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Serbs Accept 'Compromise Which
Is Offered -by Austria
Over Albania.
Fighting on Land and Sea Still
Continues Cholera Camps
Are Frightful.
' (By Tcdoral Wireless Telegraph)
LONDON, November 21. (Spo.
clal to Tho Advertiser) Danger of
general war is considered past in
diplomatic circles here, Servia's
acceptance of a compromise over
the Adriatic port disputo having
removed Austria's casus belli.
The Servians yielded under pros-
sure from their Allies.
(Bt Federal Wireless
(Special to Tlio Advertiser) Turkey
has rejected the terms offered by
the Balkan Allies, deeming them oxces
sivo. Tighting has been orderod ro
Fear Massacro at Jaffa.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, November 21 (Special to
The Advertiser) Reports that a
of Christians has started at Jaffa,
thirty miles northwest of Jerusalem,
have not as yet been confiromd, but
there is great anxiety hero among representatives
of tho Powers.
The Russian cruiser Oleg is Bteaming
sMLvf; Jaffa to bring 8UCC0r t0
the Christians there, if they havo been
Kmiil Pasha reports that the epidemic
of cholera is subsiding ambng tho
TurkiBh troops. This, eye. witnesses
deny. They say the dead and djing
nro Jying everywhere" nt HndcmUeui,
nnd that but httlo effort is being made
to remove the sick to tho cholora camp
at San Stefano.
Medical treatment thoso witnesses
eay is most perfunctory. Cars crowded
with siek arrive at San Stefano and tho
victims are unloaded head over heels
down an embankment, along the tracks,
where most of them are left without
further attention. There aro fow tents
in the camp.
Tho death rato among tho stricken is
uajd to bo moro than fifty per cent.
Torpedo Boats Beiralsed.
CONSTANTINOPLE, novembor 21.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) In an
attack on the Turkish cruiser
in tho Black Sea this morning, two
Bulgarian torpedo boat's aro reported to
have been sunk and two other torpedo
boats badly shattered. Tho Ilamidioh
is said to havo escaped practically -without
Forced to Eotire.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Turkey, November
21. (By Associated Press
Cable) In a desporato attack upon tho
first lino of defense this morning, tho
Bulgarian troops -were temporarily
but at an awful cost. Eight
thousand are reported to havo been kill.
ed and wounded by tho Turkish flro.
After holding tho position they had
captured for a time, tho Bulgarians
wore forced to withdraw, as tho cannon
of tho Ottomans commanded tho lines,
and inflicted tremendous damage The
Bulgarians retired to a lino four miles
to the rear,
Slaughter Is Fearful.
BELGRADE, Sorvia, Novembor 21.
((By Associated Press Cable Twenty
thousand Turks and nearly an equal
number of Ben Inns wore killed iu the
capture of Monastlr. according to reports
ruining to military headquarter
The desperate series of uesuilIU
on tho Turkish utrouglioM proved one
of the bloodiest of the war,
Cholera Camps Iloneleas,
fONHTANWol'LE, Turkey,
1!1 (fly Aoeiuted )'n C'a
Mo lor tho first Hum slneo tho out-break
u( ita war, the AmjjuIuUI J'nw'
litis In in allowed full hwum ( the
utririxn uiiijm mill ulltmtx) to (MiJ uut
.Jn , , I niUii wm the luJ DOtttli
A tin I l. lim v Mufti wWW tgVsMi
ioiiiiniMi iUmI urn iiiHlli!i. TIiv ltk
Hint living him uumr4for ll) mm)?
mc inuUitMl. f lliMU Ultlll jl lltltwi t
lii) hi in,.!, ul nlili lmmm llm yp
liliui l, iw iimm huii'ivii, 4 till)
Hwuimii Hwik it Im
n.i ii. aivtrllittitwii ut wftUr,
tii iii.iii Ti imik$ nig in
it.,., i, iii,
'Jli t.li,t.H KtMM t""s III
tU.b Mrilil lb 'fsW ui m wi
Soldiers Upon Whom Peter of
1 Ml BALL,
Member of Oakland Team, of the
Pacific Coast League,
Was Despondent.
(Br Federal Wireless Teleeraph.)
POItTLAND, Oregon, November 21.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) While
his wife was down town buying tickots
to Oklahoma, where ho wag to go in
Bcaroh of health, James Frick, utility
infioldcr of tho Oakland baseball team
of tho Pacific Const League, yesterday
drank carbolic acid, ojlng soon afterwards.
Frick came to Portland with
his wifo at tho end df tho last baseball
season, ill and despondent.
A month beforo tho closo of the season
ho disappeared from Oakland,
and Secretary Cook of tho Oakland
team, the members of tho team and
Oakland and Los Angeles pollco departments
mado search for him, suspect
ing foul pliy. no was afterwards
found, and it was said that his despondency
had caused his disaffection.
I'rick continued despondent after he
iu Portland and this led to tho
plan to go to Oklahoma.
(Ily Fdrtl
JIHMrfAMJ, Ori'unii, November 81,
to The Ailvorlimr) IJIglit
Ileum of l hi; wull on the Mix Hi nlKut
mil) ul Urn lluripium liulldinK, u thy
KcruiMir in llm liart of the liiiilnimt
iMllUll, ioIImim"I luituy, hut, (HI mm
loulv, llll on WHS hull
Tim Hfmuf urn rujii nit In tb vi
I'lnlly ul tho IiuiIiIIiil; on J i ruijilut
jIIuimi is nut tujjiJuCulilw, 'J'lm ImlliJ'
(UK iwuimwi thi Orikwiu) Tinier ti4
yn viU
1I11JIUK, Uniir. NtfHWJw ,-(Ily
A wiuiti Vim i'mh ij U i
mum Unit ifci lb tiui Uutitt
i'fm Ut iutnrtiM ul lint
lli jNti, ! iti ibt lit inm
lt ut mMw ll vii wiiNt 0m
mm iM! lu ; Mw ft m
'' Illustrated London Nowa.
McManigal Says He Engineered
Explosions by Direction of
His Union.
(Ut Federal Wirelens TeleErsph.
INDIANAPOLIS, November 21.
(Special to The Advertiser Ortie
McManigal resumed tho witness stand
touny nnd continued his description of
dynnmitings, which, he declared, ho en
ginecred, under direction of tho officials
ot tlio lindgo and Structural Iron
Workers of America. McManiaal said
ho usually rodo in smokers when trans
porting nitroglycerine for the arious
explosions ho caused.
McManigal referred to November,
1010,, whon ho declared, Jim McNn
mura tried to shoot him in tho Wiscon
iiln nmlii. l'n t,t.tl n ..,! 1... ........
rinto a dugout ami Jim described the
.os Angctcs uyuamitlng. The in
former declared Jim said:
"This would be a fine placii to stn)
all winter. The authorities would not
find ub,"
McMnnignl testified that Jim told
him that when ho left San rriinclsto,
following The Times explosion, Iio dropped
in Ban J'lanriseo liny u miituni)
holilliig four liifcriiul hhilIiIiios,
The witnes also ileelured that Qluf
Tveltinop, tlio Bun I'raiiUsco lender,
mis to meet John MrKiiiiinru ut the
Iron workers' eomuiitlon Iu Bt. I.011H
nnd there It'll I1I111 the dutnlls of The
Tiiiins explosion,
Jim MpS'.iumra told McMimlgul, (he
lattur wnd, Unit tlio iillregliiirln Im
umn on Tlio Tlinw Job Mwuinliltnl ,uw
jtill e mli Jim Iio wnul.l
limn put 11 "Mis of mjiii" on 'J'hm
'i'linui iiunlllury plitnt If ho liml Iuiowh
wlmre it vwis n( tlio timu of (lie
't'lUUl, NiMnuitiui If I (s)uiui li
4llltlMI) 'I la till Uilui. ktil
HJMtMs m i,r4h ttiuutWii li, i
I0M km M gmimm&i
Hf Wf'Ml iH tiff ! Mf (k KMlMK
Servia Relies
Two Chinese Armies Are Headed
for Mongolia to Oppose
(By Federal Wireless Telegrsph )
SAN FRANCISCO, November 21.
(Special to The Advertiser) The Chinese
Tree Press, in this city, received
the following dispatch today from Canton:
"It is reported -that Wu Han Won.
governor of Kwang Tung Province, is
prepared to dispatch an armv of 20.000
I soldiers to tho Mongolian frontier for
tho protection of Chinese interests. The
government advises tho Chinese people
abroad to raise funds for this cause."
A Peking dispatch buns:
"Tho Peking government has dispatched
(50,000 troops to Mongolia to
protect the Mongolian people who havo
opposed tho convention botween Russia
and Mongolia, in which Russia recognized
Mongolia's independence. The
f'lilnpso government has opened negotiations
through tho Russian legation
nnd is strongly opposed to Russian interference
in Mongolia."
-. .
(Jlr 1'edersl Whiles Trlrer,li.)
ItnuiJIS, iVniMiy, November ill,
(SjieaiHl to Tim AdvirtlfuOAvintor
Yrv, victor In the runt I'arl. Koine
ilirfiil, fell today tnim Iiln avruplunu
hum win! wiu kllliii).
US; rlil WusttM I;!!
W4W I'llA NHWn, MevDHtlr
1 1, 'ii, Alvwii!f) r, 0,
mrilHt, umnigsir ut h llullu
liriiWMj, i, larr uu i Iy UMilU' !
'iMfiBji wWtli U will kwl.Mniti tim
hup afuwtoi i4iulif wlit I CTiikiIIuii
ut uhiiuj Uiwty Iti Mi i'iuiiie
mm rATAUTiii 'iw ouakr
MiUJ'O IIH, NwMiWr (Hr'
i.w,i,.j jrM, l.i) a '
id tsmti k
'f'f HUH Iwlv 1UM u UtHd
MM MJi kmi4$ mmi itus4
IT Bin
Passengers Held Here in Quaran
tine Are Indignant at
(Ily Federal Wireless Telcgrsph.)
SAN ritANOISCO, No ember 21.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Indignant
uver tlio treatment nccordeil them by
the qunrnntlno officials of Honolulu, fol
lowing the discovery of a case of bubonic
plnguo on board the British
stonmor Mnkurn, several passengers
who .inlved on tho liner Ho-
iio lulan hnvo forwarded a complaint to
Edgar 1 Brewster, general manager
for R. G. Dun i, Company in Australia;
D.uuol Row tin, n nuiltliy resident of
Los Angclus, nnd A. S. Boyd, representing
American manufacturers in tho An
tipodes, nllegc that twenty-six
woro subjected to cousidornblo
hardship when they were thrown into
quarteis devoid of nanitntinn and reeking
with tho filth loft by thousands of
Asintics who had lonnerly occupied tlio
"Tho method of handling tho quar
antiiio sorvico nt Ilnnolnlu is
slid Uojd. "'Wlicii tho steamer
turned nt Honolulu from Austrnlia,
Doctor Tiottcr' boarded the ship, leant
ed that otto of tho firemen hml tho
plitguo and 'ordered us to go ashore for
an indefinite stay.
"Wo were compelled to tramp over
two milc! to tlio quarters. Two aged
women woro prostr.ited so that medical
attention Tas needed nt once. We
fonud a lot pf' flirty shack? which had
been used by Asiatics six months
Tho doom had been nniled up nnd
w o had to stay thcro Homo time before
they were opened. When they wero
opened tho stench was frightful, yet for
four days tho twenty-six, including
oven joung infants, had to remain iu
tho plnco.
"It seems that n contract had been
mndo to have tho food supplied bv a
Japanese contractor. It wns, unfit for
human consumption nnd but few tit tho
I passencers . touched nnV . of it. X7n nro
-. " - - ..-" .--in
(lotcjiniued to see tlint a fhordugh in"
vcsiigation is imuic."
. t .
. He H H
LOS ANGELES, Novembor 22
(Ily Associated Press Cnblo)
By 11 decision of tho anpolluto
court hero jestorday only tho
vote for A. J. Wallace,
Bic, nnd for T. V. Gnflln, Demo-
crnt, both candidates for
iilcntial electors, is valid. This
v- throws out the voto for Hoose-
velt in two precincts of this
city, and givos tho State of Cali-
fornia to Wilson by a small
plurality. It is probable thut
the decision will bo appealed.
(Br Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
YOKOSUKA, Japan, November 21.
(Spocial to Tho AdvortiBcr) With the
breaking of all records for shipbuilding
111 Jiipun, the Hioi
was Inline jioil her? today with great
eeremoUy in tho prcsonio'of an
crowd. ue.IUoi litis a displacement,
of 27,000 tons nnd tarries guns
whiclr trill makq Jter tho equul of any
vessel in tho vvorld.
(llr Kedrl WlrfSos Telfgrsih )
WAHIllMi'lDN, Novi'iiibcr -'1
to Tlio Ad viii tuur; iloports
from Jhiruiigo, Muigo, to (lie statu do
imrlinenl ntuto that tlm Amvrleuii otvn
I'd Mpiy JlHiiuh Mly hiIIm wmt ut
JlurHuu was wimjiluliiiy Mkwl m It
lulldiuu liuriiml, Xuvmimr to, by u
tuiim tit HW luintU A ilNbwtint uf
fnii 1 ul ittmli is mi,um$ liiu mlmU
I Mr r'MtMti WilsisM TrisysMi i
MUm, Hw Vnrli, Nmmmi!hi Jl
i(i.i'.ia, (V Th A4mltt) Hv Ntmv
Ifsinl tl iMtlijr Mtut!! Ilml"u W
IiiUuM Hi h,v Vuls l,i.i,l . Iialuuii
mill lU iiiuiJii ut lin (.di shu,
.llklll J). IJIlM l Sill, ..I It. uf (
li, fuiumt'ii liiiitli'iiti i,,ii4
tUt Hh KMWtw Mt4 nt Klil
h4 tt 4iitw
Senate Democrats Likely to Have
Protest Against List of
Taft's Men.
Secretary Fisher's Report Prob
able Basis of Future Action
Toward Islands.
By Ernost a. Walkor.
(Mail Special to Tho Advertiser.)
"WASHINGTON, November 8. - The
Democratic administration, now hardly
four mouths unity, raises numerous
questions of immediate interest to Hawaii.
Tho attitude of lending officials,
including tho now President, toward
tho Islands, is 0110 of thpm. Tho prospects
of various mutters of legislation,
lueludlug sugar revision, is unothor of
sovornl thnt might bo mentioned.
There is good reason lor believing
that President-elect Wilson Is not unfriendly
to tho Territory. Uovv much
iniormution ho has about territorial
nllairs, information of tlnfj, character
tlint might mnko him moro or less
pathetic with lugitimato enterprises
tllltrn U Itlittl 4. nn.t,.ni.,n If!..
tnry of tho interior will naturally havo
much inllueuco vUth hint in tho disposition
of Hawaiian business that comes
to Washington. There is no certainty
whatever jet nnd probably will bo uono
for many weeks, as to who this now
sccrotnry will bo.
Secretary Fisher Will Holp.
Tho time is too briof and thoro will
bo too mauy other mutters crowding for
Seerotury of the Interior Fisher to inaugurate
or oncouragu any decisivo
policies for the Islands as tho result
.of his recent visit there-Ho plans to
wrlto otatlt'dMf.SH?ieipr(5t(t,'"i',S'tJS
uuuiiiu it jiuuiic recora unit
bo available for consultation by his
successor in office. In some measure
tho secretary's visit to Hawaii will bo
wholesome upon tho future administration
of territorial affairs at Washington,
Froor Appointnient.
Presidont Tuft has already announced
his intention of reappointing Govornor
Frear. Ho will not do so boforo congress
assembles next month. Since tho
cloctiou thcro Iiub boeu somo conjectttro
whether tho Presidont would then prefer
to muke tho nomination or whether
ho would withhold it, bocauBO of tho
fow rcmniniiig days of his administration.
Then ho would leave tho Democratic
President, Mr. Wilson, free to
select a Govornor of Hawaii from his
own party. Govornor Frear, of courso,
Iiub boon holding ovor now for moro
than a year and could continue to hold
olllco till tho Wilson administration is
in power and tho new President has
opportunity to select a Governor,
This question will ariso with reference
to mimorous appointments of somo
importance that tho President might
make during tho session of congress
this winter. Tho Democrats will want
as many places as they can have, although
an impression prevails that, as
President, Mr. Wilson is unlikely to
yiold over much to tho spoilsmen.
Proar's torm would bo for four
years, if nominated by President Tuft
and confirmed by tho senate beforo
March 4. But the touuro of theso territorial
Governors is understood to bo
mora or less at tho will of tho
und undoubtedly if President Wilson
should request any of the territorial
Governors to resign his request
would bo complied with. On the other
hand, if Governor 1'roar should servo
out another four yours' term, it would
tarry him well ujt to tint closo of tho
Wilson udmliiistrutioii. Tho Domocrats
might not look upon that prospect with
Protest May Gome,
It has been suggested that if Presi.
dent Tuft should uttemiit to fill any
loitslilerulilo number of Important
olllcoa for four year terms during
tli u winter, tho sennto DumocrittH would
uiitur protest. By preventing
which could be done, tiiusu seuatu
Democrats lould defer final action till
tho new ftiliiilnlstmtioii Is in power.
Thin probably will not be doiio in Governor
rusu solol). if nt nil,
Hhmilil It liappi'ti, it would in the result
uf 11 ili'iininn to jiriivoiit tlm disposition
of till iutr()uugi) with tlm vluw (o ru
unliitf It fur President Wilson.
Uiiii tlm iruiuti ut l'n sid tni Tuft
rMunoiullHiir (Juviinmr I'rusr fur un
ullltfl luul yuf t7W bun mugr
IU I'KftlMlllDr. UUll )l JWMildl
Ily uf uiii iiiuiiliilii Iu uUliv fur svwm
tlwii sflf Vi MiduT vim I Wlluu litkii
Pi liU iwn4Ui Iu tin U'iiil lluusw
lluuiii, iu ut tU lUwi'iun l.tmiji i
liul srisll fur Minl) 4 Iu mult tf'(
Iu hl i vW l"l 1I.HM
(ii' t Hun, liitl will mJ.,ui lv diufli
Hikfiuwi fimti'i nuullitusiii'K iir Ike
tnl tlti it Uuiiiitiu Uijwli.
II ui l llM UBil'nJ lbl iw ut
utiK mujf W a Miu
rv k M m y NwMi(i

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