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iMHi 355 Ami SBBSa jSjjggjggjjjgj
"'trlWtoa, '
Yoai m)
Lon& Heavy.
Tncn treat your hair well. See
that it is properly fed. Growth
of every khitl demands proper
food. Starved hair splits at the
aids, turns prematurely :y,
keeps short and dry. Then Led
yourliair. Feed it with pro. cr
food, a regular hair-food. Feed
itwithAyer'sH.irYi.rr. T -s
help nature zH. y-J patzibl; i
tovtfnru giving you rich,
iLuurianthalr. Ask your cbciir
Hair Vigor. Follow his advice.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
IVwrallrDr.l. C. Atr & Co., UwoMtii. U,5 t.
of tiers description mad to
Order for Notice of Hearing Petition
for Probato of Will.
A"l)ooumciit purporting to bo the Last
Will anil Testament of Arthur P. Dove.
rill dreoascd, having on tho 3rd day of
Jnnnary, 1012, been iiresented to said
Probata Court, and a Petition for the
Prolmto thereof, and for tho Issuaucp of
Letters of Aduiinihtration with did Will
annexed to Lydia lmving
been filed by Lydn Mnertons,
It is hereby ordered, that Waln?s-day,
tbo 14ih day of February, 1812 at
10 o'clock, A. JL, of taid day, nt tho
Court Room of said Court, at Knilni,
Hawaii, T. H., be and the samo hereby
is appointed the time nnd place for
Will nnil hearing mii
, , .
It is further 'ordered, -that notice,
then-of l)o given, by publication, onco
a week for three successive wuofa, in
the Hawaiian Gnzette, a newspaper published
in Honolulu, tho last publication
to bo not less than teu days
to the time therein appointor for
Dated at Kalltin, .Tannnry 8th, 1012.
Br tho Court.
" v " Judga.
(Seal, Third Circuit Court)
3G13 January 10, 23, 30.
Order of Notlco of Hearing Petition
for Administration.
On reading and Piling tho Petition ot
John G. Lincoln, of Kailua, North Ko-na,T.
II.. nllcging that George Lincoln
of said Kailua died intestato at i-aid
Kailua. on tho 2nd day of Jnnmry, A.
D, 1012, Icnving property In tho
Islands neccssnry to bo administered
upon, and praying that Letters
or Administration is.suo io John G.
Jt 3h .ordered thatv Wednesday, tho
UlU day of February, A. D. 1912, at
10 o'clock A. M-, be nnd hereby is
for hearing said Petition in tho
Court Room nf this Court at Kajlun,
District of NoTth Konn, County and
Territory of Hawaii, nt which time and
-place all .persons concerned may appear
and show cause, if any thoy have, why
said Petition should not bo granted, and
that notice of this order bo published in
the English language for tlireo successive
wifks in the Hawaiian Gazotto, a
newspaper -published in Honolulu, tho
last publication to bo not less than ton
days previous to the time therein appointed
for lienTing.
Dated nt Kailua, North Kona, T. II.,
January S, 1912.
Judge of the Circuit Court of tho Third
Cleric ot tho Circuit Court of tho Third
Seal, Thhd Circuit Court)
3013 January 10, 23, 30.
PEKING, China, January 29. Eight
thousand revolutionists in a desperate
battle defeated 19,000 imperinl troops
nk Kn Cheng. Tho nnnistico has been
renewed' and it la believed that Imperial
l?ronrier Yava can force tbo abdi
cation of the Maneuus.
WSBON. Portugal, January 30. The
etrilicra hero hayo been using dynamite,
"yostnrday thev destroyed several ears.
Bu Is the rioting that for
iUe Crt 1;lme slbc'e the revolution the
thratern tTiroughoirt the city were
cJofltid ira? unards put nt their doors.
Sfce etrike threatens to become cneral.
By Merchant' Exchange, J
Friday, January 20, 1012.
Port San Luis Sniled, January 20, S
S. Bantu Maria for Honolulu
Port Ludlow Sailed, Jsnunry 20
Schooner E. K. Wood for Honoluln.
G.iviota aiilod, January 20, Ship Knllf
of .Clyde for Honolulu
Saturday, Jnnuary 27, 11)12.
San Francisco Sailed, January 27,
noon Ss. S. Sierra for Honolulu.
San Fmncipco Arrived, Janunry 27, S.
S. Mexican from Salinn Cruz via San
Bremerton Arrived, January 27, U. S.
S. Now Orleans, hence January 20.
Yokohama Arrived, January 27, S. S.
Cliiyo Mnru, hence January 10..
Ililo Arrived, January 2), Schooner
Camano from Port Gamble.
Monday, January 29, 1012.
Sanila Cruz Sailed, January 20, S. S.
Columbian for San Francisco via.
San Diego.
I'ugct Sound Arrived, Janunry 27,
Schooner S. C. Allen, hence Jan 3.
1'ort Townscnd Arrived, January 29,
Schooner Alico Cooke, hence Jan. 8.
llonolula Arrived, January 28, S. S.
Willielmina from llllo.
Seattle Sailed, January 28, S. 8. Mis-
sourinn for Honolulu.
Friday, January 20, 1912.
Brt S. S. Persia, from Yokohama and
China ports, 8:45 a. ui.
Saturday, January zt, juis.
Str. Mauna Kca, from Hilo, 7 a. m.
Str. Niihau, from Hawaii, 3:20 a. m.
from Kauai, 0:45 a. in.
Sunday, Janunry 28
Str. Nocau, from Knuaij a. m.
Str. lfclenc, from Hawaii, a. m.
Str. Mikahala, from Maul, a. m.
Str. Kinau, from Knual, a. m.
M. N. S. S. Wilhelmlna, from Hilo,
Monday, January 29, 1012.
P. M. S. S. Jifongolia, from San Fran.
ciscp, a. in;
C.-A. B. b. Maramn, irom rew ca-
Innd, 10 a. in.
tjtr, Jyiiauea, irom jvona anu ivau
ports, a. in.
P. M. S. S. Fersin, for San Francisco,
p. in.
J3tr, Claudlnc, for Hawaii and Maui
ports", 5 p. in.
Str. Niihau, xr lnkaweli, p. m.
Arrived. '
PcrXP. M. S. S. Persia, from Hong-
'kong, via Jnpan ports, Jan. 20. Vox
Honolulu: Clung linn juoi, uning liuau
iVniona. M. Parrel nnd wile. Miss L..
U Lundy, Sha F. R. "Wida, Mrs.
Vuon Slice, Mis. U. loslnuagn.
Per str. Mauna Ken, from Hilo and
way -ports, .inn. til. .1. Muivcuui, m.
S. Hudson, F. .J. Johnson, J. A.. Dunn,
A. B. Shocmnkc, P. W. Bock, II. E.
Crowdson, Mrs. Ashman, P. W. Wrigiit
and wife, P. J. Andrea and wlfo, Miss
E. Sanders, U. HeynoiiiB, s. a. riser,
II. Saxl. N. Olrastnd, F. Baker, V B.
Stockmnn and wife, George., Stephens
nnd wife, Miss Cafton, W. S. Diaz and'
wife, W: Chnlmers and. wife, II. S.
Ovorend, Y. Hnrd, S. Sjiilzor, E. I.
Spalding and wife, Miss Spalding, M.
O. Forrester S. S. Pnxsou, Miss N. H.
Cnnfleld, T. Osakl, Miss M. Mundon, J.
Howard and wife, G. H. King, .Too
Frendo, Mrs. Kiku, Mrs. J. A. Wight,
V. J. Lindcnian, J. B. Laing, Yum
Yum, Ah t'liong, Y. Piuho, D.
J. G. Smith, A. M. Brown, J. T.
Stack, It. S. Brown and wifo, Mrs. D.
Unrt, J. P. Jjvucii, u. urowcn, a. aiiu,
M. Nushtwn, E. Goisecke, G. '. Wright,
I). Lcith, 0. O. Clark, Hang Chnck, P.
Schmidt, M. 11. Walker mid wife, F.
Sellcck and wile.
Per str. ICinau,' from Kauni ports,
January 28. Dr. T. J. Shepherd, Itev.
K. Sliirnlshi, A. S. Wilcox, Mrs. A. S.
Wilcox, Geo, N. Wilcox-, J. P. Cooko,
H. M. Hepburn, Mro. Geo. Kaal nnd
infant, B. D. Baldwin, T. A. Burning-ham,
8. T. Cnrr, E. F. Moscley, T.
O'Brien, M. Jacob, II. D. MoArthur,
Miss Gijmore; Miss Whipple-, Miss
nnd child, Miss T. Yoshiknno,
Ching Tin Keo, Au Luu, Dr. B. 1
Mrs, Sandnw, E. B. Andrcscn,
Mrs. Andrcscn, Pnh On, Miss Wong,
C. P. Lund. L. S. Hiortli. Wm. Werner,
O. Nishikawn, T. Kumagai, J. M.
Joy, L. B. Boreito nnd 4-i. deck.
Per str. Miknhaln, from Maui and
Molokai ports, January 28. O. Soron-Kon,
Miss Guild, Mrs. Wells, Mrs. II. K.
Hair nnd child, W. G. Scott, J. Itego,
J. A, Hughes, N. W Aluli, Capt. C,
Game, A. P. Judd, J. Kapllie, J. D.
McVeigh and 2a ilecK.
Per Btr. Claudtno, for Hilo, via way
ports, Jan. 20. K'. U. Birncs, F. C.
Atherton, Mrs. J. E. Biela, Howard,
Scott. Walter Scott. W. Lanz, II. W.
Carr and wife, M. E.-Lutz, James
It. W, Shingle, T. II. Anderson, D.
Livingston, T. B. Lyons, Evans Lyons,
S. Y. Kim.
(Continued from page One.)
located their tanks and warehouses in
tho Iwilci section will profit by tho
opening of such a cnual. Tho Standard
Oil Company is just finishing n plant
which includes grcnt receiving tanks
for oil in bulk, and tho Associated Oil
Company, Union OH Company nnd Pacific
Oil Transportation Company havo
nlfo tnnks at Iwllei. At present tho oil
is pumped through pipes which have
their harbor outloth at tho railroad
Mnjor Wooton, in charge of all array
engineer and dredging works in tho Islands,
states tlut no new recommenda
tion has yet been formally mndo to tho
wnr department in tho canal matter.
It Is to bo taken up, however, by tho
shipping interests hero, by tho oil coin.1
panlcB and by the commercial organizations,
while it is possible that tho
wiiolo weight of tho Iieaith nutnontios
wjll ho put bncl of tho plan. Tho question
oflii'Mtli Is concerned in two ways
thi necessity for nuother harbor
opening to keep the harbor wntors
clean nnd tho value of the mntorinl to
bo dredged ns filling material for -the
Palania and Klihi lov lands.
HTfLL, England, January 21) It is
believed that (lie Genoa has foundered
with her crew of 24,
Colorado Sails on Seventh for
Coast and Likely West
Virginia A!so.
Tho foilf cniinerfl of the Pacific -fleet
got away yesterday morning for a fowlp
days Work at sea, tho South. Dakota
slipping her moorings first, shortly after ct champion of the United States Ex-seven-fifteen.
Tho Colorado wentJSufc pcriment Station. The department puts
second, the CnUfomia third nmrWo it in tho featherweight class and bars
West Virginia last, all tho vessels bCf.np competitors in a uauio royal, mo
lug outsido tho harbor and local-bureau is ready to, take any aide
thc!r work before eight-thirty. ' bets oh tholr new champion, which is
Onet:" SOrt f ,Il,rk ll0"C 0T "Tho.UnknOWJJ
HIU l, rr.n.lmlrnl, nf llm
aro on board their rcspoctivo flagships,
and every ofllcer and man of
ors left with tho four ships .when they
sailed away yesterday morning. As, to mojicw cuainpion oui
. '.' itiio kinwe bean wccril. and so far tho
, ., .,. , ,, , .,.
will thorn
how be outsido, .8
long thoy k'oc1tcd
fl(JW 0, on ha3 out ,,
no definite inclination, but abqut f6ur aj TCCCv)js that it has come in contact
days is snld to bo tho time necessary with. The sporting blood of the
finish tho inspection of tho ahlpi'hcrs of .tho experiment station staff is
d'hero will be abandon ship, fire, arm
, ., , ..." ,
una away, nn.i owiur onus
boforo the inspection of . -Admiral
Thomas Is completed.
According to information received ! loBical ,v,orl11 an ,al1 ' Jac- Johnsons
" . ... .. .tainoiitr tho wcoviU will get theirs ns
irom a private source, it appear tnai,f
tue cruiser L.oioraio win sail lor too
Coast on February 7 to undergo a thorough
overhauling at Bremerton, and it
is rumored that tho West Virginia jyill
go at iio.ut u , K4...0
destma Ion as Miro Island instcaof
uremeuon. est Virginia win u .-
ilorgo na overhauling at the California
navy yard which will put it in fight.
.tig trim after a few weeks work; but
his work will not be as extensive ns
that planned on the Colorado.
fto orders havo been received that
tho Colorado and West Virginia aro to
loavo on lobruary 7, tho admlrnl.in
comiuaiid having received no definite
instructions troin thoocretary of tho
navy up to tho time o'f the s'ailing jesx
terday. IJ.iiiief
w. wurtsuaugli oi tno boutn ii.iKotaTnary a weevil comes irom it.
lias received cabled orders to leavo
hero on a commercial liner if pohaiblo ,
before that date, and If ho can get no
accommodations then ho is to sail, on
tho Colorado. It ih on this cublo to
wurtsbaugh alono that tho knowledge
of tho movements of tho Colorado have .
becomo known in tho fleet. ' j
. Lieutenant-Commander Wurtsbaugh
has heon detailed as aid with
It. Y. Nicholson who has been or-1-
dercd to tho Asiatic station to roliavc
Joseph B. Murdock, now
in command of Jho fleet in Chilli waters.
Tho orders rccoived by
now hero comd from his
chief, Nicliolson.t
- J
fContimiod from pago ono.)
yolling "Foull" Tho ghost of tfeJ.
busted chronometer camo flitting in linb
while tho roar was brought up by tho
lianny Kniirht of Nentuno amThis lecai
n.ltll... n.1. n ...h.. nil a.An.1.. Aa 1. m h .1 4 1.L. I
kui,t:r viiu uiu iiu iuiuv lu mum luu
others another one. . J.
Tho supreme court,"- however, an-i
nounced that tho circuit court was
wrong in allowing Gregory damages, ft
agreed with the lower bench in reversing
tho polioo judge's decision, but
said thnt tho circuit court should havo
nonsuited, which would have thrown'
tho costs only on Redhouse".
Itedhousp a little bqfore this tinip
mnde his celebrated getaway from-Honolulu
in the Bclipso which ro
juvenated for thp occasion nnd ling,
sold his judgment to Harrison, who
discovered then thnt ho had come intri
possession of a. lemon. Captain Gregory
nnd retired irom tno sea and was prej
paring to carry that enso up to the
Supreme Court of the United State:
if necessary.
The laBt development throw tho eaa
bnck for readjustment. Instcnil of
getting itself readjusted it found it
self still more tangled up as Harrisow
had previously found that Mrs. Orogoiy
had sent for her piano iml that mis
was now nt Bergstrom's, Pin T?niTlini!flf;f.t,i
getting Tt. .T. Graham and another to pn ! 0f tj(t part of tho chnnnel during the the attention of tho board to its
bond, sued out a writ of nttneh. 1 finai "sandpapering" of tho channel ing ordinance relating to theaters and
moiit and Sheriff Jnrrctt scooped thp
pianj. f
As a result Gregory and his legil
Bltipper found themselves in possession
of the ship, but with the
narrison combination bunging on to
tho piano.
Details of the case would fill a I100V.
There wero scraps rofought -nil over
tho snino ground to get the costs, nn
lerral nmnmnitioii was wasted in sum
cient quantities to havo wiped out nm About April 1 tho jlnwniinn Dredging
army hnd it been of hnrder suhstancw poiiipnny will start work on the
Gregory brought suit in this j jnR 0f Kahulul harbor, n contract
pollco court against tho BhcrilT to re; widcli was secured by tho company from
cover damnges for tho selzuro of hi, the war department for $125,000. A
wife's piano. Harrison defended, tt) f machine will be sont over to Knhului
protect Itcdhoiiso's who ; tho latter part of March,
were now his own, while Brcckont I " '
trained tho guns ngainst tho ro'icp !... rn . ,.,,,
head. Yesterday, shortly after neTBRnr7 1 U ML
o'clock. Jiidgo Mon3arra.t decided ihol T IR ULZ.LLL II LHIiUu
ease, and like the weary nunier wno'i
follows tho hounds for miles, kills thro5
horses, breaks a leg anil tramples dow5
six Holds of grain for ono rabbit, the,
Grecorv cohorts came marching down
the stens of tho nolico court jubllnntlyjr
waving their judgment for five dollnrstj
wlmle enso.
No physician can prescribe n better
nrennrntion for conirhs and cold" than
Cbnmborhin's Couuli Bimed.v, and uA,
physician can subatantiato such a large
number of claims for life Bavlng ns
Y 11.1- .... ft t.t A It- I.. ll.A
uoes mis remeujr. k uvmra v n n.ii.v. - -:,-", w
hnmoTvben needed is worth many tinips announced, all the other YW"ma com-
lts cui. It may be k.ivm a ..r .
B8 '," "L,"" "?"tt. fJiri':;
A 0. " Ltd" aVts fVlfawnir
federal Experiment Station Has
Champion Kiawc Bean
Weevil Killer.
I A weo bit of a parasite with mono-
- ino wings, nn insect no biggor tlian
the ondM a cambric necdlo, is the lot
In other words tho department has
a -little fichtor which is being pitted
against tho kinwo bean weevil, and so
?Vrn?. V"? f Fcparcu to uac up
tlleir idol to tho limit. So far there
havo bce compiato knockouts, all solar
plexus jabs by this mere atom of life.
''it Is tho "whito liope" of the
faH jjs u, ev rrescnt tlcmsolvM:
A Weevil has had unresisted sway
in its forages upon the Jong wax beans
of tho kiawo tree. Just when tho beans
arc getting ready to drop, off the tree
tho wedvil gets into tho pod, attacks
tho .seed and ,' practically takes tho life
fl flnl,hca
it) foniB,1Ig tnilt particular
... .. i ?.?,, ri,fnr nf
"Q Wwo tVcV.
T, t.;tolnoIosi9VB of lhe cxperiment
, fi h , ,00 t for
n .. to dnstrov this weavil. This
hK;t :. rm,.i ilor ti, vtown
,cans ftrc t bt. fomlll MM 0to,of
tHc entry of -o weovil into a pod
Jnuglis up its sleeve ns it locates a nest
and then sneaks around to that
nest nnd stlnss tho encs. It ib an.
nihllntion for each ogg en stung-, and
Tho kinwo bean pou ims a commercial
Value hero and tho now' macerator invented
by C. W. Iicuear; backed by lo
cal capital, ntiliros the beans ns a cattle
food. Tho macerator grinds tho
sticky pods into a fino mess which is
fed to horses, mules or cows.
-A "peeping Toni" who was spying
on wives of oflicers of the fleet and other
women in tho bathhouse of a beach
hotel was a'rrested by an officer of tho
patrol Saturday afternoon. When ho
was tuken into custody it was found,
that he was ono of the crow of the
ciuiser California. Tho women nt, tho
hotel Juulcen troubled by two spies
for several days, but only ono was cap
.rOno of tho women guests at tho hotel,
in company with other women, had seen
or been aware tlint there were a couple
of men watching them. Saturday after
noon ono of tho women caught sight'
of them nnd she left the bathhouse
as quietly as possible and telephoned
Jo her husband who was in clrargo of
tho fleet patrol at Waikiki. Ho camo
in response to her summons nnd cnught
.0110 of the men, tho other making his
escape. It was soon found that it wns
an enlisted man from the California,
and lie '.vas sent to his ship undor
''Ono dredging machine is still nt work to )laco strcct 8gU boards in tho down-in
Pearl Harbor channel, nnd is engaged -town district. The federation estimates
Uu knocking down a few pinnacles nt
t. n. tii.. a nnAr..i awiAnltitr
by the contractor, revealed a few humps
of coral. Dynainito hns been placed
miner a lot 0: tncin nnu iney nave ueuu
blown into irngmcnts. tiio jow jaggeu
edces are now being polished off.
President Dillingham of tho Hawaiian
Dredging Company believes that by
Thursday the last machine will be taken
oft the job and taken over to Water,
town whoro it will receive a thorough
overhauling. All the other machines are
Iilw at tho wharf undergoing repairs.
- Nino months In jail-and suspended
,rnW,,e, , months was
the sentence handed out to Neville O.
Lceper by Judge Monsarrat yesterday,
on bix charges of embezzlement. Leo-
per hd "ovorcd" Oahu and uniini
i,.ll.i4ln. for a mnunsine combination
nnd had taken in mmiv orders. Ha was
nrrcstcd at lhe request of one or two
who bad pa'd their niony and niivor
heard more 01 it. tvuen ji nr.
:r.:iYiT.:irjzt tn ,1,.. cm.
i,rnr .: ln nlT of then, that filled
V one f drawer. '
Hints He Has Man for Wilson's
PlaceSupervisors Are
G. n. Gere, city and county engineer,
was formally placed in the position of
supervising ofllcer of tho road depart
ment byjho board of supervisors Inst
night. After tho meeting it was stated
by Mr. GL'ro that changes would bo
ii in do in tho road bureau office. It was
not slated directly thnt Road Supervis
or Wilsoh wourd bo dropped, but it was
gently hintod that tho nxo, would fall
upon his neck, and thnt certain sub
ordinates would hear the swish of that
samo decapitating instrument.
Gere has a man in mini for tho position,
but ho has not received nssuranco
from the board that it will pay tho
salary which tho city engineer suggests
should bo paid him. Mr. Gere wants
a competent official to head tho road
department, and such au official will not
only requiro a largor salary than Wilson
is receiving, but Mr? Gore avers ho will
he worth it to tho city.
of '-Supervisor Low,
seconded by Mr. Arnold, placing Mr.
(icro in full charge "of nil road work,
in conformity with the ordiuanco passed
and signed at tho last meeting, was
otcd upon unanimously. His salary was
sot ut $300 a mouth, tlfiTamount ho has
been receiving as city engineer.
Tho engineer, rcpoitiug on tho
of tho properties on tho Waikiki
sido of Bethel streot betwepn Hotel
and King, reported that it is up to
tho property owners to pao tho wide-walk.
Tho ro.id committee was au-i
thorizcd to givo formal notico to tho
ownors to begin work.
Sample Parking of Avenue.
. The board aythorized the expenditure
of 75 oia oL next month's road
for marking off n central
strip of about 200 feet on ICnlakaua
avenue, and loncing it in order that
tho board, as well as the public, may
havo a 'rough Illustration of what tho
parking of tho entire avenue meaiif).
Supervisor Low, for the ways and
mc.ius committee, repoited that tho
owners of portions of property on Hotel
street, Ewa of Fort, which is
widening purposes, aro Btill
u.ckciing over tho valuations of thoir
frontages. Mr. Low states ho hoped
to have had a conference with Fred
Harrison relative to the estimated cost
of tearing down the portions of tho
buildings required ftr street widening,
but had been unublc o get his figures.
Tho petition of residents of
and Adolph streets, Manoa, for
grading and repairs, has been referred
to the city engineer and will bo attended
to aa soon ns posSiblo, so tho
road comniltteo reported.
The Berctania bridge over" Nuuaiiu
stream, reported in bud condition by
Brother Henry, will bo repaired in
Tho onginocr reported that tho
paving company, now engaged in
paving Keknulike nnd King streets, has
earned $7,334.30, of which twonty per
cent, or $1,400.80 has been retained, and
the amount duo tho contractor" is $5;-807.44.'
End of a i'lro Horse.
"Old "Frank" one of tho best
known fire department horses, has servos
his usefulness and is to be turned
back to tho1" Territory bj' tho county,
as "worn out equipment." And hisj
valuo credited .to the city. The firo
chiof is illso turning back a buggy, two
sets of single harness and a lot of old
hose, boilers, etc. Tho turning back
St tho horses, buggy and harness is due
to tho introduction of nutomouilcs into
tho dep.utmcnt:
L. L. McCandless, tho Democratic
chieftain, has been granted tho privilege
of removing al tho umnuro from,
tho Fourth nnd Fifth District stables
for January, February and March for
Tho civic federation asko.l tno boaTd
the co?t at s,iuu. .
I frix Trnnnlnln Ghr CmiiTinnv called
tho1 uso of "Exit" signs, wherein ho
'privilegb is grantod for the uso of
orai ciemenrs, out oniiw
g:v. The company HnUa that tho board
of firo underwriters endorses gas as an
illitmiiiant, Ono of tho buildings in
which tho company purposes to install
Nearly six hundred touriBts will bo
passengers on the
liner Gloveland when that vessel nrrivoa
noro in February from San Francisco.
Tho Hawaii Promotion Committee has
received news that tho liner will carry
ji 'much larger list than on tho first
world-trip this year, though tho com-
pnny believes five hundred was a suf
fieicnt number for -a .comfortable , cruise.
" . ZXXXlt
.h, nf th'aion!, IaT ti,0 com.
j,any8 announcement that tho Victoria
Luiso" would bo sent out rrom tt ow
yor this fall on a world cniito. Tho
company originally plnuued to send
boats out ovtixy two years. The patron-ago
Is so great that the cruises will
now be conducted annually.
' tJiu pramonon . cnmniiitce ucu a spe
cIa) yc,lcrdav . ', Jccl)ieii to!
repeat their fl0roi aiola to tho six nun-
ia when the .Cleveland arHvos here.
T"a eonjulJuo "
Honolulu, Mondayj Jflmjary Z9, 1D12.
KAMtt 07 BIOOK Oapltal fjr Bid Aak
Paia Uj
ra.2oa.0oo iios
8,00000 25 I
ljwcoo loo i'o
2.U,7Co 31 1
.TtO.000 100 ,
J.000,000 2n nn
s.wo.ooo to3 ua
r.too.wo 2s -
800.000 U6 ,..-
M0.0O0 too ..
3,503,000 H
1,000 000 3D ?
6,0OT,0O0 IC '
8.903.000 83 -
. 7BC.000 loo ,rr
7S0,OX loo ,,r
2,760,000 100 f".
1,800.000 100 ,2M
1,000,000 100 -
252JXX) 100
123.030 10c .
ixnxxx) too ....
78000 ico .. .
1.1U7.&O0 too
tOO 000 10 IB
l.KOJKO too -.
ie,Bic 20
2.(00.000 20 6H
Jco.cso !
I..CM 10 -
8.0..C7 u .
tCO.WC ...
Am t. Out
UOJXX '" -
800,000 . ..
1,000,000 .-.. .!.
800,000 I0O
-- 100K
1,240,003 ... .
1,000,000 ... .. 100
1,87(400 ...... b:h
800.000 m.. . lblK
820,000 ...
800.000 - .01
800,000 ... '
11,5')0,00C ... 81
J.OCO.OOt ..... Wk
2400.000 ..- , ...
Ko.coo . xc
800400 10IU
1,280,000 101S
t vej.ooo m lOiH
O. Driwr O0..4...
Ewa -.:
lUw. . .
Hr Oom flitf Oo. Iri
Daw On Os........
Ilonom . ......
UonAkaa . ....-.
li&llra .. I...
HnlehlnKra Enr
PUnUHoa Oo
Katniku . .... ..v.. IBit
Kkh Bngu Oo,.. Ui
McBrrdt Bni Oo la.
if nan BUEr uo...... oJ
Oqoufi ......... 80
Olia Bnrrr Ot LM..
Pnha But l'Ua Os
,. .1 lrf4. in
Pali . ...'.f?fta
epe! . j ,
Plonetr 141
Wllu Afrt O.. in
W.tof. Bnxtr Kill. . tto
Intir Irian B 0.
Haw Elmtri Oo. . ,
U R T U U Oo PH.
n K T A L Oo Oon.
Mnlaal Tel Oo....t.
OBali Oo....-,... 115
Hilo R R OoPa....
Hilo K K Oo Com. . .
Honolulu Briwinf A
.Malum Oa LU 2X
Haw Irr Oo Ll
M flnfinpli
Tanloue Olok EaL
no (i -i an) 3H
TPahanK uau Cv
trail op). 21
Haw Ter 4 p e rir
HaW Ter 4 p e
(Kefundlnr 1005)
llawicr no puulm
Baw Ter 41 p 0.
Haw Ter 4 p 0.
naw Ter SH p e.
Oal Beel 8n &Ki
fining Ootpc...
Hon Uaa Oo 6a....'.
Haw Oom A Bnfir
.PJ5 P o.........
Hilo n BOi (Iuna
of 1901)....
Hilo R R Oo Bet
Ezra Oon Ci
Honokaa Sag Oo 0 p e 1C4
Hon R T ft L Oo O p e
ui nr uo oi....
Eobala Ditch Oo fli. , loo
Natomes Con Bs l
McBrde Bag Oo Bt. 100
Matnal Tel 01 104 K
J Oahn Sagar Oo 6 p e
uiaa oagar uoopo. SIX
Pacific Sugar UlU
Oo 81
Pioneer Mill Oo 8 p el
waiaiaa .Ag vo D p e
23.125 on $10b paid. IRedeemablo
it 103 at maturity. 200Q shares troaa
Sales Between Board.
I 115 McBryde, S.OS.'i; 20 Haw. 0. & S.
,Co., 43; 20 Pioneer, 240; 75 Ewa, 33;
130 Wajaliia, 120.50; 220 Olaa, 0.25:
200 Oahu Sug. Co., 35.75; fi Paia, 171.
' Session Sales
10 Pioneer. 210; 215 Olaa, C.25; 130
Jlonokaa, 12.25; 15 Oahn Sug. Co., 20;
Haw'. C. & S. Co., 43; $1000 Hono
lulu Gs, 1Q4; 10 Wttiulua, 120.50.
Sugar Quotations.
88 Dcg. Analysis Boots, 15s Od; parity,
5.21; 00 Dcg. Centrifugals, 4.39.
gas is a theater, and tbo company asks
hthat guH bo inserted in tho paragraph.
supervisor JUow reported that the Allen
Cv liobinsoii lumber yard has been
cleaned and no rubbish is lying around
among tho piles of lumber. The yard,
howevor, is a mcunco to tho waterfront.
and it a Ore broke out shipping all
along the front woald bp endangered.
Mr.' Low questioned tho propriety of
lmving a lumber yard in the business
district, in view of tho provisions of
tbo building ordinance prohibiting the
oreetion of a lumber building of any
kind within proscribed limits. Tho cityv
engineer will render an opinion on this
BOSTON, Mass., .Innuary 29. Gov
ernor Pons has ordered twelvo addition
al companies of Stnte militia to Law
rence on account of tho labor riots.
CATUO, III.j Janunry 29. Tho party
of thirteen on board tho ferryboat that
was swept down river in tho ice-jam
have all boon saved.
- ,. t .
Tho striko on tho bridges in tha
liana district seernjuto bo nbout over.
Tho men havo not gone back to work aa
yet, hut new men havo been brought
over fiom Hilo. Fifteen reached Maui
on the Clandino Tuesday morning, and
it is understood moro will arrivo this
week. Contractor Wilson Is reported
as saying hois willing to give tho old
nicn their jobs, but they havo (jot to
como after thom, ns he is not going to
bog thom to wort.
The weather in the liana district has
beeii tho dryost in years. Tboro are no
streams running down from tho moun
iu a launch and board tho vessel at
quarentin'o. Tho committee. Also held
a meeting .with officers of tho
'Society, and If a suitable place
can bo founff the society will present
a scries of beautiful tableaux dopleting
ancient Hawaiian life. Theso tableaux
havo been given nt long intervals dur.
ing tbo past four or five years, nnd
have never failed to interest kamaai
lias and mnllhjuis aliko. The
Society, which is oue of the lcad
ing organizations of Hawaiian women,
has arranged tho scenes with a proper
regard for tbochronologienl sequence
of things and the appropriate costuming
has beea worked out in detail.
The performance will bo given tho (
n'ght the Cleveland (trrlves. D, P U.
Jscnberg'jms been' named as a commit
tee ot one to select a suuauio piaco
or giving tho performance. It was
first suggested that Ainahau, the home
of tho late Princess Likeliko nnd Priu
eesfl Jiaiuiani, woum ue tue ngut place, 1
I'M it wis dcc,rtcd that it, must be give

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