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Turn Fortifications, Capturing
Important Position Near
Epidemic of Cholera Decimating
Troops in the Field Near
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, November 10.
cial to Tlio Advertiser) The great
value of aeroplanes in- war "has
boen proven by tho Bulgarian
army, not only III reconnoiterlng
work, tut for flro control. That
the murderous accuracy of tho Bui-
gars artillery was duo In a mca3.
ure to tlio activity of tho airmen
was demonstrated In letters
ceived In London today from tho
Any attempt by war correspond-
cnts to telegraph nows of tho cm-
ploymcnt of Hying machines by
tho Bulgarians during the opera-
tions has met with severe censor-
ship, but stories aro beginning to
filter through showing that
markably oilcctivc work has been
dono by soldiers in aeroplanes.
(Hy Feilernl Wirelesi TelreraprO
LONDON, November 15. Special to
Tlio Advertiser) The announcement
Hint llio Bulgarians lind reached tlio
vicinity of Killios lifts a corner of Unveil
which 1ms been baffling obscrvors
for Mime days regarding tlioit movements,
and shows that they havo
to creep around behind what is
known ah the forest, on the outskirts
of Constantinople.
They are now in close proximity of
Thcrapia, the resort of residents of
From Thcrapia n pood road leads to
within a few miles of Killios. Thoro
is a strongly defended fort r.t Killios,
lint tins was constructed to defend tho
place from attacks by sea and may bo
open to assault on tho land side.
Killios is only threo miles to the west
of Capo llniueli, at tho Black Sea entrance
to the Dosjriiorus, about six miles
north of Thcrapia.
Tin- dash of tlio Bulgarian troops
seems to demonstrate that General
tlio Unitarian
is not wholly depending on a
front attack on tho line of fortifications
nt Tclmtnlja. If a strong Bulgarian
force is already at Killios, on tho Hank
of the Turkish army, the fato of tho
Ottoman troops cannot, in military opinion,
remain long in doubt, if the Bulgarian
troops deride to take Constantinople
before a definite armistice is
agreed to.
That an early peace is assured is accepted
as a lorogono conclusion, but
whether it be brought about beforo or
after the surrender of Constantinople
is probably known only to King Ferdinand
of Bulgaria and his advlsois.
Cholera. Is Deadly Enemy.
(y Frdoral Wireless Telegraph-)
CONSTANTlNOI'IiK, Turkey, November
15. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
Tho cholera epidemic among
.tho Turkish troops holding tho lino ot
fortifications at Tclmtnlja in front of
Constantinople is rapidly becoming
worse. More than COO eases aro reported
daily, and the total number already
exceeds" C000.
Whntcvcr hopes tho Turks may havo
had of maintaining the line of defense
nt Tchatalju havo been dissipated by
this outbreak of cholera.
An eyewitness declares that ho saw
2G3 corpses buried in one very shallow
trench at llademkcui, the headquarters
of tho Turkish commander-in-chief, on
Tuesday. Tho bodies were dragged to
tho trench on hooks.
White cholera is undermining the
Turkish defenses. Jt is also constituting
a most formidable opposition to tho
Bulgarian advances, and it is gcnorally
believed hero that tho outbreak has
disposed of the quonllun of even a temporary
occupation of Constantinople by
tho Bulgarians.
It is sot thought likely that King
Ferdinand will risk tho lives of his soldiers
in this way, if ho can avoid it.
It is also stated on good authority that
cholera has already uppearod among
the Bulgarian troops.
Tho Bulgarian army on last Sunday
occupied the town of Dcrkos, nt tho
Black Sea end of tho Tchntalja lines,
nnd thus controls tho water supply of
Coustan tinople. This, however, hus not
5' ct been interfered with.
Tho apathy aud sullen resignation
with which tho Turks face the series
of overwhelming disasters deserves
It js true tho aevcro application of
martial law prevents tho public
of any criticism or Tesctitmont.
Tho great masses of Moslems, however,
nro inclined to bow to tho inevitable,
and accept without violent opposition
what they regard as tlio dictates of
Considering Armistice.
(Ily l'rdrrat Wlrelew Tdtcripli.)
SOFIA, Bulgaria, November 15.
(Special to The Advertiser) The Turk-.-
!k request for. an armistice addressed
by Kin Mil Fasha, the Grand Vizier,
to King Ferdinand, was discussed today
by tho Bulgarian consul at Mon-
. nBtir. It was decided to reply Unit tho
Bulgarinu government would inform
tho other nations of tho Balkan Alliance
of tho step taken by Turkey, and
wmiid rv . w mst
bio aftor coming to an aircemcnt witu
uRHSHmin mmmmmm MHfRMf
if'fJPTpwV" J5WWHIPWBPI "K1 ri isf n
ller the Allira have consulted, It is
.n i-ii-ii imp iieKoiiHiionR idi ail
ure will be rnrnod on by tbo com
.nnnd V of the opposing
., ruled, puraljr from military point of
Tno negotiations can begin only nftor
the Turkiah nothur t uHvo nccptcd
tho ti'inia laid liuwn !.. mo Bulgarians,
that in the meniiUne" .o lurtlior
of Turkish t oops may bo
brought into the fleln ut operations.
III) rlrl Vtu.. IrleKranh.) .
INDlANAl'OLIB, Jndinnn, November
15. (Special to Tho Advertiser) That
James Ji. ilcNntimrn purchased five
hundred pounds ot with
some of which ha blew up tho Los
urftio ....- funding va doscribco
,,Miy hi tue dynamite conspiracy"
mul by Oenro li. 1'hlilips, assistant
iiperiutonileiit of n powder company.
l'hillips tcktiticd that on September
Ji!, 1!H0, seun days boloro tho Lot-Angeles
Times building explosion, he
ilolivctcd to tho men at tho powdor
company's wharf in Uaklaud, ten casct
of the oxplosho, enso weighing
.11 ty pounds. One of tho mon, said tin.
witness, was McNumnra; anothor man
'with a bad loft oyo," and the third
"looked llko a Mexican."
l'hillips, who said tuo men loaded
the oxplosivo on tlic liiuncn rccDes
and then loft, identified various re
euipts mid liillH and wrappings from
oir the explosives whicli had been oxhi
bitcd boturo tho l.oa Angeles grand
The witness said nine cases of the
nitroglycerin afterwards were recovered
by thu San Francisco police.
Fjcderick A. llolinko of San Francisco,
told of having told a tarpaulin
to David Luplnn, ono ol AlciSainarn'r
accomplices, who "looked liko a for
cigncr." The tnrpaiilln was used by
the ilynamitcrs to cover tlio explosives.
Oluf A. Tveitmoo and Kugono A.
Clancy, San Francisco labor loaders, he
testified, met McNamara, having mado
arrangements for tho Bos Angeles
and as having furnished M1. A
Sehtnidt and Davo f'nplnn to nwist in
I uying tho high power explosives bo
ennso they lind been regularly employed
on the Const by tho building trades
council of California.
Inhuman Ficndishncss.
INDIANA POMS, Indiana, November
15. (By Associated Press Cnlilo)
Continuing his tostimoay on the dynamite
eases today, Ortio K. McMnuigal
declared that J. B. JIcNamnra beforo
leaving tho nlleyway back of tho Los
AngclcH Times huilding, where ho had
placed a bomb, deliberately tore away
one of the exposed gas pipes saying as
ho did so: "I want tho wholo building
to go to hell this time."
nr Fxlirnl Wireless TetecrapS.)
1'IMXCKTON, Now Jersey, November
1.". (Special to The Advertiser)
President-elect Woodrn.iv Wilson loft
the city this atternoon for New York,
where he attended a dinner given tonight
in his honor in tho University
Club by tho chihs of 1S70, of Princeton
University, of which ho is a member.
Tomorrow tlio Governor will sail on
his steamship trip. No politicians arc
booked on tho same vessel, so far as is
known, anil in tho retreat to which tho
is going no ono is ex
pected to 'call.
The Governor expects to spend his
vacation apart from politics unloJs
thoro nro developments requiring com
ment from him.
Mrs. Wilson, Miss Jessie nnd Miss
Eleanor Wilson will accompany tho
President-elect. The trip will last a
month. A single stenographer and two
correspondents will compose the rest
of the party.
(Hy Federal Wireless Tcleirunb.)
WASHINGTON, November 15.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) "I be
lieve thero should bo an oxtrn spssion
of congress nt tho earliest possible dato
utcr March 4, to fullill tho pledges
made by the Democratic paity," said
Speaker Champ Clark, on his return to
Washington today.
"The party has mado its promises
and it should not put oft the fulfilling
of them."
Speaker Clark reached here from
West Virginia to tnko up tho legislative
program fer tho approaching session of
"No mado solilo definite promises in
order to win," snld Speaker Clark,
"and wo ought to carry them out rig
idly. Without doubt wo will keep faith
with tlio people. Therefore, I am in
fnvor of an oxtrn session of congress,
and as early as posslblo nftor tho inauguration,
to reviso tho tariff and do
such other things as appear proper."
Olr lVdernl Wirelem Tetfcraph.)
WASHINGTON, November 15.
(Special to The Advertiser) Secretary
of Stato Knox nnd British Ambassador
Bryco today exchanged ratifications of
tho treaty signed July 7 last, providing
for nn adjustment between Grent Britain
nnd the United States of tbo North
Atlantic controversy,. Tlio convention
already has been approved by tho senate.
In substance it prescribes the boundary
waters and provides a commission
to pass upon tho reasonableness of local
and Canadian nnd Newfoundland fisheries
llOISi;, Idaho. November 10. (Ily
Associated Press Cable) Gov. .lames
II. llawlcy has resigned as chief executive
of tlds State. It Is announced that
n deal has been mado by which his sue-
i ppitcnr ifiii ntitiMiiit iii tin i... ;
': " , ,,. ."" , A. . . V V ,
"' V, ""i"," ?& ""ur ""5
whoso tcrl" txl"rc1 i J-1'3-
NEW YOBK. November 10.
(By Associated Tress Cablo) Fol-
lowing conferences with Demo-
eratic congressional leaders, Gov.
Woodrow Wilson, it waB an-
nouueed last eveniug, will call a
special session- of congress soon
after -his inauguration as Frost-
dent. It is boljcved tho tariff will
be one of tho first great questions
Ole Flerl Wlrelesi Tclraratiu.)
SAN FRANCISCO, November 115.-
(Spocinl to The Advertiser) With
nearly 700 passongers nnd a largo cargo,
the stoauubii) Chiyo Mam sailed for the
Orient, via Honolulu, nt ono o'clock this
', ?f. ".as.'f" t "-
, ,' '"""'"' "' eunor oi me utit
look, aceompamrd by his wifo nnd
i ,
t.OH ANUKIjKK. November 15. (Ily
Asfomttcd Press ( Offing to tlio
fact that the Mule rlcition laws of
California aro inadequate to forco n
recount of tho votos of tho contented
precincts in tho recent national election,
it will bo necessary to carry tho fight
between tho Democratic and Progressive
tickets in this State to the floor of
tho honso of representatives. Thin will
he dono ns sron as posslblo after congress
PAIIIS, November I.,.-(By Asso
dated Press 'Cablo) Augtislin Max, o
prominent banker of thii city, today
onicfsdl to tbo police that he is guilty
of having taken from tho funds on
trusted to him by his clients moro than
two million dollars. Tho IlourBO re-
lectid the sensational announcement by
i full of prices in ninny leading stocks.
NF.W YORK, November 15.
to Tho Advertiser) "Dago
Frank" Cirofiei, the fourth of tho gunmen
on trial for thu murder of Herman
Rosenthal, tho gambler, on July 10, took
me stanu louay in an attempt to
his "pals," "Lefty Louie,"
' Whituy" Luwis and "Gyp, the
Blood" Horrowitz, whe testified
that .the shots whicli killed the gambler-Informer
had not been fired by
them but by Harry Vallon nnd
"Bridgio" Webber, informers for the
State, and a man ns yet unidentified.
"Dago Frank" they swear, was not
even there at the time of tho murder,
s they wero all uptown. Tho defendants
linve tried to establish that they
were lured to tho scene by "Bald
'iek ' ltnso ill order that thoy might bo
implicated, whilo 'Wcbbor and Vallon
did the job.
(Ily Federal Wireless Telejratih,)
CIIKVKNNE, Wyoming, November
15. (Special to Tlio Advortiser) Unofficial
ndviccs from Wnshington affecting
nino army posts has been received
;n Fort 1). A. KuskpII. Tho Fourth
Field Artillery, according to tho
will be scut from Fort Itussoll
to Fort Logan, Colorado, which is to
bo changed from u recruiting station
to r regimental post.
The Ninth Infantry, now at Fort
Thomas, Kentucky; Fort Snclliiig, Min
nesota, and Fort hill, Oklahoma, will
bo assembled at Fort Uussoll.
Thu Nineteenth Infantry, located at
Fort I.onveuworth, Kansas; Fort Mead,
South Dakota, and Fort Sheridan, Illinois,
will be ordered to Fort Itussoll.
Tho Ninth Cavalry will remain in
Douglas, Arizona.
SALT LAKE, Utah, November 15.
(By Associated Press Cable) Ninctcon
miners wero entombed in tho cave-in
of a silvor mine near hero today. At
tuo lime ot the disaster two women
visitors were on tho lower levels of the
mine, which is very deep. When tho
rumbling sound of the caving cartli
filled tho galleries, tlio mine boss and
tfie foremen of tho levels hurried them
into a cage, whicli was rushed to the
surface without wnitiag for tho others.
twelve oi the miners wero saved by
their comrades, who brnved great
tho shifting earth and falling
roofs and gallery supports to get their
friends out. Thero aro still sevoa min
ors imprisoned on tho lower levels, and
the Stato mining department is assist
ing (lie mine authorities in efforts to
leseuo them be'oro they perish from
suffocation or die of starvation.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CHICAGO, November 15. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) .lack Johnson, the
big black pugilist, accused of violations
of tho Mann 'Whito Slavo" Act, was
released from custody today by Judgo
Carpenter in tho United States district
court on bonds of $yU,U0O.
Tho sureties accepted by tho court
wero tho pugilist's mother, Tina Johnson,
aud Muthew S. Baldwin, a real
estate dcalor.
CHICAGO, November 15. (By Associated
Press Cablo) Almost immediately
after leaving tho courtroom,
where ho had been admitted to bail on
a number of charges, Jack Johnson,
tho chninpion pugilist, was
charged with assault upon a nowspapor
photographer. As ho was leaving tho
courthouse, tho photographer, in com-
jinny with n number of others, wiih
Htnuding to ono sido prepared to
"snap" tho pugilist. When Johnson
saw tho camera ho mado a rush for it,
smashed it, and then attacked the
jihotograjihor. llo was released in $400
bail, nnd the photpgrnphor at onco filod
suit for $10,000 damages against him,
, t
(Hjr Federal Wlrelesa Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, November 10,
(Special to The Advertiser) Clerks of
tho house ways and means committee
began work today upon tariff revision
bills for tho special session of congress
which President-elect Wilson has stated
ho will summon to meet next April.
Democratic loaders have been confident
for some time that the incoming administration
would forco tlio tariff issuo to
an immediato trial and much of the
work in preparing tho bills is under
way. Suggestions havo been mado by
influential members of tlio scnato within
tho last week that a joint committee
representing houso and scnato Democrats
bo informally declared beforo tho'
special session begins, to go over the
tariff situation nnd hnrmonizo whatever
differences may exist between tho moro
Important tnnll schedules. Such action
would result in speedy disposition of
tariff revision next April.
CHICAGO, Illinois November 10.
(By Associated PresJ Cablo) "Unclo
Billy" Lorimer operated upon this
morning for appendicitis. Tho surgeons
rejiort tho operation successful, and
their patient doing well,
- .
For soreness of tho muscles, whether
induced by violent evercisa or injury,
thero is nothing better than Chamber
lain's Pnln Balm. This ltuiinont also
relieves ruouinntic palne. For sale by
Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd., agents for
illnwaii. Advt.
Witness Says Arch-Murderer Was
Remorseful- After Blowing
Up Times Building.
"I Want to Die," He Cried, and
Refused to Be Comforted
by His Companions.
(Ily Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November
10. (Special to Tho Advertisor)
That .Inmcs li. McKamnra, Temorsefu)
over tho heavy loss of life in tho dyna
miting or tno Lou Angeles Times, declared
that ho wanted to dlo and
begged to bo shot, was the testimony
here today of Frank Eckhoff, a Cincinnati
union worker, nt tho trinl of the
forty-seven union men charged with illegally
transporting dynamite.
"Y?o wero hunting in tho wods back
of Pallagh, Nebraska,'' said Eckhoff,
"when Jim suddenly started talking of
tho Los Angeles nffair. John
had sent Jim thero hoping to
make him forget tho dynamiting. Jim's
mother, sister and cousin also were
there and ovcrybody was trying to
make it as jileasant ns possible for him.
John gave me $75.00 and expenses to
go up thero and help to cheer
brother. It was also beliovcd that the
police would never find him there. Ono
day Jim and I sat down on a log.
Suddenly his form began to shako with
sobs. Then ho began to talk of the explosion.
'I want to dio," was the way
lie said it and thon lie suddenly shouted
' Won 't you jileaso promise to shoot me
some time when I'm not looking.' I
tried to turn Jim's mind from tho subject
but ho refused to be comforted."
Fckhoff then told of meeting Jim oh
another ocension at Ballagh in 1909.
At that time ho said Jim proposed that
Eckhoff mnko $50 by carrying a
of dynamito to a non-union job in
Cincinnati nnd plncing it under a girder.
Eckhoff said ho refused,- but that
this job was later dynamited."-
"When I next met Jim," continued
Eckhoff, "ho said, 'You-could have put
that .iob through as easy as I did ami
earned somo easy money.' In December
1909 Jim nsked mo if I wanted to
tako a ride. I accompanied him as far,
ns Pittsburgh whore wo registered under
assumed names. Then we went to
Beaver, whore Jim pointed out a bridgo
to me, saying, 'There is a bridgo J
would iil.o to boo blown up.'"
Closing on Constantinople.
(By Federal Wlrelesa Tetetraph.)
LONDON, November 10. Special to
Tho Advertiser) Bulgaria's occupation
of Constantinople within two days
is indicated in diajiatches received hero
today from Sofia. Tho Turkish defenders
according to latest reports aro but
twelve miles from Constantinople nnd
aro retreating in tho dircctidu of tho
captain. Constantinople messages say
tho Turks ore fighting desperately but
dispatches from Balkan sources say
tho Bulgarians aro meeting but slight
Tho Servian foreign minister hero
says ho docs not expect tho armistice
to bo signed until after Bulgaria
Constantinople. This seems to dispose
of tho report that an armistice is
concluded. Kejiorts from Bucharest say
cholera is raging among Bulgarian
troops and that pmctically no efforts
are mado to caro for too sick. Tho
dead nro unburied. A furious battio
is also roported near Monnstir,
Turks Will Fight to End.
'By Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
VIENNA, November 10. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) In a hand to hand
bayonet fight nt tho Port of San Giovanni
Di Medua Thursday night tho
Montenegrins dislodged tho Turks in
tho mountain dominion according to ft
dispatch from Dulcigno. Sixty Turkish
prisoners wero taken. The Turkish garrison
-at San Giovanni Di Medua, however,
has been reinforced by the arrival
of Bomo big guns according to
a dispatch to tho Rcicbspost, dampening
tho hopo of tho Montenegrins
that they would bo ablo to capturo the
port. Tho Turkish garrison at Scutari
has received a fresh supjily of provisions
sufficient to last for forty days
and tho Turkish commandant thero declared
that ho will hold tho fortress
until tho Inst man of tho Turkish garrison
hns fallen. Even should tho Ottoman
government tell him to surrender
ho will not fnll Into tho hands of tho
enomy, ho declares.
Foreigners Fleo Plague.
(By Associated Press Cablo) Tho
foreigners now uco irom this city by
tho hundreds, driven out by tho fear
of cholera, which is steadily growing
in number of cases and deaths. The
total number of sicfc is now said to
number moro than six thousand. It is
believed hero that an armistice is likely
to be signed within a few hours.
. a
(Dy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
(Special to .Tho Advertiser) Chaplain
H. a. lien, First Field Artillery,
Barracks, Hawaii, and Licutenaut
JI. P. Nichols, Coast Artillery Corps.
Fort Rugcr, Hawaii, havo registered at
division headquarters. Chaplain Bell
has been assigned to duty hero pending
sailing of next transport.
NEW YORK, November 10.
to Tho Advertiser) Monday it ia
expected will bo devoted to summing
up tho Rosenthal case aim justice Goff
I will Charge tho jury' '" Tuesday morn
Ing. t
A harbormaster for tho port of
Pearl llnrbor, may jircsently bo
npjiolntcd bytho naval command- i
ant, nnd whllo that official may '
be selected from amour: tlio naval
officers stationed there, there Is n
possibility that tlio official may bo
a civilian.
Tho prospect for a
ter is not remote and is now un-
dcr discussion among tho naval of- :
ficinls stationed in Honolulu. Tho I
commandant a short timo ago .
of tho stntion ns acting pilots
and they will n!rvo until a
lar pilot is appointed. This officer
may bo a civilian in which caso
ho may bo selected to servo as
Within nino or ten months
Pearl Harbor will begin to as-
sumo Importance in naval circles
as vessels may bo sent thoro,
smnll ones at first, to test tho
nnchoragcB nnd wharf facilities.
Tho latter havo not yet been
started but will bo constructed
within tho coming year.
(Ily Federal Wlrelcaa Telecraph.)
PEKING, November 10. (Special
to The Advertiser) Demands nro being
mado upon President Yuan Shih Kat
hero today by prominent Chinese, that
war bo declared against Russia in defense
of outer Mongolin. Tho offers of
tho French and Japancso ministers, to
mediate the situation aro strongly opposed,
especially those of Japan. It is
foaTcd that President Yuan Shih Kai
will bo overthrown unless ho yields to
tho clamor. It is rumored that several
Chinese genernls are preparing to attack
tho Russians in Mongolia despito
orders from tho presidont.
WASHINGTON, November 10. I
(Special to The ArtvcrtiEcr) Approvnl
of Frcsident'clect Wilson's announcement,
to call an extra session of congress
to convene April 15 was voiced
here today by W. J. Bryan, of Nebraska,
and Speaker Clark.
"I think Mr. Wilson's conclusion ro
call an extra session of 'congress is a
wise movement. Tho tariff is the principal
question before tho people for
congressional discussion," said Bryan.
.- ...
NEW YORK, November 10. (By
Associated Press Cablo)
Woodrow "Wilson, accompanied by
his and daughters, Elcnoro and
Jessie, sailcd.from hero this morning
on tho Quebec Steamship Company's
steamer Bermudinn for Hamilton, Bermuda.
The Governor declared that ho
will bo gone for u month nt least, un
less matters demanding bis immediato
attention arse in tho meantime. Ho is
looking rather jaded, 'as tho result of
his campaign, but seemed happy in
prospect or a compicto rest.
tTiy Federal Wlrelesa Tclirrph.)
SAN FIfANCISCO, November 10.
(Special to The Advertiser) Tho
of Australia won tho gamo today
with tho All-Star Amorican team. Tho
3coro was Warntahs 12, All-Stars 8.
u t U U f b U u u u
P ' t t "l t ! p h T n
Through tho stato department
Govornor Frear yesterday re
ceived an announcement from
the British government to tho
effect that His .Majesty's ship
Algerino would visit Honolulu
April 2, 1913, remaining to
April li. The warship will visit
Hilo April 15, leaving thero tho .
following day.
Tho stato department asked
that tho usual courtesies bo ex-
(I1t Federal Wlre'rfii Telegraph.)
NORWALK, Ohio, November 10.
(Sjecial to Tho Advertiser) The jury
iti flirt unsn nf "Pnnol Wnlilt
witu participating in tbo tarring of
Minnie Levalloy at Wost Clarksfield on
tho night of August 30, returned a verdict
of guilty of assault and battery.
Welch was tho first to be tried of six
men indicted on tho chargo of "riot
ous conspiracy."
(By Federal Wireless Telerraph.l
TOKIO, November 10. (Special to
The Advertiser) "Absurd and ridiculous"
was tho way Japanese officials
hero today referred to the fresh' report
that Japan is negotiating for a naval
bnso at Manzanillo, Mexico.
BOISE, Idaho, Novombor 10. (By
Associated Press Cablo) Former Son;
ntor James Hawloy has refused tho
appointment to fill the vacancy in tho
United States Senate caused by tho
death of Senator nnd Judgo
K. I. Porry of Boiso has been named
to fill out the unexpired term,
(TIt Federal Wlrrieaa Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, D. 0., November 10.
Special to Tlio Advertiser) Secretary
of tho Treasury McVeagh announced
hero today that Oarmi Thompson,
Presidont Tnft's secretary, would become
Untted States Treasurer on Tuesday,
succeeding Loo McClung.
fTW Federal Wlreleti Telerranh.l
VALLFJO, California, November 10.
(Special to The Advertiser) A radiogram
received at Maro Island Navy
Yard from the commanding officer of
tho cruisor Denver asks that stores bo
shtpjed to the vessel at Mazatlan. This
is taken at tha yard to indicate tlrat
tho Denver will not coma immediately
to the yard as had boen expected.
The commandant of tha yard has
asked tbe navy department for further
information concerning the Denver-
Julian Yates a Victim to a Law
Which as Legislator He
Helped Pass.
Tho hvnletile iTet nt ni,!.. !
breeches with Ught leggings is a prob.
..-.! niiitn mo army surgeons hero will
tako urr in tho near future, according;
to a rcnort whirl, mima fn, U'.,.i,p.
ton on tho Manchuria. Tho nssorlion
is mado by army surgeons that tho
of having looso breeches is correct
from a hygienic standjio.nt and in lino
with efforts to promote health in tho
aiiny, but the leggings worn every day
by tho soldiers aro a hindranco to
health and an annoyance to officers and
Roomy breeches, ludicrous na they
look in a vast number of instances, aro
approved by tlio army surgeons. At
tho snmo time, in deference to n do-sire
to give officers nnd men a
ajijicaiance, tho portion of tho
breeches winch fits over tho kneo and
calf of the leg is mado tight and over
this Is fastened the tight fitting legging
cloth in tho caso of tho enlistod
men nnd thick impervious lcathor for
tho officers. Thus tho calf of tho log,
the muscles of whicli need room to work
In, nro clasped in a tight fitting shackle,
with practically four thicknesses
of cloth or leather. First is the underwear,
then tho hoavy socks, then tho
cuff of tho breeches and then tho legging;
Tho doctors pronounco this a
menace to good health, particularly for
thoso whoso occupations in tho Amiy
nro more or less sodentary.
Whilo the use of tho tight calf binding
is not particularly injurious, it is.
.....u, in mU comer enmates, it is in
the tropical countries.
Hnrdlv nn nltii.nr . n ,1.... : n. it.
,. - h'ii; m iuu Hawaiian
Islands is an advocate of
Btylo of everyday uniform, Tho
""' " ""
s. is, particularly
odious to them, but rules and regulations
aro ftteol.hnunil in tl, A- i
an tiay officers aro to sit in
offices with their logs encased in hot,
cramjung leggings. None havo an
tlinitv to mount n Imrn nltl,nnu !..-
stylo of uniform is primarily for
.. ...
linnlr f!.lii, mi
..w.v ..uiiiy. j.UKy envy tuo Civilian
clerks who wear looso clothing best
adapted to the climate.
That a change will he rncmmnnn.la.i
for tropical service, at least for everyday
service is prophesied.
Two Cavalry Regiments Here.
Two rnmninnfo nf Mmlrv -.. vnn;
ments of infnntry, nnd threo batteries
Of field nrtillerv. with hnanltnl
and signal detachments, will
iiio garrison jorco at actionem Barracks,
tho middle, of January,-, for by that
time tho Fourth f?nvnlrv la nvnA.ln.1
arrivo for-station, replacing tho Fifth
Yvlilnlt lnmn,n ...111 I 1-,
v........,, iini, 'lunvvu, will nut IUUVO
for tho mainland until tho February
transport. Tho garrison will bo
mented by tho addition of at least a.
thousand men, making a total
nearly four thousand men. In all
pruimuuity mo mounts oi tno Fifth-
Cavalrv Will hn lnft Imrn fnr thn
Fourth, tho Fifth picking up tho
mounts oi tno attor
Tho new cavalrv nrlll nrnl,.
ably havo to go Into tent quarters on
field basis until tho Fifth moves out,,
as the now concrete barracks and quarters
now in course of construction for
tho cavalry at Castner will not bo finished
until somo timo in tho spring.
The quartermaster corps has a big task-ahead
to furnish quarters for officers
and men of all tho branches at Scho-field
Barracks, as after tho cavalry is
fitted out, tho infantry is to bo taken
caro of.
War With Machine Guns.
All tho machines guns of Schoficld
Barracks wero let looso yesterday when
a test was mado of them under what
was presumed to be actual war conditions.
All tho machine gun platoons
of tho post were united into ono war
strength organization under the command
of Lieutenant Jackson of
Infantry. Tho guns wero massed
and centered their fire largely ont
tho "V" of tho Kolokolo Pass through,
which a hostilo forco was presumed
ndvancing. Not a living.soul couHL
havo passed through that strategic
point, however, for the hail of lead that
swept from tho automatics was the-
mosit dcndly that has been fired against
theso since Unclo Sam established his
headquarters at Loilelma. Cardboard
targets wero placed to represent troops.
At 1S00 yards distance tho targets wero
mercilessly riddled. Tlio targets wero
placed ns a forco would naturally
take in inarching through tho defile.
Tho problem was tho presumption that
108 men of the enomy had crossed tho
pass into the Leilehua country and had
come within sight of tho machine guns
placed in a position north of tho post
hospital nt Sckofield Barracks. This
was a 1500-yard range. Each gun had
n separate cardboard target to fire at,
tho targets being placed at
intervals. Tho firing was found to bo
effective. Each machine gun fired two
hundred shots, each clip containing
thirty, making a total of 1200. This
number is presumed to have somo extremely
bad effects for the 108 "men"'
exposed to this fire.
General Macomb, department commander,
was an interested spectator,-with
Colonel McGunncglo, post commander,
n close observer The board
appointed by Colonel McGunnegle to-make
the machine gun test included
Lieutenant Jackson, Second Infantry,
president; Second Lieutenant
Fifth Cavalry, nnd Second Lieutenant
Mitchell, First Infantry.
All tho automatics in use yesterday
are tho type.
Mrs. A. .T. Gossin, librarian of tho
Wailuku library, left on tho Houolulau
for a vacation trip to tho mainland.
Unitod States Marshal E. R. Hendry,
of Honolulu, jmld a business visit to
lino last week.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinirw
iablets. All druggists refund
the money if it fails to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature is on
inch box
'-.BIS MEDICINE CO.. Et loul I fi a.
jt$U .&? V '- "ijvi .jftciiw, ft:' H til li
'Mj ..-J- TT tfrifkktAlL" -4-,-

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