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H AAV Ml t FRIDAY, 101:
pAlfAYIM 15LAN& . . This Is What Frear Does, 'Says
Unusual Precautions Taken With ut fwawr m i. v
TARIFF Governor's Answer to the George R. Carter Is Not SUM
Charges of Delegate. a Taft Man.
Investigation Fails to Show Any)
Evil Results From Tariff
v on the Price.
Kinney Opposes Fairchild J
May Bid for
Leilehua Water.
By Ernest O. Walker.
(Mall Speclnl to Tlio Advortifior.)
WASHINGTON, January 12. Tbo
committee on investigation of tho
Sugar Trust continues its sittings but
tho hearings will probably bo concluded
before this letter reaches Honolulu.
W. G. Cook of New York, woll known
to tho sugar planters of Hawaii, has
been a witness before tho committco
nnd probably will return hero again
for further testimony. Mr. Wlllett, of
Willctt & Gray, also well known to
those of Hawaii interested in sugar
production, has been a witness in
days. B. P. Rithct is on tho way
here from the Pacific Coast to testify
but has apparently been dolayed by
tho storms.
It is felt hero that tho testimony
brought out ,hns been favornblo to sugar
producers but it is not oxpocted
that this will be convincing to tho
Democrats on tho committco. They
brought a fow farmers hero from Colorado
some time ago, who testified that
tho manufacturers of beet sugar got
all tho profits nnd that tho growers
of tho sugar beets, othorwlso tho
farmers, obtained no particular benefit
from tho industry. ThiB was followed
by testimony of a great numbor of
farmers who declared that tho Colorado
testimony was misleading and
that tho industry was of great benefit
to tho farmers.
Good Tariff Arguments.
Republicans of tho committco have
laid the foundation for good arguments
against, the reduction of duties. Representative
Hinds of Maino, dovelopod
during the testimony of Mr. Willctt,
that sugar is ono of vory fow commodities,
thn price of which has not been
advanced materially in recent yoars.
This was shown to bo tho enso in spito
of tho fact that sugar has boon "hot I
Bioused" to use a favorito expression
of Chairman Hardwick of tho investigating
committee for many years a'nd
"by many governments. It has been
fprotocteil by duties, encouraged by
'bounties nnd all that.
Nevertheless it is not unlikely that
the committco will recommend a reduction
in duties on sugar. That is
expected in any event. What tho
Democratic house nnd tho Republican
will do with referenco to a revised
of sugar duties at this session is
still very much of a guess. No ono
attempts to say what the prospects aro
at least no ono whoso word is of
any weight nt the Capitnl. Thoro has
een tnilt or revising tno sugar
"but tho ways and means
is taking no steps in that direction
for the present.
Lorimcr May Bo It.
With tho changes in tho chairmanships
of senate committee, over which
tho senate leaders havo been dickering
for several weeks, it now looks ns
rthough Senator "William Lorimcr of
Illinois, who has been under investigation
as to his right to a seat, would
head the committee on Pacific Islands
and Porto Rico. This is tho committco
"that "handles much of fho legislation
affecting Ilnwail in tho senate. Many
changes "in phalrnmnships havo
from tho death of Senator Fryo of
Maine, who was tho chairman of tho
oommitteo on commerce. All Republican
senators have chairmanship nnd
when an important chairmanship llko
that on commerco is vacated it causes
n shift all along tho lino and senators
sometimes hesitate, as tlioy have been
doing this session, whether they will
retain the chairmanships thoy havo or
-accept others that may bo vacated.
Money May Come.
' Tho report of engineers of tho Army
on the survey of Hilo harbor extension
lias been delivered to the chairman
of tho houso committee on rivers nnd
harbors. This wns brought about in
time for tho committee's consideration
after a deal of energetic work on the
part of tho Delegnte nnd Mr.
There is hope of obtaining something
on the forthcoming rivers and
'harbors hill for Hilo and also for
The report on the survey of
Kaai harbors has been received but
"these will be too lata for the houso
committee to give them consideration
"this year, It is felt, however, that
this will result in no disadvantage to
"that 'project because the houso democratic
caucus has voted not to allow
any appropriations for rivers and
this year that aro new projects.
There will bo a hearing beforo tho
"board of engineers of rivers and harbors,
which is an ndjunct to tho otlico
of tho chief cf army engineers on Monday,
February 5, when the Kauai
may bo discussed by thoso
in improvements.
McCrosson May Bid.
Secretary Stlmson's report, holding
that the federal government owns all
the rights to water at
will undoubtedly kill tho McCrosson
bill of last scsblon before congress. I
The secretary favors tho construction'
ly the government of its own plant
and tho gale of tho surplus water to
(From Wednesday's Advertiser.)
In a spccinl mall sack, and a registered
one nl that, tho reply of Governor
Walter F. Frear to tho charges
mado by Delegate Kuhio, will go on
tho Wllhclmina bound for 8nn
cisco this morning. From tho latter
city it will go across tho continent in
charge of a special deputy inspector
of the postofflcc service, nnd is expect
ed to bo in tho hands of tho nddrcssco
early upon tho morning of February
Tho package itself is heavy, and is
addressed "To the Honorable, tho Sec-rotary
of the Interior, Washington, D.
0." It does not rcqulro postage as it
is an official communication of an officer
of tho government in compliance
with instructions received. But it will
go quite a little better than
and will bo given care that is unusual
with ordinary mail matter.
Governor Frear has been hard at
work upon his report for several
weeks; and when it wns completed last
night tho territorial executive heaved
a sigh of Tellef. Tho request for a
reply to tho allegations mado by the
delegate meant a lob of work for Mr.
t'rear, and the compllnnco with the interior
department's desires meant toil
early and late. Hut tho Governor did
not wnsto time thinking about tho
start; lie just took off his coat and vest
actually nnd began to go through
tho mais of records in tho territorial
offices for the data which were to ho
used in contradiction of tho specific
charges made by Kuhio.
Bottor and Bettor.
Tho deeper tho Governor delved tho
bettor was bis evidence, and ns allegation
after allegation was'weighed, considered
nnd handled tho work becamo
easier. Still the Governor did not stop
oven to say how good ho folt, hut
rather kept right on "sawing wood"
until the big job wns finished nnd tho
packngo for the mail signed, sealed and
Tho Governor's reply in itself covers
ninety-two typewritten pages of legal
cap, or about fifty thousand words. All
through tho document there aro references
to half a hundred exhibits which
accompany tho direct answer. These
"exhibits" consist of documents and
records from every dopartment of tho
territorial government which is concerned
oven remotely in the allegations
made by tho Delegate.
Oovenor Frear in his Tcply makes no
use of general statements, hearsay evidence,
or matter that is not to the
point. Instead, tho territorial executive
simply goes nhead in his specific
denial of a specific cliargo and tlion
produces his evidence, the records of
tho government, ns witness to tho
truth. "No, I do not caro to .discuss
the iinturo of my reply," said the Governor
Inst night. "It would not bo
treating the President or tho secretary
of tho interior with tho courtesy which
is their due, and I can only say at this
time that T am glad tho task is over
and done. Tn duo time, I suppose, my
answer will be given out nt Washington."
Tho Hui Uiitoua did just what it had
threatened to do last night wheu its
members gathered in Notloy Hall on
Kukui street to decide whether or not
thoy wore to help tho striking Kahului
stevedores, either by a sympathetic
striko or financial assistance.
waxed high and a number of
women who attended raised shrill and
emphatic voices iu tho debate. Tho
meeting wns absolutely secret and no
results nave been announced.
All tho older and wiser men left
long beforo tho meeting ended and loft
it to the young braves to fight it out.
Soap Box Barron wub in attonduueo
nnd raised his voice in frequent protest
because his fellow unionists
to talk English or listen to his
WASHINGTON, January 30. Secretary
Morrison of tho American Federation
of Labor was today summoned
before tho Indianapolis grand jury investigating
union dynamiting,
CUERNAVACA, Moxico, January
30. -A military train of rurrtlo guards
was attacked repeatedly on tho way
here by Zapatistas. Ono battle lasted
three hours.
$ $ sfc
the highest bidder. The value of this
surplus water tho secretary places at
$00,000. It is understood thnt Mr.
is prepared to bid for tho uso
of this surplus and his bill will probably
be modified accordingly.
The Delegate has introduced tho bill
affecting school lands for Hawaii at
the request of Senator Fairchild. It is
in tho exact terms of the measure that
passed the territorial legislature. W,
A. Kinney, who has just nrrived in
Washington, and B. H. Iilvonburg will
opposo tho enactment of this bill into
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed
u cure any caso of Itching, Blind,
Bee,;ng or protrudinB Piies in 6 t0
. . , , .. , .
U- Q of A.
tWT V X... ..
As The Advertiser's cable from
Washington told yesterday morning,
the attention of two of tho world's
greatest governments, the United States
and Grent Britain, is riveted Upon
Island, the personal cstato of
Judge Henry Cooper of the circuit
cojrt, and an integral part of tho Ter
ritory of Hawaii
Tho cable bears out The Advertiser
article of somo four weeks ago, when
this paper learned from sources that
aro wholly authoritative that a British
syndicate, the purchaser of Fanning
Island from Father Rougicr, hnd laid
claims to Palmyra and was about to
appeal to its government to hack it up
in the ridiculous assertion of ownership.
As noon ns this becamo known in
Honolulu, immediate representations
LOS ANGELES, January 31.-Great
uneasiness exists among thoso connected
with tho defenso in tho late Mc-
ftaiuaru trials which has now become
the defense in the resulting cases, over
an announcement made yesterday that
the indictment of Attorney Clarence
Darrow was the direct result of a confession
by Rcrt Franklin to District
Attorney Fredericks and his aid.
The prosecution claims that Franklin,
who nominally held tho position of
chief of detectives for tho McNamnra
defenso, has. agreed to toll tho entire
truth of tho bribery matters incident
to tho famous trial in which ho was a
prominent figure and for which bo was
himself arrested.
It is bolieved here that thoro will
bo a long delay beforo Darrow 's caso
finally comes beforo the court for trial.
The ehargo against him is that of
Franklin was formerly deputy sheriff
of Los Angeles county but wns
charged irom tno department for unruly
conduct. When the McNnmara
trials commenced he becamo Darrow's
so-called chief of detectives, his work
iit that time being largely, it is now
understood, in connection with tho ox-
Ensign Kllis Lando, U S. N., who
wns appointed to Annnpolis from J
and is now chief engineer of
thn Iittlo gunboat Yorkjown on duty
nt Guayaquil, may or may not be ono
of tho yellow fover victims recently reported,
from the Fcimdorinn port, nnd
lus relatives hero aro anxiously awaiting
news giving tho names of thoso
who are on tho sick list.
Tho dispatches lnht weok stated that
eighty of tho Yorktown's crow had
been stricken after tho death of Com-
SALONIKA, January 31. I'nrcst
nlcmg tho northern borders yesterday
resulted in an armed invasion of Turkish
territory by a 'Bulgarian raiding
party which attacked and captured a
village, slaughtered such of tho inhabitant!!
as they found there and retreated
before tho Turks could retaliate
Among their victims are four men and
two women, whoso bodies havo been
found horribly mutilated. Tho villago
attacked was in Macedonia.
SOFIA, Hnlcaria, January 31. Dispatches
from the border tell of a
bloody attack mado on an isolatod
monastery by Turks. Nine of tho inmates
were seized and apparently wantonly
decapitated and tho church of
tho Iittlo settlement desecrated.
is running high on both sides
of tho border.
CUnRA"LTAIl, January 30. King
(Jeorgo and Queen Mary arrived hero
today on their way homo from tho
Delhi durbar.
WASHINGTON, January 30, Sonator
Lorimcr today declared that the investigation
of alleged charges of bribery
in his election is duo to the political
persecution of the Chicago Tribune.
e5:x ?fTHl
'were mado to Washington, in which tho
I United States government was asked to
safeguard tho interests of her citizens
I in tho property. It would appear from
, tho brief cnblo dispatch that Great Bri-,
tain has already taken up her side of
the matter with the state department.
The Advertiser this morning publishes
n chart of the Palmyra group for thero
aio thirty-four islands under tho ono
singular name and its fino harbor
may be easily mndo out. It is this bar-l
or which will, mako of the group a
very valuable acquisition of any power
after tho opening of the Panama Canal.
Thus an obscure bit of island in tho
South Seas, unknown almost to tho
navigators of thoso Intitudcs, suddenly
looms up as u piucu oi leiiuuiy uuvciuu
by nations.
The island is directly upon a great
circle of traffic between San Francisco
nnd Australia nnd tlis southern ercat
'circle from the Panama Canal to
' Shanghai.
4"-. ?liilik
nmination of tho trial jurors. His
by Detective Browne, chief of
l'Vcderick)'s secret sorvico staff, who
was n visitor in Honolulu not long
tho famous trial, wns one of tho
sensations of its closing days.
inander Bertoletto, the commanding of-
licer of the guiiboat. This would mean
that aLout a third of the crew had become
unfit for duty. The relatives of
tho young ensign are loath to credit
this Teport, believing- that it means
eighty of the people of Guayaquil havo
been stricken with the fever.
Mr. Lander's parents havo cabled to
tho mainland for further information
but so far havo Tcceivcd no reply. Ensign
Lando was appointed as chief engineer
of the Yorktown shortly beforo
tho vessel was-ordered South from Maro
Ni:VYOUK, January 30. Tho correspondence
botTfcea Governor Wood-row
Wilson of New Jorsey and Col.
George Harvoy, editor of Harper's
Weekly, has been mado public horo,
following now of tho alleged
break between tho two men and tho
withdrawal of tho weekly's support of
Wilson. Governor Wilson has repeated
his apologies for his apparent repudiation
of Colonel Harvey, who withdrew
tho support of Harper's Weekly
Wilson said it hurt rather than
helped his candidacy,
LISBON, January 31. Martial law
was declared by tho government to exist
in this city yesterday as a result
of strikes. National troops surround tho
affected portions of tbo city and many
agitators havo been arrested. Bombs
havo been thrown nt tho guards and
tho situation is considered serious.
jt M
When your feet aro wet and cold, and
your body chilled through nnd through
from exposure, tako 11 big dose of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, batho your
feet in hot water boforo going to bed,
nud you are almost certain to ward off
n severe cold. For sale by Benson,
Smith & Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii.
(From Wednesday's Advcrtlsor.)
Governor Carter is not in touch with
tho administration nt Washington, says
former Governor Carter, who retnrncd
yestcdny from ono of tho quickest trips
on record to San Francisco and return.
This statement, which ho sayB ho
mado on tho eve of sailing, in an interview
with an afternoon paper, is
quite different to tho intorvlcw that
paper published after Mr. Cnrtcr was
safe at sea, when it quoted him to tho
effect' that Governor Frear was "not
in touch with the people."
Where tho Governor falls down, says
Mr. Carter, is that "his recommenda
tions for appointments aro ignored nnd
by submitting to this ignoring, in my
opinion, Governor Frear belittles the
dignity of tho high office of Governor
of the Territory of Hawaii."
"I believe it would bo a tactical .
mistake on tho part of tho President to !
reappoint Governor Frear." savs tho.
.former Governor, "but this docs not
mean that I am In any way in . sym- I
pathy with Kuhio in tho charges ho
uas brought. Kuhio charging Frear is
liko tho pot calling tho kettle black,
" Tn nitmlcn T.n. nf fn.l...... l .l !
,Il!lllutn M... lnn.l 1n...n .... ll. 1
"'""Oltl HIU JUlIll JIIWO. ilH LJ1U LII10L'aLH .
ilnn. Bnn.Hn n little 1...B.1 .. 1. ! f
docs, Beems a hard, when, if I
ltlllnie(l1H.l 41ia nll.ini!a. li . it. .
uuuuiaiuuu mu 31I.UUI.IU11, it WUS IHO
Delegate who took tho power of discro - 1
nun away irom tnc uovcrnor, ana tho
Governor who allowed the power of discretion
to I13 taken away from tho land
commission, leaving it nowhere. I
to by tho State authorition to nnntf
policy if you havo no power to do any
"The 'ffleilflal' niiMtnko I would see
in Frear's reappointment has nothing
to do with the domafids" of politicians
nt all, but would come lit tho fact, in
mv' opinion, that Frear and tho administration
in Washington havo not
been in close enough touch to mako his
reappointment wise. In my opinion tho
position of Governor is such a ono that
wo should nil recognize it as tho propor
channel through which to roach tho
ear of Washington.
"Independent of Frear."
"With the relations that now exist,
it seems to me to bo bettor to bo independent
of Frear or to oppose him,
rather than attempt to get anything
through him.
Three Times Turned Down.
"TJiroo times Governor Frear's rec
ommendations hava been icuored in
ASaslungton, or havo not been acted
upon, and that means tho offlco ho holds
lias beon belittlod. Boinc ignored and
submitting to it does not add" to tho
dignity or luster of tho offlco. It is
most important for tho futuro that wo
havo someone as Governor whom the
Washington administration would treat
"This does not reflect, in any way,
upon Frear's integrity or the efficiency
oi the local administration.
"Tho opposition to Frear has grown,
I think, because of his failnro to demand
a hearing from Washington when
tho occasion arises for such a demand."
Opposed to Taft.
Tho former Governor was asked his
opinion ns to the coming presidential
fight and gave it as freely as ho spoko
of his opposition to Governor Frear.
"I am not a Taft man," ho said. "I
thing it would bo unfortunate if ho
were nominated. I should not bo a bit
surprised if Boosovclt would appear in
tho arena, and be persuaded to run.
Ho is ready to do whatover he thinks
is his duty, regardless of -results. Ho
never plays safe, but right, although if
ho bo nominated it could "only bo at
tho sacrifice of his own good name. I
don't believe that cither ho or Taft
will bo elected. It looks to mo too much
liko a Democratic year. I think if
Taft is nominated ho will surely bo
defoated, but I don't see how he can
withdraw. It is up to tho President
to holp his party along. I don't think
he has been a successfas President. Ho
has a fine character; however, and
would have mado a fine judge."
Charged with Silence.
Col. Samuel Parker, who returned
homo on tho Mongolia, had Iittlo to
say about Kuhio or tho Governor. Tho
genial Sam was voluminous with silence
concerning lie legato Kuhio and,
lik charges, and declined even to Bay
who ho thought would bo tho next Governor.
Tho colonel is in good health, and
will bo on hand nt tho wharf to
homo his chum, tho Delegate, in
a weok or so.
Just boforo Colonol Parker left San
Francisco, tho San Francisco Examiner
had tho following story of. bint of tho
colonel's amibition:
Colonel Parker's Ambition.
"Colonel Samuel Parker of Honolulu,
former chancellor of tho exchequer
to tho late King of Hnwaii, and
one of tho most hospitablo natives of
tho Paradiso of tho Pacific, has returned
from a fsit to Washlngtpn and is
Staying at tho Stewart. Although political
managers, nor Parker personally,
havo given any public intimation of tho
colonel's ambitious, there is a rumor
preceding hpn to Honolulu thn't he is
afilictcd with a strong desiro for gubernatorial
honorB in tbo Island Torritory,
and tho samo rumor says that his mission
to Washington and his return to
Hawaii ut this particular time has to do
with a boom that will be launched soon
in bib favor in the Islands."
WASHINGTON, January 30. Gov-,1
ernor Stubbs of Kansas declared today
that bo is convinced Colonel Roosevelt
will be the next President.
Imperial Tartar Clans Are Suri
rendering Five Centuries
of Power.
Revolutionary Arms and Diplc
macy Triumphant America
to Fight Famine.
PEKING, January 31. Leaders
the Imperial Clan havo decided th
the Manchu power is lost and that ro
olutionary success is inevitable
Tho immediate abdication of tho e:
jpcror was decided .upon, following
conference between tho Dowager Y
honala and the Imperial princes yestc
day and this, it is announced, will 1:
c,,Tcctc'1 in, f"!' compliance with all tl
demands of tho republicans. t
Amiri.hv nit in n, ,n:.oi n.J
ing tho relaxation of all authority aill
l,lc 'oss ot a central authority. Ti
people are terrorized and thousani
nm flnmniT fmni ilin ntft. lulmnmrn. .
It is rnnnrtnil flmf fhn itimnrtal
lice aro murdering revolutionary srfl
l'ects and kidnaping their wives at
America to Eolief.
SACRAMENTO, January 31. TK
buto to tbo relief of the victims of t
tcrriblo lamiiio that is sweeping ce
:iui vniiiu. proclamation uas be
issued over tho signature of Govern
Hiram JohhsSn asking" for immedia
steps on the part of tlio citizens.
. NEW YORK, January 31. T
bakers of this city yesterday met ai
completed organization among thci
solves to assist in the relief of the CI'
neso famino sufforors. They will ado
a generous program which will be f!
lowea as long as thoro is need for wh
aid thoy can givo tho victims.
More Bombs.
LONDON, .Tnnuary 30. Accord!
to report horo, bombs havo been throv
at tno resiliences or tno viceroy ai
the commanding general of the impj
nai iorces at iicmsiu. iso ueatlis
BRUSSELS, January 31. A majc
ity of tho delegates to tho Brussels I
tcmation Convention of the sugar i
dustry powers, yestorday went on r
ord as favoring permission to KussL
to export an additional 300,000 tons
sugar during tho current year in ord
to maintain tho balance or supply. T
violegates from Germany opposed t
measure but woro unsuccessful.
LAWRENCE, Massachusetts, Janj
ary 31. Joseph Ettor, tho leader
tho striking fabric operatives and
turo Giovannetti, his aid, were arret
ed hero last night as accessories
the murder of a woman striker. Tfl
action of the polico has brought t
situation to a higher tension but of
ing to the presence of tho troops, the
has been no further actual disturbam!
Tho city has been quiet for se
Tho Lawrcnco striko situation reu
cd its most serious point on tho f
tccntli of this month when eight co
panics of tho State militia wero scj
into tho city to presorvo order. A go
deal of street fighting took placo t
first day between tho fifteen thousa
operatives on striko and too troops
suiting in somo fatalities.
Although tho striko was institut
originally in protest against a redi
tion in pay because of tho oporati
of tho new fifty-four-hour law, maki
tho working day two hours shorter, t:
strikers now nssort thoy will not x
turn without a III teen per cent increni
and other concessions, including douli
pay for overtime and tho abolition
tho promium or bonus Bystom.
BRISBANE, Queensland, Janua
30, A general strike of labor unionlsj
has been ordered horo in support
the striking street-car men.
LONDON, January 31. Dispatches
wero received hero yesterday
by merchants in tho Pacific
trndo that hurricanes havo
been causing great damage on
the sugar plantations of tho
Fiji islands nnd to shipping and
tho exposed towns generally.

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