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(llj i viixml i Telegraph)
fiatri. tllrr 1!.
4M( u A.lveMlaor) Prowler
wa shot 11 ml killed here
irl l'rtl(mwiy Znrrnto. a
mm wt-o then shot nnrt
killed hint'lf. Tlw assassination, It In
Brt move towards a
general uprising of delegates of tlic re
p, it aavenrmptt, headed by
' lsto Krnnclico Fcrrar,
the - e educator,
' i vinntlnii occurred In front of
the bii'hllng of the ministry of tho in
liru f'ontu on 1'nerto del Sol,
n ' e renter of Mndrid,
Ste i.'np Irehind Canalejas, the assas.
sin frol Knch bullet entered
Tun " held nnd lie fell dead.
itrc ht victim was dend.
f ) ( !' I' the police arrived.
Ti. "-ns pacVcd with pedes
trians nt tho time, nnd the wildest com
fusion followed. Pollco and military
guards attempted to clear the square
nnrt the throngs or perrons ucimorvu
trihllv. Scores of loaded mules which
were pnsing the pqunro nt tho time".
Premier of Spam, who was assassinated
by an anarchist yesterday.
took fright, witli the human terror add
ing to the confusion.
I'avalrv then scattered tho croyd.
Practically every known and prominent
member of tho anarchist group in tho
city wns arrested within a few moments
of Cannlcjas' death, but despite this a
general uprising is feared.
The. authorities believe the inflammatory
speeches delivered on Sunday in
u memorial meeting in honor of Kcrrar
inspired Zarrato to his deadly attack.
(Tlr Wlrelma Tflffrnph.)
MILWAUKKi:. Wisconsin, November
12. Special to The Advertiser) John
Schranke. wlio flmt Col. Ilooovelt last
irontli, today pleaded guilty to assault
with intent to murler. Colonel
will bo asked to come to Milwaukee
to testify against his asitnilint, if
examination shows Sch'ranko to bo sane,
acrordinp to District Attorney Zabol.
Schrank" was brought into the courtroom
heavily manacled. lie pleaded to
the charts before Municipal Tudgo August
'Did von intend to murder Theodore
Ronevelt, ns you are charged!" askcl
District Attorney Zabol. "Bo you
plead puilty or not puilty?"
"I plead guilty to shooting that man,
if that's what you mean," iinswero.1
"Did you intend to kill Theodore
Rooovo'tl" nsked Zal el.
"1 did not intend to kill ltoosevelt,"
responded Schranke, "but I did intend
to warn ltoosevelt, the
"Did you intend to kill or murder
Roosevelt, the Progressive enndidato
for President!" nsked Zabel. "I want
a direct answer."
"I did not want to kill tho Progressive
partv; I shot Roosevelt as a warning
to other
Judge Unckus this afternoon named
an insanity commission to examine
Schranke. If be is found insane, ho
will be sent to nn asylum.
(11t Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
ClinVi:NNK, Wyoming, November
12. (Spccinl to Tho Advertiser)
Plashing into riot nt n challengo ami a
dare, nearly ouo hundred members of
Batteries It nud D, Ponrth Pield Artillery,
V, S. A , clashed in n moleo in tho
streets here last night, spread terror
through the town and drew a guard
from Fort I). A. lluine'l on n summons
from Mayor (IrosunliRii. who had already
ordered tlm chief of police to
Kwear in a huudrad additional iolicoimni
mill arreil ltutn lulterios.
I,lnutmuits (Jul mi and Mellrlde
in time to roiufurre tho
wild Hneled fifty
At m rull ut the mil, l'rivt I!,
W hi ur sit v and t. K, Murtm wore
tfny fniur).
Arud ut Ion sUuilim bHwMHi I he
lnii ballriMi bd ininted, It ulgtil
u th nmvtw of u iioinlwr ut liuth
btUrlM, Iruopur uf lilly It
IjM(iJ lbt bn m "tt Ur hum"
tlUM My iWHuWr uf Unit try I), Tb
kk (wi tiat4 fd iUitmfh Uw
UfMi m4 i$mvtt i 4itm 4
fizgi by uumM at Ik irnuiiars. Vka uu
Jfflty, hwV0t, um4 ibtir vrnfum m
"Hflf ?,!-.
l V1 HTuaUM Ittptffe)
!", muiimitn n (Mlsl lW
A'li"MHr " Wlt, 1
IMUm tt lilitiigli iiuttiliatj rtwaliuMt
so He i( HablWItlMhl ikuiMBmu uf
I luiibii .. i) Umiii ruiai m
I..I..JM i Wall Wtdl. 11m
Mil.) mill,
'W fnll
't'tt Ivaf
t4 'I'm lt . 11.1l 11. uu
M ' 'Itil'.l ni. I li I .. r i
IMi lli' I ' ' " 1 1 11
11 1' '. . 1 1 1
tt ratten) Wit 1VIflrik.)
MTU, HUWWti, JOfimlbcf It (8pjM to The AdVerUwr)
pwto tM DM BtslgatflM ftK Were AdtUnople today deahni lht
ili ctl tot fttlWa. Htt dstalU have bttm received, however, ni to
"' br Hw TwlMi hare Mirrendered er whether Uio city wi oirrted
The Hatkjartsn treep have captured the main fortification at
awl ike northern wlug of tho besieger U closing In on the for
UftoiMeiM Muth of Derkos.
(By Tederal Wireless Telegraph.)
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, November 12. (Special to Tho
BallliiK under rush orders, tho cruisers Montana and Tennessoo left here
.oday for Turkish waters to protect the lives and property of United States
Jeopardized by the troubles caused by the Balkan war and the probability
of an anti-Christian uprising In southeastern Europe.-
Cannot Beach Agreement.
illy FrdfTnl WlreltK TrlnTsph.t
LONDON, November 12. (Special to
The Advertiser) Tho deadlock In the
.nternational political situation, brought
ibout by the Ilalknn States' war, continues,
Neither nor
dervin has given way on n single essential
point ill regard to tho tuturo of
Mbanin, and tho proposed occupation
by the Servians of a port' on tho Adriatic
Tho ltus8inn newspapers aro daily in
tensifjing tho warllko tone of their
support of tho Servian cause.
Siime Kuropean chancellories took a
more optimistic view today of tho
of affairs, assuming that yester
Iny's conferences between the Austrinn
mil Scrvhn statesmen in Budapest
,ive tended to relieve tho crisis. The
jri t Kurnpcnn Powers not directly
in tho outcomo nro making
trong clforts to reconcile tho two an- (
tngonistlc countries.
It is believed that Germany has at
'nt induced not to
.ress her objections to Serviu's alms
nil' the end of tho campaign. Germany
..-is pointed out that tho whole question
f the ltalknn Mountain States'
l.'s can then be settled by a Euro
pean conference in which the Balkan
at ions should have a voice.
When Arehduko Francis Penlinand,
ho heir to tho Austrian crown, meets
'he German Emperor very shortly, tho
onferenco will bo drawn up in outline.
This wow coincides with that of Great
lintain, as Premier Asquith explained
m his speech nn Saturday.
The authorities in Vienna take pains
to point out that tho military confer
(J!v. Federnl Wlrtltsf Tclcernph.)
SALEM, Massachusetts, November
12. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
of tho part ho played in tho Industrial
Workers of the World struggle
in Lawrence last winter was given to
tlm iurv todav by Joseph J. Ettor, co-
defendant with Antonio Caruso nnd Ar-
turo Giovanuitti, on trial horo lor tno
murder of Anna Lopezzo, a woman
Ettor outlined his career from tno
t'unn bo first joinod tho shipbuilders'
union in San Frnncisco up to tho timo
of tho Lawronco strike Ettor admitted
that ho had addressed tho strikers in
Lawrence, but denied that be incited
the workers to violence.
fTW rvdirnl Wlrtlus Telcirrnph.)
LOUISVILLE. Kentucky, November
12. (Special to The Advertiser) ,
Tho reported escape from prison or
General Pcllx Diaz, nephew of former
President Porfirio Diax ot Mexico,
.mil tho father of the late rebellion
ngn'nst tho Mexican Administration
of President I'rancisco 1. Madero, Jr.,
is told in n letter received hero today
by R. G. Kirwin, from E. A. Dickorson,
n copper magnate of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Dioz escaped, M tho letter says, on
November 3.
. h
,.n!M"v !' L tl,is cit? "' afternoon of Thanks-
n ,tnl
N.Worl November Special
.., Wo,BMt is to receive
to The Adver Ring, tho ,
actress, who has been starring during . ' , i ,
tho present season in "A Wall Street1
Girl," is today the wife of C.J. Win- JR AL OF GUNMEN BEGINS.
ninger of Wniisau, Wisconsin, who hns a .
minor part in her company. ' XKW YOjK November 12.( By As-
Miss Ring wired friends in New ork 50ci!ltpa 1re89 cablo) Tho four gun-of
tho wedding, which took placu in
mt,n nccug0(1 of ,.oinpiicity ln ti10 mur.
Boston awcekiiKO. ()l,r of ; Jtosenthnl, tho head of
"r .gamblers' gang, shot and killed some
in? l'ederal Wlrele.f Teleeraph.) months ago lit tho door of the Metro-
SAN PItANClSCO. November 12. nir. nntel. am nmv on trial. Tlm birv
(Special :o Tho AdvertUor) Orders is- ,vci, ,vjh try tho mon wns completed
sued by the war department nnd tliiti morning. Tho courtroom is packed
in division headquarters here today 0(1 Mlt tle interest in tho trial is in-call
for tho transfer of two well-known tense.
ofllccrs of tho army, Col. William Paul-, ...,
ding, Twenty-fourth Infantry, transicr
red to tho Fourth lninntry, aim uoi.
William C. Battler of tho Fourth to
take command of tho Twenty-fourth.
Colonel Buttler is ordered to proceed
to Sun Francisco and sail for Manila
to join his now command December 5.
SAN FRANCISCO, November 13.-
!!.. AuA(if.ldlitil PrnHfl
stimtly ilwindlliiR ns the returns from Ho named a. his executors his widow,
Democratic counties lire ndded to tho. Carrie and wills all
total electoral vote of Cnllfornlu, tbo;'f lii estate to her.
plurality of Colonel Roosevelt over I " '
Wilson in til. H u
wiu but twenty-four nt midnight. Tho
official returns nro but partially com-
pictn nini tuo relation ni uio two
nwder, In the von uwy eliNii(a lioforo
the Utt iiroeiuct rumrt.
- ' ' '
(11, I'MHral VrJfM TrUsrapli.)
WAHIIIXiiTON, KoviiiHUr ,18.
(KiMieial to Th Advnrtlnr) Col,
Pmnkllu W. MautlUiM, Bmiw lufttn -
try ferwrly owmB4iui( uu army
ptisi in Oabtt, IUmnm, bi um ,MtvMU kuiriiie. 'J lie uuuc wr uut o 1 1 o t
lo . ml mr till iuroe, but rallmr fur the
t,... , , , ... ,lutarm(ilun ut lb alumni of tb ml-
rHH'AIM), NnvamlM i ' Tb a(Utin Uk in II" rlinM from
(o TU 4k iaUuma, iMMM Ut Hill, la lUa iwwttywMo yar
l'i Mink im((IIW, iol4 4 lbl IUM 0 Uw gradualm rnvmimi, aitd of
rur 44ltuwtl MUhnknU m MilliMM Wl qmmnn Ik kmM4Mi nkd
I Ml n fttfjMtot I'1!".. I'ol I"' 'wuU t by IM ruWfr Of tbi'W 1 Imd iliil
numtonm w 9 " w a in
tiHmimt, Ml mm at
I tttiWiNJ mm k r"uuli4.
I utllUMMI MMiUmt Ibkl MMU IfM MM
utiu li ttark a "Immi mu" uu Urn
lu aaiii kiln lit iltaa
liiiiaaaa ti ktrkM ul la Ik iituk
1 -- - -
'mual k.11 111 'iMaMM, bll HW l'WW
ti 1,, ill mi I .11 i, ''oil "'iil,i
Kiitii4 aai(il I. in liHiuii'rf l.lia
11 w . 1,1) .il-.l .1. I lfi U uu.
1 III. !, 1 ' v
I I I . l .1 1 . .
ences being held in Budapest are not
incongruous with Austria's desiro for
pcaco. Thoy explain that plans and
ptccautionary measures havo been considered,
but they say they will not be
enrricd out unless Scrvia should violate
Austrian interests.
There hns been some talk of n naval
demonstration on tho Adriatic coast
when tho Servians reach there, but tho
carrying out of this depends on tho
course of events.
Heavy Losses In Battle,
BELGRADE, Scrvia, November 12.
(By Associated Press Cablo) Official
returns of tho killed nnd wounded in
the recent fighting near Pcrlepo show
that tho Servians lost 3000 and tho
Turks more than 8000. Details of tho
imttlo declare that tho cntiro
hns been rendered uninhabitablo
for weeks to come nnd tho dnmago done
lo property impossible to estimate.
Capture Turkish Fortress.
ItlEKA, Albania, November -2. (By
' sociated Press Cable) X forco or
Montenegrins this morning uttneked
md captured the fortress of Tarakosch
on the Lake of Scutari. Their loss was
heavy. The Turks were driven out with
tremendous loss in men nnd munitions.
Powers in Deadlock.
LONDON, November 12. (By Associated
Press Cnblo) Tho dcndlock of
'he European Powers continues without
sign of n break. England and Germany
"outimiP their demands that Russia nnd
shall refrain from
making specific, demands upon tho Allies
until after tho present campaign
shall have closed. Russia nnd Austria
maintain their attitudo of determination
nnd fresh complications nro feared.
ngalnst tho big negro pugilist is said
to bo that of Lucille Cameron, n whito
girl 19 years old, of Jlinncsota, whom
ho is alleged to havo induced to visit
Chicago. This enso was so flagTant thnt
the federal, the city nnd tho county authorities
each began investigating tho
doings of Johnson considered contrary
to law.
BINGHAM, Utah, ' November 12.
(By Associated Press Cablo) In a
clash between striking miners and tho
deputy sheriffs hero this morning, two
members of tho union were shot nnd
Ifntally injured. Thoy died nt tho hos
pitnl later, It wns with difficulty that
tho special officers and tho police man
nged to restore order in tno town.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telesrraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, November 12.
(Special to The Advortiser) Ad Wol-
gast and Willio Ritchio wcro today
matched to box twenty rounds for tho
I I ! ttli ii'iiS ftlif niKfiliotiii ilinlntiiniiciiin in
(Ilf Federal Wlrcleat Telegraph.)
UTICA, New York, November 12.
(Special to The Advertiser) Tho will
of tho lato Vlco President James S.
Sherman hns been admitted to probate,
DDCn WlVtb
j PHILADELPHIA, October 27. Tho
iiutborilli4 at Ilryn Muwr, omi of tin.
'I'jeluslvo women's (olUge of the conn
try, recently II ntntlnllual
: table, buned ifn uimwur rm'eiveil rrom
' i.riuluiitw who huvn iimrrlm, The
liulU would indii'ul.i tlmt tlm blghur
mlucutlnu of tvomtm lemln to raptd ruoe
tk$ rtunuikul.'i i.titt uf tin iiimii it
Ilkkl wbi'ti ' 1 t.n a. n-' m ik
VflM UUI'ibi r uf .hllitfill In lb. Uui
m ffc kink mhhi r'u.lJ m law
and lW ! l-i n ll.c . Iiil'li.n uui. 11 id
I1.1A In I'n I III lit Ml fl It'll. HI 1 J I UUI
"" "" I" . 1 1 I ,J. Iiu. ill ul. In .1 until
1 li I l linn 1 1 1. lutfxl tinli II ln.lbi
f biN lu lit fmil
fu l'i.ll... 1 il IU iu.ImuIm
Ian Inn ll. nilm ,1 m .iiiIm
1 I rtli . I I 1 I If Ml I l tl
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph)
13, 4 p. m. (Special to
The Advertiser) An armistice
is now being arranged' for between
the Turkish and Bulgarian
forces. It is announced
that hostilities will cease this
evening at sundown.
(llj Federal Wlreia Telegraph.)
VIENNA, Austria, November 13.
(special to Tho Advortiser) lieutenant
von Wegener today telegraphs tho
Itichspost from tho Bulgarian front that
their attack on tho Turkish center nt
Tchataljn is desporato and that they
aro steadily gaining ground. Von
states that tho Turks havo been
driven in panic from nil tboir advance
He adds that boggy roads have delayed
tho Bulgarian advance making it
most didicult to 'get their heavy artillery
to the front.
President DancfC of tho Bulgarian
Partamta returned to Sofia today from
u confcrcnco with Kmperor Francis
Joseph of Austria which ho said has resulted
favorably to Scrvia 's claim for
tin Adriatic seaport.
Thousands of Bodies Unburicd.
tlly federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CONSTANTZA, Roumanin, November
13. (Special to The Advertiser) With
thousands of persons dead from starvation
and (Hsease, Constantinople telegraphs
that bodies aro lying unburicd
outside the city walls. Tho mortality is
greatest iu tho refugee cumps between
Constantinople and Tchataljn.
Tho refugees in camps thero are in n
terribly destitute condition, they hav
ing no clothing or water, except that
which is tnintcd.
Servian Troops in Durazzo.
(Bjr Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
BELGRADE, Servin, November 13.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Unofficial
reports received bore today state that
Goncnil ti'nnkovitch 's Sorvian troops
have occupied Durazzo, iu open defiance
to Austria's warning.
Sofia dispatches say that King Ferdinand
has decided not to lend the Bulgarian
army into Constantinople, fearing
that this action might precipitate
n massacre of Christians in tho Turkish
It IB belioved here, however, that
Ferdinand's real reason is that ho fears
to expose his troops to danger of cholera,
which is said to bo rampant there.
Turks Hold Monastir.
(Ilr Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
ATHENS, Greece, November 13.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) The Servian
and Greek armies have not yet
joined in front of Monastir, where, it
is reported, 50,000 Turks under Ali Risa
Pasha aro preparing for a vigorous defense.
The Greek gunboat Alpbeiow, patrolling
tho coast of Epirus, was fired on
yesterday off Vnlona by concealed riflemen.
Tho gunboat replied, destroying
part of tho customhouse.
The King's consent has been asked to
summon further classes of reserves to
tho colors.
It would appear from tho Greek comments
that no portioning of tho conquered
territory wns arranged before
tho war, and it is asserted tnat cacn
belligerent is endeavoring to occupy ns
much territory ns possible, with an oyo
to the final division of tho spoils.
Powers Taking a Hand.
(By Federnl Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
LONDON, November 13. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) All tho. European
Powers hnvo agreed to tho Turkith proposal
mado last week that they should
inform the Balkan Mountain Nations of
tho Tuikish request for mediation nnd
to iniiuiru from them whether they arc
willing to formulate terms on which
negotiations could uo opened.
Steps in this direction are about to
be taken by tho representatives of tho
Great Powers.
Turks Aro Hopeless.
13. (By Associated Press Cable)
Dispatches to tho leading papers of
Russiu today announcu that at n meeting
of the Turkish council of war hold
hist night the position of tho Sultan's
forces defending Constantinople wns
declared to bo hopeless nnd tho Subliino
Porte wns called upon to meet the allies
directly, instead of continuing his
efforts to do so through the intervention
of the Powers.
Treachery In Turkish Army,
HEIIl.lN, Gurmaiiy, November 13.
(lly Asaoi'inted Pros 1'iiliUO Aceard
lug to ilUpatchi's received from the
front today, there in rank treachery in
the rank 11 ml tile nf the Turkith army.
ami llin upper rirclrn of nillcinliliiiii urn
rot ton with graft. It in ileulnred that
tlin i'iiin)ii suprHlod tu the artillery
tv ere III led with tiuip lliateinl uf
nltlon, and that th riirlriilgMi for tlm
IT 1 iiiodMrii rillu nro for, tho tuiiat purl
blank. The aiinr iiiul hnyuiiuU for
1 lie infantry and liuro are ld to be
H) dull mil uf turh mor quality that
lbi rt nul fit for um.
Mule Jer of Ort WAr,
J.OMl)N, fc'uvawlwr II. (11 Amo-i-it-.i
I '( rbl Tiu llritwli fur
MN Willi laariwul lu4y I bat Ik dlwul
or k Hurau t, fullowlug
ujtaji I'" oulbiwik la li llalkau l,
I Idal 'I t liitf awk iihiii lite roaMaa.
ll a uiiiiuumiuiI Ibal I'u' . l'auiUull
at I hi' tmiuua I'uMru m.' ful uuirv
kitfulut ill tvlliun liuublu Hun tkr)
iti l.tiu fur iiiuii. .1.1) opci'lall)
iau li"in !' in. i' jifni .iil'd uj.ua
In a 1.1 1 laiuvMiH ailli Ht'iua la
tu'l -i 111 ni f itaavixl'li dililuilr Iw
hi. ilti liMid u..l I. Analila
NVAWIIlNtlTDN, Jfvwnlr 14i
(U,T Aweflated Pnn Cable)
I'rMldenl Tnft, last evtining, li-
ae ids proelnnutloti letting the
rate of the Panama Onnnl toll for
all foreign merchantmen, which
will be U0a ton.
As rnmKiro to tho toll of the
Suez Cnnnl this rate established
in the President's proclamation is
considerable of a out. Unless re-
ccntly chonged the Suez toll wns
nine francs nnd fifty centimes, or
tl.00 r ton for vcsicls passing
through the canal.
(n; Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
SALKM, Massachusetts, November
13. (Specinl to The Advertiser) Flat
denial of charges that he is nn anarchist,
or that he favored anarchism,
was voiced by Joseph Ettor,
with Antonio Caruso and Arturo
Giovnnnltti on charges of murdering
Anna Liopizzo, n woman Htriker, when
ho again took tho stand here today in
his own defense.
Tho witness also denied that ho had
ever counseled violence.
"I believe thnt violcnco in any industrial
struggle will only harm. Right
now I wish to say thnt, politically, I am
n Socialist, but from nn industial standpoint
I am an industrial-unionist. I am
not an" nnnrchist. Anarchy is the
philosophy of individualism; industrial
unionlim is tho philosophy of collectivism."
(Iljr Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
MADRID, Spain, November 13.
(Special to The Advertisor) All Spain
is in a fever of excitement todny over
the fate of Manuel Fardis Zarrato, tho
twenty-eight year old anarchist, vho as.
sassinateil Premier Cnnalejas jestcrday.
Although the ossassin turned the revolver
on himself nnd fired a bullet into
his head, it failed to strike n vital spot.
Absolute confirmation of this fnct was
secured today, but tho condition and
whereabouts of the anarchist are
The police today directed their efforts
to seeking the original of a photograph
of n beautiful girl found in Znrrnte's
effects. It bore the following inscription:
"To my unforgctful Mnnucl."
The polico suspect she is n member of
Zarrnto's nnarchist organization.
A memorandum book, containing mysterious
hieroglyphics, also was found ip
Zarrato's 'pockets. Experts todny attempted
to decipher tho code, but
General Weyler, -commonly called
"The Butcher of Cuba," is tho strongest
candidate for Spanisli premier.
(Dy Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, November 13.
(Special to The Advertiser) The bonrd
of regents of tho University of California
has appointed John Washington
Gilmorc, president of tho College of
Hawaii, professor of agronomy, beginning
July If 1013, nt a salary of $5000.
Doctor Gilmorc has had vast experience
in the Philippine Islands, whero
ho established agricultural schools, nnd
111 China, where he founded tho agricultural
college of Wuchang.'
(lly Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November
13. (Special to The Advertiser)
Eighteen lives were forfeited in Irving-ton,
nn Indianapolis suburb, early today,
by the carelessness of a brakeman
on tho Cincinnati, Hamilton ,& Dayton
railroad in neglecting to close n switch
after a freight train had backed into a
siding, in compliance with ordors.
A few minutes later a loaded passenger
train, en routo to Cincinnati from
Indianapolis, crashed into tho rear end
of the freight, instantly killing fourteen
passengers and injuring four others so
badly that they died later in a hospital
An exploding gas tank fired the
wreckage, but the flames were soon
by n bucket brigade.
Conductor Willinms was crushed to
death as he stood in tho aisle of tho day
coach collecting tickets.
(lly Federal W'releia Telfgmph.)
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, November
13. (Special to Tho Advertiser) Fivo ,
Alienists todny began oxmmnation of
the mental condition of John Schranke,
who yesterday pleaded guilty to having
attempted to slay Theodore Uoosovclt
in Milwnukco n month ago.
Moderator Richnrd Dewey of tho
sanity commission appointed announced
thnt tho sessions would be secret and
that only tho defendant and his attorney
and witnesses who might bo summoned,
nnd a representative of District
Attorney Zabol would bo admitted.
(By Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
PRINCETON, New Jersey, November
13. (Special to Tho Advertiser) President-elect
Woodrow Wilson said today
that in his informal visit with the Now
Jersey congressionul delegation iu Trenton
yesterday he bad been able to talk
only with Willinm Hughes, United
States from New Jersoy,
and Representative Tuttlc, as to what
inoy inoiigia 01 an extra tct.siou 01 congress.
'Each man had expressed himself in
favor of an extra session, he said,
Tho Governor liked President Tuft's
upeech in Washington predicting that
under a Democratic administration, tho
South would huvo 11 greater share lu
tho national government and that
lines would tend to disappear.
"ll was h very generous spcecn,"
mild Mr. Wilson,
(lly federal Wlrtlna Telrgraih.)
TOI'Klv'A, ICuusiis, November 13,
(Special to The Advitrtlier) Arthur
Clipper, llepubllcun, U today elected
(loviirnor of Kiintiu over Ilodgei,
Ptuiiuarul, by n mujorlly of flftythreo
votw, iiveonllng tu iniiiplcla olHiinl
Ilodga rafiitiw to uilmlt ilefuiU, do-luring
Ilmt ha bin a lend of II fly. lie
it ill eti!mt lip ultutieii.
imj rJnl WhiUh TaiafftUi )
UlUMK. li (ml la
Tk AiltvriUar) llypt wf lk l.wwa
lata la i'uuihuIIum Willi Ik If 11 Hula
UuU bill Mff 4wtruai tJMtay, ku
Vtnmh'r Jan ltiiitir Li44 fa urtlw
llin iwtiiltl ' laua'uti tu ratlins) Ik d
. laiuu uf ikv hum lu iiuiaiilUi by
hli li I l.r uimfuwuil vu iWralni Uti
Tlm 4li .i i4ll. a lriu
i.i. .iHUWfci abl.i. B'l Mllliai.i Hull,
1 IMituli Uii'U.1'11, Mat I. .1 lliili l
for rilling Premier AiqHith 11
traitor. Hpenker Jatnet Iother Mid
Hie premier's motion wa
but wat quite in order.
Thn premier then submitted his motion,
and. In supiwrt of it, said if tho
house dlil not reverse the decision by
committee nn the amendment of Sir
Frederick Banbury, the government
hohIiI be unable to pioiceu with the
The most unparliamentary langungo
was hurled about tho house before tho
(Dy Federal Wlrtleta Telerraph.)
VAlil.KJU, California, No ember 13.
(Bpccinl to Tho Advertiser) Tho
Mint! Inland ollicials late requestod information
of tho navy department
gnrding tho movement of tho cruiser
South Dakota, which hns been under
repairs here for tho last three months,
having come" to Maro Islnnd following;
tho loss of her propeller botweou Yokohama
and Honolulu.
Tho shafts for tho nrnnellor nrriviv!
In tho yard todny nnd all othor work
has been flulshcd off. It Is oxpected
thnt sho will bo ready for sea in three
weeks' time. It Ib probable that sho
will then proceed to San Diogo for
target practise
Feilernl Wirrlna Trlrgraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO. Novembor 13.
(Special to The Arlvprtianiir!l.if
Deputy State Quarantine Officer Frederick
Mnskew has Issued a statement to
the effect that no Mediterranean fly
pest has been found in bananas or
packings from Honolulu.
xuc unnanns secured by Italian fishermen,
after having been opened and
thrown overboard Saturday ami then
taken by the fishermen to Fishermen's
Cove and transferred to peddlers anil
Fold throughout the' bay, wero spoiled
bananas nnd not infested -with Mediterranean
fly, oxplnincd Maskcw today.
.me siiuiicu uanunai wero irom tno
ftoamship Ventura, having spoiled
through tho ovorhenting of tho cargo.
(Br Ffilernt Wlreleaa Telegraph )
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November
13. (Special to The Advertisor)
Because of th6 illness of two jurors,
the trial hero of forty-seven labor
union inen accused of illegally transporting
dynamite is postponed until tomorrow.
To ndd to tho delay of tho enso, Mrs.
Alta Hawkins, an important witness for
tho government, wns shot in the legs
yesterday while hunting. Mrs. Hawkins
kept a boarding-house hero which was
frequented by ironworkers in 1909. It
has been planned to havo her testify
against tho defendants.
(By Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, November 13.
(Special to The Advertiser) Chaplain
Samuel H. Bell, First Fiold Artillery,
who has bein on leavo of absence, baa
reported in army headquarters here and
has been assigned to temporary duty
until tho departuro of a transport which
will take him to r.ejoin his station at
Schofield Barracks, Oahu.
(By Federal Wlreleaa Telegraph.)
SAN PRANCISCO, November 13.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) With a
largo list of passengers and a full cargo,
the steamship Lurlino of tho Matson
Navigatiou Company, Captain V7cedon,
resumed her Honolulu run today, after
laying off one trip after tho rush of
tho sugar season.
PHILADELPHIA, Novembor 13.
(By Associated Press) President Mc-Rea
has resigned the presidency of tho
big Pennsylvania system, which ho has
held for manv yours, assigning ago as
bis reason. His successor has not been
WASHINGTON, November 13. (By
Associated Press Cable) Frederick
Lehmnun, solicitor general, filed his
brief in tho caso of the pugilist, Jack
Johnson, held in Chicago on sovoral
"white slave" charges. Mr. Lehmaiin
declared that inasmuch as the accusations
against Jolnikon nre not
tho believes it would be "inadvisable
to admit Johnson to bail." Tho
black fighter will therefore probably
havo to remain in jail indefinitely.
ENGLE In Honolulu, JVAfttl1lA 1 1
1012, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Wellor A.'
Euglo, a son.
HORNER In Honolulu, Novembor 12,.
1012, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hor-
nor, n daughter.
HEILBRON In Honolulu, Eleventh
avenuo, Knimuki, November 14, 1912,
to Mr. and Mrs. B, F. Hellbrou, a
Tho supervisors last night decided to
notify Chairman Bishop of the board of
harbor commissioners that they nro
agrceablo to tho plan to have bids opened
for tho county's road to tie proposed
Witiknno wharf opened 011 the same day
nnd nt the same timo thnt bids for tho
wharf aro opened by the Territory. By
doing lliii tlm work on both the rond
and tho whaif will bn hand lu hum and
bo completed 011 or about the same time.
Illds will soon be advertised for.
Thlf'diieuio in so ilnuceroiis and i
rapid in It development flint every
mother of young rhlidren vliouM bo
prepared for It. It i mry rinky ti
Mall infill the littank nf rruup appear
nnd th mi nuiiiI for imnlleinn ami 1. 1 tho
ahllil Miller until it au bv uhtainud.
I'lutirilwrralu'ii Oduijli IIiiiiU m prompt
and adfMtlMl Hi") h" nt 1st Iiuimi known
tu fail In any i'. Tor tale by Hen-
WU, kuiltk a, L'v., J.I 1 , utfiiita for
llvwaii Adtt.
,'fiku J.axulivB Hruiii' 'Juiiuii4
TatulnU. All ilruui.M.i ilium
imp nvMuty 1( H fiii r
li W Uruvv' ngi
4' ll I'll
,tt I Ml in I .. A
4iJiJliyrfliiE!faA .. ....

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