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t" Wo make fertilizer for every product
ana put on tiio market only what has
ben proven of real value. Let us
know tho purpogo for which you wnut
oil helps and wo will supply you.
Address us
Pacific Guano and Fertilizer Co
Honolulu, II. T.
Tho Pamous Tourist Route of tho
In Connection With tho Canadian-Australian
Stoamshlp Liuo Tickets
nro Issued
Tickets to All Points in Japan, China,
India and Around tho World.
For Tickets and general information
Apply to
Agents Canadian-Australian S. S. Line.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
Castle & Cooke Co., Ltd
Honolulu T.-H.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
ltolton Iron Works of St. Louis.
Blake Steam Pumps.
Western's Centrifugals.
Babcock & Wilcox Boilers.
Green's Fuel Economizer.
Harsh Steam PumpB.
Matuou Navigation Co.
Planters' Lino Shippiug Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
Bank of Hawaii
Incorporated Under the Laws of tho
Territory of Hawaii.
PAID-UP CAPITAL $600,000,00
BUBPLUS ,.. 100,000.00
UNDIVIDED PROFITS ... 157,692.92
O. II. Cooke President
E. D. Tcnney Vice-President
P. B. Damon Cashier
i. O. Fuller Assistant Cashier
R McCorriston Assistant Cashier
DIRECTORS: C. H. Cooke, E. D.
Tennoy, A. Lewis, Jr., E. F. Bishop,
F. W. Maefarlane,' J. A. McCandless,
C. H. Atherton, Goo. H. Carter, F. B.
Damon, F. C. Atherton, R. A. Cooke.
Strict attention given to all bramhes
of Banking.
Castle & Gooke Co., Ltd
Life and Fire
General Insnrrance Agents, representing
Now England Mutual Life Insurance
Company of Boston.
Aetna Fire Insurance Co.
Wo havo just accepted tho Agency
for tho
Tho Protector Underwriters of the
Phoenix of Hartford.
These are also among tho Roll or
Honor In San Francisco,
HI 1,0. Jnlv 22. Mm. de Mello of
Kookcn lias complained to SliorllT l'ua
Hint n marriage llccnsa ngent granted
n llcenso for tlio marriage of hor daugh
ter without the maternal consent hnv
lng first boon obtained, Tho young
lady in question left her homo in Keo-ken
nnd was llnnlly located In KMluu
whoro slid was living with her liimhund,
Tho I rut" mother Insists that tho
is void Olid Sheriff l'ua has left
for South Komi to look into tho matter
nnd nlsa to transact other business of
nn ofllclul nuturo In the district.
TOKJO, July 81 JlisnUroue rtoodu
nrp reported to lievii occurred In Hip
pfrtioiii iiorlli of here, i'our hundred
person lire musing Mini II l (m Unit
tho dentil Hl will be n lung une.
Pllfti CURBf) IN fl TO H IMY9,
AW OINTHBNT I jpiBronlwl
" mre Hiiy twjo of lUJifiijj, Ullnii,
Wtediiip or IVoiniiilng Piles in 6 H?
M ! ur inonty Mw hs
iwh mmnim co.&jjuM
II ( A. i
Candidates Busy Piling Up Inter-
est and Repairing Fences
on Big Island.
(Mail Spocinl to The Advertiser.)
I11LO, July 19. One of tho Interesting
features of the coming election will
be the supervisor fight. Whilo it is
Hito likely 'tlmt some of tho Incumbents
will manage to got hack on tho
board, it looks as If most of them would
hnvc n good, light on their hands, nnd
it is certain that in tho shufflo the complexion
of the board ns a whole will
chnugu not n little.
Tlmt the representation of tho Hllo
districts will Lc different from vhnt
it is nt present is regarded as certain,
owing to the definite determination of
Chairman Lewis to seek hla laurels in
the senate this time.
The much discussed question nt to
whether Ned Austin -will run again,
entirely on the result of tho
convention, as Austin Is willing to run
if the nomination is offered him. There
is no doubt hut that Austin lost
strength when he joined the 1'renr
ranks in the historical convention, but
tho road men hnvc not forgotten that
Austin inaugurated the present system
of paying them weekly, thereby delivering
them out of the hands of tho loan
sharks, and they nnd romo of tho business
men may cive Austin tho support
he needs.
Austin Not Worrying.
"I am not going to worry about -got-tine
tho office." said Austin, when ask-
ed point blnnlt whether ho intended to
run or not. "On the other hand, If I
am nominated. I will certninlv run."
A number of other supervisorial possibilities
havo been mentioned, and, as
usunl, there will he a lot of seokcrs for
these offices. Report had it that 0.
T. Shipnmn was a liltoly candidato on
tho Democratic ticket from Ililo, but
he denies that positively.
"Some of the merchants havo been
after mo to run for Ililo," ho answered,
when asked about the matter. "But
I will not do 60. My ofllclal rosidenco
is In Knu, nnd if I run at nil, it will bo
from that district,"
Ewaliko Is Running,
Another Democratic candidate is David
Ewnliko, the union leader, who
scorns fairly certain of landing a Democratic
As Ropuhlienn possibilities roport
also mentions John Kealoha, tho road
supervisor, ana Norman Lyman, tho
present supervisor from Puna. Should
tho latter run, a local polut will bo
involved. At prctent Lyman, as Puna's
supervisor, has to he a residont of Puna
to hold his office. On tho other hand,
in order to run for tho ollico of supervisor
from Ililo, ho has to havo been
a resident, of that district for ono year
prior to his election, ilowovcr, it is
more likely that Lyman will run for
tho hotiso thiB yenr, nt least, Buch "is
the report which is common in Puna.
The Homo Rule ticket has to offer
ns candidates for Ililo suporvisorships
Pachcco and Eugene Lyman, with tho
former probably tho stronger candidate
in I'una tnc battle for tlio scat on
the hoard will he a fierce ono. Each
of tho three parties has a candidate in
tho field, and each one of theso, when
seen about the matter rccontly, avowed
his intention to enter tho lists. Henry
Lyman -will seek the oflico as the Republican
candidate. lie stated that
whilo he was not over-anxious to run,
ho had been asked by a number of
prominent Punaites to succeed his
brother, Norman, in tbo ofllco, nnd ho
would make the run rather than sec tho
Republican nomination go by default.
"My platform will bo slmplo,
namely good roads," said Lyman.
"That is what I mn interested in, and
that is what we all want. If I should
be elected. I intond to devote mv ener
gies towards perfecting our road syn
Will Hold Office
Lyman was asked if ho would give
up his territorial office as tax nsscwor
for Puna, if ho were elected to bn
pupcrvihor and tnhl that ho would not.
Tho Democratic candidato from Puna
will be Kalaiwaa, nho last was
Nona's supervltor. Knlalwna during
the past year has boon working in
Puna as a builder of road 4, u:id he
just finished working oa tho courthouse
nt Kapoho, nnd intends to settle
down ns a small farmer nt Knao, Ho
is said to have used his timo well
tanking political hay during his residence
in I'liiin.
Punn's Home Rule candidato for
will bo Hnnbeo, a well known
nud intelligent Hawaiian of the old
school, who is popularly known ns the
"Mayor of ICalapann," whoro ho hns
resided for a score of ycarH or more.
Ho was a member of tho first
under the now regime, nnd was last
term the deputy sheriff of Puna,
Battle In Knu.
In Kau the line of battle is not
nearly so clearly ilcflntd. Ham
being mortnl, has not been ublo
to please every one In his district, and
his opponents lire casting about for u
cnndldiito to run against hi 111, A delegation
of these thus en m i) to Hllo not
so very long ago mid waited 011 0, T.
Kliipiiinii, offering him their support, If
ho would run, As Is indicated by
statement quoted iibuvi), Ms ambition,
If ho rims, will be to represent
Knu rather than Ililo. mid lie lint not
hesitated from clearly ilnflulng just
wjiero lie claims Ills residence, o
Hike the position tlmt If It uppenre
(but n majority of Dm Knu voters wunt
lilm to run ho will do nn, but ho will
1111 yleenle nlghls about tho
In Ko 11 11 11 great battle in iwiwrlng.
Many uf I lid re'lilents kink buiiiiisv
them Iiiik been but little work dime on
I lie roads, compared III Hint which wni
done when KulalwHH mhh In n(IU.
wiii in 1 in in to u very gumt mlum mi
lUJIISlUf 10 IfwflMIOIt, the irtNHMl Mi
iwivltur who Iih, UU Ida mutant.
Iiihh iirevurilwl by I lip tiiAfug of
f(lil) from ,gng h nfilh Ijg ttwuld
Ilk ( uu, ilit) filiuu le wrlwiH g
UKJe Hlinlduriihlr luD'HHSf UN III" lum
lUg HIIHU KuMIMfM Hill lllll ImbN
111 Cfbl 1 lii iiuuiiiiuiuii ynuiin Ji
Iimii it win ii imi ulii Kuiiv in
I lit MtHHW tl -) lie M BWf Iht
Promotion Work for Hawaii
There is an on Tort stroot ' " v,,u
nwaUcnlng "'"V ,. , ', !X '. ,".
every timo a body ot tourists arrives, en "f, rilir' 000,000 to build a
but large sugar transactions may occur steamship for tlmt purpose. Then ono
,.:;,, (I, nnrn,,,l Invnl nf rn. Of tllO Oil! llUCS Hot ill anil SUPPllCd till)
During the past few years Hnwall s
tourist business, thnnltn to the promo !
tion committee, hns been having n j
credltablo growth. Lately method 1
havo been worked out to mnko it grow 1
(aster nnd provide more housing and
entertainment lor it. It is iclt tnai by
exploiting a populous Mold Henley, '
ninny more people may bo porsnndou to
come here, and that tho canal and tho
world's fnlr nro suro to thrust tourists
upon us and tlmt wo ought to do our
purt soon in building tor the special j
Chiefly by means of promotion litcrn
tare wo havo attracted, during the
tcr, nearly ns ninny strangers ns wo
could care for, and even now, in midsummer,
tourists nro coming in every '
Lont. Honolulu on its structural side is
muking ready for moro of them. New
hotel projects lire looming nud small ,
houses nro being put up to serve tho
needs of those who want to economize. !
Tor reasons which I shall give Inter jon, i
1 believe that no shall soon hear n call
for a enravnnsery like tho one piojcit j
cd for Punchbowl, with Ililo nnd vol
enno annexes, and like those which at
Los Angeles, Snn Diejto, t'oroundo,
I'asndeua anil Santa Barbara, have as
sisted so much In the growth of population
within tho sunBhina bolts of California.
Assuredly mo shall need one or
moro big tourist hotels before tho canal
What tourists mean to California is
represented by enormous figures. In
some yenrs Southern California has a
tourist income equnl to or grcator than
our whole sugar revenue, gigantic ns it
is. Ono year when wo had $30,000,000
from sugar, Southern California
claimed to havo had fcW.OOO.OUO from
tourists. Twice tourists have rescued
that region from hard times.
Directly to some, indirectly to tho
rest of us, sugar supports us all; but of
tlio direct income from tourists nearly
all of it Btnys hero and finds its way
promptly into tho evcrydny pocket,
.txu.it ,u.a.'K w..v ..u.M.a iv,-i v w
tail trade. Everybody benefits nt onco
nnd in n way ho can sco and feel by
tourist ready-money patronage new
money, not old money changing hands.
Moro living rooms aro sought, moro
baggage is carried, moro hacks and
autos aro employed, moro deposits nro
made in tlio banks, moro fares aro pnld
011 tho Rapid Transit cars and to the
Onliu railroad and tho
steamers, moro nowspapers aro taken,
more curios and photographs nro collected,
lighter wear in drygoods, shoes
and millinery Is desired, moro furniture
I3 bought, restaurants, cafes, hotels and
boarding houses nro bettor patronized,
moro lights nro burned, thcro is a brisker
business in creature comforts and so
on through the whole range of retail
and wholesale trade. Everybody gets
a share. Even the churches find more
chanso on tho collection plates, nnd
lunus flourish. Then, rising to higher
levels of business, a certain proportion
of tourists, as is proved by tho
lies 01 oouinurn iaiiioriuu, invest in
land, homes, nnd nil market securities,
nnd thus add their permanent quotas to
tho common prosperity. Thcro comes
a larger solvent population.
Hitherto wo havo looked mainly for
tourists from or via California, but
thcro is another field which could bo
added to that nnd from which many
tourists now come, nnd by which, if wo
had a ferry steamer running for this
trade, wo should greatly profit overy
winter. Cnlifornia cannot bo left out
of pur calculations, but after all it is
a competing tourist joint in all
Pcoplo coming hero havo to run
tho gauntlet of California blandishments.
But it is different with tho Pacific
Northwest, tho place I refer to, on
both sides of tha line. The localities
thcro aro not specificolly winter resorts
and tho pcoplo along tho
Sound and in tho regions around it,
who nro a very numorous clnss, like to
havo a wnrmor placo to go for part ot
me year, xnoy regard ualirornia as a
competitor for summer tourists, railroads,
steamship lines and investment
capital, nnd aro a bit jealous of her
growth, Thoy wish they had mohio
plnygronnd moro their own for tho
frosty nnd rainy season. We can meet
that need. Here is a resort all ready
and peoplo from tho Northwest nnd
Western Canada aro beginning to find
it out. Tho promotion committee is going
to make a special campaign them
so that more may follow; and I take.
it for granted thnt tho commltteo and
our pcoplo would Tie glad to meet the touch with fourteen private lecturers
Northwesterners half.wny in providing j now in thn Hold with pictorial
a ferry steamer to start tho direct . tations of Hawaiian life. Besides this
Intorehnngo of tourists and products, ft is answering tlio many Inquiries
The Northwesterners need Hawaii for about this Territory and is helping out
winter use nnd wo could use their cool various linnds of Hnwnllnn singers and
and beautiful land summers when wo Duko Knlmnamnku, Hoeing how much
need a change of climate nnd nlso avail has been dono with folders, all this ex-
ourselves of another Touto east, Thcro
would bo big trnvol by n direct
er judging from what hns already
started In n round-about wny for
about ir por cent, as Mr, Wood says,
of our tourists last winter "amo from
fun in! a nnd tho American Northwest,
This great region has its traveling oyo
'1,1 Mn.. ...ill. t a irnr,M...n .A il.
turned tins way and would IlKo a direct lliem all, whaling, sugar, diversified In-steamer
service. The question of dustrles nnd urban development in
frelelits need not worry either party, turn, In tho past wo havo hud n keen
Wit ought to do ns much business in
fruits, winter vegetables and rleo, pine-
nppics, nminiins, sweet notaiocn, onions,
iivoemlo pears, etc,, with tho North-
went n one steamer would need, Judg-
lng from tho trade built up between
Huston nnd Jmnnlca nnd bring back
home riilu nomination for supervisor
this trip,
Another Aspirant.
Another nsplrunt for JConn's scat on
the bonnl In Knliiiiuuliii, I ho well
known Niiiimoikio ntlnrijoy, Kiiniiiiiniiii
bus liertnfoip been n trmisr nf itrmiKtli
fur tlio lpiihllcnii fn rentriil Knnu,
but now lm bus illpptH over tn the
DulllQlVlltS. Mlhl a fuw WWlllS II ko hi)
Mlllftl fnilli In (lie oiwn ne an wilu
ut Link, I'lirlheruiurti, lie leak wlih
llilll U IMIIIlbor lit his MhiiiIh, wllh ht
iull Diet n eueii vlllNiiw hi Uum
lue, Nupoupoo w) HtttiitiMeii, wheie
tun iewuee uf UuwwHiuy Urn) hereto
(tun been i he I ul u vu( eullijm In h
MlMiuuiet, Uiiuiimrellf irwiiiiA elude
nb luiil) lure Muuihtfreblpe bete
I nil iillni Ttlln ihllUKn liiiHiui,
4i,i In in Mlmhilli mi lliv pel) nf the
'''"'" 'I' nil;, f"l lln Iiph Jk Mil w
't iii hi I, nt Ihiil pml lli ulil Imi
l .i .1. rt.iii MijMihii.gjte nihil ((,
BlBlBlBlBf ' "aaiBwBBlBlBlBlBlH
BlBlBlV .K
ibibibibibibibV TUiHiH
Who sails for the mnliihiml Saturday to
promote ton'ist mid tomnicrual in
tcrestj of Hawaii.
fornpe, Hour, fruits, lumber, shingles,
dried (tali, apples, vegetnhlos thai wo
don't raise, and manufactured products
Including furniture and paper stock,
much of which wo now bring from
there via San Francisco, dlesidcs, with
such a ftcimcr many of our own people,
going east in Biimiiier, would take
tho northern route. Tho Northwest is
our upecinl Hold to cultivate nnd exploit;
wo shall ho larking in civic duty
if vto don't make tho most of it, I
hear from Air. Wood that tho people up
that way cherish an embryo project to
l.ulld 11 steamer for this trade, A fow
years ago we wanted better communication
with San h'ranciscn nnd n com-
need. Suppose wo should start in with
the found cities to build a special
steamer, how lone would it bo beforo
eomebody ulready in the business would
offer to supply such a vessel and run
It for tist And that, I nssumo, would
open a new chapter of our prosperity.
Another icason why wo mny expect
great tourist revenue 1ms to do with
tho cnnal. It may yet bo nn open
whether all the transpacific liners
through the canal mav como hero after
making port nt San Prancisco, though
we arc fairly suro of tho Pacific Mail
boats; but Honolulu will never bo loft
out of tho new excursion 'business.
That is going to bo big nnd it will
start in when the canal is ready. This
vast custom has long included tho
Mediterranean nnd North Capo in its
sphere. Lately it has mado tho West
Indies familiar to thousands; round-
the-world trips, from which wo have
ready liencfitcd, nro getting on; n
South American coasting excursion is
doing well; excursions to the cnnal
have Btartcd. Let the way be clear for
excursions from the East nud Quit
coasts to tho Pacific, to Hawaii aad its
volcano, nnd to California nnd rottirn,
nnd wo shall seo plenty of them. Considering
thnt tho trip
can be mado for .$050 nnd thnt $3.1
takes a New Yorker to Bermuda and
back, an excursion irom New York
via tho cnnal, to Honolulu, San Francisco,
Mexican ports and return ought
to bo mnilo for flliiO. It would bring
crowds; nnd if wo work it right tho
excursions to tho world's fnlr through
tho canal can be got to visit Hawaii
ea route cither going or coming.
The fair itself promises to bring
over a million strangers to Pacific tidewater
closo to tho wharves from
which attractive stcamors leave for
Hawaii. Tho Hawaiinn exhibit, if well
housed and displayed, must crcato an
extraordinary interest i these Islnnds
among world 8 fuir multitudes. Cheaper
rates of travel hero will then como
as a matter of courso to help out. It
goes without tho saying that, during
and nfter tho fair wo shall havo tho
Igreatest run of tourists in our local
history; and to make suro or it tho
Ilnwnll Promotion Commltteo is doing
moro than the majority of our peoplo
imngine. For instance, it Is sending
out tons of productive litcraturo; it is
mailing ninny privnto letters; it is getting
tlio nctivo cooperation of tho railroads
In furthering tho work laid out
for its official lecturer; nnd it is In
Ira effort should huvo corresponding
results. Tho cooperation of tho great
transcontinental roads, ulready noted,
will Imvo quick results,
These arc tho reasons thnt occur to
mo why Hawaii Is on tho threshold of
nun of Its great opportunities. It hns
hnl ninny nnd lias mado good uso of
eyn to tho imiin cluinco nud I bcllevo
that Hnwnlf will recognlzo its greater
inurisi opportunities ns quleHly ns It
did timso In oilier kinds of business
Mid ninkn ns much of thorn In
linn to Its size nnd dlstniiro from great
centers ns did Southern California,
ns niliinl Democrats, their nposliiey be
lug the direct result of tho unfortunate
turn fiihuii by Hi" Republican convention
rather limn lo niiy Democratic,
In Knbnlu Dm slliiiillon line not
ns yet i ml It Is goiinrnlly bn
Neva) Hint wind her bo nmnle opjimil
I Inn nr mil, JlunUlny will Im returned
in the hoard, A report bus it that
Uolioil (, Nuljig, I lie iiretniit rnud en
ptrvlsor, irnty bl Hwhlwy fat I he lie
pgbllsun iioiuIiidHuii.
In lleiiish us I bo ouilime Is meiuly
iiitumlliitf owliiu lu u very definite re-purl
In the fferl tint I A. J Willieiii
sun, h well kuuwn furveytir u( uuu
see, Hill I lie lleiMlblie.u ee
ibelr eeinlfiiele J'rlli'buril, trim fell
mi Ihe Itepiibllren lieket led )ver,
Sl'ilM 'll'lllillely Ibel he Mill Hill lull
Mt linn I'ufil) i!l In. tlui uh
iiunlliluli' i!.t ruMini bits II llmi Allii;
hi I'mlud., mil tt'i. e uul till"1! '
Ibi. Uuui4 ui le (lie kwi
Rig White Star Steamship Strands Off
Ellis Island' Half Hour Aftor
I Steaming.
NPW YORK, July 7. Avoiding .1
collision with tho Viking, Oeorgo 1".
Hakcr, Jr.'s steam yacht, tho Olympic,
of the White Star line, ran her bow
upon a sandbank enst of Kills Island ns
she v,os IcaWng the harbor for Southampton
yesterday with 1000 cabin
on bfmrd, nud lay thcro an hour
or moro until six tugs, nlded by tho rising
tide, pulled her clear. Then she
proceeded down the harbor and anchored
off Tompkinsville, Htatcn Island,
while her disarranged steeling gear was
The Viking was lying nt anchor on
the edge of tho channel cast of Ellis
Island, when the Olympic started down
tho hnrbor. Tho tiito Bwung tho big
steamship townrd the yacht nud for 11
few minutes it looked ns though a collision
was inevitable.
Tho Olympic sheered toward Kills
Island nnd tho VJklng hastily weighed
anchor nnd backed away, just as the
Olympic's Low stuck fast in the. sand.
Pour New York Central Railroad tugs
and two other harbor tugs hurried to
tho assistance of tho stranded steamship,
but could not movo her for moro
than nn hour.
At a quarter beforo two o'clock, nn
hcur nud thrcequnrtcrs after sho had
loft hor pier, tho Olympic was freed
and wont .on hor wny down the hnrbor.
After sho had anchored off Tomkins-ville.
Captain Haddock Informed tho officials
of tho lino that the steering gear
was being repaired.
Tho repairs were effected soon and
the Olympic proceeded to Ben shortly after
throo o'clock.
The Olympic Is a sister ship of tho
Titnnlc, which wns sunk by collision
with an iceberg.
Within the next few month,
incnt engineers will start dredging
to clear tho entrance channel to
the harbor of all silt nnd sand which
has accumulated as a result of deep
sea traffic. .Tho sum of 4.17,000 is now
available for this work nnd Major W.
I. Wooton, nrmy engineer in chargo of
rivers and harbors In tliia district, lias
ndvertised for scaled proposals on tho
work, to ho opend August 10. When tlio
work is completed tho harbor will ensily
accommodate all vessels arriving horo.
SACRAMENTO July 13. State
Horticultural Commissioner Cook says
tho quurnutlno established by tho stnto
nt Honolulu hns resulted in keeping tho
.wiMiiiernincail iiy oill 01 HUB BllltC.
Durinc the few weeks that insneution
has been mnilo at Honolulu not a fly
hns been detected in tho fruit shipped
into the port at San Francisco, Tho
quarantine will bo continued, however.
Max 7.. ftoBcnbloom, vlconresident
of tho firm of Montor & Roscnhloom,
owners of a string of dopartmont
stores throughout tho country,
dored awny frihn a Rochester. Now
York, hospital, whoro ho was recover
ing irom nn operation, nnd and found
drowned In tho Qcnessco river.
Whr:i Two Months Old, Baby had
Pimples Spread All Over Body-Broke
nnd Left Skin Like a Scald
An A'vful Sight Doctor Afraid
to Put His Hands on the Child,
" Our bnby when two months old was
suffering with terrible 117.011111 from bend
ui root, all over
her body, Tho
baby looked Just
like a skinned
raimit. Wuweio
K:r JA. unnblo to put
clothes on her.
Wr''' 4 Atflrstltheeincd
"Vi. ' Jo bo a fow
SF: : "i trod pimples.
'S :.V-J' . T boy would
rt - T- 1
thn skin
Vv.. nnd Hvliiriev
V lng tho miller
nuath skin rod as
thousll It ti'iti uinlitn ilien a fow
morn pimple wouhl nnd epnmj
ull over tin lioiy leaving tho buby all
raw wlthmit skin from head Ui foot,
(In top of hor hoail tlwro npinanul a
liuuvyienbiirpiuriiirrf milin in hkk, It
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slwilM, linvilnel Thuihwlor win nf raid
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Superintendent of Aguarre Plan
tation Here Tells of Industry
in His Island.
"Owners of tho sugar plantations In
Porto Rico where tho industry has
been grently extended since aunomtion
arc greatly nlarmed over tho proposed
reduction of tho tariff on utigar by
declared II E. llartmnii, superintended
of tho Agunrro Sugnr Company
of Agunrre, Porto Rico, who arrived
here on the Sierra nnd Is n guest
nt tho Young Hotel.
I'or the piiBt year Mr. Hnrtman has
been in I'ortn ltico and fur three veors
pruvinus to that was in Yokohama ns
representative of ti lo.'iil manufacturing
firm. He Is now hero on a visit greet
ing old tlmu friends whom lm know
during his ten years' residence here.
Ho will return soon to Porto Rico.
"Only modern machinery is used in
the Insular sugar plantations" Mr.
llnrtmnn says, "and tlui largest plant
Intinm which have an niinunl output
of 30,0011 mid 00.01)0 tons of urn
owned by Americans. Thoro nro numerous
small plantations, more than fiftv
In number, however, and these nro owned
nnd operated by tho I'orto Rlcnns."
Jir. linrtmnu says tlmt whilo the reduction
of the tariff on sugar would
not entirely ruin the, sugar Industry
in Porto Rico he believes It would bu
very serious for the plantation growers.
Kvcn now, ho reports, it Is dillleult to
get money for investments because tlio
bunks will not make the loans in view
of tlu threatened reduction. Tho total
imports to tho Hnltcd States of all
'duds from l'urtn Rico has increased
moro than $.10,000,000 in twelvo years.
Labor Troubles.
The sugar imulo in Porto Rico, ho
mys, is not as good in quality and tho
quantity is not as grent ns Hint on tho
Hnwnllnn Islands. This is duo to tho
fact that the land upon which tho
cni.o is raised is not ns good ns that
hero ' and the laborers employed aro not
n experienced as Jhoso horo. It is
difllciill to got employes to stay on tho
work for It is n rule among tho labor
ers to tnko tin extended vacation when
they have enough money earned for
temporary needs.
In thn southern part of tho Island of
i'orto moo sugar enno is grown without
irrigation but in tho northern part
irrigation is required. At the present
lime, .Mr. Jlurtmaii reports, tho rocla
matlon service of the United States is
building an immense irrigation system
i or me i'orto Kicnn government which
will probably bo completed within two
years. Work wns begun on this groat
irrigation scheme three years ngo and
is progressing nlcoly. The sum of
1.1,000,000 is boing used in its construction,
When completed thousands of acres
will be opened for sugar plantations
nnd then the industry will boom as
novor before Tho streams which run
down tho sides of tho mountain in tho
center of tho inland aro beJuir dammed
mid wator provided for tho main
ditches which aro' now being constructed.
SEE LfiP mm
(Mail Spcclul to Tho Advortisor.)
Ill IX), July 2!!. Tho Hllo Rnilroad
('ompany bus a niimher of matters in
its hands at present which will soon
add their share to the development of
the concern, and, consequently, of Hilo.
One of tho most interesting of theso is
the construction of 11 track to the situ
for tho now wharf in Kiitiio liny,
which will cross tho government road
In Lokoaka, This work, It 'is expected,
will bo completed within tho next
couple of weeks, soon nftor which the,
trestle, from which tho Hawaiian
Dredging Company expects lo mnkti
part of the fill, will b0 constructed.
Work on tho Atnulua bridge is pto
greening rapidly nnd will bo completed"
by tho first of August. After tlmt the
reaching of thn 1'upnnloa' station will
he only a mutter of days, as rails nud
ties nro now being laid on tho north
side of Mnulua, being taken across tint
gulch by means of n wiro cable.
will be renchod by tho iron
horse nbout two weeks nfter tho company
has established itself nt
Cattle from tho Unmakim end of tlui
Island nro now being shipped by railroad,
n corral' having Imon constructed
at Nlnolo last week, Tho now freight
warehouse which is being constructed
mnkiii of the main Hllo depot, will bo
completed In nbout two weeks, when
tlui entlrn freight offices will bo shifted
Into It. Unless action is soon tnkon In
regard to the removal of tlui postnfllco,
thereby maMiig its site nvallablu for
tlm elaborate depot building which tho
railroad company plans to eventually
construct, tho ontiro proscift structuro
will bo arranged for tho iiccniuiimdn
linn of passengers, In be so used until
the pnstoflicn h fl tin fly inken away.
A spur trunk hue been practically
completed lending In tho Hnkaliiii storo.
If Is nbout half n inlln in length,
Al Knpolio, In tbo old quarry wheneii
wns taken mok fur tint brwikwiilnr by
nn hie first ennlniel, and by
.on! 11ml Young, tbo railroad rninpany
Is selling up n rock hnmlllug plant,
which will supply I ho rmislmit ilmniinij
for ruck (or general purpofue,
More Rolling fltocjc,
The emniMiiiy le nlso lidding m its
rulllnji slijeli eiulpiiiuul. A new eeuxi
ly live ton Immiiolhii uf (lie very Jut
let pMlleril is miw mi Ujn way frniu
Ike iiiMiulmiil, uinl l eeiiueleif lu em mi
wllhiii ike nusl iwn tveuU i will
iiieieli mi Ike I'emlii uslens iim, 'I im
iruu work materiel for ,i I.Iiiuhi
el fmly lun eure, mImi ut Hi. n.n.i u.
den. iiulluru, le else no Hi, 1. , I'm
nil) Inn 11 f Ike blM.'i iin 1 .1 ,'ti 1
blilll In tide ll'fllliili n 1..,, mi i ui
muilim linn In it.. 1 ,.iii ., . 1 . rdt ui
Vt m id. '11 Tli'i Willi i 1 Ily nr
llv 1 iiliin .uhI.. 1 in I, .1 1 .il I,,,
I'm i III I'lllilil, lli.n
(lie new wlwrf
.Ml. 1 1 , ivl'k

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