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f "' Wltl'l' , mM'f' f'xrm''
Twenty-Five Thousand
Ottoman Army Dead
or Wounded.
Bulgarians Prove to Be
Irresistible Upon
tw Wireless Telegraph.) o
e .SOFIA, Bulgaria, November 7
e (Spoclnl to The Advertiser)
o The Turkish army commandod by
Nazim Pasha was completely o
a crushed in tho great battle of
a the last two days, on tho
o Tchorlu lino, according to semi-
received hero to-
o official xoporta
A r
Z Tho Turks lost In killed and o
a -wounded more than double the o
loss at Lulobucgas.
a Tho Bulgarians are now vu.
suing tho defeated army. e
. . se
(By Federal Wireless
omzrs TiMliTaritt. November 7.
(Special to The Advertiser) The Turkish
losses in Wiled and wounded during
tho fivo days of fighting in'tho vicinity
Burnarhissar are estimated
at 25,000 men; the Bulgarian
troops captured,
took 2000
of guns -and
prisoners. They also seized four loco-motives
and 243 railroad coaches.
tho Struma.
Story of tho Battle.
(By Federal Wireless Teleeraph.)
VIENNA, Austria;- NovemDCT .
(Special to Tho
Roichspost correspondent with the Bulgarian
army sent the foMwing
today under date of November
"After heavy fighting, tho
left wing occupied tho heights
cast of Istrandia and has driven tho
TuTkish Tight wing into tho forest re-
gion west of Lake Derkos. Tho Bulgarians
their forces
aro now bringing
from Istftrndia and Yenikoni to dolivor
an attack on tho Tchatalja position out
of Lako Dcrkos.
"Tho Bulgarian center and Tight
wing aro forcing tho defeated Turks'
rear guard back along tho lines sixteen
miles cast of Tchorlu, and will soon
execute an attack on tho Turkish position
on each side of Tchatalja.
"In tho recent fighting the Turkish
artillery supported tho infantry very
indifferently, leaving tho infantry ox-posed
to tho attacks of tho pursuing
Bulgarians. As a result tho retreat of
the Turks almostMnvariably
into confusion.
"Boforo Adrianople, tho Turks aro
trying to break their way through tho
Bulgarian wing. The failuro of tho last
sortie appears almost ip have broken
the garrison's powers of resistance, and
its fall is cxpoctcd immediately."
Will Slag To Deum Then.
(By Federal Wireless Telesraph.)
LONDON, November 7. (Special to
The Advertiser) "Wo will sing a To
Deum of thanksgiving in the mosque
f St. Sophia next Sunday," boasted
he leaders of the conquering army of
Bulgarians today, boforo the last Turkish
buttle lino between them and tho
.city of Constantinople.
Of the great European empire conquered
by tho Mohammedan invaders
centuries ago, thcro now remain only
"Vive small districts today, and ovon
these Constantinople, Adrianople,
Monastir anil Scutari aro
Jt was reported that the great
of Snlonica has been evacuated,
and that tho Turkish army stationed in
tho city has been withdrawn, but no
confirmation of this yet has boon received
Which direction tho retreating
army is supposed to bavo taken wan
not mentioned In tho rpport, but if it
is trim that the Turks linvo abandoned
(tie city, they mint sooner or later como
Into contact with one of tho armies in
tlie vicinity of tho fortr whichever
Hray thy take.
Muntir, wbr 1MM 1'asha had,
lHI Turkish nmy, l raid to Uve bsen
Interesting Evidence Introduced
by the Prosecution at
(By Federalt Wireless Telegraph.)
TNmAJJAPfiiriFrWhdittna. Novnmhrir
paper ciiyjunga auuui uxpiusiuus were
read in tho "dynamite conspiracy "
trial today, as having boon sent to John
J. McNamaia by ofilcials of tho International
Association of liridge and
Structural IromvoTkers. ,
McNamara, in ono lottor, wrote to
Philip A. Coo'ey, New Orleans, Louisiana;
"I do not want clippings about
work, but about certain things that
might happen vhich would bo of interest
to us."
Tho United States government in its
on'enlnir statement said it would bo
shown that although Cooloy's tenitory
was not affected by explosions, ho continually
was soliciting them and vns
negotiating with men to cauBe
occupied by tho Allied Balkan Moun
tain States troops.
Between. the Bulgarian army and Constantinople
now stands only tho
forts, hold by an army that has
been crushed and defeated and that has
been rendered, it is believed in military
circles, incapable of making any
sustained ' dofenso against a constant
assault. "s y
righting Very Severe.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
COLOGNE, Germany, November 7.
(Special to The Advertiser) The Turks
aro reported to have been decisively
beaten by tho Bulgarians and driven in
uigorder from their positions at tho
Tchatalja forts in front of Constantinople,
according to a diepatoh roceived
here today from Sofia.
Tho fighting was very severe and
lasted two days,
Mobilizing Great Fleet.
T fiwnnw vA,nmi.. t q :i -
The AdvuriUprf Thn Wt VhtM, ti.
European nations aro assembling in
Turkish waters will comprise fourteen
battleships, twenty-two cruisors and
fifteen torpedo boat destroyers and aux
Sir Edward Archibald Borkely Milon,
commander of tho Mediterranean
squadron, will bo the senior officer of
tho International fleet, nnd is expected
to taka command should concerted operations
become necessary,
Will Accept Terms.
PARIS, November 7. (By Associated
Press Cablo) Turkoy has decided
to accept any terms of pcaco the Powers
will recommend, according to statements
todny in oflicinl circles. Tho Bal.
lain Allies v. ill ask tho partition of
European Turkey, permitting tho Powers
to dictate tho fato of Constantinople.
Acknowlodgo Defeat.
CON8TANTINOPL!:, Turkey, November
7. (By ABsociatod Press
Cablo) -Tho Bulgarians have again defeated
the main body of tho Turkish
army, this time nftrr a terrific two
days' balilo nt Tchutaljn, tho last llnp
of dofuiikci.
Turks Detert City,
BALQNlfA, Turkey, Number 7
y Arnuelatwl Vrtn CaWo) - Tliu
Turk liuvo withdrawn froiu this city,
dMrtrovlutf th bridge Mweeu iero
and Ctmilautliwijde.
lis T PNG
Twenty-five Years of a Happy
Marriage Celebrated by Mr.
and Mrs. Wilder.
Beiieat)uagUprcdwoddIiig bell
"traced oVer with smilax.and
Cherokee osobuflfl,'Mr'.'ftnd, Mrs. Gor.
rjt P. Wilder wore congratulated last
evening on having reached their
wedding anniversary, the Country
Club house bejng the scene of tho
season's largest and most congenial social
event. It, was difficult to beliovo
that tho hostess was othur thann blushing
bride, and to those who have known
her ever since sho caino to tho Islands
from California ns a bride,
years ago, saw her last night boneath
tuo inhered bell almost as sho appeared
when sho stopped off tho stcnner
which biought her and the bridegroom
fr.om tho Coast.
It seemed to tho largo assemblage of
friends they wore celebrating tho wedding
rather than tho quarter-century
anniversary of a brilliant social event
wlrch took plnco on November 7, 1887,
in Mills Seminary College, whero tho
bride, Miss Lillian Kimball, had been
n student, and from which Mr. Wilder
took her away to Mb Island home at
Kahului, Maui, .
Tho wodding of Miss Kimball ami
Mr. Wilder was attended by a largo
number' of Island friends, of whom
only half a dozen wore present last
Tho cquplo on their honeymoon
trip wore given a royal send-off at Snn
Francisco and n more royal ono when
tuoy rcacliou llono.ulu on Novombor
14, a week later.
At nlno o'clock tho host and hostess
stood in tho center of n long receiving
line and wero greeted by a throng of
friends for nearly uu hour. Thoy btood
in the reception hall of tho beautiful
Country Club house, which was garnished
wtli tmceries of Cherokee roses
ovor ceiling and. walls, with elustors of
laigor roses thrusting their ,fragrant
bloBSOiiiB fron) bowls,
Tho receiving lino had for a background
a bank of tho beautiful Lillian
Wilder hybiscus and other varieties,
I h. Burbank creations of Mr. Wilder.
UiroctIy bohind Mr. and Mrs. Wilder
wAa? " tall pior glass framed with wide
J '.P8 f cloth of gold over which hung
dolicnte tendrils. The bell ahovo them
hollowed from a block of
pou tree, tno ciappor being a largo
electric globe.
Fascinating Scene.
AU tho other rooms, the dancing lanai
and supper room, wero beautifully decorated
with trailing vines of tho
roso aud orchids, with banks of
Totes ana hybiscus on every hand.
musses of tullo boing festooned through
tho wealth of flowers and vines. With
a myriad of electric globes gloaming
within nnd without, tho entire clubhouse
being outlined in incandesconts,
tho sotting made a fascinating scene.
Kecciviug with Mr. nnd Mrs. Wilder
wero Governor and Mrs. Wnlter V,
I'rcar, Mr and Mrs. John llamlolph
Gait, Mr. and Mrs, Alexander J. Camp
boll and Doctor and Mrs, George Her
Introductions made by Walter
V. DllliiiKham, tho ushers including
Messrs. Alotizo Gartloy, Harry Mjirfar
lano, Clifford Kimball, J)r. Penllnaud
Jledtwmiiu, Druco Cartwright, L, M.
Vetlrion Frank Armstrong, Iiuirv
(abb, Dickton Nott, Barnaul Walker,
:. II. W Norton Httbie Wnlker.
The utnioit Informitlily lgrcl, nnd
tinner lh spell of tho charming lioilw
(Coutlmiod eu Pse Yiut)
All Passengers and Crew Saved;
Steamer in Precarious
M6NTREAL, Canada, Novombor 7.
(ByuAjigociated. Press Cable) The biff
.paajenfior liner iljas
grounde'djin tho StVXawrence river.
, Pour hundred passengors wore saved
amid sensational scenes. Pears were
felt for the safety of tho vessel and the
boats were lowered at once. Tho pas
sengers kept .their heads and wore taken
Off rapidly.
All Passengers Safe.
(By Federal Wireless TolcerapU.)
MONTBEAL, Canada, Novombor 7.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) A wireless
messago today from tho Canadian
Northern Koyal Mail Htenmsbip , Itoyal
George, which went aground in tho St.
Lawrence riyer near Quebec last night,
roiifirmcd earlier news that 400 of tho
icsxol's 9J0 passengers had been taken
Pour tugs wore standing bv when tho
message vtits sent, and it is believed
tho work of transferring iho passengers
continued throughout tho night.
A dispatch from Quebec earlior this
morning announced all tho passengers
and crow wero safe.
Tho Royal George is hound from
Avonmouth, England, and was duo hero
today, Sho is reported in a precarious
B Federal Wireless Telctrpph.)
LOS ANGELES, November 7. Special
to Tho Advertiser! Tn an attempt
to break tho long distance air record,
Itobcrt Fowler, the aviator, roso from
Grifllth Park at efght o clock this morning
to fly from Los Angeles to San
Francisco by way of Bakorsficld and
At tho same timo, Charles Soule, an
automobile racer, started from tho
cour houso here to follow Fowler's
aeroplane up tho Valley,
By Kanaka Wireless.
M, N. S. 6. Hyndcs En route from
Seattle 8 p. m., November 7, 1012, 223
miles from Honolulu; will arrive Friday
P. M. S. S. China En routo from
Han Francisco, 8 p. in., 210 miles from
Honolulu; will arrivo at nine
o'clock Priday morning and Ball Saturday
morning at ten o'clock,
M. N. 8. 8. Wilholmlna En routo to
Pun l"Tanc!rc6, 8 p. in,, 402 miles irom
Honolulu; frcih wind from north; sea
nil well.
O. S, B, Hiorra En route from San
Prancliro; seventy-three and
thirteen steerage passengers) 31 tacks
of mall.
I.wno of nhsciifo for two Months,
uinliif fxcpptioual clreiiiiiitiiiifiMi, with
permlwlon to apply for u uilonilon of
month, im Len atmWtA Cant. Ve
Witt V, nuii(ilirUin. iiufond iniiin
try, Hlionl4 Ilirk.
Governor Wilson Says He Will
"Stay on Job" Until the
Work Is Done.
(ny Federal Wireless Telerraph.)
PRINCETON, Now Jersey, November
7. (Spccinl to Tho Advertiser) .lust
bacnuso Woodrow AVllson is the President-elect
of tho United States, ho docs
not intend to retire from tho fight ho
has nnged for two years for a program
of progressive legislation in Now Jersey.
Governor Wilson said today ho would
"stay on llio job in Trontou" until ho
Im a carried out his reforms, butwlth a
Democratic logisliture bohind him thoro
is likely to bo a smooth process when
tho legislature convenes on January
Tho said todny that
tho program of reform ho had ili mind
for would bo ndvnnccd by
tho fact that attention
probably will bo attracted by his policy
!n the New Jorsoy legislature.
Congratulations Frsia Manila,
I'MNCRTON, November 7. (By
Pross Cable) Tho Philippine
legislature lias sent n cablegram of congratulation
to Governor, Wilson upon hie
(Br Federal .Wireless Teleeraph.)
ROCHESTER, Now York, Novombor
7.- (Special to Tho Advertiser) Ono
of thoTluostions be-discussed
in each of tho fivo departments of tho
American Federation of Labor, which
whether it would bo advisaSlff forworkr
ers to organizo a political party that
will embody their deslro for legislation.
Tho American Federation of Labor
has novor taken part in a political cam
paign, and has a rule forbidding politi
cal discussions in its meetings.
(Ry Federal Wlreloas Teleeraph.)
LONDON, England, November 7.
(Special to Tho Advortisor) Fresh
loan negotiations between tho Chinese
government and tho group of bankers
representing tho United States, Great
Britain, Germany, Franco, Russia and
Japan havo been oponcd in Peking,
Tho nows was communicated hero to
(By Federal Wirelesa Teleeraph.)
RENO, Nevada, November 7.
to Tho Advortisor) With returns
in from over half tho precincts iu Nevada,
it is apparent that tho senatorial
toga loft vacant by tho United
States Senator Gcorgo'S. Nixon will be
won byKoy Plttmun, a Dornocrat.
(Jly Federal Wireless Teleeraph.)
WA8JIINGT0N, November 7. (Spc
cialTo Tho Advertiser) President Taft
returned to Washington today, Tho private
car Of Governor Hadloy of Missouri
was attached to tho President's
train in Hurrisburg, Pennsylvania, nnd
the Governor enmo on to Washington
And conferred with Mr. Taft.
.4... -
SOME IN Glinift
BAN PitANCISCO, Novombor
Asooelnted Pre Cablo) r to r
turns nt an early hour this morning
b'vo IlooiuvfH it plurality of J8tf, a imr
n rrralu hlAt llio return, from
wniiy"7Kfiii"wi y hj
HI lAl'iVfd.
Illinois Is Credited to Wilson
While Minnesota' Goes
for Roosevelt.
Colonel Wins Chicago, But the
Governor Gets Country
(Br Federal Wireless elecraph.)
CHICAGO, Novombor to
Tho Advortlsor) Lato returns from all
oxcopt 370 precincts irr the State giv.
Wilson a plurality of 71SQ ovor Roosevelt.
Wilson's plurality outside of Cook
county, which comprises Chicago, wn
15,448. Tho missiilg precincts uto so
scattered that no estimate can bo raado
on them. Wilson's voto in Cook county
was 305,100 nnd Roosevelt's was 330,-440,
It was thought at first that this
for Roosevelt could not bo overcome in
tho rest of tho State. Out of 2125 precincts
butsido of Cook County heard
from, tho voto is; Wilson, 200,193,
"Roosovclt, 180,312; Taft, 140,530.
Thero woro still 003 scattoring
in, tho State to bo hoard from,
when thCBO returns c'amo in, alid it is
considered probnblo that their voto will
mcrcoso Wilson's lend.
Minnesota for Booaovolt.
(By Federal Wireless Teleeraph.)
ST. PAUL, Minnesota, November 7.
(Spocial to Tho Advortisor) Lator returns
today swung Minnesota from Wilson
to Roosevolt, nnd tho colonel will
probably carry tho State by about
5,D0O. Roosevelt fpund his greatest
strength in tho, rural districts,.,
cincts of tho 3003 proclnctsjilnbluiifng
thoso of Hennepin ami 'Ramsay counties,
shows Roosovolt roeelvod 01,985;
Wilson, 84,117; Taft, 50,700.
Roosovolt In tho canvass of votes is
gaining an nvorngo of soven and n half
votes on Wilson in tho country, nnd
should this ratio continue his plurality
would materially exceed tlioso clnima
already set up by his followers.
(Dy Tedcra! Wireless Teleeraph.)
CINCINNATI, Ohio, Noembor 7.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) As a
of errors found in the unolllcial
count, tho raco between Representative
Nicholus Longworth (Republican), son-in-law
of former President Roosovolt,
and Stauloy Eboulo Democrat) for congress
in tno first Ohio congressional
district, is in doubt.
Tho first rqturns gnyo Longworth a
plurality of a little more than 1000
votes, but tho official count, began by
tho board of elections today, indicates
that tho estimate of the unolllcial returns
is incorrect and that eithor man
still has a chanco of being elected.
i .
LOS ANGELES, November 7. (By
Associated Press Cablo) Complete returns
from this city show that
has canicd it by a plurality of
547. It was an exceedingly closo race
and tho results wero not known for
souio time,
Tho missing Tcturna from northern
precincts in tho State will probably
glvo California to Wilsou by an exceedingly
narrow margin.
SAN FRANCISCO, November 7.
(By Associated Press Cablo) Governor
Johnson still controls tho California
legislature, tho election of members
showing that his wing of tho party io
California is in tho majority.
LANSING, Michigan, November 7.
(Hy Associated Press Cablo) Roosovelt
has carried Michigan by 30,000.
(By Associated Press Cable) Pennsylvania
has gono for Roosovolt.
Anny oftlclitU in tho Phillnpluei havo
lmd grfipovliiu from Washington that
(1 on 0 ml Lcouurd Wood wimld be assigned
to tho command of the pipposed
division of Hawaii, on tho expiration of
Ms term in chief of itaff. Th sumo
graprviue says the Kfiernl will taka
romniiiiid wirly In JOl? "bforo which
time His will lit raUeiJ ta m
itivUlim. iiml llicldrutully un important
illvi.luii of the army orNuixattos,"
rft s.&'fe .

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