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GREAT POWERS LANO MARIES Scenes From Life Where Death Reaps Harvest
; Montenegrins Are Reported To Have Captured
Scutari, and Servians Monastir; But Bulgarians
are Repulsed Cholera
Rapidly Increasing
LONDON, November 10. (By Associated Press Cable) In a special
dispatch received hero last night from Montenegro it was roporfed
that Scutari, -which has been valiantly hold by tho Turks since the beginning
of tho war, had surrendered to tho Montenegrin army. The
nows Is unconfirmed.
'(By Federal Wlrelru Te:firaph.)
LONDON, Novsmbor 18. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Two thousand marines
from tho warships of tho Powers
were landed in Constantlnoplo this af
ternoon. Tho Turkish government was
willing that tho Powers should land
their forces, but tho marines wero moved
into the city quietly, as tho authori
ties feared to arouso the iro of tho
Turks Still Hold-Lines.
(By Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
LONDON, November 18. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Tho first Bulgarian
attack on the Turkish lino of fortifications
defending Constantinople at Tcha
talja has failed, although tho wholo
Bulgarian army was engaged. Every
available man was moved to tho front
from tho Bulgarian forces investing
Adrinnoplc, where they were relieved
by Servian troops.
Tho Bulgarians with all their artillery
began to advance on Tchatalja
from their stations on Saturday, continuing
a bombardment of tho works
throughout Sunday. They found, how-over,
the Turkish positions so strong
that they could mnko no impression ou
them and for the moment at least tho
attempt has been given up.
Military experts who have been to tho
Turkish front agree that the capture of
tho Tchatalja lines must prove a task
of tremendous difficulty. Tho time taken
by the Bulgarian troops from uguting,
necessary for the bringing up of guns
and arrrmuirtion and reinforcemonts,
was utilized by tho Turks to ontrench
themselves and place their guns in position,
giving them a distinct advantage
over the attackers.
The Turks, who had been so shaken
by their previous defoats, appeared to
have been steadied nsl thus far haVo
made a most determined stand.
The Bulgarian troops made their main
attack to the cast of Tchatalja trying
to break through at tho point whero
tho railway to Constantinople makes a
loop. Tho strong forts, tho marshes
and tho guns of the Turkish warships
had evidently discouraged them -from
making an attempt to turn tho flank of
tho Turkish lines.
Shouid tho Bulgarians bo successful
in their effort, to break through tho
Turkish left center, Nazim Pasha's Ottoman
army will bo pushed back to tho
northeast and its retreat on tho capital
will bo cut off.
Tho Turks seem to have no hopo of
driving back the Bulgarian forces, but
if they succeed in holding tho lines "of
Tchatalja bath tho military and diplomatic
situation will undergo a marked
change, sinco a long defenco of tho
front will probably compel tho invaders
to negotiato without taking Constantinople.
At S'cutaTi tho Montenegrins have
made somo headway. They have succeeded
in driving the Turkish troops
fromo one of their mountain positions
but tho Turkish commander haB not given
nip hopo of making a long defence.
Tho invested fortress of Adrianopie
also, according to independent correspondents,
is still able to withstand a
elego of several months.
Servians Win Monastir.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
BELGRADE, Servia, November 18.
(Special to The Advertisor) The Turkish
fortress of Monastir surrendered this
afternoon to the Servian troops. Fifty
thousand Turkish soldiers and three
generals laid down their arms.
Again Appeal for Help.
(Br Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, November 18. (Special to
The Advertiser) The Ottoman government
today made a fresh appeal, this
time through the Russian ambassador at
Constantinople, for the cessation of hostilities,
according to a news agency dispatch
received hero this evening from
the Turkish capital.
Eight Thousand Killed.
(By Associated Press Cable) Threo
columns of Bulgarians mado a desperate
assault on the fortifications around the
little town of Tchatalja early this morn.
in, and after hours of fighting were
driven back by tho Turks with a loss
of eight thousand men and eight cannon
captured, and a much heavier loss
in killed and wounded.
The cholera situation hero 3s growing
worse, Tho daily reports indicate that
nt least 5000 peoplo are stricken by
cither cholera or tjphoid, which has
now made its appearance, and that the
bospitats aro utterly incapable of accommodating
a. tenth of the patients.
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(By Federal Wlrelcaa Telepraph.)
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WASHINGTON, November 18.
(Special to The Advertiser)
Tho Public Health Service is
drawing tighter its lines of pre-
caution on the Atlantic Coast
because of the appearance of
cholera in the zone of the Bal-
kan war. While service surgeons
do not regard tho danger to tho
United States grave at tho
ent timo all vessels from tho
Mediterranean will bo rigidly in-
Vessels sailing for tho United
States by way of Naples will bo
examined at that port whero tho
American public health service
has a surgeon stationed.
sols from ports of Turkey which
do not touch Naples will bo
closely scrutinized upon their
arrival in this country.
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(By Federal Wireless Tel'sraph.)
MAKYSVILTjE, California, November
18. (Special to The Advertiser)
In a head-on collision this morning between
a freight motor and a street car
of the Northern Electric on what is
known us the "Big Bridge," connecting
Yuba City and Marysville, tho
street car was thrown from tho bridge,
landing upside down in the river bottom,
thirty feet below.
Every passenger, of whom thero wero
eighteen, was injured. Several will undoubtedly
TEKKE HAUTE, Indiana, November
18. (By Associated Press Cable)--Flames
that broke out in tho American
car foundry here this morning destroyed
$!i00,000 worth of property before
tho firo department could bring tho firo
under control. Several firemen wero
seriously hurt by falling walls.
devastated by terrible storm.
although railway and telegraph properties
have suffered.
Tolegraph and railroad communica
tion generally are demoralized, making
it difllcvilt to estimate the exact state
of affairs in tho various parts of tho
island. lleports through organized
channels say a hurricane passed over tho
northwest coast of Jamaica in tho direction
of Cuba.
Capital of Jamaica,
(By Federal Wireleu Telegraph )
KINGSTON, Jamaica, November 18.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Tho
storm that struck sections of Jamaica
Friday night continued without abatement
and meager reports indicate that
(treat damage has been done. Banana
planters seem to be the heaviest losers,
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Startling Testimony Implicates
San Francisco Men in
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.) I
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November
18. (Special to Tho Advertiser) OUf
T. Tveitmoo and Antone Johannes, both
S.m Trauciseo labor leaders, wero named
uy dynamite coiupiranv witnesses today
ns having been in tho company of
J. B. McNnmara and alleged
plices before tho Los Angeles Times ex-'
plosion. I
James D. Graham, formerly employed
by tho Asiatic Exclusion Lcaguo, of
which Tveitmoo was president, said M.
A. Schmidt and David Caplan used to
frequent tho nearby oillces of the
Building Trado , Council and
Tveitmoo saw them there,
Tho witnesses testified as to their
telephono numbers, which McNamara is
taid to have used in calling up
when tho preparations for tho Los
Angeles explosion were under way.
Graham Baid Johannes and Secretary
Yoell, of the league, saw Schmidt about
tho place, Schmidt and Caplan wore '
indicted on charges of murder as accomplices
of McNamara, but they nover ,
wero captured. Thoy have been do-scribed
as men who figured in tho J
chnso of the explosive.
Arthur L. Veitch, assistant district
attorney of Los Angeled county, testified
that in December, 1911, h0 tulltcd
to Eugene A. Clancy and another San I
Francisco labor leader in the presenco
of Oscar Lawler, representing the United
States attorney general's depart
ment. Clancy, according to Vciteh, ad
mitted having sout telegrams in July,
1011, to J. J. MciSnmaTa at Indianapolis,
requesting that J, B. McNamara bo
tent to the Pacific Coast. Veitch testified
that CJuncy said ho went to Seattle
in August, at J. J. 's orders,
'iliero ho was intrqduccd to J, B.,
by tho business agent of tho locai
union," related Veitch, auoting Clancy;
"Clancy admitted J. B, McNamara
saidj 'You know what I'm doing,'
but Clancy declared ho was ignorant
of J, B.'b quostion, and when ho
learned it was dynamiting Jio refused
to have anything to do with it."
IIo also professed to know nothing of
tho Seattle explosion in August, but he
admitted having telegraphed jo liavo
tho dynamiter sent to the Cpast.
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Case Soon to GHo the. Jury in
Rosenthal Murder Case-Attorney's
(By Federal Wlroleu Telegraph.)
NEW YOHIC, November 18. ((Special
to The Advertiser) At tho oponlug of
tho session in the Rosouthal case today,
Charles Wahlo, counsel for tho defence,
addressed tho jury nnd tho afternoon
was nllottod to Prank Moss, summing
up for tho Stnto.
Wohlo began his plea with tho assertion
that Jack Itoso was tho guiding
hand that put the shots in Herman
liosouthul. Bosc, ho characterized as
a "criminal for twenty years and nover
"You must liuvo realized Ccneath tho
depths of culm demeanor of Jack
Boso," counsel continued, "tho degradation
mid criminality of this character.
His was tho brain that directed tho
plot which Webber, Vullou nnd Schopps
carried into effect."
Wahlo said tho evidence proved that
Hose feared tho gunmen, that ho sought
them out to prove he had nothing to do
with tho of Jack Zolig,
their gang leader, .
"Hose's desiro to prove his innocence
is tho shibboleth of tho uutiro caso,"
declared Wahlo.
(By Federal Wlreleja Telegraph.)
NEWPORT, Oregon, .noveinber 18.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) The sloop
Condor was wrecked hero yesterday,
Sho lost her wheel and was thrown on
tho ond of tho north jetty. Tho
lifo saving, station crow took tho
oflicorg and men oil to safety. Tho craft 4
will prouauly uo a total loss, altuougu
part of the cargo hus been saved.
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United States Marshals Make
Raids in Six Cities
at Once.
Believed They Secured Million
and a Half Dollars From
Their Victims.
(By Federal Wireless Yrtejrraph.)
CINCINNATI, Ohio, November 18.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) In
raids in six citii's today, n Bcoro
or moro persona wero arrested charged
with using tho mails in defrauding a
largo number of individuals and incorporated
companies out of sums which,
fcdornl officers sny, may ucgrceata
United Stntes marshals raided offices
in Cleveland, Chicago, New York,
Newark (Now .lorsoy), nnd
(New York) nnd took into custody-men
indicted by tho local grnnd jury a
few days ngo, as well ns others Bnid to
bo connected with tho alleged frauds.
Tho dofcmlnnts, it is charged, guaranteed
to disposo of stock in various
enterprises, charging as a feo in
n sum equul to of tho
uluo of tho slock. Upon receiving this
commission, tho government officials assert,
the defendants made no efforts to
soil tho securities.
Tho prisoners will bo brought to Cincinnati
for trial, it is said.
(By Federal Wlrelesa Telegraph.)
CANTON, China, Novomber 18.
(Spociul to Tho Advertiser) Tho Army
is preparing to proceed north to pre-servo
Mongolia for tho Republic. 'I'ho
Drovinco militia will tnkn i, ni...
of tho regulars whilo tho latter aro
The nravisinnnl huuimhIlK. n...i n,
military council linvn ilnnirln.l tn u. ..,,.
tho government in an effort to forco
.mongoiia 10 remain m the union with
the Republic.
NewsnunnrH nrn nlmnilv .,n1.inn n
peals for war contributions.
tui uiKuuizuiioiis nave Mcciucd to
goods from countries supporting
Mongolian independence.
(By Federal Wlrelesa Telegraph,)
WASHINGTON, November 18. (Special
to Tho Advertisor) Tho United
Stutes Supremo Court today delivered
a death-blow at violations of tho Sherman
Anti-Trust Law under tho cloak of
tho protection of tho patent laws by
annulling as Invalid "license agreements,"
which hold manufacturers of
sanitary enameled ironware together in
tho combination known ns the "Bath
Tub Trust."
Justice McKcnnn dolivcrcd the unanimous
opinion of tho court. Ho said
that rights conferred by patents wero
extensive, but did not givo universal
liceimo against tho positive prohibitions
of tho Sherman Law. Tho decision
fully sustained tho government in its
fight begun ovor a year ngo against tho
bath tub and enameled ware manufacturers.
(Dy FJderal Wlreleas Telegraph.)
SAN ntANOISCO, November 18.
(Spociul to Tho Advertisor) Tho
Kourth Cavalry, now etutioned nt Forts
Apache and lluucbucu, Arizona, has
boon ordered by tho war department to
relievo tho Fifth Cavalry, now at
Tho orders for tho Fourth Cavalry
wero to leavo San Francisco for Honolulu
on tho January 5 transport. Tho
wireless messngo does not stato wnen
tho regiment is to start for Oahu, but
it may sail a month earlier than expected.
Should tho regiment come horo
in December, the local department may
have to do somo liustliui? to provide
tentago for tho officers and men for their
camp until tne .emu uavairy loavos,
whoso orders are to sail for San Fran
cisco ou tho Fobruary 4 transport. Tlio
department 1ms lacked tentage ia
amount sufficient to completely houia
a regiment.
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