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(By Federal Wlreleu Telepraph,)
PUNTA ARENAS, Cliilo, Octo-
ber 31. (Special to The
tiger) It is roportcd hero that
Germany )8 about to acquire an
island in tho Magellan tUrititi to
be used as a coalinir station.
Tlio Oerinun cruiser Bremen is
now engaged in exploring and surveying
In the vicinity, and It is
uudirntood that tlio visit U
with tho opening of tho
Paimtiiu I'miul uiid tlio powibility
for Clounau trodo In Houtli Amor-lea,
,.,... , .
CHK'AUU, October 31. (Hy
'f i Tin rukutvul of tho
liquor 1 limit) held by Jltek Jolimwli.
tlio thnii'pio.i puullm, lm bwn linlil
up by tlir rommlMiDiier id W b
rufuBi';l i)iiin Jobnioii sun pioi IC"l
Wrsl oirirUir Th serjiil) row WJl
t Mm t'ltWMuu WdfHt,
n'muLmimuiLiMi mi
m W npwt ii!(Mt fwm'
Ottoman Troops With Front Extending Over
Thirty Miles, Fly in Disorder From Allied
Armies-Turks Kill Women and Children.
PARIS, October 31. (By Associated Press Gable) Great excitement
in army and navy circles lias been caused by orders for the
division, consisting of tlio -flying squadron of the French floet, to
proceed at once to the Syrian Coast. It is believed that this means
active participation in the. Balkan troubles.
(By Federal 'Wireless Telegraph.)
SOnA, Bulgaria, October 31.
to Tho Advertiser) The Bulgarian
army Ins complotoly routed the main
Turkish army under Nazim Pasha. Tho
Turks fled in disorder, leaving many
dead 'and 'wounded on tho fields of
Tho battle, which is regarded as tho
most important engagement sinco tho
beginning of tho war, lasted tbreo entire
drys. It extended along the lino
.from Iiuleburgas eastward to Serai. Tlio
Turkish front was over thirty ono miles
Tho Ottoman Empire troops retreatod
to Tchorlu, about twenty-one miles to
tho south of tho position from which
they wcro driven by tlio Bulgarians.
Twenty Villages Destroyed.
(By Federal Wireless Teloprapli.)
ATHENS, Greece, October 31. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Now and
moro torrible Turkish atrocities in
twenty Christian villigcs in tho
Tegion aro ofllciall yreported.
Tho villages wcro destroyed, tho 'inhabitants
massacred, and women and,
children wcro burnod alive. It is also
officially reported that of
tho Turkish wounded in tho beginning
of the fighting wcro Christians. Now
only about one-fourth of tho wounded
aro Christians, which 'is taken to mean
that the Christians wero put in tho
forefront of tho battle.
Eight hundred Greeks enlisted in tho
Turkish army, who managed to desert,
have nrrived hero by way of
Trieste. They marched through the
streets singing war songs.
They will bo placed in tho reserves.
Montenegrins Capture City.
IPRK, Turkey, October 31. (By Associated
Fross Cable) The Montenegrins
have captured this city. Tlio
Turkish garrison fled.
Constantinople Is Tabu.
VIENNA, Austria, October 31. (By
Associated Press Cnblo) It is asserted
here that the Powers will not permit the
Balkan allies to enter Constantinople.
(By Federal Wireless Telepraph.)
WASHINGTON, October 31. (Special
to The Advertiser) Thirty-two
States have notlflod Secretary of State
Knox of their ratification of tho pro-posed
income tax amendment to Iho
"United States Constitution, and four
Iiavo notified tho stato department of,
thoir rejection of it.
To become effective, thirty-six States,
three-fourths of those in tho Union,
must ratify tho amendment. Thdso
which havo not notified tho department
of ratification or rejection are Delaware,
norida, Louisiana, Massachusetts,
Now Jersoy, Now Mexico, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, West
Virginia and Wyoming.
Sensational Testimony Is Given
at the Trial of Alleged
(By Federal Wireless Teleersph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, October
31. (Special to Tho Advertiser) Sensational
testimony that William J.
Burns, tho detective, wns "tipped off"
as to the identities of the dynamiters'
of the Los Angeles Times building two
weeks after tho explosion by a man
now on trial, was given in tho dynamite
conspiracy trial today.
J. A. G. Badorf, a special investigator,
nho has becainvestigating tho
Vausu of explosions for flu years, testified
that Herbert S. Hockin admitted
having gotten in touch with Detective
Burns. Burns was in Los Angeles soon
aftor tho explosion on October 1, 1D10.
Tho McXamara brothers and Ortic E.
McManigal wcro arrested six months
later, after ten moro explosions had
taken place.
Badorf testified that Hockin had ,
By ITthuku Wlreloea,
O. M. 8. roul Irom Hyi.
N M V g it, in,. Oalolinr 81. iullii
)wi one llrtl imbiu, nut) (twain! iwUIii
ii wd obB ilinu im.iiKur fur llo
In wllli llti 1" If M M Hi Imi lu
uua twin IU T K H ci.h Uil'l,
Soldiers Who Are Facing Each Other on Battlefields
111 , ' t . J ' "rzz33
made admissions after ho said to
Hockin: I
"You nro a fool for civinir all vour . m F.j.r.i wii n-.i .. .
information to Burns and let him build , OYSTEH BAY. New Ynrk. n',il.r
up a reputation on information you 31. Ciii to The , , ' , .
give. If you expect immunity, why
don't vou go to District Attorney Showing no visible Blgns of fatiguo
Millort" from last night's excitement, or his
Tho witness said Hockin wl.o Is tho forty-two inlmites' demonstration in
secretary of tho International Briilno ""
,r ,, , . ,
and Structural TronHorkcrs' Union and MndlBn Squaro Oardcn in Now York,
ono of the defendants on trial with
Trunk M. Itynn, prcsidont of tho union,
ndmlttod that ho contomplatod pleading
Plot to Murder in Prjson.
INDIANA POLIB, inuiuiiu, October
on tlm Prrulvn party tlckut.
. . . . " - ' -- ; ' ' Si
: urn iii JiLLJlL '
"Wf V. 'jjfiPq
. Tumj,s" , FREfill " SHINGLE
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SYDNEY, Now South Wales,
October 31. (Special to Tho Ad-
vortiser) Thirty volcanoes have
broken into action in the Island
of Ninafoon, in tho Tongnu group
and many remarkahlo changes in
tlio physical features of tho island
have resulted.
A largo lake in the center of tho
island has dropped two feet from
its original lecl.
Roosevelt Wil Attend Another
New York Mass Meeting
This Evening.
toi. 'lucouoro ItooBovcIt was up earl)
today and ready for work.
"By Ooorgol" ho said, "I feci
Itoferring to tho Tcmnrkublo demon
..,,,(- ..: i,. . . ,, ,-, , , ,.
31.-(By Associated Press Cable - 'Mldi '
tliat the McNuumra, had plotted from ' ' J Aro"' ?" no8t ttoHire Ij
Ban Qucntln noiiltcutlary 6 kill Waller P0nc'1 '? W'roeliit every Mint J
Drew, coun.u for tlio Ni.tloi.al Erect- '' lKWlwl l.i.u.edlutfly. It
or Association. on.J Dotoctlvo Iturns, l1, l0 ;t '"tliig bv fur ut tin
because of tlolr activity In liuiitin ","', u'!' ,
l WIVNUI flvutWitlL IJIUIIM LU UI1UI1I1 1111
fitruui niflotliiu; In MimIImiii Biiuure (Jul
.Urn tomorrow nllit. Uiilor Htraim it
oamllilutw for govtirnor of Now York
Two a Year Necessary to Keep
Navy in an Adequate
(By Fedcrnl Wireless Tclejjraph.)
NEW YORK, October 31. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Two battleships
yearly as tho program necessary to
keep tho United States navy in adequate
condition, wcro urged by President
Taft us ho stood on a tablo in tlio
Thirteenth Regiment armory iu Brook
!yn last evoning.
President Taft and Secretary of tho
Navy Meyer, who also spoko, wero
guests at tho banquet of tho men who
bu.lt the supor dreadnought New York,
which wns launched ytstorday, The
iliimcr in celebration of tho launching
was cut short when the President said
ho had just received word of tlio death
of his colleague, Vice President -Sherman.
At tho President's request tho
dinner was adjourned, but not until
after most of tho speeches had, been
Secretary Meyer in his speech also
pleaded for a greater navy, declaring
a fleet of battleships is wanted,
twenty ono in nn active rleot and
twenty in rescrvo, for, ho said, iu tho
larger caliber ships rests the defeuso of
tho country.
MSYV MAY1SN, (;jiH)rt.ut( UHiAi'i I tiutn4 t'rM
ntuHWmi l'ri t'uhlu). I
lliuht OmmtJ Vvrk of ti YmIu futi (
Imll imm dUJ wiu ut iiumihum
fijufiM nni'.m4 In Vlv' bun) uli
i.jtniutt WhI I'olbt wuro nHuwfcl if
ihe i'lmumniilij 'ilUtik
(Ilr IVdcrnl Wlrtlen Ttlfenj.h.)
HAN l'HANCISCO, October 331.
(tJiiccinl to Tho Advertiser)
Walter E. I'rlduPn, J'lrnt Infantry,
In dctulltd to ho jmlgu ndvoeutu of tho
gunural cuuriwurilul iimtii.ig In k(I).
fluid Jlarrueki, Oolm, Territory of JI
wall, rulivviug i.iuuloimiii Jlurry A.
WIU( Mrt liifniitry.
WAJiillNOTON, O.ltiUir II - Uy
Chairman Territorial Committee
Makes Very Sensational
"Kuhio is fighting Frcar and
tho big business intorcsts, and
for this reason tho people should
votoforhim and for tho straight
Tho foregoing was tho meat
of tho speech mado by Bobort
W. Sliinglo, chairman of tlio Republican
territorial committee
and Kuhio s adviser and frlond,
at a luau given under a tent
adjoining the poi factory in Ka-Mil
-last night,
This declaration struck homo with
fconio forco to thoso who rend recently
a signed statement by Shingle, in which
ho snid Kuhio wns not fighting Frcar.
It alto adds significance to tho refusal
of Kuhio to say whether ho Ib fighting
I'rear or intends to do so in the future.
Shinglo mado this amazing statement
following his charge that Unit Mc
C'andless had paid Mayor Peru $500 to
accompany him to Maul, nnd that Porn,
who had been opposed to McCandless,
was working for him now on tho
strength of tho $500 which ho ro
Shingle's speech was tho only sensational
ouo during tho ontiro evening,
tho other speakers confining themselves
to tho routine forms used for otlior
Tho luau in (lucntion cannot, lm mild
to havo boon nn overwhelming success
irom tho ntuiidiioliit of the speakers,
but it was certainly niprc.'ii.ted by the
oloctoiato of tho ninth precinct of tho
fifth dlntrlrt iiml nilmra !!... f,,.,,l
Unfortmmtoly the speaking did not
begin until tlio feasting was over, and,
with the exception of u hundred men,
women, idilldrw. and eiiuiildatos who
romnliiiMl in tlio tent and u fringe of
imjijiy, won ion iinvmiuii. who stood
around outsidn exclmnglng tliu noWM of
Iho ilny, the orutorn Ji.nl tlm ilUniiirug
lug uxiiork'iico of adilrounnr u uin,i
of onijity pol howls uml lngr ulo hot
Jim. Tho boltlos umdu Ihhc thuvt
ojf, orrmigod In row ulm.g tho IhIjIiw,
Lut tluV LUtUlilllv Ulldlul lliilluii,. I.. II,m
Jjoioty of tho iimimgiiiiioiit whuii it wot
rwiiwoiwrwi HUH iiHdi wonty bo I tie ruii
ruMiultul ii )MuJo votur who hod ltu
Funeral of Vice President to Be
Held Tomorrow Afternoon
in City of Utica.
President Taft and the Cabinet
Members .May Attend the
(Bv IVileral Wireless Telecroph.)
VTICA, New York, October 31.
(Special to The AiHcrtiser) The plan
to hold tho funeral of Vioo President
.lames S. Sherman in tho Reformed.
Dutch Church has been nbnlidoned, nn0.
tho l'irst l'resbytorian Church will bo
used for Hint purpose. Tho sorvlco will
begin nt two o'clock Saturday
iioun, ana win uo conuueted Jointly by
Doctor Holden, pnstor of tho Dutch
Church, and Rev. Dr. M. W. 8tryker,
prcsidont of Hamilton Colleno. of wlneh
rollegc Mr. Sherman was nn alumnus.
ilio ijoiiy ot tho vico President will
I'd iu stnto in tho Oneida County Court
UoUSO Pridav. from thren rn nlnn
o'clock, and it is expected it will bo
lurncu to too aiieruinn rcsidenco for
irivnto services there, Saturday morning.
Mr. Sherman will bo buried in Forest
Hill cemotery, wlioro ninny members of
his family havo found final resting
plnco. Ho selected his pallbcnrors
his death. Tliov consist of
Kient citl7ons and intimate friends.
All Utiea is in mourning today.
public functionary though ho wnn,
Vico President Sherman una known to
rtienns as "Jim" Sherman. Indeed,
in most cases the surname wns dropped
and a common exchange of salutation
among the older residents todiy is
"Poor Jim is gone."' x " ,
All city flags word lowered' to half-mast
nt tho bogiuning of tho day.
Mr. Sherman wns n prominent factor
in many business ontorpriscs in tho city,
nnd tho offices of such concerns wore
closed for tho day.
Arrangements nro being mado for a
funeral which it is anticipated will bo
simple. Worn with their many houra
of watching, tho members of tlio family
nro slow in taking up tho detnlls of tho
funeral, but eo far, as thcro was expression,
it was favorable to tho quietest
possible proceedings commensurate with
tlio Vico President's official person.
Tho expectation today wbr that President
Taft, many members of his cabinet
and many mombors of both houses of
eoncross would ilesirn in nttnnil. 1ml I
is not possible, that tho presence of oven
tho Nation's greatest dignitaries will
shako tho determination of tho family
IU uvuiu an ostuiimuoii.
Many messages of condolence were ro
ceived during tho night and continued
to pour in today from all pirts of the
country. These include telegrams fror
President Taft, Colonel lloosovelt and
many mon in public life.
S V .FLKA. r
4n SkkkS9kkkkklBSE4
uuttmjAij liAUunruni.
Who"o eudduu murriugo ic.turduy
proves kurjiruo to Ins XnunJ on tiv.
10IU ll IllM
(11 I'.defsl Wlmlwa T1ji4i )
I.ONJlUN, i.iiLiliin.l, 0,'Uihur 31
lo J uu llunitrul
biiiJ gone. Air IMmi J'wwoll, tlm hio of UtVm,
'Id mlii to lh iorlu mmi.i ,,r ii ' wus iwtrrlitil ludnv iu ivrkMi.,,. ur..,i
H..UhIaH ,Iiu l.uulru .. .. .11 a .1 ..!.. .. - - .. il.i '
l I.. l. ii . I"""""", "" "" mini inn iiiiiiii iii nrm mi.. nuiui i.l 11,11. 1 , 1'Lb
Afrurdluu lu iu,u i,u.k ....l..i . .. ... .... . .. . . . .'""
5?"" "" ' '' 'MHk rl Iv lilm
iadv ,,.u.Xiui, u
a ULiMUMil umilv iiytu ...
r.rfm',m ",.w iwy, utiufmiuu iitm u1 Ihw tittuuittul k- mil!ou Uluu inr iu liwuiuliur iu.,u um
jfllSl U' '"""'-' ..HU.4 Hh...Ii , l,JT
I.. iHwIillr '"; JlriiwN l.oluul, .11.. ,u. '
M I'M. fl.i :nlWjtlW.l.wt.i.,lwi'

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