reservoir Tho water impounded
by tho dam is of two kinds that which
is appurtenant to the taro lands of the
districts of Wahiawa and Waialua and
tho surplus or storm wator which pre
vious to tho orection of tho dam was
allowed to run wasto to tha sea So
far as tho water which is appurtenant
to the wet lands by ancient custom Is
concerned thero can bo no question of
tho govcrqmont or anyono olso divert
ing thp water In another direction tho
Wahiawa Water Company having ac
quired tho lands ontitjed to this water
before it built tho dam So far ns tho
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mtM Wl IWW fM4W WM mM
rrU tk Juab 4mI mm iit4 mt
Stf fej
r 4i tJutt
L If however -we could start
in here to grow rubber without
knowing anj thing about it and
k make a success of it then I am
ie quite sure that there need bo
no fear for tho fundamental
success of the industry in tho
future Doctor Wilcox
Optimism was the watchword at tho
proper means of cultivation and treat
ment of tho trees the outlook is very
encouraging One of the best features
about the whole of the industry is
various members durinc tho year show
that when tho factories aro turning
out tho finished article that it will hold
its own with anything producod in the
world and in a few years they hopo
that Hawaiian rubber will becomo a
well known -name among manufac
Tapping the Tree
W W Andorson manager of tho
Nahihu plantation delivered n long
and technical address on the subject
of tapping During this ho described
tho different methods of tapping cut
ting pricking lind collecting the flow
Speaking of the cost of production
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Although not positively known it Is
almon certain that at least four of
the bsttory of niorUri at IJattsry Har
low iurt Jtutfor will Ud given a prse
tll tMt either Ills wWJle of Feb
ruary or about middle f Wrl
4hhjJI entirely thtitr fhe nur
lJtfPiM e Iwt blr firing Mllllim
errivw n the JVbrwy er II Mureb
trHert um It Cmt
Tbe mrtrf Vt mm v sf tarn
wiuiua fur wre tun a yaar Wbe
Uy were At Mhm to tet tU
uutt ree wit ikm nr4
Th mM uui Ufh4 la Wau lea
theso liavs been sot lu nod the guns
are aiwui rpauy ror me arrival or tuo
tctlu oflleer
Actael Mug will take ntaee The
Kun will bo loeded with tuo heavleit
euurira kept on Uaai for the test
would only be conijiUtu by uilng the
iimxlwum charge Mejor Tlmberlako
will prabably unite no annauDeeoient
of the time the gum are to be fired
alltaiugk the date may be hrwh a M
r twe before lk Mltng Mear fi
read u whet tbey u 4a Tiwtd
lMMkiiii fnr that their thttkMtv
ftjafe 4 HJfcst w u
m thumb IKES HAL
ill all mil 1 1 UP 111
Governor Frear Suggests System
of Independent Assessment
by Counties y
M aaamr oklHK2VaiaUBBV 3BtiaVWaiaiaiaaiaiLHtaiaiaiaiaiHaiHuaiHl
WML MEaWHaWHaaaaWitaiaWMHiaWWaBaligM v
P flWiaW1 Hi i iJHf i Mil lii l1 I iPiffl I
I HBBttdtiIsyuJBBHMP9BHEMBHK3iK Ei IS kmSSmwrSWa 3SbHS1bIHbbbbb1bbbbbh fl
I Wa1aaMMWWaMBMKS MbJllizamlSSmM
Scone on Pacific Development Company BtfhbjSr Plantation at Kauoloau
Puna showing tho advantsgeapf cultivation
Industry a Great Future
May Plan Combine
of Plantations
9 President C D Lufkin feJ
3r Vice President W Williamson K
a Secretary Treasurer D 0 H
Si say El
3 Trustees W W Thayer B von B
SB Damm H
78 Pnbllcation Committee W W SI
IS Thayer F Waterbouse and A JS
H L Castle
annual meeting of tho Hawaiian Bub 1
ber Growers Association held Optimism the SaUCe for the Good
day in tho chamber of commerce rooms i
Ilepresentath es were present from
nearly all the plantations and many of
them read interesting papers of tho ex
periments and matters they had noticed
during the year As year succeeds year
those in chargo are gaining more
knowlcdgo of tho subject they are
handling and consequently better re
sults nro obtained During the whole
of yesterday not ono discouraging
feature was spoken of all the reports
showing that tho industry was making
good and would do oven better in tho
Tho climate seems to bo suitable and
Things Served and the
The treatment of refined rubber with
refined humor mado a double hit with
tnoso who have put up their refined
gold to oxtract the juice Or as Mr
tbnt so far no serious diseases havp Jou Diamra tastefully remarked after
mado the appearance the ones that fe0 ft JlM
aro noticed boing casllv dealt with I ping of tho pocketbook of the investor
Iteports that have been received by and then tapping some moro to keep
inn lapping going
O D Lufkin tho new president of
the association presided and as toast
mastor introduced the speakers with
a poinioa suggestion tn each caso which
Continued on Pago Four
An Important moeting of tho Torrl
torlal Board of Immigration wag hold
jMterday morning at which news of
interest was acted upon with tho ro
suit that Dr Victor 8 Clark now In
Sallna Cruz wae ordered by cable to
proceed to Havana Cuba to inves
tlgato tho possibility of securing whito
laborers thoro for the plantations
It wae hu infomiatlou received by
the board to the effect that ovcry year
iiutnbere of Hpanluriis leavo Bjiaiu fur
woik oa iu uaoan ugar ruaauiueai
and niter working during the season
return Iwwr auly to eo baek to Cuba
the next year that Induced tho eliaugo
of plan lu regard to Doctor Clark
The Inetruettoui to the doctor ere
to eeeure tbeee Himulih labertn If
patelble to settle n Jlawall oh the
uaHiuws wwm iniy win m guar
aaiil wtk all the year around
malum jvere a mtmutr ar tea
u4 mmAmt ranee miU er bwt lUiUrJ ku hep U away Un re
yane bete aira4y hmm Ai4 rail 4ara4 im Hie StetM wee ureeoat a4
Governor Advocates Commission
Members of tho Hawaiian Hubber
Growers Association stretched a point
last evening arad became all of them
boys again They attended their an
nual banquet at tho Young Hotel and
its no stretch of the imagination to
say that they fared well before the
farewell time came Of ail tho care
free optimistic jolly good business
men who over oat in company at a
square meal around a dumbell table tho
now that they aro finding out the gathering last ovening was a first class
Mule for the City of -Honolulu
New Political System Outlined
in Statement by Chief
Commission government for tho city
of Honolulu ts advocated by Gov W
P Frear in a statement mado public
yesterday afternoon with tho
tion that the necessity of tho read
justment of functions between tho city
and tho Territory will bo tho subject
of ono of tho most importnnt bills to
bo brought boforo tho legislature at
tho coming session
Tho proposals of tho Governor whllo
not sotting forth tho general details
of such an act as would bo rcquirod to
constitute tho city government under
tho now plan touches gonorally on the
benofits and advantages accruing
through its adoption and outlines tho
system Itself rather fully
Among othor things he advocates
tho curtailing of tho mayors powors
to such an extent that ho practically
becomos but tho chairman of tho board
of supervisors without tho powor of
BHEaasiSaaSBSaiaiBHlveto but with othor powors of tho
S Market CommUtce GiPCooKeylH
SL realWaldroh d wr Will S
supervisors themselves Tho supor
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WASHINGTON January 24 Speak-
ing boforo tho National Marino Con
gress of the United Btates in session
in this city yesterday Bcpresontntlve
William E Humjkoy of tho Stato of
Wasiungtou decJaroa tnat war between
Japantand tills country Is unanticipated
Mf lIumpbroyr created a sensation
however by assorting that at ono time
tho Unltod States was much nearer war
with Japan than most pooplo realize
due to tho tfntl Japanesc crusado in
Speaktng upon tho recent war scaro
Congressmarf ITumphroy compared tho
stato of preparedness for war of the
two countries indicating that Japan
was In a strongor position in tho Pa
cific at this timo than the United States
ALBANY January 23 Tho Now
York state legislature today adopted
a concurrent resolution asking congress
to namo San Francisco as tho place for
tho international Panama Canal exposi
This la considered a great victory
for tho westerners as it is expected
to influence the Now York delegation
an tothcr eastern members of con
SAN ritANCISCO January 23 Tho
State Supremo Court has granted a re
hearing of tho cobo of Abraham Ruof
the convictod grafter and tbo caso
will come up again at tho July term
of tho court
Justices Sloss Shaw and Angelottl
dissented refusing to eign tho -order
for a rehearing Ruef is still out on
WASHINGTON January 24 Fol
lowing an oxohauga of notes betweon
tho stato department and tho govern
ment of Mexico It was auuouueed lato
yesterday that tha coallug station held
by the United Htutes on Magdalona
Day on the west coast of Lower Call
furala will be abaudeoed ae a navy
HAmO DOMINGO January U3 An
flgreut mi been rwciwl to arbi
trate the boundary dsfute
PfttSftlfiO fesea Jtnviry ft It ti
VUr uaVied to vatJUll ultLiluxli ti Wurk uf Iks hmuil wu tatatva1 uuttuliia bra Ikal uu at UanlAaa
fw W efcioa AuiUi4 4 Mitel ae wlattt kmw Ur tad Uftu a be ewUh4 by itWJl
wmss ttMwjxwett a urn wm vm
Till tUMS
mi uneni
Trust Involved in Importations
Through Alleged Fraud in
Wrapper Leaf Classed as jyljer
Passed by Customhouse
From Cuba
NEW YORK January- 24 Invca
tigations noarly completed by federal
officers in connection with tho importa
tion of Cuban tobacco indlcnto that
tho gocrnmont haB been defrauded of
botweon 3000000 and 5000000 a
year during tho last fivo years thus
making a total of botween fifteen and
twenty five million dollars Baved im
porters in duties
A discrepancy In tho statistics bo
tweon ho Importation of wrapper and
filler tobnecos caused tho discovery of
tho alleged frauds in tho first placo
and a caroful investigation has Bhown
the Bcopo to which this method of im
porting tobacco has boon carried
Wrapper for Filler
Wrapper tobacco is much moro ex
pensive than filler whllo tho duty col
lected Is about twico as much It is
nssortod that agents of tho largo im
porting firms in this city have boon
Importing tho wrapper leaf from Cuba
In covers which was classified as filler
tobacco tho duty being paid on tbo
basis of filler t
1 It is oisortod thasjuoqbacco fraud
will grcatlyi exceod thoso -which tha
sugar trust wero accused bf and whicli
resulted In tho repayment of millions
to tho government and prison sentences
for weighers in tho customs service
Tnist Involved
It is also stated that tho tobacco
trust is directly implicated in thoso
latest frauds This trust is now boforo
the United States Supromo Court on a
suit under tuo Hnorman anu irust law
for its dissolution which involves sixty
corporations headed by James B Duko
Tho report is that a number of ar
rests will bo mado within n day or
two and soma sensations will follow
tho proceedings to bo Instituted in tho
United States Circuit Court
NEW YORK January 24 David
Graham Phillips tho author was shot
and severely wounded yesterday by
ntzhugh Goldsborough of Washington
who Is a member of a prominent Mary
land family Immediately after tho
shooting Goldsborough killed himself
The tragedy took placo In broad day
light on the street and in thd prcsonco
of a number of witnesses Golds
borough who was apparently Insane
walked up to Philips and shot him six
times then blew out bis own brains
Tho novelist was rushed to tho hbs
pltal whore it was stated at a lato
hour last night that there was a slight
chanco for his life It is not known
what if any cause thoro was for tho
murderous attack by tho insano man
i i
David Graham Phillips is tho author
of over a dozen novolswhiclnhavo been
among1 the -best sellers during tho
past ton 3cars and is known to an
nldgazlno readers
jrcars or ago
Ho is forty four
NEW ORLEAN8 January 21 Unit
cd States Attornoy Genoral Georgo W
Wlckcraham has demanded of United
Stutcs District Attorney Deottto of
tills district that bo resign becaueo of
tliti crltlclmiis tho latter mado regard
log tho opinion of Wlckoribain ad vis
lnir against the prosocutlon started In
tlili elty reeenti ojjuaitt the rvgar
Wiekeraliam held that the local prose
cution was in ronflltt with tho proio
ciijmn under way by the
offlee ud wlilolr la now fa the
Uultrvl Btntea Wuiiramo Court Mr
Ileattle erltlelied tlili It 1 uu
ileretood that he will refute to reeign
lLKMIr JaauHry ft Tbtra kftve
Ixh lauo 4mihs Him Uuboeui plague
ii ikU ally aal ibHi during ike

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