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Mainland Forecasts Indicate Sweeping Victory
By Democratic Presidential Candidate
Other Leaders Confident.
(By Federnl Wireless Telegraph.)
NEW YORK, November 4. (8pecial
!o The Advertiser) On tho cvo of election
tho result of tomorrow's voting is
more in doubt than it nns been in any
.campaign since Grqver Clovcland do-fooled
James Gi Blginc., W JSSL In
nnmn resnoeti ltBnXnaladbuSTOnc
and belting" odds; although lessening,
aro still funning in favor of Governor
of New Jorsoy, the
Democratic '"candidate for tho presidency,
Bright lor Democrats.
On tho DcmociratiV side Charles F.
Murphy, spokesman for Tammany Hall,
the New York Democratic organization,
declared that prospects were never
brighter for Democratic success than
tltnv nrft nnlirllt..
Col. AVilliam Jennings Bryan, in a
statement issued in Lincoln, Nebraska,
predicts a Democratic victory, although
practically admitting the chances of tho
"silent voto" for Itoosevelt.
"As far as I can see," said Colonel
Bryan, "Wilson's election is not only
almost certain but tho probability is
that tho Governor of Now Jersey will
not only have a largo mnjority in the
college, but a largo plurality
of the popular vote.
"Unless the silent vote is very largely
against us, I do not see how Mr. Wilson
can be defeated, and I know of no
reason why he should not have a largo
share of tho silent vote."
Forecasts from Democratic national
headquarters, issued by Chairman "William
P. McComus, aro sweeping in their
claims. At least forty States will go
for Wilson, says Mr. McCombs, and the
electoral college may be unanimous in
his favor.
Progressives Claim Everything.
A final statement' to tho press givon
out by Chairman Joseph M; Dixon, of
diets that Roosevelt and JohnBon will
poll 6,000,000 out of the 15,000,000 votes
in the Nation.
"Approximately 0,000,000 votes will
bo for Roosevelt and Johnson out of a
total voto of IGJOOO.OOO," said Sonator
Dixon tonight. "Tho fatal error in all
tho Democratic cstimntcs is tho assumption
that Wilson and Marshall will poll
tho Bryan voto of years ngo.
"Hoosevclt and Johnson will Bwcep
the big industrial centers with a landslide."
Many States in Doubt.
Chairman Charles D. Hilles, of tho Re
Last Defense of Constantinople Taken by Bui-
gariansMassacre Feared In Capital
Peace Proposed.
CONSTANTINOPLE, November 5. (By Associated Press Cable)
Hostility toward all Europeans is rapidly increasing in this city and
there Is fear that deeds of violence will follow unless a strong force of
foreign troops is quickly sent hero by tho Powers. '
Members of tho Workmen's Guild are reported to have taken an
oath to massacre all Christians within the city in case the Bulgarians
enter. What safeguards are possible aro being taken by the foreign
(Ily Federnl Wlrelee Teleernpli.)
TCIIAIjJA, Turkey, November 4,
Special to Tho .Advertiser) Tchalja,
tho last fortress guarding Constantinople,
was captured this morning by
the Bulgarian army. Tho Turks defend-d
the fort desperately and 20,000 dead
and wounded now cover tho field,
(fly rVleral "Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, November 4. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Tho Turkish ambassador
hero was directed today by tho
Ottoman goverumont to inform Groat
Dritain of Turkey's willingness to
assistance In bringing about a
suspension of hostilities with.a.view of
arriving nt a peace settlement
Towlilc Pns.hu immediately on roccipt
of tho communication from Constantinople
went to Lo foreign ofliro and
conferred for two hours with Sir Edward
Clrcy, fho British foreign minister.
The Balkun uutioiis aud Greece are
porsUtcnt in their determination that
Turkey must urrungo directly with
thorn tht terms of punec, without the
intervention of the Kuropenu Toners.
'i'iiiM iittitii'lo is emphasized in a
Btuti'i'H'iit from oflleinl sources, which
say t
Balkan States to Dictate Fcace,
"The Turkish proposal of peace it
MPiisfa 'tv, itmofar an It shows a
to prevent further btoodihed.
"At regards foreign Intervention,
Jiov.r, there teems no chr.nce of tho
publican national committee, has also
issued a statement claiming victory,
thoucu it is generally conceded tnat
Taft will make a bad third. Party linos
have been generally broken down, ana,
as a result, many formerly certain
States arc in doubt.
Kansas is still in doubt.
Governor Wilson is only a slight
leader in tho betting in Wisconsin.
Michigan is in doubt.
A Btrugglo is expected
in Massachusetts, -where threo parties
claim tho victory.
Governor Wilson is strong in Ohio,
but tho Piogrcssivo party hopes to
swing tho election to their side, after
a hot campaign.
In West Virginia, where a bitter fight
ovc? n prohibition amendment to the
constitution will bring out a largo voto,
Roosevelt has a good chance to beat
Itoojovolt managers arc confident that
tliev will carry Pennsylvania, despite
tho fact that they were forced to adopt
the naino ''Washington Party" by tho
preempting of their real party title.
In Iowa it is predicted that less than
five per cent of the voters will cast a
straight ballot, a circumstance
which is "regarded as hopeful by Progressives.
Tho President's inanagors also claim
this State.
Roosevelt Is Peeved.
(Br Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
OYSTER BAY, November 4.
cial to The Advertiser) In a
issued today, Theodore Roosevelt ,
charged Republican leaders with advising
their followers to "voto for Woodrow j
Wilson if they did not feol thai they I
could support President Taft.' I
j. no great concorn or mo uussea, .
the Colonel said, was to defeat the Pro;
,li:aiu 11411
mjjjg Jjettlcs It.
PROVlDKNCE, Rhode Island, November
4, (By Associated Press
Gov. Hirnm Johnson, Bull Mooso
candidate for Vice President, today issued
a statement predicting that Tuft
will not get a single electoral vote.
Can't Go Republican,
SAN FRANCISCO, November i.
(By Associated Press Cable) The Bull
Moose party claims California by 30,000,
while tho Democrats claim they will
win by 10,000.
Balkan Mountain States listening to
any foreign counsel while treating for
tho arrangements of the conditions of
peace. This must bo settled between
tho Balkan States and Turkoy direct."
It may, at this stago, bo declared that
the whole campaign was prearranged
and has so far been carried out entirely
in accordanco with the program.
For a considerable length of time, an
officer of tho Urcek military staff, Colonel
Dousmnnis, wag engaged' in Sofia
preparing the military details, whilo tho
j political program wns'largely, if not
emiruiy, iuu wuit oi jcrenuer
of Greece.
Are Welded by Blood.
The union of the Balkan States at
this moment is more close, hearty and
intimate than it has over been, for it
has been welded by blood and common
sacrifice. There is not tho least dangor
mat any disagreement as to the divi
sion of territory or the positions of tho
frontiers will disturb it.
It may "be assumed that, inasmuch as
tho details of the campaign were ar
ranged with tho greatest caro, the'same
procedure will bo followed both at tho
conclusion of hostilities and subsequent
political considerations.
League of Peace for Peace,
Hr r'fdernl WlreleM Ttltcraub.)
LONDON, November 4. .(Special to
Tho Advertiipr) Tho American League
of IVoco hits offered its services for
mediation in tho Balkan State to the
Dmisli foreign ofllfe, through Dr. William
(Jaburne McDowell.
iJufivr McDowell is now in England
a ' :
MvmmtMitry , s- JHPelaiBM
' J tUUHiHHUtUHHIH MX SS p. V- . ." m Tiiii vT riTMM
5e; smmiMrMMWjsa&i ..ssssHWiBaim
I ' i
The following are the forecasts issued yesterday ,from the
the Dclegateship. The vote
Forecast' Kuhio McCandless
jMauiv.T.;,. ,1765-
Maui' !. .V. i 17.65 457'"
Oahu'..' 4000 2964.'
Kauai 650 25f
Totals ..... 8815 4310
in the interest of tho great Inter-Parliamentary
meeting which will bo hold
in the United States and Canada in
Doctor McDowell belioves that tho
League of Peaco operating with its
American oflieers would bo. in slick an
impartial position that they could represent
nil tho parties concerned. Ho
has interviewed a number df prominent
mn of each houso of tho British parliament,
and has strong hopes that
something may como of his suggestions,
which have been convoyed to Sir
Groy, secretary of slate for foreign
uffairB, in a formnl manner.
Besistance Dwindling.
ADRIANOPLE, Turkoy, November 4.
Associated Press Cable) Tho
Turkish garrison's rcsistnnco is dwindling,
tho artillery ilro is slackening,
and reports are that famine is already
creating havoc aniong the defundors.
Starved Beforo Battle.
SOFIA, Bulgaria, November 4. (By
Associated Press Cable) Tho captured
TurltB complain that a faulty commissariat
is responsibio for their defeats.
Tlicy say they were staV'ved for four
days beforo they gave up Kirk
Shooting vs. Qooseatep.
(By Associated Press Cable) Military
critics are explaining?' IJiat whilo tho
Turkish soldiers were learning routine,
such as tho gooscstep, tho Bulgarians
were learning to shoot straight and
control thein fire,
Agent for Harvester Trust Has
Been Arrested Upon a
(Br Federal Wireless Tulejrraph.)
(Special to mo Advertiser; kludge
Wellcr issued a warrant for tho arrest
(of Wallace J. Poland, Pacific Coast rep
resentative of the International Harvester
Company, on a charge of
and he was taken into custody
this afternoon.
The specific sum named in tho warrant
is $15,000, although the court lias
been informed by Aubrey K. Ambrose,
traveling auditor for tho Harvester
Company, that Poland 't shortage will
Tench 00,000.
Jt is charged that some of tho company's
funds wero pent in
u theater in Modiste, and tho St.
Regis saloon In San Francisco,
of two years ago is also given, fjr
l Forecast. Kuhio McCandless
- Maui'J 1500 ' 900
Oahu -.3000 4000
Kauai' 463 512r
6963 7202
"Things look better with every report
that comes ii,'.' said, C. J. McCarthy,
campaign niangor of tho Deino
cratic party, when asked Jnst night to
mako a statement of tho probable
of today !s voting. There was undoubtedly
an air of assurance about tho
Democratic heaquartcrs lusttoightfTiot
tho loud boasts of forced enthusiasm.
but the satisfaction of substantial vic
tory m sight. W $
Tho Democrats 'claim tbnt there willJ
bo practically a clean sweepCfor them
on this Island, with excellent Demo
crntic prospects on tho other -Islands.
"Until today wo woro willing to con'
ccdo tho Republicans ono of.tlio senators,"
said. Mr. McCarth. 'fcNbw, has.
ing our predictions on late returns, yw
withdraw that. Ve aro going"'to olyft
all three of our senators. 'Our house
ticket in tho fifth is ccrtaiUj ,anjl wo
will havo nt least a majority of the
board of supervisors. ' ""'
"McCandless will bent ,Kuhio jy
eleven to twelve hundred votes. Maul
is tho only Isjand whero .Kuhio wjll
have anything llko a good majority,
Oahu will poll a thousand. mora votes,
far McCandless than for the: Prince.
and tho Oahu majority will, (bo about'
iho majority with which .McCandless
will co to Washington. t, 4.
"My estimato on tho vote f or t'ia
;nayoralty concedes uoioneiJ1t'arKcr; a
majority in the fourth, jvlll 'bo
away behind in tho fifth, fern's tolfll
will bo about three hundredjalicad tof
Parker. Hustaco will poirsomcwhero
around eight hundred votes, wy
Fourth. Fifth. Total.
Porn ,., 1700 2000 3700
Parker 1800 ISOO 3300
Hustaco 800
(IIt Federal Wlrelctt Telerraph Y
NEWPOHT, Bhodo Island, NovemW
1. (Special to Tho Advertiser) -Tho
clergymen of Nownort arc unanimous
in refuting to oiliriatQ nt tho wedding
of the multi milllonairo L'. li
Thomas mid Mini Elizabeth It. Finloy,
the New York urtlst. It has been the
rule among tho clorgyinon hero noi to
rnnrry divorced persons.
Ah tho dooreo of divorce which
Thomas obtained liuknn it Impoatible
I for hlin to marry in New York, a jnln
ittr will bo brought from ProvManci'
(o perform tho cereuiouy.
rival -headquarters in regard to
purposes of comparison
"Vote of 1010 Kuhio McCandless
Hawaii-.1., . .1787, J742."
Maui 1587 473 '
.Oahti 3953 2860
Kauai 687 315
8014 4390
Predictions of u Republican victory
in the cltyaml.county all along tho lino
were inaUO yesterday by Republican
workcis. Ono snid that tho Domcccrats
thonitolvcs claim only
supervisors and two or threo representatives,
and that they aro very mich
wprriodover .the x,robablo loss ofltho
sheriffship, '
. From Republican headquarters tho
following forecast on tho mayoralty
election was givon out to llio press i
' ' Fourth Fifth Total
Parker ; . 'J8S3 1757 303O
Fern . .,'......,.' 1018 1010 ' 3534
Hustaco 485 241 ' 72C
Spoiled Ballots . 82
w .....7081
Chairma'h 'B. Republican
county committee, said yesterday:
"From reports wo havo received
from uvery precinct pn this island, I
feel confident that wo will elect tho
Republican tickot from tho top Ad tho
bottom, Kuhio will bo an casyXwin
ner over McCandless, and tho'jithor
jippuuiican culminates win no successful.
Our senatorial ticket will bo
given a strong voto. i
"The talk stirred up by Demtjerats
and a few disgruntled Republican1 that
somo of the haolo precincts will knife
the Hawaiian candidates and vice (versa
has proved to bo groundless and. has
been a boomerang Democrats.
The fourth district is going to' give
Hearty support to tlio llfth district candidates
and tho fifth will show
straight ticket strength as ltjuis always
dono, Col. Sam Parker has gained
greatly in strength durink the past two
weeks and Fern's mothodrf have lost him
support in both districts. Tho Demo
crats are going to bo sadly disappointed
in tho defeat of their supervisorial
ticket and we will go right down the
line with all our candidates,"
(Djr Federal Wlrt'rfM Teleerjd)
AHOY, China, November
to Tho Advertiser) OoiiorakPuang
rilng, one time of
tho revolutionary forces during"iho recent
rebellion, hut been appointed mill
tury chief of Southern Fukion, and or
dnred to go to Atnoy to suppress local
(Additional Telegraph News on Pago 4)
Great Gathering in Aala Park
Cheers McCandless to
the Echo.
Colonel Parker Wins Applause
at Rally in -the Capitol
Everything has been saidl
Both parties held thoir final grand:
rallies last evening, the Republicans nt
tho Capitol grounds, and tho Democrats
nt Aala Park. Both rallies woro well
attended, but that of the Democrats
was much tho larger gathering anil
thcro, nlso, wns shown tho
especially whoa L. L.
cnmliilnto for Dolegnto to
Congress, spoko straightout to tho
crowd which packed tho park
from end to cud. Ho wns cheered again
and ngnin. '
At the Republican rally Col. Sam
Parltor, as usual, made tho hit of tho
evening, whilo R. W. Shinglo, chairman
of the Territorial control committee,
prosided with a tnct mid onorgy
which did much to mako tho mooting;
a successful one. But it was Colonel
Parker who was given tho cheers.
Among tho other brief speeches woro
thoso mado by each of tho candidatps,
A. Q. Marcallino, candidate, for
to the house, making an axcollont
talk. Ho was ono of tho progressive
roprcseututives in the last legislature.
Kuhio again attacked tho Governor and
his administration, -' v
And today
words, that count.
Great Democratic Bally.
From tho bandstand in Aala Park
last night, the Democratic candidates
nnd speakers addressed tho greatest
assembly of voters in the history of
Honolulu. Eight thousand persons, nt
a conservative estimate, packed tho
great square to King
streot and surged along the banks of
tho Ntuinnu Btrcam.
Never in their wildest dreams hud
tho Democrats expected such n gathering,
but they weio notslow to take advantage
of their opportunity. Thoy
spoko and tho pooplo listened. Them
were interruptions, great rolling
cheers, which camo when flickering
torches danced through tho nudionco
to tho speakers' stand, ouch torch
rosonting u Tccrult from (Republican
torchlight parade, .,
Half a Bcoro of torcllotfV'Jcft tho
ranks of tho Republican -parade as it
passed Aula Park oi tm', way to
Palaco Square. Afterwards 'trioy con- ,
tinned to stroma in. When jLink"
McCandless spoke, twenty torcji bearer's
rushed up to the stand . find presented
him with the trophleajof tho
enemy. Over fifty torches vrtfe received
at the stand during
nnilil cheers for the 'Dputocrnts
and groans for tho opposition. '
And tho crowd stood faBt.Uityl) tho
last lei crowned speaker bad, jeft tho
stand. Tho fireworks and
advertised for tlifl. Republican
mooting failed to move iuemt j,Whon
a Tuuncr from the Republican liueoting
arrived with a tiotuo or pmno; ueor,
ono of many which lie said were being
distributed to the voters Vvith Republicans,
and "Link" McCnndlcBS brandished
it before tho thousands, and exclaimed:
Buying With Booze. ,
"They expect to buy yoqrl votes
with this," tho audiiincohowlcd their
derision of tho Republicans and cheered
for McCandless and tho Democratic
ticket. v
Bven tho rain which JfclU nt times
failed to diminish tho crowd. Hundreds
of umbrellas blossomed, showing
that their owners hud come ..prepared
to stay tho meeting througha'iid when
tho Tain ceased, tho umbrellas disappeared
leaving a view of a Boa of upturned
eager faces.
Ono of tho remarkable features of
tho assembly was tho fntt that at
least per cent wcro voters.
There were a number of wpmen -present,
but tbu childion wero'consplcuous
by thoir absence,
Bvery Democrat in Honolulu wa
present who was ablo to walk, and
great was tho cheering when 1M. Watson,
long a lender of tho party in tbu
Islands, was carried to the stand from
the sick bed which he has occupied for
There were Republicans iu the stand,
too, Republicans who could not swallow
Kuhio and his punt record, and who refusing
to kowtow to him as others who
ilciKuiiicod lilm but recently, have done,
Jicou llyled "dwerters "
Ilmvo (OuiitlriUMl oiv Pago Five.)
i , . s
.J j,t&m ;.:. .v.,- ,: vLlu t.ihflMntihikvmMdi FiitiiiiH mtmUMmiitmia b&m'L., jJttnMjk

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