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Submit a Turkish Request for
Mediation to Premier
Grecian Report Indicates Fierce
Nature of Warfare in
of Bulgaria.
SOFIA, Bulgaria, I November 14.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Tho Turk
ish request for mediation by tho Great
European Powers was presented to the
Bulgarian premier this afternoon by the
ministers of tho Great Powers.
Premier Gueeholt promised to Submit
it in hcadquarTrs immodiatoly ,nnd nlso
to confer in the matter with tho cabinet
of the Allied Balkan Nations.
Tho text of, tlio noto was as follows:
"Tlie Ottoman government having
approached tho Great Bowers ofEuropo
to ask their mediation, wo aro
charged to inquiro of your excellency
if Bulgaria is disposed to accept tho
mediation, and, if so, to what conditions
her accoptanoo will be."
i Turks Destroy Villages.
(By Federal Wirclcsj Telegraph.)
ATHENS, Gioece, November 14.
(Special to The Advertiser) iAn
dispatch from Arta says tho conduct
of tho Turks in Epirus was liko
that of men anxious to destroy their
possessions becauso they could not
them. Not only tho
but the Turkish regulars, engaged in the
work of destruction in all tho torritory
One dotachtnent, acting under tho orders
of tho. Janina cliiof of police, pillaged,
and burned thirty-one villages in
Janina district in tho last few days.
In the Malakassi district, eleven villages
wcro destroyed and tho inhabitants
took refugo iu caves in tho mountains..
In 'the neighborhood of Janina alono
there aro &000 women and childrqa
dying of hunger. Eighteon hundrod
destitute Christians have succeeded in
reaching Greek villages. x
In the villages of Gitista and Donnti,
large numbers of peasants havo been
massacred aftor being tortured.
Sultan Heady- to Submit.
LONDON, November 14. (By Associated
Press Cable) It has been officially
stated here that the) Porto is now
ready to deal directly with tho Allies.
and will moot tho advances' made by
iiun; l crumuiiu ui iiuiguna us soon as
possible. Rumors to this effect havo
been current for 48 hours, but thoy
were conlirmeu tins morning by dis
patches to the foreign office.
Montenegrins Bcpulscd.
v ALTiESSO, Montenegro, November
14. (By Associated "Press Cable.)
Montenegrin troops attacked this city
lato hist night. Tho forco numbotcil
several thousand men, equipped with
heavy guns, which they used as soon as
tho infantry entered tho outskirts of
tho city. Tho Turkish forces wcro pro-pared
for them and the intended sur'
jiriso failed to accomplish its purpose,
but tho attackers kopt up tho
early this, morning, when tlioy
after suffering a heavy loss in
killed and wounded,
Tho Turkish dofendors also lost boav.
ly. Tho Montenegrins aro reported to
lio occupying positions in tho vicinity
of tho city, mid may rosumo tho attack
at any moment. s
" Tho attackers lost ground ns soon as
the artillery of tho defenders could bo
placed in position, and tlio bombardment
of tho cannon glmttored their
lines time after time. Their own cannon
failed to get Into tho fight oaily
unougli to do much dumiigo to the Turks
and retired with tho infantry.
May Refuse Armistice,
LONDON, November 14. (By Associated
I'ri'M Cable) Accorcllnu to re-
Jortd reaching her it from til. Petersburg,
ieigradu unci Vleiinu, it Is feared tliut
llio proponed armistice iioiweeii tuo jiui
Una Allies mid the Turku Mill full to
tho ground, It in untltirstoad that Kliitf
lias niiicatuii mm, now wmi
the wrtory over tlio Turk in nliiot in
lu linn!, no win rorupo id im miwim
wiiu nothing short or iiuduiuo nr
Ar, orling In ullleiul of tlio Wir (ittUo,
It it It In. Mil thul uiw if hii utfiiUtlet
m utrn'l tu it will itiTmit owl IIiom
Mm imiImiIm (if I lu muh ut ilrUM'
ur in,. I A.lunuil'.IUlJ ('uaUBIltiUOpjN.
'111. Ilfclll II II II lilt ill H tlllUK, il i III'
'i .i in i i ihi i hit iu4
N(UMombiil HUH)'
111 lit IN, 'riM), hvynnUvi II
)( Aiumuil 7 ( ' fl'U') Ilvi'iirU
(tin Hi .lil I ill li ullilHl nl tllll I
fni i w.ii iim dlliu'l nun), tu ln bHijiiI I
1 1 .i ii . . i mli lii i( I ii i bim wil
i i . ii..,i i i , i H i nil' ill ur
i i I MHj I lij II. l Irtlllll
l i liilm hIiVI. lit illljul.ll. .nil
' i. Ii I. f llm tut v l K)
(Hi-Ill I') Itif III lot
i i iii.ii 'iu. iltuiu ur
1 i i .' ii .'II- Iktfcll i' ) !
ii ( h luvf ulv !' I ('
; i ii III i.jti v nnnl
Christians in
tSlhkl x gaTU'.illiPH , ? V"ir a- r -if - t i RVHW iiKt7
r UP' mSSMBmBm
Sj L?it ahi af ,a Items' t&w'KT&ifi"l& ii jTiliBfcLiAi W it''i 3JPtHiHBmfctj'jriB
Lars Anderson Reported to Be
Slated for Important
'Who has resigned from his post at
(By Kmrml Wirtleii Teleerapli,)
WASHINGTON, November 14.
(Special to The Advertiser) Lars An-derail
of Wnsliington, how minister to
Belgium, has been named as United
States ambassador to Japan to suceeed
Charles Page Bryan, whose resignation
was announced a few days ago through
the .lupiuiesu cmbasty.
It wus learned today tliut Mr, Anderson
nould im satisfactory to the
will set a pare
J'KINl'l.'roN, yvw Jrr, NovnuiUir
to TU AdviUwir)
flu t Wilwn Ii utAujf (u Jwd
lb uH'iiiwiv a worry bw wiuw
kv UyltM ll miitltuMi Wt tk Jim
Uiivirnur uii IhJb' I hut hi- tutiniit Iu
lltki limn 1H) .Ii' ritjn, m Uv liml ln.ul
nuiitliiiiivil iu iLvui tut ;ii uu lii
Hi 'ni4. "I iU I l ail uu twi
n(U Ullmui.il' lur lit IfllVitl H li'l
Uuimi.i 1 1 ii ii, VJrt Mdtui 1 1 i
"H lij t i4 n MM)M M Ifcul Mil)
lv M lull I' ."IIM4itl4illf U)DH iiu
ulrmt vi. 1 1 itf fur H blvitii juar
t lit l(k If Mli
) 'l kimmI) I (H till J II ui l.i.i
(till )ii)livll; u V l..'in. ill
it i '.l.i ,.i.J A.l.
iil. lit 'i I i in- I'ihikI. in
Turkey and a Massacre Scene.
Count Romanones to Take Place
of Canalejas, Who Was
(Iy FederAl Wirc'rtu Teleerarh.)
MADRID, Spain, November 14.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Count
Alyiir.ido do lioinunones, president of
tlio chamber of deputies, has been selected
by King Alfonso to form a new
cjbinot, in consequence of the assassination
of Premier ','annlejas. It was
announced that Count do Itomanoncs
had decided to retain nli tho Canalejas
Count dc Romanones has held portfolios
in various cabinets. He was formerly
minister of tho interior, minister
of justice and minister of public
Senor Morct y Prcndcrgast, formerly
piemier find minister of justice, has
bcon appointed president of tho chamber
of deputies.
Appreciates Sympathy.
(I3v Federal WircletB TelegTsph,)
WASHINGTON, ( Novcmbor 14,
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Tlio
White House today made public tho fol
lowing message from King Alfonso of
Spain to President Taft:
"Deeply touched by, your kind jiios
snge of consolation nt the great loss
uo have sustained by the assassination
of our iircmicr. Bei of vou to uccmt
yourself, and convoy to tho govornment
iiml America,!! pcoplo, tlio oxprcssiou or
my most sincere gnitltudo for your nyi'i
pathy in this suit eircuinstaucu,"
my I'tdml WlrHni TilKrli,)
WAHJIINUTON, Novcinlier 4
to The Mgr
ii it liufwtn'ii llm United B4uu wiul
lliutiil to tuko tlio iiluiiv of tilt) luinnur
eiul Inmly ut ItiBS, tlm ubrugullon uf
whii'li hm'imio ulluillvf Jwiiiinry ) iui,
Iim liimn vlrluHlly ri'uoliKil, iuioriluir i"
iiifuriiiiitiun frmu IiIkIi uDUlgl ullirli)'.
NolllllIK US to I lll I'KHll iiHtnru of "i"
wuri'Mii'iil u hiiiiuuiiii, It WW 'b'
iTsrwl iifiiliulile, ImwuvBr, I bo I II svnH
im wurnui uut Miurvtaiijy m ui.n
iMiiutry Imfum llm dy wluw Uur '14
I tnm ivi.iil.l pi re
i -.
nils mini
I VS Uilllhu lu :.. ,.iii,,( H, I ,
A-. Ul I I li. i 4I1I1 I Hi . !) .
(,1 ,il, lug i.i. , , I ( l i i ,1
flti l l I tilli i i Hi , I
pill til t(l w Mi II I '1 4li Ml I
1 "I (I'll tin ill, n I I 1 III
Testifies It Was Strange Man
Killed Rosenthal, but
He Was Near.
Ni:w YORK, November 14. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Taking the stand
in his own behalf, Harry Borrow itz,
alias "Oyp, tho Blood," on trial in
this city with three other gangsters of
New York, for tho slaying of Herman
Itosenthal, the gambler, on July 1G, in
front of the Hotel Mctropolc, denirl
tiint lie or any of -the others shot
Tho witness admitted that he was
near tho scene of the crime, but insisted
that a strango man did the shooting,
Hoironitz declared that be and the
others met the stranger earlier in the
(lay in a bridge whist game iu
"ilndgio" Webber's poker rooms. Tho
shooting of Itosenthal, he baid, was
suiblcn, with Webber and Vnllon join
ing tho shooting. Tlio witness said lie
met Webber, Harry Vnllon, "Bald
lack" Hose, Schcpps nnd tho stranger
but n short timo before tho shooting.
ft III
Vv. A. Kinney Reported Working
for the Governorship, But
"Link" Endorsed."
Two curprires were sprung nt the
of the l)einorntjc? territorial
ioirnittoc last evening, when it met in
tl p McCnudleim Building on Nuuanu
ftriet. One was the announcement that
A. Kinney u out Mixing for the appointment
ns (Sovcrnor of Hawaii, the
other was the iiinnimous endorsement
of Ij. I. McCnndles for tho
Of nil tho reportB made nt the meet
ug that in regard to Mr. Kinney proved
of the greatest interest to the nictr
1 ers present, including proxies making
twenty-one. It was asserted that word
bad come from Washington that Mr.
Kimiov had. oer sino theIoction and
In fore bin.'!! iulling every political wire
uoFiible to cinch the appointment ns
C oxernor.
'r nm nlro nnnoutieeil ind thi interested
everybody that Mr, Kinney
woi'M return to 1'ouo'uln in about two
wrelf! and take up the fight here for
' o oftee now held bv Walter 1. I'rear.
It will be little satisfaction that Mr.
K'rnev will pet from
territorial central committee however
1'nrrv Irwin of Hilo. who i reported
to be seeking the position of attorney
I'enrral, introduced a rcolution endorsing
Ii. L. McCnndlwt for the position
of Governor. AVhcn this was put to a
vote it was carried" unanimously.
Instructions wero tent out to all the
Democratic clubs in the Territory
to take a vote on the subject of
the covernorsliili. At the meeting last
pveninp four of the incinbers present
tnted to be in favor of Ir. Waller
for the- governorship, but in view
of the fact that Mr. Kinney is making
a fight for the position tlioy made the
vote for MeCnndlew unanimous.
There was also considerable talk
about the policy of starting a Democratic
daily paper in Honolulu, but no
nction was taken.
HUH! If -.
(By drrl WlrfleM TeltKMph.)
CHICAGO, Illinois, November 14.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Possibility
of a strike of C00O teamsters, cbauf.
fours and helpers, composing the local
teamsters' union, developed todav when
3000 members of I.oeal Union No. 70S
went on rtriko because of a wage dis
The ijuextion nt dispute was $1 in
crcaEc a week for single teamsters and
1.50 for double teamsters, set by the
International Ilrotbcrhooil of Teamsters
to no into effect November 1.
Two of the smallest of the ten team
ing contractors of Chicigo accepted the
jrerease, while tho others refused the
(By AsMHiatod Press Cable) Colonel
Koosevclt's lead iu this State increased
slightly today, when the ollicinl count
gave him forty three votes over his
rivals in the voting. The count will
xoon bo finished.
Secretary MacVeagh,
Secretary Thompson
Succeed Him
n ii
Caused By Friction With
It Is Reported
(Ur nitni WJ"' Wr!li.)
WABIJIKG'fQK, Kevwiibw U-- !'
fill iii Tin Aih'i)rtl!r)Amiouui'uiiii)
tit the f)gllUli Uf l,H MtttluiiK
Umuw of 111 UiiliftJ Me V'i'
iniijn by 1'rwibjwit Tt' iuiuy. M
I'ltllJjf tundwtMl bin rniii"t t Ii
l'r)Jwil iu tl uouturuiii. in Hi in. i
Urn iwutluu ludny, uml ii' uniuii
wf UUr Miiuuuiui'4 li li I i ii i
flilW lb i'iuinu ullJn, v. .m is
pbjumWll tblll Mi" mUK n r i '
It I WdlNVail thai l .in. i 1 1 , i
ii 'w rivm in i.iit i , i
will tllD'lU'd linn
Tl,,. til II I I I
ruliiminii in in i him i
lullilJli'il llm I In im, i
HI lul ill i i i Hi i, I I
Mill nliili ill Ii I i i .1 I
111 M liiK " I I i
uill K lull i 1 I . ' i
ill )1l Alt'i ,.
llUllWl H.I.IIM. I I Kill I
i i ii M At in i in a ii"t i
ikltitf .i ii iiKhfi' ii I
I i i I 111 Ii I I I H I I ll
i i hi Ii.hu in
1 ti .1, iiiiii 11 1 iii
1,11 ,, 1 1 1 1 1, ', i,. 1
I. (.11. hi 1,, 11. li .ii. ,1, 1.1
Ortie M'Manigal Testifies to
President Ryan's Tips on
Tells of Explosions and Those
Who Knew About Them
Suspicious "Kid."
(Ujr Frdntl Wireleis Telerih.)
IMHANAPOUS, Indiana, November
14? (Special to The Advertiser) Direct
charges against Frank M. Byan,
president of the International Association
of Ilridgc and Structural Ironworkers,
tV'.it he had full knowledge of
explosions, nnd that ho even advised
the dynamiters to disguise thcmscivcg,
wcro mailo by Ortic K. McMnniga', in
bis confession in the "dyn.uuita conspiracy"
trial today.
I had blown tip tho Kansas City job
August 23, 11)10, and In Peoria, Illinois,
on my way back," McManigal testified
today, "Ednard Smytho, business,
agent of tho ironworkers' union, showed
mo some non-union jobs ho wanted
me to blow up. He said John J. Mc-Namara
had agreed that I Bhould do it.
t'l told Smythe where I lost four
quarts of nitro glycerine and tho three
uiarm clocks. Smythe said a dynamiter
called the 'New York Kid' had been
around Peoria and ho (Smytho) was
suspicious of him, thinking he might be
a spy of the National Erectors' Association.
"When I returned? to the ironwork
ers' headquarters in tlndionapolu, Mc-Namara
was not tbcro. I saw President
Byan. I told him about tho Kansas
City uxpiosion, and showed him a
newspaper clipping of it.
"ltyan said. 'I want you fellows to
stop coming around this oflico so openly,
and you don't disguise your appearance
enough. When anyono gets a good look
nt you, be sure to know you the
next time.'
"I told him: 'Wo nro not reckless
and no ono knows what we arc doing.'
"ltyan said ho did not Know the
'New York Kid. "
ilcManlgal spoke of John J.
being in Kansas City and Omaha,
Nebraska. While in Kansas City on
this trip, tho government nlieges, Me-Namara
had a talk with W. Bert Brown,
a local businessman and citizen, about
James II. McNnmara'a being on tho Pacific
Coast preparatory to "cleaning
up" Los Angeles.
Kellett Will Board Manchuria on
Arrival to Get an
Illr Kedtr.l Trlctmh.)
SAN PIUNCI8CO, November H.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) A cablegram
was sent the authorities in Honolulu
ji'ilordiiy by the local police to
iirrunt Chin But Hung, orinur treaiurer
of the Tin Yce Kang How, u local bo
ni.'voleiit ussoilation, on his arrival tomorrow
in that city.
Chin lint Iluug Is alleged by Jung
Sue, prenldeut of the association, t
have uUcuuiieil with ('iW)l) of tho ao.
Nation's fumli, A eompluliit was )
suihl on uppliiiutlMii nl Jung Huoy, and
a wurmjit would lmvn bteu iMued hud
ilitru litim u nolUe JwJtio In tho hull
nt JMtl uLtlio time, .lung Uuoy hit
buildiiig III umwU ut U inorflntratu,
'Ibu iiiiiy wmi iiiuriie niuiivy to
im to bBlIiirl, J i dllegud
'11 liu bMJl unlijirtJitiJ by C'uili ll'it
1 Iiiiii II.
1 1 in lliil lluii tin moil wulij ill
-hi If fur .i.lWlMJWIl, it 'III
ill - r M iiiiliuiiu Mimb rrivM lllif
11 1 111,11 ui iu iluili Tlw mwi
, 1 II11 I! 111 lh .Uilug Willi W
, 1 Ihii.iiiiii uml Ailing l'lll
,1. ,il 11 li lUti uriMU, will lUIVU
1 1 . 1 1 ,1 i'bt iiIU Ut IWil
I. .1
1 J ' H I 1 1 """'Vf, W '
11 . 1 1 Hi. uuturn ut tb
1 ,. ,, u . .1 ii.i u bvm
Mil 4 U1.I..1. i It
ii hi im ,- t
11 iiv t. . il llm UiMW
!' Hut ir'
II H III- ill t II ,lflJ 'ilUI
in ,1 ilm 1 1 11 id .WiiiIi !...W
I I I will I 'I l iiiii' u4
nil l nl 1 1 1 urn !'!
' i
I 1 UiI'iiiI n.gif . k I ll )
tJjAJgJJ mmammmm

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