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(Dy Federal Wireless Tolejrrsph.)
LONDON, October 3. (Special to
The Advertiser) The Balkan Mountain
Btates' war clouds havo lifted a bit,
This means at prosent that tlio danger
of conflict between Turkey nnd tlio
united forces of Bulgaria, Grocce, Servia
nnd Montenegro has only been delayed,
not averted.
It remains with the Porto to decide.
It is tho consensus of opinion that it
will refuso to comply witli tlio demands
for reforms in tho Balkans and
that war will follow shortly. Tho new
pirns o of tho situation Iras been brought
nbout by tho decision of tho Balkan
coalition to send at onco.nn ultimatum
to Turkey, demanding that tho Porto,
within threo day, grant ful autonomy
for Macedonia, Albania, Old Sorvia and
Crete. In tho event of Turkey's refusal
to comply with tho terms of tho
ultimatum, tho Balkan coalition will repeat
it, extending tlio time threo days.
Will Resort to Arms.
At tho time Greece, Servia,
Bulgaria and Montenegro will address
a joint uoto to tho Great European
Powers, notifying them that unless
Turkey yields to tho ultimatum in
threo days, tho Balkan Mountain
states will endeavor to onforco tho demand
by recourse to mms, This is tho
situation at tho end of tho first twenty-four
hours succeeding tlio orders for
the mobilization of the armies of the
four Balkan States.
In London, Paris. Berlin and Vlonna
it is feared tnat war cannot oo
In Berlin, late' Wednesday night, the
German foreign minister, Alfred von
Elcdcrlin Wnchtcr, admitted tttat tho
situation is so precarious, from a military
point of viow, that hostilities may
begin at any moment. He further intimated
that tho Powers had been unable
to agree upon any program to prevent
war. The most that an bo hoped, ho
said, was that the Powers would unito
in a determined effort not to permit
any change in territorial position whatsoever
as tho result of tho war.
righting Is la Progress.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, October 3. (Special, to
Tho Advortisor) According to a dispatch
from Belgrade, Servia, thcro has
been sovero fighting botween Turkish
nnd Servian troops on tho southeastern
frontier of Servia. Tho Turks nro said
to have lost thirty kijled and many
i Vil- . QnvitSnn irtallfllri A4
wounucu, wuiiu i" -.....--
are given as inn w.v .0---
Ammunition for Greeks.
NEW YORK, October 3. (By Asso
rlnted Press Cable) The Greek Consul
General horo has commandeered tho
Etcamer Macedonian nnd ordered it to
load with ammunition to bo dispatched
for uso of tho Greeks in tho event of
war with Turkey over tho Balkans.
One hundred thousand Greeks in the
TJnited States who are members of tho
Borva havo been ordered to return
home and fight for their country.
(By FederM Wlreleu Telefraph.)
(Special to Tho Advcrtiner)
Anna Klutnpko, who is expected in a
few days from Honolulu, will tbd
recipient of much social attention during
her stay hero. Sho will ho u guest
ut tho reception given by tho Women 'a
Press Association at tho Sequoia Club
on October 14,
em AUn
W "l mil
(II, r.derl WlrtUM IihmW
BYKAl U8K Nw York, October 3.
(Hpeelul to Tlio
Ham Hulror, reproicntntivo u coiiBroM
from New York city for eighteen years,
wm lint uiulit iiomlnate.1 for governor
on tho fourth ballot by tho DoinocmU.
It w tha ei onto iltite Mr. hulwr JiaiI
been a fcaiul'duto or this iioinlnatlon.
Mrt'u H, Fiynii of Albany, former
eompliolWr ud Mr. Wultcr'n leaiMi
mill, was iaiinf4
t -i
Bulgaria, Greece, Servia and Montenegro Demand
Autonomy for Macedonia, Albania,
Old Servia and Crete.
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agnraS9L. &jr!mrr
!lLw(Jj hzARajf ) mfl3!Tk
''mKmiBlmfTi fill
: i8iJWBBBBBViiaiIIR. ' ffl fl ftffll
d. ' - a&xaiisswlsMPg3W (( jf & wflfl.
g?i, . ''":, FOB MT B9
sS(Ca v' : --- f& i
Former Honolulu Girl Is Minus
Husband on Charges of
Desertion. '
(Iljr Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SAN rUANCISCO, October 3. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Astearislilp
flirtation between Miss Louy Schweitzer,
daughter of a leading commission
merchant of Honolulu, nnd Tracy Cum-
mings, freight nnd passenger agent of
tlio Chicago, Hock Island & Pacific
naiIrond) resuUlng in marring0 in Jun0)
3008, culminated in divorce yesterday
before Judge Morgan.
Mrs. Cumniings charged her husband
with desertion and ho put in no do-
fense. Tho wife told tho court a brief
story of incompatibility--'' of temper,
saying that sho was married too young
and that sho wanted no alimony.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Schweitzer and their
two daughters were residents of Hono-
lulu fnr many years, the dnughters at-
tending local scnoois. xu0 omer uaugu
ter married an officer of tho army, tho
younger one marrying Mr. Cummings.
Sinco the marriage of their daughters
Mr. nnd Mrs. Schweitzer have resided
principally in California, Mr. .Schweitzer
coming to Honolulu occasionally
on business. Miss Schweitzer is n
of Brigham
Young of Salt Lak City, wker.j she
was 'bom.
(Uy Federal Wlreleu
LAWHKNCn, Massachusetts, October
3. (Special to Tho Advettisei)
William D, Haywood, secretary of tlio
Wnrlitra n 4llrt Wrtrlil nttnr
;;icHb ;t. S,.
M 1,oro today '"'"'""":i,J thot
tlon for a gcncrul strike will bo
ed mid that a ktrike will
follow If Kttor ud aiovnnnittl nro not
ucqultted of flio charso of murder, or
If their trial U wuduly prnlonKed by
H'o protecuUuii.
" ' '
Xttloi)tnr nrxt Mondsy, (luvrrnor
nml Mrs. J'rwir will rmunio their
monthly public rrfujdiout ut their
home, lielnreeii the hour of four ml
Ut o'lork lu He sfitrnuou.
' &GXNB Oil mPAWWGffMiiZzteti
Three Others Fatally Injured
and Eighteen Badly
Shaken Up.
(Tly Federal Wireless Tclejrph.)
BUFFALO, .Now York, October 3.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) flirco
persons woro fatally injured and eighteen
others seriously hurt in a railway
collision ten miles east of this citythis
morning. Among tho injured passengers
was Miss Helen Gould, of New
Miss Gould was trnvcling with a party
of women in her private car. Her
guests, too, were badly shaken up und
tho car is almost a total wreck. Miss
Gould's injuries, although painful, nro
not serious.
Colonel Mars, M.C., U.S.A., Tells
Other Military Surgeons of
(By Federal Wlreleu Telerraph.)
HALTIMOltn Maryland, October 3,
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Co). L.
M. Mars, United 8tntes Army Medical
Corps, told the convention of military
surgeons meeting hero today, that the
reported investigation had failed Vj
.n single benefit from tho use of
alcohol. On tho contrary, lie added, it
lessens the' ability of resistance of
many men in every line.
Tlio use of alcoholic stimulant, ho
malntaliiH), has 410 place in tho army
or navy, cither as u inedirlmt or for
reguleinent and Its uso should bo barred
by law, he said.
By Wirelftia,
O. 6. 8. 80110ms, on routo from Au
trnlia, Oetober 'J, M p. m, Will arrlvo
0:30 i'rlilny murulriif, weather permit,
tliifti fourteen Unu ut mnilei no
f or Honolulu. All wH
In loath flh (he T K K. H H Ten
yp Wu.
HALT IN WIS UK IS Where War Clouds Are Gathering FISHER TO TAKE B
Proposes to Five Powers Demand
on China for Boxer -
(Br Associated Press Cable.)
WASHINGTON, Octobor 3. (Special
to" foe Advortisor) A joint domand
.uponv'Gliir.a. for immodinte payment pf
ki rears on tho Boxer indemnity amounting
to $50,000,000 has been proposed
by Russia to tho other five- intorcstcd
It is denied that this movement is
intended as a sharp rebnko to tho Chinese
government vfor contracting loans
with- independent bankers in disregard
of the warnings of tho Powers and after
rejecting the proposed international
No official intimation lias been given
as to whatyill bo the attitude of tho
United States or of tlio powers, Germany,
Franco, Great Britain and Japan,
toward .Russia's invitation for a conference,
but it is said tho Europcuu governments
nro likely to look with faor
upon tno proposition.
Naval Officer Well-known to
Many Here, Expires Suddenly
in New York.
1 -l A
"! ...,J". . . O
- . " r ;-; .
wmms&mk KM ii-i
Who Mm well known in Honolulu,
$ :
(liy Fodernl Wirelew Telegrpli.)
NEW YOIUC, Octobor 3-
(Bpcial to. Tlio AdvertUor)
Rw.Adnilriil Luclen Younir, t
ono Umo coiiinund?r of tho
t Mar Island nvy yard In Hn
rriuiclico, u ded bar, of mi i
lllu4 which rwulted from a
ruptured blood ymkI in iuw
Emphatic Contradiction of Re
port That He Was Inclined
To The Bull Moose.
When Secretary Fisher sails awav
from Jlnwnil today It will bo to jump
into the middle of the great political
gamo now reaching its height of interest
on the malulnml. Thd Secrotnry of
the Interior will mnkn hii return from
Sim rmncisco to WnMiington n gon,
cral speaking trip, tning tho stump
for President Tnft in n number of tho
States to bo traversed. During tlio past
tew, tin) s the cnbloi linvo boruo vnrious
messages to him, setting political dates
mid outlining in a way an itinerary.
itiic mniuiantt puuitcatlous hnvo
t tbnt Secretary Pisher'o trip to
llnwnli in tho midst of tlio presidential
campaign had been .engineered by
nun lii'orticr to put htiiuclt out of tlio
nsi) nnd make It unnecessary for him
I ... 11 SWtlllil nt I nltnnlo fntt . 1. f 1 .1 .... A.
..r .,r..v Wll, ItM llUIll
aim ngniust tolont'l lioonevclt, those
wlio Know of tlio circumstances stir- ''More tlio Clnpp sennto committoo
his coining need .not Slw told vestigating enmpaign expenditures and
tlmt this is tlistinctlv not tlio case, hnwiiRn.i . . ,. .
'' "' ho hnd s.
while the fact that the Secretary i4' ;P"M?,cd gKcn 1C0'000 to
nlolit to take to tlio stump lmmedlato l,n0 "cpuhlican enmpaign In 1001 nml
ly niter ms return to the mniiilnua
hiillieieiitly contrndicts the statements
inntlo that ho Is a Bull Mooter.
What Mainland Press Said,
Tho story of the supposed disat
fection within th enbli ol and Mr.'" m,r'ls ru Jtusoll, of JJew
l'isiier's lennliigs M orlt' tlint I'reaideut Koosovelt had
nted in nn nrliclo written for tho oneo telephoned for n campaign
Times by John Snure, which bution. Ho doclared that ho had never
311141 1 ' l.-.l .... 1 .1 .. ... .
"The Hull Moose movement, which is
spreading into every section of the
country, bns reached the cabinet itself,
A rci.iarkuble story that there is
nlicctinn on tho subject of Roosevelt in
tho highest administration circles gain-
cd currency today.
" Sccretar)' W. Pislier, of tho inter-
lor department, is1 named ai the
lar nicmbor of tho cabinet who bus been
strongly moved by the sentiments of
Progrcssivism. Ho is said to bo too
strongly inclined to Hoosevolt to bo of
?rn Xn0tOt" in".clU90,u
"Tho story of tho attitudo of
PiBlicr is tho moro interesting in
view of tho report that mombefstjf thec
camnot in tno next lour woojes. wm
take the stump for their chief. Tt will
bo worth while witnessing just how fnr
Mr. Fisher gets on tho slump and what
ho says if ho go out into the cam
paigu. -
Has Business in Hawaii.
"The word tlint Secretary Fishor hnd
Roosovclt leanings came out first in
high official society and camo to tlo
cars of a prominent administration office-holder.
Ho proceeded to go to tlio
Whito Houso and adviso Secretary Car-mi
Thompson about It. Apparently
there was nothing to do. Mr. Fisher
had not committed any grave overt net
of hostility to tho ndministration nnd
couldn't vory well bo punished for liii
leiiniiigs townrd the Progressive pittv.
Besides, if n row were kicked up about
it nnd Mr. Fisher hauled over tho o.ils,
nnd theroupon ho should resign, that
would ho a worso kettle of llsli than
"All tho samo, it is noticeable tlint
Mr. Fisher has had most urgent
in Hawaii. Ho wnnted to get there
so badly that whon ho got to San
he broko over tho law that relates
to tho carrying of Americans botwccir
tho mainland nnd Hawaii on Amencnn
vessels nnd had to pay n fino for doing
it. Ho will bo gono for somo weeks,
will not got back until next and
when ho does tho light will be so near
over that it will bo too late to do much
in tho way of getting Progressives converted
and inducing them to up
to tlio mourners' bench nnd plcdgo
themsolvcH to keep tho Old Guard faith.
"Whether Mr. Fishor had urgent business
in Hawaii calculated to keep him
oft tho stump In this campaign cannot
positively bo asserted. It would look
that way, however, to "a man up a
"To go back n little, it will bo recall-ed
tlint Mr. Fisher, before his appointments
to the cabinet, had n wldtj
for Progrcssivism in Chicago and
his home States of Illinois. Ho wns put
into tho interior department to succeed
Bnllliigcr because tho Ballinger tenuro
had loft a bad tasto in tho mouths of
tho Progressives. Ho was offered as a
sou to tho Progressives.
Other "Disaffection in Cabinet.
"Since then, ho has not Inid asido his
progressivlsm. Ho has advocated Progressive
politics 11s regards Alaska and
has been progressive on questions affecting
tho public domain generally.
About four months ago, ho mado a
speech in favor of tho initiative and
referendum. That speech was good
rending for tho Progressives, but It fell
like n wet blanket over tho administration
crowd at Washington. It may bo
11 mero coincidence, but slnco then Mr.
Fishor has kept out of the speech-making
.business. Somo say, with a show
at authority, that ho 1ms been kept out
nnd given to understand that conservation
of hii oratory would bo ost coined in
Whito Houso quarters ns a great favor,
"At one time, too, it nil! bo rcrnllud,
there was much talk of nutting Flslier
in ah Republican campaign manager,
Somehow, though lie Is an ablo politician,
nml would hnvo brought Mr Tuft
soiiio 1'rogrmlvo strength, this did not
"Air. fuller U not t lie only o of tho
I rnblnet who Incline strongly to Hie
llooiovelt M. Postmaster General
llltcueofk l looked on n not bostllo
to Rootr,relt He Is devuliinf hhumli1
) (CafttlABi 4 on l'ga four )
Tells Senate Committee About
His Former Campaign
DQnics Roosevelt Asked Him to
Assist in 1904 State
Fund Swelled.
(liy Ffdrrnl Wlrt5Tdeerph.)
to The Plnrnnnt
tor .. -.,... -
,r, ,E
I "" "" i1"" ""'"l1 'whucw louay
-",uw to tno llepublican enmpaign of
During an hour's questioning Air.
jiTorgaii . denied omplmtically tho chnrgo
" cummumcnllon wtn i'resident
"oosovcit and asserted that ho know of
no couforenco nmong tho flimncinl mca
in mi or 1908, to
. ,,, ,, ... agroo upon support-
"'B V "epubhenn or Domocratic
.dcntial candidates.
In this, his first nppoaranco on tho
witness stand in
years Mr
ua,Di r.
',,--,. . .,
rrf!'n nPPerd willing, to answer all
questions. Ho confirmod tlio testimony
of Georgo R. Sheldon yestordav. that
1'0 bud .given $100,000 to tho
lican natioiml fund raised for tho Now
xork State campaign,
"Secured Ho Favors '
Mr. Morgnn asserted that no
hnd over been given by his
Arm or by himself with tho Idea of
nuuuriiijr any wvorg thereby. Ho was
espocially intcrcstod in the 100 campaign,
ho said, solely for tho welfare
of tho country nud tlio people at largo.
That wns tho only interest, ho said,
that guided him in making contributions
to tho political party.
The testimony of Mr. Morgan sun-ported
that of Mr. Sheldon yesterday,
that the so-called "Hnrrimun fund"
of 3001 hnd boon raised as an emergency
fund to help tno Now York Stnto
campaign. Mr. Morgnn added that ho
understood that to bo the fuct when
ho gave $50,000 to the fund on November
1, 1001,
Insurance Companies in It.
WASHINGTON, October 3. . Bv As
sociated Press Cable) Judge Duell,
Roosevelt's proconvontioii munnger in
Now York, testified that each of tho
insuraiico companies contrlbulod $50.-000
to tho 10P4 campaign.
Among tho other distinguished financiers
who nro oxpected to appear this
week aro John I). Archbold, bond of
tho Standard Oil Company, nnd Senator
Boise Penrose of Pennsylvania, who, It
in charged, handled some of tho money
contributed by tho Standard Oil for tho
SAN FRANCISCO, October 3. (By
Associated Press Cable) Kxcormting
thu California primary )nw as to most
of its features, the stato suproma court
today hunded down a decision stating
sluee tho constitutionality of tho law
ir uncontested by tho petitioners, tho
Tnft electors nro not entitled to n place
011 tho ballot. Tho petitions having
closed, Tnft Is without roprosontation
on tlio ticket so fnr lis California is
INDIANAPOIdB, Indiana, October
i- (11)" Annotated l.'re
ernor Woodruw Wilson, in a speech before
a great crowd hrro lust ovuiiltig,
cuunttil u sensation by tlio dealurutloii
that Colonel llouiovelt w iucuuipo.
lent to fill thu tiOtitlou of President,
its ho hud bean Irli'd in that pomtlun
mid fraitnl wnnllnrf 1'mldeitt 'JVfl,
likuwlm, he said, hud btftiu found

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