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en urns f I
Heport of Superintendent Rath
of Conditions Among
Eight Nurses Accomplish Much
in Oriental Hotbed of
Prom Saturdays Advertiser
H B 55 IS ft S 51 K E g K ft K X
b a
K Living conditions in the frame 58
P3 tenements of our city are not con- IS
H ducive to cither high thinking or 3
H plain living 53
63 To rail ngalnst tho tenement M
Rl dwellers without affording them a S
H healthier method of living is ennt 59
S To abuse the owners of tho K
69 tenements is futile They aro tho 51
R creators of our modern day HI
51 nomie conditions Aji indict K
K ment in tho TCport of Tames A 35
H Hath of the Palnmn Settlement 5
H H 3C 8 55 5T 55 H 5C 31 H 5 5 ft K H IB
Outlining n big year of big work
James A Path superintendent nnd
head worker of tho Pnlama Scttlemont
read 14s annual report at tho settle
jnonts annual meeting last night PrO
scnting figures thnt astonished his hear
ors Mr Rath reported on moro than
a settlement work objocts aimed at
and ends accomplished making it his
toric in moro wars than one
Six thousand cases of sickness under
treatment n hundred tuberculosis pa
tients carea lor two Hundred women
reached and trained a hundred habits
cared for nil theso nro tho minor work
of tho settlement as outlined by the
The time hns gono by savs the
report when the giving of castoff
doming ana toys ana clinnty in tlio
shape of dolli nnd pensions wero con
sidered adequate means o solving tho
problems of poverty disease nnd crimo
Tho civilized world is realizing today
as never before that the solution of
theso problems does not Ho in palliative
measures but in permanent cures and
tho removal of the exciting causes
Palamn is no longer satisfied with
small means Thoy have been weighed
and found wanting and in consequents
have been abandoned Tho problems
before us demand tho best that we can
In other ways Mr Hath has showed
iis religious belief in tho greater re
sponsibilities of the work of tho settle
ment a trained appreciation of it nnd
a scientific application of nil thnt newly
formed trade of catering to thri tene
ment ridden
OAKLAND January 20 George
Fong tho Chinese youth who attempted
to assassinate Prince Tsai Hsun undo
of the Emperor on tho occasion of the
princos visit to San Francisco a few
months ago was today sentenced to
fourteen years imprisonment
OAKLLAND January 13 Georgo
Pong tbo Chlneso patriot was convict
ed of assault with intent to murder
Prinso Teai Hsun cousin of tho Chi
neso Emperor by a jury in Judgo
Wells court this aftornoon Ho will
bo sentenced Tuesday morning
An appeal will probably be taken
Fong was arrested on tho Oakland mole
by Secret Sorvico Agent Harry M Mof
iitt and Sergeant of Pollco George Me
Mabon of San Francisco They ob
served him dodging about among tho
crowd seeking to mako bis way to tho
front where bo would seo tho prince
llo was Teaching for a revolver in his
pocket when captured
Captain of Detectives Petersen testi
fied that Pone had admitted to him
that ho had intended to shoot the
prince as a step toward establishing a
republic in China
An agreement was filed with tho
registrar of public conveyances yestor
Hw arranging for a trusteeship over
the Waipio Pineapplo Company a Jap
anese concern According to tho agree
ment the company which is a lesseo
of the John It estate is behind in its
rents nnd tnjtcs nboit 1902 H I
Spalding has been named os trustoe
until tho plantation gets upon its feet
once wore ho to tako all the proceeds
from the alo of the fruit and pay from
them the delinquent rents
SAN FJUNCIBCO January 14 Tho
jurys recommendation of mercy In tho
rata of loicnh T Llddv convicted of
manslaughter was adopted by Judgo
Iulmniiw who yesterday sent Lldily to
Ban Quontin for two yenri Llddy who
was engineer of the police hunch hot
Ilinrles Timlin n sailor at the head
quarter of the Ballon Union lu liast
strei t during a tight rirucipiutotl by
tlio defendants endeavors to Hop n
crap gurae
lAZO OINTMENT if guaranteed
u pure any aao ol Itching Wind
Wwdinu or Protruding Iilw In 6 to
14 day ormQBey refunded Made by li
IAKIS UlUKlUll CO Saiat UukvJ iu
Former Editor of Advertiser Is
Glad to Be Once More in
- Honolulu
rFrom Saturdays Advertiser
Walter 0 Smith is back he Arrived
i tho Sierra yesterday Whilo this
roturn undoubtedly means something
to Mr Smith it means more to Hono
lulu Mr Smith is very much inter
ested in tho people of Honolilu ho has
a great many friends here and tho
greetings ho received yesterday per
sonally and by phone probably made
his groat heart beat just n little faster
But then the people of Honolulu aro
greatly interested in Mr Smith And
there you arc
Mr Smith is apparently the same
old AVnltcr G who acquired tho
belief a few months aero that ho could
leave- tho Islands for good but lie has
como back successfully Tho only
difference in him and this does not
show to bo noticed is that ho is a
grandfather Nobody would suspect it
at tho flrstglance but that is becauso
ho is naturnlly a modest man Yet it
is a fact and ono which should mako
tho alohas doubly deep with which ho
is greeted
Symbols of Homo
For tho time being Mr Smith has
taken up his hcadquartors at tho Young
Hotel His window looks out toward
the Waianao mountains Their sil
houettes of deepest bluo cut the azure
of tho sky lino above the dark green
cane fields of Bwa liko the dream
mountnins of ones youth To Mr
Smith thoy -were ns n symbol of homo
Years ago ho remarked in a low
reminiscent tone when I thought I
was leaving theso Islands forever X
spont tho last hour of my Btay photo
graphing in my memory through my
eyes those beautiful mountains And
now I nm greeting them again greet
ing them as old friends always tho
same and with a smile of kcrrrtfelt
meaning ho gazed out of tho window
nnd over the roofs of the tree-embowered
city to tho rugged playground of
tho shadows
Hero to Boost
Mr Smith is hero to boost Hawaii
and Honolulu As editor of tho Ha
waiian Star ho will feel thoroughly nt
home for Tho Star is ono in that bright
journalistic constellation through which
Mr Smith hnB passed on his orbit nnd
pnsslng added to tho lining of life In
tho strenuous days of the early repub
lic he started tho paper on tho broad
American principles which ho is euro
to continue Its the nature of tho
Well I dont know just exactly
Star Tho truth is I would liko n littlo
timo to look around to sizo things up
a bit Back on the Coast I wns
troubled with a touch of rheumatism
but now why I feel liko n young mnn
again and all trace of my rheumatism
is gone I tell you this cllmnto is won
derful it is certainly wonderful
And so it was that Mr Smith sat in
his comfortable chair looking thorough
ly at home breathing deep draughts of
tho sunshlney air talking of old friends
to bo met again of new friends to bo
discovered telling of old days in tho
Islands of other days on tho main
land in tho Orient and upon the sea
Certainly Not
Bjt of work Of routine Of tho
dullness of life Certainly not they
wero subjects foreign to what that win
dow in front of him framed
Its truo I couldnt keep away
iNobody enn who has lived here I
think Hut tliero aro others who have
gono away moro often thnn I have to
stay yet have just as often come back
X am willing to bo a member of the
Como Back Club but I hardly think I
doscrvo tho presidoncyj no I think
thero nro sorao others who better do
scrvo tho place But thats a good
idea about tlio Como Hack Club it has
attracted a good deal of attention and
tho membership should bo largo
And during nil this timo tho inter
view was punctuated by phono calls
from friends who had heard that Wal
ter Q Smith has como back
By tho way tills was supposed to
bo an intoriow
From Saturdays Advertiser
Tho fifth days trial of the McQuaid
case for nttempted murder ended yes
tcrday afternoon with William McQunid
still on tho stand There will be a
new witness on tho stand Monday how
ever Tho cross examination of Mc
Quaid took up tho entire day yesterday
tho defendants testimony proving in
teresting through the relation of sev
eral racy incldonts in which several
well known people of tho city wero im
Tho prosecution attempted to draw
from McQunid the fact that ho had
several times accused his wife of mis
conduct before Driver entered into his
homo and broke It up Its object wns
to show that McQuaid distrusted his
wife long before the main incidents on
winch hang tho present trial and onro
threatened divorce thus weakening tho
claim of tho defeneo that tho shotk of
McQuaid e discover- of lili wIIoh al
leged relations with Driver caused a
temporary Insanity
In the con r of lili tonHmony Mc
Quaid mentioned sovera Incident
where Drivir nnd Mrs McQultl had
been prominent nut Cathcnrt quo
Honing ill need a lot of pil history on
iMard lu wliUh tlis unfaithful wife
litld IllKt pUM
pi4iihi M
It U swiottuetxl tlmt tho mwtlng of
iu AuwrMMU rsii HuelMy will Int held
lUlitiiuire Uy i and S of tttii
From Saturdays Advertiser
Thero arc some things which scare rants for them afterwards
oven federal officials Experience in
federal prosecution is calculated to
harden even the most delicate minded
and render them impervious to shocks
But witness this
Yesterday a woman callodeon a ccr 1 heard
ask wJiat sho wanted aim to do
Mahc him ma
Said official gasped
Madame ho answored with con
centrated emphasis tho constitution
of the United States says that no man
shall receive uniust nu prohibitive
punlshmont I will not
Then ho fled Afterwards his official
conscience got tho best of him and he
sent for tho man nnd the woman both
As lie is an ardent promotion bo do-
piflprl fchnr nft sneh rrpllfctixn wfirfi want
ed to spoil the landscapo in this fair
land This is his own version of tho
mutter or ns much ns he could give
He was scon too soon after the trngody
Somewhat Mixed
route They mado their eBcnpo with
tbo aid of several valiant young nion
and it looked for all tno world as it a
rehoarsal wns on for an opera with tho
balcony scene from Borneo and Juliet
thrown in
But this was no moro rohearsal It
was all serious and thero wero many
littlo screams also thero wero uncer
tain feet on tho rounds of the ladders
but tho young women wero not scared
not at all Probably past experience
in hanging dainty curtains decorating
homes for weddings and other func
tions gave them courage for like the
King of Franco they walked up ono
incline and then down another
Oblivious to Time
The young Indies wero rehearsing in
the ballroom ol tho uiid reiiows Duiia
ing which is tho top floor for a kirmess
danco The3 remained at their
sicborean problem until long after llvo
oclock Finally tho piano was closed
and tho party tripped lightly to tho
elevator shaft and tho bell was rung
It was rung again and again but there
wns no response nnd tho elevator failed
to movo from ite ground floor position
Possibly the caretaker was busy else
where tney arguea anu nicy inppea
merrily down the four flights of stairs
only to bo confronted with tho iron
railing about eight feet high which
was locked
Max Schlemmer tho King of Lay-
WASHINGTON January 20 Charles
Dyer Norton private secretary to Pres
ident Taft nnd former assistant secre
tary of tho treasury has announced his
resignation and his return to Chicago
to tako up tho work of his insurance
agency in tho neur future
Mr Norton who is only thirty years
of ago has made a record for himself
both in business and in Washington
When Induced by Secretary MocVeagh
to hecomo assistant secretary of tho
treasury he was forced to givo up his
Chicago business of lifo insurance and
resigned an incomo of 50000 a year
When President Taft promoted bis
former secretary to n consular position
nnd was looking around for a successor
Norton wns tho man- who filled the bill
uud he wns trnusferred to the White
House And now after nearly two
yearn of official life Mr Norton states
he will return to his private business
His successor has not been decided
SAdlAMKNTO January 21 The
Administration luwtures advocated by
Governor Johnson and providing for
the public onminlMlon Initiative raf
rmlwu nnd roall in the State gov
tirnuiwit were introduced in the altera
bly yetterday
Tli governor Rht upon the fiouth
ni lnifU u1k kff up and the bill
for tin physical alueilan of all rail
rwl rowMy in the Mate a a baali
or rat making U beiay jmitml
agnlntt tlioso rules nnd
were a little too flagrant
The offense
When they got in jail they bocamo
scared and sent for a minister to marry
When Brc ahem tho fcdoral offlcor
of it he sent for them both-
tain federal officer who shall bo name- tnat tlrao no naa Tcom
less hut who has n very large share hl naturU Tepugaaneo to the ahem
in tho enforcing of Uncle Sams rules again Inartistic
and reculations forithis his land Tin Were jou over married t ho re-
described her afterwards with nwo Ho marked to Anasette
dwelt slightly on tho hat and somewhat I ot to this woman said Anasette
on tho shoes as things beyond mortal
comprehension but whon ho came to
her face ho shuddered Ho never saw
such a face He applied the most heart
rending epithets to it but he did not
attempt to describo it in detail
with a momentary hesitation and a
drop of the eyelids
Tho Third Degree
Tho official who has done this be
foro reached over to n pile of papers
nn1 anliatrnntnil nfifl nf tliftm flffcer rt
When ho let her tell her talo of
woo iong search It was a report on labels
discovered that Bho had down
ho como
to Honolulu from San Francisco a
month eo with n man under tiro
promlso of marriage nnd had boon liv
ing with him ever since although ho
has not yet fulfilled that promise He
is n Portuguese barber and las opened
a shop on Nuuanu avenue
Forced Matrimony
When she finished tho officer in
tlon turdo an effort nnd managed to
on bird feed or something
or tnat
nature It was typewritten
I see bv this ho said after he
had carefully adjusted his glasses and
perused tho Bhcet Ahem did you Bay
you wero married j
Not to this woman
Whero in thunder is thatt reflect
ed the officer Then ho turned two
pages forward ono back thiee forward
again The formula is good Ah
ho said So you wero never married
rry mo said tho said Anasette trying
j to get a look at tho mysterious bird
i label report
I Ah eh separated
Tho Whole Truth
Separated eh Another three
minute pause while the official cleaned
his specs and turned a few more pagos
reading them carefully
According to this you you say you
werent divorced
N n no we wuz separated by a
Tho official is a lawyer himself Tho
couple wore sent back to jail and are
still there Persons with bail money
ploaso call The grand jury will
The woman gave her name as Ernlin ably take tho case up at once Mean
Swytischer She is one fourth Indian while Mr Anasette Fortes barber shop
one fourth Spanish and half Gorman will remain closed but it might have
according to her own testimony His remained closed longor if a kind official
nnmo is Anasette Fortes He is nil Iliad not stopped him from committing
Iortuguoe A few minutes of bigamy especially as tho lady coyly
ation and tho federal officer sent both admits that she was married four times
of them to jail first and issued war- already
Crossing tho Alps is not to bo com- j
glared to the feat of several young do
cioty matrons and debutantes late yes-
Iterday afternoon when they escaped
whon I will tako hold as editor of Tho from a down town building by a ladder
san Island or at least who was kinc
p thnt littlo islet to westward of Ha
waii torgot thero were pretty young
women on tho top floor and when his
duties wero pau for tho day he locked
tho elevator shaft drew tho iron rail
ing across the foot or tho stairs and
went home oblivious of the fact that
a number of young women had beea
Such a Predicament
Theirs was a predicament especial
ly as there wero vacant places at va
rious dinner tables in Waikikl Puna
hou and Makiki They called for as
sistance but fow people wero on Fort
street at that hour Finally W D
Adams of tho BergstTom Music Com
pany beard the tumult and found the
women in their prison Ho surveyed
the sceno and thought of calling upon
tho fire department The police might
bnttcr down tho railing but somebody
would havo to pay for it That wouldnt
do Ah a ladder No two of them
One ladder was found and this was
put over to tho inside Tho spikes of
tho railing were covered with buggy
robes and another ladder was tied
against tho railing on Uhe outside
Judge Wilder happened along and
found his wife ono of tho prisoners
with tho Misses McChosney Spalding
Littlcjohn Buckland Howatt and sev
eral others and ho gallantly aided in
tho dnring rescue Ho became a knight
of old nnd helped tlio young women
from tho tower of tho fearful ogre It
was no easy feat to got over tho spiked
ridge but it was flnnlly accomplished
Maybe the act will be reproduced in
tho kirmess
The liquor commissioners who mot
yesterday afternoon in the throne room
of tho capital aro now debating tho
question of licensing the Japanese
hotels and tea houses tho matter com
ing up in tbo application of R Mura
kami for a hotel license for the Azuma
premises on School street which have
been shut down slnco the former pro
prietor was fiued in court for running
a blind pig
S Sbeba appeared on behalf of the
applicant arguing for moro places
wlioro the Japanese could entertain
their friends with the customs of their
native land as did their whlto neigh
bors in the various large hotels in the
city Ho vouched for tho proper con
duct of tho place in overy particular
the applicants intention he stated
being to manago the place strictly
for high class Jnpaueso and haolo
Tho application which lias been be
fore tho board for soma time wus
again held over
The application of tbo Scottish This
tle Club for a third class license to
caver its anniversary soon approach
ing wns gruuieu
Another hotel license bag been ap
plied fur by M Koineya for premises
on Buckle Jnuc the application being
turned over to tho inspector for fur
ther consideration
An order was liuod to the Mint sa
loon to remove the table nud chain
fiom Its prNuli a similar attion hav
ing bean taken a short while ago with
another wUblUhwoat where lereral
ruugb huw tiaJ owurrud
Seventy Five Offenders Against
Curfew Law Rounded Up
by Chief
rFrom naturday Aclvertlier1
One moro energetic round np of bad
little boys and girls who dare tho buga
boo man nnd remain out after hours
wns mado last night by Chief McDuf
fie and his staff Judgo Whitney of tho
juvenile court being responsible for
tho anove The court itsolf Was opened
in tlio oflice of Chief McDuffic and
whilo not formerly called was so to
nil intents and purposes
Shortly after soven oclock in tho
evening allowing tbo coming population
some grave in which to scurry home and
go to bed ho started out nnd a few
hours afterwards gatherod up a total of
seventy five
Ho confined his attention to tho mov
ing plcturo shows stationing some of
his men nt the doors of oach with orders
to round up all the youngsters coming
out unescorted All soventy fivo wero
caught as they tried to dive out in tho
crowd for the nows of the raid ran
the rounds of tho juvenile offenders
against the curfew law liko wildfire
Their Cute Move
A number of rising young gcntloman
not turned sixteen who found out that
officers would pinch them if they didnt
watch out begged hard with elders in
the show to hold their hand while they
passed the door and a number managed
to escapo detection in ibis manner
The big police wito was kept busy
going tho rounds and gathering up tho
contributions from each show making
soven trips in all At tho door of tho
police headquarters the mnchno would
spout smnll boys as it stopped and long
after its capacity seemed to have been
exhausted they still would come in in
creasing numbers As many as twenty
were in the machine at one time
The mid almost broke up the ama
teur performance nt tho Bijou Theater
Special Officer Bergnu in accordanco
with his instructions rounding up ten
or so small ones who wore hanging
around the doors of the show A few
moments later tho manager toro around
with his hair standing on end wailing
because the oilicer had pinclicd all
his nmateur talent Ho immediately
shooed tho bunch of seared children
into tho show nnd outsido of tho offi
cers jurisdiction and they all appeared
in duo timo on tho stage none tho worse
for the experience This is almost the
only city in tho country -which has not
a law forbidding the appearance of
minors on tho stage
Interesting Specimens
Judge Whitney found some interest-
WASHINGTON January 20 Secre
tary of tho Navy Meyer has issued a
general order publicly reprimanding
Commander William S Simms IT 3 N
becnusoof his Guildhall speech in Lon
don which caused much comment at tho
timo of tho Atlantic fleet i visit to Eng
At n banquet in tho Guildhall beforo
a distinguished company nt which Am
bassador Whitelaw Rcid and tho officers
of tho fleet were guests Commander
Simms prefacing his remarks as per
sonal stated that in case of troublo
with any other nation England in her
fight would find the United States with
her to the last drop of blood
This expression caused much feeling
in Germany especially an the matter
was brought to the attention of the
state department at Washington ind
then tauten up by tho navy department
with the result that the commander
is publicly reprimanded His defenso
was that ho carofully stated ibeforo
making bis speech that it was bis per
sonal opinion that ho was presenting
NEW OBK January 20- Andrew
Carnegie today announced the gift of
ten millions pf dollars to tho Carnegie
Institute at Washington It will bo
used for general purposes In tho last
threo months tlio Ironmaster baa
given away over thirty million dollars
With this 10000000 added to tho
other glfta to arlou institutions foun
dations and libraries already recorded
it innkcs n total of 1SOSOO000 credit
ed to th Unown benefactions of this
ono nmu 1
Tbo greatest danger from influent it
of Iti roiultlnir In pneumonia This can
be obviated by using Chamberlain
Couih Remedy ai It not only enret in
fluenu but counteracts any tendtuey
of the disease towards paonmonla Far
ale by all dealbri ueswn Hwltb m
Co agesta for lit wall
Committee Majority Report is
Against San Francisco
CoastlCity Deegatiofn to Carry
on Ffgfit From Floor of
WASHINGTON January 21 Tho
committee on industrial arts and expo
sitions presented its report to tho bouso
yesterday in favor of New Orleans as
tho official city for tho Panama Exposi
tion in 015 the voto standing nino in
iuvor of tho southern city to six for
San Francisco
Tho majority report of tho committee
gives tho first round in tho fight for
tho exposition to New Orleans but tho
minority report will bo prcsontcd to tho
house in favor of San Prancisco
To Carry on Fight
R B Hale chairman of tho San Fran
cisco board of directors of the exposi
tion declared last night that the fight
will bo carried from tho floor of tho
house and that he is confident of win
The committee is composed of Wil
liam A Bodenberg of Illinois Repub
lican chairman Augustus P Gardner
of MESsachusotts Republican John M
Nelson Wisconsin Republican John
W Langley Kentucky Republican
George JN Southwick Hevr York Re
publican H Stcenerson Minnesota
Republican Arthur P Murphy Mis
souri Republican Frank P Woods
Iowa Republican Miles Poindexter
Washington Republican Harry
Maynard Virginia Democrat Joseph
H Rliinock Kentucky Democrat J
Thomas Hcflin Alabama Democrat J
W Collier MississippiDemocrat Wil
liam A Cullop Indiana Democrat and
James H Covington Maryland Demo
Whirlwind Campaign
The leader in the fight for New Or
leans before the committee was Senator-elect
John Sharp Williams of Mis
sissippi who made a whirlwind cam-
ing spinenrYmong th crod that f hcoTvati
Th San MciBCO delqgatil
Chief McDuffie broucht him Ono lar8
bright looking Hawaiian lad said that
both his father and mother were dead
ana that ho was living with bis
smnllcr brother who must havo been
very small indeed
A pinched cheeked nine-year-old Por
tuguese the chiefs last capture in tho
Bijou wept most copiously and said
that bis father was blind He owned
to the existence of a mother but her
interest in him seemed to be limited
John Marcallino clerk of the juve
nile court was himself making the
rounds of tho various theaters without
knowing what wns going on but after
feeling tho undercurrent of dismay
among tho youngsters accumulated tho
Idea that there was something doing
and promptly investigated He spent
the rest or the night writing names and
taking ages
in this city were disappointed but not
cast down Dy tno vcruict or mo com
mittee and determined last night with
cheerful courage to carry on the fight
with added vim on tho floor Of tbo
bouse until tbo last ditch
ALBANY January 21 Tho deadlock
in the legislature over tho election of
a United States senator to succeed
Chauncey M Dopow continues in spito
of tho efforts put forth by Tammany
Hall to elect William P Shoohan Do
pew seems to be gaining in strength
WASHINGTON January 20 Tho
executive council of tho American Fed
eration of Labor has decided to grant
a charter to tho Western Federation of
TOKIO January 21 Premier Kat
sura yesterday opened tho upper houso
of the Imperial Diet and commenced
tho first session of lDllj which is to
take up some of the most important
matters that have boon beforo the Em
pire for some time
Among these is tho new tariff which
1b considered tbo most important sub
ject before tho Diet at present par
ticularly in its English rolatlons Tho
government hns been aevorely criticized
in some quarters over its conferences
with Great Britain on this subject and
it is expected that tbo Diets action
will put tho stamp of its disapproval
on tho negotiations
Tho navoi expansion program will
also recelvo a great deal of attention
Other important matters coming up aro
tho new factory law tbo new railroad
policy establishing tho broad gaugo
standard on tho government line and
similar bills
WASHINGTON January 21 Among
tho items in tho naval appropriation
bill which conies before congress next
week will bo ono of 25000 for ex
periments in aviation This Item was
inserted following tho recent aviation
meets at Los Angeles and San Fran
cisco where was shown tho practicabil
ity of aeroplanes to fly to and from
a warship nnd drop explosives from
grent heights
WASHINGTON January 20 The
house commlttco on naval nffalra today
mado public Its building program for
next year II includes two first elaas
battleships two collier eight torpedo
boat destroyon and four submarines
Jf these are finally nuthorUed work
on tliMit will bo rushed
Nearly 16000 carnations in full
bloom and rttdy for shipment wero
burned f t Summit New Jery In ft
Are wbieb did a -total of 12000 dam
me to a graenbouM owned by Valentino
v I

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