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pppPPPPJUtH l i milim lining 41
Home Rulers and Democrats
Would Divide the Plums Between
(Mall 8peclal to Tlio Advertiser.)
J 1 1 IX), July 22. Last week tlio grout
political Btory was n letter. It was a
mystery nnl it wns a secret, but it
was one of tlioso secrets witch every
one knew. It wns n letter which Carl-smith
wns snid to havo written, anil
it wns so full of political importanco
Mint it plopped nil over with It.
This letter, so snii tlio report, wns
written by Carlsmith, from Chicago, to
Kcolnnni, tlio Homo Itule hope for tlio
shrievalty. In it Cnrlsmith credited
with tlio statement that ho was
practically certain of being the manager
of tho Republican campaign on
this island thin fall, ami that ns such
ho would bo sonio potatoes. Furthermore,
ho waB quoted ns having ashed
Keolnmii to effect a fusion between tho
Homo Rulers, and finally to havo nddoiT,
significantly: "What about your
promiso to moT"
And this promise was, so said the
best informed, that Cnrlsmith should
havo tho naming of nil tlio deputy,
sheriffs on this island.
Now, wasn't that a peach of a letter!
The main troublo with tho text ns
ipiotcd nbovo lies in tho fact that it
is ns different from tho actual text
of the only letter which Keolnmii has
received from Carlsmith, since he loft
for Chicago, as chalk is from cheese.
The Cnrlsmith letter wns interesting
all right, ns a convention document,
but ns a Home Rule wctipoii it seems
it poor sort of an article. It morcly
Dear Kcolanul: 1 am sending
you a few papers and T. 1?.
litcraturo which you may bo ablo
to uso in tho II. 11. Campaign.
Last night T attended tlio birth
of tho new party which will put
,. linnsKVpU. Tnft not a bare
majority of 21 in the convention
after ltoosovolt withdrew. Ho can
not carry a single large State,
and it is snid on nil hands that
he will be tho worst camlidato in
history. If the Baltimore convention
puts up a good candidate,
ho will be elected, but if they put
up Harmon, Roosevelt will be
I am going to remain hero a few
davs and then go to New York.
Will bo home Into in .Ttily. Mo Ho
No Fusion Wanted.
Another interesting bit of politics
was tho fusion movement, whereby it
wan sought to unite tlio Home ltulo and
the Democratic parties. As far as can
bo nsccrtained, neither the decent Homo
Rulers nor the responsible Hcmocrnts
want fusion. The Democrats say that
David Ewaliko is trying to ram through
fashion, and tho selfappointed committee
of a fow lonesome ones tried to
make a blutr at speaking with tho
voice of nuthority, but the Homo
Rulers failed to rise, and maintained a
Missourinn attitude.
The Homo Kulcrs themselves claim
that they nro not paiticularly eager to
fuse, and that the idea did not originnlo
with them. As a matter of fact, they
also credit Kwaliko with being both
Vio father and motlicr ot tne poor little
idea, which seemed duo to suffer a
prcmaturo demise. Fiom that camp it
is reported that Kwaliko camo forth
with a proposition that, in cxchuiiRO
for tho support of tho Democratic party,
Kcolanul should promiso to givo
the Democrats tho positions in tho police
force in four districts, including
that of South Hilo. This proposition
wns not taken up, nor did tho Homo
Itulcrs seem in lovo with Kwaliko 's
that they leave tho oftico of county
clerk blnnk on their ticket. A
couple of meetings failed to further tho
Lust Friday evening Kwaliko returned
from I'una where he hud been during
the bettor part of the week,
voters. On being askel by what
authority ho wns attempting Ki bin 1 his
party to fusion, he stated ibut l.o was
not trying to do sp. As a matter of
fact, ho said, nil that bo wlivttu to uo
was to reach some undersfir.dinj, that
the Homo Rulers endorso Dmiocralte
candidates, where thoy had mi
lntna of IllOir I1WI1. lllld that the DCIllO
Tat rcclnrocato similarly. This
could, however, bo carried out m binding
form only at the regular conventions,
admitted Kwaliko. I'urthcrinorc,
it would not, as a matter of fait,
amount to a fusion of tho parties, each
of which would preserve its iiiimo and
identity intact. All Hint ho wns tr;'
lug to do now was to find out what
tlm various Democratic precinct club
bud to sny iibout tho matter.
Dividing Sciutorshlp,
Kwaliko gave out tho tentntlvo arrangements
of the two puttie' cniiili.
dates. 'I ho Home Rulers nnd the Dein.
nrrnU lire to have H (I'liulor each, tlio
former linker mid tln hitter
In Kuut Hawaii the Home Ituferu urn
to luivo but oiio repruotmttitlvn, iiiiiiii'ly
Ibin Ah LemiKi "hilt the UmiioeriiU
will linve the "I her lliruii. nmuely Dr.
Irwin, from North llllni Kualuwau,
from WfelukMii mid h third man, (rum
lluiimkiiu, wliii hit lint U't'ii hiltwtnl.
In Vut uwll tUe two purlin will
lmv two elnUdnl for I lie bout
imtll Till llUMUi ItullTK Mil' klutMtt tu
mil Jtilinn YhIio wliu i ppticl.! tit
HIVI' U)l 111 Mlipi'l W"IMl lillllllllllll. IN
fit Mir ii f Kiiiiiiiiim iiiid K iw ' v ' lii ,
wMU lht HuiiiiirritU will bi tikprviml
tU nil) it UWM f" I' "II" I"1' UUII fCHII
lltlllllH, H" Ulil IIMIK ll 'llt
i4p ) Hi
fmimty )lrd.
T u(ifvlwril limn it ibipiui up
fullutt, llllu lu uuvt im Hum
IImIv uiii4U, 1'uiiiiju, iMd uim ii in
ul, ttHklilll llVJfcu Mill IHIV
"Kenneth Gordon,
Out to Be Plain Peter Grimes
Swindler of First Order, Who Is
" Wanted Now for Old Game
In Tacoma.
llcmembcr "Aviator Kenneth Oor
ilon," the chnp who suddenly leaped
from the obscurity of a small hotel
room in Honolulu into the prominence
measured by ono's fame ns nn aviator I
The chap who was fo win more fnnic
by circling over Diamond Head in
Schaefcr's new biplane, and assist
hi the army and navy maneuvers, and
mnko all Honolulu tingle with his ex
citing maneuvers as n That
wns Kenneth Gordon, avintor, ns Honolulu
know him nnd saw him pictured
in his head-gear with car flaps to keep
out tho wind, with puttees nnd the general
makeup of an aviator, seated In
tho scat of the Gus Schaefcr's biplane
as it rested on the floor of George
Well's gnrnge, "Kenneth Gordon,
rose no higher than tlint seat nnd
tho biplane never left tho floor, nnd
then just as suddenly, his famo collapsed,
because he passed soma bogus
checks on local cafes. Ho wns arrest-ed
but turned looso when friends paid
tho 'amounts.
""Kenneth Gordon," without batting
an eye, snid he wns n misjudged man,
but ho never gave his questioners much
insight into his past life. It is well
that he did not, for tho police of several
places might have cabled to Honolulu
that they would like to meet Mr.
Gordon again
It now appears Hint "Kenneth Gordon,
aviator," was novcr nn nviator
and that his full namo wns and is
Archbold Gordon Grimes, just plain
Grimes of Scranton, Pennsylvania,
wliero lie was a drug clerk. "Kenneth
Gordon" sounded better than l'etcr
Grimes. It was more picturesque, nioio
of the matinee idol's typo of
and certainly looked better when
hitched to "aviator," than plain l'etcr
Grimes. So when ho had issued n series
of checks which niuonnted to nbout $50
and for which he had no funds deposited
in the Scranton bank, Deter Grimes
departed one night by the light of tho
Ho was next heard of on Christmas
Island where, nccording to hi3 tale,
there wore only Bix whito men including
himself and no banks. Next ho
wns in Shanghai; then Hongkong and
finally after visiting nil tho cities', he
crossed tho l'acific to Snn Francisco.
He wns just ns impecunious as over
nnd just as much in need of American
dollars as when ho left Scranton. Ho
posed as n rubber grower of the Far
East and on tho strength of his elastic
estates, borrowed money from tho women
he met aboard ana particularly from
one hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Ho
wooed the lady from Ohio, also, and
tlio uny tlio steamer nrnveil in ban
Francisco they were married.
That was eoinctimc in December,
1010, or January, 1011. Ho was unsuccessful
in making deals in San
but finally beesuao connected with
a publication known as tho Telephone-Herald.
He was sent to Los Angeles
and tho manager of Mat branch woko
up one dny to find that he had been
well mulcted by Mr. l'etcr Grimes,
then traveling under one of his several
aliases. He promised to make good nnd
gave a check. The payee was asked
not to go to the hank until a certain
hour, lie was there on the dot, nnd
the check was returned through the
teller's window with tho stsitcment that
there were no funds.
Purdy, Homo Kuler. Kohala will bo
given to the Democrats, who havo not
as yet made their selection. Komi will
uo represented Iy Jvoonioa, Homo Killer.
ivnu is given to blupiiiun, Democrat,
and 1111111 tho Homo Kulers zct. throimh
Tho countv ollicers urn slated is fol
lows: Sheriff, Kcolauui, Homo llulerj
auditor, Maguiro, Democrat; clerk.
Kolokollo, Homo Kulcr; nttorney, Hoen,
Democrat; treasurer, Georgo
son, Democrat.
No Labor Ticket.
Kwaliko adds that tho labor union
will not enter a slato of its own, but
that it will solcct a list of favorites
from among tho candidates placed iu
tho fiold by tho three regular parties.
Kcolanul comes to the front wlla a
statement tu the effect that tho roport
that ho has promised deputy sheriffships
to certain men in tho outsido districts
is utterly untrue. Ho adds that it is
even a canard fabricated with the ma
licious intent of hutting his chances,
ns sovernl of the men mimed by the ro
port us deputy sheriffs in spo would, ho
said, only hurt his chances of election
on account of their hick of ponulnrity
in the districts in which thoy live.
"I have seen the Volcano a score
of times in tho past ton years, but It
Iiuh never been mora fusciuutiiig to mo
thiiii right now," snid District Attorney
Hubert V. llrockona on Hiindny
evening, when ho returned to tho
limine from tho edge of tho
Ho was si) phaed with tlm Prospect
of seeing It ngniii Hint Im rhiuigcd his
plmis to return to Honolulu Tmmdny
iiHirnlng niul will ntwy tho reiimlmlor nf
tlm ink in nrunr In nmki ri'l'Dftli'd
iUIU In lliu ernUr nnd tu imjuy tlm
ttwt atl'uriltyl Hi tlm VuIdhiiu IIiiiii'k,
Urn. Hrkou Mini Mint 1'vnlyn
wm RjuQwiiuiiliHl him is Kliuuun,
will nmke flfll miirn ektiudul ntuy,
tiMH'liuii u mluru Iu lluuululu in
id. nut H IllUUtU,
i in. ui1 i he muni iiimnitni Br tlnit
itii v i.lli,! Km I It AduilK, Uuamitlni
ill. iiiuui a lulgu uf ku
IxiUH ui I tilt limlii".. Ii rikil Mill) HU
t l lliutf it liion nf lllisl lUHl 'I'llti '.iu
pi i 'Iktmlkl, Wljww't llulnl, lit Mm
iu imi(MiiiMt Iiuumi it nil Mullivmi
MmlM' fyiwIiniH UullitUy ri in
Aviator" Turns
1 rcYflHi III
Potcr Qrlmcs alias "Aviator Gordon."
"1 have that cheek yet," said W.
O. 1'hillips, yesterday, for ho wns the
manager of the publication. "Ho lit
out and was supposed to have drifted
down here. Yes, Hint's Peter Grimes
or Kenneth Gordon, ns ho calls himself,''
when shown a picture of tho
'aviator." Why, ho couldn't run nn
automobile, much Icdh fly an aeroplane.
Ho could run automobile bills though.
Ho left his wifo in San Francisco, and
then camo down hero nnd had a little
fun with tho Honolulu people. I sup
pose ho got tho best of everybody ho
Still Passing Checks.
wiirn -Kenneth Gordon loft Honolulu
it wns to go to unknown parts. Hut he
lias continued his little game of getting
soinetliiiig for nothing, for the Tacoma
Ledgor of July 10, has the following
story about Air. Gordon's experiences
in tlio rsortnwcst:
"On a chargo of having cashed a
bogus check lit tho Y. 11. C. A. for $2o,
in payment for rooms obtained thero
(luring tlio Alontninnrn lesto, James K,
uoruou, sum to no manager or uapt.
J. V. Slartin, tho aviator who failed
to mnko his scheduled flight into the
Stadium last weok. is beinu souulit bv
the Tacoma police. Georgo G. Calkins,!
social seerotary or the association,
swore out tho charge yesterdny after
making a fruitless trip to Seattle in
scinch of Gordon. Captain llartin's
manager gave his namo ns James Blair
while, in Tacoma, but Calkins says ho
is the man who asked him to pas3 tho
"Gordon cngnged rooms at the T. M.
C. A. last week, saying ho and n party
of friends wished a quiet placo to sleep.
Tho next day, Wednesday, ho paid for
tlio room, banding Calkins a "counter
check" made out to James K. Gordon
for $2o. Ho endorsed tho check with
tho namo of James K. Smith, but Calkins
did not notice tho discrepancy at
the timo.
"jrouday Calkins received tho check
from tho bank marked "no funds."
Tho secretary jnado inquiries and found
that Gordon accompanied Captain Martin
to Seattle, whore flights wore to bo
made during tho l'otlntch. Calkins went
to Soattlo yesterday and saw Captain
Martin, who told him bis manager's
namo was Illair. Captain Martin told
tho Y. M. 0. A. secretary ho know Rlair
had spent time in the city jail, and
Calkins, upon visiting tho Seattle police
rogues' gallery, says ho identified a
photograph as that of "Gordon." Calkins
could not find tlio manager in
Seattle, so returned to Tacoma and
sworo out charges against him. Gordon,
or Blair, has not yet been arrested."
I .rJlT. ",,,,' , ,., ,.,i,
Mrs. E. G. Pohliunii of San
formerly Miss Ethol Sherman,
well known in Honolulu, wns one of tho
victims in the railroad accident at
Western Springs, sixteen miles west of
Chicngo on tho morning of July 14,
when thirteen passengers wore killed
outright. She was a bride of only a
few months, having married 'E. G.
Pohliunii, Snn Francisco representative
of the Illinois-Pacific Glass Company.
Mrs. Polilmnu was traveling in tho
Overland Limited when a mail train
dnbhed through tho fog into the passenger
coaches. Sho wnB taken out
dead. Tho eouplo ivcro on their way
East to receive tlio body of the elder
Polilmnu, who died in Porto Rico,
wliero he was engnged In the sugar
Mrs. Poblmnii ns Ethel Slicrmnn visited
hero with the family of J. J. Sullivan
of Snn Francisco, she mid the
daughter of Mr. Sullivan being widely
entertaiueii, one ot tlio pnrtles aboard
the yacht Hnwali at Poarl Harbor In
cluding Miss Sherman ns ti guest. Sho,
stopped nt tne Young Hotel during iter
visit or Boverni wookb,
1ULO, July 211. In n dlsmtrous run
iiwny which occurred Inst Sunday on up
per Wnliimiemie utreet, two dnpnuctie
DceiipiiuU of n tlapmiem) bin wero badly
Injured, A pnsseuiior who jumped
broke nn iirm ami In the upset which
occurred u Jnpuiiwe woman bin)
tei'lh knock) nut. The driver'
kumll tun. wliu hiii ultlluu nil tho front
tDUl, vu biiilly liruinil whuu tint rln
HIIBliy rnlllUOU Wltli HU IiUIo 1 1 U
kiIii mmr Hiv luwilltil,
lNirtiiUilvu Wiu (mil u f
mnI ku Kddrw U liU uuilllimiiK,
iil'liiu huIIw Im wMuliI run fur nwiM'
turn liiiid u ii PruH''vV' If' liaut
mh dImiImiI u m nttSUUiNUi ktop Hum
UHii Im ld liu nun Id lll U t w
dii fur rwulunlluu, but lilt mhuu.
Hirni titiirw lUt llv nltl run y
imlilinu wllbuui llVklUrf ,titMry
Kntcrcd of Itccord July 17, 3012.
Autone Kcrnnndos nnd wf to Jn-
clntho da P ltomie 1)
Auanihi niul wf to Lend (k) D
T Mnshiki to von Co
Ltd CM
K t'oit llobron to Luni Ho Slico &
hsb Kcl
Lum Ho Blico nnd hsb to Homo In-
snrnnco Co of II Ltd M
Unrah L Dexter to First Am Snvs
: Tr Co of Haw Ltd Addl Chgc
Wong Wong nnd vit to Hank of
Hawaii Ltd M
Est of S 0 Allen by Trs to Virginia
K Dnumnnn I)
V Cnrrciro nnd wf to A K Vicrra. . D
August Drcicr Ltd to Anastasia
McDownll ;.. D
Anastnsin McDownll to Guardian
Trust Co Ltd M
First Amr Snvs & Tr Co of II Ltd
to Mnbol C Gregory. Ilcl
Entered of Itccord July 18, 1012.
The von Co Ltd to
Jolin Ainttos ltd
The von Co Ltd to
H D names l(ei
The von Co Ltd to
It F DempJcy et al net
Frank K Archer nnd wf to J H
Mngoon . .....,.'. I)
Theodora K Hooper and hsb by
Afft of Mtgco to Annette 0
Lamb ct nl Fore Affdt
Theodora IC Hooper nnd hsb by
Agt of Mtgee to Oliver P
Sonrcs D
Harry S Gray nnd wf to
M Mngoon D
Win K Nnniauu nnd wf to Annlt
K Aklmo .' D
Lcong Sun (w( by Atty to Leong
Hung Gut a S
Christina SnndcTs nnd hsb to
Dank of Hawaii Ltd M
Harry T Mills and wf to J G
Hawaii Produce Co Ltd et al to
May K Brown et al D
Mnry A Lemon by Atty to Bank
of Hawaii Ltd M
Susan A Anderson and hsb to Lum
Lnu Slice X)
Est of Bcrnico P Bishop by Trs to
Adj Gen of Nntl Guard of Hawaii
. L
William R CaBtle nnd wf to Alfred
L Castle P A
Kamaliikane to Ku'uwnimnka (w)
Entered of llccord July 19, 1912.
Kalci Kuanoni and hsb to Wniku
Waimnlii D
Rahclo llolo to Mrs. Salome Ka-
leikini D
Juliana Oouvcia to Antonio J
S Matsuimira to S Yoshidn C M
An Tim and wf to Trent 'Imst
Co Ltd M
Kiichi Kojima to M Kommi C M
Itnnncy C Scott to Notice Notice
Knpiolnni Kst Ltd to R A Drum-
111 ond . ..i 11
Est of James Campbell" by Trs to
Knpiolani Estato Ltd Par Rcl
It A Drummond to Rapioiani
L'td M
Knpiolnni Estato Ltd to It A Drum-
niond J J
Solomon Mnhclona to II A Heen.. V
Stella K Kea and by Tr and bsb
to unanes A urown - u
Hcnrv II Parker to Jas W Berg-
strom L
Jas W Borgstrom ct al to James
E Hamilton A L
Henry Peters and wf to John J
Combs . . . -. M
John Tomcs to Edw II F Wolter
, Grant
Flora Riekard to L.iupahoehoc
Sugar Co L
Court of Laud Registration.
William It Cnstlo and wf to Alfred
L Cnstlo :..P A
William It Castlo and wf by Atty
to Mnry McColgan D
John J Combs to William It Cnstlo M
Entered of Kecord July 20, 19J2.
Francisco Martins and wf to First
Bank of Hilo Ltd M
A 11 Lindsay to Barbara Rapoza. L
David M Lonohiwa nnd wf to A
Ii Lindsay u
E S Goodhue to Volcano Stables
& Transptn Co Ltd C M
Pang Yong Dai to Wong In D
Pang Hoy Check to Wong Iin D
Pang Kim Slieo to Wong In M
Knlcookekoi to C Bolto Tr D
Court of Land Registration.
Willinm R Castlo Tr by Atty to
Henry l'etcrs ci
Lcong Slice Akong and hsb to
William R Cnstlo At
Eactered of Record July 22, 191
James K Kaainlii and wf to A Kc-
akikaa D
Mrs A J McLeod to Georgo N Day. A L
Mrs A J McLeod to Georgo N Day.B S
Oeo N Day to First Bank of Hilo
Ltd .- C M
Hilo Lodgo No 759, BPOE by
Trs to First Bank of Hilo Ltd.. M
O Oknmoto to First Bank of Hilo
Ltd O M
Jesse Fcrnaiules to vou
Young Co Ltd C M
Elizabeth K Meyer and hsb et nl
to Y Abin , D
Y Abin niul wf to Elizabeth K
Meyer M
M Olitu and wf to Sadakichi Nulbo D
William R Castlo and wf by Atty
to E ttilto Sutton D
Sndakichi Nulbo to M Ohta M
Itobort A Mncfio by Atty to 1C11.
lien Sugar Pbintn Co , L
August B Dreier to Arthur Atwohl Rcl
Clmn A Itoynolds to von
Young Co Ltd Q M
G b Bamtiou and wf to J E
kniiinuhii , ,,, ,,,, 1)
Murgnret LUhmnn by Atty to Stella
Peck ,..., D
Emilia hciuza to Jose it Caspar., ltel
Jose It fluspnr nnd wf to LuU H
flnspur ,. 1)
Mm Yt'o to Mr I'intt Chung Man h
Henry waterlinuio Tr Co Ltd Tr
et nl to llouoliilii Kchool for Hoys 1
Win Henry niul wf to J AUn'd
Mngoon ,,, 1)
Wnilukii Himiir Co tu 0 Jlrawnr &
Co l,t,l ., 1)
OjiIiu t'nllouu by Tr to Walter 11
Hjii nt ill..
Wwltur It CooinUi anil wf to Tr nf"
Oiliij Wollviio . ... .) M
Uura V miy to lliihard 1! Trent
I' A
i l l t l t i
(imwurd Ugul!iim f Atty lo 0
llllny 1 1 . . I)
I' II HUM' Hllil Wf Im Twill TfUM
I'D Ul.lt) ll.l
TU vhii i'n I.Ul tu
Arthur Ahubl llnl
'lb uii Ihiuw Yuwutf tM l.li) la
Arthur ' t ulii )UI
i'burlti lUwiuttU lu I. Ii HH'Hwd
HMM. . ....,, ,. . .
Written Premiums
1010 . ..S0,O30,COO.Tt $ 0i!',9d(5,50
1011 . .. 00,213,950.42 1,033,040.50
Increase $ 0,563,198.6S $ 103,573.94
After waiting a month for tho final
figures of tho Hawaii business transacted
by several Now York insurance
companies, Deputy Insurance Commissioner
Henry Hapal was yesterday able
to complete bis figures on insurance in
Hawaii for tho calendar year of 1011,
closing on June 30 of this year.
Tlio figures show great gains in ov.
cry Item, although as tho business thus
represented is handled by "foreign"
corporations tho gain is not much that
of Hawaii. In nil tlio money returning
to the Territdry through losses paid,
in dividends, on mature policies nnd
In every other way was $078,143. This
includes figures, of course, that in many
eases wero part of businoss written in
former years. Tho money going out of
tho Territory in premiums was $1,033,-540.
The difference between the two
figures gtes an exleut of tho money
drain frqm the Territory as n whole al
jjuaaij imvuj, CAUEHDAK YEAR 1011.
Fire $20,527,407.8(1
Marine G7,791,59S.G7
Life 1,804,352.99
Accident and
Health . . ,
Automohilo T.i...
Employers' Liability
Fidelity nnd
Plate Glnss
- 22,410,37
..$90,213,850.42 $1,033,540.50 $474,817.04
(Mail Special to The Advertiser.)
HILO, July 22. A eouplo pf exceedingly
good games of basebail wero pulled
off last Sunday at Mooheau Park.
The C. A. C. defeated tho All-Whites,
9-4, but the game was a good one as
for sovernl innings it looked as if the
latter might hold their own.
In tho second game tlio Hnivaiis defeated
the J. A. C's, 5-3, in one of
tho best exhibitions of the national
pastime seen hero iu a long while. The
lnp.inese put up .a rattling good game
and fought for nil thoy wero worth until
tho iast man was benched iu the
ninth inning.
A feature of tho game which was
less A L
Entered of Record July 23, 1912.
Western & Hawn Invstmt Co Ltd
to D B Muconachio , Kel
William L Hardy to Jus V Morgan
Co Ltd D
Hilo Hanroad Co to W II Shipmau D
W II Shipman and wf to Clara S
Fisher .- D
Mary K Nicholas by Trs to Louisa
Ahrciis D
Lin Hop Wai to Kaucohe Bice Mill
Co Ltd 7, CM
K Sugimura to V Od.i C M
Aknna to Tain Slice et at L
Oollu to Lum Sing Par A L
Mario K Humpluojb to Notice .Notice
Bank of Hawaii Ltd to Henry L
Knanck . . .' Bel
Antono liodrigucs and wf to Man-
oel Robello D
Mnnoel Itobebo ami wf to Antono
ltodrigues M
Kaueohc ltanch Co Ltd to Kaneohe
Rico Mill Co Ltd L
John J K Kckanla to PER
Strauch Tr ...'. Rol Curtesy
Hank of Hawaii Ltd to A A Wilson
Bank of Hawaii Ltd to A A Wil-son
A A Wilson and wf to Bank of
Hawaii Ltd M
Henry Wnterhouso Tr Co Ltd Tr
to John P Ulna Grant
Knpiolani Estate Ltd to L Ah
Lcong Extn L
Rebecca Lukua et al by Comr to
L Ah Leong Comr D
Albert Trask adv City Mill Co Ltd
Mutual Bldg & Loan Socy of Haw
Ltd to Emma Hottol Rel
Entered of Rocord July 24, 1912,
D T Fleming and wf to Mauool da
Costa , ,
D T Fleming nnd wf to John
John Fernandez nnd wf to Joso do
Manuel do Colto and wf to Mnnool
G Anjo D
Ellkupoka Macy nnd hsb to Samuel
0 Dwigbt D
Samuel O Dwlght und wf to Samuel
A Mucy B
Thomas Pedro to George N WHcox I)
Kiuollu Wright ami hsb to II A
Ilium n
C llruwer & Co Ltd to Alonzo Jack.
son nnd wf Kxchue V
K A O Umu to John M Kolly 1)
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IIHIVIUIlik H' ',1 l'' ..'v .-.,..
HclmniiiM Ourrliige Pit Ltd to J'red
0 lliimiiiel nnd vf ...,,,
Hoidilo It nnnpur id ul tu T TUig
limit I iiM.MMM.MMlll.ll.l
(1 Abunu to Tunu Hue
.1 A ii ilre ItiidrlgiU' nnd wf to .Ion
rriiuiiiJtws . ,.....,
J Andr HwIriBuii uu4 wf to Mw
wiiri WurK TH)
II ! Dtiiiiiiii tu Ollvnr 0 ldiiilnil
Iuhl m iu llliliuii & Uu.
Illiliii . tte tu Jwiulfi 1 Akiifunl. . ltd)
imp 1 4ilfeni w uil) to
DUlmp ir V
H&mM Mud I'm 144 lu Arthur
Tnrmir ll
If 1'wtl HuUtin u Hw V t:pbll ,
.. IT
Konownl Losses, Claims,
Premiums ntc, Paid
$460,009.51 $400,310 87
174,917.04 07s.l43.OO
$ 13,843.43 $217,823.13
though nn accurate Idea can not ox
nctly be arrived nt. Tho amount of
business dono by local companies was
ueglicible the side of lk.. tntnln. s
Tho tablo published nbovo gives thoS
comparative totals for tho calcndar
year just complete ana tho one previous.
Marino insurance constituted,
roughly, about forty per cent of the)
cntiro nmount written during tho ycnrJ
Thero was a gain of over seven tnllA
uons m tne nmouiit or marine,
anco writtcii this year over tho amount
wruicn last year, part or which increase
was clue to the larger crop of
sugar shipped and partly to tho higher
price of BUgar, according to tho insurance
Tho exact increases this year over
tho items of last year are as follows:
In fire insurance, $2,183,004.00.
In marine iusurnnco, $7,388,371.00.
In Ufo iusurnnco, $10,9224)9.
Tho following table gives the business
of tho Territory in insuranco for
mo calendar year, by items:
Renewal Losses, Claims,
Premiums Etc., Paid
$ 95,404.35
474,817.94 534,341.52
not on the program was tho chastisement,
by Ed. Desba, of a too turbulent
rooter. Tho ollicers of tho Hilo
Lcaguo state that it bns for sevcTal
weeks past lieeu the habit of certain
fansto nhuso and annoy the hoys who
provide entertainment for the crowd,
by shouting to and flinging at them
epithets which far exceod tho
latitude of plain rooting.
Last Sunday young Desha wa3 mado
the target, and, ivlien the game waa
over, ho went to tho offender, a "ha-ole"
newcomer, and slapped his mouth.
The league officials take the stand that,
while thoy deplore tho uso of violencfi
as a general rule, tho action taken by
Desha may have a thoroughly beneficial
Sai-Lang Alci and hsb to Soimatsu
TaKaliaslii D
Bank of Hawnii Ltd to Marion W
Hendrv Bol
Marion W Ilondry to Bank of Hawaii
Ltd M
Court of Laud Registration.
Trent Trust Co Ltd, Tr, to Rohort
Bomroso nnd ivf
Robert Bomroso nnd wf to Emanuel
S Cunha .
Unless congress comes through soon
with a liberal appropriation for construction
matters tho work on tho now
Schofield Barracks buildirgs may corao
to a close in five or six weeks, as tho
present appropriations under which tho
work is being carried on Is tailing out.
"Wo havo a vory largo number of
irkmen at Schofield Barracks." said
Mnjor Cheatham, chief quartermaster,
yesterday, "and the payroll is a very
larga one Tho appropriations aro eaten
up rapidly und wo havo enough now to
keep us going for only five or six
weeks moro.
"Howovor, thero havo been previous
pinches and just at tbo psychological
moment tho appropriations aro available
1 beliovo wo will got our money
and will bo ablo to keop right on with
tho work. We aro putting most of our
attention to tho Fifth Cavalry and tho
infantry quarters.
"Tho cootracts for building tho ditch
in connection with tho new Schofield
Burrocks waterworks Bystcm have boon
let Tho rosorvolr contract has not been
lqt for the reason that tho $175,000 for
this work has not been passed by congress.
"Tlio contractors who aro to stretch
wire f onciug around tho Lellehua reservation
are now making concroto
posts to which the vilro It to be attached,
Tho building work at Fort Ituger
U ramplctod, so wo aro devoting tbo ,
most of our attention to Lellohua
The $17(5,000 for tho rworvolr bni
boon fuvornbly reported upon in tho
sqiioIo und will undoubtedly pais in
the tionr fit turn,
Mmiy ink. tho rtuson for the con.
IlimeJ am) liiormulim demand for
niiMiiiberlaln's Colin, Cliolerti and
ltuiiiody, Tlm ntH'rct It tlmt It
uuvfr fnlU to give rulluf Tlm inblilla
bum) nu'ii of tuilny ruiiiDinber it hi Did
rPiiirtly uIvpii Ilium by llmlr mnlliiTi for
uiiui mIId mid ilnrilry wlien llipy
Vi'uru ulill'lriiii ttml lu rviiutHimii n it
liatiilyi) ciiru fur nucli iiilmuiiu It ctlli
umiiitullifil. Ku romuity Imi evur h(o
prkl tlmt Ii lit uipml for tlitf
irwn)it ruliif of ihHii. I'wr lulu by )lcn
Nru. fiuiltli f, , 1,10 , gnii for ))o

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