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IliT rJl Wlrtlm Telerrsph )
WASHINGTON, October 4. (Special
to Tito Adtrrtisor) Testifying todny
before tlio IT. S. senate nmputgn con
tributions anil expenditures Invcsllgnt
ing committee, Theodore Koosovcdt cli
maxoil n sensational hearing by n do
mnr.d tlint Senate Poles Pcnrno of
Pennsylvania be oxpellefl from tlio sen
nto ns an enemy to the common good
"I hold Penrose should be thrown
out," said Itootcvclt, "lii'causo flf bis
admissions before- tins committee tbat
lie advised John D. Arclfbold to try to
purchase immunity from government
"John D. Arehbold testified that the
lato Cornelius N. Bliss, Itepublican nn
tlonnl treasurer in 11)04, tried to black'
mail him.
"I do not hcllcvo him, as you have
scon by my letters that as won as thorc
wan a rumor thnt Improper contributions
had been mndc, I ordcrofl them ro
turned. I had assurances from Illiss
and Georgo 1). Cortclyou that there
were no such contributions.
"Pcnroso says ho advised Arehbold
to submit to the 'blackmail because of
'hostility in certain quarters.' They
could only obtain the hostility of myself
they could only incur that if
jthoy violated the law. Penrose's
in such ndvico would only hnvo
been to securo tho Standard Oil Com
pany against government action if it
violated tlio, law." i
What Harriman Did.
Colonel llooscvolt started bis testimony
by attempting to break down evidence
that the into P.dwnrd II.
cooperating with him (Roosovolt)
raised n collection of $250,000 for the
190-1 campaign. llnrrininn, through
William Locb, Jr., said ho asked to bo
given an audience. Tlio witness said
lio granted tho request and that William
l.ocb was prcsont at tho tunc, i.ilwnrd
Harriman explained, colonel Jloosovcit
asserted, thnt nioro money was needed
in the New York campaign to elect
Prank Higgins, Itcpnbllcnn candidnto
for Governor. Then, he declared, Harriman
nsked him to have George I).
nnd Cornelius N. Bliss assist in
raising funds. Harriman, Colonol Roosevelt
said, explained that ho had borne-ns
much of the expense as ho could
Colonel Roosevelt then declared he
asked William Loeb to telephone both
Cortclyou and Uliss and ask if thoy
could help Harriman out as ho had requested,
"Not onco during our Interview did
wo refer to tho national campaign. To
the contrary, nt Hnrrimnn's request, I
was to help him out in tho Now York
Boosted for Dopew.
"Later, Hnrriman urged that Chaun-coy
M. Dcpcw, United States senator
from New York, bo appointed ambassador
to Prance. I told him that somo
of his friends wanted James llnzen
Hyde appointed. Ho then immediately
'backed water' on the Dcpcw proposition."
Colonel Roosevelt declared that "if
the Standard Oil Company contributed
to his 1004 campaign, it was dono without
his knowledge nnd consent."
Denounces Utiles.
Colonel Roosevelt denied tho
attributed to Chairman Charles D.
llillcs, chairman of tho Republican nation
committee, nnd Representative
gi ess! vps had spent something liko
$3,000,000 in the present campaign.
"I BiigRcst," said Colonel Roosevelt,
"that theso men bo brought boforo
this oommittee and bo required to
llartholdt of Missouri, that tho
good their statements. If they
cannot, they should UO UTlVCn. trcrni
jublic life."
Roosevelt domnnded that Charles P.
Tuft, half-brother of tho President;
Win. M. McCoombs, chnirmnn of tho
national Democratic committee, nnd
Vice Chairman Win. G. McAdoo bo sum.
(Iljr Ffderal Wireless TelecrspM
LONDON, October 4, (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Tlio news that tho
representatives of Turkey nud Italy
liavo signed a pence treaty in Ouchy,
Switzerland, is regarded here as particularly
ominous, It is taken to mean
that the Porte has cleared for action
ngatnst tho armies of tho Balkan States
coalition, and that war is inovitablo.
Whether it will follow Turkey's rejection
of the ultimatum that tho coalition
has intended to send, but which has not
reached Constantinople, or whether it
will tlare forth as a result ot acts or
aggression on each side is the question.
As far as that is concerned, a stato
of war may now be snid to exist.
bloody skirmishes liavo nlrcndy
taken place between Bulgaria nnd Servian
nnd Turkish forces and reports of
Invasion of Turkish territory by Bulgarians
in nro apparently well
founded. Ills barely posslblo that wnr
mnv be averted by porno marvel of
diplomacy, but it is certain thnt if war
does come Turkey Is well prepnrod to
meet her onemies,
Turkey Warns Powors.
In this connection, there ia
canco in tho following nolo, which Turkey
has sent to tho Kuroponn Powers;
"In view of tho manifestly aggressive
attitude of the Balkan States, Turkey
reserves to itself full liberty of action,
convinced thnt the civilized world
will not fall to do juttlro to its
attitude, But this cmiuot exclude
care for safeguarding its indignity nnd
security an wen hi ii right. "
This. It would wmi, l tlio Porte'
way of prttjmriiig the world for the full
lire of the Puwr to U
ulf hoitilltiPb Netfuttntioiii by tlio
IWi'in in favor uf ikhud ute bung
curried on, th most iuitorUiit
being held iu Purls, lmuc.
It Is riiorl4 thnt Aunttls will
liurape'i wsndiiU to uke tit
needful tp iu luislin t U wr.
Meeting of IiivsiIm.
(11 VtiHti WlllM T.l.,tn i
rilN'irrANTINUl'l.r Tuiko it, to
Iter 4 - (tipmlnl Iu 'Hi, Mterliuii
Jliiui'liiuvuu kI liultfiiii.ii, iii.i, . r, l ,
im (ruli , liiiltlth tut i '.. i ((. I
((Hv Wlrrlniw Tclpgrnph 1
LONDOW, October 4. (3?ccial
to Ths Ailvertlsw) An engage
ment has taken placo south of
Harman'l, a Bulgarian town
thirty sovon milts north of
anoplc, according to n
noplo dispatch to tho Exch&ugo
Toleoranh Company. Tlio casa-
alty list la placed at 400 killed.
Kov Chnz, to tho northeast of
The invasion of Turkey by tho Bul
garian nrmy Is tho most important move
nf the Ilnlknn Mountain States' war.
Tho Turkish cabinet has ordered an
army to meet the invndors. The report
of a battle has been received here, but
details nrc lacking. Many persons are
said to have been killed.
Powors to Enter Crete,
OIt rnlcral Wlrrleni
COIXKINE, Germany, October 4.
rspilnl tn The Advertiser Tho Co
logne Gazctto hears that Great Britain,
France and Russia arc planning tho occupation
of Crcto, fearing that Greeco
intends to nilopt nn nggrcssivo policy
with regard to this island.
Italy will not participate, owing to
tho Turco-Italian relations. Tho contemplated
measure, according to the Gazette,
is agitating the Cretans RTcatly
and forclblo resistance to such intervention
is proposed.
(lljr Moral Wireless Teleersph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, October
I. (Special to The Advertiser) OInf
Tveitmoc and Kugcno Clancy of San
Francisco wero today chargedwith being
principals in tho dynamiting of
tho Llewellyn Iron Works in Los Angeles,
California, and of other Pacific
oafct explosions, by United States
Piosceuting Attorney Charlo W. Miller,
in his opening mldtess to tho jury
tvlm.li U frvlnir the lortv six union
inl or IcnilerH on n clinrge oi conspiracy.
"It will bo shown," said Miller,
"that Tvcitmoo arranged for the explosion
in the Llewellyn Iron Works in
Lns Angeles. December 25, 1010, and
he wrote to MeNnmnra in Indianapolis
ho hoped 'Santa Clans would bo as gen
erous to you in surprises nnu prcsums
of tho season ns ho has to us in tho
Golden State.'
"Wo will show thnt 'tho presents'
were the explosions."
Olv redernl Wlrelcsa Telegraph.)
DOVHR. England, October 4.
cinl to The Advertiser) The Uritish
submarine B2 was run down by tho
Hamburg American Steamship Company's
liner Amerika today. She sank
nt once, drowning fifteen of her crew.
The officer in charge was rescued.
Tho disaster in which the D-2 was sunk
occurred whllo tho third patrol flotilla
of submarines was maneuvering off tho
coast of Kent.
Tho steamship Amerika appears to
have cut tho submarino in halves.
Lieutenant Richard I. Pullcync, second
in command, was the only man among
the crew of sixteen to bo saved. Ho
was found floating in tho sea, too exhausted
to sny moro than "the
submarine is cut in two. I went down
a mile."
(By Federal Wlrelesa Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, October 4.
to The Advertiser) Stories of tho
privation nnd suffering, without precedent
in the history of Central American
warfare, nro coming to tho stato
from its agents in Nicorngua.
Tho pitiful feature is tho terriblo
of women and children, and tho
inability of nil relief ugoncics to meet
tho demand for food for tho starving
Tho fact that a drought blighted tho
Nicarnguan crops and dried up tho
fruits has added to the horrors of
war. foreigners as well as natives
huvo been brought to tho point of starvation,
nnd it is thoir plight which has
determined Southcrlnnd
to sweep away the romnnnt of the rebel
forces south of Mnnagua.
Orders Hotels to Vacate
MANAGUA, Nicaragua, October 4.
(By Atsociatcd Cable)
Southerhind, commanding tho United
States forces in Nicaragua, has ordered
General Zcladon, tho rebel commander,
to vacate his present position or pro-pare
to do battle with 000 American
WESTVTLLE, Oklahoma, October 5.
(By Associated Press Cable) Tho
Kansas City Southern passenger train
was held up near here Inst night and
tho express enr safe blown open with
nitroglycerine. Tho robbors secured
mocoy and valuables to tho amount of
ten thousand dollars and escaped. A
posso is in pursuit.
(By Federal Wireless Telerrapb.)
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania,
4, (Spocial to Tho Advortiser)
Tho new torpedo boat destroyer Bealo,
while proceeding down tho Dolnwaro
river last night from this port for
Newport, Rhode Island, collided with a
barge and a largo hole was torn In her
TUCSON, Arizona, September
uutomobilo of an American mining
engineer named Hocksworth saved
Campa, tho rebel leader, from
by Colonel 0 iron's IVdoroU Wed-
noday, tlio rebel chief abandoning his
moii to affect hit unit escape,
('nmim's dumtlou of his men wns
described In u mebsngo from Altar,
ulilclj ntntcd that when tho IVdurnU
vuiro mi tho lieeU of the lleoing rebels
alter the route of the latter by Cllrou,
I'Hinpa met tho mining eiiylin'er. Ho
forcwl Ilovlotvorth to turn about and
I iik ti lil in out of ikiugur, liiHiliig his
iu0u to tlilft for IIioiikiiIwwi. J 1
took 1'niiipN Iu a i Kiln t niwir
(Vuwrulbl on Ihu Kanuru llnilny.
Tk AlUr dltUivt klluntlou In
Umium vf il UiilnliuM Hud tin
tuolilijg uf th dilni by tU fituU.
Tim rtwiduut urn fiiuf Uniillou, lu
I Mr ftllil. I lit. iuIikU luutod Ubhl
mucli, U uwiivd b) nu I'.uhIUIi
" Tji tuuk till uf tlin liirr,
(In- iwMrbtis wruuu
tj uu i U dufrl
Engineers and Draughtsmen To
Movd to Pearl Harbor to"
Temporary Office.
(Prom Saturday Advertiser)
Tho civil engineers and draughtsmen
at tho Honolulu navnl station will
liiovn next week to Pearl Harbor
occupy temporary quarters in ono of
the seven industrial buildings until tho
administration building is completed.
With this removal tho Honolulu
uav.il stutiou will become merely tho
ollico of tho commandant and tho captain
of tht 7.r3 md their respective -of
lice sUiTb. Already tho paymaster lias
I'stublishcd IiIh oflico at Pcnrl Harbor
and spends much of his time there, having
but one clerk on duty ia tho Honolulu
office. Tlio storekeeper has also
moved his nUlco to Pearl Harbor .and
performs nearly all of his duties on tho
new rcsurvntion.
Tim marine corps barrackB and officers'
quarters are nndcr construction nt
rear llnrbor anil in .May or June oi
next year tho battalion nt Camp Very
will be moved there, leaving only a
puard here to look after navnl coal
piles. When these arc removed in war
ships, and all other navy conl is piled
in the great basin which the engineers
arc just starting at Pcnrl Harbor, tho
locnl nnv.il station will be little more
thnn an office building.
Vpon tho completion of the commandant's
quarters at Pearl llnrbor
lute next year, even that official will
reside there. What will eventually be
come of the local naval Btntion park Is
piob'ematical, hut it is believed that
ii,0 Armv mnv receive it from the Nnvy
and that hcudnunrters will bo estab
lished there, to include also a quarter-master
There is ono good thing about a
ilitical campaign and thnt is, if you wait
JUI1LI VUUUIl, tllU IIUIII .luvut, uttj ,u'
ticular candidate is bound to come out.
Thus, at a mooting held in tho fifth district
stnblcs last night, it was explained
just how J. M. Dowsett came to be n
candidate pro tern on tho Business
Men's ticket for Dclegato to Congress
and just how ho enmo to withdraw. Tho
meeting was called for tho purpose of
introducing by proxy tho vnrious G.
O. P. candidates to tho electorate in
that particular section of the fifth.
Kubio was cheered, Colonel Parker was
cheered, Paris got somo little applause
but Dowsett 's name was heard in stony
silenco. It was ovidently up to somo
one to explain, and Solomon Mahelona
stepped into tho breach.
The leader from tho ninth told tho
Hnwallans present that things were not
whnt they seemed nnd that Dowsett,
far from being the foo of tho Prince
many supposed, was, in reality, his
warmest admirer nnd supporter. When
the business men, ho detailed, supposed
that Kuhio would not again bo a candidate
for his Washington job, Dowsett
was selected to run in his place, nnd
Dowsett. beinc under tho same error
regarding Kuhio 's intentions, accepted
tho nomination. Then, much to
chagrin and shamo, ho learned
thnt the Dclegato wanted tho nomination,
and what did ho dot Why, sahl
Mahclona, reaching his climax, ho immediately
withdrew in favor of tho
Then the cheers for Dowsett broke
forth. Any man who would do what ho
did for lovo of Kuhio is going to bo
strong in the fifth.
The Y. M. C. A.'s first annual celebration
of tho opening of their now
building" nt Hotel nnd streets
will occur on Friday evening, October
11, when tho building will bo
open to both men and women.
Preparations nro being mnile by A.
T, Wisdom, secretary of social privileges,
to cntcrtnin at least 2000 men
nnd women of tho city. There will bo
special music in tho games in
tho gymnasium, a ladies' bowling tournament
and a concert in tho games hall.
Miss Coltais and Mrs. Tacknbury will
sing at the concert nnd Professor
Ornca will play while tho Borvices of
other artists will bo secured in ordor
that tho nssocintion may entertain its
guests with a good concert of nn hour's
It. H. Trent, president of the
ciution, will presldo and will spoak
upon "Tho Association's Work hi the
New Building;" Tho services of somo
other well known businessman will bo
secured who will speak upon "Tho Ah.
t.aciation from the Standpoint of tho
Tho building will be opon for iiupcc.
tian, wlilfo tho billiard rooms will bu
turned over to the exclusive use of
Indies who wish to match their skill
against that of their escorts. In tho
bowling alley, n niiitch between two
teams composed ot ladles will uo played.
Refreshments will ho served and rfh
orchestra will furuiiih iiiuhte In tlio
lobby during tho evening. It has been
iiiiiimiiu'i'il thnt all who iloiro invitations
for the social may obtain thum
ut the desk In tho lobby, Monday.
Blit How do )uu tike uiy uew drest
lli -Hull, It remindi inn of u popu
lar tluwter.
Slur Wlist ilu you iiitmiii
Ii6tnnlng room uiilyl
A U . WuKT U w mwl
J'C ' . il ( Jit lu , ,i.,vl,
iat.!iili r I . JtruUiiK J'i i.i it u
4 it iyur itnvy iWu M - 14k4 by
i akih i i it r,.: i ti iwiut Iaui
' v
-.1 .
Messrs. H. Hnckfcld & Co., Ltd., nro
in receipt of a wireless metwaga from
the Kona Tobacco Company, reporting
the loss by flro "of tho tobacco company
'a property nnd the entire tobacco
output stored in tho curing rooms.
All that was saved is rcportod to Uo
iu the neighborhood ot 0,000 cigars
which, were stored in tho cigar factory.
Tho causo of tho flro is reported us
Further particulars 'will bo rccolvcd
by the Mnuna Kca this morning, and
until this is at hand the local representatives
of tho company nro not in
a position to know just what tho loss
will amount to. It is known that thcro
is somo insurance on the property, but
whether tho stock was insured to its
full value or not Is not yet known.
It is estimated thnt in tho neigh
borhood of 40,000 pounds of tobacco,
valued at 20,U00 were lost in the flro,
and that this will provo a big drawback
to the company at this tinio. Mr,
Dunicls,tho company's manager, is at
present in New York arranging for tho
ealo of the 1011 crop, and now that the
11112 crop is gono tlio directors feel that
it will bo a hard matter for tho com
pany to hold its connections with tho
Eastern manufacturers.
Hnckfcld & Co. liavo advanced in tho
neighborhood of $SO,000 to the corporation,
tho money being used to increase
tho acrcago and plant. This
loan was to bo for four years, tho
company agreeing to repay tho amount
out of tho proceeds of tho crops iu four
nununl payments of $20,000. In return
for this accommodation tho
pcoplo obtained tkosolo right to
net ns tlio selling and financial ngoitt
of tlio company for ten years.
In nil, about 250 acres of tobacco
land aro held by tho Kona Tobacco
Company, and at tho present time
nlout 100 acres are under cultivation.
Por tho 1013 erop it was- intended
to have 200 acres under cultivation,
and tho stockholders wero looking forward
to a good investment of thoir
money just ns soon ns they could get
their company going full tilt.
Mall Insurance.
A new fcaturo has been introduced
by tlio Homo Insurance Company,
whereby valuablo mail matter may bo
insured by tho merchant or individual
nt small cost. Registered letters
through tho postofQco nro insured as
to delivery only; if dost, unless gross
carelessness can bo proven, thcro can
bo no recovery of valuo boyoud tea
dollars. Tho insurance company will
pay in full tho valuo of tho package
in caso of loss, offering certificates for
salo at their offices in tho Gunst building,
wBcro packages may also be registered.
On Chaago.
Waialua dropped to 112 -yesterday
and will go lower. Oahu got to tho
25.25 point, us prodicted, and may go
a shade higher before it drops back
to 25, possibly the lowest point it will
reach boforo March.
Mlssourian Cargo In.
Alexander & Baldwin, Ltd., received
tho following cable from Now York;
"American arrived yesterday, basis
m, last half of Missourian's cargo.
Ship Edward Sowall arrived today,
basis 4.14.
"Holders of raws aro asking 4.17,
but not firm at this price Itofinors
bidding Gc less than holders aro asking.
"London beets: October, Os Cd;
May, 9s 10."
Norris Midway to Ecsuino.
Norris Midway, which is largely
owned by Honolulu capital, expects
soon to resume operations, which closed
down somo timo ago. In tho interval
tho company made overtures to the
Union Oil Compuny with a view to
selling. Nothing came of it,- and tho
directors at a meeting tho other day
decided to try and raiso the money
necessary to resume on tho 2,000-foot
hole,' in, tho last fifty-five foot of which
tho management says there has been
developed n strong showing of gas and
oil. When tho monoy is rniBeu thcro
will bo a tryout of tho oil-sand that
has been penetrated that distance.
Tom O'Dowda, veteran sugar boiler
at Ewa, who has worr.ed with Manager
Georgo Benton for tho past twonty
years, on Hawaii and at Ewa, "laughed
when ho heard In Honolulu that thcro
was opposition to tho candidacy of Mr.
ltcnton from tho mechanics of Honolulu.
"To sny that Georgp Benton is not
a friend of the Anglo-Saxon is mere
dribble," snid Mr. O'Dowdn. "I hnvo
worked with him and know that ho will
put a white man on tho job any time
in fcrferenco to tho orientals. On Hawaii
ho wns tho firiend to tho
inus on tlio plantation and ho is thoir
friend today, Tho pcoplo of Honolulu,
nnd I refer to the newcomers moro
than to tho oldtimcrs, should bear iu
mind that the lot of a plantation 'man
ager Is not all beer and skittles. Ho
is over nil of us but thcro is somebody,
more exacting, too, over him.
"I'm a wulto man and a friend ot
American?, If I woro not employed
on tho plantation by Mr. Kenton, I
would work for him or election, know,
iug htm as 1 do, us hnrd ns I intend
to work for him ns un employee. He is
a sounro man. If ho happens to bo engaged
in the sugar Industry it is to
bis credit that he U doing fur his company
whnt his company demands. Voters
should reullro thU nud work for
htm at tbo polls. Ho is a biiiliipstmnn
and tho kind thnt In wanted ill tho
councils of the Territory."
Chronic rheumatism often ntfnehs
the turgor Joints. Internal Irtmtmunt
of liny kind tiould lip wnro titan
but by applying Oliuinliorlahi'i
pnlii Halm frculy ami iiumiiglinx the
ufUM'ttx) parts Hi run tlwu a duy, a euro
i"jy bt Rlritttl. It will uffurti ioiho
rolls f ut intra nud by iitliiulnt( tbo
Inwiinmit, Mill DH'iitutilly ujlci't u font
j4u cur. Mutuo iitM, buHuvvr, ri
cuiwiiUfiiUU uillii. Ilu car
til iu I ii ii tli bunuli rutfulur. l'ur
! by flriiuii, Hu.HI, L fu , 1.44,
PIIuti hi JUwuil.
Results from Work Done Show
That Much -More Needs
To Be DTne."
"Charles S. Fee of tho Southern Pacific,
arid one of the best workers on
the Coast for Hawaii's tourist business,
announced to the 1015 fair com-mission
in San Francisco that tho entire
railroad system would bo tnxed to
its limit during 1815, nnd I bclievo nil
tne steamers that can be added to the
present facilities between Honolulu
and Snn Francisco will bo taxed to
tueir utmost," deenred Secretary II. P.
w ooa nt tlio promotion committee
meeting yesterday.
Mr, Wood also stated that nt tho
present time all the steamer accommodations
which hnvo been added by
tho Mntson nnd Oceanic companies aro
practically taken up on each trirp, the
tourist business to tho Islands having
been unusunly largo since last winter.
Tho secretary stated that in view of
tno numlicr of lectures on Hawaii being
given on tbo mainland just now
the trnvel to tho Islands next winter
will bo unusually heavy.
In addition to a number of professional
nnd volunteer lecturers, tho
"Bird of Paradise" play boa beeri ono
moans of attracting nttention to Hawaii,
several lottcrs having been
received from pcoplo who had
seen tho play and noticed the promotion
committee's ad in tho programs.
Ono of the inquirers is a wealthy
of Montana, who says ho was
figuring on a winter trip somewhere
when he saw this nd, and he expects
to como heie this winter.
Tho secretary said his small office
force is almost sWamned with corre
spondence nnd in mailing literature all
over the United Statos, Canada, tho
principal cities of Kuronc. and particu
larly in supplying railroads and steam-
ships with literature, although, owing
to the meager funds at the committee's
disposal, when litcraturo gives out in a
Place it' is not easy to it im-
mediately, Mr, Woo said the Commit-
tec's work in this respect is oxtromc y
(inn t iil with
developing now sources
of tourist travel and continuing to .,..
nlv tho old nlaees. thn amount nf lllnri.
turo obtainable is far too small.
Tho cost of printing new issuos of
literature ib great, tho postage nnd ox-press
account is almost "appalling when
considering tho limited amount of
money on land, while tho office force
which has actually to forward tho literature
and take caro of the correspondence
is altogether too small,
Will Ask for More.
Tho question of finances was gono
over carefully, in consideration with
the treasurer's report, and a Bpecial
committee consisting of the treasurer
and Messrs. Waterhouso and Warren
was appointed by Chairman Meyers to
asK certain contributors to increase
their monthly contributions.
"Ono of our troubles," said Mr.
Meyers, "is that we do not toot our
own horn enough, to show what- really
good work wo aro doing. A careful perusal
of the records of tourists arriving
hero, their incrcaso nnd tlio
of business in every
branch of tho industrinl side of our
community and thoso on tho other islands
shows that promotion work pays
us. Wo already nocd additional medium-priced
hotels and boarding houses. All
wo have arc doing good business, and
it is because" of tourist travel."
Jt was stated that as a result of the
tourist business tho Inter-Island Steamship
Company had been ablo to put on
two steamers a week to Hilo, where tho
railroad and automobilo concerns reaped
tho benefit on account of the increasing
travel to tho crater of Kilauca.
"Ave need much more money in or
der to work up in tho noxt'two years to Maui, hns as her house guest Mre.
the possibilities that tho vast travel .George Wilbur, of Wailuku.
toward San Traucisco ia 1915 will mean I Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, of Wnipunaloi,.
for Hawaii," said Chairman Moyors. "left for Honolulu last wcok where Mr.
In order to stimulato travel to Maui Meyer will undergo medical treatment,
and give additional photographic Doctor McKm0p a ncphow of Dr. E
edge to the world of the magnificent a Gooahu lm8 a'rJivea in South Kon
natural wonders in the Islands, It. K. v;hero be w'in e8tabii8h himself in
the expert, will jjco
be sent to Mnui on October 18 to take l ' . , ,
a series of panoramic and notUn.'"'
tures or JiaicaKaiu, tno largest extinct" -,; " :r . .v
crater in the world. Mr. Bonino's ar0 to tho
tion pictures of tho crater of Kihvuea j vnllcy Isle.
aro being viewed by thousands on tho I W. J. Hall, timekeeper at tho
where they nro being display-1 hau plantation, has gono to Kalopa,
ed by lecturers and in theaters.
Traveling on board tho Marama from ,
Australia must be proving unusually
pleasant, this trip, for with a grand t
opera coutralto, tenor and cellist as
passengers thcro must be some rare im- j
promptii concerts during tho long eve - 1
nings, for,musicians must practise, and
cii.KGis ...uov n.Mf iug.i ivuU 4 "-
In p.
mt. a. ..!.... rtti.. miAr,.nn. :,. ., .
idea of what the concerts on tho ship '
must bo like. That paper says:
"Madame Eleonora do Cisueros and
her nrti.tr. ns.oclntc. from abroad wero
straightway received into tho highost
favor at their inaugural concert in mo
Town Hnll on Snturdny evening Inst.
Naturally tho prima donna met with
tho warm welcomo of nn old frioud;
her brilliant triumphs in tho recent
Molbn opera season aro still fresh iu
the how sho swept everything
before her, of her temperament,
her ociil qualities, nud kcon louse uf
the drnmutlo situation. The opera Is
her natural atmosphere, but even in
the concert room she is very largely the
sumo CUneros, Her regal pretence nnd
her beautiful voire, bucked by consummate
art, capture both the eye nud
tho pur ni fully on tlio concert platform
iu uu the lyrlf (!'. The tenor,
Mr. t'uul Dufiiuft, mid Die cellM, Mr.
JitmiM Uebllng, wore nil
suci'Chk, and, Ilka, Mnilnnm .In iHsimrus.
lriwuiMitly Arnutenl Hip eiitliulHm of
tlm In rue nuilluniid, which, It nwiy lie
nij, liioluileil tlii yovnnir gpurnl mid
Udy Dniminn, Die Ipri) Hwyur ami
Imly iiMyorMM,"
"Wltitt du lhy il l Ibt Wltfi(tf
Murlly i'u fc" JnN4i
"WttMUfi slid pinufhU,"
leu iur
E i S
Illuminated Surfing Suggested
As" Unique Feature ot
Carnival Program.
Illuminated surfboard riding at
will bo ono of the; features of tho
water carnival in connection with (ho
next Floral Parade, according to tho
plans of Director Chillingwortb, who
proposes to have Duke Kalianamokit
tnko a prominent pnrt in this ovcut.
The idea is to outlino tho champion
swimmer and surfer in incandescent
lights, to be lit from a hnttmv uimn liin
back, nnd to have the champion
by a number of other surfers,
similarly Illuminated.
To add to the effects, tfic military
authorities will be asked to train their
Diamond Head and Fort Armstrong
searchlights uiion Wnikiki Bay.
Director Chillingworth is outlining
his general plans rapidly and has already
made -sufficient progress ns to bo
able to tell a few of tho features ho Is
relying upon to mnko tho 1014 carnival
a success. Fred C. Beckloy, nn authority
on -Hawaiian folklore, is writing
out a number of historical nnd
mythical tales, to bo reproduced in
floats by tho Hnwallans of a number
of tho societies nnd villages of this and
tho other islands.
Mr. Chillingworth will nsBumo personal
charge of tho Hawaiian section in
tho parade and will have a nnmbor of
able assistants. A. M. Brown has boon
selected again to act as marshal for
the cnrnivnl perioj. Miss Lucy Wnrdi
will act ns chairman of the princess nnd
riders' section, Miss Rose Davison,
who hns ably handled them in past
years, being unable to assume chargo
Heads of Committees,
Colonel Jones, adjutant general of
the national guard, will liavo chargo
; in. '"",VTT parnuo. Ilomor Smith,
t " 't, , FSu.rth of '"'7
J?," "V V'" "i8
f " ,,, Duk
ncncm'," : ?b,a"
"? fc 7" M'i"" '
",, ". ,, "U,"""I
"?WwWl, ' sueost, the knowledge
of '''?., ho gained on Ms recent trio
to Stockholm. Qernt P. Wilder will bo
"? a " " of a committee to
51".?- 8 ! bo"s?a exclusively for
decorating nutos. It was stated to tho
committee that in Pnsadena an cntiro
iicm is planted every year for this ox-press
purpose. It is believed that a
field in thc United States experiment
station grounds may be secured hero.
One of tho important committees is
tho automobilo section, nnd for chairman
tho name of C.v C. von Hamm is
being urged. It Ib thought that with
Mr. von Hamm ns chairman tho auto
section will ho made ono of tho most
nttractivo features of tho parade. Ho
hns always taken a deep interest in all
tho Floral Parades nnd hns uimn nn.
te'red beautifully decorated cars and
uas won many trophies., Tho promotion
committco hoped that Mr. von
Hamm could accept the offer.
Tho lanterns for the Jnpancso night
parade will not bo here until tho early
part of February, owing to tho halt
caused in their manufacture by tho
death of the emporor. A strong committee
among tho Jnpancso will handle
this beautiful feature. A committoo of
Chinese merchants is also looking after
all Chinese entries.
Miss Elsie Wilcox, of Iiihue, Kauai,
is a guest at tho homo of Mrs. K.
in Lahainn, Mnui.
Mrs. H. B. Penhallow. of Pauwola.
wuero no win uo team iuuu ami suction
Doctor Schooling, of Hilo, has been
appointed humane officer of that city,
a tact that will greatly pieaso ovory
lover of animals
rcv, H. P. Judd, of Kahului, Maui,
; making a visit to Hawaii, whero ho
tB attending to important Sunday school
work for his church,
3IJgg Mmlfl Wo0(la Qnd Mlgs Nora
hflV0 resigacd as teachers in tho
iHonnmakau school. Miss woods will
lime up a course vi siuuy in jiuiiuiuiu
n t -n .1 n Tl
"' ' ""
Kealoha nro nnxlous 7'i hnvo him run
Independently for suncrvif or In tlio
" 1 trlct, but the labor union thoro
refused to endorse him.
II- A. Weaver has returned to his
homo in Kohala, Hawaii, from tho
Queen's Hospital In Honolulu. Ho is
sporting a pair of crutches, but hopes
to dlscnrd them before long.
II. C. Austin, of ICohaln, will
on tho Wilhelmlna for the C'oat for a
six weeks' vacation, Ilu is bookkeeper
for tho IIihvI Plantation, tl.o Kolialu
Ditch Company and tbo Midget Association,
Itobert II. Hond has taken personal
chargo of tho electric plant at Wuiluku.
lla is president of the Islam l.'lnctrla
Compnny. Mrs, Iloud Is paying un ox
tendril visit ut the liniut uf Iur parents
in Oukliiml, 1'nllfoniiu.
Mr. mid Mr. I .a Hue ' Wntnon Imvu
Mrriviid in llil'i, wlin Mr Satmii will
take thi poiltluu nf tra.h.T of ugrl
.iHlture at tht llllo Ixwrdini; iiinl )Iu
ii araduiia uf ilm iMntw I'.iKterluilo
Ht'bMi hi Hkh litil OuUpn Miirurni.
11111,1 I I'M At (! pf bpr
UjiihpI lli,hur,l, .,i ((ulilii,
M..i,iU MuhM i W I V I)Iim J'hll
lit KUm of fimnml )tr
AtMAtA MM&gtoh&&giliu u tlmikmt kmminmnimSSmjiitm ,t2j.tiA Sfci, M... 'mate.

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