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,--.-- Hi! '.i-- 7
Greek Squadron Accepts Sultan's Challenge
and Steams After Turkish Fleet
May Invade Saros.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SEDIL BAHR, Dardanelles, December 7. (Special
to The Advertiser) A Greek squadron, composed of six
warships, was sighted off the entrance to the straits at
half-past three o'clock this afternoon. A number of vessels
of the Turkish Heel are concentrated in the Dardanelles
ready for action, and the straits are believed to be
thickly strewn with mines.
The Greek navy, apparently, has accepted the challenge
hurled by the Turks in the recent order to the Sultan's
warships to concentrate in the Dardanelles.' The
approach of both lleets to this historical place indicates
that the first important naval engagement of the Balkan
war may he expected in a short time.
The report was current a few days ago that the Greek
transports were on the way to Saros Avith Bulgarian
and Greek troops on board. "Whether this Greek squadron
formed the escort to these transports or is acting inde
pendently has not been ascertained. It is believed that
the Turks have concentrated two whole divisions of troops
with a considerable force of artillery from Asia Minor on
the Galliopoli peninsula, and it is expected that they will
resist any attempt on the part of the Greeks to land.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, December 7. (Special to The Advertiser) It was decided by
government officials lioro today tlint tho pcaco couferenco will
bo hold in St. James Palace, the official London residenco of King George. (
On tho surface, at least, there is no cliango in tho Balkan situation of
conditions which havo prevailed during tho lBt few days. Turkey, all reports
indicate, is trying to stir up dissension in order to got moro advantageous
Danger of Europenn war as a result of the conflicting claims of Russia
and Scrvia for an Adriatic port is believed to havo passed.
LONDON, December 7. (By Associated Press Cablo) Among thoso named
by the inrlous governments interested to tako part in tho drawing up of a
treaty of peaco between tho Balkan Allies nnd tho Turks nro Towflk Pnshn,
(By Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, December
7 .(Special to The Advertisor) Many
letters written by John McNnmnrn,
secretary of tho Iron Workers' Union,
nnd William T. Itcildln, Milwaukee, tho
business agent, were rend by tho government
in its cross-examination of
Hedtlin nt tho dynamite conspiracy
trial today.
ltcddin testified tlint Milwaukee wns
tho hcndquartcrB of tho structural iron
nnd steel firm against which tho union
had called a striko and McNamara was
accustomed to write asking about jobs
to be put, up by tho firm. Tho witness
said lie usually supplied tho information
but denied it wns ever used in connection
with explosions.
In one letter McNnmnra wrote:
IW "In referring to matters of this kind
it would he well to write them on a separate
shoet of paper nnd mark them
'personal.' " Reddin asserted ho did
not know McNnmara 's meaning.
As tho eighth of tho forty-two defendants
to testify, Fred J. Moonoy,
of Duluth, Minnesota, explained lottors
he wrote to McNnmara during tho period
when explosions about tho country
were frequont.
Deferring to a phrase by him that ho
thought that tho Iron Workers' Union
was going to loso Its striko against
"Open Shop" contractors unless a now
trick was adopted, ho said tho rules
nrohibltinc men front working on a lo
cal union job if tho same contractor
had non-union jobs elscwhero in tho
country, was meant. Mooney testified
that he told McNnmara tlint labor conditions
nt MlHvnukco wcro "slavery."
Three days after the blowing up of
nn unload'iiK rig ou thn docks nt Bu-
pcrlnr, WWnmsIn, in AuruU, 1010.
Moonoy said ho wrote to McNnmnrn.
that tho real dynamiters would visit
there) eonn. 1I M he mount that they
would convey iiev of the nxplnjlau,
though ho personally bsd nothing to do
with it.
drilo has Already
to Hie lupurlor tuplwtow.
(Ilv IVJirol U'lrrlaM IVJmsph.)
Ill, I'AUO, TstW, lviubr T.(jw
rial to 'J'liw AdMUr) - KtfoitK V"
uiufv nil tb itvululi"iii.iy UoiluHi In
Misiru (' Iit'iuii Hindu Imru nnd rep-
u ulullti'a uf tilt' miimi. fuHluus HI
huldiuy i.'iut wrclihl in llill sjiy,
Atfuuls "I Dim ll nttll'MWIU'
lillttHtiii (I'll Hiti ' ttlf IJlbittK
timet tuiiviil um in'ii IhUi, lljimiglt
Itm flri ul i" i ji n't, unui.
tun WUuli iiliil " uot I
A lifM nl '
M t(l'l "I'M" ' '
U41UHl ''ll'IVI Iui.ih
il Ihu tvlvllui utt Ui t'i... .
I.j 'lN!lm ! I I" '
liv'MH M VI'W J'ltlllWll
h tMIIIM't'MM H..Mh(...
,. iUi) )'! i IjIi i i
ML !! DPI' ttl 4 (! ,
I illllll
'II) t
' -" n " rr "-p s"
" -i
when it wns nnnounced thut President
Taft had been in consultation with
President-elect Wilson in regard to the
filling of some of the existing vacancies
in the government service, in order that
thoso named for somo of tho moro important
posts now may bo retained In
ofllco lifter tho new administration goes
into elfcct. The idea of one President
consulting tho wishes of a
of un opposite party, in tho filling
of offices has startled tho advocates
of tho spoils system.
That tho President nnd his successor
havo been in consultation wns evidenced
by tho ofllcial announcement that Doctor
'Wiley's suceeisor had been chosen
in tho person of Carl Alsbcrg, who will
accept tho post in tho department of
agriculture as tho head of the pure
food bureau, with nn assurance that ho
will bo kept thero by President Wilson.
(Dy Federal Wireless Telepaph.)
WASHINGTON, December 7.
cial to Tho Advertisor) In tho senate
today, tho consideration of tuo
Claims Bill was Tcsuinod, and Senator
Clnpp introduced n bill designed
to prohibit tho raising of campaign
funds in ono Statu for use in another
Tho hearing 'be Jho impeachment
charges agnttist Juugo Archbnld of tho
cominerco court wiisVi'sumi'd.
In tho House
(Ily Federal Wireless Telesraili.)
WASHINGTON, December 7. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Tho legisla
tive, executive und judicial appropriation
bill wtm again taken up in tho
house today. Tlio rivers und harbors
committee continued Its work upon ap
propriation iiins I'uiiiiiig tuuicr its care.
J(vproiiitntii .loliumiii mtroduciHl u
bill autliurituig the fiHlumi guvoruiiieiiti
to tai.o over 1 110 itttin on wiiloh Lin-coin
wn born it ml to hold It u tho
nn H on 'h iiicmorlul tu tho niurtyrtnl
i ii 1 1 1 1. i
(Ily VII Wtrli Tdttripb.)
NHW VOIUC, l)Mwbr 7. SmM
to Tim Ailvmllmr) ltini(sw)ltivii
uf hu Iturviiwm KutlviviMitiau iu.lty
hnvii luUgiH m fur mm I jiriilv! lu
ftgTutl tfas wBr4ij of ut KuUl
iu MiMiitr i rin or kw vr,
livud uf ilm ksifllr ImtHultuii, fur
This u (tin Am iim iiu' ibw NwImI
I''" dUllibtfilWH tmuuM lltll piuUII
ut hi iiu'm ituji i iter u bM MWi mi)1 ir
i') mi'imsi im hut w( n wiuuki.
Iu,ii I'mntl) lr4 U lri Ui
Lutdtwlui, fttf U will iirn. ihn
H'l 111
If 411 WllotsM ftlfMuJ l
VUISiM'i,l', !' In ' p..
LI lu ft) AdtlMllMM) 4tH4UUb iu
lt t.tt ll'IM'tt PUM ftlU JU ,l(
) icl Usmj I Ij1 ul 111 .T, l,,m,
I I i i wifl ui. il Ul .1. I i4i ,1. !
1 I "Mil- 111 ' to t , I, .1 I ,!.,! 1
officially upon its career in Its now
headquarters, a mairmucont structure,
which hereafter will ho tho homo of
the fighting men of tho Nation who
appear in tho capital.
President Taft with his military and
naval aides, members of congress and
of tho diplomatic corps and officials of
tho various departments of the government
were guests at tho formal "house
warming." Moro than two thousand
guests registered at tho clubhouso
which wns gaily fitted out.
(By Federal Wireless Teletraph.)
WASHINGTON, December 7.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Suffering
from several broken ribs, tbo Rev.
John P. M. Caul linn, pastor of St.
Mary's Catholic Church at Eoekvillo,
Maryland. 1b lying today in a local
hospital as the result of an automobile
Tho offending car and its occupants
ran away without stopping to assist
tho clergyman. Father Caulhan, whose
pastoral duty brought him here, was re
turning to his home in a motor car
when ho discovered a largo touring ma-,
chino nenring him just ts ho drove onto
a high embankment. Tho powerful
tar stmck tho runabout in which ho
wns tiding and tossed it into the ditch.
J'asfersby heard tho cries of the
clergyman and released him from tho
wreckage. Father Caulhan probably
will recover.
(Special Cable to Nippu Jiji.)
TOKIO, December 7. Marquis Ma-
sayoilii Matsugatn, ono of the five
"genros" and an authority on Japan's
flnanco, was called into a conferenco
today by two other "genros," Prince
iwno uynma ana Marquis unoru
in tho hopo that .Marquis
gata might bo induced to iorm a now
ministry to snvo Japan in tho present
political crisis. Ho declined positively,
howevor, to nccept tho premiership
and the situation as to the formation
of ii new cabinet still remains unchanged.
The rejection by Tromier Saionji of
tho, plan of tho minister of war for establishing
divisions of the imperial
army in Korea is based on tho
same policy as that advocated by
Matsugata. Tho latter advocates
retrenchment and tho icductioii
of expenditures along all lines of government,
army as well as navy.
According to tho plans of tho minister
of war, it would requiro 7,000,000
yen additional to carry out tho proposed
military extension. Tho domand
for such an extra appropriation mot
with a lint refusal on tho part of
Premier Saionji, tho downfall of his
cabinet following soon afterwards.
Tho political situation in Tokio is
still serious as far ns tho question of
a new ministry is concerned.
(By Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
WASHINGTON, December 7. (Special
to The Advertiser) More than
twenty thousand skilled workers in the
navy yards throughout tho United
States were today plnced under tho
protection of tlio civil service by
order of President Taft. Thn
Turkey's Ambassador to Great Drithin; Nar.im Pasha, tho President's order was issued with tho
- ,. e i 41. - rt1.1. T1..1 TDI. nntllnBn.ln nP , Q..U.. I1MUVUI U. H1U C1V1X SL'lVltU tUllllIUS
01 ,., u "- " -, .--. "
nnd ; nccor(lalKO with opinion f
il. m.1 if ll.n lr.tan. Tlnvlm I . uaf ii nir minlDtnr rr fmnmnrfn nr .
Bulgarloj the Uulgnrian primo minister; ML Dancfl, tho speaker of tho Bulgarian
chamber of, deputies, and General Savoff, commander-in-chief of tho
Bulgar army in tho field.
CONSTANTINOPLE, December 7. (By Associated Press Cablo) It has
been ofllcinlly admitted that tho cholera has now ontercd tho nativo quarters
and that five hundred lives hnvo been snuffed out by tho plnguo in tho last
twenty days. It is believed hero, however, that tho actual number of deaths
far outnumbers tho official estimates givon.
tho attorney general.
HAVANA, Cuba, Decombcr 7. (By
Assvinted Press Cable) Dridgio Webber,
the gun man, who confessed to tho
district attorney and brought about tho
conviction of the gun men who slew
Herman Rosenthal, is preparing to
hurry back to Now York. Asked for
the reason of his chango of plans, Webber
said that ho has been warned that
unless he returns to Gotham immed
clincd to give any intimation of where
tlio warning enmo lrom.
(By Feotrral Wireless Telecraph.)
WASHINGTON, December 7.
to Tho .Advertiser) Army orders
issued nro: ,
Clins. W. Pnndnre.
(ny Federal Wlre'less Telecraph.)
WASIHNG'IXJN, Dcccnibor 7.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) President
Taft today uiada his first Christ
mas giit. Hu promised Representative
Bcrgor of Milwaukee to commute tho
sentenca ol two years imprisonment
imposed ou Harold A. Otoy, private iu
the Thirteenth Company, Const Artillery,
to in alio It expire ou Christmas
According to llorgor, Otoy was
to ono year fur drinking and
another lieeauno ho lied when ho w.is
on trial.
"1 suggetted to tlio President that
lie lot Uiey out un ciirUtinaii day and
hu agreed tu miike (Hoy a freo man on
t iirutiiiui H a prosunt to me."
MTANltHlli, I'slifiir'ulii, Hwnuilia T
(Ily Au4ntl 1'im. t'liUO Tim
itu4(it 1mm)' lm. 4mI4jn m
wild! alUtitl i'HMir who nhll hnv IBs
ivsiiuiitluUtl) uf pusnny wpwi tit uiitvi
"lorlMM wwl uut byllit tu4Ht m
rriuu4f(iis lu Mm miuu m? pri,
All limin uni U pmmm) wymi b Im
tvutut fur )mi!i y Mud Imlh Ku uunt
1 1,'iiidii'WI lu il'v list tul vi mI uf lie
'llll fISlly Ml l .li.fl
lW I.IIUWR4 IU u Mul
Mis HllMl! Hum Will (Nil M lb
HUH) IIH M' ltt lUMtllll fuf lUw ImiI
ii In- iutm I. 'i iMtmi KtwiHl Hf
Ii .l i i. I-,. I..U) m r'kili4 ti4
li. . ni ii. i. li.Uu IwIImvuIL
WASHINGTON, December 7.
(Special to Tho Advertiser)
Governor Hadley of Missouri
conferred today with Senators
Borah, 'Kennott and La Folletto
on plans for tho reorganization
of the Republican party. It became
known today that practically
all tho Republican Governors,
at a previous conferenco,
had discussed Informally tho reorganization
of their party.
Governor Hadley spent an
hour or moro this forenoon discussing
plans. Ho talked with
regard to Progressive Republicans
and ail owned that it was
woll known that ho was in
hearty accord with tho proposition
to hold a convention noxt
year for tho consideration of various
reforms, among which he
included a curtailment of the
representation of tho Southern
Btates in tho national nomination
London to Arrange the
Final Terms.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
Prefers Fighting for Franco.
(By Federal Wireless TeJesraph.)
Blockading Turkish Fleet in the
Dardanelles, But Fear
to Attack.
Delegate From Possessions Reported to Have
Pledges From Democratic Leaders to
Pass Radical Measure.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, December 8. (Special to The Advertiser)
It is stated here that Manuel Quezon, Filipino Delegate
to Congress, has the pledges of William J. Bryan, Representative
Jones, of Virginia, chairman of the committee
on insular affairs, and other prominent Democrats, that the
Jones bill, giving the. Filipinos complete independence in
eight years, will be passed through the house as a "paramount
issue," despite the fact that President-elect Wilson
has not yet committed himself on the question. .
0. (H Associated Tress Cable)
All flic Catholic churches in
tile city began a midnight mass
this morning, in conformance
with the Papal decree, asking
for divine intervention to settle
tho troubles in tho country due
to the insurrection.
l.ns not been announced, she is Bald to
bo tho pretty but capricious young
Peace Commissioners Start for grand duchess, Mario Alexander Victor,
who lias scores ox royal ana
(Br Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
DKVIS LAKE, Maryland, December
8. (Sriccinl to The Advertiser) Lars
Jensen, a laborer, employed on a build-1
inn ..nnolrnpMnn liprn fnll frnm .
IiONTinN. Tlremlwr R IOniul.1 to .. " ,.. yi i. ...i' .i '
i.wi wv nn tniru noor laiu ycsieruuy wuuii u
Tho Advertiser) Turkey and Greece scaffold broke. Ho was buried beneath
aro still dodging a naval battle at tho the brick and mortar. While his
nf t.h narHanniiiw Tt, . ,r,ia( w employes werq loudly discussing
. - . . .w H.l.All.n. to call a doctor or
ed from Constantinople that tho Greeks
evidently acted on the advice that tho
submerged mines would ho effective,
and later learned that tho Straits aro
so well protected as to defy any attempt
to break through.
A mishap to one of the Greek submarines
is denied in a message from
The Turks have strengthened their
not nnd if
it would be best to call a coroner, n
voice from beneath tho debris shouted:
"To with tho doctor, dig mo
nnf ." "Piftenn minutpa Inter Jensen wns
working on another scaffold apparently j
. ..
(By Federal Wlreleis Telegraph.)
posts and forts along tho Gulf of Sa-'(SP"! to Tho Advertiser) Tho great
roses on the Asia Minor side of the ?tc clipper Erskino M. Phelps has
loft-hero on her last voyage to Honolulu
Hellespont. If tho Greeks attempt to
land the pasha in command is prepared ?J San a"?t8C04. ,8 " windjammer,
to give them a hot receptiou. When B,' .beiths .. her bu.y
Tho peace commissioners aro now on P'a" ?io lhary engines w,ll be
iht .- - t j .... ..., . i a.y.. mstnlled to nrenaro her for faster
conference in St. James Palace. t A''.0 "w"!.1 5"dn ""? tb
Her captain hopes to make the last
trip under wind nlono around tho world
ST. PETEIiSBUItG.KuBsia, December in record time.
8. (Special to The Advertiser Prince I A full-rigged and stately queen of tho
Victor Nnpoleon Bonaparte, a general waters when all her sails are set, tho
in tlio Kussian army, Is closely follow- Phelps was tho first steel vessel built
intrly ho will bo murdored. Ho do-J tug the progress of the war in tho near in tho United States and also has more
east and is said to have offered his ser
vices to the French government in tho
event of France being drawn into an
Europenn engagement.
Prince Victor is now tho accepted
leader of the French Bonnpartists. Ho
is said to bo more like the "Littlo
Corporal" than any member of the Nil-
Infantry, will go to Fort polean family ot tno present
George Wright, Washington, for temporary
duty, thenco to I.ottcriiinn Hospital,
San Francisco, for treatment.
First Lieut. Max A. Elser, Twenty-Third
Infantry, is detailed for recruiting
sorvico and will proceed to Columbus,
Captain Win. F. Godson, Tenth Cavalry,
is transferred to the Eighth Cavalry
nnd will sail from San Francisco
about February fifth for Manila.
Transfers: Cnpt. Cornelius C. Smith,
from Fourth to Fifth Cavalrvj Cnpt.
Varicn D. Dixon, from Fifth to Fourth
Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Wnlter K. Wright,
irom to aeventu Inlnntry:
Lieut. Col. II. Allaire, from Seventh to
Eighth Infantry.
Navy Orders.
I- T. Hcatty, command
ant Navy Ynrd, Washington, D. C, to
Atlantic licet as division commander.
Capt. II. F. Jones, from command of
the battleship lihodo Island to
Navy Yard, Washington, D.O.
or previous
French Guns the Best.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
BERLIN, Deecmbor 8. (Special to
Tho Advertisor) Tho mnnncr in which
the Krupp guns wore apparently out-
(Dy Feders! W!r' Telerraph,)
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, December
8. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
Tho visit of former King Manuel of
I'ortugnl was in connection with his engagement
to n Russian princess. Ho
has completely recovered from his recent
sovcro illness.
Whilo tho namo of Manuel's fiancee
fast voyages to her credit than any
other sailing vessel atloat.
fBy Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
NOME, Alaska, December 8. (Special
to Tho Advortiser) 'Another rich
gold striko on tho newly found continuation
of tho third beach lino has been
mado in tho Koffa claims. Tho pay
streak is four feet thick and runs four
cents to tho pan. Tny pan better as
tho drifts aro extended. The Bay States
group, whero pay was struck November
14, show increasing results in several
claims and nro taking out big lumps.
Tho recent discovery of gold has
ranged by tho French make of guns i awaKencu rue winter camps aim an ib
durinc the Hunting in the Balkans has . activity around Nome, nnd it looks liko
caused tho German Emperor consider
able nnxicty.
His Imperial Majesty has called into
conference the most famous artillerists
a revival of tho early days in the camp.
(Dy Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
CHICAGO, December 8. (Special to
In the Emniro and the exports at tho The Advertiser) Mme. Sarah Bern
ordnance works at Essen. Ihardt plans to do her Christmas shop-
It is almost certain thut tho German ping early nnd says sho will buy
of manufacture will bo tweon $4000 and $5000 worth of gifts
completely revolutionized bb n result of . for European notables, including actors,
the Balkan war.
playwrights, dukes and duchesses. Sho
will not do her own shopping, but will
leave tho purchasing or tho gifts to her
companion, Mile. Saylor.
Dr. E. B. Beasley has returned from
Waialun, where he was Doctor AVoods'
substitute during tho latter 's visit to
Europo. Doctor Boasloy will leave next
Friday for Japan nnd China. Ho will
probably be gone two or thrco months
Enjoy a Delightful French Duel
-? ? M X '
Four Bullets Courteously Exchanged
(By 1'iulenil WiroleisTiih'griipli,)
J'AIUH, Dorwnlier 8. (Soi'iiiI to Tlio Ailvortlnor) Coining nwny from ii
liiuiili, whloli wtm prolmlily u goml lunoli, n It wan htvwI by a well known
tt(Biniit Uut)jcr In the t'luiinpn HIvkom, M, Auliry, ptwliU'iit of the
Of I'rumli imrlliiiuuiitHrj' Joutimllnti, iunl l)iy I'lorr l,rpy 1)H
lUullie, Ml tu (nlkliig Hliout M. I'tflinArii' iWlIi iiji furelgli n!T.nlr nt Nmitw,
"M i'ttlsMNitn won lilt ipulurHj llinrii,1 inil ,M. Aubry.
Ilin pli 81 Khmi did uut uUi It far lilm," toplluil 41, Umy Mm,
"UjMttu lbrt b Wt kli (w In It,"
"llewi" iM M'. Auhry, ul tU wnw Uwn jirelitUng mluitrnllun fur il.
Ti 4p"i it"l. "U launti tn kMtHri hw 1hj 0im1 si)
u.irn sMMkUM is) Utv mdimi 1uu4"
4i kuu i- iIiki rr wtl" I4 Aultvy.
fb dm ul) Mi4 U M
Yb )uinnll il"" ful'l Mm lit iy in ,
Tim ttvpul) ifplul " Vm nn sih, u I lll Iwi uur u "
"I iik u uw 4u it.'1 mm tw jwntiiUt.1 mm! m mi wmmi
k 414 m m
4 ImIi lm 4nil) n4 lit )iwiilut ftNifM 4wl, 4 Ml fltt4
! lfllit'4 M l.m loin Ml Id lM blttfurlti tsilliy4 fuif bulitM
MllttUUI fHutl
ifMfcz Mti& bHg iiLitMBiiMiiitfliriiffMtf tjt"i ium J&RMiMhtf
WASHINGTON, December 8.
,clal to Tho Advertiser) Governor Gen-
i cral William Cameron Forbes will leavo
, here for Ssattle, where he will sail for
the Philippines, December 16.
' Ho canto out in warm disapprobation
of tho Jones' Independence Bill. Gov-
J ernor Forbes Bays that any talk of freo
self-government for tho Philiunincs.
beyond the autonomy given them under
tho present administration, is no good.
He predicts that tho opening of tho
Panama Canal wi'l end onco and for
all rillplno aspirations for independence.
The growth of trado will bo
such, says Forbes, that tho Filipinos,,
who aro developing remarkable genius
for commerce, will bo tho last to wish
i SmeSatt a
Governor General of the Philippines,
who says Filipinos will never want
separation from tho United States.
lc fC HC St L tp lg Le a4 kJV vjf l t fr lf
the political alliance with tho United
States severed.
Forbes returned to his New England
homo a very sick man in May last. The
result of his leave of absenco has been
to completely restore his health and ho
goes back to Manila ready to end his
term as Governor General by another
spell of work in tho interest of
and Americans.
He had a long conference on Fridav
with President Taft, Brigadier General
Mclntyre, director of the bureau of insular
affairs, and his predecessor, Gen.
James Francis, Smith, of San Francisco.
uonerai smith is now one of the
Judges of the court of customs appeals
and one of the prominent Oilifornlans
in the Capital.
T Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON. December 8. fSnccial to
Tho Yet another British
police scandal. "We weie so very,
very good, and thoso terrible Americans
were so shockingly, abominably wicked
when tho Becker scandal was first unfolded."
But eight British police "affacis,"
coming one on top ot the other, is to
John Bull a pill as bitter as gall. Tho
latest ciibo lius Involved the suspension
of u prominent official of the London
police force. The police doings, whilo
secret, aro causing much discussion in
tho clubs. But no details havo been allowed
to leak out.
Tho sale of Hammerstein's Opera
House to n prominent financier was all
but complete, whon, owing to the
of tho money market, duo to tho
Balkan war, tho deal had to bo put off.
il. Fiascati, a woll known city
has just retired, having
earned a small fortune us the result of
twenty-five years of activity. His customers
included notable authors nnd
iuuriinllKts. On hoiiio occasions ho has
had visits from mombors of the poor-ago
who, accompanied by women
tilenilH, hnvo lU'ilrod to dine in Bohemian
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