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Macomb and Officers Go Over
Ground at Lcilchua for
Work on Siation Will Begin
When War Department
Approves Plan.
Unless thol'resident or the secretary1
of war says to tlio contrary, a decision
mado by Brigndier General Macomb as
to the site of the quarters for tho great
new army camp nt Iieilebua, made yesterday
afternoon, is final.
General Macomb, accompanied by
Major Archibald Cnmpboll, ndjutant
gencrnl of tbo department 'of Hawaii,
Captain O. C. Carter, chief of staff,
Captain Prank B, Edwards, constructing
quartermaster, and Captain A. B.
Putnam, of the engineers, made tho
trip to Lcilchua during tbc afternoon
and 'returned last evening. '
These officers -went carefully over the
ground at Schoftold Barracks, and, with
the plans recently forwarded from tho
war department in their bands, made
final selection of tho sites for Jtlio various
buildings and groups of buildings
that aro to constitute tho now quarters
for tlio regiments whichare hereafter
be stationed at this post. v
Full Authority.
General Macomb made a trip to Lei-
Ichua for a preliminary inspection (,of
tho grounds, on Saturday, January 20,
hut no decision was arrived at, at that
Citno? as to the final location of tho
various structures tho federal govern
micnt intcmlB sliall bo erected there.
Yesterday, however, this feature was
settled so far ns the department of
Hawaii is concorncd; and it is
Dawn of Epoch.
Thai eucb will bo tho case no army
officer hero who is in a position to
speak with any degree of-authority on
each matters doubts for a moment,
wnilo tne recent assurances of the
A Sample of Work Going On
In Swamps at Kapiolani
h ' ' . in .'JLL" 'I "'' .' .f'"B1!ff!g"l""'lH'iiw'EM
New Snag in Antis Campaign
Develops, in the City
A new snag vraa jl6covered,bythoM
civio sanitation coinmltieo yesterday at
a meetlhg called by Dr. G. W. McCoy
Mooring Site Not Selected Ship
Canal Project Is to
Be Revived.
TC'tU.tl'e pnjiounCerriontol,tho'IttBrJ
island steamship company that ' a
New York manufacturer of nontoon
ra rtrinOlilnv lv in ra iiii.rtitH.Hi jlHrflM1u 1. f.
fu fu.w.... iim iiiiuou uDvciunm:u iu uas oeen oruerea to plan a
the antimosquito and general sanitary floating dock fior Honolulu, come? also
campnign. This time it is not n lack the auiiouncomcnt'that tho
orally agreed among army ofticers tliat of law, but a law itself and no other, ed flhip canal froiri Honolulu hnrbo to
tho decision is finnl for General Xfn ' 41. 41. !.-. 1...M.1: 5; j. lT7"nlli.! 1. .
comb was given full authority in tho
Juot when the. work will bo begun
on tho new buildings none of tho
inn., 1,111x11 iuv uuuuiug oruinunce 01
the city. This law contains a clauso
which compols all builders within tho
fire limits to put 'awning-gutters on
their buildings and Doctor McCoy has
arc as yet blo tp say; but it isound out that if there ia anything in
curiam, as uenurm juacomu rum.uK.uu wmch mosquitoes like to breed, it's awn-
as nignt, tuat construction wouiu not in tho firo limits.
begin until tho final selections made
yesterday wcro approved in the regular.
-way. This would bo a matter of weeks,
Tho war department's plans for
are upon a largo scalo and indicate
that tho work to bo done under
'tbo present plan is but a very small
part of tho wholo contemplated. At
tho prcsenttjmo $600,000 is available ,jistrjet
ior me x'urpose, wmiu us mucu us seven ,
Times tnat amount will bo needed lor
"tho eonstruetion of tie post if tho
Schema of the department is carried
This was one of tho points taken up
at tbo meeting yestorduy and a com'
Kallhi Bay will be urged upon tho war
department as necessary to tho giowth
of tho port.
Iho Inter-Island directors who endorsed
tho "floating drydoek proposition,
havo notified tho eastern manufacturers
to prepare plans at ouco and get a
4,500-ton pontoon under eonstruetion.
The stoel materials for this am tn hi
shipped to Honolulu and set up hero,
but tho' nueatinn nf mlm !., ,ii, :
lllltton nllBluttllr. nf nlini.nmn TA!!!..... i I. l . . . . . - - .
v ..0..s ui ..a.i.i.uu iu ue puicca nas yet, to be decided. Thd
nam, xanK Tiioinpson and Uoctor
was appointed to- confer with tho
v i.uiKu u couia oe utilized' now
would bo in tho decn water nt pirl
supervisors to see what can ho done. STX '??" t0mU'r'
Tlio committee recognizes the 1 "1,1 J1 f. L'
sity wlilch causod thoso gutters to bo.nnnounccd that it intended to set up
demanded, especially iu tho shopping ja drydoek, thero
It alto admits that tho big T uuiB:ralueioBetit on tlie part
loPe that all gutters wouid have && the Interllsd' yeSy!
to make them would bo, "Hut hero, even tho territorial
unsightly. Altogether it forms pretty ' ernment hna no Inn1 along the water
nara nut to cruck and they hope that "i oner us. wo
ihe combined force of fhe city and saui. I Crt!U" ,vhqro " w'" bo located.
tary authorities will be able to crack it.
Ono point which was largely emphasized
at tho lneeflng"'wal"thdt 'the
ordinance is not euforecd. A number
Will Advertise tho Islands.
"The fact that Honolulu is to havo
a floating drydoek ablo to handlml n
.4000-ton ship will be something moro
to make tho Hawaiian Islands known
.President to tho effect that ho would of tho buildings httVo not cot theso cut- ! und tlio shinninc intcrnsts will lm
do all in hia power to make of Oahutcw on at all though while they ag'tm mind. The very fact that there is a
tho Gibraltar of tho Pacific, makes it,ranly disobey tho law, ihey are thus,drydpck of this nature out in tho
certain that an epoch of, great j ideal from the mosquito stundpointhi jlle of the Pacific, will cause the ship.
military activity is upon Hawaii. J innumerable other cases, according to ' ping interests .to sit np and take moro
Captain Edwards in not prepared to Doctor IcCoy and others, the gutters notice of us whon it comes to routiug
nay when actual work upon the new. empty out right across the sidewalks, Panama cargoes,
luilding will commence, but now thatlwhero tlio law xajs that they hlrall j "We nro going iiilo an enterprise
- . -. ... .,..., i-v """ ' mural i which i itohj, ana really lnr beiond
for early yord from Washington to go aowcrs underneath the sidowulk. what wo really rfeed. but wo nrn look.
iornura witli tno lounuatlon surveys. 5ng into tho future. Tho plant will
U,r,,rXLr rV' , Another 1H T.. M. .. J e.M - dollars and I
tion colore a new group
started. Tho layout for
mental buildings consists
ouoo nuapu lor ollicers'
-" v . . .. .7 .' " .. '"' "-" i uou't sunnosn that nt. first ..t
, or groups, is at tno meeting was tho necessity of nr, n. .,t.. 1 br
the first out somd nond .k., lLr !jnt5CStJon, Ui outPut' bu.t wo ""e to
of a horse- Kalakaua avenue 'which belong 'to T " ZVT,X1 yft
quurtoxs, tuero 1'orcy Pond, the dairyman and .con. hAveo nnin .,.T .Z ,!" ."'",
npinir wniiiviiirn iifinnin hiiio nnn Dnvan Mn mi.. . i . m
. " " ; i ".j --""--- "...,.wm, A'tvBu i'uuud utu iuu or xusugb ' Bu .... ".i t ... r
sots tor the officers of a '" """ J-"?? w" M n
single cavalry, ua black with wriirolors. n f fh t !,!rM,u.
vomniuitt "Plii ElMfla anu (lAntdra fiT . . , '...
regunmii. ajo W(jrgt brouders in tho city thinks
jiaAiiriinii inr rnn (imiiiin ttnta vmmiia n ... f
inRlo Bets form tho curve of tho horse.) Tll0 dlsusaion rpala -,,, nnInf .
ehoo formation
Three Barracks.
Directly in front of tho opaning of
to whether it was up to Mr. Pond to
clear out tho rushes so tlrat the little
fishes would eradicate tho nuisance, or
this hnrsenhoo will bo located three whether the eampuigneri) would have to
largq barracks and an immense it. The former policy is now in Or.
house, the four buildings forming the Ucr generally, but tho latter policy,
aides of a quadrangle. Thov will oil. which was adopted during the initial
bo the Hame size, 2.0 feet long and campaign, resulted in a number of oth,
three etnrira an height, each of tho bar- jer
COplo getting their cleaned
ponds c,cancq
racks (Hiving accomhiodat on. for oiw.01lt1wl,wn'
squadron of cavalry and tho wholo (f ,, ii.. i.j , ti t .,
ing able to take carp of a full regi. tation committee decide(JItlit f "ni' tho
ment on war footing.
Jieyond tho barracks equaro will bellnsf'ne" t!,c,ari out th rusl,cs "'D,,
tlio rorrnU, ptahle, aud repair bbops I-1"0'' ' Pond to t1"3 expenses
for tho regiment; thoso occupying tho , 0I t,1 Ju,la and otllor uciaental ox.
same width as do tbo pflicers' quarters,
Carrncks snnare. so that tho I " Jlcad hma, of tho prison eancr.
'whole reseryntlon for the rogimont will J w"o is paid now by the committee, was
bo the name width from the cud i
to thp enrvp.
Oy!r all the spaco occupied by each
oegJe ?eglniont, as per the plans of tbq
donartmenl". will ba 2200 feel in lenftli
son4 750 fpt 1n width.
or theiKvn i'w oi uiteon aonars a month
on tho recommendation of Doctor Mc-
Wy ns lie ims proved very efficient and
eapablo of malting prisoners work hard.
cr than a prisoa canu has a riinutation
v yoisjag.
iii.- -T . w -&. u,u mi tit: i wrtn
initial capacity of 4500 tons, but ao
constructed that it can bo extended to
7500 tons,"
Itjis. said that tho nv ill.
timately decido to Incnfn tlm incfc ml
Jho Dowsctt holdings on the Ewa sido
or mo nariior and between the
docks and tho proposed
ship canal. The Dowsott holdings, orig.
inully tldo lands, are now nnvoml ft
aboye the harbor level, thanks to dump-ed
harbor dredgings.
Need of Ship Canal.
Thero Is no appropriation to dredge
a ship canal from Honolulu harbor to
Kalihl Bay, but the war department engineers
have reserved n 000-foot wide
btrip bptween Quarantine Island and
the Dowsctt and Jwiloi sections for
sucu a waterway.
Each army engineer lias Jcept " tho
000-foot wide renovation on his plans
and, now. tbo matter of carrvlnr nut.
mp pvuuiuv o iu yu luttua up.
Aid to Oil Plants.
The Standard .Oil Company, and the
varlouB crudp oil companies which have
(Continuod on Pngo Eight,) i
" ' ' mmmtmmamm. u
Si N 8 N SJ Ji 2? Si K M ".
4 AVASUlNaTC, January 30.
' Tho Intention of Groat UriFnin a
to take posesalon of Palmyra 8
Island in tho South Pncilia, is M
being widoly rumored hero. H 8
is understood that tho state de- 8
partment and Downing Street) 8
havo been in coliimunicntion 8
ocr tho matter of tho claims 8
of tho respective countries, but 8
that no definite stand has been 8
taken by cither nation. It 1- K
considered hero as certain that 8
Great Britain is anxious to ob- 8j
tain tho island for a coaling 81
tion and naal 8
Benders of Tho Advertiser will
remember that this paper hinted
nt the above tatu of niTairs
somo d.ijs ago The fact that
the stnto idepartinont and Downing
Street havo been "in communication
for Boino time over
Hi thoowuershlp of tho island has
8 been known to ollicials of tho
Territory for somo weeks. It is
thought by these gentlemen that
the cruiser Mnryland, did not go
to Guayaquil, but is now nt
myra Island waiting orders.
8 I
" ?8 8 8 8 ti 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8V'
Secretary1 Courtcnay, of tho executive
odices, is being congratulated by. his
friends (and himsolf) upon his narrow
escape from serious if not fatal injury
Sn tho eurf nt "SVaikiki on Sunday afternoon.
Ho is also nursing a badly
bruised face, while a physicinn is
7ng caro of more serious bruises about
tho body.
I V. , 1 I
iur. uourienay mauo a liign U1VO upon '
Jl coral reef. Ho had boon informed
that tho water was much dennor t.linn
it really was. and divine- with tho in-
iention of going down ten or moro foot '
ho struck against tho ragged edgo of
oral two feet under water. Imckily
tJyKdidiJiot land squarely, or tho Gov
ernor would bo now casting about for
aioiv secretary.
As it was, JJr. Courtonay wbb stunned
by tho impact and nrobablv would
havo been drowned had not friends
been near ot hnnd to pull him out of i
tho water. His body was covered with
- ,
' ' tj .. w
"V n ' .i
' T
A- .. .. .
8 Britain's I'oreign ilinistor, who is
Timo was no object in a series of localities
just completed, even if it did ;
staff over a poor chronometer somo six '
or no mouths ngo. The only victim in
the whole proceeding is Sherjfi" W. P.
Jarrelt, who never mot thnt
and wouldn't know it if ho saw
It. The affair has involved a wild daBh
through tho supremo court after that i
chronometer, a wild dash after a piano '
and u third dash off on a tangent after
two hundred dollars from the sheriff.
This last came to an abrubt stop
before Judgo Monsarrat who de
cided tho case against tho sheriff and
awarded tho complainants against him
five dollars damages nnd costs.
t Back at tho inception of this interesting
caso tho Erskino M. Phelps,
pride of tho American merchant murine,
crimo into port with one bum chronometer
and ono yery mad skippor on her
manifest. Sho hadn't been In rinrt
long before Captain Gregory hied
.... vu ut T. J Jiruuvusu, .UglJJg m
clironomctor nnd effected a deal by
which Bedhousfl took the bum timepicco
und $100 in exchange for a guaranteed
now chronometer. Tlio wily skippor,
however, reserved 425. which ho wns to
,pay if tho new chronometer proved upi
to its reputation.
On tho way back to good old Delaware,
however, tho new chronometer
went altogether to tho bad and tho
skippor checked off his course with tho
nid of a ono dollar silver watch for n
good part of the voyage. When ho got
back .Hast ho took tho chronometer to
a watchmaker who told him that it. was
All tho wny back Captain Gregory
nursed his complaint against Ilcdbouso
and was ripo for slaughter whon ho
Innded, Much to his surprise, jiowovcr,
Hedliouso not only refuse to Tccnrrn?n
his claim but demanded tho
doling bond for the good behavior of
tho timepiece. The captain refused to
pny anu jicuiiouso anu ins attorney, T,
Milncr Harrison, brought suit.
- A legal Skyrocket.
The whole matter wns thrashed out
Jn tho police court, with It. W. Brockons
acting as uiptnin uregory's attorney.
Ho lost nnd annealed to tho circuit
court while tho jubilant
combination mado preparations to
po'ik him again.
Tn tho circuit court, Iiowovor, something
else happened. Tho" court reversed
tlm police judge, announced
Kedhouse to bo in tho wroncr and in.
stead of allowing bis clnim against tho
angry skipper, informed him that ho
would have to pay a certain sum and
costs to Tlio ilpTondant.
This time Itcdliouso and Harrjson
appealed and went flying into the
sacred preclncto of th supremo court,
Continued on pagn eight.
Fredericks Says There Is No
Chance for Attorney of the
McNamaras to Escape.
MS ANGIILEH, California, January
'JO. QJarcnco Darrow, who nas indicted
by tho grand jury hero yesterdav.
has retained Attorney Karl Hogovi to
dofend him. lingers rofused to discuss
Ills I'.lipnt!! ittftn Mn,.n1 l At,.....l
.... w v..v. fc.t IllffV ID IUUll'fMl I
with having plotted with Bert Prank-
negotiations with Uncle 9am over
I'almyr.i Island.
1 HSlv :'w'M3BBBBX
b n. "' istwKBmAivnim
bruises upon one side, and blood flowed. """"":'"
frooly; but upon examination it was
found that Mr. Courtenay's injuries secretary will bo at his desk this morm
u uut DuiiuuD, tuuiuugu puiuiui, me ing, nowover.
Democrats Eliminate Them From
the Party's Plans In
Would Save Forty Million Dollars
in That Way, Says
' Leaders.
WASHINGTON, January 30.-In a
stormy caUcui last night tho Democrats
of tho house decided to oliminnto
from tlfc party's program tho
piirttion for tho proposed now battleships.
This would mean a saving of
forty million dollars in tho budget, and
tho Bourbons are out with tho pruning-knife.
Tlio decision to drop tho ships "was.
not reached until after a heated argu
ment, in which Itopresontntivo Richmond
P. Hobson, of Alabama, joined.
Ho was backed by some of tho moro
prominent Democrats present,
At the conclusion of the caucus ho
announced that ho Would call a special
caucus, to take up and dccldo doflniloly
the question of tlio party's stand on
tho mutter of a larger navy and tho
annual supplies for more and greator
"battleships. t
WASHINGTON, January 30,-Pol-
lowing a spirited discussion In tho
, hoilto of representatives yesterday
Representative Henry proposed a con-
rrt'frsioniil invcbtigntion of tho charges
bandied about tho floor that tho houso
was under the domination of tho monoy
interests of Wall Street.
Amidst the utmost oxcltomont Mr.
Henry declared that tho offorts of
trust. In Now York nro being
directed to disrupt iho Democratic
party. His charge wcro received with
eheors and hisses.
The proposed investigation threatens
to split tlio liourbons in tho houso
asunder. Martin W. Littleton, of
Brooklyn, declared that tho adoption
of Air. Henry's resolution would align
tho "Democracy with a destructive
WASHINGTON, January 2D. Tba
first of a series of conferences bolwoen
progressive lenders was held hero today
in an effort to reach an agreement
between ' tho Bupporters of Boosovoll
and those of La Folletto for tho presidency,
WASHINGTON. January 29. Tho
Democratic steel bill, reducing tho duties
under the bill from
to fifty per cont. on imports.
today passed tho bouse. 210 to 109.
Twenty insurgents voted with tho
Democrats in passing tho bill.
Lorimer resumed giving testimony '
before tho committee investigating tho
charges of bribery ngftinst him. (
Taft Appeals.
CLBVKLANU, Ohio, January 30.
President Taft yesterday started on a
trip through the State He will be gone,
throo days nnd will visit most of the
larper cities of Ohio. In his address
mnde just before starting the President
appealed to the republicans of the State
to stand firm to their guns and not to
allow side issues to endanger tho
party's chances for success at the coming
' '
A8SUAN, Egypt, January 30. The
lin, a former Mcputy sheriff for this jln'PTfsivo ceremonies of tho
county, to bribe a prospective juror iu
mo n.ui oi .lames is, lucKnmorn. Barrow
yesteulay declared that the indictment
wns not unexpected, and added
that despite appeuranco ho 'w innocent
of nil complicity with Pranklm, and
that thla would bo proved in duo time,
No Chance for Darrow,
TAMPA, i'Joridn, January 30. John
D. Fredericks, district attorney of Los
Angeles, who is hero on a vacation,
received the nows of' Hie In.
dictment of Olurcnco Darrow. Ho mudo
tho following statement to tho preso:
"I have Cecil ojepectinir this for home
dajs. Indeed I know that it would come
sooner or later, nnd I want to say that
when Mr. comes to triul ho will
find himself eueonipassed in such a mesh
of evidence that he will not have a
chance to escape.
"I nlso want lo gav that this is but
the beginning of tho prosecution of tho
mull iuvuivcu in mo crooned woric con.
fnoctcd with tho trial of Jumca B. Mc.
In reply to a direct question Mr.
Fredericks mitt, "Yps, officials of tho
American Federation of Labor aro seriously
involved in this matter, Dar.
row's indictment Undoubtedly involves
those I Jiavo in mind. That is all I
caro to say at pjjont."
tion of the memorial cathedral to Chi
nese Gordon, yesterday, was marred by
the sudden death of His Highness tho
IJuko of Fife. Tho Duke vus a prominent
figure in tho ceremonies, acting as
tlio representative of King George. His
death camn without warning in tho
midst of tho services in tho cntbodral,
and caused great consternation in tho
throngs that filled the building.
Tho Duko of Fifo was the first duke
of the namp, nnd sixth Earl of Fife.
He married IL It. H. tho Princess Itoval.
oldest daughter of the lute king, Edward
VII. Ho loaves two daughters.
.. . . ,.'
MUKDEN, Manchuria, January 80.
Three piogreeslvcs wero assassinated
Here yesterday nftprjioon, Dcafh is
common. Tho authorities hero are putting
down, tho local revolution with -a-strong
hand. Men suspocted of revolutionary
leanings arobeing executed
evory day, and tlio feeling among tho
masses of Chinese is iptense.
if-. m

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