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mr m
Proposed to Drop Any Mention
of Immigration Restrictions
in Agreement
Administration Asserts That such
a Clause Would not Help
but Hinder
Special Cabio to mo Advertiser
m Tf linq lipnn nftirinlfv intimated that
Civic Section of Mens League
Will Fight for Schools in
School necessities must have tho first
claim -upon the revenues of tlio Terri
tory is tho determined opinion of the
members of tlio civic section of tho
Hen a League as cxprcssod at a meet
ing hold nt Central Union Parish House
last evening
U Tho civic soction of -which Judgo
W L Whitney is chairman dlscussod
tho school problem following a pre-
scntaUon of tho findings of tho public
school commission told concisely by W
B Farrington a member of tlio com
in tho iirnnnsnil nniA commercial ture anil it is this bill which Iho
trnitr with Tnnnn nnw tho sub- bora of tho civic soction -will back ur
1 rpi rtl - i - 31
jeet of diplomatic correspondence o
and work any references to tho
rights of each government to
late tho immigration of tho sub-
jects of tho other will be
Tho intimation is already pro-
vokincr an ncltation ncalnst such
an elimination pressuro upon tho -
executive to insist upon sucn a
clausn having already commenced o
Tho administration insists that
tho insertion of such a provision o
o 1b unnecessary nnd -would only1
o make more difficult tho renewal o
o of tho present treaty on anything o
e likn as favorable terms Tho con-
e tcntion of tho administration is
o 0
Defendants in Alleged Blind
Pig Cases Are Set
Small Girl Testifies
Before Judge Lymor at the police
court yesterday morning tho notorious
caBe of tho Hirano and Miyamoto ho
tels was tried Liquor Inspector Pen
nell had sworn to the complaint and
special officers bolonging to Chief Mc
Duflios staff had assisted in tho raid
on the two alleged blind pigs
Miyamoto a place is better known as
Charlies place and both it and tho
Hirano have been for a long time un
der suspicion Fcnnell and tho detec
tives visited tho two hotels some time
ago and in the course of their search
found many dozen bottles of liquor
Tho witnesses who wore examined by
Fennell all declared that tho liquor had
been sold on tho premises but -when
the test came on oath at the police
court tho star -witnesses changed their
ContiniN4 on Fnge Four
A daring holdup took placo on
avenue between Piikol and Eee
anmoku streets shortly before twelve
oclock Tuesday night when a Jnpaneso
backuitwi was held up assaulted and
thrown from bis vchiclo which was
driven away by his two assailants
Tho hqekman wag coming into town
and when nearly at tho intersection of
Ucrclnnla wvcnuo and JPllkol street two
men stopped him and asked if ho would
drive them to Ho told thorn
to get in and started to turn about
when bo was suddenly struck from be
hind an arm was thrown around his
neck while one man proceeded to empty
his pockets
when ho lattor operation was finish
tad the Iiaektnon ws thrown from the
veblclo and the two aiisllanti taking
the lines whipped up the horie end
started toward town driving along
Jieretonlo avcnue
The Imcktutn was badly frightened
but at toon ai he found hluuolf freo
tue Ut ut rlci of yells which were
heard bloekt ny Ill about cauaed
Ifepert to awaken pnd tlitr was a
nral exodus from Lou lVonle
yest out Into tint Mrett In all ijnur
f dimwJif aw iiutti Mris wan
ptnnlpjf aHjt iba piftH thijr ntH4
in Mmlt
KllWr mw tiiithl ut Uk f lirwith
tlm J HftJUf tUpBd Mi Mi
jnio work or formulating- a policy
merely involves an adlustment of nil
tho differences so that some headways
cuii uu iiiuue inyone wuo nas uau any
thing to do with public affairs andjtko
differences of opinion in Hawaii l
understand just bow easy that is and
the end of it will not bo until the legis
lature has its say
We havo a cosmopolitan population
whoso children wo havo to educate as
good Americans Did you ever stop to
think what a varictv of positive opin
ions must como from a population
whose citizens wore born and reared
undor such widely divergent educo
tlonal systems t It is with education as
with pie nono is quite so good as that
which mother used to make
One of tho best examples of this idea
came to tho table of the commission
early in Its sessions A gentleman who
Is a good citizen and honestly interest
ed In tho schools and in tho develop
ment of these Islands and its people
along traditional Amorlcan lines wrote
tho commission ns follows As the
tax would bo easily Imposed and col
lected tho tendeney would he towards
extravagance n building cqujpment
and running cxpoujo alnce it must not
bo forgotten that the biennial eitl
mates would bo made for each period
by educational enthuilssti whoso
tendeney Ut agei hat been to lose sight
Of tho tiraotleal in the dream of tho
Diu you ealeb tbitt puraw educa
tions enllmlntst
Epitomising tho Sloflkidw
It that gtriifomss had trl4 tar wtok
h lil o biy LaUlfBd mi
bUnUwj f wrd bttr tfwmltiM
MM for ftlMtl I HWHdMT wbl
I m A
wnmii fM mm wit Um H m f wt wm 4m a
iiUlhcd ki mtui kmJ MuuikUii Ut4 mttt f IM MSWiuSM WM Ud
pAe WM 4mI 1mLm tht I w W tw fr tWr
it ui t W Urtsf m Ht sen
uMUt v lHUf wm14 W Ui tf
- I I
- 1-
com- T - x
mission Tho commission recently mado ti0i mnniml ii ifniinr
- MtBtUUM l7MltmiHb w - J - - - -
a lengfuy report 10 uovcrnor j rear ana tho Emperor William I
nia n rlrAeo wnoi nenmA nP flm Antira rm a MMRMMk tfessntneBsst a m
work and its recommendations
The commission has compiled a bill
which win ae inui oeioro iuc icgisia
JUVJ mil uau wimr lUUUVULti lu cuixy lb
through the legislature
FarringtOnn Resume
A school policy for Hawaii or any
other part of tho American Union is
as simple as rolling off a log It is as
clear ns tho pedigree of Champ Clarks
dog that was part terrier part setter
and tho rest just plain dog
Tho ono policy and tho only policy
for any community undor the American
flag is to caro for the public schools
first and see that they have enough
money to provldo for tho usual necessi
ties of progress
Namlnir the poller iseasv Workinc
it ont is -where tho difficulty comes and
1 enn nssurn vnn thnfc a tallr nflwrinff
o that tho right of tho Unitod States tho different views met with by tho
congress to legislato on all o I public school fund commission would
graiion Trailers ia given u wt - i occupy mo wnoio mgnt nnu men rne
constitution and that it adds J average person would go homo wonder-
ing to that right JLp specify it in ing how bn earth anything practical
o any foreign treaty can be worked out of such a tangled
i mass of earnest honest and really good
I assume that what is wanted of me
tonieht is to sketch how the nubile
school fund commission has solved tho
problem of a public school polity for
mo terriiury ox nawau inai can os
briefly aummed up in tho statement pf
fact that the comntisBidn has been go
ing forward making- compromises with
everyone but the devil In its first
session the throo members began to cast
up their general ideas to -discover where
they were in agreement On one point
they were all agreed tho expenses of
tho public schools must bo met by a
specific tax In tho bill as finally
drawn up for submission tothe legis
lature thore is not a -word said of a
sufficient Ulroct tax to meet the needs
of the public schools Wo got into the
hands of the lawyers They gave us
something that had a different name
but like the medicine in tho drug store
was warranted to bo just as good Of
course we do not feel that we havo
been flimflammod or we should not havo
put it in our report but -we believe we
are right and wo are hoping that all
the favorable things said of our system
will prove true and the guaranteo of
tho lawyers that they have not put In
any jokers will prove good
Ample Funds Not Supplied
Another point on which the commis
sion was unanimous was that tho fail
ure of the Territory of Hawaii to sun-
ply ample funds to meet the growing
oemanas ior me education 01 the youtn
was and is a shameful dissraco
ono admits that except the reactionary
wuo iiiiuus inai wo give our cuuaren
too much education but all too many
fail to got out and work and demand
that whatever happens the funda shall
be provided to properly educate the
ii iniiiiiiiinni n
Consul Pfotenhauer Will Receive
as Kaisers Representative
nraon Birthday
From eleven thirty to ono oclock
today Y Pfotenhauer consul for Ger
many will accept tho congratulations
of all Honolulu on behalf of Kaiser
Wilhelm II Emperor of Germany
whoso fifty second birthday is being
celebrated all around tho world today
Tyhe reception will be held in tho con
sulate rooms of Haekfeld Cos build
Consul Pfotenhauer has issued formal
invitations to the members of the con
sular corps tho Governor and territorial
officials federal judges and all federal
officials General Macomb IT- S A
staff and officers of tho military dis
trict of Hawaii Seat Admiral CowlesJ
TJ S N and staff and officers or tue
navy and manno corps ana 10 mo
business houses of the city
In addition Consul Pfotenhauer will
gladly welcome citizens generally for
nil in TO
he intra iron
nw VWSttM8K
- fflE J f w ra
wttswsfiWF j wsr w
BHJWrjSJ J WAILWiil T kliKliH w - 1
Nt 2tfltKlf3HLHHtf
vKjjLntt s f - v
i -
1- j
i Jfr
a i
WWTT iff fin i ii IT i bM
This imposing structure mcusurlng
six hundred and fifty by nearly four
hundred foot is- tho Berlin residence of 1
Leahi Homes Trustees Receive
Reports W 0 Smith
4 Resigns
Tho annual meeting of the trustees
of the Leahi Home whoro a wonderful
no greater hospitality is extended thnn work is being accomplished for thoso
on the birthday of tho German Em funfortunates sent there as incurables
was held in the offico of T II Davies
i Co yesterday afternoon at
I which interesting reports woro submit
I ted from Doctor Sinclair medical su
perintendent and Mr Bottomley tho
Tho resignation of W O Smith as a
I trustee on account of a press of other
work was received and Moutaeuo
Primary Law Is Explained by cooko was elected in ins pmce tuo
Chairman Cooper What
It Really is
having been mado vacant by tho death
of Alexander Young first president of
too nome tuo present olliccrs aro
ICbarles H Atherton vice president T
It is expected that tho first draft of Davies secretary A W T Bottom-
ley treasurer J P Cooke auditor
he proposed primary law which i is ha Q Montague Cooke
ing worked out for Honolulu by the trUteCSt
legislative committee of the Republican Resolutions of sympathy for tho
executive committee will bo ready to death of Alexander Young were passed
be reported upon -next Monday Speak and spread on the minutes tho
ing of the main features of this pro- V
to tho family The election of
- C0Vy
r nnr
A D Coopor
posed law
Ilcnt was defrred untu tho noxt
makes tho following statement meeting
The secretary of tho Territory shall Following is the annual roport sub-
at least sixty days before the date of mitted by Superintendent A N Sin-
to tho directors of Home
tho primary election which will be held
dB n tho offlco DavIc
early in September transmit to tho f c Yesterday
County cioru a nouco uepiijuauus w
tlm tit vpnr thn Tontit
naiou ai nucu iiiiumiy iuu um j mi - - -
by Jhe county clerk ZnCAXm
Z ely aft relublica iorof such to tho acquisition of a new
notice hv the countv clerk and thirty opon atr Pavilion as well as anew
davs prior to the primary election can- Wtehen scrjants quarters vnd cottago
dldates may file nomination papers for ff assistant superintendent Tho
any of the offices designated which will pavilion lias beon assigned to tho
iiiVi women inmates of the homo sufferine
n tit nmo f tnr nn
tho Island of Oahu with tho exception from tuberculosis of whom there are
of tho dolegato to congress n four In number but this number
To becomo a candidate at the w iuuuwih
mary election a nominee must seenre The vacation of tho assistant super-
tha fllcnntures of twenty five duly quail- ntendent s quarters In the main build-
fled electors all of whom shall bo iB permitted he using of thoso
dents of tho samo reprosentatlvo tors as wards for nontubercular pa
triot tlcnts ond tho further advantage of
Pttty Affiliation making all the buildings on the Koko
iii ni irn ad do of tho main building avail-
hISJJS 5tHl M21 JSSli W tot tubercular patients only and
LAMWn h ILS mkv tl6 remaining buildings on the town
u SrtleSrs SsioehnMn ldo for nontubercular inmatca segre
bVreVllYo8 mfXy g them In a way not possible
he nonlneeUlmentIoned In l7w new kitchen olsc allowed i 11
X rom tho nomination papers flleil a list ook aJ UM ookJng utensils
skill bo prepared nlviW under tho p tuhcrculnr patients to bo entirely
proper party or nonpartli designs fPn that of nontubereulw pa
lion th tltfea of oflltes name and ad- t This does not mean however
dresses of all candidates end this list that lie practise of boiling all utensils
will be published together with Hie ll tubercular pntlonts has
dsto of the prlwury Sloetlon and Iho en dlconllnued the tamp cara U
poJIlng plnui in seli preilBct and tk b separte kitchens ai
At the priwsry Itin no rso8 Durlnif the year thr have bn
qiullflad rlMtr ut tb priint and t wjom ten luva bean dlMkarged
i By rUr4 tNrelB This ilo Hy Improved and wight have bMn
f the lw will Ut temtA with tJut 4Uhrtrl aa flptrntly wired M
rfrd In tb Uw pryl4liK tt the tlmy wt left the kwpltlliere havo
tttmt rHil4r
r vhhi iw wmtm p uh ifpaiMi smrve una inrs nun
VlallB l SIM
m4 u rue iwtttMtMN u wi win jiiwtMiy in an
ulalfurw lb mur t tkt tMUr U liu ufd
1st rets as ri4mt sum
Title neretuttii I MM
lH tlt4 nwr u tlM KhJ nwiiig lkt tbe frtot
Sim xhiiw ffi nmwaiiiiii VsS tuik uim Ml it tiu
I Miiti ft rvt
Ancient Hawaiian Dwellings Are
Proposed as Attraction for
Tho magnificent cocoanut palm
groves lily ponds and banyans of Aina
ban tho homo of tho lato Princess
Kaiulani and of tho lato ox Gov A
S Clcghorn has boon suggested to tho
promotion committee as a splendid set
ting for a Hawaiian village or at least
a group pf grass houses that this an
cient modo of rcsldonco may bo per
petuated in grounds that lend them
Bclves to such an idea
At tho meeting ot tho promotion
committee yesterday B von Damm a
member of tho committee presented
tlio suggestion and it was received as
ft splendid idea by President Bush
Secretary wood and raul lsenucrg ana
resulted in tho appplntmcut by tho
chairman of Messrs von Damm and
Isonbcrc ns a committee to umko tho
same suggestion to tho trusteos under
tho will of tho Jato Mr Cleghorn and
to tho supermtejuent of public works
ForXublic Park
The suggestion has tho endorsement of
tho promotion eoMmlttee and if after
tho scheme is prcsonted to tho trustees I
tun ifiitor arc lavorauio cuuris win un
directed toward legislate o action in
securing tbc benUifulestato fpr a pub
lic park
Mr CJegborns wiU provides for tho
government taking- tho estato ovor and
maintaining it as n public park Thoro
aro Bovorol proilsos which keep tho
proporty In tho estate until such tlmo
as tho government may tako it over
Grass House Village
it is Mrvon Damms luuu that a
bo of value as a tourist attraction for
after all although Hawaii has pro
gressed beyond tho grass hut stage it
is a fact well known to tho promotion
committee that almost every tourist
coming hero makes inquiry as to whero
ho might seo an oldtimo grass house
Mr von Damm statod thoro was al
ready a grass houso on tho premises
and this could ho used as a nucleus
fora village As the park has to bo
maintained by tho government accord
ing to tho terms of Mr Clcghorn js
will tho grass houses would bo -under
supervision at all times by park care
The trustees under tho Clcghorn will
aro Judgo A G M Bobortson James
Jncgor and P T Clcghorn Tho park
if it becomes a public placo is to bo
known as Kaiulani Park named aftor
tho Princess Kaiulani tho daughter of
Mr Clcghorn
Belt Bo ad Necessity
The need of a belt road for Oahu was
pointedly set forth by Mr von Damm
who seated that certain portions of tho
road aro yet in a misorauio conuuiou
nnd everv effort should be put forth by
tho county to complete the road nnd
make it one of tho best tourist
other officers were all reelected wnu tjons In tho Islands It was stated that
and that they will do all thoy can to
complete tho work so ably kept up In
tho last administration by Supervisor
Jnmes C Qulnn
Telophono and Trolley Poles
Mr von Damm called attention to
telephone electric light and trolloy
poles all over town many of which
Continued on i ago xivo
Chinatown Getting Ready
Have Gay Time in Celebra
tion of New Year
Konohl Fat Choy
This equivalent for Happy Now Year
will bo tho password on Sunday next
when tho greatest day in all tho Chi
nes o year happens along In Chinatown
everyone is busy preparing for the Now
Year celebrations- and tho amount of
excitement that is bottled up in that
quut tcr -or me town is oniy waning to
oxplodo thorn
There has beon somo troublo ovor fix
ing tho official program on account of
tho disagreement with tho consul At
first tho Idea was that tho main cele
brations should be postponod uqtll the
Monday in deforonco to tho whito popu
lation of tho city Just In time however
it was discovered that tho consul would
hold his reception on that dy nnd it
was accordingly mado kapu
Tlio United Chluoso Society accord
ing to tbe local Chinese paper will
now open their ofllclal rveeption at
cloven thirty oclock on Sunday mora
lug and will continue It until well
uulll It la ovor Borne of Jho other
iMuletliw have arrauxtd their at an
earlier time In tbe day but will close
down lu time for the ulg reception
Whats Doing
There It tutli a lot doing that it Is
herd to know where to make a start
Im ha pi the flrt InInk that will affMt
lie twa i a wliule Is lb faet that
i left will be w CMmw teokt avail
lie alWr Htlutity Might wtill W4
UetMJ m fge tfetir
WHOLE jmO 8242
Deadly BubonicjSpreads Through
Northern China Thousands
Arc Dying
Burn Chinese Quarter of
Harbin in Effort to ChUck
PEKING January 27 Tho greatest
plaguo of modern times is apparently
threatening tho millions of Chba Tho
bubonic plaguo in its most deadly farm
is spreading through tho northern prov
inces rapidly in spite of the snow and
unbrokon roads Fugitives front tho
north spread tho disease in hundrods of
Railroad traffic from this city to tho
north has ceased Few trains now
running and these only between tho
capital Tientsin and Hankow Soma
effort is now being mado by tho au
thorities to cut off travel from the In
fected districts but with little success
so far tfjuj
Diplomats Deserting
The diplomats in this city accredited
to tho court of tho Chinese Emperor
Hawaiian houses W V W
Milage grass wouldf
Tho Austrian minister loft yesterday
and many othor diplomats aro going at
Unitod States Mtnlstor William J
Calhoun has decided to stick to his post
In spite of tho snapping of diplomatic
relations by many othor representa
tives Ho has taken in threo months
provisions and fuol for all tho em
ployes of tho legation and is preparing
for a sioge as though a hostile army
was threatening ftho city
Vfyrd vajtccol ved Hero last ovonlncj
that it has been decided to burn tho
Chinese quarter at Harbin tho capital
of liussian Manchuria in an effort to
check tho ravages of the plaguo there
This will mean turning out a largo
population in tho midst of a rigorous
winter climate It is possiblo that
riots will follow and fearful suffering
is certain
With tho burning of tho greater part
of Harbin it Is bolioved that fugitives
from this district whoro it is estimated
that 1500 porsons aro dying every day
or tlio plaguo will ovorrun juancnuria
thus helping to spread tho disease
In Mukden scores nro dying dally
SEATTLE January 27 The steamer
Cottago City plying between this city
and Alnskan ports was wrecked yester
day off Cape Mudgo and will probably
bo a total loss Tho passengers and
crow uro reported ail safe The Cot-
tngo City was commanded by Captain
Janson She was of 082 tons and has
been for a number of years ia tho Alas
kan trade
VICTORIA January 27 Tho steam
ship Tecs sailing from this port and
Vancouver was wrecked yosterday on
Qowland Rock No lives wore lost
WHEELING January 27 The jury
beforo whom Mrs Laura Fnrnsworth
Scheak was tried for tho alleged poison
ing of her husbbnd in an effort to kill
him to securo his millions disagreed
yostorday and wds discharged by Judgo
WASHINGTON January 20 Tha
census bureau today announced the
population of Hilo Hawaii as 67i5
This is tho final estimate on revised
SAN DIEGO Jnnuory 27 For tho
first time in tlio history of aviation a
blplauo started from the land lit on
tho water of the bay and again rose
from the water by Us own force pad
completed a successful trip
Tula remarkable experiment was mado
by aioun Curtlss the noted aytator la
one of his biplanes equipped specially
for resting on the surface of tbo wtAer
WAHJHNaTQN January 87 Mrs
Irmeli Utmey of Sou Fraoclsso died
here yesterday of tubereular meulagltli
OLYMPJA Jauoaiy IW Tbe But
tMlt tolay pa isHril to
grew eeUietf taejt mWlstUw of

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