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Greece Said to Have Signed Armistice
Jt J Jl 0 & J . . J
Bulgarian-Turkish Frontier Is Fixed?
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
.LONDON, December C. (Special to The Advertiser) An unconfirmed
Btatuncut today says that Greece has accepted tho terms of the protocol and
clgned armistice. It S3 expected that Athens will Issue an official state
ment at once. With tho announcement that Greeco has signed tho protocol It
Is balleved hiro ttat the paaceful settlement. of the war Is at hand.
A conference of European ambassadors to scttlo tho dispute betwoon
Servla and Austria will he held on tho samo day as tho poace conference In
From an authenticated source today It was learned that tho Balkan Allies
will insist that the Turkish-Bulgarian frontlor extend from Midna, on the
Black Sea, through Sara! and Chorlu to the Qulf of Saros.
This would leave tho Sultan only a narrow Btrlp of one hundred miles long
and fifteen miles wldo in Europo, bordering on the Dardanelles and the S
of Marmora, including Constantinople.
It was also learned that January Is set as the tlmo for tho conference
of the peaco onvoys in London, allowing twenty-five days to tho representatives
to agree on tonus.
(By Federal Wireless Telograph.)
BOMB, Italy, December 0. (Spoclal to Tho Advortlser) The persistence
of Greece in bombarding Avlona is causing serious dissatisfaction here. The
Italian minister at Athens has been Instructed to notify tho Greek government
that Italy and Austria will never allow any State to occupy Aviona, or ovoi
the Peninsular of Linguetta, or Seseno Island, for tho purpose of transforming
them into naval or military bases.
It 13 understood that tho Austrian minister will givo similar notification
to the Greek government.
(lly Federal Wlrete Teleewph.)
to Tho Advertiser) The United
State must have a largo navy and must
bo prepared for any chanco of war, if
it Is to preservo its national safety.
This is tho opinion of Secrotary Meyer,
of tho navy dopartmont. In his annual
report, mado public today, Secretary
Meyer pleads for threo new battleships
this year and declares that this
country soon will fall from second to
fourth place In the relative strength of
naval powers, if it continues tho policy
of building only two ships each year.
International peace has been brought
no nearer, tho secretary declares, so far
as a limitation of arrangements is concerned.
To guard Its coast and commercial
activities ttio United States needs a
permanent navy of forty-one capital
ships, battleships and battlo cruisers,
according to tho secrotary.
Tho present strength of tho navy in
battleships is about but
four ships will soon bo retired as obsolete.
(By Federal WlreleM Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, December C (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Xn a messago
to congress, Bubmitttd today by President
Tftft, ho recommends an amendment
of tho law lessoning tho penalty
when corporations inadvertantly disobey
the corporation tax law.
Other recommendations wore:
Adoption of tho currency reform outlined
by tho monotary commission.
Citizenship without statehold for
Porto Pico,
that this subject Bhould be left to tho
incoming congress.
ftlv Fuleral Wirelesi Telepaph.t
TOKlO. .Tnpnn, December C (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Gen,
rt,,,, Tnrnnnlil. rtnvpriinr irenoral of
Knipernr, and to contlnuo ids udmlnis
trat Ion.
The determination 011 the part of tho
Premier to rellro, liowevor, was so
utroiig that bo declined this request.
Prince Yamngatu, it will bo
declined three days ago the
lit reiitieat fur anlitiilir by Miirquli
Jn,n...i I., u.ilili.l lii. ,, .iman.tn, In llnrnt,
whlto girls and white women."
The convention instantly broke into
a fierce uproar of hissos nnd catcnlls,
denouncing the South Carolina man,
who stood facing tho angry men, apparently
indifferent to tho storm ho
had moused.
When quiet was restored ho said:
"Hiss all you enro to. Only snakes and
geese hiss. I can afford to snap my
lingers nt your idiotic resolutions call-inc
unon me to 'violnta the spirit of my
oath of office bv protecting
of the most vicious, venomous charac
ter. The women of mv Stato will bless
mo and urge their huBbands to vote for
hip, if I sliow that I nm possessed of a
white man's feelings."
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph,)
WASHING xXf, Decembor C.
(Special to Tho A&vcrtlser)
Preparations for tho proposed
movement by Democratic lead-
era in tho senate to block the
confirmation of tho majority of
President Taft's appointments,
to bo mado during tho last few
months of his administration,
aro under way here today.
All the postofflce appointments
will be "pocketed" by senators
from tho interested districts, it
Is understood, especially at
such places where a chango
might bo affected.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CHICAGO, Decembor 0. (Special to
The Advertiser) "Is Chicago's man-
Elovation of Colonel Goethals, head n00(i aeadf If so, deliver Jnck John-
of tho Panama Canal construction work, pon nnywlloro within tho proud limits of
to tho rank of major general. Louisiana and rocelvo a Toward of
Regulation of water power companies. 3.5000 from those priding themselves on
Increase in pay of militia in tho field, Caucasian blood, who would rather dio
reo battleships this yoar. tnan iiavo that blood mixed with
Anthority for tho United States Su- pjans,
premo Court to niako rules of This messngc was contained in n lot-
uro in common law cases in tho fodoral tor received here today by Chief of Po-
courts. lico McSweency, from Monroe, Louis-
llo also expresses disapproval of in- iana, protesting against tho recent mar-
dcpendcncc for the Philippines in eight ringe of the negro pugilist with Lueillo
years and tho amendment of tho Cumcrqn.
man antitrust law. Tho letter was signed by Louis Whit
No recommondation was mado regard- more, H. C. Mcrriam, G. E. Frocloek
ing revision, tho President stating nnd J. W. Williams.
(Hy Federal Wtreieta leiecrapn.J
WASH1NC5TON, Decomher 0.
to The Advortlsor) Army orders:
First Lieut. Arthur J. Davis, Fourth
Intantry, is transtorred to tno
iourth Intantry, and will proceed to
ifnfm, wn fodnv minnlntrd nremlcr of' Manila, sailing on tho transport about
Japan, in succession to Marquis Saionji, January 5, from San Francisco. First
according to tho Asahi. Lieut. William A. Alfoute, Signal Corps,
Uncertainty Prevails.
(Special Cable to Nippu Jiji)
TOKlO, Japan, December 0. Tho political
complication in Tokio cnuscd by
tho sudden downfnll of Saionji's cab-
will go to Fort Mackenzie, Wisconsin,
lor temporary duty, tiicu to proper station.
First Lieut. Charles I'.
Pirst Field Artillery, is transferred
to tho Third Field Artillory.
First Lieut. V. W. Coopor, Twelfth
t'nvalry, is transferred to tho Eighth
inot, grows daily moro tangled and at Cavalry aud will join his reglmont in
this timo Is such that little hopo is t1(! Philippines. Capt. William D. Forfeit
in General Terauchi's cabinet 8ytiio, Tilth Cavalry; Tlrst Lieut.
formed. thur F. Wilson, Sixth Cavalry: Pi rst
ivuiuiiiu i.iuiuKuiu, .,iii,.,uio Lieut. Charles 1'. Ueorgo, Jr., Seeonu
Mnsnyochl Mntsultutn and other "gen riol)1 Artillory, and Second Lieut.
or elder statesmen, met 111 confer. ,wm u iloorc j iftecth Cavalry,
enco today and discussed tho situation ,.. ,. .,...
,rn In v,,rt Iftlnv fnr t tun
thorouglily. , Mounted Service School
While this conlcrenco was in K ouUtl). Q t w A oill c011.
Pr nee Yumngnta en led upon
lllnn( of Colorado J101.10 to await or-
p;is Saionji and had a long intorv low ( c t 8 8 w'ood , U01Iimmill of
with Ii in. 1 the courjo of the liter. , oomIIlllll(1 t,10 Kobrn8ka.
vlow tho I'rlnce begged tho e iring u j p Vtiu, Illinois to
From er to withdraw his resigimtlon, .....l....... ., ,. Th ,; , ,,.
hleh still remains unaccepted I th. r'iT'E.ta. l
Illinois. J. T. Touip
kin", Mlnnetotn to WUcoiisiu; Liout,
t ouininiiiler IMivnrd MrUuloy, Jr.,
;"" '".' "- " " """" ,. IM.IIn.lnli.t.l. Mli.li.l.nln I.lnlll
I've burn, foriiH'r iniiuiivr nr war, nun 11 '.", '. ;'"" ,,V ' .' ' : , '--- "-"
Hlfpran now llml the i.i.ir.i.U In lilt ' ""J'- Vlraiii , lioino to
(imi, bus iIwIImimI the reut of the iiwalt or.lor.i L iwt. .1. V. Cox,
old Vrliifo uml I bo InUrvUw diiiIwI u"f ";Ww!t YrlMi Moiil. 1). (uni
jiborliwdy '"'"K' HH'1"' I" NubriuUu) lilln
Th. Jinro." ml lu nfrii TlMmi.. Muritn, M, H. Jlrotvn, UiiiIimI
'urly In the iiiiiruliiir uud mmfllii! I11 ,lllVf1r' ?.',' W. 8piT, Jr., Jl. '1.
. .!.. ui.M imn in Tim HflurHuiiB, No frrlH, W. A, llwlutiHiiii, J. J, Jlreww,
uImiiuii who r.M.liBil i) lu Iwtf r I WdrldgA, J, . Whiisii, II. 11,
1.,, , K. 1 11 1.1 wlihiimw hit rvlg v f'"' I' A Riihjihiii, II H. 'e'li W.
nuiiuu mnl ) muiliiu bit lllliiU lu XlirHksi IJitHgij
11. ,n I'll, i.uqiiiitiiiiu ! uuw m in H ' MluHwiut in AiUil U
,ui. jlliini KmiNM A Y luiplilrc Ublo lu
j 4ut(K tiuiiuii) 'nm4 XmuUhi Hur
1 n iiuim vi'iiiMin, Ho.vwibi'r 1) hn ' " irlv, llnti iw Niinlu,
Hi . 1-1..1 l'n 1 nbln) tk Umlun iWpi rinl Mu. Arlbur
. '!.. I tl.l... lla.rk. LI,,,., t.l.,,,1
1 null 1 r 1 11 hi, 1 11 iiiitriiiiiif ! " i,fwp, , ,,,
mi h !,., iinr Mriiruwn ttkvu ' lu Wntiiititfiuv, tl l' iHHnnri ul In
1i.nn.iiir "lu I ll.i, 'lil( vtmi Moiunil I'l.lN laluKMl UImiM, I'HIImI
1 !., imtim, Wt4 l iMt(ii ilmiluji 1'iclrl, tit ufitcti
1 I - lllMl '! in (MtlfHV IJ l lH iuii iiaiiwvi
1 , 1. I uliu II. rlMl Mtlt km
ii- h I fe!l Ml i! m lk ll
, 1 nutnk iuiim i Muni uu
MMiW lg&t AW MtVMttf
1 hi h4..! WllM TUte I
n AioMtittl) Whwi liii IH
I1 ii '"" " TlTl" ?";"; .Z-T- ' ."TTra. "" ii 111 ii mi ,ii in iiiiill.ii iii ijuhunliimll 95 . In,ilym iiiillmi ...tunn"" m i.mMiiW
Ivo conference opens here next Wednesday,
tho principal specdi w 11 be delix
eretl by Throiloro Uoofovclt, according
to tlie announcement toilav lioosovelt
and lurnior Senator Hcorid.c of In
(liana, etc clicilulH to nddro's
bcifsterk dinner, to be hoi 1 on
night. Two srsions tire planned bv
Hio I oBrci es one on Tuesday and
the other Wcdnedny.
(Uv Federal Wireless Telegraph)
rillLADKLPHIA, Dofombcr
ft. (PprriiO to The Ad'Trt'ser)
Efforts bv Mavor Rolnh, o(
Snn Francisco, to obtn'n the
Liberty Hell for tho Panama-Pa-
clCc Kxposition, resulted today
in n bill being Introduced in tho
common council forbidding the
removal of tho relic from Us
present location.
irv Pedeml Wlrlnu T'eetaih.
WASHINGTON, Doccmbor 0. (Special
to The Advertiser) Andrew F.
Pumsoth, president of the International
Scnmcn 's Union, and Robert Swayno,
of Hoyt and dwnync, stcnmsnai.
agents, both of San Francisco, lockod
horns hero today when the senato commerce
commlttco heard representatives
of tho Great Lakes nnd Pacific Coast
shipping; companies opposo tho senmoti's
involuntary servitude bill, passod by
tho housont tho hist session of congress.
"This monsuro," shouted Swnyne, "is
theoretic, fantastic and impractical,
nnd a menace to the world's commerce."
This characterization of th8
uro nngcred Furuseth.
" Swayno 's contention is nil wrong.
When this measure becomes a law it
will uplitt the sailors of tho world and
afford, them protection and recognition,"
declared Furuseth.
TI FV,lerl WlreleM TcVKtiph.)
NEW YOHK, December 0. (Speclnl
to Tho John C. Mnl
lery. n retired army officer, committed
suicide, hero today by jumping from tho
ninth lloor of the Manhattan Hotel. Ho
was instantly killed. Major Mallery hnd
been ill for "a long time.
(riv Federal Wlre'eaa Telegraph.
LISBON, December C. (Spocial to
Tho Advertiser) That ot least eighty-two
fishermen perished in n storm which
swept the Portuguese coast last xiion
dav. is reported horo today by survi
vors. A licet numbering ncany auu
small craft was completely destroyed.
(IU Federal Wlrelen Telegraph.!
CniOAGO, December 0. (Special to
The Advertiser) Governor Marshall of
Indiana, who is hero attending tho sessions
of tho fedeinl council of tho
Church of Christ of America, said last
nltrht Hint ho wnnlil hn rnlldv for his
o. own inauguration as Vico President of
'11.. TT-i.-.l 0.-.A -.. (tn.A1. ., ,lnanlfn
lue weainer, or uie propuawu vuuujiu
of the date ot the inauguration.
The Governor said ho went on record
two years aco as favoring tho inaugu
ration on tho regular dnto and for that
reason he would be "ready for bust
ncss," at noon, March 4.
(By Federal Wlrele Telepraph.)
to Tho Advertiser) Tho town of
Vallo Del Bravo, Stnte of Mexico, was
practically destroyed today by
rebels, under command of
Do La O, because the inhabitants
refused to deliver over to them nineteen
young women residents.
TI10 inlinnitants, anticipating mat
the rebels would wreak veiigennco on
them, fled to the surrounding
leavintr the town entirely deserted
They are said to bo suffering from cold
and hunger.
(lly Fedoral Wirelcu Telenraph.)
NEW YOHK, December C (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Charles Pago
llryan, former American Ambassador to
Japan, is hero in a hospital uudcr treatment
tor a somewhat serious injury received
in Tokio. His carnage fell 'over
the side of a bridgo on a dark night and
ho sustained internal injuries, which
compelled his resignation.
Whilo he will be under treatment for
E01110 time, his recovery is assured.
December 7. (By Associated
Press Cable) Foreign Minister
Snzanoff introduced 11 bill before
tho council of ministers
day which calls for the
lishment of n consulate in tho
city of Honolulu, Hawaii. It is
being considered fnvorably.
(Hy 1'iJ.r.l Wlrrliu Ttleirmli.)
WAMIIlNdTON, lleinjiuber
IhI In Tim Ailmrlliur) Diitu pro-
roiulilmslliiii of tlm ainiilliuii vUiini
bill WUl MMIHUll twlyy,
Milppiu iuUrM'o vull vlgoiuun ui'
kmIIIuii to Iba mmumm'k iuvuluutury
ervlluiln tit Mo bvfurt the ruiiiHlWff
ub rumiiilllMi,
Til MlUIt U( I in pmi' hM't'Ul rnuitll4
(Hut ul iwljp An UiimM.
Kiiii.r JibiMMiu, ul AUUiim,
ati airwHwni fur iruiiiNl u
H publiii ilutuiueiil 'fMl4l Tifl'l
WMifll ul IU iMtwyblm vt li' I M
I'lKt) 'IIUM'Ullull
Pi!OOcIl)IN0l IN
ib wrurfM yMH.it4i i
n t p ' t 1 1
Llfo Imprisonment was tho pun- '
ishnicnt meted out to Heo Park,
li.o i titnumnii m rested, tried ami
(i:u ictcd ot the clnrgo of rnpe of
W two little girls, under the age of
louitccn. The enso was tried In
.Judgo llobluson's court, and tho
enfo went to tho jury, which wns
out of tho courtroom ouly flvo
utes, bnrely three minutes having
been given to consideration of tho
verdict. Within n short tlmo Heo
T 'i P T TT t 'l t P P t l r t
WASHINGTON, December 0. (By
Associated Press Cable) In a statement
given out this morning Oscar
Democratic representative
from'Alnbama, declared that tho Democrats
aro planning 11 complete roUaion
of tho tariff as speedily us possible.
"Wo aro going to roviso tho schedules
from Agnto to Zinc,' said Mr.
with n suillc.
This statvumnt U taken as an Index
of tho determination of the hoiiao loaders
to force through tariff legislation
as speedily us poasllilu, despite which
tho Ili'pulillcnu loaders In both houso
mid suniite nunlst In ileclurlni! that
will lid nil llnkiirtmr wllli tlm tur.
......1 i u...,ni.. iir 1.1. ...i.. 1 n i : . . . ' ....... ..M ......
'"" uiyv,,1u,' ""'ki;i " "J.iinr during tho prcHeiit sustlon
to 811I1H111 0. 1. Nol- ' . t
sou, Illinois 10 uiiioi
K, l!. Jlliiriinori), Illinois to Nobnukui
l.leut,.t'nininiiiiiliir I). '. Mimliu, navy
Park wns on his way to Oalm
prison, where ho will servo tho
term of "his natural life."
The caso was presented to tho
Jury by the opposing counsel, S. F.
Chllliiigwortli defending tho
oner, nnd ttic itoputy city
ney prosecuting.
From Saturday Advertiser.
Caucuses aro reported to have been
hold over the national gunrd armory appropriation
by Incoming legislators nnd
members of the Domocrntic committees
in tho hope that tho $100,000 appro
priated out 01 tho lunrts derived irom
the two bond issues may by diverted to
other permanent improvements in tho
Governor Frcar states that ho has
heard nothing of such a proposal and ho
Is expecting the plans and specifications
to bo readv in tho near future so that
bids may bo advertised for beforo tho
legislature convenes. It was his plan
originally to have the contract awarded,
if tho bids wore right, beforo tho
end of tho year, on account of a
sion In tho permission by tho war do
partmont to the Territory to mnKo use
of the drill shed for Its armory boforo
the end of tho present fiscal year.
Those who havo been caucusing over
the funds that may bo nt tho disposal
of tho coming legislature havo had their
attention drawn to tho armory
and arcuments havo been
mado that tho armory and the guard,
with the rapidly increasing regular
nnnv establishment here, aro not as no-
ecssary ns in former years. On this
ground those who havo attended tho
caucuses nro of the opinion that if tho
armory matter can bo delayed the
would havo an opportunity of
bringing tho $100,000 within tho scopo
of their 6wn lawmaking and divert it
to some other use.
Governor Frcar was asked yestorday
I whether, in tho oveut of no contract
ing awarueu ocioro luu lugisiuiuru uiui.
and took tho matter under consideration,
tho money could bo reapproprinted.
The Governor stated that tho money
was now in tho territorial treasury, and
thnt if tho legislature choso, it could, in
tiio event of tho contract not having
been nwnrded, handle the money in Its
new appropriation bills, but it would
havo to bo reapproprinted, if at all, for
hills, permanent works.
me suggestion is made inui mo national
guard work could bo bettor directed
toward acquiring a knowledge of
tho handling of tho big Coast defense
guns, rather than ncting as an infantry
rceiment. and that by traininc tho citi
zens to use these guns they could bo
used nlmost exclusively in tho fortifications,
thereby leaving all tho mobilo
forces intact and with no need to withdraw
any of them as additional artil
It hns been argued by thoso who favor
tho National Guard drilling as
coast artillerymen that by taking places
in fortifications in. tlmo of trouble thoy
would not bo subjected to tho hardships
of a Hold campaign, which
many of them would not bo capable of
Whilo in times of peneo tho National
Guard act ns infantrymen and nro able
to march upon good roads and sleep under
good thick blankets nnd undor
tents nnd Iiavo good, hearty, hot meals,
in tlmo of war thoy would not bo ublo
to face tho hard conditions which war
imposes. On tho other hand, it is nr
cued tho lifo in tho fortifications would
bo an easier method of serving their
ling nnd they would bo as olTcctunl as
aids to tho regulnr army.
Tho contractors of the city, however,
fcpl that tho plans ami specifications
will bo out presently nnd thnt thoy will
bo nbln to put in bids this month nnd
havo thorn acted upon beforo tho end
of tho year.
An attack of influenza Is often followed
by 11 pcrtdsteiit cough, which to
many proves 11 great nnnoyiiace, Chamberlain's
Cough lU'iiicily has been
used nnd with good success
fur tiio relief mid cure (if this coii(li.
Mirny riiii'H lmvo 1 11 cured uftor other
well known remedies hnd fnlloil, 1'or
nl by lleinon, Hmltli & Co,, Ltd., agents
for I In wall. Advertisement,
olul to Tiio Ailvnrtliur) limn
Couvimod nt noon,
en I'd iitiuigu i gujiuriil Hllalm a$
Wimturu delvgMlu Hiliuoutwd
fur rim uml bwrliur linprmu
lUWU liiilum rlvifi uud liurburi
MlllUry l(lrt euuiimiiiu boumi
bSiirltigi uu uiiuuri uppiujii uiiuw bin,
UmuiuihI vumi'l' inliun wf l ymUU ,
ftiMuiivv Hud imllM! up.ipiiiiiiun
NHVI ktflri VOWWilldu IhmuM fim
Utjt l 8jiiluurlaliwlii lull, wlilvb
limriuiu lt inlliuKlvi Hill umi)'
$mwtMti lu iii,ihiii,i'"
I'rMiiv mii mini ini twi.'ti
llwwu NMi ilii" I'Miiiiu
MMMltirt. IdwiMtUt i (H 'iM.'t""
lluui ur HMM'i
HMIslN Uml i'HIH iuiii'lili) tm
Mm tfrntu .ll'UuiIU imI imuki
(''l upfll lull lull Mllll I IwllU'Hli Oill
par MNiptii uni fiwiMwi i
President Says This Does Not
Mean Liplomacy Only
Monroe Doctrine Strengthened in
Eyes of World Urges the
Merit System.
(lly Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, December 3. A
noto of wuruing to European powers
which by indirect means contlnuo to
discriminate against American trado;
a strong appeal to tho congress to uplift
tho grent foreign policies of America
abovo mere questions of partisan
ship; n triumphant vindication of tuo
diplomacy of tho administration, which
Is characterized as thnt of "dollars
versus bullets"; n masterful pride In
tho enormous oxpnnsioii of American
trade uh n result of tho foreign policies
of his iidminlstrntlon; nnd nn earnest
npiieul for joint action by congress and
tho executivo to open now markets for
American industries theso nro tho
moro striking features of President
Tnft's fourth annual message sent to
congress today.
Tho messago is tho first of a scries
of such communications which ho will
mnko to congress in tho early days of
the session, nnd deals entirely with tho
foreign relntioiiB ot tho United states
"nirlii,ilniT wllli flin HQilnl in
December, permitting tho government,
instend of imposing tho full maximum
rntcs of duty against discriminating
countries, to apply a graduated scalo of
duties, up to that maximum of
per cent.
Out of Dato Tariffs.
"Flat tariffs aro out of dato," says
the President. "Nations no longor
equal tariff treatment to nil othor
nations, irrospectivo of tho treatment
from tliem received. It is
very necessary that tho American government
should bo equipped with weapons
of negotiation nnd adapted to
modern economic conditions."
Promotion for Merit.
Tho stnto department, "an nrchnic
and inadenuato machine," nt the be
ginning of this administration, tho
President says, has becomo a now organization,
with highly specialized
biircniis and exports dealing with every
jihaso of American trndo nnd diplomacy.
Holding that the essence of this
reorganized servico is found in tho nier.
it Hvstcm, which President Cleveland is
credited with having introduced, 1'resi
idiiiission to and promotion in the dip
loniiitic nnd consular services.
To show that those appointments nro
already largely non-partisan, the President
points to tho fact thut three of the
present ambassadors are holdovers;
that of tiio ton ho hns appointed, flvo
woro by promotion from tho rank of
minister; that of the thirty ministers
unpointed, eleven were promotions; nod
that in tho consular sorrieo no less than
ii!i por cent, of tho consuls appointed by
lilm were irom tno woiitliern atntes.
Dollars for Bullets.
"Tho diplomacy of tho present ad
ministration hns sought to respond tn
modern ideas of commercial
says President Tnft. "This
policy lias licon characterized as substituting
dollnrs for bullets. It is one thnt
appeals ullkn to idealistic humanitarian
sentiments, to tho dictates of sound
policy and strategy, nnd to legitimate
commercial alius,"
Tho President adds flint "because
minium diplomacy Is cominnrcliil, thoro
lina been a disposition In hoiiki quarters
to attribute to It uonu but imitorlallstic
"llnw strikingly erroneous Ih such
1111 linprosuloii may bo soon finui 11 study
nf Uni ri'MilU by which tint diplomacy
of llio United Hlati's emi lm Judged, "
suys tho I'rcsliloiit,
He nioiit Ioiih tlm iirbilrntloii Iruiitlei
with 1'rinii'K uml (Irout llrllniii, wliieh
fill I od of confirmation in llio snimlui
tiio mipemifiil Irlpurlltv inmllNtliiii of
lliti ArgHiitlim lleiiiililli', llrntil mid Die
I 'ul I ml HtulM, liulwumi I 'urn mid
Hi n nibllmtlnii of the PmiiiiiiiiI'
f'anU Dloa linuiuliiry illiulm thu in-Invention
MtMll llnlli uinl tlm I)u
luliitimn lluiubll on Him tnrtf uf Hr,
Iba uipriiBU uf Ibu Mi'ursHiiiiii wur,
llic lulling nflnleriii" ii 1 lnri' In llmi
ilUIHI, lilt BllJlMlWllMlt r Ibu Vi'll'limUll
Tn mm Art "I dlipulu l,"ieui ivru uml
riiliw, ui inn RUJuilii 1 ill or I He I'm
miiiu Hvimdurimi buuu'Uiv imuo
III l'Ullipi'llll Wf Hi. .i llillitf
1 lm I'rml'luui, ilum lm pmrl
llll uf iHleimilil'li"! on I lm
W I'uwil wf Miiulli 4" 'ii, 1 i uUn
U'l'li llml lie illpliiuiii' f II" I'ulU'l
tUli' Ii llii lu .ulii.g In nxiiitii
Hi. rimulnli' III r..l" I Inui' ll'li
' O'lllllJ UU4 I MtuU'l'l
MUm wuu ut)u
lukiiii HI. Kim ul ii. .liUii m u
refers with expressions of prido to
China, where "the policy of encouraging
financial Investment to enable that
country to help Itself hnx lind tho result
of giving new llfo and pnetical
to the pollrv " Tho
icnMiiient purpro hns I cen to encourage
tho ,so nf Ai. oritrii capital In
China, says the President, to prfimoto
the rofornn to which that country Is
pledged liv treaty with the Vnltod
S'atvi nnd other powers. There hns
'ecu a viaormi I'srrt'on, nlro. he nys,
of the equal right of the United fltatcn
to a voice in all oucstioiii pertaining to
li'nec 1 'nns and dcvolo'imonts.
fnft "akin the direct
chnrgo that tho terrible events recorded
in Mcarncua recently, tho useless loss
of llfo, the devastation of property, tho
nnniianiment 01 llio prlncip'il oittei. tho
killings nnd the tortirc nnd nutToring,
"might lmvo been nver'ed had the department
of stnte, through approval of
tho loan convention bv t'io senate, been
permitted tn carry out Its now well developed
"In Centrni Ahiorics tho nim has
bceb to help such countries as
nnd Hondii'iis to help themselves,''
says Prosident Tnft.
Monroo Doctrino Strongor.
While thoy nro tho Immedlnto
tho profit to the United States
is two-fold, ho adds. Tho Monroe
Is more vital in tho neighborhood
of tho Panama Canal, nnd such coun
tries ftiiouiu do Tcitoven or. tuo jeoparuy
of heavy foreign dobts likely to
International complications.
Tho ftnnnclnl rehabilitation of thesn
countries by American bankers nnd tho
protection of their customhouses from
being tho prey of dictators,
says tho President, would romovo
the monnco of foreign creditors and
revolutionary disorder. Furthermore,
uie United Htntes would profit largoly
in ix business wny through tho development
of tho great natural resources of
Central America.
Stop Filibusters.
Commending tho successful rosutts of
tho application of the now neutrality
laws to Mexico nnd other troubled countries
tho President suggests thnt moans
bo found in addition to prevent tho
professional revolutionists from making
American ports "foci" for revolution-
nry Intrigue. Ho reiterates his deter-
the oxisting good rolntions with foreign """"l,u" lu ""o m ino rau ui
tmwiirn Mm Prr.il.l,,nt n.lil. Hint thnan I icO to tllo "lmtlcnt policy of
havo been strengthened by "A greater vontion, Bteadfast recognition of
iiisistouco upon justico to American uucn auinoriiy, nan 1110 oxoruon 01 uv
citizens, or interests, whorover it may ory oftort to protect American
lmvo been denied, and n strongor em
phasis of tho need of mutuality in
and othor relations."
A Warning Noto.
For tho first timo in its history, says
tho President, the statu dopartmont hns
obtained substantially tho most fnvorod
nation treatment from nil of tho countries
of tho world. Thorofore, bo snys,
thnt it is only natural that compctltivo
countries should view with some con
cern tho expansion of our commorejo.
Henco tho warning, "If in Borne instances,
tho measures taken by them to
meet it nro not entirely equitable, a
remedy should bo found."
To this end, tho President strongly
recommends tho enactment of tho bill
recommended by Secretary Knox Inst
Other paragraphs of tho mossngo
point to tho increase of Amoricnn domestic
oxports by $200,000,000 during
tho past year, malting tho groatcst total
ever known, $2,200,000,000; to tho agri
cultural credit system wlncli ho
indorsed, to tho probablo necessity
of nn nmendmont of tho fur seal
net to permit limiting killing of seals;
to a meeting of tho nrbltrntors in Washington
noxt year t,o adjust tho pecuniary
claims botweon Groat Britain nnd
America; to negotiations with Mexico
for tho distribution of tho waters of tho
Colorado lllver In tiio Imperial Valley
section; and to tho financial rehabilitation
of Liborin. ,
Thcro is merely historical Tcforenco
to tho Chinese revolution; to tho Sun
Domlngan troubles, tho rebellion In
Cuba and tho Unlknn War
in which It Is snid tho United
States is not Involved.
Tho messago concludes with an earnest
nppcal to congress to cooperate with
tho executive In Its cffoits to apply tho
old principles of diplomncy which havo
governed tho country, to tho
now situations of today, when
America finds ilsolf at the threshold of
her middle ago as n nation ; "too mature
to continuo in its foreign relations
thoso tempornry oxpcdlonts natural to
a poopio to whom domestic affairs nro
tho solo concern."
Only representatives of their race iu
Portland, I'alohn and his wlfo, natives
of Hawaii, both over sixty, tho 0110 an
invalid, tho other totally deaf, and both
iirnornnt of the KiiL'lisli Inncunee. want
dent Tnft makes n strong appeal to , t0 get back to their native isle, whero
congross to make this machine K00(j lomo awaits thorn, but thoy
nunt, by giving tho forco of statutory 1 mvn 0 money to take tliem thoro,
to tho executivo orders governing; ports tho Portland Orogonlan.
dnstrially wprthless horo and rendered
completely helpless by their many
handicaps, they lmvo appealed to tho
Associated Charities, and that organization
1b seeking means of procuring tho
needed transportation.
The nged Kanaka and his wlfo
drittcd here on tho wave Induced by tho
Lewis nnd Clark Fair, and whilo othors
of their faco continued in Portland thoy
were cured for, Hocontly tho last family
of Knniikus quartered In Portland
wont olscwhero and with them tho solo
dependence of the helpless couple,
Thoy have a granddaughter, 8yoara,
and it is tbolr fear that sho will bo
taken from them that weighs heaviest
on the old people. A son in Hawaii has
written that tliny will bo wolcomed to
his home, but ho cannot supply tiio
money to transport them,
NIIW YOIUC, November 23. A tar
kettle which boiled over on tho forty-seventh
lloor of the now Woolwortli
building provided such 1111 unmmiil 11 ro
hpi'clnelo lute today th.it ilroudway,
(1,10 feet below, wn clinked for nn hour
by a iinnvil wntulilng great cloud of
miinhn roll from (lie open tower window
i, A high wind umilo (ho lituutloii
loem thoatonlnjj,
Huvurul piillmunvii wb" gullied tin)
itiiiiio by 11 nirlim of uluvHlur uml
mined Hiulr uuuurim in linlplng
tlm uirkurn bnl but H10 Hhiiiim, 'I'Iid
iaiiiKn lu Ibu building wu iioinlual.
NJIW VOIIK, Kuvumliur
INK lu l,WUlMHillN I lUtfWIHhl, lUmr'
nun ul Hi lliiilm A'pniprlaliulil
tliu llnl iblii lu H HuuiiuU
Dm I'mmmii I'liuul will lm il tbruutfli
1 hut MniUrwu), nuw fait iiiiruvbiu
i'li'pllluu, uu Mviilvmlmr Mt, IUU, ll)U
lour boiiiilidlU unuit , unit uf ibu 4li
iiMrt nf h I'm !! In l I l,u.i
I iieilild iiiiiiii I tiuui ll'" .mill
uh liiJlV lb tun 'I nf 'tl of
I' me utvllibvri uf llm 'limit Appltipfl
Hum I intiMltlmi t lm mil Ibe Hip In
I In 4l'IM"t
- llilvlH IM vll"IHIlH uinl Ibu
imi '. dVutoiiu Muik tin Ii4t tmtm t( Uw wniV mi ih '
.mmmmMdJstifk' l'niJ,tiE.iiriMlH'i

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