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Christian ..jWassacre Jpfocee dinQ
in WeJRcninsula .of ..
Galiipoli. -' '
. & at -'''' r ri
Belgrade Paper Asserfs Austria
Must Exterminate Servians
toWin in War.
(By Federal Wireless Ttlcfirupb.)
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Dispatches
from aallinoli rcDOrt terriblo excesses
by tho Turkish troops in that district.
Tho telegraph lines havo been cut be-.
yonu uauipou, aua tuu uiuiimuj
ities have ordered out a detachment of
troops to punish tho Christian residents.
Tim trnnni hiimnrl houses, hold many
Mr .l.n fni rntiftnm. massacred i
thoso who refused to pay, and assaulted
women and children wholesale. They
also pillaged tho villages of Malgra,
Kcshen, Karadali, Aloail, Qrabunar and
Examili, which wore practicaUy destroyed.
Turkish reinforcements from Asia
Minor continue to arrive at Gallipoll.
Tho authorities of Janina report that
eighteen battalions, comprising the regiments
of tho Monastir army, havo
reached there with artillery and ammunition,
thus strengthening tho Turkish
position at this important point.
iDy FedersliTVlrelets Telegrsph.J
BELGRADE) Servia, December 9.
(Special to. Tho, Advertiser) Tho ac
cumulation of -Austrian troops on the
Servian frontier- and, tho. .provocative
language of tho Vienna newspapers have
led to
feeling in Servia.
The'pewspaper Pravda, voicing tho
prevailing, irritation, says:
"If Austria wishes war with Servia
it will come. It will bo tho most bitter
fight in history. Every Servian man
and woman, young and old alike, will
take part in it, and Austria will havo
-to exterminate the whole Servian nation
before conquering it."
Many Sorvians visiting
frontier towns on business havo
been arrested on charges of spying.
Tho Servian government has protested
to the Austro-Hungarian authorities.
War reeling Stronger.
LONDON, England, Decembor 9.
(By Associated Press Cablo) Tho possibility
of a general European war is
ngaiji looming up, and the feeling of
security which had begun to mnlto itself
felt hai. been dissipated by tho
seizure of a supply ship, destined for
tho Servian army, by a warship of tho
Austrian navy. The fear is expressed
Jiero that this net on tho part of
can hardly fail o bring about war
in tlio already Btrainod stato of affairs
in tho Balkans.
Reported Seizure of Ship.
VIENNA, Austria, December 9.
(By Associated Press Cablo) The most
intense excitement , is manifest hero
over the report that tho Austran government
has seized ono of tlio supply
ships loaded with provisions and ammunition
for tlio Servian army.
Dispatches from Belgrade are alarming.
Tlio reported capturo of a Servian
supply ship is taken thero by many responsible
persons as tho equivalent of a
declaration of war, especially when
considered in connection with tho massing
of Austrian troops upon the frontier,
just across from Belgrade
Asks for More Troops.
BUCHAREST, Roumanlu. Dccombor
0. (By Associated Press Cablo) The
long silence which Ilnuumiiiu has maintained
during tlio fight of lmr sister Balkan
States with tlio Turk, bills fair to
bo broken soon. Tlio King toiluy asked
the pnrljuinciit for subsidies for
more troop, mid it is probable that the
legislature will grunt thorn at
i .ii ii
WAtflilNtiTiiN, lrniiil."r 16,
(llr A''ii"l l'rM I uliU)
Jnihm llry, 4
4 iiiHilu UrMi Miiutu, u f
iitJ 1 1' itt 4MilMHi y
4 lni.lgy wild H WJMMUI JWrt
I Ml iMluil I til B.HIMlllillll of '
lU mil HHtllW 4MM(iM
0 MIwJm hum utfwtl it Mb t
iLmlnfc tU lHiati rktl
sB k kjf
wiiPtgiMiwjjHw 'TOWWji'Ujpti i i'wy'TTritiTOr7
TURKISH TROOPS I Opposing : Battleships and Scene of Operations Near the Dardanelles ' DPPD SITiD M 10
M:;i ';1 ' 'wiMih1 oiftSSSS HUHiliH
1 T -;'''' ; j I
1 llsws,. .v. m ii i i --'., ni lr i iiiinri HiIHtmIsMi rai askkHksH lasBsssHB.sVII
P -:'' F J-M VsBh3vsiiE
i lUff ; --' ' 'li! I I
mmlafmmmmmmmmmmimmimmufmmn n irmiiriraiiniiini''V IjBtB. tflsEaai 1
' P fPXIrKTTlTTTr: T. .' '';$ "71 TvBViAsflsisssiBi I
. ,-'.v - v C-S BlsslililililiKslililililVll xfcS
RsKfscCWi . :'.. ifet: '(" - .' .. (I ssFslililHlJ JWJSi
ek? fygj'jiiAS. r .turn hyMi't.
i mMmmMim&miM: - ei&.
i mis&mm.'mmMmim'mwr yh
jswmam.mwimmmmmmB ' . , :
!!:n A '"i-Z! j BSWHIBrii' DsHflEisHSsiisiflflHl II
A ....i.C."i. A. "T - JL I --S
Tho accompanying map snows
that portion of tho, .Turkish coast
now menaced by tho Greek: battle-
Bhip fleet, deterred by tho known
presence of mines in tho Darda-
nelles from entering after tho
y Turkish fleet, massed in tho Sea of
Marmora. Tho Greek fleet con-
voyed a fleet of transports into the '
Oulf of Saros, whero it remains, Hf
according to tho latest despatches.
The battleships then steamed to-
ward tho entrance of tho Darda-
nelles and aro now cruising, ac-
cording to the information at hand
yesterday, in tho waters marked
on tho man by a cross.
Two of the Greek battleships in
tho. squadron now seeking a battle
4-' .ire here shown, together with ono
of the few efToctivo battleships of
tlio Turkish navy. This vessel,
the Abdul Hamld, is not strictly
modern, but was rebuilt recently.
s(t sic 3fs sk s4c sic sk Hi stc sic st sic sk sic sic stc
Believed He Will Soon Succeed
General Wood When Taft
Quits Job.
Dy Federal Wireleit Telerraph.)
NEW YORK, Dccombor 0. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Mnj. Gen. Thomas
II, Barry, commnmUtig tho department
of the East nml former head of the
Military Acnilemy at West Point, Is
sliitul to bo tlio now chief of staff,
suci'ceiliiiK Major General Wood,
to a well authenticated rumor
in elri'iilatlon hero toiliiv,
floiicra'i Wooil' iloliill as ehlef of
stair oxjilrcx mitiiiiiiitlcully with tlio re-,
tlriiiiidit of PrMliU'ut Tuft. The
sloii o niiolnt (litiuirul Hurry, so the
tiir.v gov, vhiiiu a ft it omuiiUiriihlo ills-,
imii(iii iiiiiiiii ii in j)fiuncriiiie triuiiiu
In WlilnnKii,
Two nthur mimllilutM worn
ilnj (iu. Arthur Murrny,
Hip Wctlwni UlvliUm at Uuw
l'ruvlu, ih llrlKmllur (ImiwrHl Cm-slur,
shlnf uf urdiiHiiu) leutbi limvyryr.
r frlwvOly In psiivral Dnrry, It U
livrtlUU'l lllil lllf HputUllUtll Mill hu
swung ih Orit nwilo liy (rwliivHt Wil-
nEoovKii stoKnIaiwaok.
AtMlililwH'eMM l'U) A wml h,
tJi I mm IW MiKiU UmHi m ttw
HltJ ! NufMHUlf 1, bw blHNI !!
W ItUII Tk MM t llilMM
lkf t llluHMHIJ 4irl Im luru Mil
iii wuft4 uf jtrJi
. V- ltv(& . ' AX
(By Federal "Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, December 9.
Special to Tho Advertisor)
To permit President-elect Wil-
son to become familiar with tho
uito House arrangements
President Taft is to invito Gov-
ernor and Mm. Wilson to spend
several days Jn Juuuary at the
executive maiulou, according to
an announcement hero today.
It is said that President Taft
has lin ntllcluls to ox-
tend every aid to tho incoming
inlmlii'ntrutloii m that not a sin-
glo PiulmrriiHiiiout shall bu
thrown in t!iu way of the now-
iiif CiJri wiio4 'WKiivb.)
1iMlUN, iitiUi u. i.kiMi la
Tk Minis IUui Ih l IwM
liok lutu ik Utmut uf Ufd Tit rail
of i tin iVUUn towty Ium jui ui
uniuld ly b iikiH l Url KmmU,
(WW ttbt ji ! yfMl nuti4fwii uf tb
Muli ul u4illi 14 Mftmiwu f lJ
JuJiu NiwmhI, i rimni' ('fH) Tti
Mim iwijy Miilt u Wm.lil h4
MJiiiUif f Uiwiy bf.i4 Kkf
-4 II Ii fi, lk illi
t "
Secretary of War Speaks Plainly
In His Annual Report On
Many Subjects.
(Hy reaernl Wlreleti Teleerspli.)
WASHI.NaTON, December 0.
to Tlio Advertiser) llimmrlii(,'
condemnation of those who would from
"misplaced Hoiitlmoiit or limy
rust the I illplims upon the world
In n stato of liopalemniiM, mid before
thuy luivti iii'(iilriil tho full biuiiflt nf
Aiiivrlemi tlvillrjitliiii, was n Mining feature
In the annua! report of Srtary
of Wur Stliiuon,
Jlmiy otlmr milijiMHn of juturust urn
I routed In the report, tih us Ibu
of tliv nntlouil mtuii
to thtf urmy'ii tiwiiiilMi iiuHlwdii
111! Ihp lldiltll' uf th
liilmHt rarvu Ihw.
Ttip vrylug iimul uf ltiilnp fur tlm
lurtii nivalis. tb uiUMrvktion uf I ha
lualkoal miet mir in nvinbl
uimm nu m iMiiiMfciiu; ui nutuitii
Ng III f'HNIM nMll tail Ml un tu I IN
Met llllll M MiWM UMlMI
lilMM ytinn In . wy, m uiun
IkB ulUr (uliiasl iimrt I uf
il' Hot, if uf II, it Mil), mull
im fur m i i'u rwliiMii'l In m
lN ' IW ftIff H IMVU.h '
ll tlli fiiMtil uujl t4i iu U
Kt)Jr i- WUb luli Wi
lu Nimni i Mum Mil k U Ueu
HIMIllMHMlM l IM Plllu
.....JfMU.lMi J... ,amtj.i,J,TA,'gayj , ...OIi fefc -'! If ;,-,T , n'f4'A g ,- -H 'MhltfJi
w i ! wif i n trrT if sr. ;' Ti'.tiiurirf iihii. itin.,1 ififTffr . ,. r ,tiiii rri,7ki;d:fc.
SfC Sp SfC C Bmvii
i (By Federal Wireless Telegraph)
axuiSKX, Auiyralln,
9. (Siit'cilifn'o Tlio Advcr.
tisor) 'J'lirca'iiMlllou seven
and fifty thousand dollars
is tho sum which has been paid
t II. Crlsli, u clerl; nt .Melbourne,
who 1ms been successful
in devlHlng iiml selling mi Invention
to mi Aiiierii'uu linn which
will onliroly revolutionize tho
rold storago Indubtry, Tim
feature of the inveiitlou
In said to lie a spirit which will
infilie expeuilvo refrigcriitiiiu
iniichiiies uiiiu'cessurv.
iui I'mliril Wnim Tti(fiib.)
WAHIMNUTDN, iiuilir u (jw
plul tu Tu Ailvller) i imliiiiNU M-
uiub, uf lb I'UWH'I!!' uslluimi uw
inlllt, uufrrud luils miil N(nuki
I Imk, lluurMIUlIIVI I ulivlttiM'd Nd
ullwr IwuilU lMdlf, m4 '! ifi
mi luuvu yrllli MucKiiiri lilli. i
klU lb UtMUUlMliwH uf Him Wltll
llajM ittMM KH llii.id
ii hi nmm ii whuii
III uM'lttl fNJtiliWI, hul (llu4 tn
Ml Ul , UffH f4 !'( !
in l uw iwWi4iiii' h wi
'MA4 II Ii MMtflti i'l '
...... A . . ,111.1.. ,,.....,.. . ...J. .
Not Personal, But Political-Democrats
Want His Job,
Is Report.
w - m
Bourbons Look Forward to High
Carnival When Patronage
Barrel is Open.
1'olitlcnl opposition to tho confirmation
of the reappointment of Governor
fr'r and Territorial Secretary Mott-Smith
has made itself apparent In tlio
United States Scnnto Committoo on
Territories, which yesterday failed to
report on theso and n number of other
presidential appointments. Tho Advertiser
cabled its Washington correspondent
to uncertain whotlior thero wag opposition
to the reappointment.
Tlio reply received Inst night stated
Unit thero was no opposition of a special
character to cither Governor Prcar
or Sbcretnry but that thoir
names had been hold up -with a number
of other appointments, nt tho instnnco
of the Democrats, who ore doterminod
to resist any movement to deprive Pros
Wilson of federal patron-a)-o,
through (Uiq filling of vacancies by
rrc8idc.nl Taft.
JJnilor ordinary conditions, tho
of Hawaii mlRht bo reenrded
s a nppointmont, but it will
probably bo urged that in this enso tho
louppolntmetit of Governor Troar Is but
an net of justico, becauso had it not
Uoeu for'tliu ill-founded charocs made
against his ndminlstration bo would
have bcon reappointed mid conflrmed
long ago.
It is still believed that whqn his particular
caso comes up, tho sonato will,
r (Continued .on page four)
. i
House Ways arid Means Committee
Seeks Action Congress
Gets Busy
(tty Federal Wireless Tclecrunli,)
cial to Tho Advertisor) eniito nrn.
cceillngs: Senator Overman introduced
a joint resolution. today, iiutliorlzinrr a
joint fuauguratidn committoo of sis
mourners. ,
1 he judiciary cominltteo considered
President Taft's judicial appointments,
hut took no formal action.
itCIUlbliCail IHflinhPrM Imvn .Aiminml
deflnito information that tho Democrats
of the honnto. would probably not hold
up in an v annoltitinnnu in ii,.. o..n......
Senator Works nf Cn)fnr; t..i, i.
length, ndvocntliig a singlu six-year
presidential term.
Tuft transmitted tho
of tho economy and cOlcloney
recoiniiiRiiiUnir rn.n..., i ,. ..,... ..
in tho patent ofllco procedures.
xuo iriui ot Jim go Archbuld was resumed,
IIouso of Hopresontatives.
(Uy Federal Wirelcas Teleeraph,)
WASHINGTON, December 0,
to Tlio Advertiser) IIouso pro-cocdlngs:
The house convened at noon
and resumed consideration of legislative,
executivo ami judiciul appropriation
Deinoeralic members of tlio wnyg and
mnuiis eniiiniltti'o coiiforrod on plans for
tariff revision nt the spuclul session.
Tim Imnking and currency mibcoiniiilt
too ii'sumed its hearing In the money
trust Investigation, (.'Imlruiiiii i'ago
making a stiitumeiit ruiiiulintiiig reports
us to the committee's Intention.
Jtoinneiitiitlvo Allen liitroilueed a
ri'snliitliiii proposing u general
of thu imlustry. Hear
Dial will begin Juiiiiury n.
Jliipriisuiilutlva liliuUiurgh intrndumid
u ri'tulnllnii In roijulrn every
iiml ruiriii(iilaUvo to II I u
shinvlnu hi jieiHinliiry Inmrust lit
any liuukliiif, InHiiliigur lirukuraua bus)-
t'UK'Aiii), DmmUi w. thy
'rt i'W) Tuvuilui
fuiwvr i'Wmi f ih lUiliml
(, rflid irn j,u i uitu4 lli
Hull Uuum iiuitMi(luu, ill4 fur lu
wanuky tin V4iidy Ii i uu4ir
tlUUkJ (Ul (khiiw fur ll't W1IN lb
ti' itw MHir itlll w durlttf lb
ui Ium mi rtt d UhI
4444bl TiiMfl)b i l'jf t)
. . . .,,
.j ,iM
ial t sl &&&!&

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