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HAWAIIAN flAKIftTtt, l'i
(lly Hedrriil WlraltsM Tljrsrh.)
IiOXDON, Octolwr 2S. (Special to
The Advertiser) A Turkish army ot
S'J.ouu men, commanded b.v lilwi Hoy, ia
fared with Hie alternative of uncondi
tionul surrender or useless slnughtur
near the town of Servia, Turkey, ac
cording to a special dispatch rccciveil
in London from Athens, Greece, today,
Tho Turkish troops nro hedged in on
the East by high elifTB and on the Wont
liv the torrents of tlio nvor AUnkmon,
tho fords of which nro hold by Gro-li
Highlanders. On tho South uiul Southwest
there is a Greek army flushed with
Crown Prlnco in Battle.
(Ily Kcilfrnl Wlrtlrss Telcerapli.)
nEIiOHADK, Servia, October 25.
(Special to The Advertiser) Tho
Crown Prince of Servia was in charge
of tho artillery during the battle of
Kumanova, in which the Servians claim
to have won a great victory over tho
Turks, inflicting a logs of GOOD men,
twelve guns and an enormous amount
of ammunition.
The fighting, is reported to have been
of tho most desperate character. The
Turks are anld to hnve had 23,000 men
engaged, and tho fighting continued f jr
thrco days, with only short intervals,
when darkness prevented the working
of tho guns.
Scutari Is Surrounded.
(Ily 1'edcral Wireless Tclesrsph.)
ItlEKA, Montenegro, October 25.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Tho Montenegrin
nrmy bus suceeded in surrounding
Scutari. Yesterday afternoon, tho
Montenegrin artillery opened fire on the
town. Tho Montenegrin infantry then
made a desperate attack on tho town,
tut, encountering an annihilating firo
from tlio Turkish artillery, tho
were compelled to rctiro to their
former positions.
"Strategical Bctiremcnt.'
2.". (My Associated Press Cable)
Tfco fall of the Turkish .Btroughold,
Kirk Kilcsseh, is described hero as a
strategical retirement of tho Turkish
troops. Great losses on both sides nro
The Turkish force now defending tho
important city of Adrianopo is estimated
at 270,000.
One Way for Pcaco.
SOFIA, Hulgnrin, October 25. (By
Associated Press Cable) Premier
of Mulgarin issued a statement to
day in which ho says that'll the
sincerely desiro to pacify tho Balk-ms,
pcaco is obtainable by tho Powers
Turkey to aband'.ii a hopeless
Pushing tho Campalgu.
SCUTAIU, Turkey, October 25. (By
Associated Press Cable) Tho Montenegrin
forces havo surrounded tltis city.
(By Federal Wireless Tclcirrnpli.)
SAN FHANCISCO, October 2,-.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Eighty
thousand Chinese in America havo
voted to Bend Fong Ukiah to tho National
Assembly in China as a delegate
from this country. Fong TJkiah Jcac
San Francisco November 2 for the
Flowery Kingdom, where ho will '.ake
part in tho organization of the new
Chinese Parliament December 10.
(lly Federal Wireless Telrcroph.)
BERLIN, October 2.'). (Special to
The Advertiser) -That Grand Duko
Alexis, heir to the Hussinn throno, who
is lying ill in tho imperial hunting lodge
in Spoala, Hussinn Poland, was stabbed
by a nihilist and is in grave danger,
is the report in circulation hero today.
Tho duke, who is hut eight years
old, it is. asserted, was stabbed by tho
nhilist, who lay in wait for him as he
enmc for a walk with his nurse, Tt
is also claimed that tho Czarina attempted
to hurl herself from a window
when sho learned of hot boy's injury.
Tho fact that all tho churches in
Itussia aro offering up prayers for tho
recovery of tlio czarevitch is believed
to indicate that ho is in grave danger.
His Condition Serious.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
ST. PETEIiSUUKG, ltussia, October
25. (Special to The Advertiser) Tho
condition of tlio Czar's son is announced
tonight to be serious. Prayers
for his recovery are being offered
throughout Russia. Tho heir to the
Iiomanofl throno is reported suffering
from peritonitis, but it is impossible to
ascertain tho real cause of his illness,
News Is Suppressed.
ST. PETERSBURG. Russia, October
25. (Uy Associated Press Cable) Tho
bulletin's on tho condition of the little
Crown Prince Alexis havo beeu suspended.
MAltQUETTK, Michigan, Octo-
20. (My Associated Press Cable)
Colonel Uoosevelt, through his
attorneys, filed suit here today
against George Newctt, editor of
the lending paper in this citv, de-
inuiidliig tlO.ooi) damage. Tho
biihis for the unit as stated U thi
iuo by .Nowett or "Intemperulf
(lly I'fclwsl U'lr.ltM Te!irJi.)
CHICAGO,. October J5. (Special to
Thu Advertiser) Mrs, V. Ch moron
It was lsmrut'd Iwiaj,
thu imuti cell In the Kiukfurd
(lliHuiii) jail us her dKiuhur, l.uoll.e
tin- iHiilswii.r old wilitt
in, tvuiiM ui'.'. i tililu. Uuu bv Jiwk
oliiisou, the )ik' nefo fulfill!, Id t
, I'liiUil .nn rliuuiiou of
voii'ii v iu);ii un uf tiir Mud it "Svhtln
Hlktmry" luw lliv umthtr 4Mir4 tu
he Mith Hi iil In iin u4tV Ut
iimu iiifluti" r, tli, .111,1, hy if Ijj,
livkml h hi.i ii. 1 1 ,.,.,. i4 Bigm
lines Hot i in luucb tsity tiVr Jjnijiy.
Jim gir U hiihl y tho lwtrsl tfli
ml, bvtn Uhmi uimlil m luimih
ii-.. ji5,'Wo bi iitmmJMi.
Foreign Power Could Seize Hawaii
(fly r4rl Wlwlwo Th,f1,sjh )
1iH ANUKLKH, Oetnber !
i"t'Mt.il t The Adverllurr)
Wjth it to Inspecting t l.c
rortilif.it m'n uf Sin Ilr, Mnj.
flen. I,roiirl Wwul lift he v
for Hint r t tii ht. lm, jut
his ulny in L ngelis. lii nri nl
Wood made impromptu
fnlks nt given n
his honor. Tbo General advocated
stronger fortification" ,md
a larger mid better crpupped na
tlntial guard for Callforn a.
''Pew United States cit'zoni
realire the danger to our insular
possessions," said. General Wool
today. "None of them is
threatened now, but it may conn
any day. Thoro is nothing to
hinder a folelgn Power seizing
Hawaii and then making an attack
on the Pacific Const. It Is
our sacred duty to tench ns many
citizens of the United States a)
wo can to carry arms."
(v Kedernl Wireless Telegraph. )
PETALUMA, California, October 25.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Guiding
his instruments by tho Dr. .1.
T. O'Brien today removed a small gold
beauty pin from tho stomach of tho
month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Volkerts. Tho operation was
performed without an incision.
The doctor Inserted nn instrument
through the child's throat into the
stomach, picked up tho "object" and
removed it through tlio mouth. Tho
baby had swallowed tho pin about a
week ago.
(Bv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
OYSTER MAY, New York, October
25. (Special to Tlio Advertiser) Colonel
lioosovelt took up his activo work
of the campaign, for tho first timo since
ho was shot in Milwaukee, cloven days
John MeGrath, his secretary, enmo
from New York today, and ns soon as I
Coloiml lioosovelt had breakfasted lio
began his work. Colonel Roosevelt dictated
several letters to Progressiva
party lenders, then took up tho preparation
of tho speech which bo expects
to deliver in New York noxt week.
Colonel Roosevelt was not able to do
as much work ns ho wished, lie has
not overcome the effects of the nervous
exhaustion from which he suffered after
spending n week in bed in Chicago.
. t
(llv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
HAVANA, Cuba, October 25.
ciul to The Advertiser) A bloody battle
between Conservatives and Lib,
ernls, during which several hundred
shots were fired and thirty or forty
persons killed or wounded, broko out
after midnight in Central Park, in tho
heart of tlio city, at the close ot a meeting
of supporters of Vico President
Alfredo Zayns, who is a candidato for
the presidency.
(Dy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiann, October
25. (Special to The Advertiser)
n.lu t.ilf.m 1V efminifrnliliprft nf confer-
ciic'cs held in tho offices of tho Inter-
national Association ol llriugo aim
Structural Ironworkers, after .the officials
of that union had been indicted
for alleged complicity with .Tohn .7. and
.Innies' M. McNamnrn, were produced for
identification in the "dyiininito conspiracy"
trial today.
Ralph V. Douglass, n newspaper man,
was called to testify as to the presence
of a telephone "spy" system in tho
union headquarters. Douglass taid tho
sound receiver was under President
Frank M. Ryan's desk. Secretary Herbert
S. llocken was in the snmo room,
seated bv a desk formerly occupied by
John .1. McNnmifrn.
(By Federal Wireless Telegrnph.)
CHICAGO, October 25. (Special to
Tlio Advertiser) Jake Stahl, manager
of tho world's champion Boston Red
Sox, is back in Chicago, and says ho
wants to get baseball out of his head.
"Big Six" Mathowson showed better
pitching ubility than "Rube"
said Stahl, although tho latter
won two games for tho New York Nationals
in tho series.
"I am mighty glad to got back to
I -am Goinir to forcet
ball and try my hand at tho banking
business in 'Woodlnwu igain," said
"1 am glad we won the world's
of course, but I want to say right
hero and now that in my mind Mathow
son pitched the grandest ball I over
saw, aim it was ioo mm nu um ui. ."
his games. I will say ho was iiot given
ns gopd support as waB Marquurd.
"In the cames which Mnrquard won
there were two nhcnoincnal catches
which meant defeat for him had the
ball not been caught. Mnthewson
pitched tho best ball of any of the
pitchers on either side."
Federal Wlrdess Telegraph.)
VKHA CRUZ, Mexico, October 25.
(Special to The Two of
tho captured officers of the stall of
Fulls Diaz were taken out and shot by
tho government troops at ten-thirty
o'clock last night, after being sen
tenced to death by buiniuury
Tho verdict wns earriod out
with absolute secrecy. Their names
1 "ore Major Karate and Majo r Cuesta,
''''"' tomtiniutinl lu'Ran its sumions
nt fivo o'clock hi tho ovening, nnd its
Judgments had to lie delivered and tho
verdicts put Into olTect within twenty-four
hours from the time uf meeting.
Major l'urnuiido Kuril to nnd Major
.liilinn Villa un pleading pu behalf of
hVlix Din, who, according to military
law, n lidliln tu iiiiprlemiinuut for from
tin te to eight yar, I'elix Dl U tu
bruught before the couiIimmiiIhI
within twenty-four bourn.
IH r4rs Wlrdssi 'l.l.w.Ui.)
HISUIIAil, lWnh, if), (j
rial III Hl I ) -In flircsi
flgtlt linUumi sWItfo uud
I'miiiu striksi iil.kuu whuii umrsm.) lb
n muiiplluu of work ul thu I'iiIIimJ
"iii' niii himi imuiMuy hi eii'
Unrty Ck oVIn.'U this wuruUg, U$
H'V J- M itpul hriif, w
hut i lit llfl, sunlliilllutf 9 Mli'ltU
wuh4, ud ) m tbi) Htfiit writ. Twi
uik wImm TUil isMu
Who says a foreign foe could easily
scizo this Territory.
in tbo abdomen, which, it Is believed,
will prove fatal.
Another was hit in the right side oj
a striker's bullet.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, October 25.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Col.
Frank flrecne of tho signal corps, chief
signal oflicer for tho western division
of the army, with his home Station in
San Francisco, has been relieved from
duty hero by n general war department
order and will pioceed to Manila, on or
before December 15, and assume the
duties of chief signal officer for tho
Phi ippinc Islands division.
NEW YORK, October 25. (Uy Associated
Press Cnblo) It was announced
hero today by counsel for
Police Lieutenant Becker, convicted
last night of complicity- in tho murder
of Ilormnn Rosenthal, the gambler, that
his caso will bo appealed.
Mimim for
Colonel Parker Believes It Better
to Take Care of Roads Than
Rebuild Them.
(From Saturday .Advertiser)
3f 5J JJC ?JC 7JC JC 5J? C 55 5J ?5 C )5 3t 3C 5
To provide for tho appointment
of cantonniers throughout
the city and county, whose duties
shall bo to supervise and
take care of the public roads
which have been constructed
from general revenue and loan
fund money.
"This is oho of the planks in the
platform which I havo drawn up as a
program for myself when I am elected
mayor," sjiys Colonel Pnrkcr, tho Republican
nominee.- "The plank ox-plains
itself. It simply means that 1
boliovo wo should take caro of the
roads wo build, particularly tho now
belt road, and not just stand back and
let tho roads go to pieces as fast as tho
traffic and tho weather can break them
"I':.- ... . ...
l nciieve tnat wo should do mora
enrotnking and less rebuilding in tho
road line, because it is not only cheaper
to keep what we have than to ropluco
them, but it gives us good roads all tho
timo and not just at those times when
the rebuilt road is finished,
"I boliovo in hiring good men to
look after every bit of our road work
and in paying them good wages, making
their jobs depend upon how they do
their work. As each man will bo responsible
for bis own particular section
of road, it will be easy to tell who is
earning his pay and who is not.
"Wo will havo only so much money
to spend during tho next two years. I
am told that our income ns a city will
bo about a million dollars a year. That
money has to be made do a great deal
and we cannot afford to waste a cent
of it. If we can savo our roads by
looking after them, wo can tnko our
saved money and go ahead with the
building of moro road. If wo aro going
to run n nospttal, tako proper care
or ana enlarge our pane system,
tho firo department and tho
force to guard citizens nnd property
uuu go ancou wuu tne laying ot permanent
pnvcinonts in tho business sections
of tho city, wo have to spend wisely
and get full value in return for
dollar that goes out,
"With a million dollars a jenr we
can do much, if wo handlo it properly,
and tho enntonuier system, in my opinion,
will bo a great money saver."
WASHINGTON, October 7.
MarVeagh of the treasury nuked
Attorney General Wickershnm today for
nu opinion as to whether customs
should he paid extra fnr the
exniiiliintlna nit night of tho personal
lmggiige of tourists dlnimburklug nfter
tlio regular customs hours. Tho question
Is likely to involve tho point
wliMther tourists should pay for night
lilnpt'HInn nr let their baggage He over
until morning.
I-Vir yMM custom- Inspwlury bundled
neb baggifje at night trw of charge.
Tim Jntv prnvidmi Hint ptr imy bn
on rHrgu unlsdim nf tar hunts, tho
stooinaliip ruiMpuuliNi ImiJmk ilmrgml
with thu ttstm iKwnH. The Inspcetiut
fOHlHtl that linuuuge j, rga, mid ihuy
Imsvu Ihmmi muisimIushI Uy tho Mlhdtnr nf
tine trMuiy dMirtwsit.
a anon mim.
ilBiio l ruin uf your hwn a km
nintUirl4)lii' i'ull, Cheli((( 6ui
DhiriiMiM lima!? , 8 uttwwii
UmaiUil Luunl rniiii.laintu tm.m Jl 1...
uTiSiH. twltj. I ,, UJ nuTuht
is ll (inn iiiw IKillug w'IUM'IIbWbJI. ...-.
Parker. Paris, Dowsett and
Company Stir Up Things
in Kancohc.
A rooster crowed when ho started to
speak yestorday.
(IVom Saturday Advertiser)
On a bench beneath n mango tree,
in front of tho general Btore at
on Windward Oahu, yesterday afternoon,
there stood in turn many of tho
Republican candidates, addressing ,a
picturesque and certainly earnest ciowd
of a little less than two hundred good
country folk. The long' front veranda
of the Leo Wo Chong commercial estab
lishment served to accommodate the
women and children and tho orchestra,
while the men gathered around tho
mango to hnrken to the campaign
-Mrs. and juss Uflshaw sang a duet
now and then, nnd Madame Alapai led
n glee club. A dozen automobiles de
scended tho ,Pali, bringing the candi
dates and otner workers, leis were nut
about the neck of each Honolulu arrival
as he descended from his machine.
Much enthusiasm prevailed, and tbo
crowd was in nn apprecintivo mood.
All speakers were applauded, while
some received more than the ordinary,
so that it was clear to see who was
well supported in tho precinct and who
was still under consideration. Since
most of tho speakers wcro anxious to
bo hack m town' for other stump meet
ings at o'ciock, tlio
speeches wore necessarily made short',
and when ono pecupied more than fivo
minutes it meant greater brevity tor
About lour o ciocK .lonn jjcii, candi
date for deputy sheriff in that section,
opened tho exorcises. Jack Uowsett,
candidate for tho sennto, handed out
some warm shot for tho Democratic as
pirant for congress. Ho took up certain
statements which had been made
by McCandlcss and refuted them.
Refuting McOandless.
Link had said that certain Repub
lican candidates, referring to Dowsett
and Kenton, for the senate, nnd ueen
guilty of lies in their statements to the
people. In answer to this, Dowsett declared
that a reference to his legislative
record would show that he had
faithfully fulfilled every .promiso ho had
made. Ho said, that tlio Domocrats suggested
that he (Dowsett) and Renton
woro so tied up in sugar interests' that
tliey couldn't think' of any other interests.
Replying to this, Dowsett declared
that McCandlcss was the last man who
should mnke any sueb stntcment, for
he, McCnndless, wns gradually buying
up tho valleys in order to control tho
water supplv that ho might soil it to
the sugar plnntntioas for a quarter nf
a million dollars. Link had mndo his
money in sugar and a difference between
Link and' Dowsett was that Link
had mndo, a great deal moro monev. If
the people on the windward sido of
Oahu did not look out, Link
would soon havo bought up all the
water, so that tho poor Hawaiians
might soon not havo even enough water
for thoir taro patches.
Dowsett told how for sixteen years
lie had worked fnr Bishop & Company
nnd invested his savings in sugar stock
nnd so made whnt he now possesses. He
had made his monov honestly, and limit
had made his money honestly; both hnd
mndn it out of Buanr, Imt Link nnd
mndo n great deal more, and it wns
hypocritical of Link to criticize any
body for their connection with sugar.
Dowsett nlso Bald that tlio Democrats
wero charging that tho Republicans,
if in power again, would seek to
cTeot a law so that n man couldn't
havo n voto unless ho hnd $1000 worth
of nronerty. That lio wns easily an
swered. Look nt tbo Republican plat
form nnd see tr any such idea cnteroi
Paris Wins Applause,
Fdwln II. Pnrii, candidate for th"
board of supervisors, drew attention immediately
by his opportuno reference
to tho poor condition of the Pali road,
Having just antoed over it, ho know
whereof ho spoko, nnd he related how,
visiting his brother-in-law nt Knnoobo,
iliirinir tho summer, hn had very fr
quently to pass over this ifoji niJ
winding thoroughfare, which l reali
dangerous unless It in kept In the right
kind of rnpiiir. It hnd not been kept
in the right hind of repair.
lie urued u striiiyht Roiuilillrun
lwr uf titipi'rvixir, with the Rfpubli
Will mayor, tiiiiii Parker, m that mih
urgent uetnU at Ibn I'uli mud rrpulrn
AOijld he nttfiid to. Kuiimho uiul
Hilulllmriuu: ImllUvlrUs had not rividvixl
tjiojr just dues' in thu way nf piiblli' I in
pruisniieiii. wuu the pMiisM
tlUJl lf l'rl Mill) hi HMOillfM (III illll
RliiubllrNN tupervlmrliil llknt, whaa
tkif l into iifttA', ami tltny nwtsiil
e list rl. Iinj 1 1. (!. In smi la II tliul
iiilji swIitiM ef ti tlMd i(l wbL It
wu ti.liitms' t from iti un'aiirtstUii.s
tHt? I")1 lttKMHlt.
l'stlii dwtred hH lm J.w for
rt. In esrefiil l Mn alinn Bind mm
pnrlson, llml thirn wbh fi'iw Ihtrr linn
th truffle ovr tb rnmls !
hk inlnled tw fesim Bgo.
I"rl plleltwl fipplBiiup wlmn he r.
rtmrlipij tlmt he wns n hBoln lr nn
limmllly, but llhwllBn t tientt'. He
i limlinl to his prwoetit ttosltion in Imsi
nr from th foot of the ladder in
llonnluln, and he felt very cle to the
imhiiIc whose volOB.hc desirnl for film-H
nnd hl friends. The speaker drore
linino tin- Mm. of the necessity of cleft
'njr, n full Itepubllenn hoard ot
If the eloctarnto want ml to sec
.ood tenm work which would result in
luinging about tho improvements noed
ed in country roads.
He touched on what the Republican
artv was doing in the way of spending
money in those Islands on navnl and
military facilities nnd fortifications,
mil warned tho pcoplo against "voting
Tor a question mark" in the form of
a Dcinocrntle ndnilnistrntio'n. They
hnd their children to consider, nnd the
happiness of their children depended
upon tho prosperity of the country,
which prosperity would 'endure under
the continuation of Republican
Many Othor Speakers. -
"Old Wurhorso" S. K. Mnhoe. for
tho house, spoke, in Hnwaiian, ns did
Knnekoa, also for tho representatives.
C u. Jlartlett, for supervisor, made a
favorable impression. He modestly re
ferred to his record and informed his
attentive audience that he was the manager
of tho brewery. Ho was not a
mnlihiui. He know tho country's needs,
rind he wns going to work hard for bet
ter roads and more liberal appropria
Georee Smithies spoke for his
dacy for tho office of treasurer and for
tho rest of tho Republican ticket. He
delivered his address in tho Hawaiian
Ivealoha. who was n member of tho
hoard of supervisors whon Charles Hus-
taco was chairman of that body, six
venrs ago, handed out a littlo surprise.
He said Hustnce, who is an independent
candidato lor mayor, had declared at
Kancohc, nnd also from tho Honolulu
soapbox, that he, Hustace, had been responsible
for tho raise in road laborcrp'
pay from $1.25 tb $1.50 per .day. This
statement by Hustace, Kealoha denied.
Ho stated it was ho who had introduced
tlio resolution; that tho resolution had
been seconded by Andrew Cox; that
four other members of tho board had
voted for it, and that Hustace, the
chairman, was tho only member who
had voted against it.
The American Language.
E. K. Fernandez, running for the
house, got off a new argument. Ho
answered some ot the talk ot "Uannon
Ball" Kaniho. Knniho had ridiuuled
the younger Hnwaiian candidates
cause many of them could not spcaic
tho Hawaiian language, whereas they
wero born, in Hawaii. Fernandez said
that English was the official langnago
of these Hawaiian Islands, and ho
wanted to know why ho should understand
Hawaiian. Ho is is running for
tho house, where, acording to tho Organic
Act, English is the parliamentary
language. Kanilio, ho remarked, knew
so little English that' he had to havo
an interpreter when in the legislature
to even know what question was before
tho house.
A. I Castle, fcr the house, ham
mered somo moro good logic regarding
the bolt road and the great register.
Castle has a fatherly feeling regarding
theso propositions and wins sympathy
when ho handles tho subjects.
David Notloy, ,for supervisor, said
in Hawaiian largely whnt other
candidates &aid in English,
passing on cumulative argument and
getting applause.
Carlos L,oug and Andrew cox, Dotu
tlin linfiril nf siinirvisnrs. lost noth
ing by mounting tho bench under tho
big mango tree. Everybody know them
and apparently coincided witn wnat
they had to say in refcrenco to the
next board being Republican.
Colonel Parker, Greeted.
Col. Sam Parker, for mayor, talked
altogether in Hawaiian. A special song
was sung for him, nnd ho wns roundly
applauded. Ho said a voto for
was a voto thrown nway, with
which sentiment tho throng seemed
heartily in accord. Ho cited his platform
of improvements and better
wages and moro libiral appropriations,
and descended froiii the rostrum amid
an ovation oxeceded only by tho sweetness
of the Hawaiian music, which wis
played in his honor.
Gcorgo Renton, for tlio senate, was
in good omen. As he nsc.emlcu the
bench a lusty rooster crowed behind
tho mango tree. It means his election.
It is n prophecy, according to the oldest
inhabitant who nad helped himself
to tho front seat pf tho biggest auto,
the better to enj'oy the speeches and
Renton spoke to the point in reference
to rondwork; how thnt bomcstcaoi.
wero to bo opened biforo long and totter
roads would oe required to accommodate
the increased traffic. Better
roads would come with a Republican
board of supervisors, with a Republican
legislature, Since the last days of the
monarchy, ho said, the Republican cle
ment imd shown wiint progross meant.
Progress goes on as long as tho Repub
lican party goes on.
our I'rmce, the .ueieg.ito to ton
gross, believes in tho Republican par
ty," said Renton. "Ho is leading us.
You have confidonco in your Prince;
then have you ''not confidence in tho
men ho is lending! Voto for the men
who nro the leadership of
your Prlnco in this campaign."
Tiiut took.
Robert Parker Walpa, for tdicriiT,
speaking in Hawaiian, wns received
with a song composed Hi uis minor, and
u lot of hand clapping,
"t '
8KA OLTJ'V, Now York, Ootober 10
Hweui'il from drowning by nn avia
tor who in in e to Ills aid in a
wiu tint adventure of Walter
Strolibneli In Heiiipstend harbor thin
livening. MtrubHh, it poor kwlminur.
full from a ruwlKiat a Imlf lulle n!T
horn, till I'liuht vni brought to the
utltmtlun ui chiirlns WhIu, nvintnr
W n Id nm tuning his mmliliii priwr
lory tu it tligkl, llv Hiynrixl tli
In Ipm Uuu a minute, Immnj a lifr
liervtt la HlrtilMMli und pullnd lb
fiiAN lulu lbs luwrlilno, Thfli lm iwi'lr
rlnrn illh with Mlruhutli m it s
Uu E
President May Send One to Con-
gross How Washington Felt
Before Secretary's Return.
By Ernest a. Walker.
(Mnil Special to The Advertiser)
WASIIINOTOX'. nr.l.r 11 M.,rrt.
tnry of the Interior Fisher is "in
uriiui in i ins writing, llllicinls ot tho
department of tho interior hnve no advices
nboilt llifi fnr fini,!.. l,n
President nnd taking un Hawaiian
n.TN, including mo reappointment of
Governor Frear. It is unlikely that tho
President will act till nfter he has consulted
with Secretary Fisher, There in
COltfidCllCl hero, nn tlinrn Itria lwtnti nil
along, that Governor Frear will bo
given another term.
ITndor .ill flip plrnnmafntitn. I.nat.n
it is doubtful whether tho nomination
is mnile before congress convenes.
There is no special reason why it
should be. Gov. Frear, as is woll understood
in Hawaii,. serves till his successor
is appointed nnd qualifies. His
term of fouryears expired some months
ngo. Thero is no noccssity for a roccss
appointment and tho Prosidont would
uiuuriiiiy wan nn ne coma place the
nomination be.foro the sonnte for confirmation.
This, nf nniiran in.il.l I.a.
done till December.
It 1r entirnl nrnlmlitn
tho Prcsideat may aanounce his
oiuu uuiuiu turn nine, xno jrcsidont
is still nt Boycrly. Secretary Fisher
is tarrvincr on tlio Pnnlfln rnni wi..
President expects to go to Hot Springs,
Virginia, laio in uctober and it may
inuu ouuruiury Eisner win nave opportunity
to talk with him in twn nr th.nn
weeks. His report to the President will
iiiimruiiy nave inncii lnlliieneo ns to Hawaiian
affnira that coniu up for consideration
at .l.iriti, ll.n n
mnining period of this administration.
iviessage JfOSSlDie.
HeeailRn nf tlm nrnminnnrtn nf Cnnn.
tary Fisher's visit tn tlio Tclnn.l. ,t
the comprehensive investigation ho un-
uuriuoK, loucning matters or much importance,
it is expected that the secretary
will hnvn snmnlliinfT In civ al,n,.l.
it in his annual report and also that
.nu .rresment may mane moro comprehensive
mention of Hawaii in his annual
messnen than lm .lno Tt-
is oven mentioned that the President
mnymako the matter tho sub.iect of a
special message to congress or find some-other
WW nf nn nn.
manent record tho results of the Sec
retary's investigation.
sugar Tariff.
Thern arn few nnnnlo nf TTn.irniiM.. !n.
tcrost now in Washington .and aro
iv 10 ue none ior some weeks yet. Former
Judge Ballon has returned from a
vacntinn in "Mnw Tnalni1 TTn nni
Ballou havo given up their reside,neo on
oiinejncui avenue and are moving
into a suito of apartments. As soon
as the election is over and tho name of
tho next President is known and the.
party control of tho jScWto and thp
house has been determined, there will
be much speculation and discussion and
preparation with reference to future-tariff
revision. Tliat will include tho
silfiar Rclindnln. Jn nlfnmnfa nf rinr
legislation are to bo expected, however,
tltlO WIIlLlH n. .tin ..l.n. r...!n
tw.o nniill .1 .4IU 911U1L BUHB1UII Ui
grcss. That will bo reserved for an
extra session. While there will be much,
talk, pro. and con, regarding tho wisdom
of an extra session in tho spring tho
proonoiuues are an in tavor ot it.
Dr. C Tj. Alarl'ltf . niitninnlntriof nf rlin.
department of agriculture, has recently
returned hero, following his trip of inspection
to California and Hawaii, with
rofernnCn in ihn Arpdilnrrnnnnr. IK- irn.
states that ho is well satisfied with tho
results ot ins trip and that ho is certain
much canbo dono toward stamping
nut. tlin nntil in flin T.lntnla
lio is doubtful whethfir it can bo en
tirely ountcratcd, at least lor quito a
long time, but hc thinkB it can be prevented
from nntrnnMinil nn dm
Pacific Coast.
Oahu did not advance as might havo
been oxpected from tho statements published
yesterday. On the contrary, it
dropped to $25.3375 with plenty on the
market at that price. Hawaiian Pineapple
sold at 44.50 nnd down to 44.25.
It has been suggested that much of this
stock is being sought for mainland
clients, but' inquiry yesterday disclosed
tho fact that moro is being sent from
tho Coast thnn is sent over there in tho
trading. Ouly $5.00 was bid for Olnn
against $5,12 j asked. The market
was weak throughout tho day and any
prophecy concerning conditions would
bo deemed In most quarters.
After the courso Oohu took yesterday it
is presumed that buyers and brokers
think for themselves nnd nro not guided
"py tho oxpressioas of those believed to
bo in tho know.
At the special 100011110- of the shnrn.
holders of tho Mutual Telephone Co.,
yesterdny, it was decided to issue 500
t.hares treasury stock for the purposo
of raising funds for investments in
other Fccurities. Tho action is rather
mystifylug inasmuch ns tho character
of securities is not mentioned,
Willlnin P. Kennett, president of tho
Dimis, and former
niAiingor of tho FrnnelsJ. Knimett Company,
n brokerngo concern of New York,
died In St, l.ouli at tho ago of sixty-two.
He wns one of Mie bpit
known flunneiori, having been pretldimt
nf both the Merchants' '. baiiyo and
the Clearing Uotiie AtioeliiUon.
Take I,axntive H'mm "::ninf
TnMeis. All ilmw'' nUwi
the money if it f.uU tu mro.
M. W, Crovo'fl siijitature i en
tuvh box
MWJk,NJio . sH lt l u fc
jjwfa 4Lm .Mi. . t. . .. ,- iM&Mkd. lisi ,j., JuMmiU, AsV4dKJs1sttiHiijsiMs'.sltejM - J,- .,: A '. . .,.er.
rwfhimmMmmmmmmmmmumm MX&iitoeX2.fjteiA

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