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Senate Girds Up Its Loins for
Big Battle of This
Regulars and Insurgents Shake
Hands and Make Up on
Eve of Scrap.
WASHINGTON, February G. All is
in readiness for tlio big fight of the
current session, the atrugglo over tariff
reductions. Tbo senate, so to speak,
is stripped for tlfo fray and the battle
lines are drawn.
For the first limo in months thoro aro
signs that when the struggle begins in
earnest tlio insurgents and the regulars
will bo found fighting shoulder to
shoulder. The first symptoms of this
etato of affairs came with the Republican
caucus held yesterday. The meeting
was secret of course, hut nevertheless
it was learned that the insurgent
and tnc regular or standpat lenders met
with more or less hearty expressions of
harmony nnd no attempt was mado to
insist on factional lines.
For several days now protests at the
Croposcd slashing of tariff- rates, havo
een pouring into tho offices of son-
ators from all over tho country. Tho
particular form that tho fight on tho
sugar tariff is beginning to assume is
attracting a great deal of attention.
The Democrats, led by the Louisiana
delegation, threaten fo split wide over
that particular schedule and as a consequence
tho Republicans are apt to
draw closer together.
Already preparations for tho coming
. congressional 'campaign are .under way;
Congressmen yusWday 'named
, BcnttiVe McKipley us chairman of tho
committee to conduct the congressional
Chicago Editor Forgets His
Second and Returns to His
First Political Love.
WASHINGTON, February 0. To tho
surprise of many Medill McCormick,
editor of tho Chicago Tribune, who
Las been forcing the fight for Senator
lia Follotto yesterday issued a call to
"tho progressive republican organization
of Illinois to abandon La Follctto
and send a. solid delegation to tho
convention instructed for Roosevelt.
"By all means" tho call urges
"defeat La Folletto."
In spite of tho attacks ho lias been !
receiving and tlio ill health he 'is said
to bo suffering from Senator La
declared .yesterday that he proposed
to continue his fight for the
and would not quit until defeated
on the floor of tho convention.
t "
WASHINGTON, February C Victor
Bergcr, the Socialist member of congress,
today introduced a- bill for
suffrage. I
WASHINGTON, February 5. A resolution
introduced in cougrcss to legalize
'a presidential third term failed
temporarily for lack of a "second.
Kod condition, yet ho figured in
vrmir iu, u pi, ,-,.,-' got-NEW
YOlflC, February
.-Tho joint ting $2f)p0 for it b jt oS It
eoieido of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick No- is not known just what ho did intend
bio was duo to remorse, it was learned J to do nbout making good on the prop-today.
"s 5t ' rumored he was going
Tho flomun, who, beforo her
' . . . . .
.-.' I tn 1(111 l'n TitTirat nu t Ii Qiimn thin m a
ecnnuui witii kodio. a lumber's as-
sisianr, was juts, waiter Biiyauin, a
rich young society woman, had told a
friend that sho must pay for her disregard
of law and religion.
February 5. Arthur J. Burnham, for
a long time suspected of tho murder of
ix people, died today of tuberculosis,
denying his guilt to tho last.
OOIJPOYA, Alaska, Pebmary 5. A"
lanrn hndv hf ntit1irniffn nn1 1m. 1,.An
discovered nt tbo head of" Whirq Bivnr. J
And his son, John, both of whom aro
, in tho hospital as a result of J. E.
Johnson 's recklessness.
a sic &z sfc sfe sit sic c sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic sic tt
There is now no fear that fatal complications
will set in in the case of
Manuol Souz.i, or his six-year-old son,
Johnnie, who aro now in tho hospital
as a result of tho automobilo and
delivery wagon smashup on King
street Saturday night. Littlo Johnnie,
alter two. days of semiconsciousness,
sat up in his bed at the Queen's Hospital
yestorday morning enjoying picture'
boohs mud apparently none tho
worse,, for, his almost fatal accident.
His father is n little more seriously injured,
but will recover, jt is hoped.
Johnson is still held at tho" city .jail,
deal on account
of his prolonged incarceration, for ds
ho is held under investigation ho is
not permitted to see any one or rend
tho nowspapors. Deputy Sheriff Hobo
will charge him with heedless and
reckless driving ns soon as bis victims
aro out of the hospital, a very minor
chnrfro comparod to tho one of man-
! slauchtor which would have been
brought had oither of the oouzoa died,
out mo oniv one possiuio unuur iuu jaw.
Trip; I 10 aeil I UUU I ICKeiS ai $&
Each Men on the Glacier
Badly Stung.
No. 009. Tickets, $2 each
" .
sic TVTrs .T . TV .Tnhnann'a AntnmnVillA a- '
-.- .-. i( WW.U.UVM M u.wu.wu..v, ,
This ticket also includes admission .
to n Danco and Supper
at Alnkea wharf.
Notification will bo given in duo
time of Itafflo and Danco.
This is, a copy of one of tho raffle '
tickets which Chauffeur Johnson sold
In mimlinra tn tlin man nf Mm flnnf .
" " "" .-- "w ...j.'v, vu
pocially to thoso on tho supply ship
Glacier, whore ho is reported to havo
raked in several hundred dollars, selling
tickets on tho machine ho afterward
wrecked. Ono of tho men on tho
Glacier yesterday told an Advertiser
representativft that ho did not buy any
of Johnson's tickets, but thoro were a
large number of tho men on this ship
who hnd and tlio chauffeur muof havo
made several hundred dollar from
.jounson'8 car lias been run many
thousands of miles and is in far from
:" -' """ uc " uju
As far as tbo Schuman Carriage Company
is concerned, they have na claim
on tho automobile ns reported. (Jus
Schurunn says that up to bix months
ago bo had n claim against it but this
obligation has been removed.
Johnson is still held bv the nolice
awaitlnr the outcome of tins iniurics to
jtho victims who aro in tho hospital as j
.,v v......tt ouul, uu jiiu nBaiuni,
.. . i ..
PEKING, February- 5. The Tebjlf
WM 101
McCandiess Tags Him as Man
to Oust Jarrett Split Wider ?
Than Ever.
Far from being healed up and patched
over, tho split in the Democratic
ranks is worse than over nnd the braves
In tho opposing camps have their scalping
knives out, good and plenty) for
each othcrv For many months there has
been bitter complaint thnt Sheriff Jarrett
was not conducting his ofllco In
tlio interests of tho party, but had n
foolish idea from tho Democratic,
standpoint that efficiency was more
to be considered than tho providing of
easy jobs foT Democratic incompetents.
Now, as it happened, these incompetents
had been placed on tho polico
payroll to Bavo tho expense of their
keep to Link McCandiess nnd when Jarrett
weeded them out and Link hnd to
consent to bo touched again, every so
often, it naturally riled him. Consequently,
from tho standpoint of tho
McCandiess Democrats, Jarrett must
Jarrett, naturally, has his own ideas
on the subject, and will not step aside
I for McCandiess. Banco tho row, a
row in which the Shefiff has tho support
of all tho reputable men of bis
party nnd McCandiess has the support
of nil tho Democrats who need a dollar
and know that McCandiess is an easy
Tor a"whilo tho idea was toishift
Mayor Feru into tho police station,
leaving tho sinecuro ho holds for Colonel
McCarthy and lotting Jarrett out
in the cold. But thoro wcro a number
of kicks when this was sprung. Mayor
Fern kicked, for one, not relishing tho
idea of a job ut no more salary with
which thero was work connected, while
even many of Link's friends .saw tho
absurdity "of expecting Forn toJlll att
office that required sotno hcadwoik.
Now tho .scheme has been Teadjnjted
and McCarthy is tho ono slate?! 'fo'go
on tho Democratic ticket in Jarratt's
place. McCarthy cannot bo bought like
Juen, but au oflice can bo dangled before
him to keep him in tho
Jarrott was tendered
the olivo branch a short time ago, but
spurned it, declaring manfully that ho
would havo notbine to do with an drv
rrannization that numbered among its
bright and shining lights such man as
Harry Juen and Kahaennhu. jarrett
didn't include Link himself among tlio
ones he named, but he probably would
havo liked to.
With this situation confronting tlio
McCandlessitcs, tho namo of Colonel
McCarthy has been projected on( tlio
political motion picturo hereon, where
it can be seen and studied. Tho Mc.-
Cnndlesrutos bcllcvb that McCarthy 'can
bo elected and that ho will not only
111 tl10 democratic vote, but will get
not a fow republican ballots. At tho
proscut timo tho Republicans have no
one in sight for sheriff, although they
may endorse Jarrott. Andrew Cox mado
a poor showing in tho last election for
a good man and poor old John Wise
was dut of tho running in tho previous
campaign long before election day
dawntti. A notorious haolo supervisor
i'was training for the Bhncvnlty
tion with tho help of a bungling Toad
denartment. but lits hones have cone
..i: .: 1. ............ i.1... .-.. .......! .... ........
1 1 J II I II Ul 1 11 UUUM3U Hit) I'UUljmiK tlflll
jn!ttoo will tell him flatly ho is not
wanted in anv canacitv.
M'eanwhilo, tho
cratH aro preparing to launch their
campaign next Friday, when tho plins
will be presented in tho addresses of
Link McCandiess, T. J. Ryan, Charles
-n c :" '.. i .i.
ors Tjj0 Delnocratg wui sooii commence
their campaign for the convention
which shall choose delegates to tho
UBlUi nuimuai - uu ciiwvii iu uu
held in liUltimoro in Juno. There will
(Continued on page fivo.)
Honolulans went about shivering;
yesterday morning. On nil sldw they
might bo heard telling ono another how
cold it was, nnd positively thrilling'
stories of unusual experiences with tho
morning cold bath could bo heard moat,
anywhere. However, no matter bow it-
may havo felt, it wasn't cold. Tho thermometer
only got down to sixty tho
Ion est for this season, it is true, but
not at all unusual.
Tho weather conditions, howover, appear
to bo very unusual, and tho storms a
which hayo delayed all the mail ptcam
ors during tho past couple of weeks
havo been reflected in tbo instruments
of tho local weather bureau.
"Last week .wo had a period of ex
traordinarily low barometer," said
William B, Stockman, director of tho
United States weather bureau. "As a
rulo thero is not much fluctuation in
tho barometer here, but th lopal iitnios
invaders linvo defeated tliq nrmy of tba' There responded to unusual conditions
Manelms in a pitched battle nt the i which seem to bo world wide. Tho cold
mouth of tbo Yalu river, Manchuria, 'spells in tho eastern States and tho
After plcndlng all day to bo permit-
ted to attend the funeral of hor lato
friend, Mrs. 'Margaret Jcromo Honly,
Mrs. Elisabeth Stevenson droppod dead
yesterday afternoon at tho sldo of tho
open grnvo as the last words of tho funeral
service wcro being spok.cn over
tho' remains of her departed friend.
Both ladles wero inmates of tho
King's Daughters' Home, Mrs. llealy
dying Sunday. She was eighty-six yuan
old and a native of Massachusetts.
The old Indies of tho homo were all
anxious to attend tho funeral of their
late companion, who was a general favorite
among them and besieged Miss
Drunimonc, tho superintendent, nnd
Miss Florouco Yarrow for permission to
ho prcsont at tho services. Tho superintendent
demurred but it was finally
ppidod that a refusal would result in
unnecessary griovings and tho
A great' westward pop-illation
is under way, not only fn tlio
United States but in Europe, and will
Tesult in a few years in tremendous increase
of permanent population in tho
western American States, and ns a nat
ural result an incrcaso in Hawaii,
cording to information given Ld- j
ward I'ollltz, the San Francisco broker,
by railroad men who keep in touch
with movements of travel.
"I am informed by railroad men who
maintain information bureaus in tho
East," .paid Mr. Follitz. "thnt eighty
the Newest Financial Firm Has
' Millionaires for Its
With ','tho doubling of tho capital
.stock from $100,000 to $200,000 tho
Guardian Trust Company yesterday entered
upon 'its second year ns a trust,
stock and bond compauy. Tho annual
meeting vtns held for tho election of a
new dircctomto and officers. Tho di
rectors to servo aro W. 0. Smith, S.
A. uaiawin, J. V. Cooke, A. F. Judd, '
W. J. Forbes, W. W. Chamberlain nndj
W. F. Dillingham, tho latter being tho
newest recruit to tho ranks of tho j
trust company.
TllO directors hold a miofilnr l.itnr
and elected tho following oflicers: W.JA. L. C. Atkinson, Alfred D. Cooper,
O. Smith, president; S. A. Baldwin, T. H. I'etrie, Clarence L. Crabbe, A.
first vice president; J. V. Cooke, sec 1). Miknlcmi, J. B. Walker rcpresontlng
uuu vice prosiucnf; u. .i. barren, bee-
rotnry; W. W. Chamberlain, treasurer,, iug M. It. Aoiin, A. B. Mlkaleml
Company of Hawaii, auditor. JHanting ,A. 8. Malmiihi, H. J. Auld, A.
Tho directors docided to incrcaso tho F. Judd" William Thompson represent-capital
stock from $100,000 to $200,000, ling Charles A,', IJiee, and A. L. C. At-to
tako effect July 2, 1012. Tho stock jkiuson representing F. W. Mango,
has already been fully subscribed, and j By motion' of William Thompson the
there will bo quito n number of now ; following resolution was unanimously
stockholders. Among these will bo passed.:. -
some of the leading local financiers and! .Ti)at tll(J. iimirinan bo authoriZed
ostatcs. Tho business pf the company to issue a call for nominationa nnd
ns outlined in tho reports 6f officers
shows a steady growth since tho
porntion of nil tho business formerly
under the care of W. O. Smith. ThS
LI',,, .if'
uuurman Trust co
and of tho usual 'scom??ujr' comnnnv0 .t, ??ro
of management nts,and ingT a?
on the stock exchange, deals in broker-
Pacific storms reportod by steamer after
steamer, aro all a part of a
unusual season.
High Baromotor.
"Just now wo havo a liieh barome
ter. This moans, of course, that thero
is a jow oarometor soincwnero else, Tho
study of these atmospheric conditions
is an intensely interesting one, and,
though the area of our observations is
small, our local station gets much data
which it would be very interesting to
work up. Wo Jiavo no chanircs hero of
violent uaturo, hot there aro conditions
of great interest to tlio student
of meteorology. For example, tho an
nual rainfall at our cause on the Younrr
.Hotel is about 29 inches a year, and
iuur ur iivu nines way tvo could regis
ter a Jinnarcd nnd forty inches."
Last year there was a thermometer
record of DS at tho fodarol station,
which, is a couple of degrees below yesterday's
record. On February 10, 1002,
there woa a record of 52, which is tho
lowest since the commencement of the
federal records here.
sion was grnnted. Church services wcro
held at two yesterday after
noon and nu hour later wore resumed
at tho gravo In Nuunmi cemetery.
The aged womon gathered nbout as
tho body was lowered and revcrontly
bowed their .heads ns tlio Inst words
of tho (service woro spoken. Most of
thoin woro crying quietly nnd the moment,
always en sadly dramatic, was
doubly tense to those who felt the
of tlio ties so poignantly. Mrs.
Sttiensoii's heart, which has been
weak, was unable to stand the tension
of oniotion and dropped quietly, tho
old lady sinking to tho ground iimiilst
her companions and peacefully passing
across tho borders to join her departed
Mrs. Stevenson has been a nurso for
the greater part of her life, spending
it in ministration to othorb. Sho is
mirvhcd by two daughters, Mrs. Foster
and Mrs. Day, both of whom resido
in tliis cltv. Sho was u. member of tlio
Central Union Church.
fivo per cent, of nil inquiries nbout
travel in European parts aro nbout
western lands, especially California and
Arizona. Tlio railroad officials state
that about eighty por cent, of tho traffic
westward is composed pf noweqmors
to California and Arizona, seeking
lands. Tho newly opened irrigated
lands in tho lutFor State, with
tion, seem to bo particularly attractive.
"It looks to mo ns if the expectations
of San Francisco with regard to
tho world's fair in 1015 will bo fully
rcalizod, and that nt tho snmo timo
there will bo a large addition to tho
permanent population of the State. All
of this, of course, will benefit Hnwuii."
Republican Central . Committee
Provides for the Election
of Delegates;
Perfect harmony reigned at tho meeting
of tho Republican territorial
committee held in tho Jtidd building
last evening. Chairman Alfred I),
Cooper called tho meeting to ordor at
seven-thirty o'clock, nnd in tlio absoncq
of tlio secretary, C. 0.' James, John H.
Wiso was unanimously elected in Ills
Answering to tho rolleall wero Carl
5J. Carlsmith, T. 11. l'etrio representing
Charles C, Watt, Howard C, Mohr rep-
resenting A. B. Carloy, 8, Knliinol, M.
C Jmntm mni.inni:n,. 1 W V..il i
(j. u, James, W. II. Crawford
primaries for the convention for tho
Purm' ot ehopsing six delegates nnd
L0'jf 18, 11)12, ? t0o, 2 nominations
t0 b6 ?al3 Miirc1' 20 betwcen
tho nnd 8 p.m.. nnd tho
tjifitn TloTT' Apr,
$ I'. VotZZti for 'the
election of delegates to bo hold in IIo
nolulu, Monday, April 15, nt 10 a.m."
The oxccutivo committee requesting
jurmur nine 10 compicr.o us report recommending
amendments to tho party
ruiea, u. rcBuuuiou graining tno request
was 'o'fforod" by Curl S. Carlsmith nnd
passed, with the yudcretauding that the
report i(v to bo published baforo it is
submitted to tho central committee for
final adoption.
In tho report of tho executive
theso items aro included:
Tiio endorsement of T- II. Potrio, Andrew
Aduins, and S, C. Dwight for u
iijcmbcrti of tho loan fund commission,
Muy 27, 1910; O. F. Judd was endorsed
for land commissioner, Juno 20. .I'll;
James Wakefield, F. B. McStocV. and
n. Jjcrmit wero cnuorscu forombora
of tho harbor commission of. July 3, 0.
1011; tho executive contmlttco endorsed a
the lion! W. F. Frcar for reappointment
as Governor to this Territory
on November 4, 1911.
NEW YOIIK, Tcbruary 0. In nn address
made hero last night Admiral
Sigsbce declared that in ovory respect
the American navy lias improved vastly
ainco tho war with Spain, He as
serted that in tho matter of gunnery
mo navy suarpsnooier witn Dig gunsi
havo increased their proficiency sixteen,
hundred times ia tho laBt fourteen
years. an
IBFW -"" i in iiiiinirniiii mm
Emperor May Be Recognized as
Spiritual Ruler of the
New Nation.
State Department Hears of the
Latest and Most Novel
WSHlNGTONt February fl.-Ae-cording
to nfflcial advices from Pphinjf
and Nanking to tho stnto department
the Intent plan for tho settlement of
tho troubles in China, nnd ono said to
bo approved by tho powors, is n dual
government. In this tho omporor would
bo the recognised spiritual head of tho
now nation whllo tho presidency would
bo nn electivo ofllco.
This is bolioved to bo the plan contained
in the secret edict, report of
which leaked out in Fcking Sunday
nftcrnoon, nnd was cabled nil over tbo
world. It is prnctically certain tho
of tho plans aro now being worked
out ill tjio cabinets of tiio former om
poror uu'd President Sun Ynt Sen.
BBIUjTN, Germany, Fobrunry 6.
Por tho first timo in yonrs tho wators
of tho Baltic sea are frozen over for
miles from land. Tho temporaturo in
thq Province of Holstoin has dropped
fnr holow zoro, an almost unprecedented
' "
SAN. FRANCISCO', Fcbrirt;ry' C
uuu liuimtvu nnu nvv whb ul uiuui
wero found on board" tho Btenmor Persia
of tho Pacific Mali Hno horc yesterday.
The stuff was confiscated,
LOS ANGELAS, February O.-The
grand jury which hns been investigating
tho dynnmlto outrages jn all their
phases will convene again tomorrow.
Ortie B. McManJgnl will bo a witness.
It 1b thought that thoro is u strong
probability that a number of indict-
monts against labor union ofllcinls'will
bo returned when tho jury moots.
Amcrlcnn Hugnr Refining Company
filed au nnswor to the government's
suit for dissolution. In tho answer tho
compuuy declares that it controU "but
forty per cent, of tho country's
supply. It denies any responsibility
for tho frauds in undorwclghing
by government inspectors in
New York- and Brooklyn
INDIANAPOWS, Indiana, Fobruary
0. Tho grand jury horo which has been
problug tho dynamiting cases Is ex
pected to return thirty indictments of
prominent labor officials tomorrow. No
details pr names could bo learned,
Eli PASO, Toxas, February 0. General
Orozco was named as governor of
Chihuahua yosterday by tbo authorities
at Mexico City.' Ho won his epurs aa
revolutionist under Madero.
. .
OUERNAVAOA, Mexico, February
Twenty rebels were killed here in
desperate fight early yesterday morn-
ing. Tho federals lost a number of killed
and a fow wounded,
POMONA, California, February GV
Earl Standard, a bookkeeper of tho
American National Bank has disappeared.
The Bhortaco in hia books la said
o amount to $50,000. s
MACON, Georgia, February S. A,
negro was lynched hero lasi night by
infuriated mob.

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