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(B- IVdoral Wireless Telegraph)
LONDON, Decembor 2.
(Special to The Advertiser)
Crown Princo Danilo, of Montenegro,
lies critically injured in
a hospital at Riga, according to
a dispatch received hero today
from Cettlnjo. Ho was shut
through tho intestines during
the assault on Scutari. King
Nicholas is at his hcdsldo.
(rir Federal "Wireless Telecrsph 1
BEBItN, December 2. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Imperial Chancellor
Bethmann Hollwcg today uttered a
plain -warning to Russia that in case
hostilities should arise out of the Aus.
difficulties, Germany
would draw her sword to assist her ally
"When our allies, Austria-Hungary
and Italy, in maintaining thoir interests
aro attacked, although this is not tho
present prospect, toy a third party and
thereby threatened in their existence,
then wo, faithful to our compacts, will
take their part flrmly and decisively.
Thon wo shall fight sido by sidb with
our allies for tho maintalnenco of our
position in Europe and in def enso of tho
security and future of our fatherland.
I am convinced that wo have tho whole
nation behind us in such a policy."
Tho imperial chanceUor made this de
claration in tho courso of a speech in
tho Keichstag discussing tho Balkan war
situation. It was a repetition of tho
statement made at tho tuno of tho con.
troversy over tho question of Bosnia
and Herzegovina, in 1908, which then
cusdaa..ijnniensa sensation. Jn. tho
European capitals. Although at that
period it first threatened to sweep away
tho pacific Bussian cabinet, tho current
of fcelng infused among tho Slavs ultimately
brought peace. The imperial
chancellor was heartily applauded by
many of tho members present.
Tor Discussion of Peace.
(By Tcdernl Wireless Telecraph.)
(Special to Tho Advertiser) That the
signing of a fourteen-day armistice for
tho dibcussion ot pcaco between Turkey
and tho Allies will he dt'aycd until tomorrow,
is tho official announcement today.
The provisions of the armistieo, it is
learned, ineludo an agreement which
covers all of European Turkey; that
tho TnrliB may rovictual Adrianoplo,
Scutari and all of tho Turkish forts
daily: that tho opposing armies maintain
their present positions and both
agree to give forty-eight hours notice if
hostilities arc ordered reopened.
The public schools horo have been reopened.
Greeks Oppose Terms.
TABI&, December 2. (By Associated
Pre, Cablo) Tho Greek minister
hero notified tho government today that
1.!. Mfl.nonf will tint tnleratQ tllO
idea of supplying the garrisons of such
CHICS US rtUUMUwf'o, -- -
with food, pending tno settlement of
tho negotiations botwecn tho Turks and
the Allies. Tho Grcok government takes
tho stnnd that if this should ho allowed
Turkey could continue tho
nnd tho ground ahoady Sron
liy tho Allies would hnvo to be contended
for onco more.
For Independent Albania.
HOME, Italy, Decembor 2. (By
Press Cable) It is roportod
horo that Italy and Austria havo entered
into an ngrecmont wheroby thoy will
net together in supporting tho independence
of Albania. This la taken
horo us proof positive tliut Italy Is not
contemplating breaking away from tho
Triple Alliance, and that hor relations
with Ooriniiny mid Austria will remain
Bulgaria's Ore at Losses.
JIKltMN, dernmny, Docofiiliur 2,
(1!) Akkocluted Press Cable) Military
rxpcrtii hiii intimated that tho totul
loss nustniiu'il liy the Jlulgnrluii army
in tho liuatuitU'it with Turkey to (Into
will totul 70,000. Of thine, (10,000 have
In f 11 woundi'd uml in,00n Imvo been
Inlloil, Tho lo In property bus alto
lii'un truimiuioii,
Anmrlcati Crulcr Arrive,
AikhIuImU IThm
rnvivt'd bore by tu uuvy diitMt)nt
wnl trmustHllliMl In tb ut luwrl
iHniit 1 M uwnilutf. miiiimihw Die ur
in ul to Hmyiim biui Ilnlrul
ut 1 In mlf TwmiMMn itml Mtiu
t, Wit' 1. ll.ry VYii wrtlwrtui Ui fH)
1 Mil U 11..I11I AuwUttll llVtM RftlJ
li U uu4rii4 hl uMlr ttu dr
i nUii 1.1 Li I Liu ib wtl dim
r i' AiiitiW Will lb wfoli ltd
llxl Ailutlld KnlU UWl4ib) llM
tin. 1 iiifiiuvitwo ii i immt I
nut( ik m'km
Imperial t lnncillnr ot tfcrniunr, who
ileclves will fiht side by
s ile with hrr uillis if they are
Two American Prelates Raised
to Rank of Cardinals in
' Consistory.
fcr (Ro VVnrnl Wirelens T'l'eraph )
IJOME, December 2. (Specinl to Tho
Advertiser) Tho Pope today officially
announced thu appointments of tho following
American prelates: Itight Hov.
Dennis O'Conncl, bishop of Iilclinioml;
Itight Itov. Patrick A. McGoiern,
biblion of riieyennii; llight He v. Austin
Don ling, bishop of Vea Moines, nnd
Jicv. lMward .1. Hnniiu, auxiliary bishop
of Sun J'rnnciBco.
A consistory was hold by tho Pope,
at which the 1 oil hut mis placed on the
heads of soernl prelates, who, with
Archbishop 1'nrley of Xcw York, and
Archblshoj) O'Counvl of Dostoii, were,
on November SfljJiHl, designated
SovPrnl hundred Ainerlenns were present
ot today's ceremony. Tho Pope
looked yery well mid his volco was quite
(Jly JViluriil Wlrelt Tflegrnpli) 41
JUJIII.TON, Ili'riiiuJn, !)
nwirnir .iipiNii!i it 'j no Ail- v
rtln'0 - Difwovrn! tlijuugh
out tliii wuuity orn Hiiumiily ii
yplMNMHl tu W. J, Hryiii m u
iflMiUf u( l'mlt)t wlvl Wll
Wll'l (ttWilHl, nmunlluj lu il
fluotl 11 . Utlur in ihu liuuili uf
i..- " -I" ' www
wiutiti bM tatUy, if(jUt(lHK
llrytw'i )ijMilit(iNtii
TU iil.t UlUM KUkiili iuHIMli KM
Hnituul HM li In tt u4 4 iruwt4
Th Iui4jiiiI b tii'iH kt ItucUf
iVji d fiHr wijiW l lH it
U l 'tllru lli'i, M ni MH
VIENNA, Austria, Decembor 3.
(Uy Associated Press Cable)
Tho Rciehpost today publishes a
He special dispatch stating that Kits-
sia is concentrating a KXtat army
of half a muiion men near tho
frontier, in Polish fortresses.
(Bjt reur;! '"'" 'Ulttruiih.J
NHW YOHK. Dccemher 2 (Special
to Tho Adrtiecr) Tliat tho heirs of
John T. Brush, .president of tho New-York
National bnbuball teitin, may soil
tho Giants is tho report current here.
IMwnril T. Tipton, proslileiit of
Company, horso breoders, is
sulil to have opened negotiations for
tho purchuso of tlio club. All that
Ktuml in the nay of irttliui.' tlio deal
Is tlio of 11 ccrt.iin flKiiro
by the llrush heirs.
I'Ujmriuifut, pruvt.il by Count
li . i , ' . ? .l "" ' '"W iU' rro' ""
my u! lb. ".iHrwM), jiMWWUy"
ind.,." u lmHm by
mlltia ut iliv 1WI J'il !, '
to ma, wm up Air jf vtMt Mt b j.le,i.r uiuii Un-IJ iU plm
ton tb Mu.rw Puuft igrMly on lb iui.l lbl lb J..p
Tb JuuiiMil f imtmi' n4 ,(, mmhw MMtriliiuii k mmIi (bit
UMtitl llwlltMlM, Hi uut , 4 Ik imii tbuubl li .li. m, Mill tm
'"' J'tbliblb(( tut)H ut Mvtr illNff lit lb um. ut ll, iikUM 1 4
rum, it. i.u4b, r .u.Hm tu Itnifww Tbl 4tMrMwii kMN) Jimi
M f. 'MWtfltUltlJ lMl'UMil uirmltMIH I.; fMHIft U.lltilK lif ktU
b IH"MWM' btltiM t,ii ubiMiM
Tho Empress Hussars A
uu uiui,mwwiwwi wwpm I
I t U
1 "1 m
- - ' JE
EERIUII (live 111! UU nuftRipriiiiDTUoniRic 1(1110 When Germany and Russia Begin Matching Man For Man
Announces The Empire Will Draw the Sword
In Behalf of Her Allies If They Arc Attacked
Prince Danilo Shot
DMNtl w lb (tdw Uf lb .'.i
lapanese Minister of War Hands
In Resignation; Saionji'
May Follow.
fSrecliil ('hI)Io to tho Nippon Jijl)
TOKYO, December 2. Tho crinls in
tho Saionji eobiuet today reached its extreme
stage nheu Lieut. Gen. Jiaron
Yuial(u Cjojmra tendered his
us tlo minister of v. sir. Unron
L'yoli.na n a cnlUr early in the mommy
.it the pal ice uml he personally
lisnidi'il Ins tes (,'iintion to His Imperial
Mn jest v, the Kniperor of .hi pan.
Marquis Kininocht Bnionji, tho
talloil in conference his tnbluot
for the purpoBO of solectini; liiiinediutcly
a satisfactory Huccispor to Darou
as minister of nar,
Iuever, it is ln'int; found n matter
of ljriut dillii'iilty to 1111 the poiition,
and If this to be tlio vuje, the
iiipmlicrs of tho Siilonji ciihiuet ns 11
isliolu will teinkr their inn nml
the ministry no out of xlstunru lu a
day nr two.
The crisis uu brought to its pronunt
tiii!i nvvr the jilan of irenulliuniiiK
Hi li (lnmi'ii, or ICiiron, division of tho
Jnwniwe Hruiy. At inoiit U
ktnlluiiiNj In (srvit ijiim illvlilOji only
mul II U I be iibjii IhIiI iImhii by tliv ur
.mi lb. WmIUImI lyltWM u, 1U. I.
Famous German Eoglmont,
Senate and House Convene, But .Botlj Quickly
Adjourn lnRespect To Memory.of Dead
r 1
(By Federal Wireless Teleimiph.)
December 2.
Speuul to 'ihu Aihortixor) "WIiou
-speaker Clark of the liouso of
mid Senator Dacon,
presiding ofllier ot thu bonatc,
sounded their j;aols promptly lit noon
toibn it mnikod tho bogniniiiB of the
mid of tho Coii(ro!.s.
nfteV t omening tho scn.ite
udjouiiicd out of respect to tho mom
ory .of Yico President Sherman mid
Senators Hnyner of M.ir hiiitl and
1 1 in burn of Idaho, Mho died during tho
Tlio passing of the annual supply
' ills probably is the most important
tnsk to coino bofore congress. Then
t!ie semito inudt dispose of the Judge
Arclibold iinponchmciit case.
With tho end of thu
Congress many prominent legislators,
mostly Hcptibllcnns, will bo retired
Inning been defeated in the last election.
Tho rotirine members in thn houso !
are: "Undo Joo" Cannon, of Illinois; "lent, and tho cliiof lopic of
Rodenhurg, of Illinois; N. II. ,tion nppoared to bo tlio Ilnlknn waT uifd
wood, of Illinois; Nicholas Longworth, tho possibility that the United States
of Ohio; John Daizcll, of Pennsylvania; may bo drawn into the Euroiieau era-Dean
Crtimpackor, of Indiana; William brogiio.
H. McKlnley, of Illinois; K. J. Hill, of Tho Democrats appear to havo
O. A. Sillonny, of Now ped nil talk of a cutting of tho tariff
Hampshire; Ooorgo W. Prince, of Illi- during tho current session, as thov nil
nois; II. O. Young, of Michigan J. Q. rfoem to feol tho time at their disposal
I1U011, of Connecticut; P. D, 1tirrier, is too short to permit of any effective
of New Hninpshiro; W. H. Vinson, of work lu that direction. It is thoueht
PpnnuvK.lriffl rtnTiirriiuHtnnn .T T.ninl. flint 4lin .n1., .,.1 ... "
.., ... .-..... .
of Virginia was tho omy proiiuucnt
uomocrat ucicatou.
MW Ffitirsl Wireless Telfrth.)
WABHOTON, December 2. (Special
to Tho Advertisor) Colonel Geo.
W. Onethals, chief engineer of tho
Canal and. its bulidcr,
will be made a full general ju thu army
with rank (.orrospondliig to that now
held by Admiral Ueurge Dewey in tlio
navy, If Kuprojcntiithu Munn, of Illinois,
minority louder in tlio bouse, urn
bring It about in the wimlng uiim of
uongritss The promotion uuubl bo for
lilo mul nut I'Diuuel (ieuthuU
tu rutirviiioul for liny cuuse.
'f '
lUr fsslMtJ mieltM Tdtfitkil )
.' (NHrli.l lu ''"ho 4llvf) A
0r b(ub nut bit uluiuiew m (b
v( J, U WillLMtf Hul Vummuy,
IM UMMIfjf WsilM WfllU WI (MSi
rivai u ui Ailktlili, nug Uf
iAii4 in iuwMkd tium lb
4utf uf tii M fl TbWMDlif
lif ut lUfc tUH4 I lb baUUiM
ntv ijtrtivM
iik.lMii4 it) b tl
... . it
immrmmmmmmmmmm tMHKitiwtijitjim
RetjrerSoon . W'
Among the retiring seifator', aro
lleiny 6. Jiiiuihim, ot'
tllltoj V. Mu ray Ciarte, o(
Simon (luggenheiiu, of Colorado;
I. Joilath.iu Houine, of Oregon; Norris
III own, of Nebraska; Josuph M. Dixon,
of Mniitnun; H. A. Kich.irdson, of
Jtobcrt J. O.lmblc, of South Dakota;
Shelby McCulIom, of Illinois:
rank O. Urlggs, of Ncn Jersey; Joseph
W. Dailci, of Tewis; M. J. I'owler, of
I.mtisinnn: Thomas S. P.intnr. nf
tiickcy, and Clarenco W. Watson, of
est Virg nlii.
loilny h tussion in tho bouse was per.
functory. Coinmitti'CB uero nimolnted
to notify tho President that tho houBo
and scnito wnm n.M.l, fnr )..:......
utter nh.ch tho houso adjourned out of jM
rcspict to the memory of deceased
No Action on Tariff.
WASUlOTON, Detciubcr 2. (By
Associated Press Cable) Congross assembled
here today for the short
Minn. 'Plinr . II.i' ..
-...v hud nitiu or no excite- '
... u... ncnuua worjt ot the preS'
ent siwslon will bo on the necessary ai
proprlation biils,
(11 Federal '.Tireless Telerib.)
WASHIINUTON, December 2. Sp0.
cjnl to Tlio Advertiser) The Supremo
Court today, in nu .iplnlou announced
by Justice Day, held that the Union
I'lii'lfle iliillwiiy Company, by tie
of stock in tho Southern Pacific,
liml cflectcil n coiiibliiutlou in violation
of the luw. Tlio
ImHciiteil that the court would outer
n ducreo to illnsohu thu combination
mill also un injiiiiitlon to prevent
thu Union Pueillc from voting Boutbern
J'uvifis -took
,,f, .
III, KiOeitl VVIiOmi '(tUnnii )
MAM IMIAKUIHCO, Dimwiiibiir &-
imM lu Tbi Aiivrllivr;
W, Murruw, judg uf u$ Uultwl Mlntm
iruU sourl, My uuuulim bl bn
tttii riurv frew ibo hviii Ju July, ou
lb 4y vlu be miim (b uf
MtMlll entire Ju. Uuiluw will 1M
idv,tHv ' bb df
ibf bt'tik) i n'Ul luifin ftH

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