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waukec When Crazy Man Tries to
Presidential Candidate.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph)
MILWAUKEE, 'Wisconsin; October 14. (Special to The Advertiser)
Colonel Tboodore Roosevelt was today shot below tho right nipple. Boctors say
ha Is probably no); seriously wounded. They aro arranging to uso X-rays to
learn just whoro tho bullet Is located.
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, October 15. (By Associated Press Oablo)
Colonel Boosevclt left this city lato last ovening for Chicago. His assailant is
John Schrenk, a crazed lanndryman.
(By Federal Wiroless Telegraph)
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, October 14. (Special .to Tho Advertiser)
An attempt was made here tonight to assassinate Colonel Thoodoro Boosovelt,
former Prcsldont of the United States. An instant after the bullet pierced his
arm the Colonel stepped forward into tho gaze of the horror-stricken multitude
listen to his speech, and continued his address.
.PI.- V..1W M....l rtrm,,.!, tho .leove
of his overcoat arid buried itself in a
stanchion of tho platform behind him.
His assailant, an Anarchist named John
Scbranlce, was overpowered by a rush
of spectators and borne to tho ground, .
unmercifully nummoled, and then ru sued
oil with groat difficulty to the pollco
A lynching was narrowly averted. Tho
prisoner, half-witted, issued a rambling
statement in justification of his act. He
declared that any man daring enough tfo
run for tho presidency -with a third
term in view should suffer death.
Thousand Seo Shooting.
The sccno of the shooting was.
in front of tho Hotel Kilpatrick. Colonel
Roosevelt was scheduled to make a'
speech in the Auditorium in answor'to
United States Senator Robert La Fob
lotto's charges, ancLjn. tomporaryi stand
had been erected In front of the hotel
where tho Colonel was to greet the
throng of overflow listeners on his way
to tho big building. ,
Firing of tho Shot.
Ten thousand persons woro gathorod
in the streets and around tho stand
when tho Colonel mounted tho steps.
Tho meeting was formally opened, nnd
Henry Cochoms, tho famous old Harvard
halfback of the Ben Dibblo
football team, now a leader
of tho "Bull Mooso" partin Wisconsin,
had just finished his intrqduction
of tho Colonel, when Boosovolt stepped
forward. '
At this instant tho shot rang out.
A puff of bluo smoke from tho forward
part of tho throng indicated tho
location of tho assassin. Tho
man was directly in front of tho stand
and had evidently carefully propared
himself so as to be in an advantageous
position to shoottko speaker.
An indescribable sceno of confusion
immediately followed tho firing of tho
Captures Would-be Assassin
From tho speaker's platform Cochcms
hurled himself into tho throng arid
landed directly upon tho shoulders of
tho assassin, who was struggling
and pushing his way towards tho
outskirts in an effort t'o escape. The
weight of the burly ex-football player
bore tho man to tho pavoment, and In
an" instant hundreds of people joined
in a wild rush to reach the struggling
persistently ground his opponent against'
the navlnir stones, but nt the same timo
i. s il. . 4 Vi a rnfr
proiccieu mo umu iiuui iu ...vw,
which threatened a lynching.
Eoosovelt Speaks Out
It ws at this time that Boosovelt 's
voice mndo itself heard and tho crowd
stopped to listen, tense as statues.
"My friends-" shoutod the colono),
'"I am not wounded," and tho crowd,
many of its members political enemies,
cheered him.
Issues Statement.
IiBter Schranke insisted up?j iulng
a statement, in which ho attemptod to
justify his att. Tho statement was
filled with inaccuracies In English, was
Jong and rambling, and ovrdently tho
product of a lunatic.
It showed the man lind been following
Uoosovelt for omo tlmo with tho
Intention of iliootliiR him. A not-Look
fofmd In his pocket liore dates of
recent jstlifi by Hooiovult, tho far-Unit
lieu heini; Bontwiibcr 'M, nt a
if j'ol'it in Norlh CitroUna,
After tut sliootlnff Ilooiaveit
hi llunii.rtf his nwt oi the
iisnil and thi gsln to tto
Auditorium fur fclj ruUr mnlfs.
amtKsavtusn. tnsHBfcjsrji'SEtET ir f.smisBsiBaHnHiiBiwBiiiH i
. Fli
m, r GHEEBRIL hood
flu -
Get your name on tho Great
Hcgistry at the office of tho city
clerk before midnight tonight,
or you cannot vote on Novem-
lier s.
Yesterday there was a big
jam in tho clerk's office, tardy
ones tq the number of more thnu
two hundred doing what they
should Iiave dono weeks ago,
getting their names in tho big
book of voters. During tho
afternoon and evening tho ones
after registration lined up tho
stairs and into the clerk's office,
having to wait their turn.
This served them right.
When tho list closed last night
tho last number registered was
7C58, a total greater by 177 than
the total registration for tho .
last election. Today that total
should bn run un nreltv flnna
to the 8000 mai'k.
No attempt has been iriade as
jet to segregate the voters into
districts, but it is expected that
when this is done it will bo
shown tliat the heaviest gains
lmvo been in tho fourth, which
has been building up at a faster
rato than tho fifth during tho
past eightcch months.
j, ! b t 4 ttf 4t lb alf 'At e e 4e ifc slf
f p p i p t i w
Cher rough roads and through the rain
for four miles and hack again to Pearl
City, Liquor Jmpoctor Fconell, accompanied
by i'ollco Qaptnln XolUen and
Officer Wo, mndo u raid in a gulch about
four miles ubove I,Varl Oltv last nlliht
Dinl rougLt Sato ItJutnro with the
marked money In hi ROiiil, IClutnro li
host of a iiwilllou rii)n iiuil aknow
Much that ho l.ml been ti4pjiyiuii tie
men with wiuo t their nml, A ud
Illy lit "dno w " wits found, liinre
(Hun fQiilij b titiioi i. future
was rwa.
Mil-, . fiflHBfe '
Governor I'renr expects to bo kept
busy for tho nest "fow days ' choosing
successors to fill several positions
Created by resignations. Besides the
new superintendent of public works,
whom the Governor expects to name this
woelc, four vacancies on various boards i
ana commissions havo been created by
resignations. '
There are two vacancies on tho board
ui vuiiiuiissiuncrs oi pumic instruction
caused oy tne resignations of Judgo
m .
Stanley and JohnT. Moir. Tho other' " 6Poakers were given more timo
two appointments to be made are to fill '?. exPress thcmsolves than has been
the vacancies caused by tho "1,0t,ci1 them in tho last mew meetings,
tions of W. M. Giffard from tho park ""', w,cl1 nn1 overy enndidato had tho
board, and of J, T. Craig from tho li- JI'l'O'tunHy to elaborate upon the dif
cense commission of Oahu. fcrent plnnlta of both the territorial and
The Governor spent yesterday morn- co"ty platforms,
ing in eonferenco with Attorney general t Would Be Ecal Mayor.
Lindsay, Attorney Thompson for the i Samuel Parker was tho first snefliier
Kau Ditch Company and United States to address tho Kewaloites, being
Larrlsou, in regard to the duced to the voters by Louis
Tli i!l!!,n W? i" ' vouuiy committeeman from tho sevonth
f J,Sft .l i? iih Vie W Tho candidate for the
Z Jnni V " 1 ! "?uWaixi aHy was revived with applause, and
bo tapped for this without
maj project promised tho rotors that f olected ho
. t ., " iia tbe lay "ontl?. would have no reason to .ho ashamed
? thi. tntr,SU',p0rtant t0,be BOlv,C;1 of itB mayr. a wa his hearer.
iraSi Z I'Jnt r.'U,ri CDSi?' ,hat ll10 lnt"C8tB ot th0 """...unity at
.?Jiii .n reaC inr ,vou1'1 b0 oniaored tho
,, same as
ed regarding tho water license,
uc ,vouId it tlloy wcro ,llg Qwn
' ' fleorgo P. Hent6n, candidato for the
iriTD TUT nnilBIin 'senate, was nlso well received, and
fir I tn I.Ht lIULLnnb ffLZ tI,e w aa ot tho
Tfl mill niinnunii' " Hawaii should look forward for tho
H N fllflPfl UK fuiure" 8al'l Mr. Benton, during his
IU HUH Unllll nlDIl address, and, as tho spcakor put It, the
only way to do this was to seo thnt tho
"Tho Democratic party respoctfully
solicits yo ur financial assistance toward
defrayjng the expenses of tho present
ciimiialJiu. " This Is the form of anneal "
,V JS? S,0 "urru5"
ofi lb8aP,e Put Umac0:, , .
Tb', t,.poakcr was AS. Ka elppu,
that the Bourbon, aro making hinonj """ v""" "1B l' wa" ""wupiwi uy
tho faithful memhers of tho clnn aud"f, F ?,v?r ,t,mt ca,", iloWM ,lurln
tho county committee has appointed a l,' ,U m9 ihuL '.', 0CCUPlcJ ''' center
founnhtco with "Soapbox" Ilarron as ff the stngo, Ka Idopii mnniigcd to keep
chairman, to canvas, the county for tho "" ""?"." ",v,' ,hl"I1 Vr,0UB !0ut '''!
neees.ary funds to carry on tho cam-' W , Ivalolopn spoke In irnwnlian, un;I
PlK. it 1. tho intention of this com- ?' W' non step by iter, through
mlttco to see that about a thousand ' ,0, 0.v"Inl I'nrnBranUm of tho tjrrito
lars li raised by this method and flaI I''ntform, ihowlujf tho crowd how
thing from flfly cents to twenty-five ' w?,l,a ho to their Interests to vote
dollars li wdeoiiia to tho commltteo for ,l10 in'',1 t,m wou,,,1 R ,0 ,,' iol
worker. ,llurn to tin things tlmt would ho of
Tho Democratic leaden are doing this ,"'"',u ,0 ,l10 J160!'10 Bt ,MV-on
the niggeilloii of Ilarrou, wily told Audience la InUreited.
the mn In rhar of the BtnplBf,tiat lullowlng Jfolclopu, f'lialrinitn IC n
nuonrow yiipii wns sine m rilm a
iiiK turn oi inuiicr on ixa niAMiiuiii iiv
I lii oirllioil of MlivSMiutf Hi pulills III
tertti) Id tht wvlfsre of the ntrty ami
ho 'ulil i IV fti.iou why It'
work, Lr.
i Crowds Listen to Speakers at
Mass Meeting in Two
Rala ,ilid" not seom "to keep tlio ICn
itnaKo residents from attending the
opening Republican, mnss meeting nt
Atkinson Park last night. A fairly
good sized crowd stuck- it out through
the evening and on several occasious,
when it was thought better to clo'so the
meeting because of tho heavy showers,
tne crowd insisted that tho Blienkors no
on with their talking and thut they
could stand tho rain if the candidates
I,,lrJ' with tho most progressive planks,
in turn Uwrjjo Hinllliln., .1
Vi 'ibtrt. in pi. 1 1 n I'arkrr, Duviil K
Polity, y. U I'srn, Imrloi N ArnoM,
Amirew t'ox, tni Cooh, Jhwm
KomI, NbriHM Wlkiuii, Joliu Km
(Coulluuod on !' Four)
h - -i " " " '" " ' v i fwti" f s - , i. . . , -. t
, n j, i S' i . 'JCv F7 i-' , , ls ,rS5S:,
Dramatic Incident at Political Gathering in
Holds Boston Red Sox Down to
Score of Two, With New
Yorks Five.
Wonderful Rally by Nationals in
First Inning, Which
Wins Game.
Hv Fe.lppnl Win Trlrirpli )
NEW YOK1C, October 1. (Special
to The Advcrtl .or) The proud boast of
do 'Marquis, otherwixo "llubo"
Mt.iquard, that he would lower the colors
of the Botton contingent, was
this afternoon when he scored n
derisive win over the henchmen of J,
Gnrlnml Stohl before n crowd of over
0,000 persons on tho I'olo Grounds.
The real big feature of the game
entile in the 'opening stnaza, when the
Giiinfs, made despeinte by the fuct that
tho contest might prove the Inst mid
game of the championship,
stepped In and annihilated the song'
curves of "Heck." "0 'Prion. Tho avalanche
of blows completely smothered
the saliva kini:,. and when ho ouiumotl
om the wrocimgo closo of the
inning, inu jiouie renin nan stowcu tlio
game safely nwuy wltlun lead.
tsix lilts and nn lmvod.tho
way to a rally that will go down in his
tory a- one ot tlio mo?t vicious that
ever occurred in n world's hCripa.
O'llricn't) delivery wns wry mueli to
tho liking of tho Giant sluggers, who
eame to but, one after t(io othor, an"d
doiitod the ball to. tlie, far 'corners o"f
the Jot.
Bostons Seize Chance, - , -
Jfarnuiird wan bnbbliiisr overwltK
good cheer when ho went back to'tbo1
mound in the second inning, and, in an
. -. ' ' . -is,".
The New York Giants' manager, whoso
chances for tho 11)12 world's pennant
now look bettor.
ungunrded moment, he let tho lied Sox
nick his d'dlvcry for three hits and iwt
tallies. Then enmo hits by Gardner,
Stahl and "Kod" Knglc. Tho latter
was sent to but for tho luckless O'Brien
nnd responded fn the pinch with n long
aouulo tnat urougnt his two
home. Atter that Mnrnunrd settled
down to tho task which was before him,
of proving thnt the great
Lemon" was no loimor a lemon. At
times in those succeeding innings, "tho
Tlubo's" speed was too smoky to fol
low, Ho mixed them up and showed
control almost as good us that possessed
by Mnthewson.
Kay Collins wns selected to boar tho
burden shifted from tho young shoulders
of O'Urien, nnd ho tolled faithfully
nnd hard. 8avo for a triple by Movers,
Collins was nover In danger, and from
his exhibition would doubtless have
given tho Giants n tough battle had ho
been tho original selection for lloston.
Ilattla of "Southpaws."
Tlio battle of thn "southpaws" was
eloso. hut with nvcrytbliig In
favor and the new Idol of
llroailwoy bioeirod along In easy fashion.
After tho gnuia was over, tlio man
Agors of Ilia clubs tord n colli to
In whleh eltv the delillng game
vhoiibl I'n played hi lli int that New
York won tomorrow in lioston
Stnlil mihxl "taill," mil it fell
"tiil." o Ilia .i"'li (ain will I
ilvd In llMion
tltw YttrU mA trtH lilt. n. two
(CvjiUimd on Vt I'om'.)
Ottoman ISovcrnmcnt Scorns All
Peace Proposals and
' Takes Offensive.
Turks Lose Heavilv in Battle
and Are Routed; Allies
for Victors.
(By Fcilerst Wireteu Telrtraph.)
LONDON, October 14. (Spoclal to
Tho Advortlsor) Turkey today took up
ino gauntlet thrown down by tho
mountain Btates, and ovouts in th"o
.Near Last crowded closely upon ono
another to hnstcn what is boiioved to
ho the inovitalilo general outbreak.
Tho sultan's govornniout formally declined
tho proircred interference 'of tho
Kuiopeau powers in its proposed introduction
of reforms in Macedonia, and
coincident))'' nssumed tho offouslvo itself,
invading Sorvin.
Sorvia's roprcsontativo in
as well us thoio of Greece nnd
Uulgarin, was notified by his government
today to proparo to leave on a
liionient 's notice.
The participation of Greece In tho
conflict was almost nssurod by tho
Athens government's dolivernnco of an
ultimatum demanding tho release of
'Ireek ships seized in Constantinople.
Montenegrins Successful.
Moro succoss has followed tho determined
mlvancp of the Montenegrin armies
under King Nicholas 'nnd Princo
Oanilo. The Montenegrins lost 100 in
killpd and wounded in thoir' nttackbn
of B'clopolys, intho sanjok
of Noviboai1, says an ofllcln.1 report
received liy tho Montpnegriu counsnl
fleii'cral here, and the,,TurJtwi!rio5flo4
after the Datierto
hn.se suffered, heavily.- ' "V .
GoncrnI Inrtlnovltch's ndvanco
gunrd oncountercd a body of Turkish
troops .from Tnrdkosch nnd inflicted a
loss of .100 killed nnd wounded during
tlio battle, whllo Montenogrlu casualties
totaled 100.
General Mnrtinoviteh burned several
Turkish blockhouses, put their
to flight, and then with his troops
crossed tlio Itiver Boynnn.
Tho Mnllssori tribesmen In tlio neighborhood
of Scutari havo joined forces
with the Montenegrin troops,
Turks Invado Sorvia.
(Dy FoJernl Wlrelos Telogrnpli.)
llKIiOItADIO, Sorvia, October 1-1.
(Sjieelal to Tho Advertiser) A body
of Turkish troops crossed tho Servian
frontier nt at flvo
o'clock this morning and attacked tho
Borv'inn gnrrlpon there, nceording to nn
official dispatch rocoived from tho Ser
vian general in command.
Fighting wns still In nronrcss when
the mcssiige wns sent.
Improvement Club Also Holds
Meeting and Elects
After canvassing for suggestions for
renaming somo of tho roads in Slanoa
A'alloy for several months, it was
at tho annual mectjug of tho
Improvement Club, hold last
evening nt tho tennis court, to recommend
to tho superintendortt of publio
works thut tho Upper Munoa road bo
numed I'uuahou avuiiuo, and that this
thoroughfare run from its connection
with King street up past Oahu Collogo
and along tho upper way to tho end of
tho valloy, thereby avoiding confusion
fiom tlio uso of several street names.
Tho Lower Manou road, from
uvenuo to tho uppor cud of tho
alloy, will bo renamed Manou avenue,
if the is accepted by
the superintendent.
Buvornl other names were suggestod
for this thoroughfare, such us Knsl
Manou road, Princess aveuuo (uf tor the
Princess Kamuucli, who lived in tho
upper valley almost a century ago),
llegont road (nfter Queen Kanhumanu,
who alio lived In tho upper part of tho
valley) ami JCiimanell uvenue. Aftor
deciding to uiiino tho upper road Puna-
imu avenue, tlio club ilceltled to retain
Mimo'i for tho lownr thoroughfare.
Tho Miiiorlutoiidont of public works
notified tlio club that Ou,000 was being
pout to iiovaiop um wilt or system tor
Minion and Colleiio IIllln. nnd that tho
new rcnorvnlr on tho top of llocky filll
would supply the tiueds of ilio valley.
Two new ' wells waru being drlllml to
supjiiy iiio vniiuy, miii it would not lie
long before this water came nut of thn
Tim a n nun I election of oAlror resulted
at follows; 1'red I Vhroii,
i i iipisln Kiituull, M"- prtiMonti
Krntil Cltrh, secrotnrv, A. J 'fr)
leu, triurri riJ)llvr tlio
iiiurs mid I'barlii Hon, Is. tor, Piimia,
riNu flulM.

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