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Sharp Note Is Sent to Servia
and Military Measures
Peace Commissioners Will Be
Appointed Today by
ber 20. (By Associated Press
Cable) Peace plenipotentiaries
will bo appointed today by the
Turkish government to mcot
Bulgarian commissioners for tho
purpose of framing the terms
for an armistice first and a
rnancnt peace to follow.
(Ily Federal Wireless Tcle&raph.)
LONDON, Novomber IP. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Tho occupation of
Alcssio by the combined Servian and
Montenegrin armies, giving thorn
stronghold on tho Adriatic sea,
is considered in diplomatic circles likely
to aggravate tho dispute
which has again become critical.
Kmperor Franz Joseph is reported to
have remarked:
"Wo nro in favor of peace, but not
of peace nt any price Wo can not
stand everything."
Tho cabinet lias
sent a sharp noto to tho Servian government
nt Belgrade, demanding a
reply to nil tho questions nt issue.
Tho Zeit says tho noto was distinctly
threatening in tono and adds:
"Vigorous military measures will
give emphasis to the diplomatic demand
should Servia 's answer again bo unsatisfactory."
Somo nowspapcrs assert that Scrvja
is preparing to concentrate her main
forces on tho Austrian frontier.
Time to Bury tho Dead.
(By Federal Wirelesa Teleeraph.)
CONSTANTINOPLE, Turkey, November
10. (Spocial to Tho Advertiser)
Tho first break in tho short but terrific
war by which tho Ilalkan States
havo broken the power of Turkey in
Europe camo today when tho Bulgarians
besieging Constantinople defenses at
Tchntalja ugrecd to on eight-hour armistice
to lury. tho dead.
i.io slaughter during tho Bulgarian
nttack on the' Tchataljn defenses during
tho last few days has been awful.
Corpses lio thick within and without
lines from tho Black Sea to the Sea
of Marmora, and a cessation was seen
to bo absolutely necessary unless both
the contending armies were to bo swept
by pestilence, lloforo such the enrnago
of bullet and bayonet would fado into j
lnniiTniflcnnpp. !
prepurlui; tu orfttr Turkey a 1h1h for
pence. It U reportm! Hint the term tut
nutiiuoii nt prtwtit ure almost Mire to
pri'vuM iMWUMiittut cutjuitlou of
(Ily WUm rtfesft.)
U KovtMitUHT 111.
(MvimI to Tli Advrtir) AfUr
ihii'ttipnIuK '" '''" "I1 1 1' ' rsl pollen
kUUitu mid kuliliiiK unit tltnu iwu
ore or Jle ll liy tat UllaMl hour,
Alb'ii limit, Uiv i Li'iigMarfe, u
)imi in lw intkiii', m ut uvMr)wwrg tu
iib b .li'ir.iu... Ala. 1 1 it t i tin lian
dr ul h Ifitg' Imj IiIM will) (Dim
IIUU' i!li lli iiiiu IflnJ Ut lliMi
tin iMi "i 'iwwii.
lal . .. Uii ,iiut iltuHlt lr
I iile im " n i.i.ii.k uij1 fUi) nisi
Hui.i ' ii'MK'i 4 ftm, jfr
NlMuaK , '
Mil I
lVli' iii.
hi- i - .in . in i
HI I. l I (111 I, I
I'll! .1 id I
Tho capluro wns effected through a
.IM I'V i I . .. . I I . I' l 111' HI1U
ilzgernlrl, woo approached Davis from
ippo'ite dlteetions and ns tho innn
turned his denilly box on Browne, Jos
.mother 'leWllvo, approaching
rom be' itnl. drnll li'in a Htunulng blow
on the head with his club. At the mint
nstritit Urowiip seized tho box and with
I'itrgerald tro to pieces the mechanism
which the trigger controlled.
In addition to the box, which contained
sufficient explosive to wreck tho
building, Davis' pockets were filled
with sticks of dynamite. Ho nlso carried
a forty-five caliber revolver.
After, Davis recovered consciousness,
ho said, "I camo to Los Angeles yesterday."
(By Kxirrnl Wireless Telerrapa.)
NEW YOHK, November 10. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) The four
charged with the murder of Herman
Rosenthal on July 10, in front of
tho Hotol Mctropolc, were found guilty
of first dogrco murder today. Tho
jury was out less than an hour.
Supreme Court Justice John V.
Gofl's chargo was extremely favorable
to tho State. The court said the entire
defense rested on tho stories told by
tho defendants, and commented on tho
"peculiar coincidence of each story
agreeing to that of the man preceding
him on tho stand."
Ho emphasized tho crlminnl record
of the defendants, and directed the
jury to determine whether It was possible
to invent a story and stick to it
through tho long cross-examination. He
lengthily dlscufscd the law as it applied
to tho evldeuco In this particular
flly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, November. 10.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Army
orders: Kach of tho following ofiiccrs
of the medical corps is relieved from
duty at the station designated utter his
name and will go to San .Francisco
about March 5, for tho Philippines,
John S. Coulter, Ambulance
Company Number Three, Fort
Leavenworth; First - Lieut. George
llliike, Fort Shanty, Illinois.
Navy orders! Capt. II. A. Uispam
ntul Lieut. K. H. Morrison, commissioned;
Lieut, B. A. Long, to tho Delaware;
Lieut. Ilyron McCundlcss, from
tho navy yard at Washington to tho
navy department; Ensign M. J. Peterson,
to tho South Dakotn; Ensign II.
S. Keep, from tho Now Jersoy to tho
Celtic; Ensign II. K. Donavin, from the
Seattle Construction and Drydock Company
to command PI; Paymaster
Shear, from tho navy yard at
Philadelphia to training station, Groat
Lakes, Illinois; Assistant Paymaster R.
S. Itobcrtson, commissioned.
Marino corps: Cnpt. II. 1'. Williams,
from the Americnn legation nt Poking
to Washington, D. C.
10. (Special to The Advertiser)
The question as to whether
California has given a majority
to Theodore ltoosevelt or to
Woodrow Wilson in tho recent
elections remains ns yet undecided.
The returns lire so closo
nnd thero arc so many disagreements
over the count that it is
notknown positively whether
tho Democrats will add tho
State vote to their list or if tho
Bull Mooso candidate is to
it to swell his majority
over President Tnft.
The main contest is over one
thousand votes in Los Angeles
county nnd it is certain that tho
validity of these particular
will have to be taken to the
courts for settlement. These
.No estimato lias been mnuo piitiiici'p voies, which uno
hero of the number who havo fallen , for ltoosevelt, will settle tho
in tho continuous lighting along tho matter one way or tho other. If
Tchatnlja lines, but thero is no doubt ; allowed, ltoosevelt w'H , 1)0
that from 30,000 to 10,000 men are dead ahead; if disallowed, tlson
nnd wounded on both sides, and It is! will have a majority.
more than probable that those figures;
will bo exceeded.
Reports from Battlefield.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Turkey, November
10. (Special to The Advertiser)
Conflicting reports still continue
to seep into tho city us to tho
progress mnde by tho Bulgarian troops.
Sumo Teports have it that tho Turkish
right practically has been pierced.
Thcso come from unofficial sources.
Official reports nro that tho Bulgarians
have met a series of setbacks,
and, while most government reportB
liavo hitherto been too rosy, this last
account is credited, nnd is given greater
weight by tho proclamation of tho
brief armistice.
It is believed hero that there is still
n possibility that tho Bulgarians may
bo checked by somo nrrangoment
tho Servians come up. If such
an arrangement is not reached nnd the
Turks dctido to resist to tho cud little
doubt is felt that their defense
can end only in disaster, and that tho
allies, sooner or latter, will cuter Constantinople.
Will Discuss Terms.
Bulgaria, November 19.
(By Associated Press Cable) It was
announced hero this morning that tho
allies linvo agreed to tho Turkish proposal
to discuss tho terms of au
nt once.
Hope to Soften Terms,
LONDON, Novomber 10. (By Associated
Prem Cabio) Efforts ure being
made by the accredited
of the Power to got tho allies to
Hofti'ii tin termi which He a.lbi !'"
(Tlr Feilernl Wireless Telecrni'li.)
MILWAUKEE, November 1!). (Spe
cial to Tho Advertiser) John Schranko
who nttcmjitcd to murder Thcodoto
Hoosovclt, is insane. Ho will bo sent
to nn nsyUutt for the insane, probably
for life.
Vivo alienists who wcro appointed by
Municipal Judge Backus to .inquire into
Schranko 'b sanity today un.inimously
agreed that tho" assassin of
tho former iTcsmcnt. or me unncu
States is insane.
Tho report of tho physicians states
thnt Schranko is a paranoiac.
(Ily Federal Wireless Telejrrapli. )
MKXICO CITY, November 10.
(Special to The Advertiser) A severe
earthquake shock occurred hero nt a
seven o'clock this morning.
Tho movement was oscillatory
anil passed from north to smith. It
lasted more thun three minutes. Muny
brick walls nud a few poorly constructed
siniill houses were thrown down. The
street pavements buckled ninl several
water mums were uroKcu.
According to poilco reports the only
casualty wis that of a laborer who, following
tho custom prevalent among
peons of dropping to their knees in
pntyer, knelt on the utreet ear track in
front of it moving mi bur linn train nud
wns crusliotl to ileal li.
Other reports indicate n ileath of
or fifteen litmus in wldoly
ilMrii'U. Kurly goveruuient
orU liiilicjiti'il tlwt the wri'ii of the
quMke uiiilirHCM ii wide ilislrlet to the
wot nnd smitli of Minleo city, chiefly
in tho itnte of (luoi rum,
(11 IVIwhI Wlrui TakcmiJi.)
IIAIIILTOK, lloriuudM, No ember
). (siiWl to TIm Adrtltr)
WiHHirow WIImiii nf tbo
Uvitod HtitliMi durltUfiil Utility tlwt htf
biw mguu tu rurgt polllU. r.
WliMiu imd tit utbr wwlitr at Ik
rwJly Imvd btwu busily vupti4 In
Tlw iitjury fr.elvtid by Itlr. Wlltttll
uUittlMi atuw Mvl iiouliU Urn imy iwiii
fte fimw rownug iIm wtMt4 uu 14s
byd tli off t'lilny, Wi4(j thl lh
slruiuv lw' hl4.
my rf4 wiiM riMr
il.lt ti.M tli bluM NllANAi1,,IM, KwtMtiWr &
fill, i', ,fi. .-' -I " 1- -J - ) 'IMU I.
I ll. I . Mi 44itilul Mill urui.i ll l.., I
, i.. , ... i, i. .,ii iri' i i 'i i..i
I . . . ', I -I,.! I ll I' I , I . i . Ii. 4
ing to the announcement today of Pro-en
i r .i
tioif p en . - i " .'tin ; lis
ny of Ppr'p !' 'vi of - o'
,e IVotln. '111 no i) 'ron Workers'
wii r'tidcrel by their bonds
en todiy. Tliov out on $.10(10
innds cifh. Judge Anderson onlorcd
'lio ' ion fnto custody.
Attorney Frank M'llcr representing
Thomns Webb, of Pcorln, who signed
rho bull bond for Kny and Smytlic,
innounccd that his client wished to
lurrcndcr tho two defendants. The announcement
camo n a great surprise
to Hay nnd Smytho, neither having any
inkling of Wobb's Intontion.
Ktil a Hitchcock, a California woman
dotcctivo, testified to serving Mrs. Cap-Ian
with a subpoena to testify in tho
McNamara trial. Three days later,
alio said, Antoino Johanscn carried the
woman and her children in an automobile
to Bono, Novada, whore they boarded
a train.
(By. Federal Wlrelena Telreraph.)
WASltlNOTON, November 10.
(Special to Tho AdvOTtlsor) Carmi
I'hompson, secretary to President Taft,
will bo appointed treasurer of the United
States within tho next fow days to
succeed Loo McCluug, resigned from
tho position last week.
(Ily Federal Wireless Telejraph.)
LOS ANGELE8, Novcmbor 10.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Itsvising
their first report that five persons had
lost their lives, tho polico announced
today tbnt tho known death list of tho
liro that destroyed the St. George
Hotel hero 'early today, contains three
names. They aro Mrs. Charles Harrington,
ago thirty-five, an actress whose
htngo name was Ellon Moran; Joseph
Martin, ago thirty-eight, a jowelry
clerk; Charles Mulono, age thlrtyflvo,
hotel onginccr.
A baby .girl was fearfully burned
nnd probably will not recover. Others
who are believed to bo fatally injured
nro Irani; u. uocic, who sustained a
sprained buck, nnd his wife whoso back
was broken.
(By Associated Press Cablo) Information
has reached hero thnt tho
allies havo at labt made public tho
tonus upon which they aro willing to
great peace. Tho Powers havo succeeded
in securing for the Ottoman
Empire tho continued possession of this
city, as well as strip of land on tho
European sido of tho straits. Thcso
terms, it is stated, havo been made
public by tho foreign ministry in Sofia.
(Tlr Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
PORTLAND, Maine, November 10.
(Spocial to The Advertiser)
Henry Clay Morrimnn, retired, died at
his homo in this city yesterday after
nn illness ot nenrly two years. Gen
eral Mcrriman was born at Houlton in
1837 .and in 18S2 was commissioned captain
in tho Twentieth Maine Itegiment.
He was brevettcd for gallantry nt
CHICAGO, November 10. (By Associated
Press Cablo) The chnrgo of
abduction laid nt tho door of Jack
Johnson, the champion heavyweight
pugilist of tho world, by Lucilo
wns dismissed, in open court today.
Tho chargo was tho first of tho
number now ponding against the champion.
Naval Test of New Device for
Launching of Airships Complete
"WASHINGTON, November 12 What
naval aviation expects say will niiike
this a red-letter day m tho history of
aviation wns tho successful test hero
today of a catapult devico for launching
aeroplanes from battleships.
The system, tho invention ot Captain
Wiislungton L. Chambers, in charge of
tho now aviation work, involves sliooU.
ing; the aeroplane along a steel plank
by moans ot compressed air. On tho
planks, which is level and thiity feet
lung, tho aeroplano sits on top of a
car which drops from under when the
end of the plank is reached,
Lieut. T. G. Kllison, navy aviator,
has attained n speed of forty miles an
hour when his has
gonu thirty feet along the plank, He
stnrtcu ills engine jmt u l ruction oi
a fecund before tho compressed air was
turned on. Tho inuchiiio had started to
rise before it left tho plunk, it was
in u ileud calm thnt the test wus mnde,
Almost two years ago F.ugcuu II. Kly,
from u sloping deck on tho cruiser
mnde tho lirst launching of
uu aeroplane from war vessel, Com
pared witli today's test tne inetlioil oi
two yours ugo was crude,
It is prupiitod to construct launching
dovlces similar to that iiuccotsfiilly
triod today on lop of tho turrets of
the liHtliwhlim, ami probubly imu at each
end of the Vuoln, no that uu
omii Im stnrttitl oil In uny
linn, ToilHy'N teat whs wltimamd by it
uumbur of itnuy wuil uuvy ms tutor.
A iltstmiinr in bulrhef ' ahop sluod
gBIUB at M!ttl MtMll Hllljfor ill mi
ttfjMitrTuui. lUving turttMi thu ittatUr
uvar IN bU uiittd, th luaiounr up
llfttUfkMMj lit ltlllr M4 BM'liaiill
!,1 ui im h Iw4y uiimIiI a wall ha
lasil a uu( hi ttyiv.
ill HlUllll "'
Igdllir. " lllihlll.lllll
ff)k UxhUv Druii'i (JuiniiM
TubUu. All druitiiiau nlund
ii. ... i . r !
luw iiioiiy ji u j ,iii,
.4' II I" t
l. .1 ,'l l.,ll i ii i, I
W IiIiau klKiiMiiiiv
l ' II
Two, With Four Thousand People.
Wiped Out on the Island
of Jamaica.
Great Destruction Caused Over
Island Governor Takes
(llr Federal Wireless Teletraph.)
KINGSTON, Jamnica, November 20.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) A great
tidal wave is reported to havo practically
wiped out the town of Savanna
I.a Mar on the Southeast Coast, and
Lucca on tho Northeast Coast of Jamaica.
Forty-two were killed by tho
in Montugo Bay, according to n
report brought by a fruit vessel, which
arrived at Port Antonio today.
Confirmation has beou received of
the great destruction caused by the
hurricane in the western part of the
island. Floods which accompanied the
storm caused immense damage, a bun'
drcd houses being blown down.
communication is still
Tho Governor of Jamaica has left on
a special train accompanied by a
of nrtillorymon who havo tak
en with them two hundred jtcnts and
foodstuffs, ns in certain scctious the
people are homeless and destitute.
Lucea is a town of two thousand
inhabitants on an inlet on the Northeast
Coast of Jamaica, whilo Savanna
La Alar is a seaport, with about the
same number of pooplo, on the coast,
almost directly across tho island.
By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
BERLIN, Novomber 20. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Tho Austrian
government today sent an
matum to Servia rogarding tho
dispute over Albanian ports, ac-
cording to an announcement made
hero today In tho Tageblatt.
A messago from Vienna also
quotes tho Eichhpost as saying
that Austria and Servia are on tho
ovo of war. Disruption of the
Austrian Empire is predicted in
Belgrado If Austria declares war.
It is claimed by Servians that
in such a case tho Austrian
inces of Dalmatia, Herzegovina,
Bosnia, Croatia and Slavonla,
which aro largely peopled by
Serbs, will revolt against Austrian
domination and will join the Ser- ,
vian Kingdom.
Peace Pact Possible.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, November 20. (Special to
The Advertiser) A dispatch from Sofia
states that Turkey has agreed to the
linlkan terms of peace, but it is
eil tho announcement is premature. With
the Turkish army reduced to halt from
llio ravages or cliolera, wonnilca iiml
deaths, it is believed horo that another
blow will not bo struck. Diplomats nro
confident that Turkey will agro? to the
demnnds of the Allies and lira: a peace
pact will be signed without uuduo do-lay.
Cliolera is spreading rapidly among
the Moslem troops nnd all schools in
Constantinople aro closed. The diseaso
is also raging among Czar Ferdinand's
forces, nnd it is believed hero that
Bulgaria is not very anxious to continue
In view of tho ineffectiveness of
the Bulgarian nssault on the Tclmtalja
forts, it is believed that tho demands
of the allies probably will bo
Just what demands will bo made has
not been disclosed, but it is thought
tho allies will permit the Sultan keep
Constantinople, a strip along tho
tho Son of Marmora, tho Dardanelles
nnd nominal suzerainty of Albania.
Probability of troublo among tho allies
is seen hero uecauso Bulgaria,
Greece nnd Servia. all want Monnstir.
Ponding tho peaco negotiations all
hostilities havo ceased along tho
Army Offlcors Interested,
WASHINGTON, Novomber 20.
(Snccial to Tho Advertiser) Tlio Uni
ted States has nsked tho Balkan allies
and Turkey to permit it party of American
army olllcers to join their forcos
null go over tho fields ou which somo
of tho greatest battles of modern
times have been fought within the lust
fow weeks. If permission is given members
of tho spocial cnviilry detail now
touring Europe mid the available military
attaches at London nud 1'nrU will
be ordered to the scone ut oiicu.
None of tho military observers as-
signed by foreign nations to
liiu troops in urn iiiiikuii wur nuvu
Iiany I mIIqwoiI to got to the front, but
tin) war iltiMirtnunt iltHdra to take
ol tlm probable iiiinunlliito conclusion
of hostilities to koml export
ovur tlid batllollalds.
Cwl I'rkr, KUvetitu Oivalryi
Ma.i. Jaaatt II el. Otrlar, tfai!rtl illtlTi
ami i.iuut. Cat, J, T. I)lkumi. gamtriil
Ulf, hum Unsii vtutMiu tu umk Ilia
I lip. Tlia inllltart attuilivs wbe will
au Ui lliv froui aiv l.uul 'ul. T. Uaal
lay Mull, I'nii. nnd kluj. ilaarga U
Njaiya. laiwdon, Muj ll.tl..r AIU'U"
Mil in.
avowed intention of proceeding through
lie Dardanelles to Constantinople,
There, it is said, she will bo used to
intervene for tho protection of Itussian
Interests in enso tho allies force their
way into tho city.
More Massacres Bcport.'d.
ATHENS, arceco, Novcmbor 2''
(By Associated Press Cable) Reports
i rought hero by flecintr refugees from
lurxcy. announce that the Turkish io'
Jlcry recently set upon tho Christian
population of several of the smaller
cities nnd massacred them wherever
found. The bodies wore left lying In
the streets of the towns by tho friends
nnd co-religionists, who feared a similar
fate if they appeared to tnko any
interest. The corpses wcro uncarcd for
for days and the dogs ate them unchecked.
Arrangements have been mado to filo
n formnl protest against such outrages
with the Powers. Tho American minister
to Grcoce has been asked to present
the matter at Washington, although,
so fni as known, none of tho
Christians who lost their lives wcro
Americans. It is believed thnt tho outrages
nre a result of the Holy War tho
Turkish priests have been preaching.
Guilty of Treason.
(By Associated Press Cable) Nineteen
young Turks wcro imprisoned this
morning, accused of sedition. They had
been tried and found guilty of treason
against tho government by military
courts martini,
: h
(By Federal Wireless
SAN FRANCISCO, November 20.
((Special to The Advertiser) In a nation-wide
raid ordered by Postmaster
General Hitchcock against a peculiar
type of quack specialist engaged in
illegal medical practise, two arrests
wero made in San Francisco today, five
in'Onkland, one in Pctnlumn and one in
Sacramento, whilo numerous other indictment
have been roturned and wholesale
arrests aro promised in Const and
Eastern cities.
Tho general charge is misuse of tho
mails for alleged advertisements for
practices. Twenty-seven California
physicians have been indicted,
while the dragnet extends over
cities with 172 arrests ordered.
. h
(Dy Federal Wirelesa
LONDON, November 20. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Tho Berlin surgeon,
Professor Israels, has been summoned
to Tsareskoo Selo, whero Doctor
bns been in attendance sinco the
Russian imperial family returned from
Spala, says a dispatch from St. Petersburg.
The summons points to tho continued
gravity in tho illness of tho
young crown prince. Tho court doctors
admit it is a serious surgical case.
LOS ANGELES, November 20. (By
Associated Press Caoio) When De-1
tectivo Joseph Hosick struck down
bort Davis, tho maniac, wno yestcrany
hold tho wholo polico headquarters at :
bay with a box of dynamite, ho fractured
tho man's skull. Davis mny die
in consequence. Work of tho polico
has unearthed tho man's Tecord, which
proves to havo been n criminal one.
Ho had many aliases. The polico had
no trouble at all in tracing him through
his prison record for years past.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November
20. (Special to The Advertiser) Sworn
testimony that Fred J. Sherman, business
agent for the Indianapolis Iron Worker 's
local offered her $100 to steal alleged
incrimlnatinc evidence from tho home
hero of Patrick Duirau, whilo the latter
was in Los Angeles ns a witness in tho
McNamara trial, wus ollcrcu nt tno
"dynamite conspiracy" trial today, by
Mrs. Marv Jarrell.
Sherman is one of the defendnuts
and Dugan, a former member of tho
auditing conmiitteo for tho International
Association of Bridge and Structural
Iro). Workers, gavo damaging testimony
earlier in the day against the accused
Mrs. Jarrell admitted that she ran
sacked tho Dugan homo scvoral times,
but could not find any papers bearing
on tho dynnmitting case. Mrs. Dugan
corroborated niucli or -Mrs. .larruiis
testimony, telling of the numerous visits
sho nindo to her homo. She said
that Mrs. Jarrell several timesihad tried
to induce her to leave home. Mrs. Jarrell
promising "to take care of
(By Federal Wireless TeleErapK.)
WASHINGTON. Novomber 20.
(Rnnrinl to Tlio Advertiser) Asked ro
opening of tho Pannma CnnnI and with
the coming of mure steamship lines. Mr.
Thurston adds thnt thero Is a notable
shortage in passenger accommodations
betwecu tho Islands nnd San Francisco
at tho present time.
"Tho greatest source of our labor
supply," ho said, "is from lh0 Philippines.
Although thcso men do not hnve
xno reputation of good workers at homo
thoy aro nmong tho best we hnvo In tho
Hinnas. tho government of tho Philippines
encourages their coming to
Hnwnll on the theory that wheu they
return to tho PhillppSucs thoy will bo
a great benefit to the sugar industry
there, but most of them prbfor to
in Hawaii."
Mr. Thurston snys that there Is llttlo
speculation regarding the appointment
of a Democrat as Governor, as tho tradition
has become fixed to allow an appointee
to servo out his term, and Governor
Frear will bo reappointed by President
I '
(Ily Federal Wirelesa Teltrraph.)
WASHINGTON, Novomber 20.
(Special to Tho Advortiscr)
Taft will begin tomorrow tho actual
dictation of his annual messago
to congress to bo sent in nt tho opening
of tho Bession next month.
Tho President hus cancelled all engagements
for Thursday and Friday in
order to dovoto his timo to tho
Much of the dnta that will bo
la tho messago has been gathered, and
many of tho questions to bo discussed
In it hnvo been talked over in cabinet
bcr 21. (By Associnted Press
Cable) Antonio Rajas, tho robel
leader, who has been in command
of a band of insurrectos in this
State for some timo, wns killed
near hero yesterday during a fight
with federal rurales.
(By Federal Wlrt'rtsa Telecraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, November 20.
(Spocial to Tho Advertiser) Tho
Chroniclo today says that James H.
Blount, of Georgia, is President-elect
Wilson's choice for Governor of the
Philippines. Blount 1b tho son ot
James Henderson Blount, who was president
Cleveland's special commissioner
to Hawaii.
(By Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
WASHINGTON, November 20.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Carmi
Thompson has been appointed as
treasurer of the United States bv Pres
ident Taft to succeed Leo McClung,
who resigned recently. Thompson will
assume his now duties tomorrow, and
Charles D. Hillcs, who was secretary to
President Taft beforo tho beginning pi
the last campaign, will return to that
(By Federal Wireless Teleeraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, November 20.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) It is
reported in local naval circles
that when his term of shore duty terminates
Captain Henry T. Mayo will bo
rolioved as commandant of tho Maro
Island Navy Yard by Captaiu J. M.
Ellicott, now commanding tho cruiser
Maryland of tho Pacific fleet.
SALT LAKE CITV, Utah, Novcmbor
20. (By Associated Press Cablo Minnie
Ilauck, famous singer and actress,
who created tho rolo of Cnrmcu in 1878,
died horo this morning nfter a long ill
LOS ANGELES, November C Tho
first shipment of pineapples direct
from Hawaii to Los Angeles harbor,
1,200,000 pounds, has been brought by
tho schooner Annio M. Campbell, and
discharging will bo begin tomorrow.
The schooner is nt tho Crescent wharf.
It loft Honolulu October 10. Tho
are consigned entirely to Los
Angeles jobbers.
Tho shipment is mnde as the outcome
of tho Independent Steamship Com
pany's effort to establish direct trado
garding tho repoTt that President-elect i between Los Angeles and Honolulu somo
Wilson hud usueil unit ro uccupt mu time ngo. la addition to tne pineapples
secretaryship of stato and that ho now
is oil routo to Bermuda to confer with
him, William Jennings Bryan today
tent the following telegram from Savannah:
"I have had no conference with Mr.
Wilson nud never discussed any ofllco
with him. I havo no intention of going
to Bermuda."
(By Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
NEW YORK, November 20.
to Tho Advertiser) Sentence on
Harry Horrowitz, nllus "Gyp tl10
Blood," Lefty Louie" Rosenborg,
"Whltey" Lewis and "Dago Frank"
Cirofici, convicted of first degreo murder
for slaying Herman Rosenthal, will
I, A iiimnil November 20. This data
wns fixed toduy by Justice (loir after
motions to set aside the verdict nnd
demands for a retrial hud been denied.
The gunmen retained their nervo to-
iluv ninl were delimit mill sullen
throughout the proceedings. Jintlfo
(Inff grunted i motion to release Itte
wivw of "Uyp tho Blood" und "lingo
Trunk," who hnvo boon hold lu the
hoUfC of iletmilion rlneo lliu arrest of
tholr liualwiiils.
I'retxluMi U in tight for tlm four
whose tasllmuiiy ratultwl in lav
euHvletlmi hi rimrlu Hkr nud lilt
liire.1 ifuiiiHHN. The fiur man "llfllil
Jurk" Him, "Uitt?" Wnlibar, Hur-1
rt Vallun and tui MrttaiHw think limy 1
way Im lflal Ibla altwiiouii
tho Annio II, Campbell brought 300
tons of fertilizer for local delivery, Tho
cargo of pineapples brings in ono shipment
n quantity, equivalent to ono
year's consumption in Los Angeles a
few years ngo.
An odor of pineapples is likely to bo
prominent around tho east sido of tho
harbor elinnnel for tlio remainder of tno
week, ns officials of the wharf company
sny it will tako several days to unload
the cargo.
Kndoreoment of fivo leading Democrats
in alphabetical order in, connection
with the governorship, which local
Democracy is vnstly Interested in, was
made Inst night by n Inrgu meeting of
the Bourboiii of tho second of tho
fourth, Tlio precinct went on record
as favoring any ono of tho following;
S. M. Damon, L. h. McCuiulless, 0. J,
Waller, 15, M. WuUon ninl A. A Wilier.
Mia Sniivey will tnko hur pupils of
the Normal fcelioul mi a iulit"oelii(
Jamil around, th liurbor I'rMay after-11411.
This ditMv
Ill au iliii
.MsTiirlMr rMfettoM. AH fiwr . .'' " 'it;nl ,1,
toil, at but hava"""'1"'' ' "'H . ''"' '
ivai m m rm us si ouca. w t t w
U lllfaMI uBi.t'r ttu il.iUI.a4 HU i ,uu.uult i ,,..u if madad lu U.llfj (Hffa'ad r H II H u
Ilia Hattlau.l milill.i jiuhalily muum .,, . ,i ,,nl n., uii..i ..r .i.
JUIN It "H in, s, J, ..I WikUm Ta"
WwiU j'la.lma TiaatiM was r'iUSlMi, Nui. .r -'"
4AKIA, l'l.lu. Vinmlml p) UHvliu 'llta A4sMlaaJ Anuljiag
l A.lalt4 l'"' ' till iyuuliity an tilii tmlillaM I" ly
II,. ui, Ui.tmidii Il. i.ll uf His- ll. U'lllH 4 l"liuiliAii of llubulula.
111.') limn
I I ,1,11.
ii I I-.
i., ii i . i ii. i i yli In i
an4 sT'lu aad li- i .
I In Itfll IK Hill MU I
riiiilli aV ' w 1 i
Ji. 1 so
llml e.ary
II t
list y to
i ui'..r
ill,. I i'iui ui. I 1,1 Ihu
I i hi I ,1 tilluw),
i, I l.i fr, l.u Is II, litis I I , Huts ail Is . i Hal
k Ii . , (l 'il, lb. gltmt'l Jl'll.. IvIlllHH , I !!....
tgJjMtMuUMattigMllUMjkgMlMljUgUllM MK&JitH&t, ""'-
I i.uWII
. lUu
I, f.,f

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