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Powers,Are Taking a Decisive Stand for and in
jDpofition To Austrian Pressure on
"Servia and Balkan States.
(By Federal "Wireless Telegraph,)
-, LONDON, Hovomber 11.
4 cial to The Advertiser) Tho Bui-
garian attack on the Tcnataija.
lines goes on .unrelentingly. Ac-
cording to a, correspondent at tie
front, further Turkish positions
nave boon captured, but
tlon has not been Indicated, In ac-
cordance with the invariable i Bui-
garian plan never to give
mation to the enemy.
T . t. ennfirmod
port that Monastir haa been pap-
T J. irtint town in At-
Z "aniaTthervianoops aner
: ffiryTewrirnco since
$ Saturday.
(By Federal WlrfcM TeleerpU.)
(Special to
rmmnn 11.
- . is facing one
iao ""' ...
.1.. Menl in nr -
may end in a war in vhlch the vrtiolo
or re ju, -
continent bo involved,
remembered as a week in which diplomacy
succeeded in solving problems
that appear Insoluble to many perauu.
On one side of the 'Balkan Peninsula
. ,n acute conflict between the
alms of Austria-Hungary and Servia,
which, If it is not arranged, might start
a general European outbreak.
On tho other side, King Ferdinand
and Jus Bulgarian. aipy is on the.point
of" entering uoBsaitt"j",
vrtll Do resented W Bttssia.
The existing Jealousies are so intense
that It will take much pressure to induce
either Austria or Servia to recede
from its demands.
Austria, in lacv .w D""TJ5
.. .. . force toward
the port of Durazzo, that she has
m' w - " ""
patchea a steamer
Anstrlan residents when tho Servian
troops arrive,
paring for eventualities. Besides
her time-expired men In tho army,
She is mobilizing her forces.
In sobastopol, transports have neon
nreparing ' to convey Busslan troops
r .i i..v oo nnH imp arsenals
across iuq ai wv, .-
and commissariat departrt'.nts are work.
lng day and rugni.
Austria wants to be assured access to
the Eastern markets of Europe in Tur-key,
the integrity of Albania,
lng the Aonanc cuw. ---...,
and compensation for Boumanla, which
. " ., .. .i.i.j Mint when Balkan
territory is extended, her borders should
likowiso be spread.
minister in
Tho Austrian-Hungarian
Belgrade, who has Just returned to his
post. Informed the Sorviari government
tf these proposals and suggested that a
reasonable sotueincni; wumu u -.
A.tri in return for corresponding
privileges in the Balkan ports and on
the railroad leased to them, should give
Servia running pnvuegra """ "-!v
,. . v. tn.iiv n thn tiort of Du.
xazzo, and that the two countries should
together get tne port us u
Austria and Eussla, Next7
VIENNA, Austria, November
,r ,i i.'mi. A.lvrlanr Them IB
much excitement here over tho possi.
Ui ity or war hui.wi:i:" "". .. .
...... lUnnrl. t lilt IllollllljUltion i
imminent arc , oWctally denied
will woit until the war is emlea
fore pjiuning formal arfu" """
J. ."' ii...i.tl,nl,1 tlin Austrian
I.011I1P VUll zj
foreign mlnjitor, hold a conforence Bat.
after yliich lip ummoiiod a mm
AulTcnberu, flw win-
of won Uenerai nenwwn. ch
of tlie uflipral lff 'd " ulH
iireiiiisr, M. TuknoH, iTfrt pfescuj. '
Tlie Jlmperor lutur gavo n audience
. Jt in nnuoimreil tlmt AreUduka I'rAiis
ivnlliiaiHl iltortly will vlU Ilia flor
i. . ... .irt nt lilu ttlinntlnir
III u II iv '" ".- -;."'.",
tw mill mueli liiifortwurv li utlflOitN
jo tint nu't'imi,'
Hn Formula to
IJiNliiiN, 1 1 ll 1
nil... i .i. ..rtiii.ri Jlitrllii uirri)
Itl'MUdr'lll ui 11B Uallj Mil IvWlM
Ilia tltrvvd of Urn Aulrlt vmhi By
IK llt Mil' UW IU IIW 1UH "
wisrlry uf onigM fflr,
llorr -ii Jitlrti WasUlr, wi 1
vuIiiik uw k urmulii ijwiMllwl o up
..... . 1 11. A.iblrlH uml Murviu
'Jl 1'dtlr Mfll' MliIlM ffttWW)t
u...i ..Ui Aumlrlg it) Ilf wiwn ur jju
i'nii 411MMIHIH ruin fHiiF im
. vrjr ji'l nw"
. .i. ' ltil' Il.i( IwfiM !
1IKSSiliHfe:m!W3l QRup of bulqarian reoular3 on lettJ
in pi nimnnniMi ri XTsseisiRHBHinwnpy -5
- I
m .in i i ii.ii iin.iiin .! .in .., i, mtm i i i n I !. i fc,i. i n i ! ., i m I
Petersburg, according to a dispatch to
The Daily Mail from the Russian capital,
considers a conflict between Russia
and Austria in imminent dancer, if
Austria continues threatening Serbia.
Busslan Press Is Bitter.
(By Federul Wireltbs lelegrnh.)
to The Advertisor)
Newspapers widely illfTering in politics,
as tho 2srooo Vroinja and tho Recli, denounce
Austria's effort to present Servia
from taking the fruits of her victory.
Tho Nooe Vrcmya says!
"AVo aro rolnctant to believe that
Italy and Germany, uith their own traditions
of struggles for freedom, arc
supporting the Austrian threats, but it
Rotno and Berlin hao forgotten tho
histories of Italy and Germany, one can
not suppose that thoy are ignorant of
tho existence of Russia, Prance and
Great Britain."
Tho Recli urges tho TrlpIOjOntcnte immediately
to confront the Triple Alliance.
It thinks a compromise is ppssl
uio, uiuiougn u pari o nine jiuriuuu is
Indispensable for Servia, even though
not fortified. '
Integrity of Albania,
VIENNA, Austria, Ko ember 11.
(By Associated I'ress Cable) -Austria
has taken a determined stand. In view
of tho rapidly approaching crisis In
Turkey and the danger of undoing the
work Austria lias been carrying on for
extra territorial development.
I'Jmpcror Trancis Jpseph, the minister
of war and the general tnff are Jii
constant conference, Ailitria insists
that the Integrity of Albania be pra
served. The Servian are now invud.
Jng Albania and threatening to occupy
this desirable territory permanently In
rasa of the fall of Constantinople an')
of Turkey's power in ljuropo,
BussU UusDlug preparations,
BEHABTOPQfc, Novwnber Jl, (Jy
AociAtpil J'rcis CBb)o)rriie meiiare
ot'tt war that will shahe nil Kuropa'l
clove lodoy. Jluwlu I runlilng her wu
preiorHtlpns with sudden pjn'pij,
upon thousands of troop aro
at vuriou poti, The
big iirseiinln liuvn Jrliduil (Mr working
forct's mid am Inirrylng day inn) night
on imiiillloim nf wur.
Ordwr from HI Vetm)Wg bhve
njlirtvd the irai'tpurl ervue o
fur limtunt dfllon In turryfiii;
MmY Tli9uHiJ Wcwiidedj
WAHUlkfi'rvm, NuMmibiir II (y
w w )jftkliili bill blij ittw 'ttu
mniit wila ibai tliwn $n jjlrjtJo ih
nm lu lbi tUfi ilf im m itfiw
tih Hlld WliUlldMi. iUll (Lilt LlllMliliuill
'Ui nt ithohiit bayv btokttt Mi WOjf
II ll (KliiiittM lUl umo yMm ul
gJI lJutmllllf m i)uiiaw l li
aMm Hit ( imm
fllMllfAMIlNia'l.pt tiu.wUn u
tf mwm4I4 Vim i 14) Uw
tumtmmi mi Put i' )
Soldiers Who Are Battling Near 1
9mtm iiiimiiiiii.iiwMhiw.w II ! nnn im i i ' i " mXi h pwwmiiiiw i liiMpiWtMi.Mll,Miwi,. , ,,i ,, , L , ,
IlllllilllliliVHNNUHiNNMRiilllllV A'.ilSNlllBiHR
W ifflF1UET
Socialist Editor of "Appeal to
Reason" Kills Himself '
in Disgust.
(Ily IVdcrnl Wlrcleu Teletrnph.;
GIRARD, November, 11,
(Special to Tho.AdvortIsor) J, .A.
c AVaylanii, founder -and owner of tho
Appeal to Reason a Socialist weekly
'newspaper pullishcjl in Girnrd, shot anil
killed himself in Iihipmo in this " city
,cnrly today, .,
Mr. AVajlnnd ws unconscioita when
found by bis housekeeper shortly after
midnight. He ilicjdln few inlnutls later,
JIIo bad fired a bailcUJnto his iiouth,
muffling the sounijmn the bedclothing.
Between the leavl of a boolj 'ly'uK
on the bed Uio; following nptas wjh
found: . V f
"Tho struggle the conijjetltivo
system isn't worttSUli'e effor)j( let It
l)NJ)ON, November g, 'J'Jie
buFuliig of 1U00 Jfervlnit mil)
Tiirklub forj aftr tjie buttla
lit JtuiilUllOVM Udi'tfrJIiii) In i)i-
pattbud from Heljrbijo u iio
inoft gbwlly ir(jcp of Djb
Jpudllig to nyrsloiUia JjH
Turks, tim Uorin liu I no (iiiui iK
(...:.. :."'". ;; :.?. ;sz rs .
Miry nil' urau mduhi i),u
W'Sf i
Hi inn rurinti nrrr
hIIp tt( (mm Iwuiily Id oiiif i,hi,
illfi'il, At II i fiffibli 11-0411)1
Ikwiit aiftuiitf IIiho wHTi
-'-"' J'""P urn ufJ" mguw
iliUriiluum inn) luniiiiii. llrlliu I
itvdiw An Kim llgf fut$4
wvrnl humi wun iflfto u aim
blwihki iir
hulv$ uikumm lh bai
Ij ut Helmut ttJIil . ' .
uf i " rf z
bairUr ui ilmlf MUiUBUM'
lib wliifh fhu IPkl. JVf M WBl 1. fi.l r As
Ulffi Mp lu HM AflUHU TL
li mlnlv go luii
!um ud fiiMD jLJ
Iblli I
Freight, Crashes Into Passenger
Coaches; Thirty Dead
Fifty Injured, i
(liy FedersI Wlrcleu TlcKrtb.)
her II. (6peci,tl to Tho AilyertiEcr)
A wreck in which ncrhaiis tlurtv tier
sons wore killed and at least fifty other
person were hurt, occurred' on tho
& Mississippi Valley Itallroad
Kontr, obout seventy m,Iles north
of New Orleans, today, wlit'ii a through
Jrolght train rraehed Into tiro" rear end
of an excursion train of ton coucIich,
J)vo of the coat lies of the passongur
liolii were bullied, and many of the
wreck victims tire helJevud to'Jinvu been
(reunited, though nine bodies havo been
iccovcred, '
A triiln cnrry)iii muny of the in
lured mid a numliur of dead persons bus
arrived in New Orlean,
Tho exclusion train left New Orleans i
nt ulet en o'clock IwMt nlghf, carrying
ovorul biindred peroi)s who, hml sjient:
Ih New Orleans, jf( nlQwedl
down on upproncliliig u liurp eurvti'
near Morit, noon after iiilyiilght, and
Hid freight ernsiii'd into the rear
mudies, Many of the victim were
so biidly niunglvd un to ntakp iilunlifica
iimii iihjiiiiiiiiii,
I'lflr'AIIA K... .,,!,.,. II ll., 1.
ilntBiJ Ire additional
nnlii.i)ii;i Imm bvuii raiuraoil iigiinsl
Jat-k Jalinioii, Dm eliniojijou pugili.!,
ii "vyJilly rlmrgw,
Mi Hi ( i n 1 1 aw p M
I Mr lirfjtYl WMtlMl Vtiiffn4l
i ummtt, tfituiiw ji ij.iiiii i
He Hmiku) J'i4iji '"iVlW, lliv
(himiw 4nwj"wii liiWixgW fiumm
wmm ui mm iirtiaia, jii mii
Vm, ill ii WiiiMMtl Wiii Mf
14. MJJ, lit Jl IWi lUWHil
IMUiM) Mh ibf WllUilJ
W. iMM nlMk
I M 1.") I U'M'lltlr iM JfiW JU IjM li.
urkey's Capital
Department of Justice Seeks to
Clear -Up Prosecution
.Before Mpch.,
ft ' iiiiWHWi. '- -
(Br,rirU Wlrt!tWrJtrpii.)
WA8UINGTN; .MSfwslwr .-
(Hpceial to The Advertiser) Tbe de-
uous effort to cBo
push tofa a oon as
possible all the pending
of the Tf t .ftdminitratio.
The taking of testimony in the suits
will hao becu cawfcfyl, U f aid,
and thp cafes brouglll before tlie court
for decisions before fbeljlepublicau ad
mlnlstratiou expires,
Setornl of the suits against retail
lumber dealers' associations, regarded
as among the iiiotliportat cases, as
they involio tho rJgb't of
iu commerce, ln.nl! nrobabiiltv will h.
ready for dcterminoUon before l,ej.
lnt Tilt retire.
Wliiio the taking of ttlmoiy Jn tbe
ciiil unit for tlw dissolution of tuo
American Sugar Jleflping Company fs
iipprouehlug tonclueiou. it is reporI
tlmt Mtunmy (hiwkl V7)ckcbaw wJIJ
not retry tho criminal suiur ruuo. willed
resulted in u dlsagrifemeiit of the Jur
mmjp hue
(r tin Wlrfij ftUmiM ;
MNION, Novmer
o 'l')n Advertfsur)Hir Uucil Arthur
Wiirmg Jdee, now nfinlsU'r to Stuck,
l.glm. Jjneden, will nusreed Juum Hi-yep
u Jlritlsh uiubussudor to the iujicd
Ktatc. f,
Sir fVl'll llflH KfTVlA 111 Kl.i..LI,..l, ,. u
li . i "vrtrjp m "..Hvnif ,n.
iiiiiiiiur mjiiu nviiimniiur j; jvvn, Arr,
ron E DF III
tUr ird WJji '(sinirH
WAtojijtfU'JUV, Jivikr II '
iHMWai lu Tko AJrt)i; Ji
JuLuhx, tim Wh bliwli pui)iii, ibiwh
I'M wlliirwuy, ilwiJWHln A WuuJhiujIi,
umJds AH i . utwlUiiJ m m
i nun i in" uouiU ljlu .1.111 lit LU liil
iwiiwiitod (v
luii imui ILC iuiliU Wlull. JlAlrkl
sttM in i ftlililtf IW li.aiiiuwMtl
HMli JufjUiWI UI ilulnliwN
lb Vi TiWWf tms ' "' '-"
rViUON ll JH J0A)ltf .
HiiMA, m. tvMH it
AMi'l(ji4 I'lM
I uujiw A
PJ) ))
'fi i.i mwu WWI
McManiga! Testifies ZzxHm
Paymwtfleoeived for
Sensational Evidence Given at
INUIANAKJUe, iudiw, roiw
H. (8ecJaJ to Tb A4rtir) S
mg diteper juuto bis tvireiAot
paid dynamiter, QrU K, jeXaug$t
m tin- "Jiynawite Cvimynny" itlti.t'
day, told ol rxke& bridgt, i4Et
and building lie left htb'mi, eti&eg,
tunous explosion in vufknis rJiU,
' ' After J bletr tip tit yjWKrhwiue tit
ur boj in JIvuut Veritas, JMimmt,
llerbvrt ri. JivWn an itf o j
uid m!4 1 iiad itutU wvs
jolteUfiedXWJBL "X
eliuuJd June biowu uy yvSUviA bnt&i,
4d tbe unituV xiUy(e lynrd rtJA
tot js)Jtr we jj tht )&,
" HoIiio nttut U Ciusiiiiutli itt its
and ird we to folUr, I (old Ida I
HOUW do WM! of tKP WtJJfjM rtfjj r
a living m4 fnit ymm'Miii, ut &
iMithiuK but liyuiiwitittn, Jloski a$A
he bad plwly fr j 1X eJ4
I Wiis jp d to iu4lMKpoU, ji irr
quart mf plitvlytMirlu pd Urv vp
on Jum 22,
we from (,'iMiuiaati i ItriizGayfifa
Om ihftrain I tpti. VltXtmmp. $&
hXMlA'fgysmMK iot
job, )l tyo4, jSu it s'
futlroJwrd wfaJyKJ; $20 e5
4xj)'jfer erfi jwb J4 Jhkfm
t mhnu oiit.pn. tut, Ueti)s
sid the bi Ml&ir ftniH)lr.g John 3
MjcNawar, bi tJr, wtw nw
f tb Uottmrtgf' VnifmJ wsJtf
c tbt I w pxA fk Ml hietUt."
AK fBAWffii, fvwbr JZ
(B Ao;((4 Trifwi iMhU)fMtM
return of a irtlnl munt of tb frfit'
iot for the HtU huw tfct JJwwvlt
IfwJ WriMH In tiw HUU W fffl vot,
Demosmte WKidMte tint.
IB ViAnA $IUA liUvnA,)
HA VHAWIWX), Xi,vmtr
i, 'fb Mwtiw) 1Ut
Cunfoml r4un$ Uhy 0v ltoo
Jt p)url)tfrf 75, Of the trs
that r xtili irShSm. Dm mif
jorlty arm in mwte that v Vlllwn
a piuwin,
on home role vote,
bit joat sesigh
i ndii wm 'ftkmfi,)
The HntUh mUIhH
wa in1enM Ivm by yi4 of VIH
ajjaiutt SWO, atf j;dit jWwi
fsusD of Je Ji Jin; W VWI, ji
a uuier Mmwm wmmHUn at
hu Jj'um? rumhwwi,
'fho gwuitutmA m ww fi1 JI
il?; uIWfl qmuw im rmiw
ruitt, It ruu inp tm Himm Hub) Ml.
r it fB Mii fOfwm4 wlltt j f
iiiuihh .. iUu .. ID pi"l uhiuSu im ommm
ut uiu inn muf" ui) nm vms umH wt
laiiin Uidilf. nftiif )l hiw ulUU iu ni
nn uf lu MMim if 9n m
s mwmm fOII
I. ..!! I'WI UK4trlU)t ilW !'
MC ! M W ifWIW, ('
mmi Wt''Mii iiMmitu Ht4 IWJ
iw PUta Jv Ulri W W tiHMi
kh.1.1 g im ar mi( jMw ml i
Iiryi4i MU'MM (mi (J mMMwimm k Hi
II Uitr i hjum lit m 0M M 4tl! ill W.lv fiUipil. iti ut iittiuim umim i l ilWu ' ma
ty a bli U MU ,lMrffl I'f ltll M.ImI id IUli. fyiu ' UK'tri
MM te q
! ...!! lj I IMSJ11 y iib i W IH r is
WW1 fjrtHW M w t ' 4V I v w w 9 rj it mm imm h t m $mt mm W '

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