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Refers to Letters He Has Written, Things He
Has Said and in Various Ways
Dodges Plain Issue.
(From Sunday Advertiser)
gxdcclcu 10 near ivuiiiu uuou ,.
The six worus wuicu woum iu
tho question nnd which Kuhio
did not say were, "I will abide by tho
result." . .
Charging The Advertiser with misquoting
him in his speeches, nnd particularly
in the ouo made at Hilo, ho
"T will sav to vou now what I
tmid'in Hilo, that so far as Frcar nnd
.-..! l.V la n i'llll1 I
x am no a . --J
Sincere in His Tight.
Kuhio made one emphatic statement
during his speech, which received
marked attention from his nudience, as
indicating his policy in the futuTc. I
:,. ; mv fittlik." ho said, "anil
on tho ground that no mignt try anu
become chairman of the police commit-ten
nf the supervisors. He declared
then nn.l thorn that he did not wnnt to
c, and would not bo a mombcr of tho
Bartlctt said that others had raised
tho cry that ho wns on the bonds of a
number of tho saloons. Ho udmlttcd
that ho was, und snld if ho had not been
away at tho time, ho would probably
lave been on thorn nil. As it was, ho
said, the Hawaiian Trust Company, or
other trust companies were, ho thought,
on tho other bonds,
Oheera for Parker.
Montague Cook", speaking hi ii
of the club, urped tluutt prrnfiit to
vote th stnilght tlrki't. Charloo Arnold
asked for thn mpKirt of Iho
tiling in it rcw worn, us mil a. ( mut
, Presidents nnd a man, vho, if elected,
Delegate Kuhio was the principal iVnIU,j stlltce.. W,cn tho gnllant
speaker at a small but select guthoiliig I Colonol stepped forward, ho rccolvoa
at the Munoa Tennis Club lost night. ))l0 firt nn'(,' on, ovntlon of tho ovcn.
Out of tho some HUO registered voters , tn tnem,at(,n(,0 cheered him to tho
in the precinct, there, were forty P;"' tune of ..Hip, Hip, Hooray 1" three
cm, uuimtjr nc.u .... .............. -" I timCg,
question nuked by The Advertiser as lkhl(. but tc)ling mtlo spcoci1C8 for
to whether or not he would oppose tho i " amJ wng Mlcocedcd' by Nomina
confirmation of Frear 's nomination and wll0 boro witn hlm a cnatt
continue his career of troubo ranking. howl tho volc of four year8 ,,
As to this, Kuhio said: "I will not an- whcn 0 WM bcnten by McCiciInn lor
awer The Advertiser now or at any . .-i.,,- ,:,-,i i, ti,. .
other time, If that is what you want ur'C8 tbat h,g dcfcat vaa entirely duo
mo to say. I will say that tho Fisher I tQ scratchln by Republicans, nnd
is more to me than tho, fl tn,gbM'an argulnent' for the
rnntmninlmptlt nf FrCar,
Hut Kuhlo at one time in his discourse
enmo within bix wbrds of
tho question. This was when,
after an attack on Tho Advertiser, ho
said: "You have heard what 1 said in
a letter some time ago, that If Fisher
camo down and pave me a square dcnl
- -. . ..11 .!.1i
straight ticket. He also asked for fair
piny for tho Hnwniinns and protested
against tho scratching of candidates by
the whites, just becauBe thoy boro Hawaiian
W. 0. Smith alo spoke in bohnlf of
tho Hawaiian candidates.
Ho reviewed tho history of tho Is-
and l'rear a square ueai i wou.u ' ,nnjQi t0 sbow that from the carlv davs
by tho result. tl,e Hawniians had materially nided in
T'll mako tho gaum fight over again if laninnaolo at tho Emma. Square n.c
tho sa'mo conditions ariso in tho nestling last night, "tho Czar ajainst wh
two or four years. It is for the people
tbat I am making this fight, to keep you
from the rule of a military
Discouraging Plantationa
Declaring In one breath that "my
fight is not a personal fight against
tho Governor, but for the Americanization
of tho Islands," ho said m tho
noxt: "I am fighting the Governor on
tho homestcading proposition. I would
stretch the laws to bring in homesteaders."
Ho said that tho plantations
were not encouraging homesteaders;
that where they could uso skilled
mechanics, as on the steam plows,
TunnnAtA TOOTH llRPfl.
Tho Delegato talked at length on the
possibility of a military commission,
i,.i,;i, tin nir1 was certain to como
,.ni.oi wore made. ''I know,
ho said, "that Hawaii is drifting away
from Statehood and toward the timo
when she will loso the franchise.
"I lmow tho policy of tho military
government. They don't want a plantation
on this Island. They caro
about tho millions invested in plantations
hero. .
"Ten years of annexation have not
improved this Territory from an Amerl-can
point of view. What aro you going
to do about HI" ...
Twice during tho course of Ins
harangue Kuhio naked the diplomatic
question, ""Why should I oppose the reappointment
of Governor Frcarl" but
never oneo nnswercd his own question.
Kuhio wns accompanied to tho meet-Inc
bv the two "R. Ws," Breckons
nnd Shinple. Thoy, with several otner
candidates, "star sprinkled on tlio
grass," applauded in great form at
tho exact moment that Kuhio told his
hearers that thoy "had heard" of tho
letter in which ho said ho would nbiilo
by tho result, but tho audience in the
grandstand seemed to miss the point.
Notley Apologized..
David Notley and Charles G.
candidates for supervisors on tho
Republican ticket, preceded Kuhio on
tho stand. Notley introduced himself
by apologizing for being on earth. ' I
am only a poor workingman," he said,
"and this is tho first time I have stood
beforo the high people, so will beg your
pardon." Ho then asked tho audience
to voto for Sam Parker and Robert
Parker becauso they were blood eousms
of his, and addod that it would be a
good thing to voto tho straight ticket.
Thero Aro otners.
Bartlctt said that he understood there
was objection to him on tho part of several
in tho audience, beenuse he was
in the liquor business. Ho admitted
that ho was in tho business, but said he
did not think ho should be singled out
for opposition on this account. TheTe
were people prcgeent, lit said, who wcto
supporting other candidates who wcto
stockholders in the brewery he managed
and drawing dividends. Others, he
eaid, were interested in corporations
which secured a part of their revenue
from the liquor business Ho pointed
mi that uH n sunervisor ho would have
nothing to do with the liquor problem,
inasmuch as it is handled by tho liquor
commission, appointed by the Governor.
He said some one had objected to him,
forminir tho fabric ot government which
was considered so near perfect by congress
that at the time of annexation, it
found but few changes to make.
"When I make tho figlit against tho
Governor it is because Fioar is tho
let no man protest."
Tho Delegate plunged Snta his trou
bles with tho Governor, but in no part
ot his speech uiu ho suggejl evt'n that
his figlit against Frear hud been concluded.
Ho continually us.cd the phrase
I nm fighting tho Governor" tor this
and that, nnd said his fight was ipt tho
common people, in nlmo3t the last
speech which tho Delegato ca'i inuico in
the campaign, he did 'not state that ho
would abide by tbo result of Secretary
Fisher's investigation, but intimat
ed in several portions of bis speecn that
ho was not uono yet.
If the knife was Ufce.3 in tho com':ng
election against hiin it wo'ild bo "used
egainst the common people," he declared.
It was a square deal lo wss
fighting for. Ho heard rumors from
the electorate that thoy wore not getting
tho square deal while I he interests
were getting everything. When bo
made a fight, and he added that he was
not fond of making a fight, it wns
tbo people "re rising 'ami
must be chnnguj so that ('very
American citizen here will get u square
Not In Russia,
"We arc not in where wo
cannot get up and give nn opinion of
the administration," viid thn
"I am a public -i"d when
1 innko a fight ngaiiibt tbo Governor it
ie because Frear is the Crar ot linivJ.i.
Yon have he!rd of my fljjbt r an
for the ama'il min so that ho eai
own a home and bo n '.and owior. Tim
lvses on a great man govcrimu'nt
lands aro running out und .1 a up 1
thi administration to see mat people
tie Bcttlcd on every inu or government
land." He went on to btiti' that
pc'oplo weio put on buinestfud lands on
which they could not r'esd u gu.it
where it woud starve to
"Since this investigat o i of Wie
tary Fihhor on tho Island of Hawaii, "
continued the ' tha Governor
today admits no, he doea not admit
but ho recognizes that the conditions at
tho present timo miiBt be c'langod for
the betterment of the citizens o.1 this
"The question of the appointment of
Governor Frear is a secoudaiy consideration
to the good that Visaer did in
his investigation. From that investi
gation I believo tno pcopio recoguizu
thpm ; nomethinct iiood to coin at
least so far as publicity is joiiierncu.
Forcing th Governor.
"I have been fighting this light for
tho homesteader." Ho then state 1 tl at
as n result of tho investigation ot tne
homesteaders at Hakalau the Governor
will give them a chance, although ho
had said tho people did not carry out
the law. Tbo Governor, so Kuhio
stated, is now going to make annual
trips to the homesteads and see they
get a right deal nnd see that the plantations
give them what is just for their
"That is fomcthing the people hao
gained from my fight, anyway," said
tho Prince.
"Tho Republican platform on which
J am standing today originated from
my fight agnlnst tho Governor that ho
was not administering the affairs of
tho government ns ho should. Tbat platform
will protect every individual. All
nubile utilities aro going to bo regu
lated, Sugar plantations aro going to
bo regulated so far ns the sugar lunds
aro concerned.
"I want you to give the Hawniians
on tho ticket the stjunro deal. Tho
are in tho voting majority, but
In the convention they gave the other
ruccs n squurf deal, I hear thnl somo
people aro going to voto for Dowsctt
und llmiloii und Coke. I ink n square
deal for tho Hawaiian rnndldatn for
vmitor. Fight for this man. Ills record
In that of a good mun, 1 think It
ti unfair that lie should be knlfod."
Dowiett Pledges ralnieu.
.). M. DnwuHl, Hinli'Uti? for lh n
riiliuo I hen (.itatrmNM JImcnwHy in isl, jjuve soiim iriniciit nniwrfca Htxut
fiolurtn lol. Hum I'nrhft raudiiUte frl the makeup of lb" irnutr ami Ihti po
nmyar, m "Tl friend "f Kiiin and ibHiilt llmt mmM ft'i' tlwuld it l
"If wo lit lMnoftitlU
i it h! lti'tlMurr It will be KB
endorwment of Ihe frrc trade teller of
ht pptnorralte paily," mlil Mr.
"When would all you working
men lift If Hut pulley should ln Insng
muted! That would lako 33 a ton
off our output of nugnr and cause fifty
per cent, of lh plmilntlntis to close
ihelr dunri. Vhcri then, would on
working iiiph 1"1 frhcre, then, would
on g. t your wagisl"
"If I am oleftcil senntor I will go In
o llmt body nlwolnttdv freo of nny
drm, corporation or lnteiot, but go
there to represent the best Interests of
this Territory, fnlrly Mid honestly. "
George V. Itrtilnn, nlo a enndldato
for the senate, said that scratching tho
ticket wns unfair to lhoe who havo
been fighting tho battles of
Ho snld ho came before tbe
n n. pnndtilutn from the fifth dis
trict and 'did this advisedly, for tho
Democrnts hnd failed to put up n man
from that district on their ticket.
Ho said that criticisms of himself
nnd Mr. Dowsctt as to their connection
with the sugar indiiitry wns unfair. It
was impossible, to conceive of any reason
why men should make statements
that ho' nnd Dowsctt would not rnrry
nut their pledges. Both hnd lived in
the Territory nil their lives, were promi
nent In business and the development oi
the resources of the country, -and tliy
could not go hack on their pledges. It
is a wnsto of words, ho said, to uso such
nrgumonts. Ho wns proud of his stewardship
in maklqg barren land ylold
a golden harvest. As to tho homestend
law, it wns a question which nas voxvu
every ndminlstrntion during tho pist
ton years. Conditions hero nre changing
rapidly. What was radical twentv
years ngo is conservative today. Tho
way to net now is to ring out tno om
and ring in tho now, and this could
bo applied bv elevating 'himself,
nnd Knlciomi to the sennto in the
endeavor to solve this homestead and
land question.
Kalelopu's Frank Stand.
Knleiopu snld ho heard ho wns to bo
knifed in tho ninth of tho fourth. "While
regretting this should bo so, ho said ho
would mako no appeal to thorn to
chaugo their ways, but even though
thoy did, to refrain from doing anything
that would defeat Ronton and
Dowsett. Kalciopu mado a manly statement
of his case and said that his
in tho past appeared to bo right,
but now it appears to bo nil wrong.
What his disqualification wns now was
boyond his knowledge.
The meeting, wlilcli wns inrgoiy attended,
wns presided over by A. D.
cone iii
"(From Sunday Advertiser)
"I am a candidato for Dolegato to
Congress, not a candidate for tho Governorship
of Hawaii, and, moreover, I
expect to bo elected," said L. L.
yesterday, back from his
strenuous daBh upon Maui, during which
bo believes ho accomplished a great deal
towards making his election certain.
The report has been in general circu'
Intion that Mr. McCandlcss knows that
ho cannot beat Kuhio on Tuesday, but
is anxious to roll upxasbig a Tto bb
possiblo in order thut his claim to bo
first Democratic Governor of tho Territory
.may bo recognized by Woodrow
Wilson, if tho1 Democrats win on tho
It wob this report that mado
declare with somo heat that tho
statement that ho had already sent his
application for tho Governorship to
wns "a plain lie."
"It is only a samplo of tho canards
tho Republican candidato for Delegate
has been telling all over the Territory
about me," ho said. "Wliy should I
apply for tho Governorship. I bolieve
that I am to bo tho Delegate. I have
not-applied for tho Governorship, neither
do I expect to.
Gained on Maui.
"I went to Maui to mako a final argument
to tho voters there. You know
I havo never been very strong on Maui.
That has always been a Republican
stronghold, but this timo it is going to
bo very different. I am going to get
some very substantial support thero
this time. Tho biggest gathering of
the campaign got together to hear mo
and Mayor Fern at Wailnka nnd we
had n great crowd at Lahaina. On Molo-
kal I got promises of support on every
"Tho way I size up tho situation is
this: I nm more thnn holdrni; my own
on tho other islands, Kuhio 's majority
on Maul and Hnwnii is going to be cut
aown anu x win como to uahu with a
very small majority against me, if any.
It depends then upon the Oahu voters.
If they voto as thoy talk and carry
their principals to tho polls with them,
L will be elected, x am conlident thnt
Oahu is not going to be any disappointment
to Democracy this time. I
that our ticket will make almost a
clean sweop here.
Thinks a Democrat la Needed.
"It is a deliberate falsehood to say
that I am applying for tho Governor-ship,
or that 1 am working for it.
Haven't I worked hard enough for the
Dolcgateship to convince pcopio that
that Is tho position I want! I want to
go to Washington as tho first Democratic
Delegato from Hawaii to work
for tho intorests of the Territory with
tho first Democratic President slneo
Hawaii becamo a part of tho American
"I hnvo campaigned hard in this
light and nm satisfied that I havo made
a winning ciimpuigii. Wherever I went
I paid my way. I had no automobiles
waiting for me nt tho steamers, no spo
clul trulns currying voters freo to my
rallies, no hums supplied for my sup
porters. Kuhlo's campaigns huvo beau
mado easy for him. If ho had hud t
go through ttlint I huvo iloun to put no
nue More Iho tutors ha would not
uor would his frjsiid), any thut I war
making a bluff cAiiiiwIyn. They will
how luucli of ii bluir It was ), u
the return rum? In un Tuiuday ululit
Campaign Monty,
"I understand that ih llipnht)rati
arc twilling tny mpottr liwmtiv 1
have not dug up thirty or forty tlitul
ami dollars to lime mnnrM aim loich i
light jHirade and other thing a In He
nliliticsn, but If they will only think a
little Ihe llrpiibllfMn will ,Vp rntliei
tun aiiout n om v. now tnnrh money,
inr lntanci did Kulilo ever give to
any tlcptibllcntt rnmimlpn fmulf Why
that 'a n Joke. Kuhio has been carried
irntiitit the Territory on a silver tdntler
nnd had even his meals paid lor bv
others. I tnnv not have contributed
miirh to tie g'n"rl enmpiign fund, be
enue 1 know we did not nrod nnv grent
imuunt to win, but 1 at least hnvc nl
wnva pi'd mv own bills. I novor ran
to the planters to linvo them dig up for
nit nnd then turn around and necuso
'hem of bribing tha people
Believes Voters Senslblo,
"1 look for a big mnjorlty on this
lelnnd. 1 believe thnt the voters hero
aro sonstble men and appreciate the fact
that this is the timo for Hawaii to look
after her own interests by sending to
Vinsnington a lrtcmi of the
n Democrat to join linnds with tho
Democratic senators und representatives
from tho sugar Stntes ot tho South nnd
the beet sugar Stntes of tho Wett to
sidetrack adverse tnrifT legislation on
sugar. Congressman Hoyd sent a
to Hawaii through K. M. Watson,
nnd 1 am extremely sorry that Mr.
Watson has not been nblo to take a part
In this winning campaign and deliver
personally the message to Hnwnll. Mr.
Plovd snld to him: 'You must sand us
n Democratic Delegate from Hawaii,
lie may not huvo a ote, but ho can
tell us whnt ho wants nnd wo mninlnnd
Democrats will do the yotiag for him in
"I am 'pinning my hopes on tho
voters of Onhu. If 1 get a fair majority
here I will win nnd llmwili will still
hnvc In her Delegate n friend nt court
nt Washington."
What Fern Roports.
"Tho Democrats have got Maul
olnched," says Mayor Fern. "Kuhio
hasn't a look in over thorc. I think I
did good work for McCmulloR.
"Kuhio killed himself on Maui when
ho advised tho Hawallaus not to voto
for n haolo Delegate, but to voto for
haolc candidates lor tho senate. That
will kill him over there, sure.
" wo'vo got Maui, anil wo'vo got
Onlm. 1 will bo tho next mayor of JlO'
nolulu. I won't havo to movo out of
tho chair at all."
Charles Long, Republican enndldato
for supervisor, stated yesterday at Republican
headquarters that Supervisor
Low is knifing him, particularly in tho
country districts. Word wns brought
to him by a rolativo of Mr. Low's that
Low was singling him out for tho knife,
although he did not hear that Low was
advocating nny ono elso to tnko his
place. It was also rumored nround tho
headquarters that Low was helping
Fern in tho country districts.
(By Federal Wireless Telecrapb.)
MONTREAL, Quebec, Novem-
bcr 3. (Special to Tho
tiser) During a storm last
night the steamer Cocolio, which
plied between Montreal and Val-
leyficld, was hurled on tho rocks
nt Isle Parrot in Lako St. Louis
and snnk. At least sixteen
soub wcro drowned, the loss com-
prising mostly women and
Only four passengers wcro
saved, all men. Tho erics of the
persons In tho water attracted
tho attention of Alexander Leon-
ard, a farmer, who put out in a
small boat and picked up tho
four clinging to tho wreckage.
SI 5(S SfC 5C SfC !( S(I SjC SfC JjC JjC Sf S(C f 5f! C )C
Tl ME DEilii
Accident on Battleship Fatal
While Other Sailors Are
(By Federal Wlrelcu Te!eeraili.)
NORFOLK, Virginia. November 3.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Mitchell
V. Huron und Richard M. Wagner,
of tho fire-room crow of tho battleship
Vermont, are dead, and H. W.
Cruraer, J. W. Newberry, M. W. Green
and 0. K. IToltinir aro badly scalded, as
tho result of tne blowing out of tho head
of thp battleship's' boiler No. 0, while
cruising in Hampton Roads during tho
Cramer is so badly burned, it is feared
ho will die. Tho battleship was only
slightly damaged.
A board of inquiry will determine
tho responsibility for the accident. It
is believed it was duo to tho water
In the boiler being permitted to run too
'11.- Federal Wireless
ROME, Italy, November 3. (Special
to The Advertiser) Certain newspapers
having published statements that
the Popo will shortly definitely
the claim for temporal father,
m ml o by tho church since tho Papal
States wero abs6rbed by tho reigning
dynasty of tho Quirinnf, tho
Romano, in n article,
declares tho question "remains today
where it has been nnd always will bu."
Tho uttitudo of Popo Pius, says the
organ of tbo Vatican, Is that of Leo
XIII and Cardinal Rumpollut "Provl
diuicn will find a way to tho liberation
,f tho Holy Fnther."
Take Laxative Drama (Juiniin
Tnblots, All tlrwuifitu rdunij
the monoy if it fuili to euro.
Ii. V. Grovc'fl BljjitotuiM m
Mill box
klMfciJ)tJNBCn H M I 1 .
(From Sundny Advertiser)
"Believing that sooner or Inter
Honolulu us the citpltnl nnd com-
mcrcinl center of .Hnwnii must
nwnko to tho grent dnngur
onlug it nnd other nindurn com-
uiunttles from tuberculosis, 1 hero-
by set aside Sunday, Noveinbor 3,
nineteen hundred nnd twelve, ns
"Tuberculosis Day," in
tlon of tho groat impetus that on
that day will bo given tho war
waged on tho Great White Plague
by tho unltod churches of Hono-
"In full ronllzliiR of what Is
meant both by added Impetus to
thnt campaign, as well ns by com-
munlty indifference, I hoid It only
proper thnt ovory citizen of Hono-
lulu should on thut dny devoto
somo small portion of his timo to
a study of tubeiculosis and its
evils or tho propagation of such
knowledgo among his friends, nb
ways bearing in mind tho fnct that
great ns those ovils are, they can
bo no greater than a united com-
munlty 's determination to rid
itself of them.
(Signed) JOSEPH .T. FERN,
Mayor of Honolulu.
Today, both by tho events plnnned
for it nnd by tho olliclal proclamation
of Mayor Forn, issued yesterday morning,
is "Tuberculosis Day" when tho
greater part of tho English-speaking
community will plodco "somo small
portion of its timo" to a consideration
of tho Grent Whito Plague On tho
initiatlvo of tho churches through thoir
Inter-Church Fodorntlon , tho giant
mass meeting thnt is arrnuged for tho
Bijou Thoatcr tonight will bo tho big
ovont of tho day, most of tho churches
closing thoir doors tonight that their
congregations might attend.
Governor Frcnr, who will prosldo,
will cnll tho meeting to order nt half-past
socn. Tho speakers of tho
will bo Dr. A. N. Sinclair, adminis
trative olliccr of tho
League and superintendent of tho Lo
am Homo, and ..mines a. Jtniii,
of tho Palnnia Settlement.
First Big Stop.
Tho mooting tonight murks tho first
big step towurds awakening intorcst In
tho tuberculosis work which must bo
carried on beforo Hawaii can expect
to forego tho four hundrod doaths
which it pays annually ns toll to this
Xdngue, which wipes out.mbro lives oach
year than epidemics of plnguo and
cholora havo in tho last
In this campaign territorial and
municipal nid will bo asked for
both in laws and monoy, nnd
volunteer nid will bo roquostcd. Under
tho direction of tho board of henlth a
publicity campaign hns already bcon
spread to oach of tho main islands of
tho group nnd ofilcinls nnd tho pross
nro eagerly assisting.
Press Cooperating.
Tho Advertiser and tho Star-Bulletin
Onhu hava both commenced to
spread tho gospel of
in English. Tho "Gnrdon Island" on
Knuni and tho "Maui News" nt
undor tho direction of Kditor
Stevenson, nro cnrrylng on iho publicity
campaigns in their districts und nro
obtaining splendid results in awakened
On Hnwnii, Henry W. IClnnoy, editor
of tho Hilo Tribune, has tiiltfen up tho
publicity work for tho Islnnd of
nccordinp; to a letter received
from him yesterdny. Ho is now handling
tho publicity in
thnt county nnd assisting Doctor Sexton,
tho board of health's agent in
Hilo, in mnpping out n enmpaign that
will reach into every corner of Hawaii,
Editor Shobn of tho Hnwnii iShinpo,
the lending .Tnpancso pnpor of tho Territory,
took up the campaign among his
countrymen three weeks ngo, undor tho
direction and with tho nsslstanco of tho
board of health nnd tho Anti-Tuberculosis
League, and has sowed seeds that
will bear considerable fruit whon tho
timo comes to call on tho Japanese for
their nctlvo assistance In stamping out
The enmpaign has nlso been spread
o tho Portugucso, Editor M. A. Silvn
of the 0 Luso of Honolulu nnd Editor
A. S. Costa of tho A Sotta, Hilo,'
tho publicity work in their
spoctivo publications nnd performing
scrvlco thnt last week won tho
thanks and appreciation of Doctor
Sinclair and others in tbo
Tho "Nupepa Kunkoa" and Senator
Knlaiiokalani's paper havo been working
mnong tho Hawaiian portions of
the community along tho samo gonorul
Tho Newest Knowledge.
Doctor Pratt, president of tho board
of health, bus just returned from tho
congress of hygiene and demography ut
Washington with an immense nmount
of data on educational campaigns, and
particularly in regard to tuberculosis,
and this will be applied practically to
Hnwuiian affairs ut onco,
Tho present campaign is merely n
beginning, started along well thought'
out lines, und dostinod to grow into ono
of tho greatest thut the government
mid tho peoplo of Ilnwall havo over
Tho ehuruhes throw their whole In
llneiico into tin scale for the first tlmu
tonight nnd will work continually
the Man) sanitary atntu from
nnir on, Tho midlcnco expected nt thn
llljou tonight, iicnordlng to iiicmhuM nf
thn souhil scrvlon roiiiiiilttmi of the?
InlorCliiircli I'wlomtloii who uro in
I'hargo, will bo tho Inrgnst cvur gather
nt a Honolulu Indoors iutlii.
t -
I'uitrd lliiilliuflioud uf furiwiilera
uud .Inluers of Alusriru mit In Wu
wrlr) Hall at half pint siiviii thin nn
VV tnAoi
Wo make fertiliser for avory prodetC
ind put on tho market only what baa
been proven of real value. Let cc
tnow the purpose for which yon Ws4
oil helps and we will supply you.
Addreas us
Pacific Guano and Fertilizer C
Honolulu, IL T.
finlDIl IIP! II HI
via tho
tho Famous Tourist Bouto of tho WorU
In connection with tho
Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Lie.
For tickets and general informsttssi
apply to '
General Agonts
Canadian Pacific Ely. Co.
Castle & Cooke Co., Ltd
Honolulu T. H.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
Walalua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Iron Works of St. Louis.
Blako Stonm Pumps.
Western's Centrifugals.
Habcock & Wilcox Boilers.
Green's Fuol Economizer.
Marsh Steam Pumps.
Matson Navigation Co.
Planters' Lino Shipping Co.
Kohnla Sugar Co.
Bank of Hawaii
Incorporated Undor tho Laws of ties
Territory of Hawaii.
SUBPLUS 100,000.00
0. H. Cooke Presides!
E. D. Tonnoy
F. B. Damon i Cashier
G. G. Fullor Assistant Cashiec
It. McCorriston Assistant Cashier
DIRECTORS: O. H. Cooko, E. D.
Tenney, A. Lowls, Jr., K. F. Bishop,
P. W. Mncfarlano, J. A. McCandlcss,
0. II. Athorton, Goo. R. Carter, F. B.
Damon, Fv C. Athorton, R. A. Cooke.
Strict attontlon given to all branches
of Banking.
Castle & Cooke Co., Ltd
Life and Fir
Qenoral Insnrranco Agents, reprcsontfttj
New England Mutual Life Insurance
Company of Boston.
Aetna Firo Insurance Co.
Wo havo' just accoptod tho Agency
for the
The Protoctor Underwriters of tint
Phoenix of Hartford.
These are also among the Roll cc
Honor in San Francisco.
(Br Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
ST. PETKHSBURG, RubsIu, November
3. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
John Watts and Arthur T. Thorbolt,
who started from Stuttgart, Germany,
in a borrowed balloon In tho international
cup race, havo landed safely la
Pskof, south of this city and about 1009
miles from Stuttgart.
Muurico Dlonalno in tho Pikardie won
tho race, with a record of 1301 miles t
Itiazum, near Moscow, in forty-Bit
hours, u new world's record.
Tho Americans mado a lino sboninr,
although thoir bulloon, Kansas City 11,
was injured in transit, und their lllght
wub mado in Dussoldorf II, loaned by
sportsmuullko Geriniiiia.
Thl dmiuio U so ilangoruiiH uud so
rapid In its iluveliipiiivnt thut uvury
mother of jnuiig uhlhlriui should be
pruiril for it. It U vnry riiky to
null until 1 1m uttnuk of crimp iipptuirs
uud Ihoti mud fur iiiixlloliin uud lt tin
child sudor until It uii be ubLaliit'i
t'baiuburiBlii'a Cough llwundy Is prompt
and nffwlijal Mini bus nvvor Ihmu Luciwa
to fail In any jim. Pur aala by
Km! it, x l'n., Ltd., NgmW tut
HaHuli A'lvt.

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