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CHIT OfflttP K
' il
Byys Arm Story of Former West
."BbInl Classmate and For-,
J gets' to Pay for It.
To 'Sail on Sherman, He Will Now
' Return to New York and
, - Stand Court, Mar.tial.
,, . (?rom Monday's Advertiser.
A Btory that is Interesting many
army officers and that 'Is to be told
officially baforo an army" court martial
iajiclng related, among many of tho
'of tbo service 'throughout Hawaii.
It! relates to -a" ceHaln captain of tho
Second Cavalry, wbose father is Baid to
bo prominent in army circles in
iffr issaid to have received
$&G00 for a manuscript lie did not write,
tut -soon to bo published by Houghton,
Mifflin & Co. of Bob ton,
-Local mfan in tho service say they do
not know who tho officer is. but it is
apparent that because the offending officer
lias not as yot been named his
broiler oHicors of the service will not
talk about the matter oven if thoy do
Officer and 'Writer.
According to the story, as much as
a' yeiir ago tho army officer in question
was approached by a magazine ytritor
in Now iotk witn mo inunuscripi m
an army story, which ho wantod to sell
tbd Second Cavalry officer is dcolared
to" have bought tho story, which is now
n-press in Boston, but neglected to pay
the 500 stipulated in the agreement.
After waiting a reasonable length of
timo, the magazine writer who was
also a graduate of West Point Military
Academy wrote tho Adjutant
Oonoral of tho Army, demanding that
tho officor bo either court martialed or
made to pay his indebtedness.
o Adjntant Gmornl McCain sent for
tho accused captnin and listened to his
pjrt of tho story- Tho cavalry captain
wiid that ho had already paid for the
manuscript, and, furthermore, that he
bad not offered it for sale. Ho claimed
that he did not at any timo intend
tonUBe. it undor his own name, and that
bewas simply doing a former
a kindly service.
Ordered to Now York.
'f jJco' explanation appeared ,-to be satisfactory
to General McCain and tho officer
w'as ordered back, to Now York. In
thq courso of a fortnight ho was given
n 'special service duty to proceed to
Hawaii, Guam aud Manila in connection
with tho quattormastoT's department.
Ho was on his way hither when a wire
'from Washington held him at San Francisco.
Tho officer accused intended to sail
on 'tho Sherman on that vessel's latest
trip from San Francisco, but at the last
liiomoit his name wii scratched from
the list of p issengors. It Is understood
that an order la9 been received at San
Francisco genuine him back to New
York for courtmartinl. The officer's
name is Well known among army peoplo
here but bis friends of tho service
to divulge it until tho propor time
Serious criticism has been aimed at
young Duke Ivahanamoku for an alleged
refusal on his part to divo for tho
body of rroderick Shaffer, tho navy
bugler drowned nt Waikikl Saturday,
thcro was still a possible chance
thnt tho man's lifo could be saved.
Statements hayo been freely made that
oung Duko based his Tcfusal on tho
ground that the wator was too muddy
and that ha would bo untiblo to see,
Duko's statement was taken yesterday.
Ho says:
"1 was, in tho Moana
dressing to go downtown," said Duke,
yesterday, "when some ono rushed in
.and said that thcro was a woman
drowning, asking me to come out and
'get' her, I went outsido and saw her
'.struggling in tho water and at once
'rushed in-and put my tights on, got
mu surf board and staited out after
' 'I Teachod tho spot at tho same time
that Ford and Ralph Williams aid. I got
tho' woman 'a arms around my neck and
was holpcd in with her by thoiothers.
Thoy were Blow and sho "was becoming
unconscious us I finally got her to the
bath-house. Sorao ono dressed her and
I was asked to carry her up to a room
in tho Sfoana which I did. Then I went
, out again aa I heard thero was a man
'missing. I nnd other Hul Nalu hoys
' saw two sailors on surfboards a long
way oat and drifting out to soa. Thoy
wero unable to get back and so I and
tho others went out and brought them
"I was asked to dire for tho other
man as I was carrying tho woman in.
Tho water was very muddy and I knew
that nothing in it could bo seen, and as
I went I told tho other Hui Nalu boys
who wero on the beaeh to keep a wnteh
all over and look for any commotion
nnywhero. Th?re -were plenty of other
people on the beach."
Robert Perkins Bass, Governor of
Nfiw Ilmnpsblro, was married to Miss
Kdlth narlan IHrd,, at Enjean, Massachusetts.
Secretary of War Laughs at Story
of Nippon Veterans in
These Islands.
By Ernest (H Walker.
(Mail Correspondence to Tho Advertiser.)
WASHINGTON, Januaiy 22. Henry
L. Stimson, secretary of war, denied
emphatically t6day before tho houso
committee on military affairs that thcro
are 20,000 Japanese veterans of tho
War living in Hawaii
and formed into secret military organizations,
ready to take possession of tho
Islands at any time.-' This statomont
was made to the couimittco yoster
day by Major General William U.
Carter, '' assistant to Major General
Leonard Wood, chief of stall nf tho
"I have made an investigation of
Major Goneral Carter's statement and
find that the department! has inquired
into this alleged condition in Hawaii.
It is a mistake. Thoro afo many Japanese
Jthere and probably many ono timo
soldiers ajraobg thorn. Thoy aro not in
military organizations, but aro going
about their work like any other inhabitants.
Representative James Hay, of Virginia,
chairman of, the, committee, said
"The only asset of! tho army is war.
The army oillccra are' always talking of
war in an effort to increase tkoariny.
They seem tp think cQPgrcss legislates
for the army. Wo do not. AVd aro legislating
for tab people of tho United
Representative John J. Fit7gcrald, of
New York, chairman of tho houso appropriations
committee, took a similar
view when ho said!
"This is tho army's annual war
scare. It is trying to influenco tho
I military affairs commitloo not to
port the nay Army Reorganization bill,
which is designed to cut down expenses.
I do not think it will have tho desired
result." k
Mr. Hav believes all tho Democrats of
his committeo will support his idea of
rcorcanmnc the army. The republi
cans, ho thinks, will oppose it, taking
the side of Mr. Stimson ami Major
Genernl Wood' against a iivo year enlistment
period und a reduction in lino
"I am paying no attention to tho
differences among officials of tho
fanny," said Mr. Hay. "War
ment politics docB not bother mo in tho
least. J. am trying to reuuee expenses
and treat the peoplo of tho "Unltod
States fairly.'
elaborate funeral of Wong Yue, head of
the Wong family hero and a multi-mil
lionairc, yesterday succeeded in doing
what the -police here havo often tailed
to accomplish, namely putting an end,
for tbo present nt leaBt, to ono of tho
fiercest tong warB that has ever raged
in tins country.
NORFOLK, Virginia, February 5.
The Castle Eden arrived hero yesterday
afternoon with tliu crew or the Uritiali
titrnnicr Cousola, which reported by
wireless Katnruay that slio was burn
nig. Tho vessel was ablazo forward
when tho rescue ship, called hy tho
wireless, reached hor sido and took off
tlio crew. The esscl thou sank off
Cape Henry in a blinding snowstorm.
HELENA, Montana, February 5.
Helena Hotel hero burned to tho
ground last night and the guests had
narrow escape from' death! Tho total
damago will probably reach in tho
neighborhood of $140,000.
Bod Backs Made Strong' Sidney His
All over Ilonolulu yon hoar it
keeping up tho good work," curing weak
kidneys, driving away backache, 'correcting
urinary ills. Ilonolulu peoplo
aTo telling about it telling of bad
backs sound again. You can beiioro
tho testimony of your own
They tell it for the benefit of you
who are suffering. Jf your back .achea,
if you fepl lame, sore ,ond miserable,
if the kldnoyB act too frequently, pr
passages aro painful, scanty and oil
color, use Doan's Backneho Kidney
PJHs, the rpmedy that has helped so
many of your friends and neighbora.
Follow this Honolulu citizen's advice
and givo Doan's a cliunco to do the
same for you,
U. T. White, Pearl City, Oahu, Honolulu,
Hawaii, says: "I am ninety-two
years of ago and suffered from
bnrkacko and kidnoy disease for eight
years. I have given Doan's Backache
Kidney Pills a fair trial and have been
so greatly benefited that I cheerfully
recommend them to other kidney sufferers."
Dean's Baekacbo Kidnoy Pills are
sold by all druggists and storekeepers
at 50 ccpts per bos (sir boxes $2.50)
or will be mailed on receipt of price
by the Hollistefr Drug Co., Ilonolulu.,
wholesale agents' for the Hawaiian Islands.
Remember tho nanio Doans, and
taku no substitute.
Instantly panic gripped tho tourists
Husband Tries in Vamlg JlVXo T&
C...., U:f K-;.o I
Her and Dies
NIAGARA, Now York, February 5.
-Thousands of sightseers watched for Sd,rV -Uh their heads close
hours frantic efforts to save a m& tho erics of alarm from tho tear- fiothcr in tho gas ovon, doad. Thoy
party of thrco touristB engulfed In tho
ice of Ninearn Rills, whon tho irrpjit
ico bridgo broke yesterday aftornooh.
Tho ico bridgo has boon n tourist
attraction in a greater than ordinary
degree this winter and vesterdav morn-
Jng soVoral hundred peoplo wore
ered st one timo on tho EleamiuK
turo over tho falls. A r !,.. which
dias lasted for BoVoral dns had
parently w6nkenod tho bridgo, for
mere wcro thon signs of its breaking
and it was cleared.
Lator in tho day a party of sovoral
Jourists, including Mr. and Mrs. El-
ridge Stanton of Toronto, Canada and
liurrel Hcacock of Oleorand, Ohio,
ventured Out into tho uiiddlo of thq
span. They stood for a time and worp
about tp lcavo when tho ice undor
them crncked. and becan slipping off
frbm tho parejnt mass in great flakes
and small bors that reared as thoy
icu wninpoorrapius uoiow.
(IVom Monday's
' H
. 100 Yards.
Kahanamoku's record... 55 2-5
Yesterday's timo i 57 2-5
American ,amatour
ord, in tank 5G
50 Yards.
P Kahanamoku's record... 24 1-5 ,
Yesterday's time....... PS
American amateur roc-
ord, in tank 25 4-5
Genovos' record 13:30 4-5
Yostorday's timo 14:50152
v American amateur v.
ord, in tank
booo ohoq 'a
Although' ho made no new records,.
Duko Kahananmku demonstrated to a
1 crowd of over 2000 yesterday morning ..
in tho Bishop slip that 'ho is capab'lo
of becoming a world 's'Cbampion, tVin
cent Gonoves, who will bo his swim
ming companion on tho trip to tbo
mainland, gave an exhibition of what
ho can do in Jong distances. Tho pubiicj '
uaB novcr, smco the aquatic meet of
last summer, doubted tho abilities vf
tho two rjoung swimmers, but their
work yestorday has sorved to inspiro
even stronger confidence.
J)uko snain tho 100-yard distanco in
5" 2-5 seconds, just two seconds slower
than his timo in tho meet of last August,
and mado tho 50-yard distanco in
25 seconds. His local A. A. U. record
is 24 1 5seconds, which is albo an un
accoptod world's record for both ama
tcurs and professionals.
In tho covered by Qcnoves,
ho wont tho distance in 14:501-2. His
timo of last August was 13:3G4 5. At
that timo ho did tho milo in 29:28 3-5,
after ho had non first placo in both
tho quarter aud tho half.
No Smashing Expected. ,
Neither of tho bos wero expecting
to break records yestorday. Thoy went
into tho exhibition to show the public
that they could swim. With this idea
in viewj thero is no doubt as to their
Conditions under which Duko swam
wero net by any means ideal, and ns
a matter of fact record time was uli
most impossible. To begin nt tho beginning,
tho raft from which tho start
was mndo afforded a yielding surface,
lengthening tho courso by several
inches when ho took his divo into the
water, and causing him to Bllgbtly spoil
Mb balance. In tho second place tho
stjirt was about as bad as would be
possiblo undor any circumstances. The
blank cartridge did not explode in tho
starter's gun on tho first try. although
Duko and his pacer otherwise had a
beautiful start. Tboy wore called buck,
and without giving tbcm a moment for
recovery from even that slight
uuu uu luoso minus count in
record-making races they were son
off again. Onco more things went bcrs of tho Hul Nalou Club, andofllcors
wrong. Tho starter firod his gun iim'of the fleet, McEIdownoy is ready td
mmllntnli. ..nn.. klin "Iloiidv.''imiikk
MtUUluiw. UlfUU kllU mmand XkUUUY.
omitting entirely tho second command
of "Got Set," As a result tho timers'
watches wero sot fully 'one scaond, and
possibly two, beforo tho actual start
was made,
Thcro -was more troublp at tho finish,
the finishing gun faillng'to explode on
time. In spite of this, however, most
of tho timers wero in a nosition to seo
tho finish, and caught tho exact instant
whon Duke's body shot under tho rope.
Aftor tho raco it was discovered that
tho starting raft was anchored fully
eighteen inches bellied the lino marking
tho beginning of tbo surveyed
In addition to all this the wator in
tho slip was covered with small driftwood,
which must have impeded tho
swimmers slightly.
Eight Watches Were Held.
Eight watches woro held on tha 100
jarii ilasn, by Messrs, Chilton, liollin
lYal TllaDinilA Ijrt hwah Hf.vt T 1 1
hwi "woihsc, luuyuv, aji
foot and Johnson. Tho latter held twp,
Although the times recorded ranged
flipped, slowly at first and then faster,
into tho gulf left by tho breaking Ice.
Stanton missing his wife turnod and
was also dropped Into the abyss.
Tho trio did not fall far, but somo
sixty feot below tho original lovel of
tbo brldgo found a tompornry resting l
-Place. Mrs. Stanton was sevoral foot I
ists who escaped brought n vast crowd
to tho sceno aad tho pollco and firo
department wcro summoned and at onco
iho lack of ronns it was morn than n
hour boforo anything could bo dono.
Finally ropes wcro brought, tho
gsecrs pressed oacic ana mo linos
,;." 'i.
.- .v..
V""K'"B ' -" im, wu.un. "Ww,w
;who was sixty feot down was the first
to bo rcachod, and aftor great dlflicul
ty managed to catch tho end of tho
Topo and go up band over hand.
Thon tho efforts to eavo tho Stan-
tons bcuan. Stanton durinc tho wait
had been slipping downward until at
tho timo ho was on a level with his
wife, whon tho ropo camo down to
.him ho tried to pass it round undor
her arms, but his frozen hands could
(do nothing and sho slipped lowor.
ho tried and twito ho failed.
The' third timo ho caught his "swooning
fiwifo 'in his arms, kissed hor, and they
fisi.icafcu mio ino gun logeiuor.
from 57 flat to 57 4-5, a majority
agreed upon 57 --5.
Duko was given a rest while Vincent
Gcriovcs swani'liis
finished his 100 yards very 2irod,
aud slowed perceptibly toward tho end,
but his start was magnificent. IIq
fairly sped through tho water, cleaving
it' liko a prow of a motor boat. IliB
quick, powerful over-arm strokes were
a revelation of speed.
Oenovcs started his easily
And maintained practically nn oven
paco throughout tho race, snrintinc in
'wonderful form at tho finish. Tho
.stropg, graceful stroko employed by
this swimmer scorns to send him
through tho water almost without
"bffort. It was almost in clockwork time
(that ho wont the-distance.
..i.Qenovcs was paced by Ilusaey, ,H.ub
tace, Bsllontyne and Kruccer. and Hub-
'tacb and Cunh'a paced Duko1 in tho
fchortor distances. Duko's 50-yard dash
liavasi a marvel or speed, iivo stop
watches made it 25 fiat. ,
BotterJZhan American.
.Duke's ncrformanco in tho
straightaway is comparatively hotter
.than thcuA. A. TJ. American record for
tank swimming. It is important to
consiuer tins fact, for tno
aro swum in baths whore turns
nro necessitated. .Expert swimmors
take advantage of these turns, iu effect,
shorten tho total distanco, and faster
timo is alwavs mado in tanks whpro
turns aro necessary than n
Tho American A, A. IT. record
for" tho 100-yard dash in tank with
thrco turns is neonilK. In
tidowater flatB, salt wator, tho Tccord
one minute fiat. Tho American ama
teur 50-yard record in tank is 25 4-5
'Xlus is blow er uy 4 5 of a secpnd than
tho timo mado by Duko yesterday,
which was in turn slower than his own
.previous record. Tho world's record,
which is held bv an Austrnli.ui
sionnt, is a fraction of a second slower
Tor tho the record in Amori
ica for tidewater flats, salt wutor, ia
.12:58 3-5; in tank with
turns, 11:441-5, Oenovcs' timo of
11:501-2 on tho straigbtawny compares
iuvoruuiy vvitu incso rocoras.
Of courso thero is always tho consideration
of tbo different onditions nt.
tending championship affairs, tho water
Deing iresu ana as a rule colder tliun
local swimmers aro accustomed to.
iMany swimmers Bay they notice nu
slowing up in fresh wator, but thoro
aro more who admit that fresh water
is much more difficult to mako timo in,
Tho exhibitions yesterday woro undc
the auspices of tho Ilui Nalu Club.
Tho members voro on hand almost on
masso to take charge of tho various
duties connected with tho affair. Long
ibeforo tho hour sot tlm nn
.both sides of tho slip wcro lined with
spectators, and tlio keenest f interest
pervaded tho crowd. When Duko and
Gonoves had finished their exhibition
the crowd gavo a rousing cheer for
Major 'HiH of tho Cnlffo'rnia was
starter, nnd II. Blacksttino of tho
presided nt the finishes. ?.
was announcer.
Tho swimming course was moasurfid
hy George McEIdownoy of tho dopar
jiicni oi puouc worns, assisted uy mem
mako affidavit ;ia to tho correctness ..
iho measurements. Samuel lylo of tho
Marine Hallway supplied tho necessary
'ropo and oquipmont for outfitting the
courso and running off tho races.
in i
You nro not experimenting on yourself
when you take Chamberlain's
Cough Ilcmedy for a cold aa that preparation
has won its great reputation
and oxtonsivo s.ilo by its remarkable
cures of colds, and can always bo
upon. It is equally valuable
for adults and children and may bo
given to young children with Implicit
confidence ns it contains no harmful
drug. For eale by Benson, Smith & Co,,
.Ltd, agents for Hawaii.
Ora D, G if ford, a consumptive, who
has iust died in Los Ani'nlfa nftftr Innir
timl h Al nA. G 1... h!ia. 1 ... j 3 1..
nvkiii; kill UMjvcb u wnriiyf is nuw
covered to havo been1 tho possessor of
an estate worth $11,000,
Long Island Plumber Who Eloped
With Mrs. W. Suydam Dies
With His Inamorata.
NEW YORK, Fobruary G.-,Mrs.
Frederick Noblo, formorly wife of
Walter Suvdam. and her husband. Prnd
cr(ck floui0 wcro founa ju thotr flat
had boon doad for somo li6ura whon
Mrs. Walter Suydam was formorly
tho wifo of ono of tho richest of tho
younger society sot in tho fashionable
Long Island colony around Ilnmpstend.
aho Oiopod BOmo months ago with Fred
ock Noble, a plumbor'i 's assistant,
("whom sho mot while ho was ongngod
in mending ono oi uio urnins oi nor
former husband's palatial "cottago'
near Ilnmpstend.
Their lovo affair was tho scandal of
tho countrysido ,nntil hor husband
found it out and told her sho would
f"havo.io toavo homo or quit Tunning
.With that man.,) ''Suydam tHfo'Ugh all1
.... '
t...i i.- j i-i ii.i. i
called k to wltnoss tho b,ody of his
luruikjr wiku skut imv uiukk okiu uuu
eloped with and mhrrjed aftor sccur - 1
mg u uivorco uom ou;. ,
i xiio ueaa ion no noio or oinor worm
!to explain their action, but - rocont
siones mat iurs. ouyiiaiu. was growinn
tired of tho plumbor assistant and had
ottered him money to leave nor nave
boon printed and it is thought that her
uuhnppincsR and his may havo affected
their minds.
On his way in from Long Islnnd Mr.
Suydatu's automobile ran doWn and
sorimisly injured a mail carrior.
. ..,
(From Monday's Advortisor.)
Queen's Hospital authorities announced
yesterday that thoro was littlo
danger of a fatal culmination to tho
auto smashup on King stroct Saturday
night. Tho thrco patients who still
remain at tho hospital, whllo in bad
ahnpo, aro cxpoctod to -pull through.
Six - year - old goldon haired Jobn,ny
Buuza who wns picked un unconscious
aftor J. E. Johnson's auto had crashed!
into tno wagon nis iaiuor was uriviu,
1 wns "reported ycstortluy morning Dy tno
1 1!.. . !..... nnH.nnlnn k kl.n I. ami.
but his recovery is now looked for.
Tho uiost soriously injured df tho trio
is Sailor nansen who was in Johnson's
nuto. Besides his broken foot it hns
boon found that his jaw is broken in
two places.
Johnson is still In jail undor investigation.
If thoy all recovor tho only
chnrgo that con bo brought against him
is ono for hecdlosB driving which carries
a maximum fiuo of only a hundred
"Johnson is not connected ip nny
way with tho Empire stand nnd novor
was oxcopt as n buttor.in," said 0. A,
Gulick, of that btnnd Inst night.
Tho first material stop in thd cam
paigu being conducted by tho Japaneso
papers to put as much of a btop as
to tho return of tho Japanese
colonist to his nativo land was taken
recently when ten of the first immigrants
who arrived in tho Island wcro
entertained nt a bunquot at
by tbo Hawaii Sliinpo,
For months tho papers havo been
printing descriptions of the real condition
in Japan, comparing them with
tho existing conditions here, nnd aB a
result havo prolonged the stay in tho
Islands of thousands of Japaneso laborers
who havo discovered that thoy
would bo unablo to livo in Japan now
on the moiioy tboy thought they could.
Th6 "papers, and the Slliupo in particular,
havo now turned thoir attention to.
a campaign aimed, at keeping tbo Jap.
aueso here in their old ago.
With" thifc ond Jn'vidw thoy now ad-
vpcuio a program wmcu includes efforts
on tho part of tho plantations and
others to furnish those iiiriiicnmnntH
which would muko tho aging laborer
content to end his days here.
Tho Shinpo gathorcd tho names of
tho forty or fifty of tho first Japan obo
immigrants to urrivo iu the Islands and
the first banquet of tho many which aro
now to. take place was given soycrol
days ago.
Among tnoso present thon was Doctor
TIaida, tho youngest 'of them all. no
arrived hero when littlo moro thnn n
boy and bocama a plantation laboror
oil Kauai. Later ho heenmn n lmwlnr In
'a strjko and afterwards camo to Hono
lulu", rinnlly ho went to San Francisco
"where ho attended Cooper's Medical
Collcco and earned his degreo. Stories
equally interesting woro told by tho
others assembled, few of whom, how-Aver,
had attained the distinction of
their younger comrade, Tho bnnquet
was ended with at least ten of thoso
pioneers highly delighted, For mnny of
them it wns the first timo thoy hnd ever
been entertained by profeBBlounl
geishas und very few had ovor tasted
the delights of such a bannuot as that
which Is seldom partaken of except by
kkiu kVULMLkiy,
One of those first Immigrants is tho
father of A, K. Orawa, tho first
to be admitted to practise In the.
courts of tho United States.
Empress Dowager of China Issues
Orders to Yuan to
Form Government
Instructions to Prime Minister
Are to Cooperate With
Sun Yat Sen.
PEKING, Pobruary 5. It bocaae
known hero yestorday'that tho Dowager
Empress of China has issuod a secret
edict, directing Yuan to at
onco sot about tho formation of a
northorn republic with a capital In this
Tho nows of tho odiet has boon carp-
1 1
.fullyminrdcd and oven now it is im
POBsiblo to obtain any positive.
kiuu rvaruiug uio UOians.
n j8 practically certain howovor
that the Emnress hna trlvon intmptinn.
, ' '
V'nt tho "public formed undor tho
-.. w j,.....u .......cvu. m bv
nct in harmony With anil 6o6poratij h
' iiwiu raomir mia mu rupuu
lie of tho south, of which Doctor Sun
Yat Son is president.
Ti y
Commanders of Army Posts Ordered
to Be in Readiness
for Mexican Border.
woro sent from here yesterday to tho
commnndcrs of army posts iu tho southwest
and olaowhoro to hold themselves
and their commands in readiness to ho
rushed to tho Mexican frontior at any
mompnt. Tho ordor camo ns a
for tho situation in tho southorn
republic has not been gonorally considered
sufficiently grave to warrant
such a stop.
MEXICO CITY, Fobruary 5. It was
announced hero yestorday that tho government
after n cabinet meeting has
doclded upon the most drastic methods
to stamp out tho revolution. Tho, ideas
of tlio former president Diaz will bo
mndo uso of by Mndoro and his captains.
NOItTOLK, Virginlu, February C.
Six ojstcrmen in a launch from Baltimore
aro reported to havo been caught
in an ico jam in Clicsupcako Hay and
aro believed to havo boon carried to
soa and drowned.
EL PASO, Toxas, February 5. Tho
situation in Moxico yestorday was
quiotor. A special train, loadod -with'
insurrcctos has been started for
but tho object of tlio
Is boiug kopt a profound secret.
Tho four cruisers of tho Pacific flcot
loft tho inner harbor again yestorday
morning and cruised outsido for tho
greater part of tho day, coming to
just 'off the roof in a single lino
beforo flvo in th'd afternoon. Part 'of
tho timo. during tho duy thoy wore out
of sight over the horizon.
Until Friday thoy will continue their
maneuvers off tho coast of Oahu, and
on Triday thoy wjll como insido again
to remain ovor Sunday. Tho mon of
tho fleet aro getting tired of Honolulu
and most of them wish that thoy were
away for tho coast, or almost any othor
(Continued from Pico One.)
bo no instructed delegation from tbo
Hawailun Bourbons, for thoro is no
tolling yot just who will bo the
oa son of tho Democracy. Bryan, say
his followers, is still in the running.
Woodrow Wilson is in tho running,
and there nre others,
itllB Mil IU IIIIMIIMP1I llllllll ,.. ..i i ltn - - - ' - , . ,,, ' .- t K'WSr'MlteA. ' 'Mu. . - I v ' 4&bMi ,a,1, V,V tktlr&i J ki , iA .Ji'&J

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