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WOULD 00 MY Where the Ceremonies of Flag Raising Were Held JJ
Next Legislature May Be Asked
r to Remodel Law as It
Territorial Treasurer r Has Plan
for Extending Scope of'
Income Tax.
Radical recommendations concerning
poll tnx laws will probably bo mado to
tho legislature by Governor rrear,
should Territorial Treasurer Coupling's
present opinions on the subject bo crystallized
to climinnto the tax and take
care of the revenue by other methods.
Treasurer Conkling is of ,tho opinion
that the poll tax law, under which
about sixty per cent, of tho residents
legally bound to pay tho $5 per annum
escape doing so, is in need of drastic
Tho treasurer is preparing figures on
tho subject winch will be laid buforo
tho Governor beforo tho end of the
year, in which ho will show that tho
poll tax, which amounts to nbout $90,-000
a yenr, is almost an injustice to
those who pay tho tax year nftcr year.
There is a heavy percentage of citizens
who escape payment of the tnx for tho
Bimplo reason that they don't pay and
"Ifor another simple reason that they
Thoso who do pay aro mainly
thoso on salnrles, employes of others,
and in nil such cases they cannot escape
tho tax collector. There is n rank and
file among the citizens who do not see
$5 in cash from one end of tho year to
the other and who would find it almost
a physical impossibility to pay tho tax
nuthorlzed by law. In some of the
country districts tho natives, for instance,
seldom pay the tax becauso they
have not the means. They make mats
nnd many other things in which thoy
nro skilled nnd live by trading with
stores, obtaining fish from tho sea by
their own skill nnd raising tnro for
into poi.
The man who makes $30 to $40 a
month as an employe of a business
house, whoso rent, -clothing and general
living expenses for himself and fnmily,
require almost every cent earned, is
compelled to pay poll tax. The tax collector
sees to it, and the employe has
no opportunity to dodge payment. Tho
district courts are cluttered at vnrious
times of tho year with suits brought by
the government for the payment of the
noil tax. as well as other taxes.
Tho treasurer has constructive ideas
on tho rfubicct of rctaininc tho collec
tions, howover, even though tho poll
tax is eliminated, by passing a graa.
uated scale of income tax whereby ov
erybody who earns or receives an in
como, oven down to $250 a year, pays
somothiiie into the treasury. He would
reduce the exemption from $1500 to con
siderably less, so that the man on salary
who receives $2000 a year would
still pay into tho treasury in income tax
the amount ho now pays in poll and income
tnx, but nt the same time many
of those who havo heretofore escaped,
paying poll or income tnx, would pay
something, although it might bo only a
dollar or two a year.
By this means tho treasurer believes
that thi treasury would bo" the gainer
in the long run.
HIS MfflIHfli
About Six Months Was All He
Could Stand and Now He
Seeks Divorce.
After having been batted over the
head with n stick of wood, whacked- in
the mouth with a shoe and otherwise
beaten by his spouse, Lena, L. Steinberg,
after n brief married life, is seeking
to havo the bonds broken, into
smithereens, nnd will soon tell one of
the circuit judges of his troubles since
ho married the woman on February 0,
Steinberg has apparently found
life not a bed of roses, but principally
composed of thorns. Ho claims
that Lenn hos been guilty of excessive
and habitual and tho list
of items ho relates would Sndicato that
Lona is nn Amazon and he just ono of
the downtrodden "common people."
After a couple of months' married
life he wus compelled to leave his wife,
hut after sho had promised to "mend
her ways," they kisfcd nnd made up,
but almost immediately she began her
cruel treatment and threw him around
without regard to his feelings nud person.
On April 1, which happens to bo
All Tools' Day sho struck him with
n stick of woodj on April 20, ho was
nifaln struck; on April S, she hit him
. on tin head; on April 10, tho ued her
tdmv and batted him on the mouth, and
then, on September 0. she varied her
program by grabbing him by tho halt
ot the hrnd mid dragging him around
tho home. This woi tho hut straw una
ho loft bl home nnd now wants to bo
onicinlly declared n single mini ugnln.
.... .
HAN JfWK, 'I"?m1a. 0tohr 18.
lly AMOflated I'rMi riblWMri.liiill
Murk in bni urtfii i It i blkved
hi h wmiM v (,o' '' Hie
!nkr trUl In Nw York.
Liliuokalani School Scene of Patriotic
Ceremony The
(From Saturday Advertiser)
Amid a drizzle of rain, but with bu
gla notes bravely blaring, n handsomo
American Hag was , hoisted over the
new Liliuokalani school at Kamiuki
yesteiday afternoon, in the midst of a
largo crowd ot officials and residents
and pupils of tho district, while vet
erans of the Grand Army of tho llcpub
lie stood nt attention and saluted the
banner, which a half century ago thoy
fought for on Southern battlefields.
It was an impiessive bcone nnd was
an object lesson for the young people.
There was pomp 'and ceremony in tho
raising 0f tho flag. Although tho rain
threatened to spun rno outdoor effectiveness
of the occasion, the large assembly
room was found ample for the
crowd, and tho ceremonies wore concluded
President II. E. Davis, of the
Wniul.iq nnd Pnlolo Improvement
Club, opened the exercises with an address
of welcome to tho Grand Army
veterans nnd to nil who had como to
assist nnd Jlsten. lie referred briefly
to the history of tbo movement to establish
a school in the growing suburb,
of the presence of ox-Queen
at tho exercises early
In the year, and of its splendid location
where tho breeze from Koko Head
blew lustily to stimulate tho pupils to
hard study. Ho called attention to the
presence of the G. A. I, veterans and
what they represented with respect to ' 13 t'1" highest typo of
flag. I "miiity mnlo and female. Proper
Tlio flag was raised by Veteran ' cation of tho physical, mental and
Oi i. -e n tir -I-.-T i- l rt ltlial nowdrs nf Oltoh ini1iviilnl will wot.
owUHl, i . . Uii..K io3l, w.
t$ ai0.!,
garrison of Fort Ruger, sent by Major ., La,,d tho Foundation.,
Timberlake, gac tho appropriate buglo . , ho early Christian missionaries to
calls. The Hawaiian band, which had J 1C& Islands, as long ago as 1S20, laid
been assembled, although this is their tuc foundations of an educational
month, played frequently ' J1'111 that contemplated n training of the
ing the ceremonies, Tiiero wcro flag ,icnrt' th? Il;ad a"a tl10 hand. This is
salutes and drills by pupils of the 'y mmd tho ideal educational
j ln 'he very beginning attention
The' oration of tho day was mado ive" ,01 vocutional trnining, as
In- Tfnn rli.irl A. f'nMrill i witness tho establishment and
of internal Tevenue, in part as follows:
"1 congratulate your organization,
the Knimuki Improvement Association,
on having, been ablo U( secure this up-
n..info. u.i,oM intiMin.. tr m. ct.
tion of the city. 1 commend tho
don. of the legislature which provided
for its erection and maintenance. I
ndmhe tho splendid sentiment which
prompted tho naming of this building
for Her Majesty, Liliuoka.
lani, who is so generally beloved aud
respected by all elates.
"Around the Stars and Stripes,
blcm of our great Republic, and tho
American public school must ever
or !, l,n,io nr. o.nlmfln.. nf ni,r
pcoplo. This ceremony of raising the
Hag by these member: of tho George
v. UeLong l'ost ot the G. A R., is
pniinnnrlv httinrr nnil proper. These
veterans and their comrades living
nnd dead by tlieir triumph at arms in "'" ,' "ni i" a punov 01
great C"iil "WnY ot ,1801-1803 pro-' I'ewod vigor in the support of this now
served it nnd the nation it represents, almost ncglcpted vocational training,
against tho assaults of traitorous hands, j A Practical Age.
It has been fcinee and pleaso God, may) "This ago is ono of practicality-That
it ever bo tho emblem of liberty, equal- education is most valuable which
nnd opportunity. Today thoy placo ai,,,s tho boy or girl to win trao sue-it
above this school building aud there- ces3 by being useful to their
express their belief in tho doctrine jty anii mankind in general. The idea
that tho public school is tho real BL.emB obtaining here us it is elsewhere
dntion stone upon which restB the lib- j t)1P country, that an educational
of the pcoplo nnd tho safety of tern, free to all, should bo so conducted
1 ,,5" , :, , , to fit tho youth of tho land to tmly
"Tho public school is another cnjoy tno privileges, and faithfully
Army which is now nnd over , charB tle aMefl nntl oi.iigntion, ot
standing armies. Tho warfare i it wages
may be n bloodless one. but it is over
aehlevinit great victories for liberty
and humanity. Every President of this
Republic since Abraham Lincoln, was
u product of tho American public
A Patriotic Law.
"In this Territory, ns in most States
of tho Dillon, it is provided by law thut
tho American flog ihnll float ovor ovory
public school building during school
hours. I learn that tho law for this
Territory was ounetcil by tho legisla
ture nt tliu requent mm. on tho mcoiii
.T..'i roV'thT ," nrand Army
Port ami the territorial school uuthori
tliw. lloth am entitled to (lie thanks
of the community for their patriotism
in this regard.
"In till nuttern nstpott of tho grilled
Stnto, Klinre are (uitheroil rupif
iCMtntlvos of nwirly every nutloii under
hotttini, it U i"XM4iagly Imi'orluiit
turn nut Ul tig iuhII i Jolt S mid mi twileli
will !; t l inplr ulneurri pi;wt fur
our Nslion (lg
'Wtinn Mti euldrr whit our free
liK JaHKST -H i
The oratoi of tho day.
institutions mean to tho oppressed of
onrth and the downtrodden in every
clime, wo should bo ovor ready to
our respect tor thp (lag that thoy,
when thoy aro with us, may havo tho
bcnoflt ot the example thus sot.
"International arbitration, that consummation
so dovoutly to bo wished,
which is tho present dream of tho true
noblemen of earth, will some day bo
realized, and 1 am suro that among tho
agencies that contributed largely toward
thnt result will bo found to bo
tho public schools of our beloved country.
"Fnith in God loyalty to country
lovo of humanity. The universality of
these thrco qualities among men will
mark tl6 dawn of the perfect day when
the ideal republic shall flourish, whoso
- - ------- ------- -""''"
H.Ct 80C,etJ, aBd 1CS3 Can
""cc 0thn Hilo boarding school nnd I
tho school at Lahainaluna. This
dl11 scnooJ 'fystcm gnvo to tho world
ml"J' l",0,f"' nic.n n"a women, prominent
H'nniiu whom was Samuel O. Anustroiii?.
Vhcn Mr Armstrong had ceased fight-
'nK the battles of the Union '(he tosc
'M," general in mo Axmyj .
,c t,ook "P tl10 worh of fighting the
battles rff hnmnnity in the vocational
ch?'a of t,,s nnn'nnil.
. ' rl, Wcat school at Hampton. Vir-
'"'" and tho greater ono at Tuslegec,
Alabama, both owe their estuVIishmont,
pri"r"J, to Uonernl Armstrong, for ho
personally established Hampton and
WnS tl0 tPOCllCr of Dr. B. T.
l0" "1tJi0 Iounuea nnu at present directs
, tl10 "oliey of Tuskegee.
I "II is veTi' grntifying tp note thnt
ni "'" Yery moment each of tlip
tal I'mtlcs, nmv striving for territorial
cilU,lrc 0f rich and poor alike, should
,, tauRut Ul0 true dilty of ,abo and
trnlncd ,10w t0 do VmctUa, useful
"I nm told thnt in ono school build'
ing in this city may ho found representatives
of eighteen different racial
types, and thnt the experienco of both
teachers and pupils is that they not
only can, but they hnvo workid together
in perfect harmony, nnd I dure
say that each is tho better and stronger
becausn of tho experience. Too much
prnlte cannot be given the noblo baud
K. - " -- -.-
kdwMil touchers In this Territory.
"Dear children, tho world wiinU
mini and womoii who lirs nt might.
titriilght men ami womuii only como
from utiiiliilit I'oyn mid girlv, Thn ilsys
of l.lldhooil mid youth cannot b .iitlMINERS AND DEPUTIES FIGHT.
in doing sliurp, tricky things If wo
hope to (row Into straight men ami
womuii. If ton ovor oxjuict to I) tl
strululit. tlifej. miio to IpIii Ik ivrn ami
iipw. 'rjuMrfity slrtilglit boy and ulrl
via lit' iTftriTl'wl at folio rvni
"They nro not afraid to look any
ono in tho eye. Thoy havo a frank,
manly nnd womanly bearing. If they
say they will meet you at a certain
tlino and place, thoy will bo thoro or
tell you why thoy aro not. Only truth
passes their lips. They honor their
fnthor nnd mother. They aro respect-Jul
to every one. They love God nud
ood things. These aro some of tho
essentials: of trno manhood and womanhood.
May God help you to measure
up to them in tho coming years.
Territorial Schools.
"I" learn thnt an appropriation of
$M2,21 1 for each year in this biennial
' term lias been made for the equipping
and maintenance of tho schools of this
Territory. There nro 071 public school
' with 23,000 pupils. I am nil
ieeil lurtlicr that there; aro approxi
mately 3J0 teachers in tho private
schools of tho Territory. From theso
Jucts it is not difficult to understand
why tho percentage of illiteracy in this
Island Territory is very low indeed.
"This building nnd its flag, dedicated
by us this dny, represents nn expenditure
of approximately $035,000,
and it is tho best constructed nnd most
completely equipped public school building
in tho Territory. .
'Men of tho G. A. H., may your
hopes of tho perpetuity! of the nation
you fought to save bo not vain. May
tho banner hero rniscd by you nover
trail in the dust, but remain through
the coming years tho flag of a prosperous
country and a happy people.
of tho department of public
instruction, may tliis structuro do all
that is intended, nnd moro, in tho educational
work under your direction.
Pnrcnts, may jou over coopcrato with
the teachers and other school authorities
in keeping the standard high.
Pupils, may you diligently avail yourselves
of every opportunity preBontcd
to mako of yourselves propor citizens
of this splendid Territory. Friends,
may wo all realize moro nnd moro each'
day that tho duty of tho hour is to deal
with every man according'to his fitness,
ins merits and his needs.
"The problem of tho rnces is a elial
'enpo to do our bestv Tho nation must
-, , t d f commercial greed
.andmiUtary glory, toward international
irbltratioii,, toward universal lieace.
toward universal brotherhood. Theso
aTc tasks which wo Americans, of what
ever racial type, aro to meet and mas'
ter, not suparatelv, but together."
yi?v Be nn a ar UUriiig bame
0f ! onnn 4n on
Played Here.
Tho Island militia may have an lofli
eer designated Us an observer to lie
company tho regular troops jir the ma
neuvcrs to bo held from Octolicr 21 to
October 27f although Col. J. W. Jones,
adjutant general of tho national guard,
lias, not yot tukon up the matter with
uenernl Alacomu.
Colonel Jones regards thin ns nn ex
ceptional opportunity fpr a national
guard officer, but the oucstion mar
hinge on whether any officer has timo
10 spare to accompany tho troops.
Such an officer would bo given every
opportunity to wntch tho maneuvers,
although ho would probably act in no
capacity otlier than nn observer and
bo classed to somo extent with the
"war" correspondents.
The "War" Correspondent.
The newspaper, correspondents have
been given their instructions by Lieutenant-Colonel
Campbell, adjutant
of tho department of Hawaii, nnd
Mnjor McClure, Fifth Cavalry, who is
onu of tho members of tho maneuver
board. Tho correspondents nro to tnko
tho field and bo subject to restrictions
ns if an actual war was in progress.
They aro to bo cautioned against displaying
any reportoriul genius iu securing
news in advance of certain movements
oral aro to curb their propensity
in this regard mid give news only of
tho "battles" as thoy progress. To
go beyond tho restricted lines would
bo to f.ico n " theoretical " dentil, just
us they would really fnco in timo of
Thn officers In command of tho
however, will glvo tho "war"
corriypondonU ovory opportunity to
get their news through to tlieir papers
ami will UMlut them In many way.
III.VmiAM. mult. Ostalinr ll.fUy
AttfoniiitiNl I'rtnts Otiblo) fifty
nml SIQO minors hnvo diiihft) In
pllsbtxl battle. Two in In em hav liuen
wuundwl mul iiiuny urrtttls of the
trllicrs made.
Construction of Building Soon to
Be Started Says Colonel
Extra Appropriation Needed to
Carry Out Plans of
Adjutant General, N. O. II., who says
work on the new armory building will
soon begin.
Col. J. V. .Tones, ndjutiuit genornl
of tho Xational 'Odard of Hawaii, ia
certain thnt Governor Froor will in a
few days have tho armory question sufficiently
in hand to order construction
of tho building to begin, although the
appropriation of $100,000 is nbout $25,-000
less than is noeded to put up a
building to houso a complcto regiment.
Uoloncl Jones stnted yesterday tunt
tho Governor had informed him he will
soon decide the question which -has been
liold up for the greator part of thu pros
(nt year.
"I havo hopes of hiving work start
ed very soon," Raid tbo colonel. "The
war department has civon tho Torn
lory until March 27, 1013. to commonce
work. Othorwiso .the United Stntes
will retain possession oi IPo armory lot.
"According to the nrchitect, if wo
eliminate somo, of the partitions the
building can bo constructed with tho
$100,000 available, and this will house
our present force.
"If wo get nbout $23,000 or $2-1,000
more, tho huilding can bo completed
to that wo can house an entiro regi
ment. Thnt is what wo want and must
have. Tho regular army officers here
aro interested in linviug a suitabln ar
mory, and for a wholo regimoiit. I have
been told that senntors aro ,favorable
lo a further appropriation to complcto
tho building and mako it a proper homo
for a full regiment. Thnt looks vory
, ., ,
Tho gooBO had been carved, nnd ov
erybody had tasted it. It was excel
lent. The negro minister, who was tho
guest of honor, could not restrain his
"Dat's us fino a cooso os I cvah
see, Ilruddah AVilliums," ho said to his
host. "Whar did you git such a fino
"Well, now pnhson," replied tho
carver of tho gooso, exhibiting great
dignity and reticence, "when you
prcacucs a spcslml good sermon, I
or axes you whar you got it. I hopes
you will snow mo do samo considcra
tion." Popular Mazarine,
Tho old mountaineer, who was stand'
ing on the corner of tho main street in
a certain little Kentucky town,' had
nover seen an automobile. When a
good sized touring car camo rushing
up tuo street nt about thirty miles an
hour, and slowed down just enough to
take tuo corner on two wucols, bis as
tonishment wub extreme
The old fellow watched tho disap
pearing car wan bulging eyes and
open mouth. Thon turning to a by
stnnder, he romarked solemnly:
"Tho horses must slio'ly ha' been
traveling some when thoy got looso from
mat gen'ieman's carriagol" youth's
Talcs about loft-handed monkey
wrenciics, paper stretcher and reatuor
foundries nro outclassed. A local
dealer in paints and varnishes received
un order from a country customer a
fow days ago reading as follows:
"Dear Sir: I'lcaso ship mu it can
of our striped paint. I want .lust
enough for ono barber polo." Vancouver
Daily Province.
Make it n rule of your home to keen
f'hamborlalii's Colic, Cholora and
Dinrrhoon Iieinody ns n nafoi'iiard
iigtiiimt howul complaints. Tor snlo by
Jienton, Oinltli a Co., Ltd., agents for
Take Laxative Hromo Quinint
Tnblute, All clniyiii'ts. refund
tli mangy If it fails- to euro,
B W. Grove's fiuiuUuf '-
'. it. a ,.uiN rn r u i s
rnABt LaaqV
Wo mnko fertilizer for overy product
tnd put on tho market only what hM
Hen prnvon of real valuo. Let ct
.-now the purpose- for which you waatt
oil helps nnd wo will inpply yon.
Address lis
Pacific Guano and FortilizorCa
Honolulu, IL T.
via tho
tho Famous Tourist Itouto of tho Wortfi
In connection with tho
Royal Mail Linn,
For tickets and gonoral informatl
apply to
General Agonts
Canadian Pacific Ely. Co.
Castlo & Gooke Co., Ltd
Honolulu T. U.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Wnialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugnr Co., Ltd.
Fnlton Iron Works of St. Louie
Blako Steam Pumps.
Western's Contrlfngals.
Bubcock & Wilcox Boilors.
Green's Fuel Economizer.
Marsh Stoam Pumps.
Matuon Navigation Co.
Planters' Lino Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
Bank of Hawal(
Incorporated Under tho Laws of tfaa
Territory of Hawaii.
PAID-UP CAPITAL $600,000.0
SUBPLUS 100)00.00
C. II. Cooko Prcsldant
E. D. Tennoy
t B. Damon Cashier
U. U. Fuller Assistant Cashier
. MtCorriston Assistant Cashier
DIKECTOHS: C. II, Cooko, E. D.
Tonuoy, A. Lewis, Jr., K. F. Bishop,
I;1. W. Mncfarluuo, J. A. McCaudlcse,
C. n. Athorton, Geo. It. Carter, F. B.
Dnmon, F. C. Athorton, It. A. Cooke.
Strict attention given to all branches
of Banking.
Castle & Cooke Co., Ltd
Life and Fire
Qoncral Insurranco Agents, roprosentlni
Now England Mutual Lifo Insurance
Company of Boston.
Aetna Firo Insurance Co.
We have just accepted tbo Agency
for tho
The Protector Underwriters of 'the
Phoenix of Hartford.
Theso aro also among the Boll or
Honor In San Francisco.
LONDON, October 12. (Special te
Tho Advertiser) A tremendous sensation
has been cnusod throughout England
by tho charges mado against four
of tho highest oflicials of tho British
Empire, in connection with tho signing
of tho government contract with the
Marconi Wirolcss Telegraph Company,
Thoso concornod aro Prime Minister
Dnvid chancellor
of tho exchequer; Sir ltufus Isaacs, the
eral Samuel.
Tho scandal en mo up in tho houso ot
commons today, aud there was tremen
dous interest in
Samuel's reply to tho charges In the
press that ho, Sir Itufus Isaacs, add
hud mado vast profits by
buying Marconi shares on tho riso after
tho govorninout contract with the. Marconi
Comiuny had been negotiated, the
suggestion being thut members of the
cabinet und other hud bong lit Hhuroi for
tho high government oflicials.
snares sttyrockottea.
During tho days when tho govMruiiiuilt
wus coiihlderini! tho Marconi contruct.
nml before tho iiiiiiuuiicumeiit wus iiuidd
th.it it hud boon ugrood upon, the Mar
conl shares wrnt nkyrocliottuig, jump
ing from $SM to $10,00 it shato, to thr
grout iiiiiuruiiiuiit of tho public,
Tim house of commons today
piiHcd u riwolution uppiiiiitins
a ttomuilllco of luiulry, lo which tho
iiiiiiiiiirs t'oiicurui'd win miuinit to
rnwoxuiiiluHiliiii, Ihu luiiiujf of the
wuitriinl Hint ouiimul nil Iho frauhlo It
1)1(1 iiiiiuiiwhilo iluferrod.

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