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fight to amend
Merchants Association Sends a
Long Cable to Delegate at
local Legislation Will Be Very
Closely Watched Debtors
on the List
fFrom Thursdays Advertiser
Coastwise laws green stamps Floral
Tarado billboards ana the conditions or
the streets along tho waterfront wero
few of the subjects acted upon by
the merchants association at a spectal
mcoting held in tho Young building
yesterday aftornoon Tho meeting was
called by President E Oscar White who
But although tho subjects mentioned
wero the ones about which it was pro
posed to talco action and action was
taken yet there were other matters
which wcro just as important to the
local merchants as any othor phases of
tho business transacted but which arose
spontaneously without premeditation
Probably the most Important action
taken as possibly aliecung iuo
Territory wbb in rogard to continuing
the fight for tho suspension of the coast
wise Taw so far as it relates to carry
ing passengers between the Territory
i and San Francisco After considerable
discussion Secretary Brasch was in
structed to send tho following cable
gram to tho doegato at Washington
Wo consider timo most opportune
to again advocato suspension coastwise
law referring to passongers
This was signed by President White
and Secretary Brasch
To Watch Bills
It was reported that the legislature
would soon bo in session and that tho
chamber of commerce and other civic
bodies had rotained Attorney Charles
Hemenway to watch tho legislation for
anything affecting tho merchants of Ho
nolulu It was suRgostcd that Mr
Hemenway also act for the merchants
association But there was a feeling
that the association should not turn
down E A Douthltt who formerly
drafted certain bills for tho associa
It was finally referred to the public
-affairs committee of tho association
aftor tho suggestion had boon made
that Mr Hemenway could act for the
association in watching all bills intro-
In the legislature for jokers
while Mr Douthitt might hayo tho
drafting of tho special bills desired by
tho association
Chronic Debtors
Another matter of direct interest
to the association members was in re
gard to tho collection of debt from
cortnin employes of the territorial gov
ernment It was stated that some of
thoBe who work for the Territory are erect any permanent muuoing especial-
not prompt
in payments They owo y a structure oi ucn if
contemplated which surpassed
ono merchant and when pressed for
payment run up a bill with another
In ono or two cases as many as three
firms wore heavy creditors of these non
It was sucrtrcsted that where three
merchants reported to the association
such a man he be considered as In
bad reputo and action bo taken by tho
association to recover the dobts It
employes pay their just debts for the
honor of the service the Territory
could well afford to do tho samo and
thus make for a better class of men
in the public service This matter was reared in this houso and there are num
referred tho
to trade and finance com
Insuranco Bates
Mr Berndt suggested that tho as
sociation take as a body a greater in
terest in tho building laws and -eventually
secure a reduction of insuranco
rates Ho believed it would bo a good
But Historical Building Is First
Dwelling of Its Kind
- Erected Here
Tho riaht to bo called tho First
Framo House in Honolulu as applied
to the old frsmo building on King
street just beyond Kawaiahao church
is questioned and by ono of the first
missionaries who landed hero in 1822
Binco tho old building was rescued
from the Chinese laundry mon -who had
finally gotten possession of it restored
to Its original appearance tho yard
grassed over again and tho sign placed
upon apost in tho promises announcing
that the building was tho first framo
structure to bo reared in tho city of
Honolulu thousands of tourists havo
had their attention attracted to it
At tho meeting of th Hawaiian
Historical Society at tho Unlvorsity
Club on Tuesday evening Prof H M
Ballou of tho College of Hawaii xead
a paper on tho old Mission House Tho
building was erected in 1822 by tho
missionaries who arrived on tho Bhlp
Tartar from New England tho ship
having como around Cape Horn from
tho Atlantic into tho Pacific
Ninety Tears Ago
The first missionaries arrived bore
from Now England in 1820 in tho brig
Thaddous Tho old mission house was
tho homo of early missionaries Their
children wexo bom ard reared thoio
It was the cno real bouse which re
minded tho missionaries of New Eng
land and as timo went on they choailt
cd il as a landmark
But Professor Ballou in hii paper re
ferred to Qaptain Chamberlains diary
of that early period he was oao who
camo in 182U in nis diary no states
that the building in parts was brought
ashore from tho ship and stored in a
frame building
That was only two years aftor tho
first missionaries arrived from New
England Tho first frame hous ac
cording to membeis of the histor cal
society may havo been built of lum
ber brought hoie from Orego as ves
sels camo here from the northwest
coast before the missoaarics first mado
their appearance in tho Hawaiian Is
First Dwelling House
However there is ono thing certain
nnrt tliit is that this old mission build
ing -was the first framo building to be
brojgut around tno aoia ovun uiuugu
Were may nave Deen oinsr ouuuurja
put up before it came hero as a pcta
bio house It is stated that whatever
buildings wero hero when this New
Ensland house arrived wero noiely
storehouses and not residences
Tho old njission houso was restored
to its original appearance in 1907 at
tho expense of M Cooke and George
R Carter and was opened to tho public
as a museum in November of that year
When the early missionaries aTrived
here Honolulu had just been made the
capital of Lunaliloa kingdom his
palace being on the present site of the
Hackfeld building and he was strongly
tho ono
in sizo and luxunousness tne royai
palaco itself
The missionaries had to prove that
they woro not hero for conquest nnd
as tho advance guard of an invading
people before consent was reluctantly
given them to put up their houso and
even then thoy wero obliged to go far
out on the outskirts of tne town wnero
was also stated that the matter be I a bit of tho arid plain was given them
taken up with tho heads of depart- J the sito of tho present Kawaiahao
ments tho assertion was maao tuat cuurcn
as TJncle Sam sees to it that all his
Center of Influence
Hero tho mission house was built and
contained five rooms with a storeroom
and eating room on the collar ground
Many missionaries families have bren
hers of prominent persons in Honolulu
who have pleasant memories of happy
childhood days spent in tho old build
ing which was their home
The kings and queens of Oahu made
thi3 house a visiting place here the
first printed law ever issued in Hawaii
was drafted here was tho center of
the far felt influence which converted
thing to take the matter up with the
henbm to CM
board of supervisors It was stated h s rm Jiea
The houso too tho
that the real cause of hicb rates here
according to tho board of underwriters
is the poor water system Tho matter
was referred to the trado and finance
tianity was object
of suspicion from that portion of the
foreign element in opposition to tho
representatives of the American Board
of Foreign Missions and the digging
ot the cellar excavation was pointed
Tho case of billboard legislation andjOTt i0 tua t lng 0B something which it
that of tho distribution of green bo well for him to -watch a
Ing stamps was reforred to tho public j hint of bidden arms and ammunition
vuiiuuiivvo rnusu ivui luyun neing given mm
before tho legislature meets
As to tho condition of the water
front at tho -foot of Alakea street it
was pronounced disgraceful and tho
matter wiir bo taken up with the board
of supervisors by tho now public im
provement commltteo to bo appointed
by tho president
It was decided that tho association
as n body will not ontor a float in tho
Floral Parade as ovcry member ia do
ing all ho can to inaket tho parndo a
Appropriate Eesolutions
The following resolutions submitted
by 0 0 von Ilamni as chairman ot the
committee appointed to draw up appro
priate revolutions on tho death of tho
Into Archibald Scott Cleghoru wero
ed nd spread on tho minutes and
a copy ordeied sent to the family
Wberas Almighty God in bit in
finite wisdom hm euoien to call from
our midst pur valued friend and follow
cltieen Archibald Scott Glcguorn and
Whereas 1or ovor half a euntury tho
caceaiwl has bcou a promluent nnd
pr0grwtv Biwnbor of tbs wwwanlty
f tin Tlainl preweUng tfa but
iBlrM ct IU roetila tud lunilluif
The rooms of tho buildlns awe as they
were originally plannoi by some Boston
carpenter as ho sawed and fitted the
boards in readiness to he nailed together
in the far off Sandwich Islands
Tho greatest danger from influenza is
of its resulting in pneumonia This can
be obviated by using Chamberlain
Cough Itemody as it not only cures in
fluenza but counteracts any tendency
of the diseato towards nneumonla For
sale by all dealers Benson Smith k
vo agents lor Hawaii
of Honolulu and the whole Territory
of Hawaii havo lost a wlio counselor
ana incud and ono of their most es
teemed nnd valued citizen
Bo It Besolved That tho members
of the Merchants Aisoaiatlon of Ho
nolulu hereby dnUe to eirei tbolr
deen sorrow and reurot at the ureal
lot which has beon mitalued by tho
uphwi ui Arcuiuau bcoii uieguoraf and
to Aonvuy Q Jill family tbolr deepett
sympathy sud
Ha It 1urtlisr IteMlvtd That a Mjiy
of lliii TMAlHtieB be snrMd unan iUt
llulliulu at tills Wlutitur auil imnv
WLcit By hi 4tlt ib Mrbsl t MKt te IU family ef tl 4mm4
Beyond a fecblo kick mado by Mayor
Fern ovor the appointment of two extra
tsanitary inspectors and tho confirma
tion of tho proposal to tut awny Wil
sons salary as previously mentioned
In Tho Advertiser matters went
smoothly at the supervisors meeting
last nicht A number of letters woro
received rctrardlnc road matters and
loft in the hands of tho road committee
to doal with and though as Harry
Murray says thn committee nro glad
to receive them it must bo some timo
before they nro able to do anything in
tho matter John D Holt and Capt
Bobert Parkor are tho two new Banl
tary inspectors who will start in on
tho first of the coming month
A Peculiar Situation
Murray asked the city attorney last
night if ho would look up tho law and
report at the next meeting as to
whether tho board had the powor to
do away with Wilsons salary or not
From tho recent investigations carried
out by tho hoard it has beon shown
that there aro a lot of unnecessary
men at present engaged in connection
with Toad work It is their intention
to do away with this if they ean but
if not then a peculiar position is set
up Wilson is appointed by tho mayor
and is only responsible to him so that
he can snap bis fingers at the road
commltteo and send in his reports just
when and how ho likes With this state
of things in existence Murray pointed
out that it is utterly impossible to
carry out tho work in an efficient man
ner ns it can only bo dono just when
Wilson feels so disposed As far as
they know there is nothing in the law
to prevent them curtailing salaries and
if this proves to bo tne case tnen tne
matter will bo put through at tho mcot
ing on Monday -when tho city attornoy
makes his report
Tho Sanitary Inspectors
In his letter to the board tho mayor
spoko strongly against tho appoint
ment of any extra sanitaiy inspectors
Ho stated that ho had investigated
tho matter of extra appointments and
had found that those on tho rdl call
at tho prosent time were not carrying
out their duties as laid don n in tho
various ordinances and in many cases
wero negligent In the interests of an
efficient and economical government
which ho believes tho super visors are
anxious to establish he recommends
that no new appointments bo made but
that tho present force bo brought up
to tho standard of efficiency such as
the public might expect under toe va
rious ordinances uneroiore consider
ing the expenso the health department
is to the board and tho inefficiency of
tno present stall bo would recommend
against any fresh appointments
The mayor did not give any indica
tion as to whero tho defects lay al
though in an interview published in
The Advertiser recently he named tho
two men no expected to no appointed
and wnom no would recommend as a
matter of fact tho real reason why he
ban now turned round is tnat tno -board
would not agrco to him choosing ono
man and them choosing tho other Thoy
are determined that during their admin
istration tho job i3 to go to tho best
man and not to tho political job hunter
It is up to Doctor Mackall now to
rofuto the accusations mado by the
mayor as the board relied upon his as
surance that two more tnen were
General Business
A resolution was passed that tho
premises situated at Kapalaina lying
on tho Waiklki sido of Pua lane and
known as Liliuokalanl promises should
bo mWo a park for the uso of tho peoplo
living in that locality The legislature
nro to bo asked for an appropriation ia
ordor to procure it
Tho Waialao Kaimuki and Palolo
Improvement Club brought under the
notices of the board the fact that thefts
of rock in tho district were being made
by Japanese and asked that measures
should be taken to havo the practise
stopped Thoy also asked for a pound
in the district as at present the stray
ing stock greatly hindered thorn in their
work of trying to mako tho district a
beautiful one This was referred to tho
rpads committee
The roads commltteo have nlso been
Instructed to look into a matter brought
up by tho Alowa Improvement Club
Owing to inadequate culverts great
damage is dono to the roads by
the Tains and they desire to have tho
matter attended to
Permission was cranted to Arthur
F Wall director of tbo Floral Parade
to use a horse belonging to the firo
Frank 8 Dodge superintendent of
the Bishop Estate asked permission to
put down about 1050 feet of curbed
sidewalk in front of the Kamebamcha
Schools This matter was referred to
the roads committee
Mrs Frazler principal of tho Kaiu
lanl School mado a request that tho
drive at the school bo attended to
as tho recent heavy- rains havo washed
away tho top dressing and tho children
havo now to walk ovor coral The
roads commltteo havo also tbo handling
of this roattor
The same commltteo has also to deal
with a petition sent In by twenty two
taxpayers of Kaimuki In respect to
Eighth avenue They point out that
by spending about 150 at tbo present
time a great deal will bo savo In tho
lolico Court Hoof Leaks
Judge Lymer wrbto In saying tht
tbo recent rains bid played great havoc
with hit office at the police court There
mi a great danger ef the platter giv
ing way and tlmi unl4i prompt meas
ures were tten it would mean that
a big sum ot money would have to bo
expended at c later pwlod Tlili mat
ter wai left with the police eowmlttee
The invitation to the mayor end
board to attesd the reepiiua ot the
iMman eeuwUle en Vtmy w a
iU4 and IN letter filed
w Kitten fttked ttit a Utur
Tho Queens Attendant
rtirtrn nil nrrrii mn nnnu urin
His Honor Says Health Officers
Are Inefficient and Negligent
in Their Work
Picturesque Personality Passes Superintendent Submits Annual
From Side of Queen He
Was Loyal To
agent of Her Majesty Llliuokalani Jll
last ovcnlng about ton oclock at his
homo in Pauoa His death removes
a picturesque personality from Hono
lulu for he has beon associated with
tho queens family for many years
Ho was about fifty two years of ago
and leaves a widow and two sons ono
of whom is tho protcgo of Queen Llliu
okalani and is also tho stenographer
end assistant clork in the city clerks
Joseph Aea was for many years con
nected with tho old Boyal Hawaiian
Band during tho monarchy days Ho
was the solo viol player and was an
excellent musician He became attach
ed to the household of Queen Llliu
okalani and attended Llliuokalani
when sho was ono of tho official guests
at tho jubilee of Queen Victoria in
London He also attended the queon
when she visited Washington in 1903
His wife was also one of tho quoens
closest personal attendants nnd has
been particularly attontive to her Binco
tho overthrow of the monarchy
In 1907 upon tho death of Hon J
u carter iiiiiuokaiani appointed air
Aea was a delegate to tho Demo
cratic territorial convention in 1000 and
was nominated for the legislature by
the Homo Bulors in 1902 and again in
1904 by the Democrats
At ono timo Joseph Aea occupied
a position on tno staff o unptnin Tripp
who was Warden of tho Oahu Prison
OHAItLESTON West Virginia Janu
ary 25 W E Chilton and Claronco
Watson Democrats were today elected
United States senators
DOVER Delaware Januarr 25
Senator Ihi Pont was today elected -for
a seconu term
TRENiTON New Jersey January 25
James E Martins Democrat was
chosen United States sonator today to
succeed Kean Republican
WASHINGTON January 25 The
McOrosson bill affecting the rights
to water on tho military reservation on
Oahu has been held by tho committee
on territories to await a further report
from Secretary of War Dickinson Tho
commltteo will wait until the secretary
of war has bad timo to investigate auil
mako a recommendation on the sub
lighting be established at tho junction
of Prospect nnd Alapai streets and at
tho bead of Llsbman street Tho light
ing committee are to nttend to this
Streets That Are Bad
Tho directors of tho Athletic Park
drew attention to tho faulty state of
tho storm drains which resulted in tho
backing up of water whieh flooded their
ground Tho roads committee arc also
to look into this matter
A petition was placed before tho
boaTd signed by fifty threo peoplo
and asking that Fifth avenue be mado
available for vehicles from Waialao
TOad to Isabella avenue The roads
committee are to look into this mat
ter also
A petition signed by 110 peoplo asked
for the extension of the present light
ing system around tho Kalulanl Tract
Thirty six others asked that tho ex
tension of Auld lane be lighted bv at
least three lights Both those matters
were referred to tho lighting commlt
Murray moved that two sums of
eighty five dollars each bo appropriated
from tbo general fund for the months
ot ielrunry and January to pay tho
extra sanitary inspectors This was
Tho leclilativo committee will con
tlit ot Murray Amana and McClollan
AHoir rough drafts win be laid before
the board for consideration before they
are finally sent along to the legislature
A Beat Alderman
Sitting alongside tho mayor at the
meeting was one who looked as though
he had been long connected with affairs
altlerwaule This wsi Hon Martin K
Jlulvej a member of the elty council
of Halt Lake City Ilab for the pntt
fifteen year lie If spending a few
weeki In Honolulu end lUrti biek
hum en Saturday next being grMtly
pieeted with liii euy bie Mr Muf
v7 is one of Ml Mldii wwt ftroift
sotfct Wm
Report on Work of tho
From Thursdays Aivrrtiner
Forbidding rows of figures and a still
more forbidding list of hopeless names
sheltering behind their syllabic array
intimations of dreadful diseases and
cheorful aches comprlso tho annual ro
port of Johannes F Eckardt superin
tendent of tho Queen 8 Hospital which
lately rocelved the attention of tho
trustees at tho annual mcoting
No less than 1313 pationts found
shelter and troatmont in tho institution
during tho year just closed of which
IOC or a total of eight per cont died
A number of these- woro in a moribund
condition at tho timo of admission and1
nri j La No 4 U aam
254 days Bishop bod by seven
patients 240 dajs tho Hackfold bod
by eight pationts 150 days tho Cornlot
m a t n
Wife of Millionaire Accused of
Poisoning Husband Is
WHEELING West Virginia Janunry
a largor number dlod forty eight bours 20 Aftor two wooks of sensations in
after admission tho trial of Mrs Laura Farnsworth
In anothor paragraph Superintendent Schonk chargod with poisoning her bus-
ing 1476 days Tho beds wore millionaire moat packer tho jury re
plcd as follows Bishop bod No 1 by j tired last night to consldor tho vcrdiot
elcht ttatlonts 235 days Bishop bod find wns lnMrpil m nf tnr cnmnwlnnilrn
Joseph Aeal for manv voars tho tV2 KJt t V
Physician Gives His Sensational
Testimony of Saving
Sohenks Life
bed by sovon pationts ISO days tno ftnd during tbo trial womon havo ngaia
Jtt te5WiS and aBaln stormed tho courtroom to got
r ujv j
1G1 days
Tho total recoipts from pationts for
the year amounted to 3588200 whllo
tho current oxpenscs for tho samo
period amounted to 3280050 This is
an avorago incomo from pationts of
299021 a month and an avcrago ox
ticnso of 440555 n month
An interesting noto states that tho
pationts during tno year represented
thirty eight nationalities thoy boing
divided an follows
United States 365 Hawaii 303
Portugal 174 Japan 01 Russia 50
Porto Kico 51 Germany 43 England
41 Korea 41 China 33 Philippines
29 Spain 17 Norway 10 Finland
13 Svnodon 11 Canada 10 Denmark
10 Ireland 5 Australia 4 Franco
3 Qreoce 3 Scotland 3 Guam Hol
land India Mexico and Panama each
2 Austria Babadoes Chllo Fiji Ice
land Italy Now South Wales Now
Zealand South Sea Islands St Helena
and Switzerland each 1
Thoro wero a total of 519 operations
Aea as hor business agent but tho porformed of which 300 wero major
liuokalam Trust formed about two io mmur
years ago transferred this important
office to Col C P Iaukea who is ono MORE OPIUM SEIZED
ul wiu liUBiuua uuuur tuu AiiuuuKuiaui
Customs officers who have been search
ing the steamer Korea for many days
made another bin find this morning
seizing twolvo thousand dollars worth
of tho drug This makes a totul ot
forty four thousand dollars worth of
opium seized on tno Korea tins rip
WASHINGTON January 24 Presi
dent Taft in an address today to tho
Merchant Marino congress expressed
tho hopo that thero would bo immediate
legislation for tbo restoration of tho
American merchant marine
In the treatment of affec
tions of the skin and
scalp which torture dis
figure itch burn scale
and destroy the hair as
well as for preserving
and purifying the com
plexion hands and hair
Cuticura Soap and Cuti
cura Ointment are well
nigh infallible
Lewis S Jordan
Tho case has boon ono which has
excited interest all ovor tho country
seats for tho purposo of hoaring tho
morbid testimony
Married forMonoy l
Tho story as outlined by tho prosecu
tion is that Mrs Schonk formerly a
domestic married tho old mlliionairo
for his money Sho took long trips
with a handsome chauHour and tho
testimony is that sho onco offered him
1000 if ho would provido an accident
to tho lAitomobilo which would result
in her husbands death
Shortly after his return from a trip
camo suddenly slelc with a mysterious
malady which puzzled tho physicians
called in consultation Ho was finally
removed to a hospital in time to sonro
his llfo and Mrs Schonk was arrested
at the instance of Dr F L Hupp who
accused tho woman of attempting to
poison hor husband
Storm Oourthouso
So crea t was tho curiosity to hoar
tho ovidenco of Doctor Hupp when ho
took tho stand to testify against tho
prisonor that twico tho pollco outsldo
tno courthouse- woro carriod before tbo
onslaught of the women at tho oponlns
or ine Dunning in tno morning ana
again following recess In tho after
noon rush sovoral women wero knocked
down and trampled upon and ono
woman Mrs Amelia Kiren was taken
to tho hospital after tho polico had
beat tho crowd back
Calls Herself Household Slave
I mado a visit to tho Schonk homo
In the forenoon of October 10 related
Doctor nupp and after prescribing
ior mo puticni ana giving instructions
to tho nurso I camo downstairs Mrs
Schenk was in tho parlor Sho called
mo into tho room Sho was sitting on
tho sofa with bor son at her knees and
her arms around tho boy
My lifo is that of an Indian slavo
in this household sho said to mo If
it was not for my darling sweethoart
meaning hor young son I would not bo
Sho scorned to bo crying and I told
her to cheer up that I was going to do
all in my power to restoro hor husband
to health
I might be bettor satisfied if yon
lot him die sho suddenly concluded
I told ber that I thought not and bado
bor good day
Told Nurso of Suspicions
Doctor Hupp said that when he had
called at tho Schonk home on Satur
day October 22 he had found that tbo
patient was vory ill with ncuto pains
In tho stomach and was vomiting con
Botwcen October 25 and November
tho pationt improved steadily in tho
hospital On tho latter day Doctor
Hupp said that Mrs Schenk called him
up on the telephone- and told him that
sho was dissatisfied with the nursing
arrangements at tho hospital and do
sired that hor husband bo brought home
Tho witness doclared that Mrs Schenk
had said that if he would not do this
she would take the matter into her own
hands This was tho direct cause of
her arrest which was mado that night
Was No Surprise
When I went to Mr Handlans of
fico that night said the witness
Mrs Schenk said What do you think
doctorf Some of us oto chargod with
poisoning Mr Schenk
It is no surprise to me I roplled
I havo thought that some one had been
poisoning him for some timo past
Tho next day whon I went out to
tho hospital I convoyed thenows to Mr
Schonk as gently as I could Ho broke
down and cried ne knew nothing of
what had transpired before his wifes
awest Ho Is at his homo now and Im
proving rapidly
LONDON January 20 A goneral
strike of 20000 compositors in this city
threatens to tlo up nearly overy news
paper printed here The men demand
a materia atlvanco in wages and better
regulation of hours of work Commit
tees are negotiating In en effort to end
the threatened trouble
will be n roll call of the house next
Thursday to 4eeide whollier the San
FanclMO New Orleans controversy
ibill receive Immediate conMiloratlou
or net It Is stated that the Cellfor
nlans ere for Immediate setlon whits
the tunneiteri of the WHtliem city
would like the malUr to u ever unt1
be next tetelon

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