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i E M
Cornelius N. Bliss Jr., Testifies
Before Senate Probing
Committee. . '
jays Father Refused to Make '
Public Names of Campaign
Contributors. I '
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, remember 30.-
yo..,. mi.. .1. ...! m.
iZ . ,
in .... ....... i e
U. ..,.,- 01.....VU "
tho investigation of presidential cam-
' , . . ., ... , ., '
today marked the beginning of tlio
ii i , ..... go back to the com-re
expected to bring ? '
,. . ,. 'nuiiity at large. In doing this the I t
ding financiers, poll- ?,. .
state should . .. tho actions of tho
hearings that wore
many of the lend
ticinns and candidates to tho witness
stand during tlio next two weeks.
Cornelius N, Bliss, Jr., son of tho
Iato trcasuror of tlio Republican national
committee in 3304, placed in
evidence a report from tho auditor
who examined his father's accounts
when ho resigned as treasurer of tho
topublicnn committee. Young Mr.
1 jlHjH
Who, boforo his death, wns chairman
of tho Republican National Committee.
Bliss said tho reports did not show
any contribution by John D. Arclibold
of tho Standard Oil Company. Tlio
names of contributors to tho 1904 campaign
fund appeared in the records.
Held Names 1 Confidential.
Mr. Bliss was asked - to rend his
father's letter of resignation to Harry
S. New, ofi Indianapolis. Tho lettor
eot forth that the late Cornelius N.
Bliss bad held as confidential tho
names of contributors and tho amount
of their contributions.
"In the Inst four presidential campaigns,
in. "which I hnvo nctod as
treasurer, I have persistently refused
to mako these reports public," tho
letter readsV "because I regard tlio
relations of campaign contributions to
coinmitteos as confidential. I
elieve the right to refuse to mako
public theso contributions as sacred
as the right of a man to cast a secret
ballot in tho election."
Contributions Largo Ones.
Tho letter added that the
committco's receipts in 1900 had
been a trifle below $3,000,000; in 1890,
$3,000,000, nnd in 1892, $1,000,000.
The witness Bnid ho had discovered
three other letters of a -"personal and
'more or less intimate nature." Theso
bo handed to Chairman Clapp. Ono
was from President Iloosovelt and another
from William H. Tnft, as secretary
of war. Tho contents of two of
tho letters wero made public.
That from Secretary Taft, written
May 0. 1904, urged Mr. Bliss to take
tho" chairmanship, saying President
Ttoosetelt wns "most anxious for it,"
nnd adding that as chairman. Bliss
would "sccuro tlio confidenco of those
from whom contributions may bo expected,"
Tho letter from Proaidcut Hoosovolt
dated tho same, also urged Bliss - to
take tho plnco. y
Destroyed All Bocords.
WASHINGTON. September 30.
(By Associated Press Cnblo) At the
resumption of tho Itoosovolt campaign
fund inquiry hero today, Cornelius
Bliss. Jr called 11s a witness, testified
that his fnther, tho lato Cornelius N.
Bliss, destroyed nil records of cam
paign oniitrllnitloiis and expenditures
Wiorc he resigned ns treasurer of tlio
ItiMiiili can national committee.
1 1 T'uctofT, private secretary to
tho late n, IT. nrrimnn, testifying
before tho donate committee, produced
cnrrtnioiidnnro imti"l in HUM lili'l
1004 tho log that Booiuvelt repeatedly
Invited llnrrimnii to fanferunres,
wli h Imitations llnrrlmnu accepted
with riilii'Mnnre
Other evldeiifo Introdurcd shows
tlmt fillowliiif tliBe ronferotirM
fllin, then treMurer fif the
imtlnrisl ontiiinlttrn. gave
lUrriuinn Teli't tor C0,0QQ in
What the Interior Department
is Doing Great PJans
For Future.
Conservation of watorpowcr resources
is the most important problem
before tho interior department todny,
Secretary Fisher told tlio members of
the Hawaiian Engineering Association j
at their tenth annual banquet last
evening nt tho Commercial Club. Ac
cording to tho Secretary, water "power
"s a for eencr,ltinG electricity i
. . , .. . . .
operations should bo regulated by leg- .
islatlon so as to prevent Vko most im-1
portnnt water rights in tie country
from falling into tho linndsjof printo .
corporations, which would reAllzo exorr I
, . , ' ... rt . ..
Utn,lt l'rofft8 at the PeV th?
Sccretnry Fisher further declared
that private and public interests
sliould bo coordinated so as to cnnblo
the money realized from the utilization
holding corporations within its boundaries,
for if the watorpowcr corpora-'
tious make their rates too high, tho
government would have to stop in and
icvise rntes downward in order to
check the abuse of the unearned incre
ment. 1
In the course of hisMddress the Sec
retary outlined tho work of the department
of tho interior, laying especial
btress opo'n that portion of tho department's
work which' applies to engineering
problems. j
Outlines tho Work,
i 1
1'a.rt of tho department's work in
cludes the Territories," said Secretary
Fisher. "Thore aro only two of theso
now, Alaska and Hawaii. Lust summer
I was ia Alaska. Tho only difference.
betwe&tvAlnika.andAHawailis the
climate. Tli6f ecbnomicnr'problems aro
similar, as mon aro moil and only human
tho world over. I
"In Alaska I rodo on two railroads
into the interior of tho country, one of
which charged fifteen cents a mile,' tho
other twenty. They gave as their excuse
for this that construction was just
being completed and a radical revision
would bo niado of -rates as soon as they
wero in full running order.
"Thefo was only ono thing to do
thoro and when I suggested it I thought
perhaps that it might be considered
very radical, but was ploased to find
Jfel"&KKlwf'Sa Marsha" is Representative
tlio government to build a railroad into
"The work will be superintended by
tho Navy .and another from tho department
nf t!in interior. Down in Panama
WO havo 250 miles of steel rails and1
abundant rolling stock which were used
in tho canal construction and aro of no
use now. Wo aro thinking of using
them in tho construction work on tho
railroad in Alaska.
"Another problem before tho
ment concerns the coal lands. The
vato holders ot tho cpal lands tho first
r ttE3t12E Uiernt
at a profit. Thoy aro leased again in
turn and finally the actual worker of
tho mines is paying for all theso ac-
crucd profits.
"By leasing tbese lands directly tho
government will cut out all theso mid-
dlcmen's profits, a plan very much in
favor with the actual workers of the
mines. The'iholders of tho landg who
lease them aro not in favor of tho
eminent 's. leasing tho lands as they do-
clare that the government can not do
it successfully. But the government's
efficient attempts at regulating biuv
liar affairs in different parts of tho
country hnvo resulted in saving thou-
tsunus 01 uouars. '
Electricity For Eallroads.
The Secretary described the department's
work in superintending irrigation
offairs and enlarged upon tho rea.
sons for tho conservation policy which
has been attacked by some puoplo in
tho States. In conclusion, ho told of
the pluns of the government for
bcvernl thousand miles of ono of
the transcontinental railroads nnd declared
that this is to be the beginning
of an electrification policy in regard to
steam railroads. Tlio Bocretary will nt'
tend tho National Park conference at
Voiemlte October 14, whero tlio
tion of utilizing a piece of government
iiumn im nun 1 1.11111.111 in; nun.-,
supply will be taken up .
1.7 .-. -...
ioiioniug secretary risner, i.orrin
Andrews told of tho days of the old
Kingdom iu 1887, whon ho was connect
ed with tlio government mid uurratod
sovcrnl anecdotes touching upon tho
dovulopiuont of tuu Itlaudi,
lu rogurd to electrification.
IM Tow so closed the evonlnir with 11
I speech on the difficulties encountered"
,11ml solved by engineer In construction
01 1110 iijmi runway ana guvs 111 mmis
inernlnij tli oconoiiiie future of tho
The 8tlierlng a nipresuntntivu
ttesriiildy of Honolulu liii'lurti men,
prnrtie11y nil of the most Indumtlul
Mini wll kitown men or aim iff,
va and tcuiMnervul, in th etty h(ln(
proifia, '
TUKEY prepares to face trouble in balkans
1 X
ilwInTK 1iIIk.qMv . FtJWfljPBM M2JmWnlEEmEK&m? II
fflS ffiHT ill . '
iiiiiiBESBF VBBflsHBuiBBKHrlBwiLflliCl.
'.. ' ' ! . ' tOOOOOfl 1. 11 11 . . ' . j b
A1)0VOf a Turkish soldier, thon n bind
a group of
0f Machine and WllSOn
v q HVPOCritG.
(Ry Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, Septem-
ber 30. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
Governor Thomas Marshall of Indiana
,1-1 .t
wns clmmtenzcd 09 a representative
of tho Taggart machine today, in his
speeches here, by Colonel Theodoro
Roosevelt, who also criticized Governor
Woodrow'wilson of Now Jersey for as-
suming a lofty position of morality
in connection with tho Democratic
ornntorial nomination in New ' York,
whcn ho nQt to tll0 nomi.
f Qovcrnor Mar8lm)Us uiB run.
n'u6 "tc.
Colonel Kooscvelt also assailed Gov-
emor Hooper and Senator Sanders of
" , ' ., . ,,
Haing covered 9900 miles in his
string around tho circle, Colonel Booso-
velt began the last part of his tTip
today, including u stop I11 Knoxville.
Ho vlll bo in North Carolina tomor
row aud is due in New York Weducs
dny afternoon.
'' 4 .
(Hy Federal Wireless Telfcrsph.)
SAN DIEGO, California, September
30. (Spccinl to Tlio Advertiser) Tlio
torpedo boat destroyer Whipple arrived
iero Sunday, inaklng n record run from
tjaiiia jiarnara cnanuci, covering tlio
1 distance iu five hours.
SAOIIAMBNTO. Callfernla. October
J.(y Amoclated i.rAa. r'i,i,iA
iorttyt rirMiiiitiiip; tho regular Ilo -
publican party of tlili Htnto
jieiltioiiel the supreui court to compel
of Bulgarian mountaineors and bolow,
Industrial Workers of the World
Object to Leaders' Trial
For Murder.
(Ily Federal Wireleis Teleprsph.)
BOSTON, Iirassachusctts, September
30. (Special to The Advertiser) Vio
lenco marked the beginning .of tho
twenty-four hours' strike demonstration
which tho Industrial Workers of
the World called in four Massachusetts
manufacturing cities today as a protest
agninst the imprisonment of two of
their lenders. Demonstrations ranging
from parades to serious , rioting occurred
in Lawrence, Lynn, Haverhill
and Quincy, whore it is estimated that
15,000 workers uro out.
Tho most serious disturbance occurred
in Lawrenco, where pickets and
police daubed. Nearly a score of persons
were hurt and a dozen arrests
wero made. The outbreak coincided
,4itJ, ti10 onenlue In Sulcm today of tlio
, . . , ,,,'',,. Arturo
nitti and Joseph Caruso in connection
with tho killing of Anna Lopizo. Tho
cotton, woollen, shoo nnd grnnito Industries
chiefly wero affected today.
In Quincy twenty-five hundred
workers struck. Strikers inarching
through tho quarry district called to
the workmen to come out and joiu them.
At two of tho Bhoils tho polishers wero
dragged out forcibly.
l'no hundred strikers marched
through the shoe manufacturing district
111 Ijynn, trying, generally with small
HU(.eCHS) to t tho operatives to strike.
Tim luilico urrosted tho man who was
! vine black and red flags in tho
crowd. A mob then tried uusucceksful
ly to rescuo him.
In Haverhill, about 250 shoo
tives struck,
Lawrence Strike a Failure.
I SiVhll&r, MuiMchuuttn, September
;3. (By Aoclutcd Press Cublol The
iriiu ui Liur uiiu uiuvuiiuiiw, mo mv
Industrial Workers of the World lenders,
churned with murder in couuec
Itioii with tho Lawrenco strike, has
A1 .,.',,lt' .'" forco rc,f ,."r.u.u
;Jr''"' '",,"' 'l w1'1 "i'l""" tUt the
;,tr,ko of tll) ff)Xt0 worfU)M nt j,w
, rciifu ni a prolwt ugalnit the
of Kttor mid (llovaiinltti Is n
I ml allure. bovn thouBuiid truok, but
mew ri nui bw huh touuy
There hj beon eouiidoralile cutler
Il notliijf. Th striken' hst
iun jiecioiary n time 10 maco on me
baTotH tb immrs if the Taft elector.
t will as thoig for Jtoosevplt.
Ottoman Troops Recalled
From Outlying
tM Trilrnl Wireless Tclerrsph.l
ATHUNS, Greece, September 30.
(Spotial to Tho Advertiser) Turkey
is mnklng elaborate military prcpnrn
tlons to meet nny hostile demonstrations
in the 'Balkan Mountains, accord
inn to n o mi ofliclnl statement published
horo todny.
Tho Tuikish troops sent from Thrace
I to smno time ngo have now
been ordered to return to their stations,
m that the only troops at present
detached from their ordinary posts
are thoso concentrated nt fjalonic.i,
iTlong tlio Dardanelles and nt Smyrna,
in consequence of tho war with Itnly.
righting Ends in Samos,
(Br IVdernl Wireless Trleeraiili.)
I IK3NDON, September 30. (Specinl
to The Advertiser) Tho cessation of
hostilities on the Inland ot' Samoa is
announced today by the l'orte, accord-
ling to news agency 4k djspntvhii ifroin
Constantinople. .,.- .
Bulgaria Mobilizes Army,
SOI-VA, Buloarin. September 30.
(By Associated Press Cnblo) Tlio Bui
iniriau army has been ordered to mo
bilizo with a view to opposing tho
heavy concentration of Turkish troops
nt Adrinnoplc, near the frontier,
Wife of Insurrecto Colonel is
Raider of Juarez Texas
Closes Door.
(Dy Federal Wireless Teleersph.)
VJj PASO, Texas, September 30.
(Specinl to Tho Advcrtisor) Coronola
Alcnin, wlfo of the rebel colonel of that
name, is loading a band of rebels eighteen
miles cnBt of Juarez, Mexico, according
to a report received horo by
General B. 55. Stcover, nt Tort Bliss.
Tho Mexican woman raided Juarez just
bofore tho occupation of federal troops.
Texas Bars Mexican Troops.
AUSTIN, Texas, September 30. (By
Associated Press Cablo) Governor .Colquitt
of Texas has withdrawn tho permission
granted to tho Mexican government
to tnfnsport troops through Texas,
declaring that ho is unwilling to assume
the risk because of the present temper
of the Texnus.
(lly Federal Wireless TeletTapli.)
IinVEHLV, Mnssuchusetu, September
'30. (Special to Tho Advertiser)'
HuWng made the acquaintance, of tho
Democratic presidential candidate,
President Taft How expects to shake
hands and exchange political gossip
with Governor Tom Marshall of Indiana,
Democratic nomine 0 for Vico
According to tho announcement
mado today, tho meeting will tuku
place, lu tho same hotel In Bostou
where tho President met Governor
Woodrow Wilson of Now Jersey sever
nl days ago.
Hotli tho President mid Governor
Mnrshull uro to lie guests tlmt night at
thu Scottish Blto liunipict.
lieon clubbed In iilicos by the police
mid fifteen have been Injured. T will vol
wore arretted.
is Principal Witness at Hearing
Before Secretary Fisher
Komesteading Matters Gone Into
in Detail Strike and
Other Cases.
An acknowledgement on tho part of
J". V. Ashford, attorney for tho Delegate,
that whon writing tho charges
regarding tho Governor's attitude towards
homcstenilcrs on cane land ho
wns iu ignotunco of nt least two of thu
homcsteiuling efforts of the administration
nnd that tho facts presented by
tho Governor showed that th"o language
of tho charge was " certainly too
broad," wni 0110 of tho striking incidents
of tho resumed sessions of tho
i'islier investigation yesterdny in tho
Capitol. Another incident of uotu was
tlio statement of the Governor that ho
had strenuously voiced objection to tho
maimer in which tho planters' associa
tion, as represented by tho law firm of
Kinney, Ballon, Pressor & Marx, bad
conducted thu gathering of evidence,
against the members of tho Higher
Wage Association 'at tho timo of tho
Japanese strike, nnd had warned theso
attorneys not to repent their safe-blowing
Incident or indulge iu fuithcr
like tactics.
Tlio Governor was "in tlo chair"
during tlio greater part of "tho session,
relating the linrH'bo hful' ttikon in having
Iho land Una reformed n oplpr
thitt ho migiitlput lntVfo'rcQ Tils policy
of actually libmesl;oadliig "the public
lands with redf hqimtatc'adcr. Ho -stated
tlint ono of tho strong inducements
olfercd him by the position was that
through it lie could do something to
nroimrlv sottln flin nnhlli InnrU mi thn
Torritory. Ho recited tno various stops
leading up to the amendments of tho
Organic: Act and then gave a list of
thoso homesteaders ho had so fnr
in actually placing upon cnuo
lands. When he told ot the Ouomca
nnd the Lniipahoohoo settlements, Mr.
Ashford showed astonishment, finally
announcing that ho had never hoard of
Secrotnry rishor thon rend ono sentence
of tho charges, which stntod that
tho Qovornor. in tlio four years of his
incumbency, had not placed oho family
on any part of "this vast domain,"
meaning tho cane land. "Do you not
think. Mr. Ashford, that wo have henrd
sufljcioiit to" show thai this charge, at
least, is unfounded f" ho asked.
"Well," respondod the nttornoy, "I
think that tho facts as wo have heard
them show that tho chargo is too
broad," u careful reply that brought
forth general smlleB.
Strike and Labor Oases,
The attorney general, Alexander
Lindsay, Jr., gave testimony regarding
his share in tho issuance of warrants
for tho arrest of to s. S. Sonntor 'witnesses,
producing tho statute under
which he had acted and stating that ho
hud no justification In law iu refusing
to so act, although ho hud deemed tho
action regrettable Ho explained that
the Senator caaes woro directly in the
hands of City Atlornoy Cuthcart, an
elected oQlciul. When ft cumo to tho
Japancso strike cases, C. It. Henien-way,
former attorney general, wns
quizzed. Ho stated that tho blowing
open of thq Nippu Jiji snfo wns dono
by tho attorneys of tho sugur planters
beforo they had been commissioned
deputies attorney general, tho net ho-Ing
dono by High Sheriff Henry, undor
advice of tho planters' nttomoys nnd
without sanction of him or of tho Governor,
tho net being sovcroly
by tho Governor on his return
from Hawaii. Theso stnko cases had
also been handled through thu city attorney's
office, that official being
directly iu chargo of ull criminal
Attorney General Liudsny gavo an
explanation of the Wailuku wutcx casa
compromise, stating that ho believed
tho Territory had como oil much to tho
good in tho final settlement with tho
Wailuku plantntlou. Tho exchange of
certain kulu laudH, believed by tho
Wnilukinus to have been a part of tho
compromise, had, as a matter of fact,
nothing whatever to do with it.
The session was 11 mott interesting
one, tho Governor's statement being
listened to with special utteiition. He
will resume his statement In answer to
tho charges this morning.
Ashford Adda to Bocord,
'As n prollnilnnry to thu procflodingb
Jlr. Ashford filed soveral letters. Ono
was from It. Rougher, one of tho independent
pinntart of Olan, which gave
some reasons why, In his opinion, tlio
mills should give the lnrgor share of
tho proceeds from rane to the planter
On tho basis of four cent sugar,
cane of average sinrose contents, tho
At fjulney, Msnsnchusutts, thirty bin present i'ontract At Olsa gavo tho milt
granite uurrlm litre been do. el $5) .81 out of 480.00, while tho
i)iruiiih striken iu sympathy wKh tan pectus of the tJn Curios milling com-Lawrence
worker (OuoU&ueu on l'o Four.)

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