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Banker Testifies to Great Sums
for Roosevelt and Taft
Hv Frdrrtl Wlrtlri Telr(Tph.)
WASHINGTON, October 11. (Special
to The Advertiser.) fedward
Stotesbury of Philadelphia, Imnkor and
associate of J. P. Morgan, wns tho first
witness examined today by
coramittco investigating campaign contributions
and expenditures, Other witnesses
scheduled included VYi)iam, S.
Edward, Roosevelt leader in 'West "Virginia;
Fred W. Upham, of Cbicngo, nnd
S. Arnnowitz, of Now York.
Stotesbury testified bo bad collected
$ir5,795.r0 in Pennsylvania in 1004 i6r
tbc Republican nntiounl campaign, the
money going to tlie national committee.
Principal contributors to tho 1004
fund wero: American Bnnk Note Company,
$10,000; former Ambassador
Charlemagne Tower, $7500; Droxol &
Company, $5000; Bcthlobcni Steel Company,
$5000; Olympia Steel Company,
$5000; United States Steel Corporation,
$12,775; William Cramp & Sons, $2000;
Tbomns Dolan, $10,000; O. W. Elkins,
$25,000; Midvalo Steel Comnnny, $5000;
Pcnnsvlvnnin Steel Company, $5000;
Philadelphia Electric Company, $2500.
In 1008, said Mr. Stotesbury, bo
S1M.037.G7 in Pennsylvania for
tho Kopublican national campaign. Thol
more important tumnmuum tu
Joseph H. Bromley, rhlladelphia, $5000;
E. T. StotC9bury, $5000; Drexel & Company,
Stotesbury saiu lie gave o,uuu w
year to President Tnft's campaign for
(Br Fcdtrnl Wireless TcIfrrnPh.)
rODQORlTZA, Montenegro, October
11, (Special to Tho Advertiser) Tho
Montenegrin troops followed up their
success in capturing Detchitch Mountain
from tho Turks by taking, late
last evening, tho Turkish fort which
dominates tho town of Tushl from
Schipcinck Hill. Hoth forces suffered
heavy losses in killed nnd wounded.
Tho fighting lasted fourteen hours. Tho
road to tho Turkish town of Tushi,
farther north, is not open, duo to tho
advance of tho Montenegrin troops.
For thirty hours tho battle raged for
tho possession of tho mountain between
tho Montenegrin forces, under tho com'
mand of King Nicholas, nnd' Turkish
troops strongly entrenched in tho lulls.
Tho debt began at eight o'clock yes-
tcrday morning, tho first shot being
tired by I'rinco l'.etcr, ngninst tho Turk'
inli rmsition on Mount l'lnnlntzn. With
in u 'fuw hours the Turks ovacuated
the district.
StTongly fortified positions wero oc
cupicd by tho Turks on Detchitch
Mountain, which commands tho road to
Scutari, and reinforcements were
brought up, resulting in n general en
gngeincnt, which extended along the
lino for several miles.
King Nicholas remained at bis headquarters
in Podgoritza, while Crown
Prince Dnnilo directed operations nt
tho front. Tho Montenegrins reached
tho bombardment of Detchitch nt dawn
nnd a henry cannonading was kept up
until cloreu o'clock in tho morning,
wbon tho Turkish batteries on tho
mountain wero silenced.
Second Great Battlo.
Meanwhile, a great battlo began near
tho Turkish town of Tushi, about fifteen
miles south of Podgoritzn.
At four o'clock in tho afternoon, tho
Turkish commander on Detchitch Mountain
with his orticers nnd n majority
of his troops surrendered. The Montenegrins
captured four guns. Tho Montenegrin
standard was hoisted orcr tho
enptured position. Thero wero heavy
losses on both sides, but tho Montenegrin
camp gnro itself orcr to rejoicings
on tho first victory of tho war.
A division of Montenegrin sftldicrs,
commanded by General Vucotuch
crossed tho frontier early in tho day
near Bcrann. ,
Complications in Black Soa7
I (By rVdcrnl Wireless Telfcrsph.)
ST. PETERSBURG, October 11.
(Special to The Advertiser) A dispatch
from Podgoritzn, Montenegro,
says tho Montenegrin southern nrmy,
under the command of General
hns crossed the River lloynna nnd
enptured scvcrnl Turkish blockhouses
nt Tarnkoscb, near tho Turkish town of
The Russian minister of marine has
postponed bis proposed visit to Paris
In view of possible complications In
tbo Black Sea.
Scutari in Danger.
1 (Ur VVdrrsI Wirrleu Teletrph.)
LONDON', October 11. (Special to
xno Auverticcr) tho Jail of tlio Turkish
city of Scutari is imminent, unless
Turkish reinforcements arrive soon.
The town, with its manufactories of
firearms, will he taken by tho advancing
Montenegrin nrrnv.
Fighting in Progress.
(Ujr 1'edrral Wireleii TYJccriph.)
CONSTANT! NOl'MO, Turkey, October
11. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
righting between tho Turkish nnd Montenegrin
troops was still in progress
this morning in tho region of Tushl to
tho nortli of Scutari. Ho furthor de
tails hnvu reached hore.
Emperor Hopes for Peace.
Mr IVIfl VlrU TifermMh.)
VU'.NNA, Autriu, OcUiber 11.
(Special to The AdveHlwr) Kmperor
Pruiuc Juf, iu tlir cuurit of u ceil
vernation todity with a jirutnliiMit
lliB riMloee, Midi
"1 lout) that jmuim way still be pro
Ultimatum Prom HervU.
v rV4l WiraUw Tit(4i.)
Vl sv. a ,nri, Oeubsr
t 'ji,. i 1 , - Accord'
lug te IV ut, KrvU ba l(.ly )
lUvrrd br uhUUMluui Iu Turk") This
hat not miio MiifirwuJ
Mobilizing Great Array.
CONSTANTlNOl'I.t, October 11.
(Ity Associated Press Cable) four
Hundred thousand Turkish troops are
now lining mobilized, nnd the organization
of this vast nrtny is pronounced
10ND0N, October ll.( By Assoc!
atcd Press Cable) Greece hns
tho Chinese cruiser Clino Iln.
whicli 1ms been recently completed nt
Nowcnstle, nnd frill liso it in tho war
against Turkey.
NEW YORK, October 2. A cablo
messago calling upon Bulgarians and
Macedonians In this country to return
home wns posted today nt the headquarters
of tho "Macedonian-Bulgarian
Organization" on Morris street. T'm
message was signed by the preside it
of the (Antral committee nt Sofia, nnd
read ns follows:
"Send nil Bulgarians nnd Mncedon
fans to Bulgaria.".
Thero arc only nbout 2000 Bulgarians
and Macedonians in New York, but if
was said that thero nro largo colonies
of theso nntionnlitlcs in East St. houis.
South Chicago, Pitl.ourgh and other Industrial
centers. Mnny of these are in
tho first or second reserve, having
served their timo in tho nrmy.
WINNIPEG, October 2. A proclamation
calling Upon nil Bulgarians iu
Western Cnnndn to return to their native
land nnd aid in driving out ih.t
Turkish forces was'lssued from tho Bulgarian
headquarters today.
Mnjor McCinre, Fifth Cavnlry, is of
tho opinion that. French nnd Italian
aviators will tako ndvnntago of the
war in the Balkans to offer their scrv
ices and domonstrato tho usefulness of
flying machines. It is unlikely thnt
any of tho Balkan armies or that of
Turkey has aeroplanes.
Local nrmy ofllcera nro wntching developments
in the Bnlltnns with keen
interest, but some stnto they nre unablo
t6 find from the dispatches just who is
fighting or who is winning or losing.
They ibid tomo of tho reports nro con
trnr'y, and bcliero thnt those published
in London regarding Turkish
vicories nro sent vln Constantinople.
It is likely thnt American army offlccrs
may be sent to the Bilknns as observers.
The locnl officers nre of the opinion
nlso that unless tho Balkan stntcs
ngrec to fight under one supreme bend
the war may terminate favorably to
(By Federal Wireless Telecrsph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, October 11.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Mrs. Celia
Moore Haskins, a divorcee of this city,
who accompanied the Alameda oarsmen
to Honolulu a few weeks ago, returned
to San Francibco on the steamship Sonoma
wearing an engagement Ting.
It developed that, while tbo sturdy
oarsmen were sweeping the boating traditions
of Hnwaii into nought and winning
the coveted trophies, Mrs. Haskins
made clean sweep in tbo "game
of hearts" nnd won that of J. B. Light-foot,
u wealthy young attorney of Honolulu'..
Mr. Lightfoot wns called up on tho
telephone last ovouing nnd told of tho
dispatch received. At first he tried to
hnvo the articio kopt out of the papor,
but upon this being refused ho threatened
that if it wns published tho paper,
or the editor, would bavo to tako tho
Pressed for a reply to tho dispatch
nnd upon being nssuied that tho news
would be; printed, Mr. Lightfoot said:
"Then 1 deny tho story."
(By Federal Wireless Tclecrnph,)
SAN FRANCISCO; October 11.
(Special to The Advertiser) Tho Mat
son Navigation Company hns mi1
nouueed that with tho close of tho sit
gar season nt hand, it intends to thko
out of commission, one nt n time, nil of
its steamers Jor tho annual overhaul
inc. As soon as tho Lurlino has dis
charged the big cargo It brought in
from tho Islands on Wednesday it will
be tnken out of commission.
NEW YORK, October 11. (By As
sociated Tress Cablo) Mora
developments camo today in the' trial
of l'oiico Lieutenant uccKcr on the
clmrgo of conspiracy in tho killing of
Herman Rosenthal, tho gambler. An
eyewitness of the killing in front of
tho Mctropolo, Thomas Ryan, n chauffeur,
was evidently terrorized by tho
gunmen nnd declined to identify tho assassins.
Another eyewitness, Giovanni
swore on tho stand today that
"Whitey" Louis wns tho man who fired
nt least one shot. Ho failed to identify
tho other three gunmen now on
Dii in submarine:.
WATSONVILLE, California, October
11. (By Associated Press Cablo)
Submarino F2 today grounded wbilo
making n ruu, two of tho crew boing
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, October 11
(By Associated Press fable) Six
hundred nnd twenty exhibits wero put
in today In the trial of tho alleged
union dyunmiters, including magaziuo
gnus, fuscii, bombs, clocks
and dynnmitf. Mnst of tho nrticlcs
wero fccizt'd iu tho union vaults here,
somo in other cities,
"lr V"lrl Wii.l,,, Tlrrrih I
BAN I'llANCISio, October 11.
(Kptieinl to The AiUrlier) - The
eiuHinsbip KllnucH, Captain NlUon, of
thti Stowiu Navigation
CoiuiMny, 1ms urrivnl from Honolulu.
Tbo Kllnumi uhuim for wti ovurlmuling.
I -OU ANOICI.IX, Ortubor
AkMrsMMl I'rWM 1'nblw) 'J'Iid HWOIlJ
I rid) o CIurtMXii ltarfH, ttrwy for
iIm MKwHr, "hnl Willi sitHipt
i bribery iu I ho I fmruun l''iJ.J1''
Luck lti(it)ed tiDlll '.irm,r7l
Forty Thousand Throats
Though He Was in
Tesreau Not
(By Federal Wireless TelegrspB.)
NEW YORK, October 11. f8nccial
to Tho AdVortUcr) 'Attacked savngcly
ngnin when hits would have meant his
dotcaj, "Smokoy Joe" Wood, premier
pitciicr ot tne lloston American
Lcnguors, smothered tho New York' National
team today in tho pinches nnd
won liis second gamo in tho world's
championship scries, thus entitling him
10 mo crown in tne great battle
to the extent of which it has so ''far
been fought. '
Today's score wns 3 to 1 in fnvor of
Boston, and it gives 'tho Red Sox tho
lead by tho count of two to one game,
Wednesday's contest being tied.
l' orty tiiousanu persons cheered
Smokoy .Toe" today, despite tho fact
that ho wns in a Boston uniform nnd
bent Gotham '8 pets. With only two
days1 rest since he downed tho Giants
in me nrsp cnrounicr, xuesuay, woou
i..c pucing ...oou again rouay.
iiv yo jmii u Ilil'iiL; IU 111 1110 IirSt
game. All l.is strength hart been sapped
..,. believe thoy would have fiadnbettcr,
OATCHEE CADY, chance to win had Tesreau been nlloWib
The Red Sox bnckstop. Cady and Joe to stay in tho game-"--!;
Wood form a battery the Giants Tho greatest attendance." so far
have been unable to ovorcomo. inp this world's series 'turned out to
-"-kA-k-k today'" Knn,c 3c.5u2 fans-going wild
ovcr the sccoml IC(1 Sox .jctory. Tho
to keep the National Lcngucrs from receipts of tho dny were $7G,4, of
winning that engagement in tho last tho amount $41,387 going to the
Even though lacking his full ors nd tho nationn "commission get-strength,
ln wns too good for the New ting $7 G-i-I.
Yorkers in the pinches today. When Ci ' , . .
opposing TunuoiH got on tile bases and "! l'y ,nmnB!
the situation wns serious, Wood rose to "osto" " J? "
New 0 0 0 0 001001
tho occasion bv a supreme effort and loyk
turned the enemy back. Tho Giants mndo nine hits nnd one
LfvviinKii ViPvQii9VMKJwfkHukttiiiiltiKiHf
Five minutes nfter ono of tbo big games tho New York polo grounds, whoro
yortcrdny's Red Sox-Giants gamo was played, is a soa of living humanity.
In tho sixth, seventh and eighth innings
Wood wns threatened. In the
sixth "Big Jell" Tesreau, first up,
singled, aud Josh Devore beat out a
hunt. Two were on with noiio down,
bnt Joo made Captain Larry Doylo of
the Ginnts pop up one to the infield,
and Snodgrass and "Red" Murray, tho
next two batters, hit to tho lulleiu,
forcine out tho runners. In tho soventh,
with one down, Herzog Bingled nnd af
ter "Uig Cuier' Meyers had gone out,
scored on Fletcher's doublo to right.
McCormack. battinc for Tesreau, sin
gled and Fletcher made, a foolish at
tempt to score, being thrown out nt tne
plate by Ycrkes.
New York had another chance to
break up the game in tho eighth. Two
men were out when Suodgrass got to
first through Agncw's error. Murray
followed with a single. The score ut
this time was 2 to 1, and n hit wjalu
tio it up, but here Wood ngain demon
strated his grent pitching ability by
striking out Fred Mcrlclo and retiring
the side. It was another great victoi
for tho Boston Speed Boy and ho is the
ideal ot tho city tonight.
Manager MrGniw of tho Giants
started "Big .Ton" Tesreau ngninst
it; ( if;
Of thii New Vuik Aiucru'itn, MutUirSl
wild mi hitMlmll, wl,u a Usu".
''"' "" ' '' " ", "f '" Wf'i
tturl .M,
Cheer Red Sox Slabster
Wrong Uniform
His Equal.
1 'SBBiiiltiSJLB
J0E woo or BOSTON
Tlln ., ,, SnT ni,,, . '
1!" ,! , ., , i
V" ,""; ;"" .'"-'""' "" ""
!,,:' "G " "ur,UB
tho Red Sox again today. Tesreau had
Icon beaten before by the American
Leaguers 'tin the first game, but the
(Hants' chief hnd no other dependable
pitcher. Tesreau lasted seven innings,
just ns long ns he did in tho first game,
, ami tuon Aicuraw yanked him out to
, n'low MtCormack to bat for him. Ho
was wild in the early innings, wild
pitching bringing in Boston's first run,
but he steadied Inter nnd was pitching
preat bail when McQraw applied the
New York fans tonight, nro censuring
tho Giants' lender for bis tactics.. Thoy
error, and the Red Sox eight hits and
ono error.
Batteries iFor Boston, Wood nnd
Cady; for New York, Tesreau, Ames
and Meyers,
summary Stolen bases, Merklo (N.
Y.), Stahl (B.).. Three-base hit,
(II.). Two baso lifts, Fletcher (N.
Y.), Speaker (B.). Sacrifice hit, Stahl
(B.). Struck out, by Wood 8, by Tesreau
0. First on balls, off Ames 1, off
Tesreau 2. Four hits, and two runs off
Tesreau iu seven innings. Wild pitch,
Mcsreati. Doublo play, Fletcher to
Doyle to Mcrkle.
-i H-
October 2. Lieut. Bobcrt Louusborry,
aged twenty-eight, quartermaster in tho
First Cavnlry, second squadron, wns
thrown from a horse today aud instantly
killed. Louusborry, with a number
of ollictrs from tho fort, wns riding to
the turget grounds, whore plans lind
been made for a steeplechase. A troop
horse in tho rear of tho officers became
frightened nnd ran away, striking
LouiiBborry's mount. Lounsberry was
pitched into a mound of bowlders nnd
was dead when picked up. Lounsberry
wnR married three months ago to Miss
Florence, harl of Luho Mills, Wisconsin.
uit paqqui oiAi iiuiii nil su.u ejoijuo
ojuk sum oi uim pojvajiu oq.u uuui
an) pto jndoo.i o.i ui
qiuap oj pop sjaqfUA, iioo u 'sia
,Hua.V l'!AU(i jo uo.v iunSiip om ou
o;iu) u poSunpi puu 'oauopp U uo)
vu .(umijuii uio is jmh)jo oi) ;o iuoj;
u pji)iJ oii Biojju' pj'iiup 'noAOJd
m lioij um; sSujuiUJ Hi ;o paqqoi luoq
pui l)lM JOUii u 'jjdoo,) JUipin
t iiiumr rliuumutimi ' oftei. attack
tho larger joints. Interim! treatment
of niiv kind would bu worse tlmn unites,
but by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Iliilm freely ami mossagitiu tho
iifTiiilml parts three times a day, n cure
limy bo affected. It, will afford om
rxliitf nt onu nnd by (ontlnuiiij; tbo
trttfttiiieot, will eventually effect u rouv
plot i) euro. Soma canx, liownvvr,
uoiiiilurb iwIUiicp, in rnro
rul In udnii til IiiiuiiIj ai.inlM ti
! by jUiun, Riultb Ou, I41.,
,ij,l, , Ifnurull
This Storekeeper's Hospitality
Was Unlimited and Now
He Suffers.
Although vnst.,quantifics of liquor,
ranging from Jagorbecr to gin nnd
brandy, were'.freoly dispensed on Sun-days
from tho merchandise store of
Ynmasaki, a prominent Japanese of
Waianae town nnd not a cent of pav
usked, according to Ynmasaki himsolf,
the board of license commissioners
the Htntcnients of License Inspector
Fenncll nnd witnesses ho produced,
that Ynmasaki diu a thriving business
in Sunday liquor for cold, hard cash,
and suspended tho Japanese liquor license
Until Jnnunry 1, 1913.
Ynmnsakt keeps a saloon nnd a merchandise
store nt Waianae, each establishment
in n difforcnt building. On
week days Ynmasaki sells liquor in his
saloon; on Sundays, according to bis
story, ho gnvo it nwny in his storo, and
his luiolo friends, particularly, could
drop in, sit in bis diningroom ,as long
ns they wished, and drink as much beer
and gin ns they desired, nnd pay nothing.
It was just his hospitality
which impclloa him to dispenso
so much liquor to his friends.
Former Deputy Sheriff Chris Holt,
who wns deputy at Waianae about six
years ago, wns brought before the board
ycstorday'as a witness for Ynmasaki,
to show that in all the visits lie had
mndo to Ynmnsakt 'B store, ho wns never
charged a cent for liquor Dn Sunday. On
many ocensions ho wns in tho establishment
with several well-known Honolulu
businessmen and ofllcinls,. nnd had all
tho beer ho wanted. Ho novcr paid a
cent, but was not sure others did not
by members of tbc board,
Mr. Holt snid, however, that while bo
was deputy ho was informed and wns
led to believe that Yamnsaki sold liquor
on Sunday and ho mndo two attempts
to- trap and anrest him without
"There wero so mnny of my friends
and Ynmasaki 's friends who frequented
his placo on Sundays, that I ennnot remember
nil, but they nil drank there,"
said Holt. "They may have paid, but
I did not see any money. I nover paid
Mr. Holt also stated that on many oc '
ensions ho hnd been invited by lunas
of tho plantation to go into tho storo
on Sundays to drink. Tho lunas
ordered it and ho drank.
Sukimora, a storo employo of
told of tho transaction in August
when Fennell nnd a special officer entered
nnd placed him under arrest for
selling four bottles of beer to the
cial officer. He said on that occasion
ho hnd just recovered from illness nnd
according to Japanese custom, well a
recovery -was an occasion for a celebration.
So he had bought of
bottled beer four dozen bottles and
placed a dozen in the ice chouir He ex-'
pected to have a lot of his friends come
iu during tiro ovoning and drink his
beer. The four bottles were sold for
a dollar, just. ha Ynmasaki left the store
to go to church.
The dollar ho said ho gave to tho
bookkeeper to keep for him, being
littlo trait be had, for be had no
place' to keep money. Tho bottlo of
brandy Mr. Fenncll had found on the
premises belonged to tho bookkeeper,
who had also been slightly il, and ho
drunk from tho bottle occasionally.
The clerk stated that the special officer
who had bought tho beor, also
bought a can of sardines. This wns a
signal to Fennell who was watching
from tbo outsido and who then entered
nnd made tho arrest. Tho story of the
purchaso of sardines impressed Chairman
Cooko, who risked whether
was in tho habit of selling merchandise
on Sunday. Tho clerk was
rather fidgety over this question, and
snid that sales were sometimes made.
Mr. Mcrtons, n local bartender, wns
sent for in the nftcrnoon to give testimony
for the license inspector. Ho
stated that he bad frequently pur
chased and drank beer in Ynmasaki 's
storo on Sunday's.
At the close of the hearing, on mo
tion of George Pottor, Ynmasaki 's 11
conso wns suspended until the first of
the year.
Legislature Will Be Asked to
Take Action for Their
The legislature will be asked, at tho
coming session, to make an investigation
of tho so-called "wild-cat" companies
which operate hero and whicli
are organized on 'tho mainland. Tho
legislature may be requested to consider
tho Kansas law on this question,
under which 000 companies doing
the State shrunk to nbout thirty.
The latter were legitimate businesses,
while all the others could not with
stand tho light of publicity.
In tho past few years it is currently
reported that many mnliiland companies
which have sold ttnek here nro of the
"wild-cut" classification, nnd hnvo
mulcted n large number of salaried
men of money which will nut uud never
hnvo yielded n cent of Income. Clerks
urn 'till ayfng hhomiiumiN on ktork
which they tank years ago, nnd thou-mini
of dollar have been sunk iu
concerns whakH Blowing tic
founts of dividends pxi'led only on
Tim legislature It eji'fhc to give
mart than a pmIik llmiitfbt to thii
ijufnlloM, and It 1 lb!e llm local
tuveruuivnt limy be liiMruuiMilal iu
lavlwt ub u Utr iand.
Governorships and Senatorial
Nominations Pau and
Work Begins.
, By Ernest O. Watkac
(Mall Specinl to Tho Adyertiscr) t
WASHINGTON, September 23. Tho
hurly-burly of nominating candidates is
now all but over. The New York Democrats
have been in state cunveution this
week to nominate a governor nnd other
state ofllcinls. It is nimost tho vory
last of tho nominating conventions in
any States. Tho Now York
had their convention last week and
finnlly ngrced upon tho nomination for
governor of Job E. Hedges, tho peer-less
wit nnd popular orator. Confused
as the political situation is in New
lork It is conceded that Hedges
will mnke n great race and conduct a
toreihlo cninpalgn.
Massachusetts, another of tho very
late States in ranking nominations, has
held a primary. Joseph
Walker, a son
"'I"1"1""1 Jl.
iir i, . .loscpil
LWalkcr, of Worcester, and of recent
years n. pronounced Progressive, has
been nominated on the' Republican
ticket. Gov, Eugeno N. Foss, tho
JJemocratic encumbent, nnd A brother of
Representative Georgo F. Foss, of Illinois,
n Republican, will bo his party's
gubernatorial standard bearer again.
lie won handsomely over Joseph C.
district attorney of Boston.
There is to bo n great campaign in
the Bav State this venr. Senator Henry
tnbot Lodge is leading the Republican
forccs and is out and out ngainst his
long-time ii.tiimiti friend, Colonel -Roosevelt.
The Progressives have- put
ennd dntcs for all tho State offices
nfiold nnd aro to havo men up for congress'
and the legislature. That admittedly
weakens tho Republican prospects
of carrying the old Commonwealth but
there is to bo a fight to the very death.
Republicans will resist to tho last ditch.
Almost the very last of the senatorial
primaries, in Stntes where such voting
is authorized, has also been held. Thero
was interest in the
in New whero ox-Senator
James Smith, of Newark, and
Representative William Hughes, of Patterson,
wero tho Democratic candidates.
Hughes won handily nnd has resigned
from congress to bo able to chnduct his
senatorial campaign. Governor Wilson
tOOk TinTfirMllnr nnin. - ll.
UldaCV of C-,IH, l i
regards as a reactionary. Tho quarrel
oeiween theso two hns been of long
Governor Wil.! ,.i.i
ovor him probably puts Smith out of
will a1 A!a1
Til An 1 -a..
u.i,uw inuuicui consiaorauon. although
the latter ir a crpnt fnren in TAr.. n
ticsliecauso of his command of tho or
ganization in populous Newark. Essex
county, in which fcewnrk it situated,
comes close to having tho balance of
nownr in determining whether Now
Jersey goes Democratic or Republican
nnd whether the
Iccislatnre has n majority
for one or tho other political
Promotion Committee Hears
Most Encouraging Report
on Publicity.
"From my personal observations I
beliOyo that Hawaii will havo tho
largosVnumber of tourists from Canada
and tlik Northwest during tho wintor
than wehavo ever had, said A. W.
Van Valkonberg at the weekly meeting
of tho 'Hawaiian Promotion
yesterday afternoon in tho merchants'
association rooms. "Tho Northwest
is taking 'greater interest in Hawaii
every dny, nud particularly so ns
a winter resort. Advertising matter is
eagerly sought, a fac,t whicli I determined
to my own satisfaction. I laid
down a number of illustrated folders
on a hotel couritcr or writing desk and
found in a few minutes tbewero gone.
Thoy werepicked up so quickly by tho
travelers and those who were at tho
hotel that I wns amazed."
Tho large photographs whicli tho pro-motion
committee cavo Mr. "Van Val-
kenberg to distribute bavo beon bunir
in good positions in the leading hotels-
irom Vancouver to Winnipeg.
During tho meeting the committeo
discussed tho advisability of purchasing
moro kiosks for uso in hotels, nnd
Secretary II. P. AVood was authorized
to secure prices on them.
W. A. Bowen addressed tho committee
on tho work of tho
hnll team In tho United States and
asked the board to contribute to tho
subscription fund for medals as a suitable
"nloha" and souvenir of their
good work. Tho committeo responded
immediately, and voted $25 for that
Charles I C'hilliiigworth, director
general of tho Midwinter Carnival, reported
good progress in the historical
pageant und firmly beliorcH it will bS
a success from present indications.
II, .1. llepliuru, wuo recently returned
from Chicago, where' be niw tho
"Bird of 1'aradiko" staged, said it was
a splendid advertisement for Hnwaii.
Other mutters ilinciUki'd wero tho
Ghent (Belgium) exposition, at which
tho committee will endeavor to arrango
an exhibit. Walter G. hmitti reports
through letters great success with his)
l.'i'lures In the Northwest, nod Lloyd
Child writes of bis work und Its prog
res In an encouraglNg: manner
. I'AiCO OINTM1SNT Is uwmitc4
u vure any fata of Itching Wind,
Hwwiiiif; ut I'loitudinu 1 im. i.. o It
H Jy or money rrfuiidej Mudo bv.
I VIV.O Ml-Wil !V, l VI r4U,l
f " '-JA

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